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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

That's All Folks!


Hello All , 

It's been a blast , but I have been spending way too much time sharing my  Adult spanking stories and art with my fellow  spanking aficionados, so I've decided to take a hiatus so I can concentrate on more important things !

As some of you may know , I have been contemplating  my exit from blogging for a while , but now is the right time to move on. 

For those of you who took the time to show their appreciation and  comment , thank you and I hope my blog has entertained and added some fun to your spanking life.

As for the many more 'lurkers' ( or freeloaders as I affectionately call them) who stopped by , said nothing , and took my blog for granted , well I won't miss any of you ou one bit !   

Sorry , gotta go....Mrs G is calling .....bye all!


Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Spanking Parade on Oak Avenue ! - FM Spanking Story


"Are you ready Ladies ?"  Jenny asked firmly .
Her friend looked at her watch  , "1300 hours girls ! Synchronize watches !" she announced and the quartet of wives checked their wrists and nodded.
"Let's do this !" Rhonda yelled excitedly .
"Hairbrushes at the ready Girlfriends !" Wendy chimed , holding her brush up defiantly.
With 'Commander' Kate leading the way , the four friends marched outside and down the street in military precision.

Heads turned as the line of determined ladies marched down Oak Avenue , attracting a curious entourage of women and children as they proceeded to their destination , 'Foley's Bar' !
"What's going on Ma'am ? What are those big brushes for ?" a young girl asked as she tried to keep up.
Wendy grinned back at her , "We're going to surprise our Husbands sweetie, I'm afraid they've been very naughty and they are very afraid of these brushes !"
The girl shrieked excitedly, "Are you gonna spank them ? My Mom has a big brush just like those and she uses it to spank my Dad you know!" 
"I'll bet she does !" Kate replied.

Inside Foley's , the sneaky quartet of Husbands had decided to order another round of shooters ,when a fellow patron noticed the growing crowd moving quickly down the street in their direction.
"What's this all about ? Looks like a parade !" he declared puzzledly .
The men laughed collectively as they retrieved their drinks , "A parade ? On Oak Avenue ? That'll be the day !" Ernie cackled , peering curiously through the window himself.

What he saw , struck him silent for a moment , "OMIGOSH!" , he exclaimed, recognizing his wife Kate heading the procession of women.
He also recognized the large hairbrush she was brandishing as she strode boldly along.
It was that same hairbrush he saw every day , displayed on his wife's dresser as a reminder to him of the consequences of any poor behaviour on his part sneaking away from his chores to meet his friend's at Foley's!

Instinctively , his cheeks clenched and he felt a familiar tingle in his rear quarters , a tingle he felt only when his wife was about to apply that dreaded brush to his bare backside.
"'d best take a look at this....NOW !" he gasped frantically.

His partners in crime hurriedly scooped up their drinks and joined him at the window , "Holy F@#$ !" Fred blurted , recognizing his wife's long red mane flowing as she marched along.
He too noticed the hairbrush in her hand and felt his body shudder , "This is bad guys... the girls are  fully armed and ready for action ! he babbled.

Rhonda's Husband Jake took a step back , rubbing the seat of his jeans and  noticing his friend Bill was doing the same , "They look really pissed Bill.....we're in big trouble this time !" he declared.
Bill winced , his butt had barely recovered from the bottom blistering  Wendy had given him just two nights earlier ,and he was in no mood for another dose!
"We have to do something !" he stammered .

The four men quickly huddled to formulate a plan that might just placate their angry wives who were approaching fast now.
Given the time constraints , they knew any plan they had would be a long shot , but the anticipation of an angry wife blistering their bare bottom with that awful brush motivated them.

They discounted trying to escape out the back door as it only led to a gated alleyway , and there was no place to hide from their wive's fury in Foley's , so they decided to go outside and pretend this was a chance meeting as they were on their way back home to finish their chores.... and the offer of dinner at Luigi's afterwards might just sweeten the deal enough to save their collective hides.

For the plan to work they had to act normally , relaxed and nonchalantly and they did just that as Ernie tentatively opened the door and led his squad into the breach.
Ex-Marine Ernie had faced down the enemy many times before , but this 'opponent' was perhaps the most frightening of all.
When they exited onto Oak Avenue , they were close enough to see the whites of their wive's pretty , but fiery eyes.
The women stopped and formed a semi circle surrounding their men, before confronting them with a well rehearsed , hands on hips posed that demonstrated they meant business.

Silently staring down the men  , their  taut jaws  and raised brows  showed their determination.
While his buddies huddled behind him , Ernie cleared his throat to speak , "Well hello ladies....what are you doing here?" he asked innocently ,but was met with more silence .
Figuring his friend needed help , Fred stepped in, "Listen girls , I know this looks bad....but we can explain....can't we guys ?" he said , looking over his shoulder for support from the cowering Jake and Bill.

Before they could reply , Rhonda's firm female voice rang out , "Jake McKay ! Get over here NOW! We are going to have a long discussion about this when I get you home !" she warned.
Her voice turned each man's face red , they knew what Rhonda really meant by a 'discussion' . 
It was not going to be a normal debate , a conversation or an exchange of views , no , this 'discussion ' was going to be very slanted and one sided , with the wife doing most of the talking. The only input from them would be "Yes Ma'am!" or "No Ma'am!" ......and lots of "Ouche's!" and "Ow's!" 
They knew tgst each point of the 'discussion' would be reinforced by stinging spanks of the hairbrush on their bare behinds.

"Don't make me come and get you Jake , or so help me I'll take down your britches right here in front of everyone !" Rhonda warned , wagging the brush menacingly in her Husband's direction.
Jake poked his head out , smiled nervously and trundled over to his awaiting wife.

Kate took a step forward , reaching up to grab Ernie's ear and tugging his head down to her eye level ,"You are going to get it sooo bad this time Mister!" she growled , hauling him away to laughter from the onlookers.

Fred and Bill offered no resistance and  hurriedly scurrying over to their respective wives.
Fred opened his mouth to speak , but Jenny pressed two fingers against his lips to silence him, "You can save that for when I get you home....not that it will do you any good !" she scolded.

Wendy shook her head in disappointment at Bill , who stood before her with head bowed, "I guess that spanking I gave you on Thursday night wasn't long or hard enough!" she lectured , "Well I guess you need another lesson in respect , and let me assure you you are going to get one that you won't forget for some time!" she added.
Fred knew better than to say anything and replied with a muted , "Yes Ma'am!"

