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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

DD Spanking Places - FM Spanking Comic


One of the wonderful things about Domestic Discipline , is that every household contains so many items which the Strict Wife can use to discipline her naughty Husband. 

Whether it be the wooden spoons , spatulas or boards in the kitchen , a bath brush hanging handily in the bathroom , a sturdy Hairbrush ever present on her dressing table  , the leather belts hanging in his closet , or even the sports equipment in the basement , a resourceful Strict Wife will find a suitable implement to keep her Husband in check these naughty Menfolk are about to find out !

Sunday, December 20, 2020

OverBarrel Phil's Red Bottoms - MF Spanking Art

One of my favourite spanking artists is Phil over at  


I have been following Phil's work since he began back in the days of  the old yahoo groups and it remains some of the best spanking art still around.

Phil is in poor health these days , but still heroically shares his posts on his blog and I'm glad to see he is still posting recently.

One of Phil's many skills I admire is how he depicts the female bottom before , during and after a spanking , and shows how it becomes redder as the spanking progresses until it almost lights up the screen in the most vivid redness you could imagine.

Here are some of my favourites where Phil shows that red female bottom showing through sheer panties. A difficult task indeed for any artist but Phil nails it!

If you enjoy these , go over to Phil's blog for more , and make a comment of thanks and appreciation for his work.

He deserves it.

 Arm secured and bottom nicely positioned to receive the paddle , her cute lily white bottom encased in a pair of sheer panties . It is only her face that is red at the moment but that will change.......

Raising her skirt a little higher to reveal the low cut , sheer undies and when she feels the paddle on her scantily clad cheeks she is genuinely worried....

Only a few swats in and the paddle is taking its toll , a nice red blush visible through the sheer material and those legs are kicking !

A nice shot of those twin globes as they get redder by the minute , and she cannot resist a look over her shoulder to see just how red those cheeks are. 

He seems to be really enjoying himself now !

Almost finished and those cheeks are a bright red now, as if the panties did not exist . Her kicking is rather undignified now but she doesn't care !

Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Cryptic Threat - Part 2 - MF Spanking Story

 "So how long have you two had this 'arrangement'  ?" Anne's Mother asked curiously........
Anne and Dan exchanged glances to see who should answer , "Well it was all Dan's idea so perhaps he should field that one Mom." Anne replied .
Dan turned around , grimacing again, and placed his coffee mug on the table.

"Are you sure you won't sit with us Dan Dear?" Mom asked sympathetically.
Dan forced a smile , "It's not that I won''s because I can't." he said , giving the seat of his pants another rub.
Anne could not resist a giggle , "Usually he needs an ice pack to sit on for the next day or two , but he would need to remove his pants for that...." he declared .
Mom smiled  at Dan's blushing , "Well we can't have that can we ?" she chuckled.

"I guess we started a few years ago , I found some info on the internet about Domestic Discipline , showed it to Anne , and she took to it like a duck to water you might say.....right honey?" Dan began.
Anne seemed just as relieved to talk about their arrangement as Dan was.
"Well it was a bit strange at first , and it took a bit of trial and error , but once I got confident and comfortable with it , yes I quite enjoyed it , and it did get results least temporarily. Dan is usually quite contrite and respectful after a spanking.....or at least as long as his butt is sore!" she joked.

Anne's Mom looked serious , "I had a feeling about it , as I noticed you being a lot more strict with him lately. When you threatened to spank him one time at the dinner table for not listening to you , everybody thought it was funny , but I could tell it was a threat that carried some weight ." she told them.

"Oh it carried weight OK...." Dan joked , giving his seat another rub , "....That's why I jump now when she makes that threat !"
Anne sat back , looking very pleased with herself , "Sometimes a threat is enough  , but it usually takes a good butt blistering to get through to him. Sometimes I'll  have him come home from work for a lunch time spanking and I sent him back to sit on a very sore backside. I wonder what the ladies at work would say if they knew I'd spanked him on his bare bottom!" she beamed.
Dan was blushing again!
"Anne !" her Mother scolded .

"So....are you the only one who gets spanked Dan?" Mom asked curiously , and Anne quickly answered for him.
"Really Mom ! You should know that this cute little Princess tushie of mine is for sitting on....not spanking ! I do all the spanking in this house !" she announced indignantly .
Her Mom sighed with disappointment  , "That's too bad....because you sure could use a spanking the way you act sometimes Dear!" she replied .

