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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

That's All Folks!


Hello All , 

It's been a blast , but I have been spending way too much time sharing my  Adult spanking stories and art with my fellow  spanking aficionados, so I've decided to take a hiatus so I can concentrate on more important things !

As some of you may know , I have been contemplating  my exit from blogging for a while , but now is the right time to move on. 

For those of you who took the time to show their appreciation and  comment , thank you and I hope my blog has entertained and added some fun to your spanking life.

As for the many more 'lurkers' ( or freeloaders as I affectionately call them) who stopped by , said nothing , and took my blog for granted , well I won't miss any of you ou one bit !   

Sorry , gotta go....Mrs G is calling .....bye all!


Friday, April 16, 2021

Burnt Toast - FM Spanking Cartoon


As part of his retribution , Charles is required to serve his wife Darlene breakfast in bed according to her very precise instructions.
He must dress appropriately , wearing only a two sizes two small thong ,and a nice shocking pink apron Darlene bought just for him.

His wife's breakfast must be of a high standard  , her coffee must be not too hot and not  too cold , the eggs cannot be runny or overcooked and , above all , he dare not serve her burnt toast like the offering her served her last month.

Charles had paid for that particular mistake , having to stand at the toaster with his backside freshly glowing from the 50 swats of the paddle his wife lovingly applied as a reminder !
Before he serves Darlene breakfast , he must allow her to inspect his bottom to ensure it is displaying the telltale marks and textures from the thrashing she administered only a few hours earlier.

Satisfied with her handiwork , she gives his tender cheeks a playful slap , signalling that Charles may then serve her breakfast .
As he does so , he cannot avoid gazing at the dreaded hairbrush on her night table , the belt draped over the spanking chair and the paddle laying on it.
He had felt the wrath of all three already and was not at all anxious for more.

Charles cringed while Darlene surveyed her breakfast plate , and gasped when she bit into the toast.
"Perfect!" she cooed with a smile , and Charles let out a sigh of relief. 
".....but where is the peach jam and my Greek yogurt ?"she asked sternly.
Charles felt his face flush , " guess I forgot them ?" he babbled nervously.

Darlene said nothing , taking her time to eat her toast while Charles waited nervously .
Dabbing a napkin against her full lips , she finally looked up at him, "You forgot you say ? Well you know very well I have a perfect cure for forgetfulness Darling. Hand me the big paddle and bend over the chair ....I'll deal with you after I finish my coffee!" she declared nonchalantly.

With another sigh , her Husband handed her the big paddle and bent over the chair.
Darlene sipped her coffee , taking in the sight of her husband's  cute , well-spanked cheeks.
She let him 'stew' there in position for a full 5 minutes or more which felt like hours to Charles.

Finally , he heard the bed creak as his wife's weight lifted off it , and then felt the cold unforgiving wooden paddle tap against his tensing cheeks.
"30 for forgetting the jam and 30 for the yogurt.....but I'll give you a 10 swat 'discount' for the perfect toast !" Darlene announced firmly , aiming the paddle and assuming her stance.
Charles tightened his grip on the chair and clenched his cheeks , at least this time he hadn't burnt the toast !

Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Spanking Parade on Oak Avenue ! - FM Spanking Story


"Are you ready Ladies ?"  Jenny asked firmly .
Her friend looked at her watch  , "1300 hours girls ! Synchronize watches !" she announced and the quartet of wives checked their wrists and nodded.
"Let's do this !" Rhonda yelled excitedly .
"Hairbrushes at the ready Girlfriends !" Wendy chimed , holding her brush up defiantly.
With 'Commander' Kate leading the way , the four friends marched outside and down the street in military precision.

Heads turned as the line of determined ladies marched down Oak Avenue , attracting a curious entourage of women and children as they proceeded to their destination , 'Foley's Bar' !
"What's going on Ma'am ? What are those big brushes for ?" a young girl asked as she tried to keep up.
Wendy grinned back at her , "We're going to surprise our Husbands sweetie, I'm afraid they've been very naughty and they are very afraid of these brushes !"
The girl shrieked excitedly, "Are you gonna spank them ? My Mom has a big brush just like those and she uses it to spank my Dad you know!" 
"I'll bet she does !" Kate replied.

Inside Foley's , the sneaky quartet of Husbands had decided to order another round of shooters ,when a fellow patron noticed the growing crowd moving quickly down the street in their direction.
"What's this all about ? Looks like a parade !" he declared puzzledly .
The men laughed collectively as they retrieved their drinks , "A parade ? On Oak Avenue ? That'll be the day !" Ernie cackled , peering curiously through the window himself.

What he saw , struck him silent for a moment , "OMIGOSH!" , he exclaimed, recognizing his wife Kate heading the procession of women.
He also recognized the large hairbrush she was brandishing as she strode boldly along.
It was that same hairbrush he saw every day , displayed on his wife's dresser as a reminder to him of the consequences of any poor behaviour on his part sneaking away from his chores to meet his friend's at Foley's!

