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Friday, October 19, 2018

The Crimson Pirate - Spanking on the High Seas - Part 2

"Curse Lizzie!" Captain Jack spat , his legs flailing in an attempt to free himself from his bindings.
Red Lizzie chuckled.
"I wouldn't want to be you going home without the treasure ....and having to make love to that snooty Lady Beatrice .....and all it took was a good spanking to get you to talk !"she teased.

As Red Lizzie led her band of Pirates triumphantly away , Captain Jack had managed to loosen his bindings enough to put an arm around  Lizzie's tiny waist.
"You can keep the treasure boys ....but this little lady is mine for 5 minutes!" Jack declared , taking Lizzie by the earlobe.
"YEOOW! LEGGO YOU BIG APE!" Lizzie squealed , kicking her legs wildly.
Jack glared into her one eye.
"Unless you want to lose that ear I suggest you tell your men to back off  Madam." he grinned.
"I ain't goin' nowhere with you bilge rat! Get him boys !"
Lizzie let out a yelp when Jack smacked her on the seat of her scantily clad rear and tossed her over his shoulder.
Lizzie's men stood confused ..."Just 5 minutes have my word she won't be harmed....well not ALL of here anyway" he mused to cackles from the crew.

"It's OK boys....leave me with him...I'll be back before you've finished loading the treasure ..." Lizzie assured them.
With that Jack shoved his captive into the cabin , locked the door and turned to Lizzie , rubbing his hands with glee.
"Now it's my turn've had this coming for a long , long time girl!'

"Don't you dare Jack Hawkins!" Lizzie warned , seeking cover behind the table to avoid Jack's grasp.
Jack grinned at her and the pair engaged in a game of cat and mouse around the table.

Losing patience Jack took a knife from his boot , fired it in Lizzie's direction impaling its in the wall behind her.
His action distracted Lizzie just enough so that Jack was able to seize both her wrists.
"You could have killed me with that you scoundrel!" Lizzie protested .

Lizzie kicked and struggled when Jack picked her up , her tunic riding high up her hips to reveal her shapely bare bottom in all it's glory.
The sight was like a red rag to a bull and Jack drank it in.
Lizzie struggled unsuccessfully to restore her tunic ...and her dignity as Jack carried her over to the desk.

Sitting down , he bent her over his muscular thigh, taking a moment to drink in the sight of Lizzie's glorious , jiggling twin globes.
"Don't you dare spank me !" Lizzie protested , feeling the cool breeze on her nether regions.
"It's time you had a taste of you own medicine Lady Elizabeth!" he declared heartily.

Jack snapped the brush rythmically against Lizzie's jiggling bare cheeks .
He loved the way they clenched ,jiggled and swayed deductively with every spank.
He spanked her thoroughly , one cheek then the other , alternating rapid flurries with single hard spanks until those cheeks were a bright glowing crimson and Lizzie was sobbing earnestly.

"Now I know why they call you Red Lizzie!" Jack chortled.
Only Lizzie knew how close he was to the truth.
Years ago she had ran away from her strict Victorian home and came under the wing of the famous pirate , 'Gentleman John'.
The ruthless , bloodthirsty pirate took a liking to Lizzie , giving her a job as a cabin 'boy' and treating her like his own daughter.
He loved her feisty , wild nature and taught her the ways of a pirate.

However , Lizzie soon found out the Gentleman John was even more of a disciplinarian that her own father ,and she found herself over his lap having her bottom warmed on a regular basis.
Gentleman John made no secret of the fact he spanked young Elizabeth and often delivered her bare bottomed spankings in front of his amused and ogling pirate crew.

It was John who gave her the name Red Lizzie given her backside was red most of the time!
Since John's passing , Lizzie longed for someone to take his place and the spanking she was receiving from Jack stirred those feelings of desire , previously hidden for years.

Lizzie raised her bottom to meet the spanks Jack was delivering.
"Is that the best you can do?" she teased him defiantly.
Jack gladly assured her it was not and picked up the pace and intensity of the spanking.
Red Lizzie bucked on his lap and Jack really laid the brush on her as hard as he could.

When he finally stopped they were both out of breath and looking at each other longingly.
"Let that be a lesson to you not to cross Captain Jack!" he panted.
Jack felt Lizzie's hand slip down his britches and fondle his growing erection.

Her grip tightened and Jack dropped his drawers to release his member to her.
With a shove she spun herself off his lap , pushing Jack backwards onto his back and the roughness of the cabin floor.
Jack cried out when his tender rear quarters  , still suffering from the recent spanking with Lizzie's brush and cutlass scuffed against the wood below him.
The splintered wood piercing and chaffing his already tender skin.
Lizzie mounted him , guiding his shaft deep inside her and began riding Jack hard!

For Jack it was a strange combination of ecstatic pleasure and pain as Lizzie's gyrations drove his sore backside against the sandpaper roughness of the  surface below- to Lizzie's delight !
The wily Lizzie knew exactly what she was doing.
She had regained the upper hand again , and was subjecting Jack's damaged backside to even more punishment,  but at the same time , he was in too much pleasure to have her stop......

Her one eye glared at him wildly as she bounced on top of him.
"How does your poor backside feel Jack? Sore is it? Should I stop?" she teased.
Lizzie obliged , continuing to  ride him then  abruptly rising to release his throbbing shaft.

Squeezing his testicles with one hand she wrapped the other around his quivering member.
"AW NOO! PLEASE NO LIZZIE ! STOP!" Jack moaned , knowing she was now in her complete control.
With glee Lizzie teased him ,  caressing  and squeezing his erection until he was in a full-blooded  frenzy.
She cackled loudly when he explosively spilled his load .

