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Friday, December 27, 2019

Emma's Threat - FM Spanking Story

The entire dinner table was stunned into silence as soon as the words left Clay's lips.
He immediately regretted his foolish,  uncontrolled outburst and knew by Emma's reaction that he would be regretting it even more.

Clay had been working hard at the Ranch all month , overdoing it as usual and ignoring his wife's attempts to avoid exerting himself.
As a result , he became cranky and irritable , snapping at his employees and taking it out on others , especially Emma.

Emma herself had been working diligently , preparing for the couples 25th anniversary dinner and she did not wish to have Clay in one of his 'moods' and spoil their special night.
She tried tactfully at first , telling Clay to slow down , that he was not 25 anymore and needed to take care of his health.
When that approach failed , Emma had little choice but to use the tried and true method of getting her stubborn Husband's attention .

When Clay returned that evening in his usual foul mood , he found a determined Emma waiting for him.
"Where's my supper ?" he snapped angrily upon seeing the empty table.
"Oh your supper is ready Darling but there was no point setting the table because you'll likely prefer to eat it standing at the mantle!" she replied firmly , with just a hint of a smirk.

Her response had an immediate impact on Clay's demeanour , "Listen here Emma Sweetheart....I know I've been a bit ornery lately and I'm truly sorry....." he began.
"Oh you're going to be sorry alright mister...." Emma interrupted , folding her arms  as she leaned back against the table , " let's go upstairs so we can have a long overdue discussion .....and this time you WILL listen to me I assure you!"

"Aw come on Emma....I said I'm sorry. Let's eat and we'll talk about this later." Clay reasoned , but his wife remained resolute and  pointed to the stairs , " I said upstairs NOW Clay ! You've been asking for this  and now you're gonna get it!"
Reluctantly , the big Cowboy turned around and trudged upstairs with his determined wife following close behind him.

Emma closed the bedroom door and rolled up her sleeve.
Her demeanour indicated weeks of pent up frustration were about to be released on her husband's rear quarters.

"OK  ! Let's have you then Clay!" she declared , taking her seat on the big chair and patting her lap.
Clay stepped out of his remaining piece of clothing , placing his 'tightie whities' neatly with his other clothes.
Taking a deep breath , he strode over to his wife's side.
Emma scooped up the hairbrush and sat back in the chair to allow her big Cowboy to drape his sturdy frame over her denim lap.
She adjusted her man's hips so her target was in the perfect position to receive the brush.
Then she raised her arm and began their 'discussion'.....

A short while later when his backside was well warmed , Clay was permitted to eat supper , albeit standing uneasily at the mantel while Emma sat comfortably at the table .
" I want to be very clear about something Clay. I've gone to a lot of trouble organizing our anniversary dinner , so I want you to be on your very best behaviour .....or , so help me , I'll take you by the ear , march you upstairs and give you  the spanking of your life right there and then!" She warned him.

Clay paused from chewing his steak and looked at his wife in disbelief , "With everybody there ? Even you wouldn't dare do that Emma!" he said somewhat uncertainly.
Emma regarded him sternly , "Oh I think  you know I would dare Clay!"
Clay chuckled in resignation , "You would too wouldn't you?"

So now here we are and despite his wife's warning , Clay had  crossed the line yet again.
He looked over contritely  at Emma , hoping for clemency...or at least a delay of his earned punishment.
Emma took a moment to allow him wallow in his penance.
Then , pushing her plate away , she stood up , "Excuse us everyone , but I need to take Clay somewhere private for a few moments." she announced as if she had been anticipating that very moment.

Clay sat frozen as Emma approached him and let out a very unmanly yelp when she pinched his ear between her forefinger and thumb and hauled him to his feet.
Laughter erupted in the room as Emma swayed confidently down the hall with her reluctant husband stumbling along beside her.

Their amused guests did not know what to expect until the gunshot like cracks of a hairbrush connecting with bare skin echoed down the hallway.
Their daughter Ellie smiled and winked at her boyfriend Wade , "Mom warned Pop she would give him a spanking if he acted up tonight!" she chirped.
"WOW! Emma's really giving it to him good! Is she using a..... " Clay's sister Marg  remarked with a chuckle.
".....a clothes brush I believe....a real big one by the sound of it !" Emma's best friend Sherry added.
"Just like the one I have on my dresser at home....right Mike ?" she smirked to her husband making his face flush red.

While the ladies around the table thoroughly enjoyed the noisy symphony of whacks and yelps , their men sat uneasily in silence , picking at their dinner plates.
The cacophony of noise ended with a final flurry of rapid-fire spanks and howls from Clay.
Moments later , a satisfied and positively  glowing Emma emerged to loud applause from the ladies at the table.
Retaking her seat , she  conversed with her guests as if nothing unusual had happened .

Clay returned next, walking stiffly , his face a blazing red and hands at his sides as if he was trying to resist the urge to rub his burning posterior.
He did his best to act normally but his obvious embarrassment and discomfort showed.
Gripping his chair , his face contorted in a grimace when he carefully lowered himself onto it , letting out an involuntary 'OW!' when his tender cheeks met the harsh wood.

"Would you like a pillow Honey ? Or perhaps you would prefer to eat at the mantel again?" Emma teased to more giggles from the ladies.
Clay forced a smile , "Thanks for the offer Sweetheart...but no." he replied .

Emma grinned in satisfaction , "By the way ladies , I've left the brush on the chair just in case you need it !" she announced to great excitement from the ladies.
Sherry looked sternly at Mike , "Well as a matter of fact , there is the matter of that off-colour joke I warned you not to tell Darlin'...." she told him.
Mike shook his head frantically , "No wouldn't....not here....YEOOW!" his protests ended with his wife pinching his ear firmly.
Let's go Darlin' !" she declared , hurrying Mike along with a firm slap to the seat of his denims.