Instinctively , his cheeks clenched and he felt a familiar tingle in his rear quarters , a tingle he felt only when his wife was about to apply that dreaded brush to his bare backside.
"'d best take a look at this....NOW !" he gasped frantically.

His partners in crime hurriedly scooped up their drinks and joined him at the window , "Holy F@#$ !" Fred blurted , recognizing his wife's long red mane flowing as she marched along.
He too noticed the hairbrush in her hand and felt his body shudder , "This is bad guys... the girls are  fully armed and ready for action ! he babbled.

Rhonda's Husband Jake took a step back , rubbing the seat of his jeans and  noticing his friend Bill was doing the same , "They look really pissed Bill.....we're in big trouble this time !" he declared.
Bill winced , his butt had barely recovered from the bottom blistering  Wendy had given him just two nights earlier ,and he was in no mood for another dose!
"We have to do something !" he stammered .

The four men quickly huddled to formulate a plan that might just placate their angry wives who were approaching fast now.
Given the time constraints , they knew any plan they had would be a long shot , but the anticipation of an angry wife blistering their bare bottom with that awful brush motivated them.

They discounted trying to escape out the back door as it only led to a gated alleyway , and there was no place to hide from their wive's fury in Foley's , so they decided to go outside and pretend this was a chance meeting as they were on their way back home to finish their chores.... and the offer of dinner at Luigi's afterwards might just sweeten the deal enough to save their collective hides.

For the plan to work they had to act normally , relaxed and nonchalantly and they did just that as Ernie tentatively opened the door and led his squad into the breach.
Ex-Marine Ernie had faced down the enemy many times before , but this 'opponent' was perhaps the most frightening of all.
When they exited onto Oak Avenue , they were close enough to see the whites of their wive's pretty , but fiery eyes.
The women stopped and formed a semi circle surrounding their men, before confronting them with a well rehearsed , hands on hips posed that demonstrated they meant business.

Silently staring down the men  , their  taut jaws  and raised brows  showed their determination.
While his buddies huddled behind him , Ernie cleared his throat to speak , "Well hello ladies....what are you doing here?" he asked innocently ,but was met with more silence .
Figuring his friend needed help , Fred stepped in, "Listen girls , I know this looks bad....but we can explain....can't we guys ?" he said , looking over his shoulder for support from the cowering Jake and Bill.

Before they could reply , Rhonda's firm female voice rang out , "Jake McKay ! Get over here NOW! We are going to have a long discussion about this when I get you home !" she warned.
Her voice turned each man's face red , they knew what Rhonda really meant by a 'discussion' . 
It was not going to be a normal debate , a conversation or an exchange of views , no , this 'discussion ' was going to be very slanted and one sided , with the wife doing most of the talking. The only input from them would be "Yes Ma'am!" or "No Ma'am!" ......and lots of "Ouche's!" and "Ow's!" 
They knew tgst each point of the 'discussion' would be reinforced by stinging spanks of the hairbrush on their bare behinds.

"Don't make me come and get you Jake , or so help me I'll take down your britches right here in front of everyone !" Rhonda warned , wagging the brush menacingly in her Husband's direction.
Jake poked his head out , smiled nervously and trundled over to his awaiting wife.

Kate took a step forward , reaching up to grab Ernie's ear and tugging his head down to her eye level ,"You are going to get it sooo bad this time Mister!" she growled , hauling him away to laughter from the onlookers.

Fred and Bill offered no resistance and  hurriedly scurrying over to their respective wives.
Fred opened his mouth to speak , but Jenny pressed two fingers against his lips to silence him, "You can save that for when I get you home....not that it will do you any good !" she scolded.

Wendy shook her head in disappointment at Bill , who stood before her with head bowed, "I guess that spanking I gave you on Thursday night wasn't long or hard enough!" she lectured , "Well I guess you need another lesson in respect , and let me assure you you are going to get one that you won't forget for some time!" she added.
Fred knew better than to say anything and replied with a muted , "Yes Ma'am!"

With that , the expanded parade returned down Oak Avenue , the ladies with a hairbrush in one hand and the other pinching their Husband's ear , a growing throng of fellow wives marching behind them shouting encouragement and offering advice.

Occasionally there would be a loud cheer when one of the wives hurried her husband along with a hefty whack of her brush to his unprotected posterior , producing a loud yelp each time.
By the time the group reached the park at the bottom of Oak Avenue , out of breath , the ladies took a seat on the park benches to rest.

But there was to be no rest for their humiliated husbands who were ordered to bend over a nearby picnic table , elbows resting on the surface and backsides thrust out .
When the ladies rose , they formed a line behind the men , "Get those butts out gentlemen ! Here is a little taste of what you're in for when we get you home.
The ladies then gleefully took turns snapping the backs of their brushes against the four male posterior  , pants taut against their muscular buttocks like a second skin , producing loud cracks when the brush connected.

It was great street entertainment for the onlookers as the men received a good two dozen whacks each to prepare them for the main event.
They rose , red-faced and rubbing their smarting behinds , only to be hurried along on the final leg of their journey.

