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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

No Exceptions - A Spanking Story

The moment the words left her mouth , Mary raised her hand in a symbolic attempt to take them back but it was too late.
She should not have taken the phone call from her office in the first place , especially during her daughter's birthday dinner, and she certainly had no right to speak to her employees in such a manner and swear in front of her entire family.
Her angry outburst had turned heads in the busy restaurant which was filled with families and young children.

Mary's young son Marcus and his younger sister Jessica sat across from her , eyes as wide as saucers and jaws agape.
"Mommy swore Daddy!" little Jessica finally exclaimed.
Mary's husband Frederick glared ruefully at his wife , "Yes she certainly did Jessica , and it was very wrong!"
The little girl looked up at him , "Is she going to be punished?" she asked
"Oh she certainly is!" he replied.

 Mary's face flushed red  , "Frederick  please ! Don't you dare!"
Frederick regarded her sternly , "I'm sorry to embarrass you my dear , but you know very well that such behaviour is not tolerated in this family ánd will be dealt with in the traditional manner - no exceptions!" he scolded.

Then he turned to address the children  , "There is no reason to let your Mother's poor behaviour ruin Jessica's birthday celebration , so let's have some dessert shall we?" he grinned to cheers from the children.

With  the children occupied with their treats , Mary leaned to whisper in her husband's ear.
"Please take it easy on me tonight Frederick. I have to be seated all day at meetings tomorrow." she pleaded.
Her husband remained stoic.
"You will be punished with the severity you deserve my darling ....and you will just have to deal with any issues you have with sitting on a sore bottom.....and let me assure you that it will be very , very sore!"
Mary sighed and felt a strange tingle of anticipation in her bottom.

It was a subdued journey home with Mary's mind pre-occupied with her pending ordeal she would endure later that evening.
It would be the dreaded hairbrush for sure , and Frederick always made sure to apply it firmly but  lovingly , leaving an impression that would last for days .
She knew her husband's threat about her having  a very sore bottom was not an idle one.

By the time the family returned home , the children still had not forgotten the incident at the restaurant.
"Are you going to give Mommy a spanking Daddy?"  Jessica asked innocently.
Frederick smiled and an embarrassed Mary replied before he could .
"Don't be silly it's time for you children to get ready for bed . I did behave badly at your birthday dinner and I'm very sorry sbout that. Daddy and I will have a about it once you're tucked in bed . Now off you go,  tomorrow is a school day !" she told the kids firmly.
"AW Mommy! Do we have to?It's still early." Marcus sighed in disappointment.

Frederick finally spoke , "Actually , I believe the children should be allowed  to stay up a little longer so they can see first hand the consequences for rudeness  and using  foul language my dear!" He declared to everyone's surprise - especially Mary's!

"Frederick! Don't be front of the childten? You can't be serious!" she replied incredulously.
Marcus and Jessica looked at each other in disbelief.

"Sit here on the sofa kids , while Mommy  fetches the hairbrush. Then you can watch her get the  spanking she deserves." he told them.

Mary's jaw dropped.
"Please no darling ......don't spank me in front of the children....please?" she pleaded.
Ignoring her pleas , Frederick had already placed a straight back chair in the middle of the room.

"I'm sorry my dear but the children do need to see this . It will act as a
strong deterrent for them.  Now do as you are told and fetch the hairbrush please." he told her , taking his seat on the chair.

The children waited quietly , eager  with anticipation until their Mother returned with the large ebony hairbrush .
In the past , they had heard tell-tale smacks and yelps coming from their parents' bedroom when their Mother had displeased their Father and it certainly sounded like he was giving her a good spanking.

"We heard lots of smacks and ouches Mommy. Did Daddy give you a spanking ?" little Jessica had asked the following morning , and Mary replied with a curt , " Of course not darling." , but her rubbing and  ginger movements suggested otherwise.

Now they would have  a front row seat to see their Mother spanked!

Frederick took the hairbrush from Mary and signalled her to lie across his lap.
Mary crawled over , and Frederick adjusted her position so her head was low and legs dangled.
Mary held onto her husband's legs for balance ,closed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth.

Frederick turned to the children,
"Watch carefully children. This is what happens when you behave badly and swear in this family - and remember - there are no exceptions !" he declared.

Then he raised his hand high , bringing it down smartly on the seat of Mary's tight dress with a loud 'SMACK!'
Mary shuddered and let out a loud "OW!"
Frederick raised his hand and proceeded to deliver hard , firm spanks to Mary's bottom , alternating from one cheek to the other.
As he spanked , Frederick scolded and berated his wife for her poor behaviour.
'SMACK! ' ' SMACK! '  ' SMACK! '
"Swearing and rudeness will not be tolerated in this house you understand young lady?"
"OOOOW! " " OUCH! " " Yes Sir!"

Mary let out a series of "OUCHES" and "OW's" and  struggled , kicking her legs  and tightening her grip on Frederick's legs.

After about two dozen or so  good hard spanks , Frederick paused and reached for the hem of his wife's dress.
"NO! Please dear....don't raise my dress....not in front of the children....please!" Mary protested feeling the cool air on her thighs as her husband hoisted her dress up over the curves of her hips and tucked it neatly into the small of her back.

Marcus and Jessica giggled at the sight of their Mother's fancy undergarments .
Mom's plump , round bottom was encased in a pair of sheer black , high cut panties and framed with a pair of  black stockings and  matching garter belt.
Frederick drank in the sight of his wife's delectable appendage ,but soon returned to the business at hand.

The spanks administered to the seat of Mary's dress had generated muffled thuds , but her sheer panties were like a second skin and the smacks were now loud , crisp and sharp.

Mary's yelps of protest also increased in , and her squirming and kicking became more frantic.
Frederick picked up the pace , spanking harder and faster.
Mary was in genuine distress now and embarrassed that her children could see her being punished like a naughty child.

Frederick's hard palm connected again and again with his wife's jiggling bottom.
The redness in her cheeks began to show through the sheer material of her panties and  real tears made her mascara run.
Her meticulously pinned up hair was now fanning wildly into her face.

"OOOW!" "OUCH!" "PLEASE STOP!" I'M SORRY!" "OOOOW!" Mary wailed as the loud smacks of a spanking filled the room.
Marcus and Jessica were mesmerized.
Dad was really giving it to Mom good !There was no way they would ever swear if this is what they had coming.

Mary gasped for breath , puffing her cheeks when Frederick finally stopped spanking her poor bottom.
The children looked on in wide-eyed disbelief when their Father's fingers gripped the waistband of Mom's skimpy undies.

Without ceremony,  he slipped them down just enough to reveal his wife's bare  twin globes in all their glory.
Marcus and Jessica had never seen a bare bottom as red as their Mother's was right now.
It looked like it was on fire and must feel like it!

Frederick picked up the brush and Mary winced when he rubbed its bristles against her tender cheeks.
"That's unfortunate my dear!" Frederick chuckled with glee.

Then he raised the brush and snapped it against his wife's already roasted cheeks again and again.
Mary was wailing like a baby now , flailing around uncontrollably , her feet kicking so wildly now that she no longer cared that her most private parts were visible for all to see.
Frederick continued spanking  until his wife's cheeks were white hot and all the fight was gone from her.

Gazing over at the children he knew they had learned a valuable had their Mother!
He helped Mary stagger to her feet and the two of them embraced warmly.

While Frederick  put the chair away , Mary hastily restored her clothing and her modesty.
"Do you have anything to say?" Frederick asked her.
Mary wiped tears from her face and looked at Marcus and Jessica.
"Children , I apologize for losing my temper , being rude and exposing you to such foul language.  I'm so sorry if I spoiled your birthday Jessica." she sobbed.
Jessica put both arms out and gave her Mother a big hug.
"Of course not Mommy. It was the best birthday ever!" she gushed.
Marcus joined his sister in giving his Mother a big  hug.

