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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Nigel Gets the Message - FM Spanking Cartoon

Nigel had been dating Sonia for over two months ,  but his inconsiderate and irresponsible behaviour persisted.
Sonia knew that if their relationship was to prosper , she had to send Nigel a strong message that she would not tolerate it any longer.

So after dinner , for which Nigel was late for yet again , Sonia set a number of rules and consequences before delivering her message to him in a fashion to which she was accustomed ....and that Nigel would not forget for a long time!

She made sure to conduct her lesson with the unfortunate Nigel in a most humbling position in order to dampen his stubborn male pride.

By the 20th stroke of her strap he was already contrite and apologetic , but Sonia was not going to stop there.... she had lots more in store for Nigel before her message was delivered and received!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Something in Common - MF Spanking story

"Didn't I tell you to be home early tonight Rodney? We're entertaining the Boswells !
You still have to vacuum , set the table and I hope you picked up the champagne and wine ?" Marsha yelled at her long-suffering husband.

Rodney worked hard at his job at the bank , and by Friday night he just wanted to kick back and relax with a cold beer , not to perform chores and spend an evening with those boring snobs his wife was so anxious to impress.
He let out a sigh  , put down his briefcase and hung up his coat while an angry Marsha continued to nag and lecture him.

"The Boswells are very important people and you know how much this dinner means to me Rodney but you just don't care do you ?"
An exasperated Rodney turned and stared down at his diminutive but feisty wife , " No I don't care Marsha !" he blurted , his response stunning Marsha for a second , "WHAT DID YOU SAY? " she asked indignantly.

Rodney leaned closer to his wife , forcing her to lean backward slightly , "I said I don't care to have dinner with your snobby friends Marsha, and I certainly don't intend to start doing chores after a long hard week at the office , while you've been sitting at home all day doing nothing!" he blasted.

"How dare you speak to me in that tone Rodney!"  Marsha gasped , but her jaw dropped when Rodney deposited his jacket on the floor , loosened his tie and rolled up his sleeves.

"Wha...What are you doing Rodney?" Marsha asked anxiously.
Rodney unbuckled his belt , "Something I should have done years ago woman ! I dearly love you Marsha , but your nagging and putting on airs need to stop. Let's see if a well-earned bottom warming will make an impression on you !" he announced.

"Now Rodney....let's be rationale're not really going to spank me are you?" she asked meekly,  backing away from him.
Rodney whisked his belt off and looked down when his pants fell to the floor.
Marsha giggled loudly at the sight of her husband standing in his bright yellow underwear!
For a second Rodney thought about reaching down to restore his pants , but instead reached for his wife's wrist ,  pulling her to him.

Marsha was not giggling anymore when she realized her Husband's intentions.
She put up  quite a struggle , but a determined Rodney was eventually able to peel  down Marsha's skin tight Jean's over her ample curves.
"Rodney! Nooooo! What are you doing ?" Marsha shrieked .
"You're getting a proper spanking Marsha ....on your bare bottom!" he replied .

Having deposited his wife's jean's to her knees , Rodney could not resist pausing momentarily to admire Marsha's large and curvaceous derriere framed in a barely there pair of pink panties.
Marsha spent a lot of his money on lingerie , but this time Rodney didn't mind !
Rodney whisked down the tiny but expensive undies producing  another girly shriek from Marsha.
"NOOO ! Not on the bare Rodney....pleeeease!"

Rodney pushed his bare bottomed wife into position over the big armchair in front of the living room window.
"Rodney! Not here! The Boswells will be here any minute....they might see!" Marsha squealed.
Her husband ignored her ,"Then we'll have something interesting to talk about over dinner for a change!" he replied with a satisfied grin.

Rodney secured his struggling ,wiggling wife over the chair so her beautifully round ,  bare and jiggling cheeks just where he wanted them to apply his belt.
It was indeed a delectable target!

The belt cracked loudly against bare skin leaving an immediate red mark across Marsha's lily white cheeks.

While Marsha howled , kicked and bucked on the chair , Rodney released 20 years of frustration on his wife's deserving bottom.
Rodney was so focused on his task that he did not notice the Boswell's looking aghast through the window

Despite the stinging in her rear quarters , Marsha also noticed the Boswells witnessing her embarrassing chastisement with some amusement.
She made eye contact with Samantha Boswell who winked at her through a broad smile.

