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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

SpankWoman - The New Era Superhero !


When Husband's misbehave there is a new Super hero who will come to the aid of long suffering wives ....and her name is SPANKWOMAN ! 

She will take your naughty Husband to her Spanking Lair and , when he returns , he will be a contrite , respectful and a model Husband who will treat you like a Queen. 

Wives will also notice that Hubby will be returning with a very sore and tender backside that will render him  reluctant to sit for quite a while. 

So ladies , when your Husband acts up call SPANKWOMAN !

Friday, November 20, 2020

Monday, November 9, 2020

Endart- MF Spanking Comic


I used to look forward to Endart's weekly updates featuring mostly MF , but also some FM spanking art.

Unfortunately his site closed abruptly a number of years ago , although much of his work can still be found at various sites , it is too bad that the entire Endart 'collection' appears to have been lost to us.

This is one of my favourites , not just for the story line , but because it features an older couple .....and of course because Janice does have a very spankable bottom and really deserves it .....a bit like McLintock! 

My favourite frame is the final one where Janice's spanking 'conversion'  is complete . 

Too bad Endart didn't do a sequel .....