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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Brides in India presented with Paddles to Discipline their Husbands - News Article

It appears that 700 new husbands in India will spend their wedding night with very sore backsides after their brides were presented at the wedding ceremony with brand new paddles to discipline their husbands should they become drunk or abusive.

 This Brides Mother appears to be giving her some last minute advice on how to paddle her new husband
 These wives look like they mean business , especially the little one in the middle who looks like she can't wait to use her paddle . Her new husband looks absolutely terrified.
                This new bride has that ' just wait until I get you home look' on her face.

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, 700 brides at a mass wedding were presented with wooden paddles and told to use them as should their husbands become drunk or abusive.The paddles are normally used for getting dirt out of clothes in traditional laundries, but those given out to the brides were stamped with pink and blue messages saying "a gift to keep drunks in check" and "police won't say anything".At the ceremony in central India over the weekend, Gopal Bhargava, the minister of social justice and rural development, presented women with the paddles and urged them to put them to use if necessary.He said: “If your husband or any other member of family comes home drunk, treat him with it.” Mr Bhargava has ordered nearly 10,000 bats for distribution to newlywed women.Mr Bhargava said he got the idea for the wedding presents when a woman asked him whether she should get her husband to stop drinking by beating him with a wooden paddle. 


  1. Given the way I've seen Indian husbands dominate their wives where I used to work, and even where I shop, I find this hard to believe. I can see this as some anti-drunkeness publicity campaign, but I fear for the woman who actually uses one of these paddles. When it comes to males, I've even seen mothers defer to their young sons. Cute idea though.

    1. I don't want to make light of what is a serious problem in India with alcoholism and wife abuse but I just couldn't resist.
      At least it's a symbolic gesture for the new generation in India that this has to stop.
      Who knows , maybe it will work.
      If you check around some Indian media you will find that they have a fair amount of strong females who are equal to their men and also quote a few matriarch who run the roost at home.

    2. I hope so. People should rise to their capabilities, not defer to cultural gender expectations. And if it helps and works? Even better. All the best!

  2. Good idea! Every wife should receive a paddle like this when getting married.

    1. I agree.I'm sure there are some that do...but not enough!

  3. I'm looking for a woman who would take charge, spankings when needed. I feel on the honeymoon the wife should put the husband over her lap and let him know who wears the pants and who is not wearing the pants. Joe