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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Going in the Corner - FM Spanking Cartoon

As if it wasn't embarrassing enough for this big tough guy to go over his petite Girlfriend's lap for a good old fashioned spanking , she marches him over to the corner to contemplate his poor behaviour while his well spanked bottom is on display !
She may even take a few pics of the scene to share with their friends......

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Never Too Old For A Spanking - MF Spanking Cartoon

Spoilt Brat Susan had been getting away with temper tantrums for years , until she met her new Boyfriend Brian !
Brian knows just how to deal with a naughty young lady , so Susan goes over his lap for her very first spanking.
To make matters worse , her spanking is still in progress when her parents arrive home early from dinner.
Watching his Daughter receive a long overdue comeuppance inspires her Father to deal with his equally bratty wife in the same manner!

Friday, July 26, 2019

You're Next - FM Spanking Cartoon

When Bill's Mom goes to the Police station to bail out him and his friend Jeff , she marches both of them down to the basement as soon as they get home.
Bill knows what his Mom has in mind but Jeff is shocked to see his friend have to drop his pants and go over his Mom's knee for a good walloping with the big brush.
Jeff is even more surprised when his friend's Mom informs him that he is next!
The Sheriff agreed to drop all charges on the condition thst she deal with them in a more effective manner , so Jeff has no choice but to let her carry out the sentence.
They will think twice before they decide to damage property again !

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Spanking Dare - MF Spanking Cartoon

He has finally had enough of her bratty behaviour and announces that he is going to give her what she deserves - a darn good spanking!
She foolishly questions his resolve with  that well known response that not only seals her fate , but also  earns her a much sorer bottom!
"You wouldn't dare!" is music to a Spanker's ears !

Thursday, July 18, 2019

What to do with a red bottom ? - MF Spanking Cartoon

What a conundrum for this poor fellow!
He has just given his girlfriend her first spanking and now he must think of what to do next....
any ideas to help him out?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Evaluation Time - MF Spanking Cartoon

Miss Jones is in the middle of her annual performance evaluation and it appears that significant improvement is required.
Her Boss will not fire her or cut her salary but he will make sure that she will be sitting on a very hot and sore bottom when she returns to her office.
He wishes he didn't have to be so strict , but these ladies really do need to be motivated to try harder.
Surely their poor performances are not because they enjoy being spanked?

Saturday, July 6, 2019

He's Late Again ! - FM Spanking Cartoon

Some Husband's just never learn do they?
Despite the warnings from his wife he went out drinking with his buddies after work again.Not only did he have way too much to drink , but he did not even bother to call her to let her know where he was.

If he thought a bunch of cheap flowers , an apology and  sweet talk would appease his wife he was mistaken!
He may have arrived home safely  , but  a certain part of his anatomy is in real danger and will suffer extreme distress from her paddle , after he manages to get his key in the door.

.....and that is not all his angry wife has in store for him this evening.....

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Lost in Blackwell Manor - MF Spanking Story

"Darn it ! Where the hell am I ?" Jennifer exclaimed , pausing halfway down the long hallway .
A full 20 minutes had passed since she had excused herself from the lavish dinner party and set out on an unscheduled tour of the cavernous Blackwell Manor .

"I'm sure I've been down this hallway before...." she sighed , pausing to scratch her head and pivoting it around , ".....everything is starting to look the same!"
She was becoming rather anxious , knowing her Husband Jeff would be worried about her , and even if she did find her way back soon would , he would be expecting a darn good explanation for her lengthy departure.
He certainly would not appreciate her leaving him alone , flanked by the boorish Davenports and no doubt he would make her pay for it once they got home.
If she was going to avoid a sound spanking , she had better find a route back to Jeff and quickly!

Her mood was lifted when she heard the distant sound of voices coming from the end of a hallway.
Perhaps it was the staff who worked at the Manor ? They  would certainly know its geography well enough to direct her back.

Meanwhile back at the dinner party , Jeff excused himself from the Davenports' lengthy account of their latest vacation by telling them he had to make an important call.

Dialling his wife's number , he  seethed when he heard it ring from the nearby cloakroom .
Impatiently he listened to Jennifer's chirpy message , "Nice trick Jen! I hope you enjoyed it because it just earned you a darn good spanking!" he whispered into her voice mail.
"If you would excuse me Mr and Mrs Davenport , I think I'd best go look for my wife . She can be a bit curious ...." he explained and hastily left.

Meanwhile , Jennifer was approaching the source of the noises , close enough to deduce it was a man and woman having a very noisy argument about something.
"You wouldn't dare !" The woman's voice yelled hysterically .
"Oh wouldn't I?" The man replied firmly.

The voices were oddly familiar to Jennifer and as she drew closer, their identity suddenly struck her.
There was no doubt in her mind that these were the voices of their hosts , Lord and Lady Blackwell !