Anne took an exaggerated indignant stance placing he hands on her hips , "What on earth do you mean Mom?" 
Dan momentarily forgot the pain in his rear and was enjoying this Mother/Daughter exchange.

"Well Anne...for one thing , Dan was right when he said you should be getting ready for these trips in advance. There is really no excuse for you to be running around at the last minute , keeping Dan and I waiting and almost missing your flight. Then you could have avoided all that trouble with your office because you forgot that file ! Not to mention you almost missed your flight back , and kept me waiting today while you had your coffee!" her Mom scolded.

This time it was Anne who was blushing, while a huge smile played on Dan's face.
This was just too juicy for him to pass up.
"Wait a minute Anne , you didn't tell me about you forgetting a file .....and you almost missed your flight ? Then keeping your your poor Mom waiting while the Princess finishes her expensive latte ! Perhaps your Mother is right.....maybe you do need a good spanking !" he lectured , venturing menacingly closer to her.
Sensing danger , Anne raised a hand to placate her husband , "Now Dan...take it easy....we can talk about all that later after Mom leaves!" she reasoned.

Dan paused his advance and stood for a moment with arms folded , "I don't know Anne.....seems to me we should handle this right now with your Mom  here.....after all , she was affected by your poor behaviour...." he began , turning his head to look at his Mother-in-law,  "So what do you say Mom? Does she deserved to be spanked ?" he asked.
"DAN !" Anne protested.

Mom needed no time to consider her answer , "Don't let me stop you Dan!" she replied with amusement.
"Mom !" Anne gasped , "Don't you dare Dan!" she warned as Dan's advance resumed.
Dan had mixed feelings , he had never spanked Anne before , but there was something about the presence of his Mother-in-law and her encouragement which inspired him to do just that.

Once he had taken a firm hold on Anne's wrist , Dan considered how he should position his naughty wife for her spanking.
Sitting on a chair was out of the question , his butt was much too sore for that , so he leaned against the table , stretched out a leg and tipped a struggling but surprised Anne over it.

Once he had her in position , Dan could not resist taking a moment to admire how fetching Anne's bottom looked with her tight jodpur pants clinging tightly to her shapely twin globes.
"Here goes nothing !" he said to himself , placing his fingers inside the waistband of Anne's pants.
"DAN! DON'T YOU DARE SPANK ME! MOM'S HERE ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? DON'T!" Anne shrieked when she felt her pants being slowly peeled down over the curves of her hips.
She wore only the tiniest of thongs underneath , leaving both her round cheeks fully exposed , so Dan decided to keep them in place to allow Anne to preserve some dignity .

Anne's Mom enjoyed the sight , "That looks like quite a nice'll need this Dan !" she quipped , handing Dan the big wooden spoon hanging on the kitchen wall.
"Thank's Mom! " he replied , taking a moment to adjust Anne's position on his lap and tap the spoon against her cheeks.
"What's that ? You wouldn't d......OW! OW! OOW! STOPPIT! OUCH!" Anne yelped when Dan started snapping the spoon against Anne's jiggling cheeks.
It was not a severe , or lengthy spanking by any means  , certainly not even on the scale of the spanking Anne had just administered to Dan , but firm and more symbolic with Anne's Mom clearly enjoying the show.

However , it was enough to turn Anne's cheeks a nice shade of red , and there was no doubt from her reaction that the spoon had really stung her behind.
A beaming Dan released his wife to applause from his Mother-in-law , "Well done Dan ! Anne's needed that for years !" she laughed .

Anne was less than amused , and quickly hoisted her pants back up and rubbed her seat.
"Dammit that hurt Dan!" she complained , "....and it's not funny Mom!" she added , turning to her Mother.
"Well I must say it has been an entertaining afternoon , but you two haven't seen each other for days so I'm sure you're anxious to catch up , so I'll leave you to it." she said , standing up and retrieving her coat  , ".....and don't worry , your little 'arrangement' will stay our little secret !" she said.

Dan looked coyly at Anne as soon as the front door closed , all this spanking and with a witness present , had made  him hot in areas other than his backside.
He had thoroughly enjoyed warming his wife's shapely bare bottom and was anxious to bare it again....for a different purpose.
 Despite her smouldering indignation , Anne felt the same way.
Her bottom had a cosy tingling warmth about it that felt good , and the was still excited from the solid spanking she had given Dan.

