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Friday, September 29, 2017

CIRCUIT TRAINING - FM Spanking Cartoon

Disciplinary Wives know that there is no better way to 'whip' a husband into shape than circuit training.
By the time these naughty husbands have finished 3 rounds at 3 stations they will certainly be feeling it.
When these ladies say ' no pain- no gain ' they really mean it !

Monday, September 25, 2017

Corner Time! - FM Spanking Cartoon

Corner time does not mean his spanking is over.

Just like a good boxing match it only signifies  the end of the round .

There are 14 more rounds to go and she is relishing it way more than he is !

The only good news for him is that  he can stand instead of sit in his corner !

 In fact he won't be wanting to sit for quite some time by the time she's done.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Classic Spanking Comics

A Gentleman could never spank a lady on her bare bottom until they are married.
She looks like she can't wait.

Is he making her burn the toast on purpose to find an  excuse to spank her. Won't be long until her buns are toasted too!

Another spoilt lady from the east gets what she deserves ...and missed terribly -a good old fashioned spanking!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Cowboy Courts a City Girl - Part 2

If you missed the first instalment of the romance between our handsome Cowboy Clint and his City Girl 'Princess' Veronica , here is the link:

A Cowboy Courts a City Girl - Part 1

Clint winced and struggled to his feet , swatting  his cowboy hat against his jeans sending up clouds of dust.
His steel blue eyes glinted as he regarded the still bucking white mustang which had thrown him.
Almost as if it recognized victory , the magnificent animal paused , kicking dust with its front foot and returning Clint's stare.

A bit groggy and limping slightly , Clint cursed as he made his way out of the ring allowing the clown cowboys to chase the big mustang away from him.

Rodeo Doctor Sadie McIntyre stood behind the railing with her trademark grin to Greet Clint.
"You're gettin' soft Clint !Ever since you've been dating that City gal you don't look comfortable in the saddle!" she remarked.

Clint put both hands back to rub the seat of his dusty jeans.
If only the pretty Doctor knew just how sore the part of his anatomy which met the saddle really was!
He could still feel that uncomfortable scratchy burning in his backside left by his girlfriend Veronica's hairbrush that morning.

The comment he had made was crude and  meant as a joke, but Veronica did not take it that way.
Clint started his retraction and apology the moment he saw his new girlfriend reach for that dreaded hairbrush which always appeared to be close at hand.

"Please was a bad joke I know , but I didn't mean any harm. I"ll make it up to you tonight... I have a long day in the saddle today and...:", he reasoned with frustration , his palms instinctively moving to rub
his muscular buttocks in anticipation of the torture to come.

Veronica flung her head back dramatically  , rolled up a sleeve of her silk robe and tied her long mane into a pony tail.
She eyed her handsome  cowboy , standing before her wearing only a pair of tight denims , admiring his tanned and chiseled torso and tight backside.

With a grin she reached out and undid the big silver buckle on his belt.
Clint could not hide a growing erection which sprang out once his amused girlfriend had eased his tight jeans over his narrow hips.

"Oh my! My Cowboy is getting excited about getting his bare bottom spanked again!" Veronica laughed mockingly.
She knew she held  the balance of power and had Clint exactly where she wanted him....and right now she wanted him bare-assed over her lap.

It took only a moment for Veronica's wish to materialize and  Clint's cute milky white buttocks ,contrasting the swarthy tanned complexion of the rest of his body, were presented over her lap.

She could not resist giving those cheeks a few playful squeezes and  pats.
His hide was tough alright but her hairbrush would soon tenderize it.....and tenderize it she did!

Now hours later , Clint was still feeling the effects of the thorough thashing his girlfriend had lovingly administered. Spending the day bouncing around on  a hard leather saddle had been sheer agony.

Sadie waved a piece of paper at Clint to beckon him over to her , " Sorry Clint , but that was a nasty spill, and your 3rd one this week.You need to report to the clinic for a check over.....a full check over!" she smirked with a hint of glee.

Sadie had always had a crush on the handsome Clint , and he certainly found the attractive lady Doctor pleasing to the eye.
There had always been a romantic spark between the two of them .
Unlike Veronica , Sadie was one of those 'down home 'girls , with old fashioned values that Clint was so used to.
In fact Clint had been plucking up the courage to ask the gorgeous Doctor for a dinner date , that was until he met Veronica .
Clint knew his new girlfriend would not approve of him spending any time with Sadie , and he knew the consequences if he dared !

