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Friday, May 3, 2019

Destination Wedding - MF Spanking Story

Samantha had been planning this destination wedding for months and thought she had covered every little detail.....except one apparently!
She had selected the tiny bikini to wear at the after party with the intent of wowing people by showing off her tanned , taut body which the had worked so hard at thd gym to sculpt.
The bikini certainly did that, but now it was also showing off a lot more than she intended.
Looking over her shoulder she could see a pair of shapely , but very red globes reflected in the mirror.

One item she did regret bringing was the big , old fashioned clothesbrush she thought might be needed for the Tuxedos worn by her new husband Randy and his Groomsmen.
As it turned out the brush was not required for the Tuxedos , but did come in handy for Randy last night for a different purpose.

The post wedding "Girls Night Out" party the new Bride had planned as a thank you to her  Bridesmaids had gone a little too far, with Local Police having to intervene when the tipsy gals started removing some items of their clothing in a bar , to the delight of the male patrons.
Luckily , the Police Chief treated the incident diplomatically , removing the young ladies from the bar and taking them to another room while their husbands and boyfriends were informed to come and safely escort them home.

By the time their menfolk arrived ,  the ladies had eturned to some level of sobriety with the help of complimentary strong coffees.
They soon realized they were in deep trouble!

One by one they were marched out
 to an awaiting Taxi by their irate partners .
During the uncomfortable ride to their hotel , the young ladies were assured that retribution for their most unladylike behaviour was imminent.

Samantha did her best to plead leniency from Randy ,but he was determined to set the tone soo early in their very young marriage.
He knew if he let Samantha talk her way out of this escapade he would be weakened and she knew it.

By the time they had retrned to the Bridal Suite , that nasty Clothes Brush was already laid out on the bed ready to discipline his naughty wife.

There was no sense delaying , so Randy wasted no time in tossing his new wife across his lap , hoisting her dress and even downing her tiny thong.
Samantha made one more attempt at clemency but Randy had already picked up the brush and raised it over his head to begin what was to be a lengthy and thorough spanking.
It wasn't the first time Samantha had found herself over Randy's lap and it certainly was not going to be the last.....

So , only a few hours later , here was Samantha inspecting a sore bottom that still showed the results of a sound spanking .
"OH Randy! Look at my poor bottom....I can't possibly go to the pool party with my bottom looking like this....people will know....." she whined .

"....Know that you were spanked like a naughty little girl?" Randy finished for her.
"The way you behaved last night I  think people would be surprised if that pert little bottom of yours wasn't showing signs of a good spanking!
Just put on a wrap to cover up." he suggested.

Samantha sighed , "But I wanted so badly for everyone to see me in this bikini Honey so I can't hide under a wrap!"
Randy grinned , "Don't worry Sam. I expect you won't be the only one there with a well spanked bottom."
His wife's eyes widened , "WHAT?  You mean the rest of the girls...."
"Got a spanking? Yes they did. I discussed it with the rest of the guys last night before  we picked you up and we all agreed you should receive the same punishment. Now I'm not sure if they all had a nice clothes brush like this to spank with but I'm sure they were able to find something!" Randy chuckled.

A mischiefous smile played on Samantha's face .
The thought of all her best friends having bottoms as red and sore as hers was quite amusing....and sexy!
She tossed the wrap on the bed , "I came here to show off my butt in this suit and that's what I intend to do! I deserved that spanking and I'm going to show that off too." she declared proudly.

It seems the other girls had made the same decision ,as not one of them made any attempt to hide their cute reddened appendages.
In fact , at the pool they joked and openly and wore their freshly spanked bottoms like a badge of honour .
Even their men agreed that their thong bikinis framed those hot bottoms perfectly.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Couples Retreat - FM Spanking Cartoon

It seems theses husbands  had a completely different expectation of the 'Couples Retreat' weekend their wives  planned for the two couples.
It's going to be a long , painful drive back home  for the pair after two days of this !

Friday, April 26, 2019

A Spanking Request - MF Spanking Cartoon

She's acted like a brat all day long and he finally decides to take her over his knee for a well-deserved spanking.
This is when her excuses will begin , and admittedly they can be convincing , but it's important to stay on task and give her exactly what she deserves.
This naughty wife makes her best pitch to mitigate her spanking , but her husband has heard it all before and knows exactly how to respond....

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Keep Counting - FM Spanking Cartoon

This Strict Wife has declared ' 50 of the Best ' for her naughty Husband , so to make sure he gets his full measure she has him count each stroke , accompanied by an earnest 'thank you' for her efforts.
Counting to 50 should not be a difficult task for him , but as the whacks add up , he is genuinely struggling to keep up.
Despite the distraction of the brush stinging his backside , he must not lose count or she might carry out her threat of starting over.
Something tells me she will be giving him a lot more than 50 whacks......

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Chauvinist ....part 2 - FM Spanking Story

Kate sat comfortably at the breakfast bar while Roger knelt on the floor scrubbing vigorously "I want to be able to see my reflection in that floor Roger or you'll find yourself back over my knee! she declared firmly."Yes Ma'am!" Roger replied.
She stretched her neck to inspect her husband's work before nodding her approval.
"Can't you see that my wine glass is almost empty? Are you neglecting me again?" she scolded.
"No Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am!" he replied , promptly rising to replenish her glass.
"That's more like it !" Kate remarked.

