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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas at the Blackwells - FM Spanking Story

A belated Christmas present for my FM spanking enthusiasts......and a follow up to the spanking adventures of the Blackwells at Thanksgiving.....



Nancy sat silently at the dinner table , sipping on her soup.
Raising a brow , she grinned at her sister-in-law Dana who was trying to take in the proceedings around her.
Nancy's husband Jeff sat next to her , grimacing and squirming uncomfortably in his chair.
At the head of the table Nancy’s Father  Gerry , was  unusually silent looking very nervous and worried.

Only the noises issuing from the open door to the basement filled the festively decorated room.
Nancy’s older brother Simon was downstairs receiving his punishment from the family Matriarch  Janet.

Simon was getting it way worse than his younger brother -in-law.
Nancy had counted a full dozen strokes of the cane when Simon was down there , and she had just counted  the 14th stroke for poor Simon!
The 15th and  final stroke landed with venom producing an animalistic howl from Nancy’s tough big brother.
Everyone at the table shuddered and winced in unison at its verocity , especially Dana.
“WOW! That one must have really hurt !” she observed with a hint of amusement.

After a few moments of silence , there was the sound of slow laboured footsteps ascending the basement stairs.
Simon emerged , teary eyed , his face contorted and both hands clamped to the seat of his jeans.
He stood , rubbing and staring at his seat at the table , the sound of his Mother’s  stilletto  heels on the wooden steps breaking the silence.

Janet Blackwell stood imperiously at the entrance to the dining room.

Her long  grey mane was tied up neatly in a bun and in her right hand she held a long , thin cane with a curved handle.
She wore a  hip-hugging black Skirt , heels and her tight  sweater accentuated her prominent breasts , 
Flexing the cane she pointed it at Simon’s chair and ordered him curtly to sit.
“Yes Ma’am” her son replied and a satisfied smile played on her full red lips when he agonizingly and gingerly lowered himself onto the chair.
Significant discomfort was apparent in his face and he placed both hands under him to elevate his sore behind from the unforgivingly hard seat.
Dana sat  with her mouth agape in astonishment as she observed her husband , a tough Marine Sergeant , so easily taken in hand by his Mother.
Deep down she enjoyed this and envied her Mother in law.

“ Nancy, can you check on the turkey please while I deal with your Father .....I won’t be long.” Janet asked firmly.
She strode purposefully towards  Gerry who was still staring into his soup .
“YOUR TURN ! Get downstairs!” she bellowed at him.
Gerry  quickly rose and ,without making eye contact with anyone, scurried downstairs.

As soon as Janet had left  , Simon leapt to his feet and began undoing his jeans.
“Let’s see your stripes Jeff!” he asked his hesitant brother in law.
Simon proceeded to expose his bare behind , proudly showing a criss-cross of red welts and stripes on  his behind.
Simon laughed and stood up also , “Not bad…how does mine look?” he asked.
“Pretty impressive for a rookie !” Simon cackled.
“It’s been over 2 years since Mom gave me a caning but she hasn’t lost her touch….” he declared.

Dana looked at her husband in disbelief , “Simon .....our third wedding anniversary is this Spring.....are you telling me your Mom was still spanking you when you were a married man?” she asked.
Simon looked at her , “ Actually Dana , Mom hasn’t ‘spanked’ me since I was 16 . I was way too big for her to handle over her knee , so she started using the cane. Someone had to give me the discipline when I needed it.....even after I was married .”

Nancy chuckled , “I’ve been blistering Jeff’s backside since BEFORE we were married , but this is only the 2nd time he’s felt Mom’s cane.” she announced.
Jeff blushed and smiled timidly.
An astonished Dana sat back in her chair and folded her arms.
“Really ? “ she looked at her husband , “ I believe you and I need to have a little talk later  Simon.” 
Simon nodded , “Yes Ma’am we do.”

While Simon and Jeff  stood nursing their well beaten rumps , Gerry’s ordeal was just beginning.
The sound of each stroke told them their Mother was really putting extra force into it.
“How long before he starts howling ?” Simon asked his sister.
“Last time he held out for about 10 but it sounds like Mom is really laying it on hard this time.” Nancy replied.
The two siblings high-fived .
“That’s a record for Mom….she got him howling at number 6 this time!”
Dana giggled with them.
Nonchalantly they all returned to their soup , oblivious to the sounds of Gerry’s thrashing.
By 10 strokes Gerry was hollering and pleading loudly.
By 18 he was sobbing , wailing and pleading with Janet to stop.
For the final 6 he could barely croak out a hoarse noise through clenched teeth.