"Darn it Sadie I'm fine and don't have time for this!" Clint fumed , throwing his hat on the ground in frustration.
Doctor Sadie shrugged , "Sorry Clint but it's Rodeo rules . I gotta do my job so let's get you to the clinic and get this over with."

Clint glared back at Sadie , ".....and if I don't?" he challenged.
Sadie smiled and waved the paper again , " Then I don't sign this ....and you don't compete in the rodeo this weekend!" She responded.
Clint knew when he was beat and  angrily stormed past a gloating Sadie to the clinic.

"Get undressed Clint!" Sadie ordered , turning her back to allow him some modesty.
When she turned around ,Clint was stripped above the waist , his tanned , rippling muscles and toned six pack tapering perfectly to his tiny waist.

Sadie smiled and deliberately snapped the rubber glove on her hand,"I need you to remove those too Clint ..." the pretty doctor asked , pointing to Clint's tight denims.
Clint let out a sigh and proceeded to wiggle out of his jeans.
"Those too Clint!" Sadie added , pointing to Clint's tightie whities.

Clint blushed , " AW Doc....can't they stay on?" he pleaded.
Sadie tossed him a towel.
"Here! You can wrap this around you if you're that shy. I'm a Doctor Clint....I've seen it all before! "
Clint grinned , "You haven't seen this one before!" and he covered his front with the towel.

Sadie just shook her head , "OK take a seat on the table while I check you out for concussion."
She noticed Clint wince in pain as he sat.
"Hurting back there two are you Clint. I'll check that out next." Sadie said , shining a light into his eyes.

Clint put both hands up in a state of panic , "No don''s fine back there Doc....just the usual bumps and scrapes...." he reasoned.
Sadie paused and looked at Clint , "Don't be silly Clint ,the way you're squirming around there you can barely sit ..... I'd best check it out. Din't be shy...I've seen your bare butt before Clint if you remember!" Sadie teased.

Clint cleared his throat nervously , "Oh Yea. ..I remember....that time I landed butt first on a cactus!" he laughed nervously.
Sadie stepped back and  chuckled ,"It took a while but I must say I enjoyed plucking those quills out of that cute rear end of yours Clint!" she purred , before catching herself and returning to business.

"Good news! No issues with your top end Clint....shall we have a look at the other end now? Turn around and bend over the table please." Sadie ordered firmly , but with an impish grin.

Clint was genuinely worried now that his secret that  Veronica  spanked him was about to become known.
"Really's nothing .....why don't you move on and get this finished." he proposed nervously.

The lady Doctor raised a brow , "Do as I say drop the towel and let me have a look will you?" she said impatiently.
With that , she ripped the towel from his grasp , forcing Clint to drop both hands to cover his private area from her view.
"Now turn around will you!" she ordered with both hands on her hips showing she was serious.

Clint's shoulders sagged and he reluctantly turned to face away from his examiner.
"That's better lean forward so I.......HOLY COW!" Sadie exclaimed.
Clint waited for her reaction which was to burst into a bout of uncontrollable girlish laughter.
It took Sadie a few moments to regather her composure and remain professional.

"Clint! Those marks didn't come from riding ...I'd say somebody gave your backside one heck of a spanking!" she declared.

Clint turned his head to face her.
"You can't tell anyone about this Doc!" he pleaded anxiously.
"Of course not....Doctor /Patient confidentiality prevails......but do you mind explaining?" Sadie reassured him , trying not to laugh.
Clint's face was glowing red now , "It was Veronica...with that darn hairbrush of hers....she really let me have it....that thing hurts like heck!" he confessed.

Sadie could not help smiling, "Veronica spanked you? With a Hairbrush?" she clarified with astonishment.
Clint nodded a silent , embarrassed response.

Sadie tried to picture the big Cowboy draped over the petite Veronica's lap having that cute , bare bottom of his thoroughly spanked , "Back home it's the little ladies who get spanked...not the cowboys!" she mused cheekily.
The sight of Clint's desirable rear end was turning her on tremendously , so she had to force herself to remain professional .