"I hope we have all learned a lesson from this !" Frederick reminded them all.
Little Jessica put up a hand , "Yes but what does ' no exceptions' mean Daddy?"
Marcus grinned at his sister , "It means it applies to everybody silly ." he told her.
Jessica pondered the answer for a moment.
"So what happens if Daddy is naughty?" she asked curiously.

This time it was Frederick's face that flushed red.
Mary smirked and rubbed her sore bottom.
"If Daddy behaves badly ,Mommy will give Daddy a spanking honey.......only  Daddy gets spanked much harder !" she declared earnestly.
"Isn't that so darling?" she asked her husband.
"Er...uhm...ah...yes dear.....much harder!" Frederick answered to giggles from the children.

Frederick's embarrassment was well grounded.
A leather razor strap and a three tailed tawse hung on  hook in the bedroom closet , reserved exclusively for his bare backside when needed.
By the determined look in Mary's eyes he knew she was already scheming for an opportinity to apply the leather to his behind... sooner rather than later......

The children did not have to wait long for the next show
"But said 'no exceptions' " Jessica told him.
Mary stood stood grinning as she leaned against the doorway with arms folded.
"That's correct Jessica - no exceptions !'" she confirmed.
Her husband struggled for an excuse.
"I know dear.....but it's not the same situation ....the way that lady was driving she could have killed us all..I had to warn her....." he reasoned  , pleading his case.

"But you told us there is  no excuse for swearing  and calling people rude names Dad." Marcus reminded him.
Frederick opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by his wife's wagging finger.
"'no exceptions'  ..that  sounds pretty clear to me Frederick."  she said firmly , clearly enjoying herself.

"Is Daddy going to get the hairbrush Mommy ?" Jessica asked.
"Oh no dear. Your father deserves something much harsher than that and I have just the thing!" she replied and then ,turning to her husband said , "Go upstairs and fetch the big strap Frederick!"

Her husband's eyes widened.
"B..bring it here?" he babbled , realising his wife's intentions.
Mary scowled at him , "You heard me mister! Fetch that strap. Have a seat are going to see what happens to Daddy's who lose their temper and swear at people!"

Mary was in no rush to deal with her errant husband so made herself a cup  of tea as he scurried off to fetch the strap  while the children  settled excitedly on the sofa.

When he returned Frederick was contrite and humbled , genuinely fearing his impending chastisement.

Without saying a word , Mary looked right through him as she took the strap from him.
Humming a tune to herself , she studied the leather and teasingly slapped it against her palm.

Frederick shuddered  at the very sight of the fearsome implement in his wife's hand.
Still slapping the leather against her palm , Mary  stood close to him and took a firm grip on his ear to pull his head closer to hers.

"OUCH! '"Frederick yelped and the children giggled.
"You know very well that swearing , tantrums and rude behaviour will not be tolerated in this house mister don't you?" she scolded , pinching his ear.
Frederick winced , "YES MA'AM!" he yelped.

".....and what happens to bad boys in this house? " his wife prompted ,giving his ear yet another yank.
"AIOOW! They get the strap Ma'am!" he yelped loudly.

Marcus and Jessica sat on the sofa , entranced at the sight of their petite Mother taking charge of their much larger Father .
Mary was relishing every minute of it.
Releasing her husband's, ear  ,she stood  , legs apart and hands on hips , "Well? What are you waiting for? You know the routine.....STRIP and bend over the chair!" she barked , forcefully cracking  the strap against the chair for emphasis.
Frederic looked stunned , "Strip? Completely?Here? In front of the kids?" he protested.
His wife's eyes narrowed , "Yes!Do as I say !" Mary barked.

Reluctantly , Frederic began removing his clothing ,pausing once he was down to his silk Star Wars boxers.
The children tittered and pointed at their Father's choice of underwear.
"Those too.....stop dawdling!" Mary ordered , trying hard not to giggle herself.

Redfaced , he turned around , slid down his boxers and  promptly assumed the position trying  to conceal his modesty.
His heart was pounding and his grip on the chair was deathly.

Mary on her part was truly revelling in her dominant role.
Taking her position behind her husband and to his left , she held the strap in one hand and rolled up her sleeve with the other.
Her dress was most appropriate for the occasion , almost Schoolmistress like , with heels , black stockings and a tight pencil skirt.

Taking a well rehearsed , athletic stance she swung the strap , bringing it down with a full swing and follow through against her husbands quivering cheeks.
The children were shocked by the loud sound.

Frederick did his best to take his strapping like a man , but he never could.
By the 10th powerful stroke he was hollering loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to hear!

Mary just shrugged , she had heard it all before and her husband's squeals did not deter her.
Unfortunately for Frederick, she was just getting started.
The strap wrapped against Frederick's bare behind again and again until Mary paused to tug his boxers down to his ankles so she could focus on strapping his upper thighs.
This part of the strapping  produced a series of blood curdling screams from Frederick which frightened the children.
By now his entire rear and thighs  were so red it looked like he was wearing a pair of skin tight crimson shorts.

Mary paused to catch her breath and decided her husbands tough hide had enough leather for one day.
Frederick was quivering and there were real tears in his eyes.
Mary paced behind him for a moment , slapping the strap against her thigh , before reaching down and restoring her husband's boxers.
"You may stand up now young man." Mary told him.

To everyones amusement , Frederick performed a high stepping dance and furiously clutched his scorched cheeks with both hands.
"OK that's enough of that silly dancing ...stand still!" Mary ordered , bringing his performance to an abrupt halt.

Frederick stood still as commanded and listened to the sound of Mary's heels on the kitchen floor before she stood before him.
In her right hand was a big bar of home made soap , "Open wide!" she ordered , trying to hide her satisfied smirk.
"Aw no! " Frederick sighed.
After a brief pause , Frederick opened his mouth and Mary shoved the nasty tasting soap deep inside , almost gagging him.
"Keep that in your mouth and think about all those filthy names you called that poor lady!" she scolded.
"YETH MANG!" Frederick gurgled , prompting the kids to titter again.

Mary was far from finished.
Taking a hold of her husband's ear , she sat down on the chair and guided him over her lap.
It was time for a good old fashioned spanking over her knee.

She decided to permit Frederick some modesty by keeping his boxers intact , but gave him no quarter in regards to the sound spanking she proceeded to administer.
She spanked his backside briskly until her palm could take no more , all the while listening to Frederick's gurgles as he dealt with the soap in his mouth.
On top of an already tenderized behind the spanking really smarted.

"You may stand now!" Mary declared , releasing her grip on her husband.
Frederick' stood again , his face flaming red and contorted in a grimace.
He sputtered and coughed when Mary reached up and removed the soap from his mouth.
Then she stood before him with arms folded , "Are you ready to apologize now Frederick?" she asked him , almost sympathetically.
It took Frederick a moment to compose himself , "I apologize to you and the children for losing my temper , yelling and swearing at that poor lady today. I'm really sorry and promise it will never happen again." he said with head bowed.

Mary put a finger on his chin and raised his head to look at her , "Now go  to the bedroom and wait for me.... I'll be up in a minute!" she told him .

Then addressing the children she said , "I expect that was an important lesson for you children and you understand that  there will be NO EXCEPTIONS when it comes to discipline in this house. Now off you go and set the table for dinner while I go upstairs and speak privately to your Father." she added.

It was a good 15 minutes or more until Mary and Frederick  returned to serve dinner.
They both had a loving glow about them , holding each other closely and stealing the occasional smooch when they thought the kids weren't looking.
"Be a dear and fetch your Father a nice soft pillow to sit on Jessica , I'm afraid his poor bottom will be very sore for quite a while." Mary teased.
They all laughed at Frederick's exaggerated antics to carefully  lower himself onto his seat , "Perhaps I should stand for dinner...." he winced.
Mary smiled at him , "No chance! Everyone sits at the dinner table exceptions ."

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Cowboy Courts a City Girl - FM Spanking Tale

It's not easy for a Cowboy with his old fashioned ways  to court a modern City Girl.