When Gerry hobbled back upstairs he was red-faced , flustered and dishevelled.
He stood by his seat , arms held stiffly at his side , fighting the urge to rub his behind.
A moment later , Janet arrived looking very satisfied with herself.
“My my....that was quite exerting I must say…it’s given me quite an appetite.!” She said nonchalantly.
“Nancy fetch our naughty boys some pillows to sit on. We don’t want to watch them squirming all through dinner  do we ?” 
While the pillows helped the men somewhat , all three were clearly in agony throughout supper - especially Gerry. 
Janet was amazed he could sit at all after 24 stingers from her!

The reason for the triple thrashing was because the guys had arrived back very late , and quite tipsy,  from their Christmas eve visit to Murphy’s pub.
They had turned off their cell phones and the girls had become quite worried and about to call Murphy’s when the men casually strolled in.
Janet was furious,  and they were in such a bad state she refused to let them attend the  Christmas eve mass with the ladies.
Nancy and Dana apologized for their husbands and assured her they would take it up with them , but Janet informed them she would administer a pre- dinner caning to teach them a lesson.

At first Dana thought her mother in law was joking , but Nancy assured her that she  was quite serious.
Waiting at home , their menfolk were feeling very guilty knowing how much having everyone at Christmas Eve mass meant to Janet .
They also  knew their behaviour would be dealt with very seriously.

“You will all receive a sound caning BEFORE Christmas dinner!” Janet threatened.
Dana couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“Sorry but we just lost track of time honey….you know what Christmas is like…I....” Gerry  began but  was halted by Janet’s wagging finger.
“I don’t want to hear any of your lame excusesGerry Blackwell…. you’ll be getting 2 dozen for being the ring leader !”
Bravely Gerry tried to protest, “…24 strokes ?....but Janice...”
With a sigh of exasperation Janet glared at her husband.
“Would you like me to make it an even 30….with the SENIOR cane ?” she asked.
Gerry shuddered. “No Ma’am”. He knew she was serious.
"Jeff will get a round dozen but simon will get extra strokes as he should know better!"

While nancy fetched the pillows , Janet smiled and handed the carving knife to Gerry.
“Christmas  tradition requires the man of the house to carve the turkey” she announced.
Gerry welcomed the opportunity to stand for a few minutes .
Dana realized Gerry was still the head of this household but the scales were balanced by his wife's power to discipline him.
It was indeed an intriguing arrangement.

“..and since you gentlemen are all too sore to sit , you can stand up and do the dishes after !
“AW MOM!” the boys whined.


Dana rummaged through the huge library of paperbacks stored in the basement family room.

Most of them really weren’t to her taste , mostly the usual harlequin romances and  bodice rippers which her Mother-in-law , Janet , thrived on.

Next to the open bookcase was another cupboard with closed doors .

Curiously Dana opened them for a peek inside , fully expecting another batch of seedy paperbacks , but her jaw dropped when she saw its contents.

Two large canes , a thick leather strap with two tails , a ping-pong paddle and a Jokari paddle hung from hooks. 
One of the canes was slightly longer and thicker than the other and Dana picked it up and examined it.
“Ah….the dreaded Senior cane!” a female voice startled Dana.
It was her Mother in Law Janet.
“I reserve that one for serious offences…Gerry hates it…it leaves big welts on his behind for a week!” she chuckled.

Dana felt like a naughty schoolgirl caught in the act.
“I’m so sorry Mrs. Blackwell…I wasn’t snooping ,  just looking for  books….I didn’t mean to….” She stammered.
Janet smiled and placed a reassuring hand on her daughter in law’s shoulder.
“Call me Mom Dana….and don’t worry ….after yesterday you have every right to be curious . Frankly I’m amazed Simon hasn’t mentioned anything about domestic discipline before now!”
“Well come to think of it , he has mentioned something about  it a few times but I guess I didn’t take him seriously …” Dana replied , tapping the cane in her palm as she became more comfortable with it.

Her Mother in law frowned and looked seriously at her, “Dana , I know my son is  headstrong and quite a handful ….so he’s no stranger to receiving a dose of any of these implements on his bare backside ! 
May I ask how you’ve handled his behaviour  over the past 3 years ?”
The younger woman shrugged.
“You’re right about Simon ,  and to be honest his behaviour has been causing some problems in our relationship . No matter what I say,  he always  apologizes and promises to do better , but Simon just doesn’t change….”

