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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Classic Spanking Comics

A Gentleman could never spank a lady on her bare bottom until they are married.
She looks like she can't wait.

Is he making her burn the toast on purpose to find an  excuse to spank her. Won't be long until her buns are toasted too!

Another spoilt lady from the east gets what she deserves ...and missed terribly -a good old fashioned spanking!


  1. While I always enjoy comics and illustrations with that vintage look and style, I am always equally put off by the way M/f situations are depicted as so 'normal' and even somewhat wholesomely traditional, while F/m depictions usually portray the situation as something sick or fetishistic.

    Thankfully that has improved a bit. Not a lot....but at least a bit.

    1. FM comics and cartoons in the lighter vein such as these are incredibly rare.

  2. M/F spanking situations WERE normal at the time, whereas F/M ditto have always been kinky, because the man has to consent to be taken over the knees of a woman. I kike them the way they are as long as everything ends with a kiss and making up and making love.