Clint was used to the old fashioned ,  feisty ,  spunky girls from back home .
Like the wild  Broncos he rode for a living , Clint was always able to tame them  , usually by giving them a good old fashioned spanking!

But these City gals were way different from the girls back home. Sure , they were pretty , and just as feisty  , but trying to tame them was not so easy ,   even for a handsome , charming Cowboy like Clint.

Clint's new girlfriend , Veronica , would  not tolerate any behaviour that would be accepted by the gals back home as normal .
Things like cussin' , spittin' , drinking , calling her ' my li'l fillie ' , or giving her a playful slap on the rump were not tolerated by the lovely Veronica.

Even though Clint was twice as big and much stronger than his girlfriend ,there was something about the tone and authority in her voice which had the big Cowboy bending to her will.

Clint had no idea why , but when that voice commanded him to do something , he would just do it without question and an obedient "Yes Ma'am!".

Veronica wasted no time in informing Clint of the ways of the City Girl.
If he should  say or do anything to displease her , she would take him over her knee and give him a good old fashioned spanking !
"Did you say spank? Me?" Clint asked her in disbelief.
He quickly found out that City girls mean what they say.

That scary female voice ordered Clint to take off all his clothes and stand before her ,  naked as a bird.
Just to remind him he was a Cowboy about to be tamed,  she let him  keep on his cowboy hat and boots.
Veronica thought he looked cute this way.
"I read somewhere that cowboys like to die with their boots on , so my Cowboy will be spanked with  his boots on!" she cackled.

Back home , Clint loved nothing better than to take a little fillie over his lap , flip up her skirt and warm her cute little rear.
Afterwards she would swoon and melt into his arms.

But there was no way Veronica was ever going to allow him to take her over his lap. 
No , in the City  things were different.
She was the one who would be doing the spanking and , cowboy or not, he'd better get used to going over her knee.

The first time Veronica  had sat down , patted her lap , and informed Clint he was to be spanked, he could easily have walked away ,or even  picked her up and turned the tables to show her who wears the pants ,  but there was something so inviting and irresistible  about those beautiful , smooth , bronzed thighs that drew him over them.

Perhaps it was that firm tone  , that deep voice Veronica  used ,which reminded him so much  of his Grandma when he would get into trouble with her as a kid.

"Get over my lap!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
In an instant , there he was , face down over this little lady's lap , cowboy hat and boots still on, waiting for her to spank his bare bottom until it was red ,just like Grandma used to do.
She even used a hairbrush like Grandma's!

As he lay over Veronica's lap being scolded ? Clint thought to himself.
"No problem! I can take it.  My rump is tough from all those long days in he saddle , and she's so tiny. 
How bad could it be?" 

However ? he had clearly underestimated his little City Girl and the power of her hairbrush!
When the back of that darn brush connected with his tough hide , he could not believe how much it hurt , so our stubborn  Cowpoke gritted his teeth and braced himself to take his licking like a man.

But  despite his best efforts , his stubborn resistance did not last long. 
Soon , involuntary 'OW's' and 'OUCHES' were escaping from his lips.
His rump was stinging like he'd sat on a wasp nest.

As the burning in his backside intensified ,he  kicked his feet , hollering and sqealing even worse than the girls he loved to spank back home!

This tough cowboy  could stay on the wildest , powerful , bucking broncos on the planet, but here he was , struggling to staying in place  over this tiny lady's lap as she soundly walloped  his bare bottom!

Yes now  it was Clint doing all the bucking and squirming as that darn hairbrush danced all over his rear end , scorching his skin.
The more Clint kicked , screamed and pleaded ,  the harder and faster Veronica spanked- and the more it hurt.

As she spanked her man , Veronica lectured and scolded him about his behaviour.
Clint was so anxious for the spanking to stop ,he agreed to everything with a frantic  "YES MA'AM!"

Veronica knew her mustang was close to breaking now , so she concentrated her efforts where Clint ' s seat met the hard saddle.
This was one Cowboy who was going to be riding high for quite a while!

Clint ' s humiliation did not end with the spanking.
No, Veronica promptly  sent him to stand naked  in the corner , hands on his head so they could not sooth his well toasted buns .

He wanted so badly to give his burning rump a good rub , but did not dare to try as he knew it meant he would be back over Veronica ' s lap for more.

As her boyfriend stood in the corner , hopping from foot to foot , for what seemed like hours  to Clint  ,  Veronica sat satisfied and comfortable on the sofa , admiring her handiwork and incessantly teasing her big Cowboy.

"You're not such a big tough man now are you?"
"Boy is your bottom red!"
"I wonder what your Cowpoke friends would say if they could see you now? I can't wait to tell them how I spank you."
"Does your bottom feel as hot as it looks Clint?"
She even phoned her girlfriends and proudly told them how she had spanked her Cowboy and even sent them photos of his cute red rear!

As Clint stood in the corner , responding to his girlfriend's teasing with subdued "Yes Ma'ams", he still felt tremendously excited.
The more Veronica teased , the more Clint's erection grew.

When Veronica finally released him from the corner , her face lit up to see his huge shaft standing at attention just for her.
"It seems a good spanking gets my  Cowboy excited!" she laughed,  wrapping a hand around his member to lead him to the bedroom.
"Come with me Cowboy...I'm not finished with you yet!" she grinned impishly.

Once in the bedroom , Veronica pushed her man  back into the bed ,and Clint winced when his sore butt touched the sheets.
"Get ready Cowboy.....this time I'll be the one doing the riding!" she smirked , stepping out of her dress.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Wedding March - A Spanking Story

It had been a long few months but finally the big day had arrived when Bill Phillips would give away the hand of his only daughter Katie to her husband- to- be , Jack Naylor.
The wedding wasn’t large by any means, but it still made a hefty dent in Bill’s bank account.

Bill and his wife, Sonia, had sat down with Katie before the wedding announcement and established a budget for the ceremony and reception.
However , the two ladies quickly forgot the budget once they enthusiastically set about planning the wedding.

Along the way , Bill tried his best to offer them suggestions to save money, but he would be labeled a cheapskate so the ladies decided to exclude him from any decisions  -other than writing checks.
With no monitoring  , Sonia and Katie overspent  on every line item in the budget Bill had prepared.
It reached the point where Bill was afraid to open the bills when they arrived.

On the eve of the big day , Bill confronted Sonia about her overspending .
Sonia bristled at Bill’s comments , assuming her trademark , defiant  hands on hips position and telling him the discussion would have to wait until after the wedding.

Bill stepped boldly forward , took his wife by the  wrist and spun her around.
“Alright then Sweetheart ! Here’s a little sample of what you’ll be getting then !” he announced ,  delivering a hefty whack to the seat of Sonia’s tight designer jeans.
“OW! Bill that stung!”
 Bill winked , "Just wait until you get the full treatment." he warned before departing  , leaving Sonia rubbing her bottom.

Finally the big day arrived and 1 hour before  the wedding Bill stood nervously in front of the mirror struggling with his tie .
Sonia and the bridesmaids buzzed around Katie and Bill eyed his wife proudly. 
She looked absolutely stunning in a curve- hugging , green satin dress , and her long hair tied up beautifully.

When Sonia leaned over to adjust Katie's veil she gave Bill a good view of  her beautiful round bottom .
Sonia caught her husband’s admiring gaze and smiled impishly at him , placing a palm seductively on the seat of her dress.
Bill grinned back at her before returning his focus to his tie.

Sonia placed her arms over Bill’s broad shoulders , snuggling close to him.
“Looks like you need some help with that my husband ….” She asked with a teasing pout.
Bill nodded his grin widening.
“Did I see you checking out my ass  just now Mr. Phillips?” Sonia purred in his ear.
Bill pulled Sonia closer to him to whisper his response.
“As a matter of fact you did Mrs. Phillips…and I can tell you that ass of yours will be receiving some special attention from me later !” 