Rhonda and Jake wheeled off first , disappearing down their long driveway , and their neighbours Wendy and Bill were next to depart , Jenny waving to the crowd as she shoved her husband in the door.

Ernie and Fred had a tad longer to endure their forced walk until the quartet stopped outside Jenny and Fred's house , "Give me a call when your done !" Kate asked , giving her friend a hug .
"That might be a while Kate , because this one is going to be a doozie !"Jenny replied before pointing to the door , "YOU! Get inside NOW !" she se 
ethed to her terrified husband.

The crowd dispersed when Kate escorted Ernie to their front door.
Resigned to his fate , Ernie sighed , "I have to ask Kate....How come you girls always seem to find us out ?" he asked curiously.
His wife smirked , "It's simple Ernie.....we are just smarter than you!" she replied , "Now let's get that 'discussion' started shall we ?" 

 Four very serious and lengthy 'discussions' took place on Oak Avenue that evening and , as usual, the ladies made sure the window and curtains were open.
Such discussions were always noisy affairs and created wonderful entertainment for anyone outside on the street.

There happened to be an unusually large amount of couples taking an evening stroll that evening , and as they walked , they paused at each house when they heard the familiar sounds  of a good spanking!
While the ladies found this most amusing , their men stood uncomfortably beside them and cringed.

The sounds of a hairbrush against bare skin , ladies scolding their men as they spanked echoed on the street. 
As usual , the unfortunate Husbands tried their best to keep the noise down on their part , but it did not take long for the sting of the brush to have them produce loud yelps and yells to add to the symphony of sound.
Yes , their ladies were giving it to them good , and their naughty men expected no less from them!

There were no secrets on Oak Avenue ,and passers by knew exactly what type of  'discussions' were taking place behind those closed doors ,and that the result would be four very contrite Husbands , and four very satisfied wives !

Thursday, April 8, 2021

A Surprise Visit ! - MF Spanking Cartoon


Julie's been naughty again ,so David has her bend over the sofa for a dose of the strap on her bare bottom.
With the sound of the strap cracking against bare skin and Julie's girlish shrieks and screams , they don't hear the front door open when Julie's parents pay a surprise visit!
When they see that David is far from finished with Julie , they decide to use the time wisely by dealing with an unresolved matter of their own !

Monday, April 5, 2021

In Front of the Ladies - FM Spanking Cartoon


Frank really should know better!
His wife Francine is a strict disciplinarian who believes in 'on the spot' punishments , so he should have known what to expect for being rude to her guests , no matter how much they were annoying him.
He hoped his sincere apology would convince his wife to defer his comeuppance until later , but once Francine reaches for the dreaded hairbrush and sits on the spanking chair she will not change her mind.
Frank can only hope that his wife spares his blushes somewhat by allowing him to keep his boxers on ....but he really should know better !

Friday, April 2, 2021

No Kicking - MF Spanking Comic


Naughty ladies will resort to all sorts of tricks to protect their tender derrière from that dreaded hairbrush , and Janet is no exception.
She starts by reaching her arm back , and when that tactic is subdued she starts kicking those shapely legs of hers and raising them to distract and protect.
Her Husband Bob has seen it all before and knows how to stop her antics .
Bob will soon introduce the leg lock to stop that kicking and target his hairbrush on those tender areas that his wife hates.
Janet should know better , but she just can't help it can she ladies ?

Monday, March 29, 2021

A Barnyard Thrashing - FM Spanking Cartoon


When Sally tells Ben to accompany her to the Barn for a 'discussion' he knows exactly what is in store for him. 

The isolation of the Barn makes sure that nobody will hear the sounds of the thrashing that awaits him , the crack of the leather against his bare skin and Ben's accompanying howls and yelps! 

Almost as bad as the spanking itself , is that long , embarrassing walk to the barn , Sally happily and enthusiastically leading the way while her Husband trudges along behind her. 

Once that Barn door is closed , Ben dutifully strips off his clothes while his wife peruses the Barn for her implement of choice. Will it be the razor strap , the tawse , the big wooden butter churn , or the batch of switches waiting conveniently in the corner.....or all of them. 

This evening it will be the two tailed tawse to start , and Sally slaps it across her palm and points to the hay bale Ben is required to bend over. It's time to begin ! 

A short while later , Ben is kneeling on that same hay bale , hands on his head and his red and well marked bottom on display for his wife to admire her handiwork.

Ben dresses and Sally marches her contrite man back to the Ranch House. This time , Ben walk's stiffly , the rough denim of his jeans chaffing his tenderized  rear with each agonizing step , his face contorting in a series of grimaces and winces. Sally positively glows , leading the way home with a satisfied smile playing on her pretty face the entire walk. 

The matter settled and forgotten now , the couple sit down for dinner together , albeit one of them sits with great discomfort. Sally smiles at her Husband's squirming and permits him a pillow to sit on. His male pride tells him to decline , but he reluctantly accepts , permitting his wife another giggle as she watches him carefully lower himself onto it. 

While Ben washes the dishes , Sally waits for him in the bedroom ..........