"Rodney! The Boswells are at the window...please stop! It's SOOO embarrassing !" Marsha pleaded.
Her husband paused to look at the Boswells and waved at them , "I'll be with you in a moment!" he chortled.
Then with a rapid-fire flurry of whacks he concluded his wife's well earned whacking.
Marsha whined and kicked her legs wildly before leaping to her feet clutching both her reddened globes.

Rodney turned to open the door , but found  himself lying flat on the floor when he tripped over his fallen pants.
Meanwhile , his red-faced wife , her skinny jeans still at her knees rubbed her red bare bottom and  made her escape upstairs.

The waiting Boswell's took in the comical scene with uncontrolled laughter.
His pants fully belted now , Rodney  greeted the amused guests ,
deciding the best approach was to pretend they had not seen the spanking,  and their guests respectfully played along.

"Marsha has just popped upstairs to change , she'll join us in a moment. Sorry for my appearance but I had to work late." Rodney explained while pouring the drinks.
Samantha Boswell grinned at her husband , "There's no way Marsha is fitting back into those jeans after that spanking !" she whispered to her husband , "I certainly couldn't!"

Marsha returned , her face as red as her cocktail dress , but not as red as her sore bottom .
Their guests spared her blushes by making no mention of her spanking , but  Samantha Boswell's curiosity eventually overtook her when Marsha escorted her to the powder room.

"How is your bottom Marsha? Rodney spanked you pretty good! " Samantha asked innocently.
Marsha smiled nervously and rubbed the seat of her dress ,  relieved by her guest's concern for her punished rear quarters , "Do you want to see Samantha ?" she replied boldly.

The powder room door was closed and the two giggling ladies huddled inside while Marsha hoisted her dress and leaned over the vanity.
She had opted for no undies so her full , glowing bottom was in full view.
"WOW! That is one red , sore bottom Marsha  !" Samantha gasped , "....but I think I have you beat ....pardon the pun!" she added , leaning forward herself to raise her own dress and revealing a blazing red bottom adorned with stripes from a cane and framed by a black garter belt and stockings.

"Daniel gave it too me good before we left ! He has a heavy hand and boy does that cane  sting!" Samantha stated proudly ,glancing over her shoulder at the marks on her plump bottom.
"I'm impressed Samantha!" Marsha agreed , "....a cane you say?"
Samantha nodded , "Daniel only uses the cane when I've been really naughty!" she gushed.

Samantha whispered in her new friend's ear ,"I really feel bad that we have you at a disadvantage Marsha." she said.
Marsha raised a brow , "How so?"
"Well...we had a pretty nice show of you being spanked  so the least we can do is return the favour!" Samantha said , marching  boldly back to the living room.

For the next few minutes Samantha went into full 'brat mode' , and it did not take long for Daniel to play along with her plan.
Excusing himself,  he scooped his wife under his arm , flipped up her dress and proceeded to give her already well marked bottom a brief but sound spanking before depositing her back on her feet.
"I'll finish this properly once we get home Samantha!" he announced.

"Yes Sir!" his wife replied , leaving her dress hoisted to so their hosts could drink in the sight of her freshly spanked bottom.
"There! We're even now ! " Samantha declared to Marsha.
"I do believe we are !" Marsha agreed.

Marsha and Rodney had dinner with the Howells quite a lot after that !

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Spanking in Progress - FM Spanking Cartoon

Bob is about to find out that , not only does his Girlfriend Sylvia believes in spankings , but she insists they must be 'on the spot spankings' !
So when Bob acts up , Sylvia will not delay his spanking under any circumstances.
As a result , the fact that Sylvia spanks Bob is no secret to many of their friends.
So to spare poor Bob's blushes somewhat , Sylvia hangs up a sign to let visitors know that there is a spanking in progress and they can listen but not see.....unless they dare to take a peek through the keyhole.
Either way , Sylvia will be more than pleased to provide details of Bob's spanking during dinner !

Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Power of Jenn - FM Spanking Cartoon

Like a lot of men , Dan has made the mistake of underestimating the power of his new Girlfriend Jenn.
She had warned him about how she intended to cure his poor behaviour but he never really believed that she was capable of giving him the thrashing of her life.....but now he knows!
Not only did Jenn have the power to strip him naked , but also to take him over her lap for a sound spanking with her hairbrush and order him to bend over to receive a dose of the leather strap reserved solely for him!
Afterwards he will sit on a sore bottom when he takes her out to dinner and will be feeling Jenn's hairbrush one more time before the evening is over.
Dan will not make the mistake of underestimating Jenn again !

Friday, January 24, 2020

Still Praising Older Women - FM Spanking Story

Paul was somewhat sceptical about his friend Larry's unexpected request.
"I don't know Lar...Cecile is a lot older than you. I think she'd prefer to date men her own age." he told his friend.

Larry was insistent , he had met the multiple divorcee Cecile at a brunch for their friend Mark and was immediately besotted with her.
For a woman in her mid-fifties , Cecile looked much younger, with long dancer legs , tiny waist and a tempting cleavage that Larry could not take his eyes off.
A native of French,  Cecile still had a pronounced accent,  and with her shoulder length blonde hair had that Brigitte Bardot mystique about her.

She and Larry had danced the night away and the much younger man had trouble keeping up with her.
Larry could barely think of anything but Cecilia all week , and admittedly , the question of their age difference did trouble him somewhat so he finally called to ask Paul if Beth would give him Cecile's number.
"Come on know we hit it off... and I'm sure Cecile felt the same way about me! Besides , the age difference doesn't seem to be an issue for you and Beth! " he argued convincingly.

Paul paused to consider his friend's request.
It was true that he and Beth had the same age difference and were very happy , but having a much older , mature wife did have challenging and unexpected elements .
He shifted in his seat , reminded that one of those elements was that Beth  gives him a good spanking if he acted up .

"It's not all about dancing and having a good time Larry......Cecile is a mature lady with different values , but she may not appreciate some of your crazy , juvenile antics!" Paul warned.
His friend remained unperturbed , "True....but Beth seems to have done a heck of a job of settling you down. You're  almost a sensible , respectable citizen now!"Larry teased.

Paul shifted in his seat again , his backside still tender and sore from the application of his wife's hairbrush the night before.
"Are you sure your ready for big changes Larry? Cecile is a confident,  no-nonsense lady you know. She's a Principal at a Private School and she knows how to handle naughty boys like you!" he told his friend , only half joking.
"I'll bet she does!" his friend cackled and added , "So? Will you ask Beth to call her?"

Paul sighed , "OK Larry...Beth is having lunch with Cecile this week so I'll ask her to put a word in for you and see if she is interested." he said,  delighting his excited friend.

"Larry dating Cecile?" Beth asked with surprise , "Are you serious?"
Paul nodded and poured his wife another glass of wine , "I tried to warn him Beth , but he still wants to ask her out." he explained.
Beth's eyes widened in feigned outrage , "You WARNED him? Warned him about what?" she asked indignantly.
Paul immediately went on the defensive , "I just told him that having a relationship with an older woman may means he will have to change!" he blurted.

Beth slid her hand up her husband's thigh to caress his crotch , "Did you tell him about the sex?" she purred.
Paul pulled his wife closer , "Well that is one of the benefits !" he grinned . "No I was referring to Larry's immaturity....I doubt if Cecile will tolerate it any more than you would !" he explained.

Beth snuggled closer and looked up at Paul , "You're right about that Sweetie , Cecile treats naughty boys the same way I do!" she teased.
Paul's  face flushed and his backside tingled when Beth gripped it firmly , making him wince.
"Is your poor bottom still tender Sweetheart?" Beth teased with a pout .

Cecile laughed and raised a brow at her friend , "Are you serious Beth? He certainly is a handsome young man ,  but rather immature don't you think?"
Beth chuckled , "That's true Cecile , but I'm sure you'll cure his immature behaviour by introducing him to a little bit of French 'culture' !" Beth smirked and winked , making her friend laugh.
"Well it is still in the top drawer of my armoire ....although it hasn't had much use recently !" Cecile giggled,  pausing to consider Larry's request.

She reflected on her  brief meeting with Larry , he was certainly a fine looking specimen ,  and she especially loved that taut , muscular rear encased in tight jeans.
"He seems like a nice young man Beth , so I suppose there would be no harm in dinner and some dancing . Go ahead and give Larry my number.....but I expect him to behave like a perfect gentleman!" she added with a warning wag of her manicured finger .