Sonia’s big brown eyes widened and she feigned indignation, “Really Mr. Phillips!! What on earth are you talking about?”
“Oh I think you know exactly what I'm talking about Mrs. Phillips. You’ve been a  naughty, naughty girl over the past few months,  and you now very well how I deal with your naughtiness!” Bill whispered. 

A surge of excitement pulsed through Sonia’s veins upon hearing her husband speak to her like that.
Bill’s hands wandered below his wife’s waist to deliver a playful smack to her shapely.
“OW BILL !!” she yelped loud enough for Katie and the others to notice.
“Really you two…. act your age!” Katie sighed in disgust and everybody laughed.

At the church , Jack was pacing nervously up and down at the altar until Reverend Jones put a soothing hand on the nervous Groom’s shoulder.
“Relax Jack…. the bride is always late….she’ll be here soon.”
Jack forced a smile and stopped pacing.

In many ways Jack felt very much like Bill.
The last thing he wanted was a big wedding like this, but once Katie and her Mother started planning he was on the outside looking in.
On the few occasions he made suggestiond, Katie had quickly silenced him.
“You don’t know about these things Jack…. just leave it all to Mom and I.” She would tell him in a patronizing tone.

He had even allowed her to pick out the ridiculous powder blue tux he was wearing.
He looked like an unemployed lounge singer!
Jack regretted letting Katie bully him , especially since he knew how hard Bill had to work to pay for the wedding.
Setting aside  his guilt, Jack smiled when his best man signalled the arrival of his bride.

Sonia sat in the front pew,  already sobbing at the sight of  Bill proudly marching the radiant Katie down the aisle.
Jack turned to sneak a look at his bride.
She was indeed a magnificent sight ,  and he knew being her husband would  have its challenges.
Bill had repeatedly warned Jack that Katie was just as fiery and headstrong as her Mother….. but today she was just as beautiful.

 Bill took a seat beside Sonia , and Katie leaned down to hand her bouquet to the  flower girl.
 Jack drank in the sight of his future wife's shapely bottom straining against the tight, satin wedding dress.
Katie straightened up and grinned cheekily when she noticed Jack’s interest in her rear-quarters.
Jack looked at her sternly and Katie responded by cheekily sticking out her tongue.

Bill poked  Sonia “Did you see that? If I’m not mistaken you’re not the only naughty girl who’s in for a good bottom warming tonight !” he whispered.
Sonia’s bottom tingled and she shifted on the hard wooden pew, as if anticipating her pending fate.
“Sssh Jack…people will hear.” she whispered.
Undeterred  , Jack whispered back “Don’t get shy on me Sonia .. I was thinking of mentioning your spanking  in my speech.” 
Sonia cast him a look of disbelief “Don’t you even think of it Jack Phillips!”.
Jack simply folded his arms and grinned.

The ceremony proceeded flawlessly, and in no time the new Mr. and Mrs. Naylor were holding each other close in a long lingering kiss.
The guests cheered and clapped and  Jack pulled his new wife closer to him kissing her again before delivering a discrete smack to the seat of her tight dress which went unnoticed to most observers.
“That’s just a little taste of what you’ll be getting tonight Mrs. Naylor…and I’m sure you know why…” Jack warned.
Katie blushed “Oh I sure do…actually I’m surprised you waited so long - Mr. Naylor” she replied .

However , the symbolic smack was not lost on Sonia who  poked her husband’s  ribs.
“Well I do believe you may be right Bill…. looks like our little girl may be in for a good spanking after all !” Sonia cackled excitedly.

Outside the church , Bill and Sonia met up with  Jack’s parents Gord and Sylvia and waited to pose for the wedding photos.
Sylvia was a tall elegant woman with an air of superiority about her , “The service was wonderful Mrs. Phillips , I must complement you on a wonderful planning job.” she said 
Sonia could not suppress an urge to compete with the snobbish Sylvia.
 “Why thank you Sylvia….  And please call me Sonia….but just wait until you see the reception. It’s really something to look forward to…the Ritz really did a great job. Are you staying at there?”

Sylvia raised her nose a little further in the air.
“Oh no , we couldn’t possible stay there ….. Gordon and I always stay in the Executive suite at the Savoy…’s so much nicer … “she boasted.

Gord Naylor was a large but jovial mountain of a man ,“Actually Sonia , I had booked us a room at the Ritz. , but  unfortunately my wife decided to change it…..without consulting me….didn’t you darling ?” Gord said casting his wife a scornful glance .
 “I'm Sorry folks , I’m sure you’ll eventually grow to like my wonderful wife  once you get to know her better , but she does tend to put on airs sometimes ….” he announced.
Sylvia bristled “Gordon please !” I certainly do no such thing !” she complained haughtily.
Noticing his wife's discomfort ,  Gord  continued  , “Sylvia and I will be having a little discussion about changing the hotel tonight ….won’t we darling? “
Mercifully for Sylvia , the photographer summoned them and spared her further  blushes.
“Excuse us guys…..see you at the reception” a buoyant Gord said , taking his wife firmly by the arm.

Bill and Sonia chuckled as they watched Gord march a humbled Sylvia  away with a firm whack to her pert bottom.
“Mmmmm  best make sure we have lots of soft pillows at  the brunch tomorrow Sonia!” Bill laughed.

Bill was more  relaxed at the reception as he prepared to deliver his speech ,… at least some of his money had been spent on something he could enjoy, a slap-up meal and some good wine !
Finally he was back in control.

“Do you like my choice of wine dear?” Sonia asked him imperiously.
Bill gave her a kiss and clinked his glass against hers.
“It’s very good darling…. but you still should have asked for my approval” he reminded her firmly.

Sonia opened her mouth to respond ,  but Bill  put a finger on her lips to silence her.
“I suggest you save the  excuses for tonight when you’re over my knee young lady !” he warned.
Sonia gasped.“AW  Bill ! you have to spank me tonight ?  ….if it's anything like the last time I won’t be able to sit at the brunch tomorrow!” she moaned.
Bill chuckled at his wife’s plea.
 “Don’t worry  Sonia , you won’t be the only one who won’t want to sit tomorrow…. besides , you deserve to be sitting on a well spanked bottom after what you’ve put Jack and I through for the past few months!”

Meanwhile on the dance floor , Jack hoisted  Katie onto his shoulders and spun her around while she waved her wedding bouquet .
A throng of anxious women of all ages , shapes and sizes  had gathered in front of her jockeying for position .
They quickly morphed  into a frenzied mob the moment  Katie threw the bouquet in the air  and a  young redheaded girl eventually emerged from the mob holding it victoriously high above her head.

Hand in hand,  the happy couple made their way through the lines of well wishers to their limo which would take them to their  wedding night destination.
Bill and Sonia stood at the back waving as the happy couple drove off into the moonlight.
Sonia let out a huge sigh and melted into Bill’s arms , “Thank God that’s all over and everything went so well!” 

Bill pulled her closer , planting a sloppy kiss on her cute nose , “You did a great job Honey!” he told her.
Sonia grinned broadly and returned the kiss.
“Thanks dear….. so does that mean I’m not going to get spanked ?” she asked impishly.
Bill wagged a finger at her.
“Good try Sonia. …… yes you’re still getting a spanking ……and it’s going to be a helluva good one!”

Just then , Bill staggered forward when Gord Naylor gave him a hearty slap on the back and then absorbed Sonia in an affectionate bear-hug.
“Great job guys…we had a great time! Didn’t we Sylvia?” Gord bellowed .
“Yes it was….. delightful “ Sylvia said somewhat reluctantly .

 “Too bad you  have to leave…..the party’s just starting ” Bill said.
Gord frowned “ We would love to stay …if we had  booked a room here instead of that damn Savoy…..but on the other hand it will give Sylvia and I time to have our little discussion… .are you looking forward to it honey?” he said , giving his wife's bottom a playful smack.