With that , the expanded parade returned down Oak Avenue , the ladies with a hairbrush in one hand and the other pinching their Husband's ear , a growing throng of fellow wives marching behind them shouting encouragement and offering advice.

Occasionally there would be a loud cheer when one of the wives hurried her husband along with a hefty whack of her brush to his unprotected posterior , producing a loud yelp each time.
By the time the group reached the park at the bottom of Oak Avenue , out of breath , the ladies took a seat on the park benches to rest.

But there was to be no rest for their humiliated husbands who were ordered to bend over a nearby picnic table , elbows resting on the surface and backsides thrust out .
When the ladies rose , they formed a line behind the men , "Get those butts out gentlemen ! Here is a little taste of what you're in for when we get you home.
The ladies then gleefully took turns snapping the backs of their brushes against the four male posterior  , pants taut against their muscular buttocks like a second skin , producing loud cracks when the brush connected.

It was great street entertainment for the onlookers as the men received a good two dozen whacks each to prepare them for the main event.
They rose , red-faced and rubbing their smarting behinds , only to be hurried along on the final leg of their journey.

Rhonda and Jake wheeled off first , disappearing down their long driveway , and their neighbours Wendy and Bill were next to depart , Jenny waving to the crowd as she shoved her husband in the door.

Ernie and Fred had a tad longer to endure their forced walk until the quartet stopped outside Jenny and Fred's house , "Give me a call when your done !" Kate asked , giving her friend a hug .
"That might be a while Kate , because this one is going to be a doozie !"Jenny replied before pointing to the door , "YOU! Get inside NOW !" she se 
ethed to her terrified husband.

The crowd dispersed when Kate escorted Ernie to their front door.
Resigned to his fate , Ernie sighed , "I have to ask Kate....How come you girls always seem to find us out ?" he asked curiously.
His wife smirked , "It's simple Ernie.....we are just smarter than you!" she replied , "Now let's get that 'discussion' started shall we ?" 

 Four very serious and lengthy 'discussions' took place on Oak Avenue that evening and , as usual, the ladies made sure the window and curtains were open.
Such discussions were always noisy affairs and created wonderful entertainment for anyone outside on the street.

There happened to be an unusually large amount of couples taking an evening stroll that evening , and as they walked , they paused at each house when they heard the familiar sounds  of a good spanking!
While the ladies found this most amusing , their men stood uncomfortably beside them and cringed.

The sounds of a hairbrush against bare skin , ladies scolding their men as they spanked echoed on the street. 
As usual , the unfortunate Husbands tried their best to keep the noise down on their part , but it did not take long for the sting of the brush to have them produce loud yelps and yells to add to the symphony of sound.
Yes , their ladies were giving it to them good , and their naughty men expected no less from them!

There were no secrets on Oak Avenue ,and passers by knew exactly what type of  'discussions' were taking place behind those closed doors ,and that the result would be four very contrite Husbands , and four very satisfied wives !

Friday, April 2, 2021

No Kicking - MF Spanking Comic


Naughty ladies will resort to all sorts of tricks to protect their tender derrière from that dreaded hairbrush , and Janet is no exception.
She starts by reaching her arm back , and when that tactic is subdued she starts kicking those shapely legs of hers and raising them to distract and protect.
Her Husband Bob has seen it all before and knows how to stop her antics .
Bob will soon introduce the leg lock to stop that kicking and target his hairbrush on those tender areas that his wife hates.
Janet should know better , but she just can't help it can she ladies ?

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spanked for Peeking - FM Spanking Comic


When a  man tells a woman she is spankable , it is meant as a compliment,  but it is never advisable to tell her that when the woman is your girlfriend's sister....and your girlfriend is within hearing distance !

Linda shows her sister how she deals with her naughty boy , having him strip off and change into his 'panties' and then go over her lap for a long dose of herhairbrush.

Ironically ,Dana may be 'spankable' but he's the one who is getting spanked !

Monday, March 15, 2021

A Favourite Lost Spanking from DWC


This is one of my all time favourite spanking stories which was featured on Aunt Kay's DWC site.
The story remains in the the site but alas all the accompanying photos of the described spanking are gone.

I was able to retrieve one from my archives to include in the post and you can see this is a 'real' spanking from a true disciplinary wife who really knows how to spank!Look at the way she is really swinging that paddle ( unfortunately out of sight) , and the blisters forming on each of his cheeks.

You can tell he is really feeling it by his firm grip on her ankle , and it is such a nice touch by her to have him lay out her book of 'rules' on the floor for him to focus on while she is paddling his butt! Her shirt says it all and I believe she bought it and her paddle from Aunt Kay's online shop.

I doubt if the poor guy can focus on it at all the way she is whaling away on his rear.
The story itself is obviously true and is really well written to give the essence of a sound spanking administered by a strict but loving wife.

I hope you enjoy reading and re-reading it as much as I do.

Here is the link to the story at Aunt Kay's DWC site

Dear Aunt Kay,

Thank you for your wonderful and very informative site! My husband and I have been using domestic discipline in our marriage since 1997. Although we already had a strong marriage and a good relationship, it still needed some improvement. That is when my husband introduced me to your great website. Admittedly, I was taken aback at first because the mere idea of spanking a grown man seemed somewhat absurd. 

 However, once my husband confided in me that it was what he wanted, I decided to give it a chance. I agreed to take charge of his personal discipline. We both hoped that corporal punishment would help him curb some of his undesirable behavioral tendencies.  I am happy to say that it has served its purpose well! We both have come to appreciate the value that spanking him has added to our marriage.

 I keep a Disciplinary Diary which is a record of our domestic spankings. In this book there is a list of rules that we both must follow for the good of the marriage. Generally speaking I have no problem following them, however they are bit more challenging for my husband.  Any violation on his part of “The Rules” results in him getting a spanking. The duration of his spanking depends upon how many rules are broken. In this book I also keep a record of all his violations and the subsequent spankings.  

This is what our typical spanking set up looks like. In the first picture you can see my Disciplinary Diary on our spanking chair along with my favorite paddle. I purchased the paddle from your website, it is called “The School Maarm” and it is perfect for over-the-knee spanking!