Ellie looked at he boyfriend , "You're next Wade...and I think you know why..."she warned.
Wade's jaw dropped and he fidgeted nervously at the table while they listened to the symphony of 'WHACKs' and 'OWs coming from upstairs .
A short while later when a red-faced Mike was escorted back to the table by a buoyant Sherry , it was Wade's turn to make that long walk upstairs where the hairbrush awaited him.

As the steady stream of spankings continued , Emma busied herself in the kitchen preparing dessert.
By the time she was ready to serve  , each and every man at the table was squirming uncomfortably in his seat!

"Would you gentlemen like your pie hot or cold ?" she asked to cackles and giggles from the ladies.
"I'd say they had best have it cold Emma.....they have more than enough heat than they can handle for now !"Sherry replied.

Emma shook her head and looked a Clay , "....and you said an anniversary party would be boring Sweetheart!"
Clay cocked his head and looked at his wife , "You planned all this didn't you Emma McCord?" he asked.
His wife beamed proudly as she served him his pie , "Of course I did...with a little help from the girls!" she chuckled.

He gave Emma's plump backside a hearty slap as she leaned over ,"Clay McCord! How dare you!" she shrieked ,feigning indignation.
"That was just a little taste of what you can expect after the party young lady!" he warned sternly.
"Promises , promises...." Emma cooed in response.

Friday, December 13, 2019

A Good Blistering - FM Spanking Comic

Alan and Janet had not been dating long before she threatened him with a 'good blistering'.
Alan laughed and requested a clarification which his assertive new girlfriend was happy to provide.
He felt his face flush when Janet explained which area of his anatomy which would  be blistered and how she intended to do it.
"Blistering of the skin occurs when it experiences intense heat and , believe me Alan darling , my hairbrush will create very intense heat when I apply it to your bare bottom!" Janet informed him matter of factly.
"Don't worry Alan , we will be having a long 'discussion' about all this very soon Alan!" she adds.
Alan still did not believe her until it was time for that 'discussion'......

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Peeping Paula busted - MF Spanking Tale

Paula  dug her high heels into the rungs of the wobbling ladder to secure her balance.
She much preferred her latest client had used a ground floor room to deal with their errant husband but she was more than willing to scale a ladder to take in the proceedings going on in the upstairs bedroom.
It certainly was worth the effort just  to see the surprised expression on a husband's face when they noticed her presence.

As she waited for the participants to arrive, she  tightened her grip on the window sill and was setting up her camera when she was startled by a male voice from below , "Enjoying yourself 'Peeping Paula'?"
Paula looked down to see a man in a trench coat and dark glasses standing with one foot on the bottom rung of the ladder. , "Who are you and what are you doing here ?" she demanded, albeit somewhat  nervously.

The man grinned and removed his glasses to reveal a handsome profile , "I'm Special Agent Paul , I've been following you for weeks....but right now I'm just enjoying the view!"
Paula gasped , "Pervert !" she exclaimed , realizing the man was able to peer up her skirt,  and she reached a hand back to pull her skirt tighter.

"How dare you!" Paula shrieked , the ladder wobbling dangerously from her sudden movements .
 Luckily 'Paul' was there to steady it .
"I'm the pervert ? I'm not the one standing on a ladder peeping into somebody 's bedroom.....and if you are going to climb ladders you really should wear pants.....or at least underwear! Now are you going to come down or do I have to go up there and get you ?" he cackled.

"Go away ....I'm an agent working on a case ....and don't you dare come up here!" an outraged Paula said.
"Well if that's true , then you have some explaining to do , because I have reports of you peeping through windows all over the city. It took me this long to finally track you down.Now come down from there before you get hurt." Paul told her.

Realizing her cover , and her undies , were exposed , Paula looked around for an escape jus as her client , Jane Alcorn entered the bedroom .
Paula waved and gestured frantically for her to open the window.

However , mistaking Paula's waving  as excitement  , Jane simply waved back to her before turning her attention to her naked husband .
Poor Mr. Alcorn was shocked and embarrassed to see an attractive woman peering at him through the window but he was too busy being lectured by his angry wife to do anything.

Paula decided to open the window herself from the outside , and she almost succeeded , but her last push bounced the ladder back and she was now teetering on it precariously  while  Paul did his best to hold it steady and steer it and Paula back to the window.

Panicking , in the dim light , Paula saw what she thought was a bush within jumping range.
Gambling it would cushion her landing , she leapt athletically from the ladder while Paul looked on in amazement.
He heard a crash accompanied by anguished yelps from Paula , "Ouch ! Yeoow! Oh Shit!"
Rushing to her aid , he was relieved to find the naughty spy sitting uncomfortably in a thorny rose bush.
"Ooow! Ouch! Eeek! Well don't just stand there .....get me outa this thing !" she wailed .
Paul laughed at her predicament before offering a hand to scoop Paula from her prickly seat.

Paula winced and put a hand to the back of her skirt which had hiked up during her fall , causing her to  scantily clad bottom to take the brunt of the fall.
"Serves you right !" Paul chuckled.
" butt feels like a pin cushion! " Paula whined.

Paul took a firm hold of her hand , "I'd be glad to inspect the damage for you?" he teased.
"I'll bet you would.....let me go!"Paula raged.
Paul shook his head , "Sorry can't do that Paula. You're coming with me !" he said dragging her along with him.
Paula could here the distinctive noises of a sound spanking coming from the Alcorn's open window.
"Can't I at least finish my assignment?" Paula reasoned.
Paul turned to her , "No you can't! You're busted peeping Paula and there are a lot of people waiting to see you get your comeuppance!" he scolded.

To her surprise , Paul let her inside the Alcorn's house and into the basement where a familiar group of spankers and spankees awaited.
Paul dragged Paula over to the sofa and tossed her effortlessly over his lap while the witnesses gathered around to watch the proceedings.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" an indignant Paula protested.
"I would have thought that should be obvious 'Agent' Paula. I'm going to give you the spanking of your life and these folks are going to watch and enjoy seeing you get what you deserve....we just need to wait for the Alcorns!" he replied.