Sylvia flushed red  and placed both hands on the seat of her evening gown.
“Gord please !” she protested.
Feeling some sympathy for her rival , Sonia took Sylvia’s hand ,“If it makes you feel any better Sylvia , Bill and I will be also be having a discussion tonight .....about my overspending on the wedding…”To add emphasis Sonia also rubbed the seat of her dress.
Sylvia smiled.For the first time since they met the two women had bonded.

Over at the Hilton , the Steward pushed his trolley down the long hallway to the Bridal Suite.
He stopped a few feet from the large doors to make sure he had everything.
“Glasses, Champagne, truffles, flowers…..”he began , until he was distracted by the noises coming from the suite.
“Newlyweds !” he chuckled to himself , pushing his trolley closer .

‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’……
“OW!” “YEOW!” “OW!” “OW!”

The Steward put his ear closer to the door  . 
‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’……

Inside the plush suite, a very sorry Katie was draped over her new husband’s lap , her long wedding gown and petticoats hiked up to her shoulders and her ‘ something blue’ satin panties  banded around her thighs revealing two glorious jiggling globes -which were turning  redder and redder by the minute.

The Steward decided not to knock just yet and pulled up a chair to listen to the shenanigans coming from the honeymoon suite.

“Can you unzip me Hon.?” Sonia called out as she stood in front of the mirror.
Bill put down his scotch ,allowing his eyes to drink in the sight of his beautiful wife.
He undid the back of her gown , slowly lowering the zipper which extended  all the way to the small of her back.
The gown fell away to reveal a black bustier, garter belt and stockings.
Sonia’s twin cheeks were exposed in their full glory , so Bill wasted no time in taking a handful of each of them.
“You naughty minx ….I can’t believe you wore that to the wedding…what if we’d been in an accident?” Bill said.
“Then I’ll bet those cute doctors would be fighting over me I dare say!” Sonia giggled.

Jack planted a firm slap on his wife’s shapely bare rump and spun her around , her breasts  almost exploding from the bustier.
Jack sat on the chair and carefully guided her face down over his lap.
Her bare bottom jiggled when Jack adjusted her position .
Sonia gritted her teeth and clenched her cheeks when Bill gently patted her bottom.
“You’ve been asking for this for a long time Sonia Philips …and now you’re gonna get it!”

Over in the lobby of the plush Savoy , a subdued Sylvia was standing nervously behind her husband as he picked up their room key.
“Will there be anything else Mr. Naylor ?” the desk clerk asked.
Gord paused and looked at his wife. 
“You wouldn’t happen to have a nice big clothes brush would you? You know the ones with the nice hardwood back….not those modern plastic ones?” he asked.
Sylvia’s jaw dropped.
“Of course we do Sir…..all our floor butlers carry one in their case. ” The clerk replied.
“Thanks…that’s great news isn’t Sylvia ? “ Gord asked sarcastically.

Back at the  bridal suite , the Steward decided to disturb the newlyweds before their champagne was warm.
Coughing loudly to announce his presence he firmly rapped on the door.
As expected, it took a while before the door finally opened and Jack poked out his head.
The waiter trundled inside, trying not to look at the dishevelled bride standing by the bed.
Her forced smile could not hide her discomfort as she gingerly rubbed the seat of her wedding gown.

The waiter accepted a tip from Jack and made a hasty exit , smiling at the embarrassed bride as he left.
“I hope you’re proud of yourself Jack Naylor….  I'm sure he overheard you spanking me” Katie fumed.
Jack laughed “What if her did  ? ….and you’re not getting away that easily young lady, that was just a warm up. You’re in for a real bottom roasting later .. ..but for now let’s sit down and enjoy our champagne …while you still can  !” he teased.
Katie whined “AW NO  Jack…” but she knew she deserved a real good spanking from her new husband.

“YEOOOW!” Sonia howled when Bill snapped the back of the hairbrush against her scorched cheeks yet again.
“Pleeeease no more….my butt is on fire….really it is….I’ve learned my lesson !” She pleaded.
Unconvinced , Bill responded by applying a series of 6 stinging swats to his wife’s wiggling bottom.

Sonia gasped with relief when Bill paused to gently massage her flaming skin.
Bill loved to sight of his wife’s bottom , especially when it was that  fiery red colour.
Her spanking had been thorough enough to remind her of her behaviour every time she sat for the next little while.

“OK…on your feet Missie!” he announced, giving her rump a final swat.
Sonia hopped around the room ,frantically trying to rub the sting from her scorched cheeks.
“Oh my poor bottom! Its on fire!” she wailed.
Bill chuckled and took hold of her again pulling her into his chest.
Their lips locked in a long kiss and Sonia slowly slid down to her knees.

Frantically she undid her husband’s pants , releasing his straining erection .
Hungrily eying his shaft, Sonia licked her lips , opening her mouth wide to invite it inside.
Bill let out a gasp of sheer pleasure as Sonia expertly caressed him with her tongue while her lips slid up and down his shaft.
It wasn’t long before she had him whipped into a frenzy he found hard to control.
Sonia's head bobbed up and down swallowing  her husband's member until it could go no further.
Bill moaned in ecstasy.
Sonia sensed it was time and waited with an open mouth until Bill exploded violently .
She eagerly swallowed every bit of semen , licking her lips to take in every drop.

Bill collapsed backwards on the bed and Sonia flopped on top of him.
They kissed again and Sonia sat up, quickly discarding her bustier.
“Get naked Bill Phillips…. if I’m going to have a sore bottom tomorrow you’re going to make it worth my while!” she giggled.

Gord Naylor turned the large old-fashioned clothes-brush in his hands and turned to his wife , “I’ll bet we’d never get service like this at the Ritz sweetie.” He teased.
“Please Gordon ! Surely you don’t intend to use that on me…’s going to really hurt.” She pleaded.
“Isn’t that what a good spanking is all about dear?” he replied .

Sam the Floor Butler emerged from his station and noticed the ‘do not disturb’ sign displayed on the Naylor's door.
He thought about knocking on the door to ask them if they needed anything but it was getting late and they were likely tired so he decided to wait until they left for breakfast in the morning.

He had only taken a few steps , when he heard a resounding ‘CRACK’ followed by a woman’s loud shriek. It was quickly followed by three more equally loud cracks and more female wailing.
Sam smiled and listened to the rhythmic smacking of wood against bare skin. "Nothing like a good , old-fashioned wife spanking !" he told himself.

Inside the room , Sylvia Naylor knelt on an antique Louis XVI chairs , her expensive gown hoisted over her waist ,   lace panties banded around her knees and her round bottom thrust out.
Sleeves rolled up and with a determined expression , Gord swung the large brush bringing it down repeatedly on his wife’s bare cheeks.

The brush soon turned Sylvia’s twin globes a flaming red , leaving angry red ovals of the brush imprinted on her tender skin.
After about 20 good swats , Sylvia was  bawling like a baby , pleading anxiously for her husband to stop.
“We talked about this before we left Sylvia and you promised me you would be on your best behaviour. That’s why we didn’t pack the hairbrush so it's your own fault!”Gordon scolded.
Gord’s response was to deliver a trio of whacks that almost had Sylvia leaping from the chair.

Outside the room , Sam winced at every whack , acknowledging how much it must hurt.
He had to admit that the snooty , ill-mannered  lady certainly deserved a good spanking . 
He had been regularly spanking his wife Cora for over 35 years and he was certain it was why they had such a happy marriage. 

Listening Mrs. Naylor's spanking stirred something inside him.
It occurred to him that it had been quite some time since he had tanned Cora’s substantial rump.
He had become complacent.
Just this morning she had thrown one of her tantrums for no reason .
 Years ago that would have earned her a good dose of the strap .
Picking up his cell phone he dialled Cora’s number……. 