 Once I am comfortably seated in the spanking chair, I  call my naughty boy into the room.  It is time for me to give him a good, hard, over-the-knee spanking.  I have him place the Disciplinary Diary on the floor where he will be able to see it once he is over my lap. Of course it is opened to “The Rules” page so he has something to focus on during his spanking.  He is then summoned to my right side and I discuss with him his infractions and why he is getting a spanking.  This is usually when the lecture or scolding begins.  I make sure that the paddle is sitting in my lap in order for him to see it. During the lecture, it is always difficult for him to maintain good eye contact with me because his eyes keep glancing down to my paddle. No doubt he is anticipating the pain that it will soon inflict upon his bottom!  

Satisfied that he understands the reason(s) for his spanking, I then direct him to bare his 
bottom. I have found that it seems to be more humiliating for him if I have him take his pants and underwear down himself. With fumbling fingers he unbuckles his belt and then unzips his pants.

    I always spank him on his bare bottom. I want to make sure he feels it and I think it adds an important ingredient to the entire experience. It serves to minimize the “male ego!” It is usually with a red face that my husband bares his bottom. It is my desire to make his rump just as red. His excitement is obvious once his pants are down around his ankles. However, within the first minute of his spanking that will be minimized as well.

 “Bare your bottom, Mister!” I order. “Pull those pants all the way down to your ankles. You know I always spank you bare.” I remind him. The only acceptable reply is, “Yes Ma’am!”  And “Yes Ma’am!” it is.  With his thumbs inside the waist of his pants, he simultaneously pulls down his pants and underwear. 

  I really appreciate the instruction that you give in your “Tips and Methods,” Aunt Kay.
I am especially fond of the Ambiance and Your Attitude admonition that a submissive man does not want a weak or lenient woman. He wants someone very strict and dominant. If he wanted anything different, he wouldn't be over your knees in the first place.  This is so very true! I must be stern with him so that there is no doubt in his mind that I am about to give him a spanking.
Even if I wanted to, I could not physically force my husband over my lap for a spanking. He goes over my knee because he knows it is in his best interest to do so. It is in the best interest of our marriage that I paddle his bottom on a regular basis. 

 As a result of applying your methods, I have come to appreciate the power of the paddle!
Non-DWC wives have to nag or badger their husbands to get things done or correct their bad behavior. And, as most women know, this rarely works. However, as we both can appreciate, our threats carry the force of an embarrassing and painful spanking. All I have to do is threaten my husband with the paddle and he knows that he had better straighten up! Otherwise, he is going to get paddled. This is discipline that I firmly and lovingly provide.  Corporal discipline is both what he needs and wants, even if he may not desire it at that particular time.  

  “That’s it, get those pants down around your ankles.”  I demand.  His britches will remain there for the next half hour or so. I will not allow him to pull them up again until after his spanking and corner time.

  Now it is time for him to assume the position. Of all the possible spanking positions, over-the-knee spanking is my favorite. It clearly establishes who is in charge during the session. While I am sitting down on my bottom, his bottom is bare and in the air waiting for my paddle! 

  With his pants and perhaps his pride down around his ankles, I tap my knee with the paddle. He knows to quickly obey my command. “Okay, get over my knee!”  Although I usually don’t have to say anything, I order him over my lap. “Yes Ma’am” he contritely responds.  Over my lap he goes.  As he climbs over my knee, I remember your instructions to not be afraid to humiliate, and above all, when that bare bottom is turned upside down across your knee waiting for the paddle or hairbrush, don't disappoint him. 

  Once he is in position and I am comfortable with his weight across my lap, I like to caress his bare bottom with my paddle. “You know better than to break the rules now don’t you?” I ask. “Yes Ma’am” he replies. His pale rump quivers in anticipation of the spanking to come.  “What happens when you break the rules?” I ask. “I get a spanking, Ma’am.” he answers. “Yes, you get a spanking.” I add. “A well deserved spanking! I am going to blister your bottom!” 
“Yes Ma’am.”  he acknowledges.  I now have his undivided attention! 

  I then begin his disciplinary session. I usually do my best to follow your advice Kay by
giving him a good warm-up. I begin his spanking by paddling his bottom in spurts of four to six licks. He begins to squirm a bit but he does his best to keep it to a minimum. 
Within the first minute of the spanking, I can feel that his excitement has waned.
The sting of my paddle has eliminated any of his sexual fantasies or desires to be spanked. This is a real spanking and the reality is that he is going to have a very sore and tender behind when I’m through! I am now completely focused on spanking his naughty bare bottom. 

  I increase the series of swats to ten or twelve. He moans in pain as he firmly clutches my left ankle.  “You deserve this spanking and you’re going to get it!” I scold him.
 “This is what happens when you act like a brat and break the rules!” 
“You keep your head down and your rump up !” I demand. “Yesss Maaaam!” he cries.  I can see that he is trying to cheat by straightening his legs. This makes it easier for him to take the spanking by clinching his buttocks. But I know how to remedy this situation.  “I see what you are doing!” I declare. His warm-up time is over.  

  I usually only allow a few minutes for warm-up time. It really depends on the number of infractions and how long the spanking is going to last. One violation results in a ten minute OTK spanking and five minutes more for each violation. This spanking was for two violations so it lasted for fifteen minutes.
 This is not fifteen minutes of non-stop spanking. I’m afraid my arm would give out if that were the case! This is the amount of time I’m paddling his bottom and scolding him between series. For longer spanking sessions which may last twenty-five to thirty minutes, I usually take a recess for my arm and send him to the corner midway through. Then once I’m ready, the timer starts again and he goes back over my knee for the remainder of his spanking.

“Bend your knees and hold your position!” I tell him as I tap the back of his knees with my paddle.  “Yes Ma’am ” He quickly answers catching his breath. Now I begin to paddle his bottom almost non-stop! The only time I pause is to catch my own breathe. 
It is during such a pause that I examine his bottom. I want to make sure that his rump is showing the signs of a good, hard spanking.  I can tell by his demeanor that the paddle is getting through to him.  If he wasn’t sorry before, he definitely is now! 

  “Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack….oooh!” The only sound in the room is the crack of the paddle across his bare bottom.  He moans and groans in pain as he secures a firm grip on my ankle once again.  With his knees bent, I begin to paddle the tenderest area of his behind. As you know Kay, this makes for a much more painful and therefore a more effective spanking!

  As I vigorously paddle his bottom, I am reminded of your instructions Kay. 
This isn't a small child you are holding over your lap by force -- this is a grown man who needs and wants a hard spanking. Give it to him and pay no attention to his cries for mercy. The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it.  