Paula struggled on her captor's lap but quickly realized it was futile .
"The Alcorns? You mean they are in on this?" she asked.
Paul smiled , "Yep...they are undercover agents who set the trap and you fell right into it!"
Just then a smiling Jane Alcorn arrived , hairbrush in hand and her chastened husband in tow.

"Ah! Welome Mr. & Mrs. Alcorn . Shall we begin?" Paul announced , raising Paula's skirt to reveal her shapely twin globes.
"What happened to her bottom?" Jane Alcorn giggled.
Paul examined Paula's bottom, "She had an altercation with a rose bush trying to escape ,but that is going to be the least of her problems by the time I'm done with her. Hand me that hairbrush pleased ....I'm going to need it !"

Monday, December 2, 2019

'Honey Do' List - FM Spanking Comic

If you are going to ignore your Wife's 'Honey Do' list to go golfing , and then brag about it to your friends , don't ever think she won't find out about it.
This naughty Husband learns this the hard way , and instead of an afternoon of him swinging a golf club , it will be her swinging a bath brush against his bare backside!
Even worse than the spanking will be having to call his friend and explain why he can't golf with him!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Trudy Tames Tardy Tom - FM Spanking Comic

This comic is a redux of some of my very early work in the blog titled "Spanked Fiancee"

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Jokari Paddle - FM Spanking Story

I came across it purely by chance at a local yard sale.
When my Husband saw me ask the seller for a price he looked at me strangely , "You do know that is supposed to come as a set of two with a ball attached to a string?" he informed me.

"Of course I do Honey!" I replied , digging into my purse for the $5 asking price .
"So why would you pay $5 for one racquet ? It's useless!" he asked irritably.
I smiled at him as I handed over the money , "For what I neeed it for I'll only need one my Dear and I'm going to be using it quite a lot!" I replied.

Admiring my new purchase , I slapped it hard against my palm producing a 'WHACK!"  loud enough to turn the heads of the other browsers , "You promised me this morning that you'd be patient while I shopped and not complain  , so  if you're  not hoing to do that , then  go wait in the car for me while I look around some more....and don't you dare honk the horn at me like you did last time?" I scolded loudly.

The older lady who sold me the paddle chuckled at our exchange  and passed me a $1 , "I'll let you have it for $4 Dear . It looks like you'll be putting it to good use!" she smiled, "....and by the way , we do have the whole Jokari set and the other paddle has been hanging in our bedroom closet for years!" she proudly revealed , "I thought perhaps this one  might be put to good use by another like-minded wife!"

"Oh don't worry about that , it's going to be used a lot....starting with today!" I confirmed , rolling the paddle over in my hand , "It certainly feel like it packs quite a punch!" I remarked.
"Oh believe me dear it packs one heck of a punch......doesn't it Honey?" She replied poking her preoccuped husband in the ribs.

He turned around and visibly flinched when he saw me holding the paddle , the mere sight of it obviously stirring unpleasant memories for him.
"This nice lady was just enquiring how stingy this paddle is , and as I don't have any experience receiving it myself,  I thought you could tell her!" she prompted , clearly enjoying his discomfort.

With her unsuspecting husband rendered momentarily speechless she proceeded to answer for him , "I like to have him bent over a chair so I can get a nice swing and follow through. Believe me , he needs that chair to hold onto once I connect with it. You should hear him howl ,  and I can tell you that he is not at all keen to sit for a day or two afterwards! "she added.

Her husband , a tall good looking man in his 60's smiled nervously at me and nodded , "Monica's right ! She sure knows how to swing that thing and yes it does hurts like the dickens!" he confessed , rubbing the seat of his jeans dramatically for effect.

Surprised at their openness I decided to probe further , "Really ? If you don't mind me asking , how many licks does she usually give you?" I asked boldly.
Closing his eyes as if to recall an actual experience , he took a moment to reply , "Well that would depend on what I did , or what sort of mood she's in ...but I'd say around 50 or 60.....It's hard for me to keep count when she's laying it on thick and fast!"he confessed.
"All I know is that he behaves like  a true gentleman and treats me like a Queen afterwards , for at least as long as his butt is still sore!" his wife quipped.

WIth my new purchase in hand I settled into the car beside my waiting , and rather pensive hubby.
"The next yard sale is only a few blocks away..." he said , starting the engine.
"I think that will do for today Sweetheart ,you are clearly not interested !" I scolded.
"Look Honey...I'm sorry about that but I ..." he began until I stopped him by pressing my finger against his lips.
"The only words I want to hear from you are 'Yes Ma'am ' and 'No Ma'am '.  I'll be dealing with that attitude of yours when we get home.....with 50 good hard swats with this on your bare butt!" I announced with a hint of  a smile.

He stared at the paddle , his hands momentarily frozen to the steering wheel , "You're not serious?" he asked uncertainly.
"Oh I am deadly serious Dear , and as I did not hear a 'Ma'am ' lets make that 60 swats shall we?" I replied , revelling in my role now.
His lips opened and closed again and after reconsideration he mouthed , "Yes Ma'am!"

Sure enough , a short while later my naughty husband was standing stark naked before me while I placed the big chair in the middle of our bedroom, awaiting his first taste of my Jokari paddle .

I scooped it up and paced before him , "Let me explain how this is going to work. Upon my command you will bend over that chair with your butt out. I don't want to hear any excuses or I will be adding extra swats. I suggest you hold on tight as this is going to hurt. Understood?" I barked.
With his head bowed he responded with another "Yes  Ma'am!"

I pointed at the chair , "Bend over the chair and present your bottom for punishment!"
Without protest , he scurried over to the chair and assumed the position.

I decided to start off slowly , delivering measured but solid swats to alternate cheeks and I could tell by his reaction that he was  feeling it .
He tried his best to remain silent , but little gasps and grunts were  escaping from his lips each time my paddle landed.
I noticed his hips and feet moving involuntarily and his grip
 on the chair tightening.