"Well that little lady of your sure tanned your butt good Clint! It's marked up pretty good ....I'd best take care of that for you." she said , reaching into her medicine cabinet.
Clint straightened up and reached to restore his pants , "Its OK Doc.....I'll be fine..." he said .
Sadie shoved him back into place , "You'll stay put while I do my job Cowboy!" she told him firmly.
Clint let out a sigh and leaned over again.

The combination of Sadie's smooth hands and the cooling cream she applied to his damaged appendage stirred Clint.
His growing erection did not escape the keen attention of the lady Doctor.
She allowed her skilled fingers to give Clint's muscular cheeks a little squeeze between the sensual massage she was teasingly applying , allowing her fingers  to venture closer to Clint's throbbing erection.

Clint gasped and tried his best to remain in control but found it difficult.
To his relief ....and regret , Sadie finished up , "OK that should help , use a cold compress or an ice pack when you get home..." she advised .

Sadie could not resist giving Clint's firm backside  a playful smack , making him turn his head to face her.
"Why you little...." Clint began and paused when their eyes locked .
Sadie moved closer to him ,,"Whatcha gonna do Cowboy? Put me across your knee and spank me?" she purred , her lips pouting.

Their bodies touched and Sadie reached down to caress Clint's throbbing shaft.
"I never spanked a doctor before......" Clint replied.
Feeling suddenly  uncomfortable , Sadie released her grip  and stepped back , " Best get those pants back on before we both  do something we will  regret...." she said reluctantly .
Clint gazed at her with disappointment , his erection  still burgeoning , and pulled up his jeans.

"Will I see you at the barn dance on Saturday Doc?" Clint asked as he left.
"For sure! I'll save a dance for you .....that is if Veronica allows you....I don't want you to get another spanking!" Sadie chuckled , making Clint blush again.

Clint's eyes widened with surprise when he found Veronica waiting for him outside the clinic.
She looked very out of place in her expensive dress ,  extravagant hat ,  heels and make up.

"You poor darling.....they told me you had a bad fall.....are you ok?' she gushed , rushing to his arms.
Clint pulled her close , "It was nothing my darlin' .....but the Doc here had to check on me just in case." he explained .
Sadie grinned and held out a hand to Veronica, "Dr. must be Veronica."

Veronica eyed Sadie warily , "You're the Doctor?" she asked with surprise , turning to Clint she asked sternly, "She examined you?"
Clint raised his shoulders to placate his girlfriend , "It's her job darlin'...'" he explained.
Veronica composed herself , "Well as long as you'r e alright sweetie." she replied sweetly , "I need you in one piece and undamaged..."

Sadie leaned on the door frame with arms folded , making no attempt to hide her dislike for the other woman.
Sparks of a different kind were flying between the two rivals.

"Don't worry I'm perfectly qualified Miss....and apart from being a bit tender he's just fine!"Sadie seethed.
Veronica looked up at Clint with concern , "That fall must have hurt you sweetie.Are you sore?" she cooed.
"He's not sore from the fall.... but his butt is going to be sore for a while because of your hairbrush!" Sadie blurted.
Clint cast Sadie a scornful glare and his face flushed red.

Veronica flicked her head back proudly and laughed heartily , "So now you know how I keep my naughty Cowboy in line! Yes I blistered his bottom quite nicely this morning......I'm sorry it's so hard for you to sit on that hard saddle sweetie....but it's all your own fault!" she feigned sympathy , looking up at Clint who was anxious to leave and steered Veronica to the exit.

"We really must go ws nice meeting you Doctor!" Veronica said haughtily.
"I'll see you two at the barn dance Saturday!"Sadie chirped.
The other lady's eyes grew as wide as saucers and she glared angrily at Clint, "A barn dance? Why didn't you tell me about this Clint ? I need to go shopping for something to wear!" she exclaimed.

Poor Clint was becoming more uncomfortable by the second , "Sorry darlin' ....I meant to tell you but..."
Veronica stopped him before he could finish , "I'll deal with your forgetfulness later Clint , but now you have to take me shopping!" she lectured with a wagging finger.

Sadie shook her head and laughed as she watched the couple leave , with Veronica still scolding poor Clint who responded only with the occasional 'Yes Ma'am!'
"If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it !" she said to herself.