Janet pointed at the cane , “When he’s apologizing and promising while you’re giving him  taste of that across his bare backside I guarantee he will change- quickly!”
Dana swished the cane through the air , “He certainly was a different man after you caned him yesterday Mom……especially when we went to bed !”
Janet grinned , “Yes , there can be  a notable side benefit after giving a man a good thrashing Dana…Gerry was like a wild man in bed last night also….I hope we didn’t make too much noise?”
Dana blushed and giggled shaking her head.
She loved Janet’s openness.

“I think it would be good if we had a little talk….and perhaps a little lesson on how to use these efficiently ?” Janet suggested.
Dana gushed out an enthusiastic “YES!”.
“Well we’d best get started then…” Janet began tossing Dana a cushion from the sofa.
Dana caught it , “What’s this for Mom?” 
“That my girl is going to simulate your husband’s backside….until you’re ready for the real thing!”


Dana curled  tighter in the big armchair by the fire chair and looked up from her book.
“Simon! My feet are cold …can you fetch me my slippers….and put another log on the fire please ?” she asked with just a hint of firmness in her tone.

Sitting beside her , Janet smiled at her daughter-in-law’s new-found assertiveness and awaited her son’s response , already quite sure what it would be.
Simon was too busy moving to another level of the military combat game  to respond.
“Simon! I’m talking to you…put that silly thing down will you!” she yelled in a raised voice.
“What did your last slave die of ? Do it yourself!” Simon snapped back , tilting the game pad and then slamming it down angrily. “DAMMIT WOMAN …you made me lose that level !”

Dana looked at her mentor Janet .
“I hope you’re not going to let that go?” Janet asked 
“Here goes !” Dana sighed , rising  from her chair  and striding purposely over to Simon.
Taking him by surprise she pried  the game from his grip.
Simon had never seen Dana act this way and his attitude immediately changed.
Dana stood with hands on hips staring down at him.
“This thing is being confiscated until we get back home. How dare you speak to me like that in front of your Mother . Get your keister downstairs mister !” she barked.

Simon flushed , suddenly realizing his wife’s intentions.
“Downstairs? ..but….”he stammered.
Dana  pointed to the stairs.
“DOWNSTAIRS NOW ! Or would you prefer I  deal with you right here in front of your Mother?”  she told him .
“No Ma’am”  her tough husband replied and scurried downstairs like a frightened puppy.
Janet laughed out loud , “WOW! That went way better than I thought!”
Dana beamed proudly before putting on her sternest look and descending the stairs.

Simon waited  uneasily for his wife  , eyes down and hands clasped in front of him.
He had clearly been in this position before.
“Right…get your clothes off…all of them!” Dana ordered.
Her husband’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.
“Whaat?”he asked incredulously
Dana was already busying herself , placing a chair in the middle of the room , and looked over her shoulder at him.

“You heard me! STRIP…every stitch off …and then bend over this chair!” she ordered.
Simon hesitate for a moment and Dana smiled when he began removing his clothes.
 Dana stood at the cupboard studying the implements.
She had taken instructions from Janet and practiced with all of them , knocking the stuffing out of the sofa cushions, so had already made the decision to use the Jokari paddle.
She liked the feel of it , it was large enough to cover an entire cheek,  easy to swing and  was sure to sting like the dickens !
She wanted Simon to be feeling the effects of the Jokari every time he sat down for the next day or two. 

The look on Simon’s face when he saw Dana holding the Jokari confirmed her choice.
She tapped the paddle in her palm as he stood naked in front of her.
Despite his embarrassment he had a huge erection.
Dana tapped it with the paddle . “I’ll take care of that later…” a faint grin playing on her face.“Bend over that  chair and hold on tight mister!” she said .
She felt a sudden charge of excitement pulse through her veins .
Taking charge of Simon in this way was giving her quite a thrill in more ways than one.

Obediently Simon bent over holding onto the seat of the chair with both hands.
Dana stepped up to the plate and gave her husband’s taut , muscular buns an admiring look.
They were a lily white hue at the moment but she would soon be turning them a deep red!
“Hold on to the chair and stay in place. If you start squirming around I’ll start over…do you understand?” she instructed.
“YES MA’AM!” came the prompt reply.

Simon’s cheeks clenched when he felt Dana tap the big paddle against them.
“Get that bottom right out mister!” she instructed.
Simon arched his back to present a better target.
“How many swats will I get Ma’am ?” he asked.
Dana smiled with satisfaction enjoying the power she possessed.
“Don’t you dare question me. I’m in charge of this paddling and you’ll receive as many as I feel you need….plus a dozen more for daring to ask such a question!” she scolded.
“Sorry Ma’am” 

Upstairs  Janet sat by the fire reading her book but with her ears  and  attention trained on the basement door.
The proceedings were underway.