"How do I look?" Larry asked  , straightening his tie and looking in the mirror.
Paul regarded him carefully , "You look better than I've seen you for a while Lar....but I'm not sure about the jeans and cowboy boots?"
Larry shrugged , "Cecile will like these , and you know why !" he replied giving his own firm rump a resounding smack.
"Remember now Lar, Cecile is a classy lady , a real sophisticated  Frenchwoman , so she expects you to behave like a Gentlemen!" Paul reminded his friend .

Cecile cast a discerning glance over the handsome young man standing at her doorstep , raising a brow as she eyed his faded blue jeans and scuffed cowboy boots.
Larry stuffed the day old flowers he had picked up at the gas station in front of her nose.
"Boujooor Cecile!" he grinned.

Her cute nose wrinkled as if there was an odd smell , Cecile reluctant  accepted them .
"Not a good start 'Monsieur Larry' !" she sighed in her deep french accent.
Larry's jaw dropped  , "What?" he blurted , looking down at his jeans and cowboy boots.
"I certainly hope the restaurant does not have a dress code .....and I only accept 'FLEURS FRAICHES!" she said haughtily , tossing her pretty head back.

Undaunted , the besotted Larry escorted Cecile to the car .
She looked amazing in her low cut , little black dress , heels and her blonde mane freshly coiffed.
Cecile paused when they approached Larry's 1969 powder blue El Camino.
"You like it Cecile? I'll bet they don't have any of these over in old France !" he declared proudly.
Cecile shook her head when Larry opened the door for her , "No we certainly don't , but when was the last time it was cleaned?" she huffed .
Larry reached down and removed his dirty golf shoes from the passenger seat and hastily dusted it off with the sleeve of his jacket.
Cecile let out an exasperated sigh and reluctantly slid into the seat.

It was a quiet drive to the restaurant with Cecile holding on tightly to the dash as Larry dodged through the traffic , his attempts at conversation receiving limited response from his date.
"So I hear you're a Schoolteacher Cecile !" he asked loudly.
Cecile nodded , "Yes I am , and I taught For 10 years at a private school for Young Gentlemen in Paris."she told him.
Larry cackled , "WOW! A school for Young Gentlemen me you mean ?"
The older woman scowled at him ,"Not quite was up to age 21." she informed him.

"You wouldn't want to be teaching me when I was that age Cecile....I was a real troublemaker!
I was in the  Principal's Office for a paddling once a week!" he declared proudly.

For the first time , his date seemed interested in Larry's conversation , "A paddling?" she asked curiously.
Larry seemed surprised at her question , "Yea if you broke the rules you got a paddling....5 or 6 good hard swats of the paddle on your butt! Boy did that burn!" he recalled , "Don't they have paddling in the schools inFrance ?" he asked.
Cecile smiled impishly , "No but we have a very effective French method to discipline  young gentleme , and I can assure you they were very reluctant to experience it a second time!"

Larry looked at Cecile puzzledly to continue , but she offered no further details , "A sort of old French custom?" he asked .
Cecile cast him a stern glance , with just a hint of a smile , "I'll introduce you to that French custom soon enough Larry." she warned as Larry cruised into the restaurant parking lot .
"You like Tex Mex?" he asked innocently.

Despite feeling overdressed and out of place at the 'Lone State Ranch Restaurant' , after a few tequilas  and her first burrito , Cecile was actually enjoying herself.
Her enthusiastic boyfriend scooped her into his arms and swung her around the dance floor like a rag doll.
Cecile loved it as much as she loved Larry's company and had a great time.

A few hours later , Larry was opening the car door of the El Camino and reaching out his hand to help Cecile out.
The tequila clearly affecting her , Cecile tripped on her heel and flopped into a grateful Larry's arms .

Scooping her up , he handed her the errant shoe and deposited her at the front door.
"I hope you had a good time know....enough to do it again? I know I messed up with the jeans , the dumb flowers , not cleaning the car and my choice of restaurant but...." he babbled until Cecile placed a manicured finger on his lips to silence him .
"Of course I would love to do it again Larry . I had a great time....although you do have some improvements to make just like those young gentlemen I corrected in France!" she said.