After all , it had been a week since they had seen each other.
They melted into each other's arms and kissed again , "OK upstairs again mister.....I'm not finished with you yet!" Anne cooed , and Dan gratefully scooped her up and carried her upstairs.

Later as the pair lay in bed together , Dan lay on his belly  as Anne proudly inspected his well marked rear end.
"You're going to have trouble covering this up at the gym ! Does it hurt as bad as it looks ?" she teased.
"You know it does ! Your quite proud of yourself aren't you Missie? Showing off your 'wifely powers' to your Mother!" Dan replied.
Anne slid her palms over Dan's still hot skin , "I'm always proud of my work  and yes , Mom did quite enjoy it !"

Anne was right , Dan's punishment was much more effective and therapeutic with a witness,  especially when it was his Mother in law.
"I think she enjoyed seeing her daughter getting her bare bottom spanked even more !" Dan quipped and was surprised when Anne replied , "Not as much as I did !" 
Dan turned to look up at her , and Anne handed him the hairbrush , "Why don't you spank me properly !" she grinned.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Cryptic Threat - FM Spanking Story

Anne hurried to answer the front door when she heard the doorbell ring .
"That will be Mom to drive me to the airport ! Can you bring my suitcase down from the bedroom Dan?" she asked franticly .

Her Husband Dan frowned at her request , but nonetheless rose from his computer and scurried athletically upstairs to fetch the case.
Dan hated when Anne left to go on a business trip .
Unlike him , she always seemed disorganized and left things to the last minute and it really bothered him.

By the time Dan returned with Anne's case , her Mother was already waiting  by the door while Anne hurriedly stuffed files and papers in her brief case.

Dan sighed loudly when he deposited the case beside Anne , "You know you really should have done all this last night Anne instead of rushing around at the last minute like this!" he told her tersely.

Dan immediately regretted voicing his snide remark , and for a moment he thought Anne had not heard it ,but it was too late now to take it back.
He knew he had already been quite rude and abrupt with Anne a number of times this week , and made some comments that were blunt , but totally inappropriate and inconsiderate .

As usual he had apologized profusely afterwards , but they both knew this was not enough , and Anne had told him as much.
In fact , the only thing that had saved Dan's backside from a lengthy session of wood and leather was Anne's trip preparations, so at least he could be thankful for that !

Anne closed her case and looked sternly at Dan , "There you go again with those comments Dan! This is my business trip and not yours and I'll organize it my way!" she scolded.
Anne's Mom chuckled to herself , "You two better save that for later....right now we need to get to the airport." she said.

Dan opened his mouth to apologize again , but Anne raised a finger to shush him , "You can save your apologies until I get back Dan....but it won't do you any good!" she told him before wrapping her arms around him and planting her lips against his.
The length and passion of his wife's kiss surprised Dan but he was happy to co-operate.

When they finally came up for air , Anne lectured , "I haven't forgotten about that attitude of yours mister , and I will be dealing with it when I get back on Sunday!" then firmly gave the seat of his jeans a slap to emphasize her point.
Dan let out an exaggerated "OUCH!" and a "Yes Ma'am!" which amused his Mother in Law !

Dan picked up Anne's case and carried it to the car , giving the pair a final wave as they pulled away.
He paused to recall Anne's threat which he knew was not an idle one  and instinctively he felt a tingling in his backside at the mere thought of her return . 

He was in two minds , dreading it on one hand , but also feeling a deep desire  to be punished .
Either way , he had 5 days alone to think about it.

Meanwhile , in the car , his Mother in Law was probing her daughter regarding her cryptic comments to Dan.
"You know its not good to carry a grudge Dear, whatever Dan's  done you should let it go." she advised.
Anne smiled , feigning  surprise "A grudge ? What are you talking about Mom?" 
"Well ...when you said you would deal with Dan when you get back. Why can't you just let it go?" her Mom suggested.

Anne chuckled , "It's Dan who doesn't want me to let it go Mom! When he behaves badly he EXPECTS me to deal with it and that's what I intend to do when I get back. That's our mutual 'arrangement '." she said ,  chosing her words carefully  .
"When I get back on Sunday Dan knows exactly  what's coming and , once we're done  the air will be cleared!" she added.

