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Monday, December 30, 2019

After Dinner Warming - MF Spanking Cartoon

This naughty wife just can't seem to behave herself in public.She has too much to drink , flirts , talks too loud , is rude and generally embarrasses her husband.He has warned her time and time again to behave but she just does not listen.Upon advice from a friend , he is going to try a new method of teaching her how to behave .I have a feeling this might change her ways......

Friday, December 27, 2019

Emma's Threat - FM Spanking Story

The entire dinner table was stunned into silence as soon as the words left Clay's lips.
He immediately regretted his foolish,  uncontrolled outburst and knew by Emma's reaction that he would be regretting it even more.

Clay had been working hard at the Ranch all month , overdoing it as usual and ignoring his wife's attempts to avoid exerting himself.
As a result , he became cranky and irritable , snapping at his employees and taking it out on others , especially Emma.

Emma herself had been working diligently , preparing for the couples 25th anniversary dinner and she did not wish to have Clay in one of his 'moods' and spoil their special night.
She tried tactfully at first , telling Clay to slow down , that he was not 25 anymore and needed to take care of his health.
When that approach failed , Emma had little choice but to use the tried and true method of getting her stubborn Husband's attention .

When Clay returned that evening in his usual foul mood , he found a determined Emma waiting for him.
"Where's my supper ?" he snapped angrily upon seeing the empty table.
"Oh your supper is ready Darling but there was no point setting the table because you'll likely prefer to eat it standing at the mantle!" she replied firmly , with just a hint of a smirk.

Her response had an immediate impact on Clay's demeanour , "Listen here Emma Sweetheart....I know I've been a bit ornery lately and I'm truly sorry....." he began.
"Oh you're going to be sorry alright mister...." Emma interrupted , folding her arms  as she leaned back against the table , " let's go upstairs so we can have a long overdue discussion .....and this time you WILL listen to me I assure you!"

"Aw come on Emma....I said I'm sorry. Let's eat and we'll talk about this later." Clay reasoned , but his wife remained resolute and  pointed to the stairs , " I said upstairs NOW Clay ! You've been asking for this  and now you're gonna get it!"
Reluctantly , the big Cowboy turned around and trudged upstairs with his determined wife following close behind him.

Emma closed the bedroom door and rolled up her sleeve.
Her demeanour indicated weeks of pent up frustration were about to be released on her husband's rear quarters.

"OK  ! Let's have you then Clay!" she declared , taking her seat on the big chair and patting her lap.
Clay stepped out of his remaining piece of clothing , placing his 'tightie whities' neatly with his other clothes.
Taking a deep breath , he strode over to his wife's side.
Emma scooped up the hairbrush and sat back in the chair to allow her big Cowboy to drape his sturdy frame over her denim lap.
She adjusted her man's hips so her target was in the perfect position to receive the brush.
Then she raised her arm and began their 'discussion'.....

A short while later when his backside was well warmed , Clay was permitted to eat supper , albeit standing uneasily at the mantel while Emma sat comfortably at the table .
" I want to be very clear about something Clay. I've gone to a lot of trouble organizing our anniversary dinner , so I want you to be on your very best behaviour .....or , so help me , I'll take you by the ear , march you upstairs and give you  the spanking of your life right there and then!" She warned him.

Clay paused from chewing his steak and looked at his wife in disbelief , "With everybody there ? Even you wouldn't dare do that Emma!" he said somewhat uncertainly.
Emma regarded him sternly , "Oh I think  you know I would dare Clay!"
Clay chuckled in resignation , "You would too wouldn't you?"

So now here we are and despite his wife's warning , Clay had  crossed the line yet again.
He looked over contritely  at Emma , hoping for clemency...or at least a delay of his earned punishment.
Emma took a moment to allow him wallow in his penance.
Then , pushing her plate away , she stood up , "Excuse us everyone , but I need to take Clay somewhere private for a few moments." she announced as if she had been anticipating that very moment.

Clay sat frozen as Emma approached him and let out a very unmanly yelp when she pinched his ear between her forefinger and thumb and hauled him to his feet.
Laughter erupted in the room as Emma swayed confidently down the hall with her reluctant husband stumbling along beside her.