Kate waved the hard wooden brush at Roger  , "Alright then Mister....are You ready for the rest of your spanking?"
"Yes Ma'am!" Roger responded.
Kate regarded her husband's already reddened rear with satisfaction " You poor thing! Your poor bottom must be so sore....but it's gonna be sorer!" she teased.

Carefully placing her wine glass on the counter , she patted her lap "Get over my knee young man.......I am going to blister your butt !" she announced .
Her naked hubbie carefully draped himself over her inviting lap.
Roger winced when she raked her long nails across his tender rear before raising her arm and snapping the back of the brush against Roger's right cheek.
Kate giggled at Roger's girlish yelp.
"You're not such a big shot now are you mister?" Kate admonished

Alternating from cheek to cheek , she snapped the brush against Roger's red cheeks  , producing loud yelps and howls from her humbled husband.

Roger struggled to stay in place , squirming and kicking his feet as the brush descended again and again , transforming his already red cheeks to a smouldering dark crimson.
Kate was determined to make sure her naughty husband would not be sitting comfortably for days!
It would be so much fun teasing him about his reluctance and inability to sit and reminding him it was all her work.

Satisfied with her work , Kate released her grip ,"OK that will do for now but you've still got a good leathering to come later!" she announced .
"Yes Ma'am!" Roger replied , just relieved his ordeal was over .....for now.

Kate sat back on her chair , beaming proudly at her handiwork.
"That's what happens to Chauvinists young man!" she teased , giving his bare butt a final , resounding smack which made him hop .

She pointed to the floor , "Back to work Mister!" she ordered.
" I have to Ma''s gleaming!" Roger protested , furiously rubbing his rear.
Instinctively he dropped to his knees and began kissing and caressing his wife's bare feet.
"Well maybe there is another task you could do for the bedroom ..." Kate cooed.
"Anything you desire Ma'am!" Roger replied.

The next morning , Kate awoke to breakfast in bed from her still subservient and contrite husband.
Kate chuckled when she saw Roger's red and still very sore backside.

"I think I'll need to give your bottom a touch up Honey," she teased , "Go fetch the bath brush."
"AW No Kate! Not the darn bath hurts like heck and my behind is aleady so sore!" Roger pleaded .
Ignoring his please , Kate continued to nibble at her toast before replying, , "If you prefer , I could have you get over my knee for another dose of my hairbrush ....before your 40 big ones with the bath brush ?"
Roger sighed and his shoulder slumped before he reluctantly trudged to retrieve the bath brush.

A short while later , Roger stood at the sink washing the breakfast dishes ,wearing nothing bit one of Kate's aprons and his mult-colored rear on full display. .
"Hurry up Sweetie .My girlfriends  will be here soon , and you wouldn't want them to see  your sexy red butt in that little apron would you?" Kate giggled.

Roger panicked at his wife's announcement , "WHAAT? You didn't mention anything to me about that? he protested.
Kate laughed , "Silly boy! Who did  you think all that wine and appetizers were for ?  ....and make sure you wear those tight pants I like.!" she added.
Roger's brow furrowed , " I'm staying? I don't want to sit here chatting with you girls ....especially since my butt is way too sore to sit !" he replied indignantly.
Kate giggled again at his response , "Oh you will be staying alright , but don't worry about sitting're going to be way too busy serving us to sit ! Now go upstairs and lay out the strap before you get changed !" she barked.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Chauvinist - MF Spanking Story

Roger stood with hands on hips as his wife vacuumed the bedroom, "Did you vacuum under the bed?" he asked firmly."Yes Sir!" Kate replied.
Her husband  inspected the freshly made bed before nodding his approval.
"Are the dishes done and put away?" he asked.
"Yes Sir!" she replied.
"....and the bathrooms?"
"All cleaned Sir!"

Roger  scooped up the  big wooden spatula he had brought from the kitchen and sat on the bed , "Alright then Missie....are You ready for your spanking?"
"Yes Sir!" Kate responded.
Roger teased his wife by tapping the spatula against his palm , "Ouchie! This is gonna sting!" he grinned.

"Get over my knee young lady.......I am going to set your butt on fire!" he announced , tapping the spatula again for emphasis.
His naked wife carefully draped herself over her husband's lap.
Massaging her shapely , smooth , lily white cheeks he knew  they were not going to be white for long!.

Then , raising his arm , he brought the spatula  down smartly on Kate's right cheek.
Both were surprised  , Roger at the loudness of the  'WHACK!', and Kate at the sharp sting in her rear.
He loved the way Kate's round globes jiggled and wobbled upon impact.

Alternating from cheek to cheek , Roger snapped the brush against his target , producing loud 'WHACK 's' and lots of high pitched shrieks , "OW's!" and "OUCH's" from his squirming wife.

Kate was struggling to remain in place as the burning in her cheeks mounted.
The spatula had already transformed both of those cheeks from that Lily white hue to a glowing red.
For his part , Roger was thoroughly enjoying himself and 'warming' to his task.