It took the rest of Clint's afternoon to chauffeur his spoilt girlfriend to every Western store in town before Veronica completed the purchases she desired to wear to the Rodeo Barn Dance.

It was a frustrating experience for Clint , as Veronica tried on outfit after outfit and publicly scolded him for his lack of patience.
The trip  also made a devastating impact on his credit card , and Veronica did not appreciate his comment that her designer jeans had cost him more than a new saddle.

On the bright side , Veronica did look stunning in her new outfit , tight jeans , shirt ,  and western boots.
"How do I look Clint ?' she asked , twirling back and forth as she studied herself in the mirror.
Clint loved the way the jeans hugged his girlfriend's shapely bottom and could not wait to see her cute little fanny wriggling out of them.
He could not resist giving that bottom a playful swat.
"Ouch ! How dare you Clint! I'll make you pay for that..." she squealed indignantly.
Clint responded by scooping her up in his arms , "It'll be worth it!" he cackled and carried her off to the bedroom.

Clint stepped out of the shower  and reached for a towel.
"Looking for this Cowboy ?" Veronica asked , standing at the bathroom door dressed in one of Clint's plaid shirts and holding a towel in one hand.
In her other hand she held that dreaded hairbrush.
"Nnoo Veronica ....please....not another heard the butt is still sore from the whuppin' you gave me this morning!" he pleaded.

Veronica smiled , clearly enjoying the power she had over her man.
"I really didn't like your attitude while we were shopping today sweetie ....and there is the little matter about not telling me about the dance......and of course ,your shenanigans with that lady Doctor!"

Clint put up both palms in defence , "There was nothing going on with Dr McIntyre sweetie ....honest Veronica....and I was planning on telling you about the dance but....." he stammered.

His girlfriend was already seated on that big green chair , patting her shapely lap.
Her legs opened slightly , giving him a glimpse of the glistening triangle within.
"You know you deserve this Clint.....over you go." she ordered.
Clint wanted to resist but found himself drawn to that smooth , delectable lap of hers.
Seconds later he was once again lying across it waiting for the brush to fall.

Clint's backside was still very tender when he and Veronica arrived at the big Rodeo barn dance the next evening.
It was worth it though , as the dazzling Veronica turned heads as she clung to his arm.

"Don't forget to save me a dance Clint." Sadie said when she approached the pair.
Instinctively , Clint looked at his girlfriend before responding.
"I'll make sure he doesn't forget Doctor." Veronica replied.
The  tension between the two women was obvious.
"Why don't you two chat while I get us some drinks ..." Clint offered , trying to calm the situation.

But once Clint was gone , the claws really came out.
"You can have one dance with Clint but you'd best keep your hands off him !" Veronica snarled.
Sadie did not back down , ".....and what if I don't ? Are you going to put me over your knee and spank me like you do to Clint?"
"Maybe I will!" Veronica spat.
"I'd like to see you try!" Sadie replied.
Clint returned just before the conversation became too heated and the ladies concealed their spat sith gleaming smiles.
"It's nice to see you two are getting along." he grinned nervously.

For the remainder of the evening , Veronica made a point of making sure Clint was 'her' property , giving him a stern glare if he even thought about dancing or speaking with another girl.

As the evening wound down , Sadie made her move , literally stealing Clint from his girlfriend's clutches and steering him onto the dance floor.
She made sure to keep him there for three or four dances , until a slow dance was played.

Sadie nestled close to Clint as Veronica steamed on the sidelines.
Clint reciprocated , pulling Sadie close and putting his cheek against hers.

In a risque move to provoke Veronica , Sadie's hands slid slowly down Clint's waist and clasped his cheeks , making him wince.
"Careful Doc.....I'm still pretty tender back there...." he grinned.

Sadie raised an indignant brow , "Did she spank you again?"
Clint nodded and continued to waltz , "I had it coming for not telling her about the dance.....and she's pretty jealous about you...."
Sadie smiled impishly , ".....and so she should be..."
When the dance ended , Sadie rose up on her toes and planted a lingering kiss on Clint's lips and glared defiantly over at Veronica.
The war had begun!

 Clint exited the dance floor and looked around for Veronica but she was nowhere to be seen so Clint settled down at the bar to share a drink with some of his rodeo compatriots.