 I began to swing harder and boy did he start to holler .
He remained in position but was moving his butt quite a lot now to avoid the more powerful swats ,  so I paused to remind him to hold on tightly to the chair and keep his butt out as I was far from finished.
"Yes Ma'am! Sorry Ma'am! he grimaced in response.

I leaned back and really let fly with my next swat and he  sprang up grabbing  his cheeks with both hands, "GEEZUS JEN! Take it easy will ya !" he complained , immediately regretting his outburst .
" I  ordered you to stay in place or I would add extra swats didn't I?" I scolded.
"Well that just earned you an extra 10 swats !" I told him.
His jaw dropped but he knew better than to protest and dutifully bent over the chair again.

I was now warming to my task with determination and , admittedly , a generous amount of sheer pleasure!
My new paddle was indeed making quite an impression on my husband , whose stubborn male pride had him trying his best to keep his reactions in check , but I knew I was soon going to 'break him' .
As the Jokari scorched his backside he started screeching and wailing  so loudly  I'm quite sure the neighbours must have heard him.

I was only about half way through his 60 swat ordeal and his butt cheeks were really starting to show it , so I decided to target my attack on the virgin territory at the top of his thighs.
His howls intensified and  pleaded earnestly with me to stop .
He was now one sorry , contrite husband who was going to have trouble sitting for the next day or two !

To his credit , Hubby managed to endure the remainder of his paddling , including his earned additional swats , albeit with
lots of howling and squirming , but more importantly, with  contrite apologies and promises to behave himself.

Since then , the Jokari paddle became my 'go to' implement when he did something to merit serious correction .
He is absolutely terrified at the mere sight or even mention of it.
If he acts up , I remind him of it's power  and he immediately smartens up in the hope I will let him off the hook - but I rarely do!

When he has been particularly naughty  ,  I will leave the jokari displayed openly where he can see it for days , keeping him on pins and needles , knowing that a sound punishment is coming but not knowing  when I might announce and deliver it.

Only when I feel the time is right , I will bring out the chair , take the paddle off its hook and summon him into the room.
His expression is priceless when he sees me standing there beside the chair , the dreaded Jokari in my hand and my sleeves rolled up.
The moment he sees the jokari in my hand , he  will  apologize profusely and even beg for me to use another implement , and I must admit that I simply revel at his grovelling.

His face will redden and  little beads of sweat appear on his forehead a I tell him how hard I am going to paddle him, how much it will hurt and what his bottom will feel like afterwards.
 I thoroughly enjoy his terrified reaction and he still tries his best to talk me out of paddling him ,even though he knows it is fruitless.

These days he knows the routine well and without being told  , he bares his bottom and bends over the back of the chair.
I am quite fussy and make sure he is positioned to my liking and remind him to stay in place and holding on firmly to the chair.

He still  stubbornly  does his utmost to take his punishment ' like a man'  , not wishing to give me the satisfaction of a reaction  , even though he knows I will eventually 'break him'.
For the first 6 or 8 whacks he usually manages to remain in place , and mostly silent apart from a few hisses , puffs and grunts , but by the time I reach a dozen he is yelping loudly and struggling to stay in position.

I take my time , taking aim with a full swing and follow through for each swat.
Once I reach 20 , any sense of decorum he had has long since disappeared and he is a wailing , struggling , pleading and apologizing mess .
Ignoring his antics , I continue , measuring my swats, scolding him and reminding him to hold on to the chair and stay in place.

I don't bother to keep count but usually bring his punishment to an end after about 50 or 60 whacks , making sure the final 5 or 6 are applied with extra vigour.
By that time his entire bottom and upper thighs are a blazing red  with white areas forming on his sit spots which he will be feeling for days.

He must remain in place bent over the chair for a few moments while I admire my handiwork and continue to lecture him on why he has such a very sore backside .
As I do so , he is  sweating , breathing heavily , moaning and shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

I can tell by the shaking  , unsteady tone of his "Yes Ma'am!" that the effects of his paddling have sunk in.
When I allow him to stand , his face is as red as his bottom and he cannot hide his wincing and grimacing while he restores his pants.
I hang the Jokari back on the door handle , and there it will  remain for a day or two as a reminder to him of my power.

I always schedule a little 'sit down chat' with him afterwards to discuss his behaviour and punishment.
While I enjoy this immensely , for obvious reasons , he absolutely hates it. Sitting is not something he wants to after the bottom roasting I just gave him !
He tries to slip his hands under his legs to elevate his sore bottom from the harsh wooden chair , but I promptly order him to keep both hands on the table and lower his tender rear quarters onto the harsh wood.

As I sit nice and comfortably , my naughty man is wincing and  squirming uncontrollably on his seat.
Of course , I  love to tease him about it and for the next day or two he will do his best to avoid sitting!

I also love to tease him about the marks my paddle left on his backside and will sometimes  order him to drop his pants so I can to inspect his paddled cheeks and admire my handiwork.

The glowing red will eventually fade,  but the scorched skin on his sit spots of both cheeks leave marks and bruises which can sometimes remain for a week.

They may be hard to find these days , but I would recommend you ladies acquire this classic implement to your won't regret it but your husband surely will !

Friday, November 1, 2019

Discipline at the Stables - FM Spanking Story

Ladies Cynthia and Marigold rode their mounts toward the stables after their morning ride.
Head Groomsman Mr. McIntyre met them and helped the young ladies dismount.
"Where are Jasper and George ?" Cynthia asked .
The two ladies had quite the crush on the pair of young handsome Groomsmen who usually met them after their ride so were disappointed not to see them.

"Sorry about that Ladies but her Ladyship has summoned them to her private stables...she's none too pleased about something !" McIntyre told them.
"Are they in trouble ? Surely Mother isn't thinking of dismissing them?" Marigold asked earnestly.
The older man led the horses along the path , "It's no more than those two young rascals deserve if you ask me....but I think her Ladyship has some other consequences in mind!" he chortled.

His casual comment peaked the interest of the two young ladies .
"What sort of consequences Mr. McIntyre ?" they enquired in unison.
McIntyre chuckled , "Well let's just say that they won't want to be sitting in the saddle for the next few fact I doubt if they'll be able to sit on anything after her Ladyship is done with them!"