"You mean that old French custom you told me about earlier ?" he asked curiously.
A mischievous grin played on Cecile's face and she brushed her body seductively against his , "I believe a demonstration of that  French custom may be in order !" she cooed.

Instinctively Larry pulled Cecile closer , one big hand encasing her tiny waist as the other wandered up the hem of the skirt.
"Uh oh! Not so fast young man!" Cecile scolded , slapping the wandering  hand away , "Why don't we go inside for a nightcap!" she added , opening the door.

Inside , Cecile poured them each a Napoleon Brandy , "Excuse me for a moment Larry..." she purred ,  returning a moment later wearing a  short, silk robe , concealing obvious charms underneath.

An excited Larry moved to loosen the tie around her waist , but the mature French lady slapped his hands again , "I said not so fast Larry....not until after your lesson in French discipline!" she scolded.
A disappointed , but still encouraged Larry sat down while the pair finished their drink .
Larry could not take his eyes off the revealing glimpses of cleavage and stocking-tops Cecile offered him teasingly.

"So what is this French custom you're going to show me Cecile ?" Larry asked impatiently.
Cecile brushed her full lips on the brandy glass and took a sip.
"Tell me Larry you know what a martinet is?"she asked .
Larry shook his head .
"It's a person who demands rigid adherence to rules which must be would call her a 'disciplinarian' . So if you and I are going to be a couple you must accept that I will be your Martinet!' she told him.

Larry's face flushed and his jaw dropped , "You'll discipline me?" he blurted.
"Yes I will!" Cecile replied , allowing her robe to slide down her shoulders as she moved closer to Larry.
"A martinet is also an implement used to administer discipline !" she added.

Larry was looking nervous and uncertain now as Cecile continued , "I keep a Martinet in my bedroom , would you like to see it Larry?" Cecile asked seductively , standing up and allowing her robe to fall to the floor .
Underneath she wore a black lace low-cut bra , matching panties and stockings and garter belts.
Larry felt his erection bulge when his eyes feasted on sight of Cecile's womanly curves encased in the expensive lingerie.

He followed Cecile's swaying , curvaceous bottom down the hall to the bedroom.
"Why don't you take off that shirt Larry." she suggested and Larry quickly complied.
Cecile brushed against his muscular chest and caressed his six pack abs.
"Mmmmm.....even juicier than I thought..." she cooed.
Larry reached out for her again , but she brushed him away ,and waved that manicured finger at him again , "I warned you Larry.....not before your lesson. Now lower your jeans!" she ordered briskly.

Larry hesitated for a moment.
"I am your Martinet! You will obey me.  Lower your jeans!" Cecile demanded firmly , smiling when Larry started unbuckling his belt.
A nervous smile played on Larry's face and he seemed quite happy to play along with Cecile's seductive game.
However , for Cecile it was no game!

Bare chested and pants at his knees , Larry waited while Cecile opened the Armoir drawer and scooped up the martinet.
Slapping the thin leather thongs against her palm she turned to face her new boyfriend.
"You will refer to me as Madame and obey my every command. Do you understand ? " she said sternly , slapping the thongs against her palm again for emphasis.

Larry was beginning to realize that his dream fantasy might be turning into a nightmare.
He did not like the look of Cecile's martinet one bit.
"You're going to whack me with that thing?" he bleated.
Cecile raised a brow , "Excusez-moi?" she scolded.
"Sorry...I mean Madame...." Larry stuttered.
"Tres bien." Cecile replied, "Yes it is very effective at 'whacking' a young gentleman's bare bottom. It will hurt Larry. It will hurt a lot but do not worry.....there will be no permanent damage , although I will apply this martinet to your fesses nues and it will sting very much and leave very nice marks for me to admire , but unfortunately  will make sitting quite uncomfortable for you for the next day or two!"

Larry's jaw dropped , "A spanking on the bare bottom? Madame?" he asked nervously.
A confident Cecile paced before him , swinging the martinet menacingly , "More like a whipping!" she clarified , "Now bend over , grab your ankles and present your derrierre for punishment!" she commanded.
Larry knew he could bring this to an end by leaving but instead he found himself bent over , clasping his ankles.
Cecile took a moment to admire her new boyfriend's muscular backside encased in his 'nightie whities'.
Larry felt a cold draft when Cecile whisked his undies fown to expose his bare cheeks and prepared himself for the whipping Cecile had promised him.