Their amused guests did not know what to expect until the gunshot like cracks of a hairbrush connecting with bare skin echoed down the hallway.
Their daughter Ellie smiled and winked at her boyfriend Wade , "Mom warned Pop she would give him a spanking if he acted up tonight!" she chirped.
"WOW! Emma's really giving it to him good! Is she using a..... " Clay's sister Marg  remarked with a chuckle.
".....a clothes brush I believe....a real big one by the sound of it !" Emma's best friend Sherry added.
"Just like the one I have on my dresser at home....right Mike ?" she smirked to her husband making his face flush red.

While the ladies around the table thoroughly enjoyed the noisy symphony of whacks and yelps , their men sat uneasily in silence , picking at their dinner plates.
The cacophony of noise ended with a final flurry of rapid-fire spanks and howls from Clay.
Moments later , a satisfied and positively  glowing Emma emerged to loud applause from the ladies at the table.
Retaking her seat , she  conversed with her guests as if nothing unusual had happened .

Clay returned next, walking stiffly , his face a blazing red and hands at his sides as if he was trying to resist the urge to rub his burning posterior.
He did his best to act normally but his obvious embarrassment and discomfort showed.
Gripping his chair , his face contorted in a grimace when he carefully lowered himself onto it , letting out an involuntary 'OW!' when his tender cheeks met the harsh wood.

"Would you like a pillow Honey ? Or perhaps you would prefer to eat at the mantel again?" Emma teased to more giggles from the ladies.
Clay forced a smile , "Thanks for the offer Sweetheart...but no." he replied .

Emma grinned in satisfaction , "By the way ladies , I've left the brush on the chair just in case you need it !" she announced to great excitement from the ladies.
Sherry looked sternly at Mike , "Well as a matter of fact , there is the matter of that off-colour joke I warned you not to tell Darlin'...." she told him.
Mike shook his head frantically , "No wouldn't....not here....YEOOW!" his protests ended with his wife pinching his ear firmly.
Let's go Darlin' !" she declared , hurrying Mike along with a firm slap to the seat of his denims.

Ellie looked at he boyfriend , "You're next Wade...and I think you know why..."she warned.
Wade's jaw dropped and he fidgeted nervously at the table while they listened to the symphony of 'WHACKs' and 'OWs coming from upstairs .
A short while later when a red-faced Mike was escorted back to the table by a buoyant Sherry , it was Wade's turn to make that long walk upstairs where the hairbrush awaited him.

As the steady stream of spankings continued , Emma busied herself in the kitchen preparing dessert.
By the time she was ready to serve  , each and every man at the table was squirming uncomfortably in his seat!

"Would you gentlemen like your pie hot or cold ?" she asked to cackles and giggles from the ladies.
"I'd say they had best have it cold Emma.....they have more than enough heat than they can handle for now !"Sherry replied.

Emma shook her head and looked a Clay , "....and you said an anniversary party would be boring Sweetheart!"
Clay cocked his head and looked at his wife , "You planned all this didn't you Emma McCord?" he asked.
His wife beamed proudly as she served him his pie , "Of course I did...with a little help from the girls!" she chuckled.

He gave Emma's plump backside a hearty slap as she leaned over ,"Clay McCord! How dare you!" she shrieked ,feigning indignation.
"That was just a little taste of what you can expect after the party young lady!" he warned sternly.
"Promises , promises...." Emma cooed in response.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Pass the Brush - MF Spanking Cartoon

Is there anything worse than having to hold the dreaded brush until the spanker is ready to use it?

Friday, December 13, 2019

A Good Blistering - FM Spanking Comic

Alan and Janet had not been dating long before she threatened him with a 'good blistering'.
Alan laughed and requested a clarification which his assertive new girlfriend was happy to provide.
He felt his face flush when Janet explained which area of his anatomy which would  be blistered and how she intended to do it.
"Blistering of the skin occurs when it experiences intense heat and , believe me Alan darling , my hairbrush will create very intense heat when I apply it to your bare bottom!" Janet informed him matter of factly.
"Don't worry Alan , we will be having a long 'discussion' about all this very soon Alan!" she adds.
Alan still did not believe her until it was time for that 'discussion'......