Cynthia and Marigold regarded each other in disbelief.
Their Mother had her own stable on the other side of the courtyard and they saw Jasper and George waiting nervously outside .
A few moments later , Lady Blackwell strode purposefully toward them , looking stern and imperious in her velvet riding jacket , skin tight jodhspurs and riding boots.
The young men bowed their heads when she approached and she ushered them inside.

"Do you think McIntyre is right Cynthia ? Is Mother really going to thrash them?" Marigold gushed.
Cynthia smiled impishly , "Well there is only one way to find out isn't there ?"
"Should we? Mother wouldn't like it..." the younger sister asked.
Cynthia beckoned her sister to follow her , "Don't be silly Marigold. She'll be far too busy to notice...and besides....I've always wanted to see her thrash a stable boy don't you?"

Circling behind the building so as not to be seen , the mischievous pair crept close and listened.
They could hear the familiar voice of their Mother sternly lecturing and berating the young men about various misdeeds.
Occasionally they could make out a muted male voice uttering a subdued response.

The scolding seemed to continue forever until it abruptly stopped , and then.....

"Sounds like they're getting the cane!" Marigold whispered excitedly.
"On their bottoms too! How delicious!" Cynthia tittered.
The young ladies giggled with every stroke until a full dozen had been delivered.
For a moment there was silence again before ......
The ladies stared at each other in puzzlement , "That must be that big  brush she uses to groom her mare....but she's not using the same side !" Cynthia tittered.

Just above them was a large window with a convenient bench below , "Hoist me up and then  I'll help you up after Marigold !" Cynthia said , stepping a foot on the bench.
After a bit of teetering the two found a stable surface and craned their necks up to the window.
Their jaws dropped at the sight!

Poor Jasper was as naked as a jaybird and draped unceremoniously over Lady Blackwell's sturdy lap.
His muscular backside was adorned with angry red stripes from the cane and her Ladyship's brush was rapidly adding various other colours and textures !

Jasper was wailing , kicking his feet and bucking around but Lady Blackwell had him in a well secured grip and was snapping  the back of the brush against  Jasper's buttocks fast and furious.
The girls could only look on in awe of their Mother's power.

A few feet away , looking on in terror was George , also stark naked and doing his best to cover his impressive manhood with his hands.
Marigold eyed him hungrily. She had never seen a naked man before,  so she lustily drank in the sight.
Her sister  eyed George in a similar manner.
"Look at the muscles on George Marigold and's enormous!" she giggled.
A terrified George gasped when he saw the two spectators and the two amused young ladies smiled back at him.

By this point Lady Blackwell had finished with Jasper.
Taking him by the ear , she hauled him to his feet and stood him beside George.
"Hands on your head and do not dare to move young man!" Lady Blackwell barked.
"Yes Ma'am!" Jasper whimpered.

"Move those hands at once!" she bellowed and George's oversized member was exposed in full view.
Lady Blackwell gave it an admiring glance before picking up the cane , "Bend over that desk young man!" she ordered.

As their Mother tended to George , the two young ladies drank in the luscious sight of the well muscled and endowed Jasper.
"Oh my goodness....look at it Cynthia!" Marigold gushed.
"I know sister....I's beautiful !" Cynthia cooed , almost in a trance.
Jasper's eyes widened when he saw the entranced young ladies at the window.
Instinctively ,  his huge shaft sprung to a stout erection.

Their heads swivelling back and  forth like spectators at a tennis match Cynthia and Marigold feasted their eyes on the two handsome young men .While Jasper winced and struggled to hide his manhood , George lay helpless over Lady Blackwell's lap while she walloped away at his battered behind with the nasty big brush.

Finally George was deposited to stand beside his partner in crime , two well-beaten , humiliated and contrite young gentlemen while her Ladyship paced in front of them scolding the pair unmercifully.

A smirk appeared on Lady Blackwell's face when she saw the twin erections pointing to the window like accusing fingers.
Her head suddenly swivelled around , "Did you enjoy the show girls?" she asked sternly.
Her two daughters stood frozen for a moment before hastily departing the scene .
Lady Blackwell returned her attention to George and Jasper , "I'll deal with those two later but for now it would be a shame to let these go to waste Gentlemen...." she purred , gazing at the twin , glistening shafts....

Her peeping daughters managed to scamper only a few yards when the formidable figure of Lord Blackwell himself blocked their escape!
"Father!" they exclaimed in surprised unison .
"And where are my two daughters off to in such a hurry? Not to meet with those two young Groomsmen again I hope....I warned you both about that !" Lord Blackwell told them.
Two female heads shook , "No Father....Jasper and George are in there with Mother.....we were just being curious!" Cynthia explained.
Their Father stroked his chin , "Not as curious as I am! Get back to the house and get ready for dinner girls while I give your Mother a nice surprise!" he told them.

Lady Blackwell was indeed surprised when her Husband threw open the door and found her seated in a chair  , her lips sliding slowly up and down Jasper's shaft.
Lady Blackwell's eyes bulged and she quickly withdrew upon seeing her husband.
"Henry! What a surprise! I was just....." she began explaining.
"I know exactly What you are up to Penelope!" Lord Blackwell seethed.
With a nod of his head he dismissed the two terrified young gentlemen who picked up their clothes and scampered away as fast as they could.

Lord Blackwell closed the door and turned to confront his wife.
"Please Henry....I can explain...I was just disciplining those two boys in your absence. Let's discuss it after I've welcomed you home properly...." she pouted seductively.

Henry picked up the big brush , smacked it against his palm and sat down.
"We will discuss it now Penelope!" he roared , patting his lap.
Lady Blackwell sighed and slowly wriggled out of her jodspurs.

Outside , McIntyre pretended to busy himself within earshot of the shinanigans , "It's rarely dull around here nowadays !" he snickered to himself.
The sounds of his Lordship heartily warming his wife's ample, jiggling  bottom echoed throughout the courtyard until the door opened.