His beer had barely touched his lips when a commotion was heard from the other side of the hall.
Clint thought nothing of it until a young cowboy came running up to him.
"Ya gotta come quickly Clint! Doc McIntyre and your girlfriend are having one heck of a fight over there. We tried to break it up but they're both crazy!"

Clint made his way through the swelling crowd of onlookers and sure enough , there was Veronica and Sadie wrestling on the floor , kicking ,scratching and pulling hair.
It was a grade A Cat-fight alright and Clint had to break it up.

Warily he circled the two women who were beginning to tire from all their exertions.
Clint seized a moment to step in and seize both ladies by the scruff of the neck and scoop them off the floor.

Clint looked over at the Hotel Manager who was looking on anxiously.
"Is there somewhere private I can take these two ladies to let them cool off?" Clint asked.
The Manager gratefully opened the door to a nearby storage room .
By this time Clint had a kicking, screaming wildcat under each arm and carried them into the room.

Dispatching the pair unceremoniously on their backsides, Clint locked the door.
The two women had never seen Clint so angry before. He clearly meant business.

Taking each of them by the arm , he dispatched them in opposition corners.
The two women were out of breath and breathing heavily.
Luckily , neither of the combatants had any major injuries other than messed up hair and torn shirts.

Clint stood with hands on hips and addressed the pair who were beginning to show signs of contrition.
"I can't believe two smart, beautiful women like you could act so immaturely!"he scolded.
With no defence , the two ladies stood looking at the floor like two naughty schoolgirls as Clint roasted their ears.

"But she started it Clint...." Veronica raged , pointing an accusing finger at Sadie, "She deliberately started smooching with you just to provoke me!"
"Don't be're the one who came into the ladies room hankering for a fight!" Sadie responded.
The room exploded into a loud cacophony of shrieks and squeals as the two ladies berated each other.

As they did , Clint calmly unbuckled his belt and slowly removed it from his jeans.
The noise from the two women deminished when they saw him wrap the leather belt around his hand.

"Wh..what did you take your belt off for Clint?" Veronica stammered.
Sadie's eyes widened , "You wouldn't dare Clint!" she gasped.
"What you two need is a good old fashioned lickin' and that's exactly what I'm gonna give you....Sadie you're first!" Clint announced.

While Sadie recognized Clint's intentions , Veronica was apparently still naive to old fashioned discipline methods.

She stared at the belt with sheer terror in her eyes.
"You don't mean to....No wouldn't..."she pleaded , her haughty self assurance fading fast.
"Stay in the corner while I deal with Sadie !"Clint ordered and gripped Sadie by the wrist.

Rather than follow her boyfriend's instructions , Veronica chose to run for the door and bang her fists against it.
"Help! Please help! We're being assaulted.Call the Police!" she wailed.

Outside , the crowd who had gathered to hear the action just laughed and bellowed.

Knowing his girlfriend was going nowhere , Clint returned his attention to Sadie.
Taking a seat on a big trunk , Clint unbuckled the pretty Doctor's western belt.
"AW NO! Not pants down Clint!" she protested.
"I said an old fashioned lickin ' and that's what your gettin' " Clint replied , peeling the tight denim over the curves of Sadie's hips.

Resigned to her fate,  Sadie wiggled her hips to allow Clint to ease her jeans down below her knees.
She wore only a tiny pair of lace bikini panties and wondered if Clint was going to lower those too.

A part of her hoped he would , but Clint the gentleman , decided the tiny garment could remain in place. They were unlikely to provide any protection from the harshness of his belt anyway.
He tipped Sadie over his strong lap and adjusted her position to his liking  , both legs in the air .
Sadie clasped onto Clint's leg for balance.
Her skimpy undergarments left her shapely cheeks exposed and Clint took a moment to drink in the sight.

Giving up on her escape plan, Veronica found herself transfixed on the scene developing before her.
Part of her was looking forward to watching her rival have her bottom warmed , she did feel some sympathy.
She still held out hope that she could somehow convince Clint to spare her own bottom the strap.

Clint raised the strap and brought it down with a 'CRACK!' against Sadie's bottom.
Her cheeks rippled with the impact and she let out a loud "OOOW! ".
An angry red band immediately appeared on her skin where the leather landed.