Her Mom looked less than convinced , prompting Anne to continue.
"I'll tell you what Mom ....when you drop me off on Sunday why don't you stay until I finish 'dealing' with Dan.....then you can figure it out for yourself !" she grinned.
"You want me to watch ?" Her Mom asked .
Anne shook her head , "Of course not Mom....but you can listen!"

Later that evening , Dan was still busy working on his laptop when his phone rang.
His heart pounded with excitement when he saw it was Anne , even though he was expecting her call.

After some small talk describing her flight and the hotel , Anne quickly got down to business, "OK Mister , just to prepare you for Sunday when I get back , I'm laying down a few rules for you and I expect you to obey them , understand?" Anne said firmly.

"Er...uhm ....yes Ma'am! " Dan responded , taken completely by surprise.
"That's good! First , you are to go to bed promptly at 8pm every night. No television , no reading or working on your laptop . It's lights out and go to sleep...understood?" Anne told him.

Dan loved his late nights , so he opened his mouth to protest but quickly re-considered , responding instead with another "Yes Ma'am!" 
"Second , there is to be no alcohol for you and I mean none. That includes with your work colleagues or work functions. Got that?" Anne asked.

Dan really wanted to make a case on this one,  and told Anne it was going to be difficult as he had important clients in town this week who he would be taking out for dinner and drinks.
"Then you'll have a water or something else Dan. I'm sure they'll understand!" Anne insisted.

Dan let out a groan which did not escape his wife's ears , "Do NOT disobey me on this one Dan , or  your ass will be paying for it big time on Sunday !" Anne scolded.
Dan took a breath , "OK....I won't Ma'am!" he muttered reluctantly.
Anne tutted , "I see ....still the attitude ? Well , I'll cure that on Sunday they say , its your ass!" she chuckled.

"One last thing Dan ,  I want the house spotless when I get back. If I find one dirty dish , clothes on the floor , an unmade bed or one little dust bunny you are going to regret it. Understood ? " Anne told him ,  her tone tightening .
"Yes Ma'am! Got it!" a resigned Dan replied curtly.

As quickly as she had started , Anne flipped the conversation back to small talk about the weather , kids and other routine subjects before ending the call as nonchalantly as it had started.
Afterwards , Dan sat back in his chair to let it all sink in.
Anne was hundreds of miles away but she was still asserting herself . He liked it!
It was 7.45pm....time to get ready for bed!

Anne called Dan every night to make sure he was following her instructions.
Dan knew he could easily ignore them and do as he pleased , but something inside told him that he must comply.
It was difficult and unpleasant at times , but Dan followed his wife's orders to a tee.

As their final  call on the Saturday evening  ended , Anne asked Dan the inevitable question , "So are you ready for your spanking tomorrow ?"
Even though he had been thinking of little else all week , Dan was unprepared to answer and simply blurted out , "I suppose so....."
"Well you better be ready Mister....because its going to be epic !" Anne informed him with barely suppressed glee.

Dan was on pins and needles all morning Sunday awaiting Anne's return .
He found himself checking and double checking to make sure everything was in order , and his heart pounded like a teenager when he heard the car pull into the driveway.

Anne was as pleased to see Dan as he was and they fell into each other's arms , replaying that long lingering kiss they enjoyed before Anne left.
"Well it's nice to see you two kissing and making up!" Anne's Mom said with a smile.
Dan was surprised when his Mother-in-law took off her coat and announced that she would go make some coffee.

Dan felt a surge of relief , thinking his Mother-in-law's unexpected stay over had given him a reprieve , if only for a short time , but he was wrong.

"Thanks Mom ! Don't rush because Dan and I might be a little while !" Anne replied to her Mother before returning her gaze to her Husband , "OK Dan , you know what's coming , so go upstairs and get everything ready....and I mean everything....this one is going to be bad !" she announced.

Dan put out his hands to placate his wife , "But Anne....with your Mother here? She'll hear?" he reasoned.
Anne paid no attention to Dan's concern and busied  herself  removing her coat  , "I expect she will hear Dan , because I know I'll be making a lot of noise and you will  be making even more noise! Now off you go and get set up !" she said , dismissing him with a wave of her hand.
Caught in two minds , Dan hesitated before finally making his way upstairs.