Katie twirled around in the huge bathroom admiring her wedding night lingerie in the full-length mirror.
It had taken her a long time to choose it, and of course it was very expensive, but she looked simply stunning in it and couldn’t wait for Jack to see it.
It was a simple, white sheer see-through baby doll and tiny bikini panties, not much material for $500 but well worth it in Katie’s mind.

She made a dramatic entrance to the room and Jack’s jaw dropped at the sight .
On the bed was an expensively wrapped package, which  caught Katie’s attention.
“What’s that?” she chirped giddily.
“Special delivery to the happy couple from your Mother…it just arrived.” Jack told her.
Forgetting everything else Katie began ripping away at the package but  her jaw dropped  when she saw its contents.
It was a large, antique hairbrush made out of polished walnut.

“There’s a note…aren’t you going to read it?” Jack asked.
Katie read it aloud :

 “ This brush belonged to your Grandmother and it taught me many lessons over the years before she gifted  it to your Father and I  on our wedding day. It’s been well used and is one of the reasons we are still happily married after 30 years.
I’m sure it will do the same for you and Jack. Love Mom”

Jack grinned and took the brush from Katie.
“Your Mom mentioned I would need some help keeping you in line…. I guess this is the help she was referring to…”
Katie gasped.
“No way Jack…. don’t you dare use that on me…. its our wedding night…. EEEEK!”
Jack took a firm hold of his bride’s wrist and hauled her over to the bed.
“Time for your  real spanking!” he declared.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Sonia?”Bill asked , watching his wife wiggle into her tight white Capri pants.
Sonia glanced over her shoulder at her glowing red bottom.She wore no underwear.
“After that spanking you gave me last night , my bottom is way to sore  ……” she explained.
Bill chuckled when Sonia contorted her face in a grimace and carefully eased the pants over the curves of her hips. 
“Its not funny Bill!” she raged.

“Looks like the happy couple have arrived.” Bill announced peering out the bedroom window.
They both watched carefully when Jack opened the door of the car for Katie.
Katie winced and rubbed the seat of her tight shorts.
“Looks like our girl had an uncomfortable ride over here ……Jack must have put some more mileage on my Mom’s hairbrush last night!” Sonia cackled.
Bill smiled.“If he did that will be three generations who have felt the sting of that hairbrush!”

Bill and Sonia greeted the newlyweds warmly , “Did you get my gift?” Sonia asked her daughter.
Katie rubbed the seat of her shorts again and wrinkled her nose.
“Oh I got it alright Mom…boy did I get it!” she replied.
Bill gave Jack a wink of approval and everyone laughed.

Back at the Savoy , Sam waited anxiously for the Naylor’s to emerge from their room.
It seems Cora had missed the spankings as much as Sam did so when he returned from his shift last night , the strap was already placed on the sturdy chair in their bedroom . 

The memory of Cora’s ample twin cheeks jiggling on his lap under the strap was still fresh on his mind when the door to the Naylor’s room opened and Sylvia emerged.
In her right hand was the clothes-brush and Sam was surprised when Sylvia actually greeted him with an engaging smile.
“It’s Sam isn’t it ? My husband asked me to return the brush to you .”
Sam nodded “ Thank you Ma’am. I hope it suited his purpose?”
A playful smile played across Sylvia’s lips and she rubbed the seat of her slacks.
“I can assure you it was put to good use Sam !” she smiled.

Gord appeared and gave Sam a hefty tip.
“That’s for all your good work Sam – especially for the brush.” He said.
“Thank you Mr Naylor but this is too much…” Sam replied.
“Take it please….you deserve it….take your wife out to dinner .”Gord said taking his wife’s hand  and letting his other arm slip down her back.
Sylvia et out a little gasp when he smacked her tender bottom.
Sam chuckled with him.

 Gord Naylor opened the car door for his wife and her face contorted as she carefully extracted herself from her seat.
She greeted Sonia and Bill with enthusiastic hugs which matched those of her husband.
Sylvia took Sonia aside , “I'm afraid I owe you an apology Sonia . I was very overbearing and downright rude to you yesterday , and you and Bill were so gracious about it. Gord made me realize how poorly I’d treated you.” she said with a grimace , “I hope you need some help in the kitchen because sitting is he the last thing I want to do this morning !” she added.

Sonia giggled and handed Sylvia an apron.
“I hope Gord wasn’t too hard on you Sylvia?” Sonia commiserated.
“Let’s just say I had it coming… about your discussion with Bill?” Sylvia asked.
Sonia winced  and rubbed the seat of her pants.
“He made his point alright and sitting is not an option for me either!”
“I even had to cancel my massage this morning …” Sylvia announced , “ My bottom was so red the masseuse would have needed sunglasses !”

The trio of spankees , Sonia , Sylvia and Katie stayed busy mingling and serving people until all the guests had left.
“Leave those dishes for later girls, let’s relax and have a swim before we take the newlyweds  to the airport.” Bill announced.”You guys did bring your swimsuits ?” His tone suggesting it was more of a command than a request.

Sylvia blushed and whispered to Sonia , “I love to swim Sonia but I’m afraid my swimsuit is going to be a bit too ‘revealing’ if you know what I mean….”
Sonia knew exactly what Sylvia meant. Her swimsuit would also reveal a red , spanked bottom for all to see.
“Don’t worry Sylvia , I have a wrap you can borrow and once we’re in the pool nobody will notice.” She assured her. 

Sonia looked over her shoulder and groaned when she looked into the mirror at her curve hugging one-piece swimsuit.
As expected , the hi-cut design  showed her well-spanked bottom , so she reached for her wrap to cover up.
Bill slapped her hands away “No way young lady…. I want that bottom of yours in full view…’s all part of your punishment !” he scolded. 
Sonia’s face flushed as red as her bottom.
“OK Mr. Phillips…. have your fun…. but I’ll get you for this!” she retorted.

In her bedroom, Katie had a more serious  predicament with her tiny string bikini.
Jack found it amusing that the lack of material revealed the tell-tale red marks left by Grandmother’s hairbrush.
“Maybe the  marks will have faded by the time we get to the resort?” Jack consoled.
Katie was not amused.
“You’re enjoying this Jack aren’t you? Don’t worry you’ll get yours!” she warned.

Sylvia tied the sarong Sonia had given her at the waist and inspected herself in the mirror.
Lightening quick , Gord tugged on the knot and whisked it away.
“Aw please Gord….everyone will know I got a spanking!” she protested.
“Exactly!” came the reply.
Sylvia stamped her feet and wagged a finger at Gord.
“Have it your way Gordon…..but I will have my revenge !” she declared dramatically.

A refreshing swim was just what the three couples needed after an exhausting couple of days.
The three men floated in the pool and took in the glorious sight of their wives scrumptiously red bottoms ..
“There’s no sight better than that …is there Gord?” Bill observed.
“That ought to teach them whose the boss . “ Jack added.
“I wouldn’t count on that Jack….I'll bet those three are already planning their revenge ….I’d watch my ass if I were you….pardon the pun….I certainly will !”Gord advised.

Jack looked at bit confused.“….but the note on the hairbrush said it was for husband’s to use  on their wives?”
Bill chuckled “ You’d best read it again son. It's a two way street when it comes to  that hairbrush. Katie has the right to use it on you if she thinks you deserve  it…that’s the secret to a long happy marriage.I can tell you that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that hairbrush if Katie swings it as well as her Mother does!”

Jack was looking a bit concerned now. “Seriously Bill? Sonia spanks you ?"
“All’s fair in love and marriage Jack …that brush has been applied to the backsides of generations of men , including Kate’s Father and Grandfather… it won’t be long until you’re turn arrives” Bill replied.

“You’re Father-in-law is right son. A marriage will only work if the scales are balanced.
Your Mom has a big hairbrush sitting on her dresser reserved exclusively for my butt when I need it !”
Jack was surprised at the sudden confession and  just could not picture the big man-mountain being spanked by his petite wife.