Even Janet winced at the sound .
The paddling was a ferocious one and Dana released 3 years of frustration onto Simon’ bare backside .
She felt a sense of release with every swat and the sight of her husband’s rear getting redder and redder inspired her.
Simon was bawling loudly after the first dozen or so swats.
By 25 he was blubbering incoherently - but the whacking continued.
Dana stopped for a breather after delivering stroke number 40.
“Is my punishment almost over Ma’am ? My butt feels like it’s on fire!” Simon whined.
His tone was submissive . 
“Didn’t I  warn you not to question me ?” she barked at him.
“YES MA’AM….SORRY MA’AM” Simon babbled.
“You already have a dozen extra coming for the first offence and I’ll add another dozen for that remark.
These will be the hardest yet and I want you to count out and thank me for each one….do you understand?”

Just then  Nancy and Jeff arrived home from their trip to the boxing day sales.
Nancy’s was clearly irritated and Jeff was looking quite surly.
“How was the shopping ?” Janet asked tentatively.
“OK …but no thanks to him!” Nancy replied poking Jeff in the chest , “…it’s like shopping with a two year old …and to top it off he got a ticket for blowing a red light!”
“It wasn’t red!” Jeff argued.
Nancy glared at him “Oh really Jeff? Well I can tell something’s going to be very red once I get you down stairs !”

Grabbing Jeff by the ear she led him towards the basement stairs but was halted  in her tracks  upon  hearing the sound of Dana’s paddle cracking against bare skin.

“The basement’s occupied right now honey….you’ll have to wait your turn.” Janet said.
A broad grin spread over Nancy’s face.
“Dana ? Simon ? It’s about time…..” she declared looking at her Mother.
“Is she using the Jokari ?”
Janet nodded.
Nancy looked at Jeff , “You’ve never felt the Jokari have you ?”
Jeff  looked very worried.
Simon’s voice was quivering now.
“Hear that Jeffie ? Boy does it sting…..just what a bad boy like you needs !” she teased.

Jeff cringed listening to every stroke Dana delivered .
A hard final stroke caused Simon to  spring to his feet  and dance wildly around the room rubbing his backside.
It was quite an amusing  sight which Dana could not resist capturing on her phone camera.
Chuckling to herself , she calmly put away the Jokari and stood with arms folded watching  her husband’s silly dance.
“Turn around and get your nose in that corner!” she ordered when he finally stopped.
Simon obeyed , turning to display his red and blistered bottom.
Dana took another picture.

Simon looked concerned.
“What are you taking pictures for ?” he asked.
Dana was in complete control and in her element now.
“That’s my business…perhaps I’ll post them on my facebook page …” she mused , “…or perhaps I could send them to your marine buddies to let them know who really wears the pants in our family….”
Simon looked at her in disbelief , “You wouldn’t?”
“Let’s just call them my little insurance policy shall we Simon?”
“Now stay in that corner and be quiet . Then you can get dressed and  apologize to your Mother and I. Understood?” 
“Yes Ma’am”

A triumphant Dana marched Simon upstairs to a round of applause from Janet and Nancy.
Tough Marine Sergeant Simon was sore , red-faced , teary eyed and thoroughly humbled.
Dana giggled  “I left the Jokari on the table. The way the men behave around here I figured it wouldn’t be long before it would be needed again!”
Nancy cackled , “Actually it won’t even have time to cool down Dana….get downstairs Jeff!”
“Yes Ma’am” Jeff replied.

Dana stood with arms folded looking at her husband .
“Well Simon?”
With some difficulty , Simon  mouthed an apology worthy of Dana’s satisfaction.
“Good boy….now stoke that fire and fetch me my slippers. You can give me a foot rub like you used to.”
“Yes Ma’am”.

Shortly after , Gerry arrived home as a still red-faced Simon  was dutifully handing Dana her slippers and gingerly rubbing the seat of his jeans.
He paused near the basement stairs and  heard familiar sounds.
Nancy was busy introducing the Jokari to Jeff’s bare backside .