A bedraggled  and red-faced Lady Blackwell endured and embarrassing march across the courtyard to the Manor house, wincing and giving her sore bottom a discrete , comforting rub.
Her skin tight jodspurs rubbed unforgivingly against her swollen , chaffed bottom as she walked stiffly along.
McIntyre tipped his hat to them as they passed and her Ladyship cast him a discerning glance , vainly trying to disguise her limping and wincing as she walked along.

While their Mother scampered upstairs to remove her attire and comfort her aching bottom , their two daughters sat innocently at the dinner table.
"I believe we have some business to attend to before dinner ladies?" he asked them sternly with arms folded.
"Please Father no...but we didn't do anything!" Cynthia pleaded.
Her sister took a different approach , "Cynthia made me do it Father!" Marigold pleaded frantically.
"Marigold!" Cynthia scolded.

Lord Blackwell looked over at the Butler Mr. Mason.
"Everything is laid out for you in the study as you asked Sir." he said.
"Thank you Mason...her Ladyship and the girls will be in need of pillows for dinner!" Lord Blackwell replied , and with a wave of his hand ushered his naughty daughters inside the study and closed the door.

Mr. Mason smirked and puffed up the big pillow before placing it on Lady Blackwell's chair .
"Thank you Mason." she said and carefully lowered herself onto the pillow with an exaggerated groan.
"...and have the maid bring me up an ice pack when I retire Mason." she asked.
"As always your Ladyship!" he nodded.
A moment later the sound of a cane swishing through the air , accompanied by girlish shrieks and yelps echoed from the study..
Carson smiled and puffed up two more pillows.

The following morning Jasper and George were up early readying the horses for Lady Blackwell and her daughters morning ride.
Mr. McIntyre approached with a knowing grin playing on his rugged face , "So how are you two rascals feeling this morning?" he asked.
George grimaced and rubbed the seat of his tight riding pants , "Still very sore Mr. McIntyre!"
"Yes....we'll be eating standing up and sleeping on our bellies for a while!" Jasper added.
"Well in that case , you'll be pleased to know you can put those mounts away lads...apparently the Ladies are not feeling up to a ride this morning!" he announced.

"That's odd! Are they unwell?" Jasper asked curiously.
The older man chuckled , "They're fine , other than the fact that their pampered backsides are  too sore to sit on a saddle....Lord Blackwell thrashed them all good last night!"
"Serves them right after peeking on us last night!" George nodded.
"Her Ladyship too?" Jasper asked curiously , and McInytre nodded.

Just then , Lord Blackwell arrived at the stables , "Good morning Gentlemen, it appears I'm the only one interested in a ride this morning!" he beamed.
Turning to George and Jasper he placed a Fatherly hand on their shoulders, "I'd like to apologize for Lady Blackwell disciplining you like that and I commend you for taking it like a man. I know  for a fact she is very adept at disciplining a male backside!" , then placing a hand on his own rear quarters added , "....the problem is she enjoys it too much sometimes! " his Lordship chortled before mounting his horse and galloping away.

George looked curiously at McIntyre , "How does his Lordship know how adept her Ladyship is with the cane and that brush? Don't tell me she???"
Mr. McIntyre just chortled , "He may be the Lord of the Manor but her Ladyship runs a strict household lads! Now let me figure out some work for you pair that doesn't involve sitting!"

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Once Is Not Enough - FM Spanking Cartoon

This naughty husband has just received a fiery spanking from his wife and hopped into the shower in search of some relief for his chastened cheeks.
However , his wife has decided that now that he is nice and wet , another spanking will really smart.
Besides , she enjoyed his first spanking so much she decided once is not enough!

Monday, October 28, 2019

She asked for it ! - MF Spanking Cartoon

She had been teasing him all evening to see if he would really spank her , and when he did , he gave her a lot more than she had bargained for !

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

2 million page views reached!

While it's not as much as other ,more popular spanking blogs,  I'm actually surprised I reached this milestone.

It will be the last milestone as it's time to wind this project down.
 I will be posting the remaining items in my 'inventory' in the coming weeks and that will be all folks.

Thanks to all for stopping by ,especially those who commented .

Monday, October 21, 2019

Too Late for Sorry - FM Spanking Cartoon

This naughty Husband should know that it is a bit late to say you're sorry once you are buck naked , bent over a chair with your wife is standing behind you brandishing that nasty bath brush .

Remarkably he still tries , even though all it will earn him is a lot more wallops with the brush than he can handle.

There will be lots of time to say sorry during and after his lengthy butt blistering.....

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Never Say Never ! - MF Spanking Cartoon

Sometimes a good spanking is so much fun you wish a spanking would never end  , so it is always a pleasure when you give her an opportunity to end her spanking and she responds with more resistance.
Never is a long time but I expect her bottom will relent long before his palm does......

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Her Cure for Flirting - FM Spanking Cartoon

Professor Peabody could never resist flirting outrageously with the young ladies who flocked to him after a Lecture or one of his speaking engagements.
His wife , Helen knew it was harmless , but nonetheless she did not appreciate his behaviour , considering it not only disrespectful to her but it was simply not a proper way for a man of his stature to conduct himself.

So early on in their relationship , she pledged to cure him of this affliction in a very unique and effective manner.....with a good old fashioned spanking !

The Professor still has trouble controlling his flirting , but just one look from Helen sends him a clear message that he had better cease and desist ...or else !
The Professor knows very well that Helen is not shy about delivering an embarrassing spanking where his  young female admirers can see or hear it .....

Friday, October 11, 2019

The Visit! - A spanking Story

Carl was looking forward to the visit with his older sister Linda for some time.
It had been a few years since his headstrong , radical , outspoken sibling had left for New York but the pair had kept in touch fairly regularly by phone.
It was also a chance for Carl and his wife Gail to meet Linda'd new beau Frederick.