Veronica's Jaw dropped at the sight of her boyfriend thoroughly thrashing the Doctor's bottom.
Sadie kicked and squealed to no avail as the leather snapped against her cheeks again and again.

"Please stop Clint!I'm sorry....really sorry !" she wailed , tears welling in her eyes.
Clint delivered a final trio of hard licks and decided the good Doctor had enough -for now!

Compassionately he helped Sadie to her feet and watched her perform a very cute spanking dance , clutching her cheeks and frantically hopping up and down before he dispatched her nose first into the corner.

Clint rose and approached his stunned and frightened girlfriend.
"Your turn Veronica.  Come here and get your medicine!" he ordered firmly.

Veronica continued to back away but there was nowhere to go.
Clint took hold of her wrist.
Pouting her full lips , she looked up at Clint.
"Please Clint don't do this...I'll make it up to you..." she pleaded , digging in her heels.

Her boyfriend scooped her up ,  tossing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
"You big brute....put me down this can't do this to me!" she squealed , pounding her tiny fists against her boyfriend's brawny back.
Clint grinned , "Just watch me!"
He was going to enjoy this.

After dispatching his wriggling girlfriend over his lap , Clint set about undoing her belt and downing her skin tight designer jeans
It wasn't easy but despite her resistance those jeans came down.

Veronica's undies were even skimpier than Sadie's.
Nothing more than a small triangle of pink material.
"Your ass sure does look cute !" Clint chuckled to himself , leaving her panties intact.

A series of blood curdling howls filled the room and startled the eavesdroppers outside as Clint wailed away at Veronica's virgin posterior with the leather.
Her cheeks were soon a mosaic of colours  and textures from the strap.

Unlike Sadie , this was the first time this part of Veronica's anatomy had been punished ...
and it showed.
Mascara streamed down her face and she begged Clint to stop.
"Please stop Clint! I'm sorry....I promise to be good !" she wailed.
Clint paused and delivered another three purposeful licks to end his girlfriend's lesson.

Helping her unsteadily to her feet , Veronica melted into his arms.
"Nobody has ever done that to me before.....I suppose I had it coming?" she cooed through gritted teeth.
Then suddenly realizing that her rear end was on fire she began hopping around the room in a similar fashion to Sadie until Clint steered her into the opposite corner.

"I hope you two have learned your lesson.I'll give you a few minutes to clean up and compose yourselves before you come back to the dance.....and I expect you to behave!" Clint scolded.
For a few uncomfortable moments , the two ladies remained in their corners , carefully rubbing their scorched bottoms.
Veronica peered over her shoulder to assess the damage, "Oh my poor bottom feels like it's so's on fire.." she whined.

Sadie was carefully examining her own bottom and glanced over at her rival.
"That strap tends to have a lasting effect , I have some cold cream in my bag  that will sooth the burning . Why don't we meet in the ladies bathroom and I can let you have some? she asked uncertainly.

The thought of receiving assistance from her rival did not appeal to Veronica's pride at first , but her bottom was so sore she had to relent.
"Thanks Doctor .....I'm sure your bottom needs it as much as mine !" she replied with a grin,
Sadie chuckled , "It sure does.....and you can call me Sadie!"

With some difficulty , the pair managed to squeeze their swollen rears back into their tight jeans and walk rather stiffly out of the room.
Outside a crowd of cowboys and cowgirls were waiting to teased and torment them.
"What's wrong your butt sore from that spanking?" they cackled and clapped as the two ladies gamely endured their gauntlet until Clint came to their rescue.
"Leave the ladies alone !" he scowled angrily , dispersing the crowd quickly.

"I thought you gals might need this...." Clint grinned producing a tube of cooling cream from behind his back , " worked for me so why don't we go back in that room and I can put it on those sore bottoms?"
The two ladies giggled girlishly ....and followed Clint into the room.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Public Pool Paddling - FM Spanking Tale

"Stop running around the pool Jimmy! Don't you see the sign?" Jenna scolded her nephew , pointing to the big sign on the wall.
Jimmy pointed to Jenna's fiancee Grant , " but Aunt Jenna .....Grant was running and chasing me ....and he and he told me it was ok to run!"

Jenna raised a brow , "Is that so. Well Grant is a big boy and should know better than that. Running around a slippery pool is very dangerous so please don't do it any more Jimmy. I'll have a word with Grant about it right now....."