This is so true! It seems the harder I spank him, the more loving and affectionate he is to me later. He is always a much more attentive and caring husband after I have given him a hard spanking. 

 I pause to catch my breath after delivering a series of fifty to sixty licks non-stop.
“Oh my God!” He exclaims. “My butt feels like it‘s on fire!” “Is my spanking almost over yet?” he whines. This is not an unusual question, even though he knows that it will be almost over once my timer goes off. “Did you hear the timer?” I ask. “No Ma’am” he replies.  I glance down at the timer and notice that there is only a few minutes left. “Did I say I was done paddling your bottom?” I ask. “ No Ma’am” he says. 
“ You know better than to ask if your spanking is over!” I reply firmly. 

“Yes Ma’am!” he bashfully answers. It is now time for the finale. This is the conclusion of his spanking. I often refer to this as his “rump roasting” because this is when I really aim to blister his bottom good.
 Yes this is when I want to make sure I drive home the message! “Give me your hand and bend your knees completely.” I demand. “Yes Ma’am” he replies as he reluctantly gives me his right hand. I take hold of his right hand with my left.  With his hand in mine, I now begin to swing the paddle as hard as I can, aiming exclusively for his sweet spot. “CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK……..OH GOD!” he cries.
He squirms in pain but he can’t go anywhere because I have his arm pinned behind his back. As he squeezes my hand, I tenaciously spank his bottom! “CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK……OOOOH! he cries.  

 I ignore his whimpering as I relentlessly roast his rump with the paddle! I want him to remember this lesson every time he sits down. In fact I want him to think about me and how his behavior affects us. He will be reminded of the consequences for not obeying the rules every time he sits down.

 As I blister his bottom, I recall your advice:  
A spanking should be an event to remember. Don't worry about how red his bottom gets. The more color you put into it, the better you are doing. Don't pay any attention to his cries and pleas and promises. He will tell you anything to get you to stop.  

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK …….OH….OOOH…PLEASE! he groans. By now I am totally focused on spanking him. With his bottom at a perfect 90 degree angle, I roast his rump non-stop. I blister his bottom swinging the paddle as hard as I can. His lips quiver in pain and his eyes tear up. Although he is not sobbing, his grip on my hand is deathly, his moans agonizing.

  The spanking is almost over so I must make every second count. Fifteen minutes ago his bottom was a pale creamy white but now it is a nice rosy shade of red. Mild blisters have formed on both of his buns. He struggles to hold his position but there is no escaping the paddle! I can feel his heart beating rapidly against my thigh. Every muscle in his body is tense and his breathing is labored but controlled.  The room is filled with the sound of my wooden paddle spanking his bare bottom accompanied by his moaning and groaning.  

  I paddle one cheek, then the other and then both doing my best to make sure I give his buns equal attention. It is during the conclusion of the session that I really focus on paddling the lower portion of his rump, where his legs meet his bottom.  He is going to feel this spanking for the next four or five days.  

“CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK …….OOOOH……UHHHH …..HONEY PLEASE!” he moans. The paddle keeps coming full force on the vulnerable target.
 The sounds of spanking are now accompanied with the sound of my timer. The spanking doesn’t end until I say it does. However, once the timer goes off I usually end the session shortly afterwards. If he has been really bad, then I may have him stand up for some additional licks with my stand-up paddle or cane. When this occurs he is required to grab his ankles and count each swat. 

 This is not the case for this illustrated story. His spanking is now over. As he lies across my lap and catches his breath, I examine is roasted rump. “Okay you may get up now.” I tell him. As he climbs off of my lap, I observe that his face matches his crimson bottom.
Once again I am reminded of your closing words Aunt Kay: When you let him up, his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees should be quivering, and his bottom blistered!  

  I now send my remorseful husband to the corner so he can think about why is bottom is  throbbing. “Now go stand in the corner and don’t come out until I tell you to.” I tell him. “Yes Ma’am” he replies. Once his corner time is over, he apologizes for his behavior and thanks me for spanking him. He now is allowed to pull his pants up and continue on with the rest of his day. For the next week or at least as long as his bottom is sore, he is a perfect gentlemen!  

 Spanking serves as a checks and balances system for us. It has helped us resolve some serious behavioral issues. It has made him a more dedicated husband and me a more confident wife. We are both happier as a result! This is what the Disciplinary Wives Club means to me. So thank you Aunt Kay and Jerry for your wonderful site! I hope you enjoy our first ever Real Story with pictures! 
                                                                                                      Mrs. Warren


Monday, March 8, 2021

The Lunch Date - FM Spanking Story

 "Thank you for taking me to lunch Honey, and for the lovely flowers. "Kate smiled , planting a brief but passionate kiss on her husband's lips.
Ernie attempted to pull her closer , but Kate pulled away , "Uh-uh big boy....not so fast ! We still have some unfinished business,  remember ?" she scolded ,  turning to lock the front door.

"You're locking the door?" a puzzled Ernie asked.
Kate nodded , "Of course I am Silly ! We'll need privacy for this , you wouldn't want any of the neighbours dropping by while I have you over my knee spanking your bare bottom do you?" she asked impishly.

"A're not serious......" Ernie asked nervously.
Kate rolled up her right sleeve , "Did You really think that lunch and a bunch of flowers would be  enough to make up for what you did Ernie ?" she asked him boldly , scooping the hairbrush from the dresser and tapping the hard back against her palm.

Ernie's jaw dropped , "....well no...I guess not.....but....a spanking? " he stammered nervously.
Kate wagged a finger at him , "Yes a spanking ! Ok , let's get on with it then , take your clothes off....all of them!" she ordered , taking her seat in the middle of the sofa and hoisting her dress to reveal her shapely, tanned thighs.
"Take my clothes off?  Why?" , Ernie babbled in protest but Kate remained resolute.

Kate wagged the brush at her husband as she spoke , "Well for one thing , having you naked while I scold you will be very humbling for you, secondly it will let you know that I'm in charge .......and thirdly it will save time , as your bare bottom will be all ready for my brush !" she replied with a wry grin.

A stunned Ernie stood frozen for a moment , his mouth agape.
"I'll count to three Ernie....and if I don't see those pants coming down I'll do it for you!" she declared confidently , smoothing out her dress.

Ernie remained indecisive and unmoved , conflicting thoughts warring in his mind .
His stubborn male pride told him to resist this abdication to his wife  , but he knew he had screwed up again and should accept his punishment,  no matter how humiliating it was going to be.

