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Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Busy Day at the Wood Shed - MF Spanking Cartoon

Those Naughty McLean Gals just never learn...or do they ?The Woodshed is getting a lot of use these days as the Guys take care of their misbehaving Ladies!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Introduction to Betty - FM Spanking Cartoon

The time has finally come for Laura to introduce her new boyfriend , Mario to her best friend Betty.
Betty has a lot of experience dealing with naughty boys , and Mario is about to find out why....

Monday, March 16, 2020

A Work of Art - MF Spanking Cartoon

Veronica is late for the Art Exhibition , so her Boyfriend Charles paints his own  masterpiece on his tardy Girlfriend's delectable bottom cheeks ....needless to say his favourite colour is red !

Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Heated Discussion - FM Spanking Cartoon

Pete soon learned that when his wife Kate informed him that they would be having a 'discussion' it was going to be a lengthy and heated one....well heated for him anyway!
Kate preferred to conduct their marital 'discussions' with her naked husband bent over and a big paddle in her hand.
One thing was for sure....Pete felt the heat from those discussions for days afterwards !

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Mclintock Spankings Glenmore Version ! - MF Spanking

The McLintock! spankings are likely the most infamous in mainstream movies , but wouldn't it be nice to see a remake set in modern times ?
Not only would the spankings be more 'titillating' , but I would remove some of the disappointments of the 1963 original , especially replacing that coal shovel with a nice sturdy hairbrush !

As for casting , it would have to be Sam Elliott playing GW and Helen Mirren in the role of Katherine.
As for Dev and Becky I would choose Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston ( perhaps their spanking scene will inspire them to get back together as a couple !)

One of my favourite scenes is after Katherine's spanking,  when she chases the wagon GW is driving home . Later we see the silhouette of the reconciled couple in the bedroom while Katherine promises to change her haughty ways.
In the remake we need to see the scene inside the bedroom!

So here are my impressions of how the McLintock! modern day remake may look like ......

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Discipline at the Ladies Guild - FM Spanking Cartoon

Katherine takes her role as President of the Ladies Guild very seriously , so when her Husband Frank rudely interrupts the meeting she decides he needs another lesson in manners....a lesson which cannot , and will not , wait !

Frank apologies and pleads with Katherine to postpone his chastisement , or at least carry it out in private , but Katherine is resolute.
As the curious and amused Ladies gather around , Katherine fetches her hairbrush and orders her naughty Husband to bare his bottom and bend over her lap.

The Ladies witness a thorough and entertaining bottom blistering , before a humbled Frank apologizes to them for his behaviour.
Katherine dismisses him with a warning that they will be having a 'discussion' later and resumes the meeting.

However , the Ladies are more interested in Katherine's domestic discipline methods than the remaining items on the agenda.
On the way home , the Ladies stop at the General Store to purchase a sturdy Hairbrush.

Frank will not be the only Husband in town nursing a sore backside for the next few days !

Sunday, March 1, 2020

'In the Navy '-A Spanked Reporter - MF Spanking

This is my own depiction of what should have been a really good spanking in the 1941 movie 'In the Navy'.

The spanking has a great build-up when movie star , Dick Powell finds a naughty female reporter  , Clare Dodd , dressed as a maid and trying to take a picture of him.
He stops her and takes her camera away , but Clare sweet talks him into giving it back so she can remove the film , but instead pushes him down and makes her escape.

There is a short pursuit and our hopes are buoyed when Clare's exit is blocked by our two heroes , Abbot and Costello who happen to be stopping by for a visit at that very moment.
Powell excuses himself and pushes the naughty lady inside and closes the door.

Unfortunately , instead of seeing the action inside the room , the camera chooses to stay outside for the reaction of A & C which is nowhere near as much fun as a good spanking !
The pair finally burst in as the spanking is in progress (and it appears to be a pretty good one given the multiple smacks and ouches ) but we get only a fleeting look at the action as the camera frustrates us once again by closing  in on the camera which Powell is using to take a photo of the naughty lady's spanking.
How disappointing is that ?

In the scene we can see that Dodds' dress is just begging to be raised (and I expect that in 'real life ' Powell may indeed have lifted it to spank her properly ) , so  I would at least have hoped for a glimpse of stocking or leg but alas , the dress remained in place.

Of course , if I was directing , the scene would have been much different , as I would have ignored our two stars outside , and instead give the audience a good view of a very cute female posterior getting a well deserved spanking !

Given the time period , I would expect that underneath we would have been treated to Miss Dodd's  very cute , mostly bare , bottom framed by garter belt and stockings and jiggling nicely as Powell smacks it.
Some photos of Clare's post spanking dancing and rubbing , and a photo of her red , bare bottom would ensure she wouldn't be going to her editor to publish anything !

If only a Spanko had been directing this scene , it could have been so much different ....... 

(You can find a good quality version of the actual scene from the movie at the Chicago Spanking Review website (see  link on the right) )

                                         Actual spanking scene from 'In the Navy '