Once in the bedroom , Dan followed the well rehearsed routine , stripping naked , placing the big ottoman in the middle of the room , and laying out each of the implements Anne would use on his bare backside.

He realized he had no excuse , as he had obtained each one himself , and felt them all at some time or other.
Feeling guilty now , he stood by the Ottoman , shivering slightly in his nakedness until he heard Anne's deliberate steps on the stairs.

Anne entered the room looking all business and imperious , wearing a pink sleeveless top which offered just a glimpse of cleavage , and tight jodhpur pants that emphasized her curves and firm , round globes. 

Without even casting a glance in his direction , Anne started into a scathing lecture on his bad attitude and how it had upset and hurt her as she scanned the neat line of implements Dan had laid out. 

She was well prepared for his lecture and held nothing back , continuing for a good 3 or 4 minutes , leaving Dan feeling very humble and  humiliated...... and his spanking had not even begun!

To Dan's surprise , Anne scooped up the wooden bath brush and seated herself comfortably on the ottoman.
She patted her lap , "Get over my lap !" she ordered brusquely.

The over the knee position was rare , so Dan was surprised , but quickly complied , climbing over his wife's curvy lap and balancing himself with both palms on the floor.

Anne fussed with his position on her lap , raising his bottom higher so both feet were off the ground and making sure his bottom was in just the right place to receive the bath brush.
Then she began.

It did not take long for the sound of loud cracks of wood connecting against bare skin , accompanied by Dan's loud howls   , to make their way to the kitchen downstairs where Anne's Mom was preparing the coffee.
The sounds startled her at first , but as she listened , she chuckled and shook her head.
"Sounds like somebody is getting one heck of a spanking !" she mused.

Dan did his best to try and keep track of the number of times the bath brush had snapped against his cheeks and upper thighs,  but soon gave up and just gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on the chair.

Catching her breath , Anne paused to reload, laying down the bath brush and picking up the small but thick maple paddle which looked like a hairbrush without the bristles.

It was perfect for getting into those sit spots and tender area between the cheeks she intended to focus on.
When she tapped the paddle against Dan's already reddened cheeks , he knew what to expect and braced himself accordingly.

Anne spanked her Husband's rear non-stop at a rapid-fire pace until he was bucking on her lap , legs flailing and his voice screeching.
Downstairs , his Mother -in-law cringed at the sound.
"Oh my ! That has to sting like the Dickens !" she remarked.

Anne was all business now , and once she was finished with the small , maple paddle , she took a moment to inspect the damage before ordering Dan off her lap.

Dan thought about rubbing his flaming backside which felt like it was on fire , but when Anne ordered him to lie over the ottoman and he literally leapt over it .

Out of the side of his eye , Dan  saw her pick up the wide leather strap and knew it was the worst of the bunch. 
Anne loved the way she could really swing it with a full follow through . This was going to hurt....and it did!
For the next 15 minutes or so , Anne worked her way , one by one , through each implement , returning to some of them a second time.

Dan had a tough hide , but it was showing the effects of this sound thrashing and , for the first time, he felt real tears forming in his eyes before he finally broke down and found himself bawling like a 5 year old.

Even Anne was surprised at this , but nonetheless she continued spanking , holding nothing back until she had completed her mission of making her husband contrite and sore for the next week or so.

When it finally ended , Dan just lay there for a minute , sobbing , his body dripping with sweat and his backside throbbing.
Anne took a moment to study her handiwork and was very satisfied.

Her Husband's backside was a mosaic of colours and textures.
He would be feeling this every time he sat for the next week , and she would look forward to teasing him about that.
His bad attitude issue was cured ....for now!

"I thought you two were never going to come back down !" Anne's Mother quipped when the pair finally descended the stairs.

Dan's face was still bright red , but not as red as his backside , and he winced with every step , while
Anne was positively glowing.

"Are you ok Dan ? I expect you'll be having your coffee standing up !" his Mother in law said with genuine sympathy.
Dan just nodded and took his coffee from her.
Anne took great pleasure in the fact that she could sit quite comfortably on her  bottom  , while Dan's bottom would not be sitting for quite a while.

"So now I know what you meant when you said you would deal with Dan when you got back....sounds like you REALLY dealt with him!" Anne's Mom chuckled.

