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Thursday, March 15, 2018

She's the Boss - Movie Spanking FM

In this sequel to the 1935 hit 'She Married her Boss' ,  Secretary Julia (played by Claudette Colbert) takes charge of her Boss's ( Melvyn Douglas ) household , and his spoilt brat of a daughter , but it's also time for Julia to take charge of her new husband .

Julia tells her new husband that she intends to discipline him in the same way she tamed his naughty daughter but adds , "I'll need a much harder brush for you darling!"

Richard soon discovers his new bride is true to her word , and in a hilarious scene Julia's brush is applied to her husband's behind !
In fact this happens with such frequency that he needs to conduct his business meetings standing up!

He may be a brash businessman by day , but at home Richard spends spends much of the movie over his pretty wife's lap or bent over a sofa or chair while she applies the brush where 'it does do him most good'.
The result is a hilarious comedy with Colbert 'warming' to her task and Douglas  as the stubborn but obedient husband.
Be careful if you bring your wife or girl to see this movie may give her some ideas!


  1. Another good cartoon (if that is the right word to use in this case). I wonder if there are any movies which really do include F/M spanking? The idea of women spanking men is becoming more and more mainstream nowadays, so perhaps there will be one soon?
    All the best, David.

    1. Unfortunately those classic movie spanking years did not feature any FM Spankings that I can recall.There are lots of movies featuring strong , assertive women quite capable if delivering a spanking and lots of men whose behaviour certainly warranted a spanking ,but alas nothing was ever included in the script.

  2. Very inventive turn on what would have been the traditional domestic dynamic of the 1930's.(at home and at the movies). I'd like to think that then as now, there were/are a lot of men who are "brash businessmen by day", but answer to their wives at night. If only the employees knew that when their boss goes home, he often finds himself over his wife's lap with his pants down and his backside on fire!

    1. You may be right W but such scenes were never featured in the movies or other media unfortunately.

  3. There was a scene in one of the earlier "Little Rascals/Our Gang" shorts where Spanky's father was going to punish him until he discovered that he was in the wrong, not his son. To be fair, he let's Spanky whack him ....only they play act that Spanky is the one being punished, so after each blow, Spanky would yell out as if he was the one being hit. The Mom/wife hears the spanking and eventually decides to intervene only to walk in on the 'reversal scene'. Rather than let her presence be known, she quietly trades places with her son and delivers her husband a tremendous whack that knocks him forward. And that's where the episode ends.

    1. Haven't seen that one KD thanks.
      There are some publicity photos for the 1943 comedy showing Red Skelton over his co-star's knee getting a hairbrush spanking and some of the lobby posters feature him coming home late and her waiting for him with a hairbrush.Unfortunately there was no spanking in the movie.
      The 1971 movie 'Carry on at your convenience' features a grown man being put over his Mother's knee for a public spanking.
      Apart from that it's very slim pickings on the FM Spankings.