Linda had gone through many boyfriends , but Frederick seemed to be someone who really loved her her , despite her stubborn , quick tempered ways.
He must be quite the man to even take on the task of taming the ever feisty and defiant Linda , but the way she talked about him it was clear that he had won her heart as the pair were planning their wedding in a few months..

At 48 , Frederick was 15 years older than Linda  and owned a successful business which provided a generous lifestyle for the happy couple.
He provided the mature , positive influence Linda needed in her life,  and had somehow managed to convince her to curb her wild ways and finish her College degree .
Now Linda proudly held down a job as an Associate Professor at a major College.
Carl was so proud of her and couldn't wait to tell her.

When Carl and Gail arrived at Linda and Frederick's lavish house they were very impressed.
His  sister had even discarded her usual 'relaxed' choice of clothes and now dressed in the best of clothes ,even preferring dresses and skirts to jeans and sweat pants.
Her long red mane of hair was transformed into a shorter style and she even  wore make up !

Linda had even learned how to cook , and single handedly served a superb dinner on an immaculately prepared table.
Her manners and conversation were impeccable , without a trace of the brashness , poor manners and course language  she was well known for.
The two couples chatted amiably and Linda and Gail really connected with each other.

Carl just had to ask how his sister's amazing transformation had come about and Linda blushed  a bit when he described to Fredrick what Linda was like before she met him.
"Oh stop it  Carl! You're exaggerating....I wasn't that bad!" she said indignantly.
"Oh yes you were sis'!" Carl responded , and he went on to describe a famous  incident at the Thanksgiving table where she got into a debate with Uncle Gerry which ended in Linda storming out of the house and tossing her full  plate of food in the sink.

Frederick was aghast and cast a disapproving gaze at his embarrassed wife to be ,"I hope she wasn't allowed to get away with that?" he asked .
Carl chuckled , "As I recall , you came back a while later and acted like nothing had happened as usual Linda . Did you even apologize?" Carl asked , surprised by his sister's uncharacteristic response of a simple shake of her head.

Gail rushed to Linda's defence , "Stop that Carl know you were no angel yourself!" she scolded , quickly silencing her husband.
"Well we can see who wears the pants in your marriage little brother !" Linda teased .

"Really! I'd love to know how you managed to get Linda to curb that temper of hers Frederick?" Carl insisted , ignoring Gail's stern look.
Frederick simply smiled and looked at Linda's whose eyes widened .
"Oh I have my methods Carl.... don't I Sweetheart ?" he replied looking over at Linda who was visibly trying to sink lower in her seat now.

Carl chuckled , "Well now I'm really interested Frederick....what methods?"
Gail leaned over and tapped her husband on the wrist , "I said stop it're embarrassing Linda!" she warned.

"Would you like to tell them  or shall I Linda? They're  bound to find out sooner  or later!" Frederick prompted.
Carl was amazed that his big sister was lost for words for once.
Finally her full lips opened enough to speak , "OK if you must know  Carl see Frederick and I have a  kind of arrangement....a Domestic Discipline arrangement!" she explained calmly.

Her brother looked puzzled , raising a brow for her to elaborate.
" if I behave poorly or break one of our rules ....I get a spanking!" Linda explained  , feeling relieved at  having unburdened herself .
There was silence as Carl and Gail absorbed his sister's revelation.
" A spanking ? You mean like..." he said.
".....just like Mother used to give!" Frederick interjected with a chuckle.

Remaining composed ,Linda continued,  "Yes I get the full nine yards Carl....over Frederick's lap , on my bare bottom with the hairbrush....or something worse depending on how bad I've been!" she revealed.

"You'll find out for yourselves because your sister will be getting a good spanking this evening once we've finished dinner. I don't believe in delaying discipline just because we have I Sweetheart?" Frederick announced proudly.

Linda's face reddened again , "l'm afraid I had a bit of an attitude and was quite rude with Frederick earlier today . I called him a few names I shouldn't have . I guess I was a bit stressed out about your visit but that's no excuse."

For the next hour , the conversation changed to other matters , until it was time to put the dishes away.
"You can  and get everything ready Linda ,while I fill up the dishwasher. " Frederick said matter of factly , pushing his chair from the table.
"You and Gail can take your drinks and enjoy them in the parlour Carl....this won't take too long." he added.

Carl and Gail looked at each other and then at Linda , " He's really going to spank you ? Now?" Carl asked in disbelief.
Linda just shrugged and stood up , "Well it's time for me to face the music Carl. Don't  worry about all the noise , I tend to be quite vocal when Frederick spanks me. " she said before making her way back to the dining room after escorting their guests to the adjoining parlour.
Meanwhile Frederick went about his business clearing up the dishes before joining his wife in the dining room.

It struck Carl just how ordinary the couple were about the whole thing , and he still could not believe that his 30 something sister was about to have her bare bottom paddled in the next room!
The guests looked at each other again and noticed that the parlour had a serving hatch which opened into the dining room.
Carl was able to push open the louvre doors allowing him to peek inside.
"Carl ! What are you doing ? Mind your business!" Gail scolded , although she was just as curious as Carl .
She rose to take her husband back to sit with her but froze when she saw the events unfurling in the next room.

As Frederick sat waiting on an ottoman , Linda shucked up her tight skirt and placed herself over his lap.
Frederick eased her skimpy lace panties down and gave her twin cheeks a playful slap and massage.
"Carl! We shouldn't..." Gail urged and , somewhat reluctantly , Carl followed her back to their seats.

Soon thunderous cracks echoed from the next room , soon  accompanied by Linda's loud 'vocalizing' she had warned them about.
The spanking  continued at a steady pace , with occasional pauses where Frederick lectured and scolded his naughty wife.

Carl  winced when a flurry of loud spanks landed on Linda's beleaguered backside which she responded to with frenzied yelps.
He couldn't help himself , he just had to have a look and returned to the doors.
Moments later he was joined by an equally curious Gail.