While Dan was initially embarrassed that his Mother in law had heard his spanking , now he was oddly glad that she did.
"She usually does!" Dan confessed.

It felt good to speak openly about it to her and not be ashamed or worried , and she did not seem to find their arrangement too out of the ordinary.
"So how long have you two had this 'arrangement'  ?" Anne's Mother asked curiously........

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Ladies of Belgravia - A Pirate Spanking Story


"Unhand me you big brute!" 
Captain Jack Buckley cackled at the antics of his hefty pirate comrade , Redbeard trying to carry the plump but pretty older lady to him.
Her tiny fists pummelled his brawny back and her legs kicked out wildly , "Put me down this minute you Beast....don't you know who I am ?" she wailed indignantly.

"....and just who are you Milady ?" Jack asked her politely after Redbeard  had dumped her unceremoniously on her large bustle.
Trying to retain her dignity  , the rotund woman hastily arranged her long gown and struggled to her feet    "I am Lady Matilda Fitzgibbon , Matron of the Princess Penelope of Belgravia !" she announced proudly with an imperious flick of her head.

".....and this must be Princess Penelope herself !" Jack declared when Redbeard dragged in a beautiful young woman attired in expensive clothing fit only for royalty.
Unlike her Matron , the Princess did not resist but still stood arrogantly before the pirate Captain.

"Tell him nothing my Princess , he is a filthy animal unfit for your view !" Matilda spewed angrily.
Jack raised a brow at the still struggling Matilda , "You are being very rude Madam .....perhaps a lesson in manners would benefit you ?" he scolded.

Matilta puffed up her full bosom , "I need no lessons from rogues like you !" she spat back at him.
Jack shrugged , "Alright , have it your way Madam Fitzgibbon. You shall have that lesson !" he announced , motioning to Redbeard to restrain her.

Redbeard gladly obliged  , sending the angry lady into another rage when he secured her arms.
"I told you to unhand me !" she ordered , struggling in Redbeard's iron grip.
Jack chuckled and looked at Redbeard , "Take her to her cabin and give her a good spanking Redbeard! he declared.

The older lady's face flushed red , "A spanking ? You wouldn't dare !" she howled indignantly , but Redbeard was already hauling her away.
Jack turned and raised a finger as if he had forgotten something , "Oh and Redbeard ! Make sure you spank her on her bare bottom and don't stop until it's redder than that ribbon in her hair !" he yelled .
"With pleasure Captain !" Redbeard replied , tossing his squealing quarry over his shoulder.

The Princess bristled , "If he touches one hair on her head , so help me you'll pay for it !" she warned.
Jack laughed , "It's not her head that Redbeard is going to touch , and if you don't behave I will be glad to give you the same Princess !" 

The Princess looked worried ,  instinctively placing a palm on the seat of her dress , "You would enjoy that  wouldn't you?" she challenged.
Jack nodded , "Indeed I would and it will be bare bottom just like Lady Fitzgibbon !" he replied.

Soon the sounds of an ample bare bottom being soundly spanked , accompanied by indignant howls from Matilda , were drifting out of the open window of her cabin.
"Shall we retire to my cabin for dinner  Princess Penelope ?" Jack offered politely , "Lady Fitzgibbon may sit with us after her 'lesson'..."he chuckled as the loud smacks coming from Matilta's cabin intensified.
"That's if she can sit at all!" he cackled.

Inside her cabin , poor Matilda was draped over Redbeard's sturdy lap , her long gown hoisted up above her waist and her fancy , French silk bloomers around her knees.
Her large , round bottom provided a luscious target for the big Pirate's hard hand as he walloped away at it merrily .
It had not taken long to turn Matilda's bottom a fiery red  , and the redder her bottom became , the more contrite the spoilt Lady became.

"OUCH ! OOW! Please stop Sir! OUCH ! OOOW ! YEOOW ! My poor bottom is on fire ! OUCH ! OW! OW! I'm sorry for being so rude, YEOOW! OMIGOODNESS! OUCH!"
Redbeard paused to examine the delectable red globes before him .
They were very red and hot , but he was enjoying himself too much to stop !
So he continued , albeit smacking those jiggling cheeks lighter , occasionally massaging them until Matilda's howls of pain turned to moans of pleasure.
Her big bottom rising to meet Redbeard's smacks in a joint rhythm .