“Bill ! I’d like to speak with you upstairs.” Sonia called out haughtily.
Bill knew by her tone that it wasn’t good,  but he was in the middle of showing Gord and Jack his 1968 Mustang .
“Give me 10 honey….I’m in the middle of something!” Bill hollered .
There was a brief pause before Sonia responded in a louder tone.
“I said NOW Bill ,and you’ll be getting  a lot more than 10….and I’m not talking about minutes !”

A shiver ran up Bill’s spine.
He recognized that tone.
His mind raced .What had he done ? Sonia didn’t call him like that for no reason.
Gord and Jack looked just as concerned , as if it was they were the ones summoned.

Reluctantly Bill excused himself and walked slowly upstairs ,  buying time .
When he reached the bedroom he saw a familiar pink speeding ticket on Sonia’s dresser and realized the reason for her displeasure.
Sonia stood  confidently beside a straight back chair, brandishing her hairbrush in her right hand.

Nonchalantly , she reached back to tie her long red mane into a pony tail.
“Do you mind bringing that over to me Bill..” she asked curtly , nodding at the ticket.
Bill’s heart pounded and his mouth went dry.
He had carefully concealed the ticket it in his briefcase to avoid having to tell Sonia.
Timidly he handed the document to his wife.
Sonia peered angrily at Bill over  her reading glasses.

Despite his predicament , Bill could not deny that he found the  commanding presence of the voluptuous Sonia , still dressed in her swimsuit , very exciting.
With her oversized glasses perched on the edge of her cute nose , Sonia scanned the document closely.
“I believe we’ve had this discussion many times Bill , and every time you promise it will be the last but this one looks a real doozie to me….$300! Not only that….I only came across it when I was looking in your briefcase for one of your business cards to give to Sylvia .When were you planning on telling me about it?” she challenged , waving the pink slip in her husband’s face.

Bill started to mumble a response.
“Speak up!” Sonia hollered angrily , clearing enjoying the power she now held.
“Er…actually I…um….wasn’t planning on telling you Hon… be honest.” he confessed.

Sonia sighed ,  put the ticket down and placing a pillow on the chair , carefully lowered herself onto it with a slight gasp.
Bill could not hide a smirk.
“I’ll soon wipe that smirk off your face Bill Phillips ! You know the routine….bare that backside and get over my lap ….butt up and head down!”

“Can’t this wait until after we drop the kids off at the airport Sonia?” Bill protested.
Sonia’s response was a simple raise of her eyebrow .
Sitting back in her chair she patted her lap.
“Let’s get on with it Bill or you’ll get it much worse!” she warned.

Reluctantly Bill slid his swim-shorts down to his ankles and stepped out of them..
Sonia could not hide an impish grin when her husband’s huge erection stood to attention before her.
She slapped Bill’s rear with the back of the brush making him yelp loudly .
“Come on …..Get over!” she scolded and Bill leapt into position.
As he did , Sonia made sure to open her legs enough to let Bill’s erection slide in between before clamping them firmly shut.
Bill groaned and steadied himself by placing both palms on the floor.

Teasingly Sonia massaged her husband’s white cheeks with the hardwood back of the brush.
Bill cheeks clenched in anticipation but Sonia continued to tease , allowing the insides of her thighs to grip onto Bill’s throbbing shaft.

“Getting another speeding ticket when you promised to be more careful is bad enough Bill…but to try and hide it from me makes is plain dishonest and disrespectful  and I will not stand for it… you understand ?” Sonia lectured.
“Yes Ma’am” Bill replied.
“I am going to give that stubborn rump of yours such a blistering that you’re going to be reminded every time you sit down for the next week !!”

Sonia lightly tapped the back of the brush against Bill’s cheeks to measure her aim , before raising it high in the air .
With an expert flick of her wrist she snapped it against his right buttock.
There was a loud ‘CRAAACK!!!’  accompanied by a yelp from Bill.
Sonia raised her arm again and delivered a matching blow to his opposite cheek.

Continuing , she delivered 10 more blows at the same velocity , alternating from cheek to cheek.
Bill struggled to stay in place and maintain his exposure.
The spanks were coming thick and fast now , and they really hurt,  the burning intensifying with each swat.
Bill kicked his legs and bucked on Sonia’s lap  until she finally stopped for breath.
Her palm massaged Bill’s red skin which was hot to her touch.
“That will do for a warm-up Honey….now lets get down to business shall we?” Sonia announced.

Jack and Bill peered at Bill's Mustang but their attention was captivated by the sounds coming from the open bedroom window above the garage.

Jack’s mouth was agape and Gord smiled at him.
“Don’t know what Bill did but he wasn’t kidding about Sonia…..sounds like she really knows how to use that hairbrush !” he announced.
Meanwhile , over at the pool , Katie and Sylvia stood sipping their drinks , listening with amusement to the shenanigans coming from the upstairs window.
“That’s gotta sting !” Katie declared when her mother’s brush found a particularly tender spot producing a loud howl from her Dad.
Sylvia chuckled and nodded agreement , "Yes that was quite a whopper!"

Sonia’a brush continued to rise and fall repeatedly on Bill’s bare rump hard , fast , furious and non-stop.
He howled , squirmed and kicked on her lap.
His butt felt like it was on fire and the pain was almost unbearable.
“AAARGHH!!” “AAAAAH!!!” Bill hollered loudly when Sonia began walloping the tops of his thighs.

After about 60 or 70 good solid licks , Sonia paused to inspect her handiwork.
She could feel Bill’s heart pounding rapidly against her thighs .
He moaned lowly and she noticed his erection had disappeared.
Bill flinched when Sonia stroked his buttocks with her palms.
His skin was a flaming crimson , peppered with oval shaped outlines and blisters were forming on his twin sit spots where her brush had landed again and again.  

“Please Sonia…I..I’m sorry…really I am…honest I’m truly sorry…” Bill pleaded.
Sonia was unsympathetic.
“Not half as sorry as you’re going to be Mister….I’m far from finished with you yet !” she declared.

Bill flinched when he felt Sonia line up the hairbrush against the tender area where his buttocks met his thighs.
It was the exact area where he would put his weight when he sat down and Sonia intended to give it her full attention for the next few minutes.


Pleased with her husband’s reaction , Sonia continued her assault on his sensitive area


Then with a few final roundhouse licks , Sonia brought her husband’s spanking to a conclusion.

Bill just lay there moaning  trying to catch his breath while Sonia sat back in admiration.
Bill’s entire rear-quarters looked like five miles of bad road.
She was sure he’d be feeling the effects of this spanking for quite a while which was exactly what she intended.
“You may get up now!” She declared.
Slowly Bill staggered to his feet .
His face was flushed and eyes watering.
He carefully put his hands back to sooth the burning but it did little good.

Sonia put down the brush and looked at her husband earnestly.
“Well? What do you have to say for yourself.?”
Bill’s faced was contorted in a grimace but he was able to muster something of a reply.
“I’m sorry Ma’am…..I promise to slow down and respect the speed limits ….and I’m sorry for hiding the ticket from you..” 

Sonia smiled with satisfaction.
“Good!” she exclaimed and stood up to give her husband a hug.
When Bill pulled Sonia close he noticed the window was open.
“Has that been open the whole time ?” he asked aghast.
Sonia stood with arms folded and an impish expression.
“Oh my….I guess it was!” she said , feigning surprise.
“But…bb…that means everyone….” Bill babbled.
Instead of answering , Sonia went over to the open window and leaned out.
“It’s your turn Sylvia!” she called out.

Sylvia waved at Sonia her expression morphing from happy to angry , and marched over to the garage where a still stunned Gord and Jack continued to linger.
Gord recognized the expression on his wife’s face …it meant trouble and he immediately went on the defensive.
“Oh hi honey….er….whatcha got there?” he asked , his usually firm tone fading.
Sylvia held up an envelope and a sarcastic grin played on her lips.
“Oh just some candid photos from the wedding yesterday….some of them featuring you enjoying a smoke !” she declared.