The next morning , Cecile smiled as she eyed Larry  still asleep and lying face down  displaying his cute backside and upper thighs decorated with angry red weals from her Martinet.

Cecile sat up in the bed and caressed Larry's tender , whipped cheeks with her palm , and he asked  him with a yelp , "OW! Careful Cecile!" he yelped.
Keeping her hand in place , she felt the welts left by her martinet , "Such beautiful textures and hues of rouge !" she cooed , admiring her handiwork.

 "Time to get up Larry. Your Martinet needs to finish your punishment  before we have breakfast !" she announced , taking a seat on the big chair and picking up the hairbrush conveniently placed beside it.

Larry gasped , "Please no more spanking butt is still raw from last night !"he pleaded.
"You must obey your Martinet Larry!" she told him firmly.
"Yes Madame." Larry replied , standing up and rubbing his chastened cheeks in preparation for the brush.
"Over my lap young man and take your punishment !" Cecile ordered , patting her inviting lap.
"Yes Madame!" Larry replied.

Paul was hard at work on his truck when his friend entered the garage , "Larry ! So how did your date with Cecile go?" he asked curiously.
"Uhm...pretty well I guess....I think I made an impression because we're going out again next week!" Larry replied proudly.

Just then Beth appeared at the door , nursing her coffee and grinning broadly at their visitor, "I believe it was Cecile who made  an impression on you to share ?" she teased.
Larry looked at her in stunned silence.
"Cecile told me all about it ! I'd invite you to sit but I doubt that you would....or could!" Beth added.

Larry's jaw dropped , "She told you...everything?" he gasped.
Beth shrugged , "Of course were warned about dating an older woman !" she teased.
"Now you had best go home and change because you and Paul are taking Cecile and I out for dinner this evening. Somewhere classy and expensive so please dress appropriately." she added , surprising both young men.
"We are ? But I'm not done with my truck Beth ?" Paul protested.
Beth regarded her man sternly , "Well if you had not procrastinated about that all week it would be done by now , so I suppose I will have to drive you to work tomorrow!" she scolded.

Larry cackled at his friend's correction , "She is right about that Paul?"
Beth turned her exasperation to Larry , " ....and you young man need to give that old car of yours an overdue cleaning before you pick up Cecile unless you would like another 'French Lesson' " she told him.
Larry blushed and it was Paul's turn to laugh but Beth silenced him with a wag of her finger , "I'm glad you find Larry's plight so amusing Paul because you're going to have a lesson in  French culture just like Larry! Now get inside and get upstairs!" she ordered.
"Yes Ma'am!" Paul replied instinctively .
You mean , "OUI MADAME!" Beth corrected.

Monday, January 20, 2020

More Praise for Older Women - FM Spanking Story

"I don't think this is a good time Susan ..." Mark said as the pair pulled into Beth and Paul's driveway.
"Why not Honey? Your Mom and Paul left the brunch early , and we didn't have a chance to thank them for their gift." his Fiancee replied.
"What gift? " a puzzled Mark asked.
Susan grinned , "Oh I'll show it to you when we get back home Sweetie. In fact , I'll do more than that ...." and she gave him a kiss.

Mark sighed , "Well I'm still not sure Susan ....Mom said they needed to have a private 'discussion' so maybe they need some privacy." he told her.
Mark knew very well what his Mother meant when she announced a 'discussion'.
After all , he had heard her say it many times when she was mad at his Dad , and it was no coincidence that his Dad would sit very gingerly afterwards at dinner !

Susan frowned at him , "Oh they were just going to talk about Paul's  truck , Beth told me he had forgotten to do some work on it or something. Anyway I'm sure they won't be long." Susan assured  him in a tone firm enough to end their conversation.

Exiting the car , Susan strode purposefully to the front door , signalling for a reluctant Mark to follow.
"See Mark....the door's unlocked!" Susan declared happily opening the door and stepping inside.
"Maybe we should ring the doorbell anyway know let them know we're  here?" Mark suggested but his Fiancee was not listening , "Don't be silly's your Mother's place ....we never knock!" she scolded.

While Susan made her way to the kitchen , Paul lingered at the foot of the stairs.
The familiar and unmistakable sound of a hairbrush being applied vigorously to a bare backside echoed from upstairs.
He also recognized that all the yelping and howling was coming from his best friend Paul!
Yes , Beth was certainly having another serious 'discussion' with her new Husband!