Finally Redbeard stopped and scooped Matilda up to sit on his lap .
"Nobody ever had the courage to do that to me before you Mister Redbeard ...." Matilda cooed , wrapping both arms around the big man's neck affectionately.
Redbeard's face reddened , "....and I have never spanked a woman as beautiful as you !" he replied .
In an instant , their lips met in a lingering kiss.

Upstairs , Jack offered Princess Penelope a glass of wine .
"Since you stole it from us I suppose I should accept." the Princess replied sarcastically.
"Well we are Pirates Princess.....that's what we do!" he chuckled , setting up two glasses.
When he turned , he heard a whistle and felt a whisp of wind as a dagger narrowly missed his head and embedded itself in the wall .

In a flash , Jack spun around to find Penelope , reaching under her skirts for a large knife strapped to her shapely thigh.
Just as she removed the knife from its scabbard Jack was able to seize her wrist and wrestle it from her.
He examined it closely , "Quite a nasty weapon for a pretty woman to carry on her person?" he declared.

The Princess backed away when Jack advanced toward her , "Now I see why you were so well behaved , you were just waiting for your chance you little minx weren't you ?" he seethed.
Jack paused to roll up a sleeve , "Well then you ARE going to get that spanking !" he announced.
"Bbbback away you Barbarian! Don't you dare touch me !" Penelope screamed , looking frantically for an escape route.

Jack seized both of the Princess's tiny wrists and hauled her over to the table.
Hoisting her up , he plopped her face down over his knee as she kicked and struggled frantically.
"How dare you !" Penelope squealed when she felt the Pirate Captain raising her Royal gown.
"OHHH! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS !" Penelope screamed when Jack's fingers eased her French knickers down to her thighs to expose a most beautiful bare derrière !

With pleasure , Jack began smacking the twin globes heartily , quickly turning them from a milky white to a flaming red.
Penelope continued to kick and scream as her bottom became redder and warmer.
Unexpectedly , the door opened and the spanking was interrupted by the entrance of Redbeard and Matilda.
"What are you doing to my Princess ? It is forbidden to strike the Royal Person Captain !" she gasped.

Jack looked at the pair and smiled , "It appears a good bottom warming has improved your manners Lady Fitzgibbon , so it should do the same for your Princess !" he replied , pointing to the daggers he had taken from her.
The older lady had no argument so Jack concluded the naughty Princess's lesson with a flurry of rapid-fire spanks !

Jack helped Penelope to her feet and she quickly proceeded to restore her knickers and smooth out her gown.
"Why don't we sit down for dinner ladies !" he announced , dusting off his hands , "I believe you may find these chairs more comfortable ." he added , offering them each a well cushioned seat.
Penelope was still bristling , "If I ever get you to Belgravia I will have my revenge for this  Captain Buckley ! " she fumed.
Jack laughed , " When I return you to Belgravia I do not intend to stay on its shores any longer than to claim the gold for your ransom ! Now  , both of you ladies must admit that you were spanked only because you behaved badly , so if you act like ladies for the rest of the voyage your bottoms will be safe from any further spankings!" he reasoned.

As the two ladies sat gingerly at dinner , Jack noticed the obvious signs of love between Matilda and Redbeard , "It seems that spanking might have sparked some romance between you two ?" he said.
The pair blushed and looked at each other like a pair of lovebirds.
"Perhaps...." Matilda gushed , placing a hand on Redbeard's.

"So ....tell me about Belgravia Princess . What sort of Ruler is King Desmond ? " he asked .
Penelope grinned at the question , "Clearly you know little of Belgravia Captain , my Father may be the King , but the Ruler , is Queen Helena !" she said.

Jack raised a brow and motioned Penelope to continue , " Belgravia was once ruled by men but after decades of wars , overspending and draconian laws , there was a revolution..." she began.
"The people revolted ?" Jack asked , but Penelope shook her head.
"Not quite Captain , it was the women who revolted and took over the Kingdom. King Desmond retained the title of King but little else. He agreed to the Women's demands to change the constitution and transfer power to his Queen." she added proudly.

"What changes ?" Jack asked curiously.
"Women hold all important orders of office and are designated the heads of all households in Belgravia.
They run the courts , the army and all aspects of the country and men are subservient to them by law ." she explained.