Gord’s head dropped and his face reddened , "Uh Oh!" he muttered.
“Could you excuse us for a while Jack ? Sonia has kindly made her bedroom available to your Father and I so we can have a little discussion about his smoking behind my back…” she said , then turning to her husband added , ".....something else is going to be smoking very soon mister!"

When his parents left , Jack gulped when he saw  his new wife casting him a very stern look  , her index finger curling to beckoning him to her.

Meanwhile , upstairs Bill felt his erection slowly regenerating.
This did not escape Sonia’s attention and she slid one hand down to grasp it while the other took a handful of her husband’s scorched cheeks.
“UUUUUHHH!” Bill groaned as Sonia shifted her fingers around his shaft , expertly  bringing it back to life.

As Bill pulled Sonia closer , they both paused upon hearing deliberately loud footsteps coming up the stairs.
“Hope you’re decent …Gord and I are coming up !” Sylvia called out.
“What the hell is going on Sonia ?” a frustrated Bill asked.
“Get your shorts back on Bill….I promise I’ll take care of that in the spare bedroom ! I gave Gord and Sylvia our room for one of their little discussions. ” Sonia chirped .

The Naylor’s made their way upstairs and a red-faced Bill did his best to hide the prominent erection bulging in his shorts.
“I’ve left everything out for you Sylvia. Take your time , we don’t have to leave for the airport for another hour yet.” Sonia said.
Behind her , the usually buoyant Gord was looking very subdued.
He and Bill exchanged sympathetic glances as Gord followed Sylvia into the bedroom.

In the spare room , Sonia chuckled watching Bill examine his blistered backside in the mirror.
“Quite a thorough job don’t you think dear ?” she gloated.
Sonia peeled off her one-piece and  stood naked in front of her husband . She turned around to show Bill her bottom.
“Actually my bottom isn’t too bad now is it …I think that swim helped…..” She chirped.”….and you guys have such thick skins we have to paddle you much harder don’t we?” she teased.
Sonia knelt on the bed on all floors , opened her legs and thrust out her shapely bottom.
Turning her head around she looked at Bill.
“Well ? Are you going to stand there complaining about your sore bottom or are you going to fuck me Bill Phillips ?” she asked.

With such an enticing sight before him Bill needed no encouraging  but their moment was interrupted by sounds coming from the other room.


“GEEZ ! Sylvia’s really laying it on poor Gord good isn’t she ? He’s a pretty tough customer but she’s got him bawling like a baby !” Bill declared.
Sonia grinned contently.
Then she turned and looked impatiently at her husband.
“Now let’s get back to business Bill Phillips or would you rather I take the hairbrush to your backside again?” she warned.
“YES MA’AM!” Bill replied .

Outside beside the pool , a rather concerned Jack stood before his new wife who was clearly in  no-nonsense mode.
She pointed to the window where the sounds of the hairbrush being applied to Gordon Naylor’s behind resounded loudly from the window.
For a moment or two Katie said nothing while Jack shifted uneasily from foot to foot listening to Gord’s wailing.
Finally Katie spoke.
“Gord is such a big , tough guy but it’s amazing how a small implement like my Grandma’a hairbrush can have him bawling like a baby …isn’t it Jack?” she said.
“I…I….suppose so ?” Jack replied uncertainly.

Katie held a  piece of paper in her hand and  waved it under Jack’s nose.
“I’ve been keeping track of your behaviour over the past six months Jack Naylor and we are going to have a little discussion too!” she told him.

Jack started to speak but Katie abruptly silenced him with a wag of her finger.
“We’re leaving for the airport shortly so I don’t have time to deal with you now Jack , but be assured once we get to the resort I will be going through this list with you and you will be getting a long overdue taste of my hairbrush !” she announced.

“Hurry up and get dressed honey……we don’t want to make  Katie and Jack miss their flight”
Bill sighed , “How am I supposed  to sit for a 20 minute drive after the walloping you just gave me?”
“It’s your own fault.” Sonia replied showing no sympathy and simply dangling the keys to the Mustang in his face.
“AW….can’t I at least drive there Sonia?” he pleaded.
“NOPE! Naughty boys like you have their driving privileges removed…I’m driving!” She scolded .

The Naylors were waiting downstairs to say their goodbyes.
Sylvia had a contented glowed about her while Gord appeared flustered, shifting from foot to foot as he rubbed the seat of his Bermuda shorts.

“Thank you so much for your hospitality…..and especially for lending me your hairbrush Sonia !” Sylvia said , making both men blush.
“It’s gonna be a real uncomfortable ride back to the hotel for someone !” she added , producing a forced smile from Gord.
“Try not to hit too many bumps honey.” he asked.

Katie gave her Mother a big hug and stood on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on her Father’s cheek.
“So I hope you guys enjoy the ‘empty nest’?” she giggled.
Sonia beamed  “Well dear , for one thing,  the privacy will allow your Father and I to catch up on some old traditions ….isn’t that so dear ?” Sonia said , playfully patting her husband’s tender rump .

Just in time to save Bill’s blushes , Jack joined them,  hauling the  luggage behind him.
“Well it didn’t take you long for you to train him properly Katie…how did you do that?” Sylvia observed.
“Oh I think you’re well aware of the power of the hairbrush !” Katie replied.
Jack just blushed and gave his mother a  hug
“Behave yourself son.” Sylvia said.
“Oh believe me.....he will Mrs Naylor “ Katie chirped .
Sonia gave her daughter an approving wink.

Sonia and Sylvia both cackled when their men sat very gingerly beside them in the car.
The humiliation of having to sit in the passenger seat on a well spanked bottom , while their wives drove was almost as  humiliating as the spankings.

Even Jack couldn’t help taking a jab at his squirming father-in-law.
“Too bad Ford didn’t offer seat coolers as an option back in 1968 Jack!”
The girls found it very funny....Bill not so much.
“Very funny Jack ….we’ll see how comfortable you’ll be sitting when you get back!” Bill replied.
Katie winked mischieviously at her Dad.

“OWW! For Gawd’s sake woman take it easy over those bumps !” Gord yelled angrily.
Sylvia’s reaction was to drive their rental roughly over another of the Hotel Savoy speed bumps and slam on the brakes , giving her husband even more discomfort.
“If you don’t apologize for that remark this instant Gordon Naylor , so help me I’ll borrow Sam’s clothes-brush and give your backside another blistering !” Sylvia scolded.

Gord squirmed in his seat.
“But you’re doing it on purpose Sylvia… know my butt is tender!” Gord whined.
Sylvia scooted the car into the valet parking lane and smiled at the attendant while Gord agonizingly extracted himself from the car.

Sylvia passed the keys to the attendant and stood before her husband with arms folded.
“Well ? I’m waiting Gordon!” she said sternly.
“Oh OK….I apologise…” he muttered reluctantly.
“Sorry I didn’t hear you properly Gordon."
“ I said I’m sorry.” He repeated,  louder this time.
Sylvia was still not satisfied.
“Sorry what?” she prompted.
“MA’AM…I’M SORRY MA’AM!” Gord blurted.
“Good!” Sylvia acknowledged with a grin.

Gord walked stiffly behind his wife until they reached Sam’s station.
He was sitting in his chair polishing and Gord  noticed he was sitting on a large pillow .
“Trouble with the wife Sam?” Gord commiserated.
Sam rubbed the seat of his pants “ You know what they say Mr. Naylor….what's good for the goose is good for the gander!” Sam cackled.

Sylvia laughed “ I’ll have to remember that Sam…by the way , are you using your clothes-brush?”
Gord bristled when Sam reached down to fetch it.
“No Mrs Naylor you’re welcome to use it.” Sam said.
Sylvia took it in her hand and rolled it back and forth , teasingly slapping the back against her palm while Gord stood there sweating.
“Not right now thanks Sam….but keep it handy….I may need it before we leave tomorrow!” 
Gord sighed in relief and followed Sylvia into their room , dropping Sam another hefty tip.