Susan emerged from the kitchen and joined Mark .
"What's  that sound? What is going on up there?" she asked wrinkling her cute nose.
Mark looked at her and shrugged knowingly.
'WHOP!' 'WHOP !' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!'
"OMIGOSH! Is she giving him a......." Susan gasped.
"A spanking? She sure is!" Mark confirmed.

At that moment  , the noises stopped and Beth appeared at the top of the stairs , looking completely unperturbed by the interruption.
Susan had made quite a commotion when entering the house and Beth had heard her over the noise of the spanking she was administering.
"I thought it might be you two!" Beth  chirped , re-wrapping her silk robe around her curves.
Mark blushed at the sight of his semi-dressed Mother  , " Er...uhm ....I told Susan this was a bad time and Paul are obviously busy...." he stammered.

"Don't be silly Dear.....I asked Susan to stop by . Now why don't you both come up here and wait until I finish with won't be long" Beth announced before spinning on her heel to leave before they could answer.
Mark frowned at his Fiancee in disbelief , "Susan! You knew...." he began , but Susan was already half-way up the stairs.
Turning her head , she shrugged and cast him an impish grin , "You heard your Mother Mark....come on!" she told him firmly.

By the time Mark ascended the stairs , Beth had resumed her previous position on the big chair , with a naked and red-bottomed husband sprawled over her lap.
Susan giggled at the sight while Mark's jaw dropped.
"Well don't just stand there Susan....pass me that hairbrush!" Beth ordered boldly , and the younger woman quickly complied.
Taking a moment to adjust the already blistered male bottom on her lap , Beth looked at her , "Watch and learn Susan !" she said , giving a wink to her still stunned son.

For the next few minutes Beth gave the onlookers a classic lesson in domestic discipline , thoroughly tanning Paul's cheeks as she lectured and scolded him about his behaviour.
Susan looked on in awe and with great interest.
After a final flurry of spanks which had Paul yelping and kicking , Beth stood up , grabbed his ear and deposited him in the corner.

She looked at Susan , proudly pointing to her squirming husband's very red bottom.
"So how does it look ?" she asked.
 "Very red and very sore!"Susan giggled  before giving Mark a stern glare , "We wanted to thank you properly for such a thoughtful gift Beth." she added.

Mark looked dumbfounded , "What f#$$$g gift ?" he blurted in utter frustration .
Beth tutted and feigned outrage , "Mark! Such language ! " , then turning to Susan asked , "Are you going to let him speak to you like that?"
Susan shook her head and picked up the hairbrush , "May I borrow this Beth ...this just can't wait until we get home !" she announced taking a firm grip on her Fiancee's ear.

Beth cackled loudly , "Of course Susan....everything is already set up for you here , so why don't I take my naughty boy to the spare room to finish our 'discussion' , while you and Mark get on with your 'discussion'? Come along Sweetheart...." she said , leading Paul out of the room and closing it behind her.

An hour or so later , Mark was relieved to exit the car after the short drive home.
He grimaced and furiously rubbed the seat of his pants.
"Was the ride home a tad uncomfortable for you Sweetie?" Susan teased with a grin , making her man wince when she gave his rear a playful squeeze.
"I'll say!" Mark agreed reluctantly , walking stiffly to follow his Fiancee inside.

"Now why don't you go upstairs and get ready for our proper 'discussion' Mark !" Susan announced firmly.
Her Fiancee's jaw dropped"WHAT? But you just blistered my butt Honey! I can't take another spanking ! PLEASE?" he pleaded.
Susan was too busy opening the box containing Beth's gift to pay attention to his whining.
Scooping up the big hairbrush she rolled it over in her palm , "This will do very nicely....and it's going to get a lot of use !"she remarked.
Mark gasped at the very sight of the implement , almost an exact replica of the brush belonging to his Mother.
Susan pointed to the stairs , "No more arguments young man! Get upstairs and get ready for a REAL spanking !" she declared with a hint of glee.
Her Fiancee's eyes widened and his mouth opened , as for a moment he contemplated resistance , but Susan's posture was resolute.
"Yes Ma'am!" he replied before making his way upstairs.....