Redbeard looked at his Captain and they both laughed loudly , "That sound's ridiculous !" Jack cackled.
"Women ruling men ? Never !" Redbeard roared , but was quickly subdued by a stern glare from Matilda.

Jack refilled his wine glass , "Seriously ladies can women control their men in such a way?" he asked.
Still maintaining a firm gaze at Redbeard , Matilda explained , "Under Belgravia law , women are empowered to discipline their Husband with corporal punishment. It works very well. Men are much more reasonable under the threat of a sound thrashing from their wife.....including the King !"

Matilda's statement silenced both men immediately and they sat staring at their plates apparently trying to process it .
Finally Redbeard looked at Matilda , "So if we were to be married you would...." he began uncertainly.
"I would be in charge....and more importantly , I would be doing the spanking !" Matilda laughed.

Redbeard laughed nervously , "That's not going to happen!" he replied bravely.
Matilda regarded him seriously before grabbing his ear and pulling his face closer.
"OUCH!" he yelped to chuckles from Jack .
"Why don't I take you back to my cabin and show you exactly what you can expect from a Lady from Belgravia?" she asked boldly.
"Please do !" an amused Jack applauded , laughing loudly as his large companion was led out of the room by the smaller but formidable lady .

The big tough Pirate could easily have resisted her , but this woman had some strange power over him which told him to accept her will , and whichever punishment she had in mind.

Jack was still laughing until he saw Penelope standing over him , hands on hips and looking determined.
"I believe you deserve the same Captain !" she announced with such determination that Jack dropped his wine.
"Hand me your belt Jack!" Penelope ordered.
"My belt ? What for ?" he asked nervously.
The Princess smiled , "To thrash you with of course ! Now hand it to me , drop your britches and bend over the desk !" she ordered.

That same mysterious female power compelled Jack to obey !

The voyage to Belgravia was no more than 3 full days , more than enough for romances to blossom , and for the ladies to familiarize their men in the customs of their homeland !
Neither Jack or Redbeard were interested in sitting very much for the remainder of the voyage , their backsides bearing the marks of the leather straps and other makeshift implements Matilda and Penelope had used on them.

Matilda favoured an oversized wooden spoon she found in the kitchen , while Penelope preferred one of Jack's leather slippers , both being very effective , although both yearned to have the larger selection available to them at home.

Up on deck , Jack and Redbeard leaned over the deck rail , "I'd take the cat'o' nine tails across my back instead of that damn wooden spoon on my stern Jack !" Redbeard complained , "....she even wants to change my name to Redbottom !" 
Jack nodded agreement , "That darn slipper Penelope uses on me is permanently imprinted on my backside and she can't wait until we port in Belgravia so she can discipline me properly!"

Despite their tender behinds , both men felt fortunate to have such beautiful ,powerful women in their life , a far change from the usual pretty but submissive wenches they usually bedded.
"We'll be in Belgravia tomorrow Captain , so we will soon find out ....." Red'bottom' replied .

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

SpankMan vs SpankWoman !


There come's a time when even Super Heroes clash to decide who is the strongest , just like Superman vs Batman ! 

In this battle of the Hairbrush , round 1 goes to Spank Man , although he knows his rival will not concede that easily .....

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

SpankWoman - The New Era Superhero !


When Husband's misbehave there is a new Super hero who will come to the aid of long suffering wives ....and her name is SPANKWOMAN ! 

She will take your naughty Husband to her Spanking Lair and , when he returns , he will be a contrite , respectful and a model Husband who will treat you like a Queen. 

Wives will also notice that Hubby will be returning with a very sore and tender backside that will render him  reluctant to sit for quite a while. 

So ladies , when your Husband acts up call SPANKWOMAN !

Friday, November 20, 2020

Monday, November 9, 2020

Endart- MF Spanking Comic


I used to look forward to Endart's weekly updates featuring mostly MF , but also some FM spanking art.

Unfortunately his site closed abruptly a number of years ago , although much of his work can still be found at various sites , it is too bad that the entire Endart 'collection' appears to have been lost to us.

This is one of my favourites , not just for the story line , but because it features an older couple .....and of course because Janice does have a very spankable bottom and really deserves it .....a bit like McLintock! 

My favourite frame is the final one where Janice's spanking 'conversion'  is complete . 

Too bad Endart didn't do a sequel .....