"One!" Kate called out , tapping the brush impatiently against her thigh.
Ernie was flustered , still fighting to make a decision  , "Please Honey .....can't we discuss this later .....I have to be back at the office in an hour !" he pleaded.
"Two!" Kate announced firmly.
Just as her mouth opened to complete the count , Ernie's fingers started fumbling with his belt .

A satisfied smile played on Kate's face when she saw her husband's pants drop to his ankles.
She eyed him warily as he removed each item of clothing until he hesitated , standing defiantly wearing only his final garment ,  a rather stylish pair of black satin boxers.

Kate noted that the conspicuous erection bulging within his boxers was likely he reason for his delay.
"You're trying my patience Ernie ....Get them down!" Kate scolded , and with a loud sigh , Ernie eased his fancy underwear down to the floor and stepped out if them , allowing his now fully erect shaft to spring  to attention.

Kate could not disguise  a girlish giggle at the sight of her red faced, naked ....and obviously excited Husband.
Curling a finger , she beckoned him to her , "Get over here!" she ordered curtly ,  pointing to the floor on her right,  and with  both his hands in front attempting to cover his modesty , Ernie shuffled over to the designated spot.

Kate was in her element now , in complete control and enjoying every second of her empowerment.
As Ernie stood obediently before her , hands at his sides , head bowed and shifting from foot to foot , she was on no hurry , and turned the dreaded brush over in her palm before speaking , "Well Ernie ? Do you have anything to say for yourself?" she asked sternly.

Ernie hesitated , shuffling and staring at his feet , transformed by his wife from a strong , confident man to a contrite schoolboy.
The transfer of power was obvious to him,  as he stood naked and ashamed while his wife sat comfortably, fully clothed and self assured.

His eyes could not help focussing on the hard hairbrush in her hand which would soon be used on his bare buttocks.
"Well ? I'm waiting ....." Kate prompted impatiently.
Ernie cleared his throat , "I'm sorry for behaving so badly this month , being selfish , inconsiderate and taking you for granted...."he mumbled.

Kate raised a brow indicating displeasure , and Ernie quickly corrected himself , "I mean...uh...ah...I'm sorry Ma'am!" he added.
A wry smile played on his wife's face as her husband's thick shaft quivered before her.
"Hmmmm....are you excited about me giving you a spanking ?" She teased.
"No Ma'am...I mean ...yes Ma'am ....I suppose so Ma'am!" he replied , his face reddening. 

"Well? Let's  have you then !" Kate giggled , parting her legs slightly allowing Ernie's throbbing erection to nestle between her silky thighs , as he sprawled his hefty frame over her lap, before clamping them shut and trapping him firmly in place.

She smiled when his cheeks involuntarily clenched when she teasingly rubbed the back of the brush against his skin.
He knew what was coming and he knew it was going to be bad !
Just in case he had any doubts , Kate reminded him of her intentions as she continued to tease his rear end with the brush,  "I am going to blister your butt soooo good mister......and I'll enjoy every second of it. I wonder what your Assistant Mary would say if she knew her boss was over his wife's lap getting his naughty bare bottom spanked ? Perhaps I should call her and tell her why you'll be a little late?" She mused.

Ernie was aghast , "No Kate ....don't! Please don't Kate....I mean Ma'am!" he pleaded frantically.
Kate giggled , enjoying her husband's discomfort , "Well....OK....I suppose I won't tell her ........this time ....but I'm sure she's going to wonder why you're squirming in your chair all afternoon , because you'll be going back to the office with one very sore bottom mister!" she declared , raising the brush high over her head..........

As he made his way back to his office , Ernie could not hide the stiff , stuttered gait in his usual confident stride.
His wife's hairbrush had made its mark on him alright , leaving his  backside blistered , bruised and intensely sore.

The short drive back to the office had been agony in itself , and he wondered how he would be able to endure an entire afternoon of sitting at his desk.
Less than one hour after his intense spanking his bottom still burned and with every step he felt the scratchy chaffing .

To make matters worse , Friday afternoons were when he and his assistant Mary reviewed the status of open files , so he would have the added humiliation of sitting on his sore bottom while the attractive Mary sat across from him !

"Right on time !" the effervescent Mary chirped as Ernie arrived.
Ernie paused to consult his watch , it was 1.20pm and lunch ended at 1pm.
His afternoon rendezvous with his wife had taken longer than expected , but he had not set a time for his return , "On time? I thought I was late?" he replied , concealing a grimace.

Mary smiled , "Your wife called me to let me know you'd be about 20 minutes late , and it's 1.20..?"she told him.
Ernie blushed, he had asked Kate not to call Mary and now he was worried what else she had told Mary.
"Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch together...." Mary grinned impishly.
"Uh...yes...we did........why don't you bring the files in and we can get started Mary."Ernie replied , in an attempt to change the conversation, not realizing he had made a serious error.

By the time Ernie had removed his coat , Mary was already sitting comfortably , legs crossed revealing her shapely 'dancers' legs , sheathed in black nylon and enhanced by her  4" heels.
Her tight blouse had one button too many undone , revealing a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage and her long hair pinned back revealing taut cheekbones.

She peered at the files on her lap over dark rimmed glasses perched on her pretty nose while Ernie tentatively viewed the large leather chair behind his desk and lurched slowly to it.
With Mary's attention temporarily focussed on the files , he proceeded to slowly and carefully lower himself onto his seat , both hands clutching the chair to absorb the weight.

His precautions made little difference , as the pain in his rear end intensified sharply once he allowed his full weight to descend on the chair, producing an involuntary "UHHH! which caused Mary to look up.
It was too late to hide the grimace contorting his face , and the shifting on his seat.
Mary lifted her glasses , "Are you ok Ernie !" she asked with just a hint of a grin.
"Oh Yesss !" Ernie gasped in reply , still squirming on his seat , "Let's get started...."

Mary shook her head and handed him the first file.
The pain in Ernie's behind made it very difficult for him to concentrate on listening to his assistant , and she soon noticed that her boss was somewhat distracted.
"Are you sure you're OK Ernie ? You don't look at all comfortable ...." she asked with genuine concern , turning her Boss' face as crimson as his bottom.

Thankfully , Ernie's cell phone rang , and he gratefully rose from his chair , pausing when he saw Kate was the caller , "Oh Hi Kate ..." Ernie began , "er.....ahh....actually it's kind of a bad time time to talk right now , can I call you back ?" he proposed.