A puzzled Gerry looked at Janet “What’s going on around here?”
Janet simply shrugged ,smiled and rose to  him a big kiss.
“Remember the Jokari paddle dear?” she asked.
Gerry grimaced and put a palm to the seat of his jeans.
“Yea…’s been a while…….but I certainly remember it.” He recalled.
“Well Simon’s going to be remembering it for the next day or two ….won’t you honey?” Dana chirped
Simon was kneeling in front of his wife , massaging her feet.
“Yes I will Ma’am” he mumbled.
“Oh you can call me Dana or honey now sweetie!” Dana gushed.

Janet pulled back and scowled at Gerry.
“That better not be beer I smell on you Gerry Blackwell….did you stop at Murphy’s?”
The guilt on Gerry’s face was obvious.
“Well no….but….er…yes…just for one…or so?” he babbled.
The noises from downstairs intensified.
Nancy was thoroughly enjoying herself , swinging the Jokari like a pro , cracking it against one cheek and then the other.
“12 more to come Jeffie…count ‘em!”
“Nancy should be done in a minute… or should I say Jeff’s behind will be ‘well done’…...then it’s your turn for the Jokari mister.” She scolded.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Spanking the Christmas Elf - MF Spanking Story

Stephanie and Deborah giggled like schoolgirls when Todd entered the exercise room dressed in a very loud green and red outfit , complete with an Elf hat , pointy shoes and tinsel .

Everyone else in the class was dressed in their normal work-out gear.
Some just stared at Todd with  a blank look while others laughed and applauded.

Todd blushed and attempted to make the best of the situation.
“Didn’t you all get Stephanie’s email about dressing up for the last class before Christmas?” he asked.
He glanced over at his two female friends who were now doubled over with laughter.
“Nice one you two….but you won’t be laughing by the time I’m through with you! “ he warned.
The two women looked at each other and feigned a look of fear.
“OOOOH I’m so cared….are you Steph?” Deborah teased.
Todd was a real sport and completed the entire class clad in his ridiculous outfit , enduring the giggles and teasing of Deborah and Stephanie with aplomb.
Afterwards the three friends chatted .
“We should feel bad Todd but it was so much fun to watch you!” Deborah laughed.
“I just knew you would fall for it Todd!” Stephanie added.
Assuming a firm stance , Todd wagged a finger at the pair and scolded them.
“We have been very naughty haven’t we Debbie?” Stephanie said.
“Yes…we’ve been really baaad !” her friend chuckled.

Todd stood with arms folded .
“Well then I think I should give both of you naughty girls a good spanking!” he announced.

The feisty pair blushed and were momentarily struck silent.
“Yea ….like that’s gonna happen !” Steph finally replied  looking nervously at Deborah.
Debbie howled as Todd’s palm cracked against the seat of the petite blonde’s yoga pants.

Stephanie stood nearby watching the proceedings , wincing with every spank and massaging her buns in preparation for her turn.
Debbie kicked her legs wildly when Todd increased the pace of her spanking .

She let out a squeal of indignation when she felt Todd’s fingers tug at the waistband of her pants.
“What the hell are you doing Todd!”
Todd leaned over to look at her.
“This is a proper spanking Deb…that was just a warm-up… .you’re getting the rest on the bare bottom!” he declared.

“Don’t you dare Todd! I’ll never speak to you again!” she yelled but Todd had already peeled her pants over  her shapely twin globes to nestle at her milky white thighs which were a complete contrast to the redness of her bottom s.
She wore the tiniest of thongs  underneath so her  shapely cheeks were completely exposed.
“OMIGOSH I’m sooo embarrassed!” she wailed.

Todd took a moment to admire the view before him before resuming Debbie’s spanking.
Her cheeks jiggled with every smack and she squirmed on Todd’s lap.
Stephanie looked on with her mouth agape and still clutching her bottom.
After delivering a final series of spanks , Todd released his grip and helped Debbie to her feet.
Guiding her into the corner , he ordered her to stand there with her hands on her head.
“Your turn Steph!” he said turning to face debbie's accomplice.
Todd sat back in his chair to admire his handiwork.
Debbie and Steph stood with their noses against the wall , hands on their heads and bright red bottoms on display.

“How much longer do we have to stand here Todd ? My poor bottom is on fire…” Steph whined.
“Yea…I  really need to rub ….please Todd?” Debbie asked.

“first I want to hear a proper apology from both of you then I have some nice cool aloa vera for those naughty bottoms.” Todd teased.

Putting both arms to support his neck , Todd lay back on the bed and admired the firm , naked physiques of Debbie and Steph lying face down on either side of him.
He noticed  redhead Stephanie’s bottom seemed to  be redder than her blonde friend.
Either way , he was a pretty happy  elf.