Somehow Jennifer had strayed into the area of the Manor reserved as the owners' private living quarters.
She recalled that the Blackwell's seemed to be having some sort of disagreement just before dessert was being served and had discretely left the room.

Rather than interrupt , she that she would follow the couple back to the banquet hall once their 'discussion' was over , but she needed to conceal her presence until they left.

As her eyes  scanned for a suitable hiding place , the Blackwell's 'discussion' was becoming much more intense.
"Put me down this minute ! Don't you dare ! Stoppit...we have to get back to our guests!" Lady Blackwell was screeching  frantically now.
"We'll get back to our guests once I've given you what you deserve young lady!" her husband replied.

Jennifer noticed a door that was slightly ajar , perhaps a closet which could serve as a hiding place , but she needed to get there without the Blackwell's noticing her.
Placing her hand on the door handle , she could not resist a look at the feuding couple who were making quite a commotion now.

Her jaw dropped at the sight !
Lady Blackwell was bent over her Husband's outstretched knee as he perched on the dressing table.
Her expensive gown had been unceremoniously hoisted to reveal a rather large , curvy and scantily clad bottom!

Jennifer gasped to herself , "OMIGOSH! I think he's going to spank her!"
Although she knew she needed to hide her presence , she felt somehow compelled to stay and watch the event.
The reality of her situation was changing Lady Blackwell's stoic demeanour , "Please Dear....not too hard poor bottom is still tender from the cane!" she pleaded.
Seconds later resounding claps were heard when her husband's hard palm descended on her substantial jiggling twin globes!

Jennifer stood frozen , taking in the sight of Lord Blackwell administering a sound and lengthy spanking to his wife.
The older couple were so preoccupied by the spanking , for differing reasons of course , that they did not notice another pair of eyes witnessing it .

What a sight it was ! Jennifer had never seen anyone being spanked before and was completely entranced.
Lady Blackwell's ample cheeks turned from pink to deep pink  to red as she kicked , screamed and struggled over her husband's lap.

Even when the fiery spanking ended  , Jennifer remained , not realizing or caring that she risked discovery.
Gasping and moaning , Lady Blackwell slid off her Husband's lap and he pulled her close to him.
With her blazing bare bottom still in full view , the couple embraced in a long lingering kiss.
"I needed that !"Lady Blackwell cooed , placing a palm back to sooth her hot cheeks.
"That's just a taste of what you're going to get later young we had best get back to our guests!" he husband scolded.

Just in time , Jennifer was able to escape behind the closet door and waited for the older couple to leave,
"SHIT!" she exclaimed looking at her watch.
The spanking had taken longer than she thought , "Jeff is going to kill me!"she gasped.

Discretely , she followed the Blackwell's along the maze of hallways , doorways and corridors until she was in familiar territory ,but her jaw dropped when she spied Jeff heading in her direction .

Approaching the Blackwells , he stopped to ask them if they had seen his naughty wife.
Lady Blackwell turned her head and smiled , "You can stop hiding young lady...your husband has found you!" she called out to Jennifer.

A shocked Jennifer reluctantly revealed herself , shocked to realize that the older couple had been well aware of her presence the entire time!

Her head bowed like a naughty schoolgirl , she walked down the hallway to Jeff and their hosts.
"I'm Lord Blackwell .... I'm  not sure if you recognize my wife as you only had a view of her bare bottom!" their host announced with a smirk.
"I trust we can count on your discretion to keep what you saw to yourself young lady?" Lady Blackwell asked.

Jeff looked puzzled , "I'm sure your wife will explain young man...." Lord Blackwell said , "....there is a dressing room just there , and you and your wife are most welcome to use it..." he added.
Jennifer was embarrassed and speechless until she felt her husband gripping her bare arm.
"No sense waiting until we get home Jen is there ?" Jeff announced firmly.

"Now reasonable....I can explain everything...." Jennifer babbled.
Lady Blackwell put a palm on Jeff's shoulder , "You'll find a nice big antique hairbrush my Grandmother gave me on the are most welcome to use it." she said.
"Oh I will Lady Blackwell...I will!" Jeff replied , giving Jennifer a hefty smack on the seat of her tight dress to propel her toward the dressing room .

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Who Wears the Pants? - FM Spanking Cartoon

This Husband bragged to his friends once too often that he  'wore the pants' at home  , so what is his Strict Wife to do?

While she is wearing her pants, she orders him to remove his before going over her knee for a well-deserved spanking !

Then he must go 'pant-less' for the rest of the weekend while she delivers additional spankings to make sure his bottom is nice and red by the time he returns to work on Monday and sit on his sore bottom. 

Even worse , he has to tell his friends who really wears the pants at home!