"Actually you can't Darling. I promised you that I would be checking up on you this afternoon didn't I? Don't tell me you've forgotten already ? Oh dear....because if you have,  I'm afraid you'll be getting another dose of my brush tonight !" Kate teased.

Ernie glanced over at a smirking Mary who seemed to be enjoying his discomfort , " I haven't forgotten Kate.....thanks for calling ...." he babbled.
"Soooooo......tell me my dear Husband , how is your poor bottom feeling? It must be terribly sore .
That was quite the blistering I gave you , so I expect you're finding it quite difficult to sit ?" Kate asked with a smirk.

"Yes....yes I am quite sore Kate." Ernie whispered .
"You'll whispering so I expect Mary is in your office .....she must be wondering why you're squirming so much in your chair ?" Kate asked.

Ernie blushed , he just wanted this call to end , while Kate was relishing dragging it out.
"Well Ernie.....answer me please ! You know what happens when you're stubborn !" Kate added sternly to prompt her husband.

Ernie gulped , "Yes she is .....and she was just asking about that when you called ...." 
Kate laughed , "Ah! So you're not sitting now ?" Kate deduced.
Ernie was becoming irritated now and it showed in his voice , "No I'm not sitting !" he replied abruptly.
"I don't think I like your tone Ernie ! Now be a good boy and sit down so we can finish this little talk." Kate scolded.

Ernie warily eyed the chair and his pretty Secretary's smug expression.
Despite his best efforts , he was unable to hide his wincing and grimacing when he eased himself down onto it .
Mary giggled at his efforts which embarrassed him even more.

"So , now you're seated comfortably ....I should say uncomfortably.....answer my question and we can wrap this up Ernie is your bottom feeling ?" Kate asked.
Ernie knew , however he responded , this was going to be humiliating , but he also knew there was no escape , "Very sore feels like it's on fire  !" he blurted.

Kate giggled , enjoying her power and ability to make her husband squirm , especially in the presence of an attractive woman , "Good ! Well if you please me tonight , perhaps I'll cool it down with some nice soothing creme ....would you like that Ernie ?" she pouted.
Despite his embarrassment , Ernie felt a stirring in his loins as his wife proceeded to tell him , in some detail, how she expected him to please her this evening.

Once the call finished , Ernie's excitement continued as his eyes feasted on the delectable Mary who was flashing a shapely stocking top, revealing a tiny heart tattoo on her milky white thigh.
Now Ernie was doubly uncomfortable , a sore backside and a raging erection straining in his pants.

"You didn't answer ...." Mary finally said to a dazed Ernie.
"Uh?" Ernie responded.
"Why you're squirming ...." she reminded him.
"Oh it's nothing .....just my old football injury playing up again." Ernie mumbled.

Mary grinned , "Really ? A football injury? There ?" she teased , ".....because you look exactly like my boyfriend does after I've given him a good spanking !" she added , rendering her Boss into stunned surprise.
"He tells me my spankings make his bottom feel like it's on fire too !" she giggled ,"Your wife and I should compare notes !"

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Lying Husbands - FM Spanking Comic


Gerry and Nigel thought they had fooled their wives about their visit to the local strip club , but they were wrong! 

Like most wives , Janet and Lorna easily saw through their deceit and planned a well deserved comeuppance for their men. 

They will think twice before lying to their wives again !

Friday, February 12, 2021

After the Spanking Comes _____________ - Fill in the blank

                   Let's have some fun with this one and fill in the blank........... 

Here's hoping for a good response as I am curious to note the differences between men vs women , and spankers vs spankees!

            After the spanking comes ________________

Monday, February 1, 2021

Room mates - FM Spanking Story

 Karen rubbed her chin,  "Hmmm.......I don't know Linda......our plan was to have this place 'girls only''.....once we start letting boyfriends in it can get complicated." she said.
Linda nodded , "I know Karen , but we could use the money ....and besides , Jared is an awesome cook and can do a lot of chores around the place that we can't do." she explained.

Her friend's face suddenly lit up , "You mean he would be ok to make all the meals for us ?   .....and clean up after us as well. ? He doesn't sound like any boyfriend I ever had , usually they're lazy slobs!"

A broad smile played on Linda's pretty face , "Well let's just say Jenna has a 'special arrangement ' with Jared to keep him in line......not to mention he is real easy on the eye!" she added.
"Easy on the eye ? Well why didn't you say that in the first place girl ! I don't know what their special arrangement is but as long as they pay the rent , and follow the rules I suppose we can give it a try! Karen laughed.
"Oh you needn't worry about that....Jared is used to following any rules Jenna sets for him !" Linda assured her.

Karen found their new roommates to be kind of cute. 
The hunky Jared towered over his petite blonde girlfriend , but it was clear enough that Jenna had an air of authority about her when it came to Jared. 
"Don't worry ....Jared will do that!" soon became the order of the day at the big house. 
For his part , Jared took on all tasks the ladies needed,  and it took only a  casual wave of Jenna's manicured hand to have him do it.

He dusted, vacuumed , cleaned the windows,  hauled out the garbage did the shopping,   and really was an awesome cook who dutifully set and cleared the table and took care of the dishes.
The girls appreciated all his efforts to maintain the pool , especially when he did in wearing only a skimpy speedo , which was also ordered by Jenna!

Meanwhile,  his pampered girlfriend did very little other than provide direction and supervision to her busy man's tasks.
Whatever this arrangement was between the pair it certainly worked for her ,  Karen mused.

A few weeks passed before the roommates had a  demonstration of the couple's special arrangement.
The weather that day had been unusually wet , and Karen came home to find the outdoor cushions soaking wet and quickly scooped them up to take to the garage to dry out.
A furious Jenna rushed outside to help her and was non too pleased with her boyfriend once they had scurried inside to dry themselves off.

"I specifically told Jared to put the cushions away before he left for football practice !" the diminiative blonde raged.
"It's ok Jenna , no real harm done,  the cushions will dry off by tomorrow. 
He probably forgot about the weather , you know how guys are !" Karen remarked in an attempt to calm the situation.

Jenna was having none of it , "It's not ok Karen ...and he's going to pay for it when he gets home  !" 
Karen shrugged it off as bluster , but Linda's face lit up when she told her about the incident.
"I'd say we're are going to get a first hand demonstration of Jenna's 'arrangement' with Jared....and it should be very entertaining....for us anyway....Jared not so much !" Linda grinned.