Linda's bottom was a blazing red and she kicked her shapely , long legs wildly as Frederick swung the brush repeatedly.
Finally , the fiery spanking ended and in the ensuing silence , Carl and Gail looked at each other, still not quite believing what had just happened.

They closed the doors and returned to their drinks.
A short while later , their  hosts returned , glowing and embracing each other like a pair of teenagers.
 Linda snuggled close to her man , seemingly  happy that he had spanked her.
Her face was red  , but nowhere near as red as her shapely bottom was under that expensive dress.

"How do you feel Sis? It sure sounded like Frederick really laid it on good !" Carl asked Linda.
Feigning a grimace , Linda rubbed the back of her skirt , "Apart from my butt feeling like it's on fire I feel rather good actually. There is something very therepeutic about a spanking that makes me feel energized afterwards." she remarked , taking his glass to refill it.

Frederick poured them both a drink and sat down on the chair beside his guests , "The great thing about a spanking is that once it's over everything is forgotten!"
Linda scowled at him playfully , "My poor bottom won't be forgetting it very soon Dear!" she pouted , rubbing her delicious bottom vigorously.

Taking her drink , Linda groaned when she carefully lowered herself onto her chair.
"Pillow Dear?" Frederick asked with a grin.
Linda declined preferring to squirm and wince to the amusement of everyone.

"I do have one question Frederick...."  Gail said, " This Domestic Discipline arrangement , is it bilateral?"
Frederick seemed surprised by her question and hesitated to reply , glacing over at Linda.

This time it was Frederick's turn to squirm as an impish grin played on his wife' face.
"You really didn't think I would sign an agreement that didn't work both ways Gail did you?" she replied confidently as her Fiancee was suddenly struck silent.

A glowing Linda looked over at Frederick , eyebrows curling in a stern gaze , "Shall you tell them  or should I Frederick? They're bound to find out sooner or later!"
Frederick suddenly looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
"Did you really think I wasn't going to find out about that speeding ticket Honey?" Linda asked him.

Gail watched in awe as the power dynamic swiftly changed from Frederick to Linda.
Linda waited for a response but all Frederick could mouth was a barely audible response.
"I'm sorry Darling but we couldn't hear that , but if it's another of your pathetic excuses like the last one , it's not going to save your sorry ass from one heck of a paddling!" she fumed.

Gail let out a gasp , but this was more like the Linda Carl knew!
Linda leaned closer to her man , "Well Frederick? Do you have anything to say for yourself?"
Frederick shook his head , "Not really...."
Linda cocked her head to one side , "Excuse me?"
Frederick released a nervous cough , "I mean no Ma'am. "

Linda stood up , legs apart and hands on hips , obviously a pose Frederick had seen many times before.
"If I recall correctly , a $200 fine will earn you 200 swats Frederick. Let me see now...I think 100 with the brush and 50 each with the stand up paddle and tawse should do it!" she announced.
Frederick looked stunned , "200! That's too many.....please Linda!" he pleaded quite pathetically.
"Make that 220 for forgetting to call me Ma'am again!" Linda gloated , pointing to the dining room , "Now off you go and get ready."

Hanging his head to avoid eye contact , Frederick trudged away to the next room.
Linda turned to her guests , "This shouldn't be too long but be warned that Frederick is even more vocal that I am !"
Then as she strode purposefully to the dining room ,she paused to open the louvre doors , "Enjoy the show!" she grinned.

Carl and Gail huddled at the hatch again and were surprised to see a totally naked Frederick standing beside the ottoman.
He had placed the hairbrush , a leather strap and a very large paddle with holes upon it.

Linda entered the room and took charge , ordering her man to lue face down over the ottoman while she examined the three implements.
Then she began , using all three implements skillfully to thoroughly blister Frederick's muscular rear.

Gail was impressed , occasionally looking at Carl noting his reaction to the paddling his big sister was administering.
"Perhaps this domestic discipline arrangement  is not such a bad idea...." she mused to herself.

Carl and Gail sat in silence absorbing what they had just observed until Linda strode confidently back into the room.
"Phew! That was quite a workout! " she declared picking up her drink.
Moments later , a grimacing Frederick returned, walking stiffly and trying unsuccessfully to look as if his backside was not on fire.
He was in no mood for sitting so invited Carl outside to show him the new sports car which had earned him his paddling , while the two ladied huddled together in the parlour.

"You must pick up a lot of speeding tickets driving this baby?" an impressed Car  asked with a smirk.
Frederick grinned and rubbed the seat of his pants , "After that paddling Linda just gave me my driving habits will be improving dramatically! I thought getting that ticket was worth it but now I'm not so sure!" he added , giving his rear another rub.

The men returned to the parlour and Frederick pointed to the ladies who were engrossed in a deep discussion ,"If I were you Carl , I'd be worried about that conversation Gail is having with Linda about DD!"
Carl's eyes widened , "DD? Really?" he gasped , looking over at the ladies.

Ironically at that point , his sister rose and approached the men. Linda placed a hand on  her brother's shoulder , directing his gaze toward his wife , "Gail has something she would like to discuss with you bro!"she smirjed.

Gail had remained sitting at the table and had a determined look about her that Carl had never seen before.
When she caught his gaze she curled a  finger to beckon Carl to her.
Carl gulped and looked at Frederick for reassurance but received only a shrug.
"Don't forget your 'Yes Ma'ams' and 'No Ma'ams' !" he advised to a loud cackle from Linda.

The following morning at breakfast , Carl tried but could not hide hisvgrimacing , ginger movements  and squirming when he sat.
Gail sat  at the table and gave Linda  a triumpant thumbs up!
It was senseless to hide anything as Linda and Fredrick had been entertained with the sounds of a darn good paddling coming from the guest room.

As brother and sister chatted in the kitchen , Linda asked Carl , "I do hope that was a bilateral agreement you signed last night bro?"
Carl nodded with a grin, "Of course , and if I know Gail I'll be introducing her bare bottom to the hairbrush when we get back home!"

Before leaving , Carl and Gail invited their hosts to visit them the next month.
It should make for quite an interesting visit!