He was determined that his naughty wife  would be feeling the effects of this spanking for the next little while !
It was going to be fun teasing her later . when he spotted her rubbing or  wincing when she sat , and reminding her that he was responsible for making her bottom so tender.
While Kate gritted her teeth and wished for the spanking to end , Roger had no intention of ending it anytime soon.

However , he did allow for a couple of pauses to let Kate catch her breath .
During each break  , he lectured her  , reminding her why she was over his lap having her cute bare bottom roasted.
Finally , Roger decided It was time to bring Kate's spanking to a conclusion.
"OK ! You've got 10 more coming and they're gonna be real stingers...." he announced , ".....and you're going to count  and thank me for each one!"
"Yes Sir!" Kate replied , clenching both cheeks and tightening her grip on her husband's leg in anticipation.

Roger made sure each of the final 10 stingers landed on the spot where Kate would feel it most when she sat.
He could tell by her shaking , trembling voice that he had done a thorough job.
"TT..TEN! THANK YOU SIR !" Kate gasped with relief when the final spank landed.

Roger grinned and carefully inspected his handiwork.
His wife's bottom was a fiery ,bright red , her skin hot to the touch.
"That ought to do you for a while young lady!" he teased , giving her butt a final , playful smack.

Releasing his grip he allowed her to get up.
He could not help laughing when Kate performed a cute little spanking dance,  hopping around , rubbing her bottom shrieking , "OH OH OH OH OMIGOSH THAT BURNS!"
"You're not finished yet Missie !" Roger said , undoing his pants.

"It's  time you thanked me properly!" he said , undoing his fly.
Still rubbing her sore rear , Kate dutifully dropped to her knees , began caressing her husband's member before opening her mouth wide , sliding her lips slowly down his shaft.

Tossing his head back , Roger gasped with satisfaction.
Here was his beautiful  naked wife , kneeling before him ,her head bobbing , lips wrapped tightly around his penis and her bottom bright red from the spanking he had just administered.
The sense of power was intoxicating for Roger , as was the sense of serving for Kate.
She gobbled hungrily at his shaft sending him int a frenzy.
After a few minutes , Roger exploded in her mouth and Kate  gulped and swallowed his load , anxiously licking and sucking up any residual with her lips.

Placing a palm on his wife's gloriously glowing red cheeks , he could feel the heat rising from them.
"God your good!" he exclaimed.
"I know!" Kate replied , her eyes looking up at him impishly.
Snuggling closer she gave her husband a hug and they both kissed passionately.
"Hmmm....I wonder if there is anything else you can do for me today ?" He mused with a grin.
"I'm sure you'll think of something...." Kate giggled.

The next morning , Roger awoke to breakfast in bed from his adoring , and still naked wife.
Kate planted a sloppy kiss on his forehead before placing the tray , complete with a newspaper, on his lap.
Raising a finger , Roger twirled it in a circle ,  gesturing for her to turn around.
He smiled with satisfaction when he noted his wife's bare bottom still bore a nice pinkish and red hue from the spatula.

"I think I'll need to give your bottom  a touch up Honey," He teased.
Kate glanced over her shoulder to examine the damage , "Don't you dare! It's sore enough!" She replied.
"I'll be the judge of that!" Roger warned , wagging a finger and taking a sip of his coffee .

He pointed to the hairbrush sitting on Kate's night table , "Once I've finished eating , your bare butt will be taking the place of this tray and you'll be getting a taste of that!!" he warned her .
"AW No Roger! Not the hairbrush...pleeeze?" she pleaded ,stamping a foot and rubbing her tender bottom.

Roger did not even pause from his breakfast , "If you prefer , I could have you bend over for 20 big ones with the bath brush instead ?"
Kate shrugged with a scowl   ," No Sir, I would not prefer that thank you very much..."
Her response spawned an impish grin from Roger, " You really hate that bath brush don't you ?" He said before biting into his toast.
His wife nodded nervously.
"Then the bath brush it is!" he announced.
"AW SHIT!" Kate exclaimed.

A short while later , a still naked Kate stood at the sink washing the breakfast dishes while Roger sat at the table browsing through the newspaper .
Occasionally he would glance  over at the myriad of shapes , colours and textures that dreaded bath brush had painted on her bottom.
A smile spread on his face when he saw Kate shifting uncomfortably and placing  a palm back to comfort her roasted rear .
"Hurry up Honey .The guys  will be here soon to watch the game , and while I'm sure they would be thrilled at the sight of your cute little red caboose , it may be a tad embarrassing for you!" he teased.

Kate panicked at Roger's announcement , "WHAAT? You didn't mention anything to me about that? she protested.
Roger laughed , "Silly girl! Who did  you think all that beer and snacks were for you?  ....and make sure you wear those  tight skinny jeans I like.!" he added.
Kate's brow furrowed , " I'm staying? I don't want to watch the game....and my bottom is way too sore to squeeze into those jeans !" She replied indignantly.
Her  response produced another cackle from Roger , "Why of course your staying are going to be our server! Now go get changed before I get the wooden Spoon!"