Jenna wasted no time in confronting Jared about his unfortunate ommission as soon as he stepped in the door.
Immediately she launched into a well rehearsed lecture , scolding him for being so careless while Jared could barely get a word in for his defence.

"Uh! I'm sorry Sweetie...I guess I just forgot....I didn't think it would rain before I got back....." he babbled.
Jenna was in full attack mode now , hands on hips , wagging an accusing finger at her cowering boyfriend as the rash scolding continued.
Linda and Karen could only look on in sheer amazement....and admiration at her performance!

"Don't you dare 'Sweetie ' me mister...... it's Ma'am to fact all I want to hear from you for the rest of the night is 'Yes Ma'am' or ' No Ma'am ', understood ?"
"Yes Ma'am!" Jared replied meekly , his head bowing.
The roommates looked at each other in disbelief at how expertly this tiny woman was controlling this hunk of a man.

"That's better ! Oh you're going to be sorry alright mister ! I'm going to be giving you something to remember for the next few days - every time you sit down! Now get that sorry butt of yours upstairs to the shower and get everything ready !" Jenna scolded.

Jared replied with Another "Yes Ma'am" before scurrying upstairs like a frightened schoolboy.
Jenna  sighed , wiping her brow from her efforts , before turning to the two bemused witnesses with mouths agape ,and nonchamonthly asking ,"Who's up for Margaritas ladies ?"

For the next 30 minutes the trio enjoyed their drinks outside by the pool  , Jenna still  annoyed at having to place her cute derriere on  the cushionless chairs. 
" It's a bit uncomfortable sitting without the cushions!" Linda remarked , producing a smirk on Jenna's face , "Not as uncomfortable as Jared is going to be once I'm done with him , cushions or no cushions ! 
I suppose I had better go up there take care of business now...." she said , putting down her drink and standing up , "I'm afraid this is going to be quite noisy ." she added , smoothing out her sun dress and turning on her heel to stride purposefully inside.

Upstairs , Jared's heart pounded faster when he heard Jenna's measured steps ascending the stairs.
He performed one final check on the implements his girlfriend required him to have available to roast his bare backside.
Sometimes she would use all of them, other times she would select only one.
Whichever her choices or combination , the result would be the same.
A very sound and painful spanking which would leave his backside a mosaic of coloured and textures both the next few days and render him unable to sit comfortably , if at all.

He would have to be careful in the locker room for games and practices to hide his sore and well marked backside from his team mates.
If they were to catch a glimpse , there would be little doubt as to the cause and he had no desire to explain them away , knowing the truth was that his pretty girlfriend gave him a good spanking !

He took one last look at his girlfriend's collection of wood and leather implements .
He would not be seeing them again until he was putting them away after Jenna had finished scorching his behind.
In fact ,the only thing he would be seeing for the next 20 minutes or so would be the bland textures of the  floor and walls in front of him!

He placed himself with his nose in the corner , his heart beating faster at the sound of the door slowly creaking open and his girlfriend slowly pacing behind him , no doubt inspecting that the room was set up as she desired.
The big chair placed in the middle of the room in easy reach of the table lined with the implements.
At the foot of the chair was a small step for Jenna to elevate her petite feet to acccomodate her boyfriend's hefty frame over her lap.

Jared breathed heavily upon sensing Jenna's presence behind him and the faint smell of her perfume.
"OUCH! OW!" he yelped when Jenna's palm heartily slapped each of his muscular buttock cheeks in turn.
She smiled as she watched a red hand imprint slowly appear on each red cheek.

"Turn around !" she barked , and slowly Jared removed his nose from the corner to face Jenna's stern glare.
Her eyes dropped to take in the sight of Jared's quivering erection and a smile played on her face.
Jared could not help himself , the sight of his tiny but voluptuous girlfriend standing before him in a simple summer dress that hugged her curves. 
Her shapely sun kissed thighs and calfs, her pretty painted toes , which he  no doubt would kneeling to kiss and suck once his backside was sufficiently reddened.

His gaze was drawn to the teasing glimpse of cleavage allowed by her strapless dress as she leaned closer to him.
"You have embarrassed me in front of our friends Jared , and You know what that means Don't You?"
Jared straightened , his head flicking back and arms clamping to his sides . 
Jenna smiled as her boyfriend's erection stood to attention also , wobbling in front of her .

 "Yes Ma'am ! I'm sorry Ma'am .....I screwed up!" he blurted.
"You certainly did screw up young man and your backside is going to pay for it....I am going to blister your butt!" she announced with just a hint of glee.
While her boyfriend stood silently at attention , beads of sweat forming on his forehead  , Jenna paced up and down ,  examining the display of implements in front of her. 
She casually hummed a tune to herself before pausing to pick up the long school cane.

Jared winced when she swished it through the air menacingly , "Let's begin with a good old fashioned 12 of the best to give you some nice red stripes on that delectable tushie of yours shall we ? Bend over ! " she ordered , pointing to the chair.

Giving his cheeks a preparatory rub , Jared leaned over the chair and gripped the seat tightly while his girlfriend paced behind him.
His cheeks clenched involuntarily when she tapped the cane against them , "On your toes , arch your back and butt out!" she ordered and Jared quickly complied.

Jared clenched his teeth and grunted when the initial stroke landed.
As the cane strokes mounted , he did his best to remain silent and remain in position , but by the sixth stroke he released a loud and embarrassing "OW !" which pleased his girlfriend immensely.

"Feet on the floor and stay in position !" she commanded when the 8th stroke wrapped around Jared's right cheek causing him to kick a leg back with a loud "GAAAH!"
He could only gasp with relief when the 12th and final stroke lashed across his cheeks.

Jenna paused to inspect her handiwork which had produced a dozen , angry red weals on Jared's cheeks that would remain for days. 
She could not resist smoothing her palm over them to  examine the texture and chuckled when Jared winced at her slightest touch.

Taking her naughty man by the ear , she marched him into the corner of the room , "Hands by your side and stay there!" she ordered.
Jared complied, fighting the urge to sooth his stinging buttocks and hopping involuntarily from foot to foot.

Jenna scooped up the hairbrush , smoothed the back of her dress and took her place seated on the chair Jared had been bent over.
Jared could hear the sound of her tapping the brush repeatedly against her palm ,and knew what was coming next.
"Get Over here and get over my lap !" she ordered brusquely.