Jenna's sister Connie spoke to her son , "Best listen to your Auntie Jenna honey.....this is her pool , her rules and she's the boss around here!"
Jimmy cocked his head , "But Dad told me that men are the bosses of the house Mom!"he exclaimed innocently.
His comment brought derisive laughter from the two sisters.
"Really?Is that so? Well I'll just have to set your Dad straight on that dear." Connie told him.

Meanwhile , Grant sat innocently on the side of the pool , his feet dangling in the water but he immediately tensed when he saw Jenna marching purposefully towards him.
He knew he was in deep trouble when she stopped in front of him in that familiar hands on hips pose.

"Jimmy tells me you were running around the pool and you told him it was ok for him to do it too. Is that true Grant?"
Grant hated it when his school teacher fiancee spoke to him like one of her students .
It made him feel like a naughty 8 year old like Jimmy.

"Er....uhm...sort of....well I guess I did.....but we were just playing sweetie...." Grant babbled , sounding even more irresponsible.
Jenna pointed at the sign , "Don't you remember why I had you put that sign up there Grant ?' she scolded , her voice rising.
"How would you feel if Jimmy had cracked his head on the edge of the pool and was injured - or worse?" she added.
Grant's face was bright red now as he saw Connie and Jimmy looking on earnestly as Jenna took him to task.
"Pretty bad.....I guess...." he mumbled.

Jenna shook her head in disgust then stomped over to the nearby container which stored all the pool toys.
Grant's eyes widened and his jaw dropped when Jenna produced a red ping pong paddle.
Then , taking a firm hold of his ear she pulled him to his feet.
"OW! Stop Jenna.....I'm sorry..." he wailed in protest as Jenna steered him towards the pool shed.
"Come with me're going to get the paddling of your life !" Jenna informed him.

Connie laughed heartily and applauded , "That's my little Sis!" she hollered.
"Is Grant in trouble Mom?" Jimmy asked.
"He sure is honey.....and he's going to get it good.I told you Aunt Jenna was the boss!"

The shed door closed and Connie and Jimmy returned their attention to the pool while the sound of a lengthy scolding interspersed with mumbled apologies echoed from within the shed.
There was a brief moment of silence before , 'THWAAACK!' "YEOOW!" .
The distinctive sound of the paddle connecting with a bare , wet backside was crisp and loud even through the closed doors.

The whacks and howls continued for quite some time .
Connie tried to count the whacks , but near the end they were coming so fast she had trouble keeping up , but they certainly exceeded 100.
Meanwhile little Jimmy stood in shocked but amused silence throughout it all.

Inside the shed , a satisfied Jenna chuckled at her fiancee's antics , hopping up and down , frantically rubbing his stinging red backside.
When he finally stopped , Jenna pointed his face to hers.
"Lesson learned?" she asked .
"Yes Ma'am." came the prompt reply.

Grant reached to restore his swim suit but was stopped by Jenna.
"Keep those down for now. You're going out there for 10 minutes of corner time so Jimmy can see what happens to boys who don't follow the rules." she informed him.

"But Jenna....your sister....and Jimmy....they'll see....OUCH!" Grant's protest was abruptly ended with a stinging smack to his tender bottom.
"Get out there and get your nose against the fence under the sign mister!" she seethed.
Grant knew Jenna meant business so hobbled outside comically , shorts at his knees and trying to cover his nakedness with his hands.
Jenna had a firm hold of his ear to guide him to the proper place.

Connie smiled and regarded the sight of this grown man with his well spanked bare bottom on display.
Even little Jimmy saw the humour in it , remarking "Boy is his bum red ! You won't see me running around the pool again Aunt Jenna!"

Smirking , Jenna opened the container to return the paddle ,but Connie beckoned her to stop.
"Best keep that out Jenna. Dan will be here shortly and I'm going to need it to explain to him who really wears the pants around here. There's one thing for sure , his pants will be coming down!" she said.
"That's my big Sis!" Jenna beamed proudly.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Spanking in Progress - MF Spanking Cartoon

It appears Mary's lunch with her husband is going to take a little longer than expected . She has just received a nice warm up but her spanking is still in progress with the brush and strap still to come.......