Almost comically , Jared scurried over to her , both hands strategically placed in front of his privates in an attempt to retain some dignity.
Jenna , hoisted her dress to reveal her bare and bronzed thighs , "Over you go then!" she quipped , patting her lap.

Jared removed his hands to reveal a rather obvious erection which reddened his face even more.
"Well , well....I see you are quite excited about being spanked Sweetie!" she teased , giving his shaft a derisory tap to make it quiver.
Her legs parted slightly and Jared's shaft slid between them as he leaned over  , before she squeezed them shut , pinning her man in place.

Placing the brush on the small of his back , Jenna took a moment to adjust his position to her satisfaction.
Her cane had striped her man's cute cheeks nicely , but now it was time for her hairbrush to 'fill in ' the spaces between those stripes.

As Jared braced himself for the first of many stinging spanks , Linda and Karen were at the bottom of the stairs , straining their ears to hear the proceedings.
The resounding cracks of the brush against bare skin and Jared's accompanying yelps made it clear what was going on , but Karen still shook her head in disbelief , "You weren't kidding.....she really is giving him a spanking !" she gasped.
"Yep ...and he's getting it on his naughty bare bottom!" Linda giggled.
"Poor Jared! His must be so sore !" Karen mused sympathetically.
"That's the whole point Karen !" Linda grinned. 

As usual , Jenna finished Jared's hair-brushing with a rapid-fire flurry of spanks to one cheek which sent her boyfriends legs flailing and kicking.
After giving him a moment to settle , she issued her permission for him to get up from her lap.
"You may get up now !" she said in a formal tone.
Jared immediately leapt to his feet , commencing a rather frantic dance around the room , hopping from foot to foot while furiously rubbing his cheeks , to the great  amusement of his girlfriend as she put away the brush , and picked up the leather strap.
She was far from finished with him!

Standing up , she slapped the strap against her thigh to get her boyfriend's attention.
"Face down on the bed for 25 with the strap ....and you will count and thank me for each one!" She announced , pointing to the bed.

"Please Ma' ass is on fire ....not the strap......I've learned my lesson .....honest!" Jared pleaded , but Jenna remained resolute , "If you're not lying face down on the bed with your ass up in 5 seconds it'll be 50 with the strap!" she warned , prompting Jared to hurriedly get in position.

Downstairs , their roommates were wincing with every loud whack of the strap applied to Jared's bare cheeks , each one followed by loud shrieks from Jared.
"WOW! He's really howling ....Jenna  doesn't mess around does she ?" Karen remarked!"
By now , Jared had given up trying to maintain any decorum , knowing his spanking was heard by his pretty female room mates , but he didn't care any more , he just wanted this to end.

When it mercyfully did end , there was silence apart from Jared's heavy breathing , moans  and sobs.
 Jenna sat on the edge of the bed beside Jared and gently caressed his sore , swollen cheeks .
"I'm sorry I had to do that Sweetie , but you deserved it didn't you ?" she asked.
"Yes I deserved it. Thank you Ma'am." Jared gasped.

Gently , Jenna rolled her man over onto his back , and he flinched and gasped when his tender cheeks touched the bed.
Kneeling beside him , Jenna lowered her head , allowing her full lips to envelope Jared's growing member.
Jared moaned again , this time with pleasure,  as Jenna's lips expertly slid up and down  his shaft  while 
she hoisted her tiny denim skirt above her waist .
She wore no panties so lowered herself onto his  awaiting stiffened shaft , sending them both into ecstatic groans of pleasure.

A short while later , the lovers descended the stairs , arm in arm , Jenna with a satisfied grin and Jared still red faced and grimacing at each step.
"Why don't you slip into your Speedo and serve us some drinks by the pool Sweetie?" Jenna suggested, in a tone suggesting it was an order and not a request , giving her boyfriend a playful swat on his tender rear to help him along.
"Yes Ma'am !" Jared replied .
"You don't have to call me Ma'am  , not for now anyway!" Jenna told him.
As he left , the ladies took in the sight of Jared's manly backside , barely covered by his brief Speedo , displaying the tell-tale marks of a darn good spanking .

"So how long have you been spanking Jared ?" a curious Karen asked , once the ladies were comfortably seated by the pool.
"Pretty much from our first date. He was pretty arrogant and selfish when we first met , but it didn't take me long to spank that out of him !" Jenna replied proudly , "I think most men just crave a woman who will take charge and give them a good spanking when they need it!" she added.

"I'll second that !" Linda chirped producing a startled look from Karen.
"You mean you too ? Steve ? You don't spank Steve do you ?" she asked in disbelief.
Linda grinned , "I certainly do!" she replied proudly , " In fact I gave him a good ass blistering last night for giving me attitude!" she added.
Karen's jaw dropped , "OMIGOSH ! YOU DIDN'T  ?" she gasped excitedly.

Linda nodded proudly , "I sure did ! Keep an eye on him tonight at dinner and you'll notice him doing  lot of squirming on his seat.....he was so sore he ate breakfast standing this morning! He treats me like a Queen after I spank him....or at least as long as his ass is sore .....and the sex is amazing!"
"Linda !" Karen said , feigning indignation. 

"It's true  know you really need to sit Jason down and have a serious talk with him." Jenna suggested.
".....and make sure you bring your hairbrush !" Linda added with a cackle.

Right on cue , Jared arrived with their drinks , "I'd like to apologize again about the cushions ladies , I hope there is no permanent damage ...." he asked , leaning across the table to give the ladies a good close up look at his cute and well spanked rear quarters .

"I hope there is no permanent damage to your poor bottom Jared !" Karen quipped to girlish giggles .
"Don't worry Karen , his butt will be back to its cute , little lily white state in few days....just in time for me to redden it again! Isn't that so Sweetie ? Although he'll need a pillow to sit on a dinner tonight , poor thing !" Jenna laughed , giving her man's bare cheeks another  playful slap which he actually seemed to enjoy this time.

Karen took a sip of her drink and tapped on her phone , " Oh hi I'm just having a few drinks by the pool with the girls.....I'm just reminding you not to be late for dinner fact I'd like you to come over now because we need to have a serious chat about a few things .....Oh....and bring your speedo !" she said to her surprised boyfriend Steve.
"Never mind why'll find out when you get here....bye!" she ended with a chuckle.
The ladies smiled and clinked glasses together , "Two you go !Here's a toast to spanked boyfriends! " Karen chirped.