"That was quite the spanking Jack....I needed that ....and the sex wasn't bad either!" Lizzie purred , proudly looking back at her nice red bottom.
A frustrated Jack  moaned and turned to inspect the collateral damage inflicted to his own rear quarters .
Placing a pillow on her chair , Lizzie let out a seductive "OOOOOE!" as she eased her bottom carefully onto it .
"Over you go Captain. I'll do my best to get most of those nasty splinters out of your stern" she chuckled , patting her lap.

Jack wondered what had gone wrong  with his plan.
Here was a woman he had just spanked as hard as he could , now sitting , albeit with the comfort of a pillow , while he knew he would not even be able to think about sitting until they reached port.
Somehow Red Lizzie had turned the tables on him again.

Lizzie patted her lap again , " Don't be shy now Jack won't be the first time you've been over my lap....and certainly not the last!"
With a heavy sigh of resignation , Jack draped himself over Lizzie's inviting lap for the  lengthy and painful splinter extraction procedure.

"OW! TAKE IT EASY LIZZIE !" Jack yelped when the final splinter was removed.
Lizzie gave Jack's rump a playful cackle , "Well at least I've given you something to remember me by Jackie boy! That was quite a spanking I gave you!" she cackled.

"Don't you dare mention this Lizzie! " Jack warned her .
With great delight , Lizzie carefully ran her fingers over her name  carved deeply into the flesh of Jack's backside! "I wonder what your lovely Lady Beatrice will have to say when she sees this !" she cackled.

Lizzie tossed Jack off her lap and wiggled into her pants , "I have treasure to load Captain sure to give Lady Beatrice my regards!" she cackled.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Crimson Pirate - Spanking on the High Seas - Part 1

Sinbad the 'surgeon' laid the tools of his trade where Captain jack could see them.
Cackling occasionally , he wiped his nose with the sleeve of his shirt as he worked.

Jack had seen it all before so remained stoic.
He was stripped to the waist and tied to one of the masts making escape unlikely.
Whatever Sinbad had in mind he would have to endure so prepared himself accordingly.
His lips were parched and his entire body glistened with sweat from the pounding Asian sun.

The surgeon waved a rusty, yet sharpened metal device  under Jack's nose.
"Last chance  Captain Jack...tell me where you've hidden the treasure before I torture it out of you.." he spat.

Jack shook his head , "Do your worst surgeon....I'll tell you nothing!"
Sinbad smiled , pleased by his victim's response.
Using a long , boney finger he roughly pried Jack's jaws open and moved  the device closer.

His work was interrupted by a female voice.
"I'd prefer if our guest remained in one piece to preserve his value Sinbad!"
Sinbad nodded , stepping back respectfully while Lady Elizabeth Hardy , known as "Red Lizzie" , took his place.

Lizzie was an athletic , voluptuous woman with long raven black hair and a patch over one eye.
The patch and the scar surrounding it seemed to enhance her attractiveness rather than detract from it.
She took the device from Sinbad , teasingly studying it before putting it down.

"He still won't say nothin' Lizzie!" Sinbad informed her.
Lizzie's single eye  gazed into Jack's .
"Don't waste your time Sinbad. Bring the Captain to my cabin and I'll soon get it out of him !" she declared, flinging her head back confidently.
"Are you sure Lizzie? He's a tough one to crack." Sinbad asked in disappointment.
Lizzie said nothing but glared icily at him making the tough sailor wince visibly.
"For gentlemen like the Captain here , it sometimes requires a 'lady's touch' to obtain results." she assured him calmly.

Jack rubbed his wrists when his shackles were removed and Sinbad shoved him inside Lizzie's cabin.
Lizzie entered , waving Sinbad away standing boldly with hands on her shapely hips.
She paced around Jack as she spoke.
"Well Captain Jack? Aren't you going to thank me for saving you from Sinbad's clutches?" she teased.

Jack puffed out his chest defiantly and faced his captor.
"If you think your feminine charms will make me talk I'm afraid you'll be disappointed Madam!"

Red Lizzie let out an exaggerated laugh  then opened the desk drawer to retrieve a large antique hairbrush.
Jack's eyes widened and his jaw dropped , his proud demeanour fading at the mere sight of the implement.

Lizzie walked closer to him , tapping the back of the brush against her palm.
"All of you 'superheroes' have a weakness don't you Captain Jack? For some its rum or gold ...but for's a strong woman who knows how to apply a hairbrush to your backside!" she announced.

Lizzie continued to advance while Jack retreated to the wall.
Placing a chair in the centre of the room , Lizzie sat down , hoisting her tunic to reveal more of her shapely , tanned thighs.

Leaning forward she looked purposefully at a cowering Jack .
"Well Captain Jack? Are you going to down those britches and get over my lap , or do I have to come over there and fetch you?" she warned.

"Please Lizzie.....not that darn brush....pass me a map and I'll show you where the treasure is!" he babbled.
Our brash adventurer had rapidly morphed into a frightened schoolboy.
Lizzie tossed her head back and cackled , " If only your crew could see you now Captain Jack...or in a moment when your bare ass  is over my lap getting spanked !"
A satisfied grin played on her face when Jack obediently lowered his britches.

Outside the cabin , Sinbad was irritable.
"How does she think she can make him talk...that's my job....WOMEN!" he raged.
Sinbad shook his head  , "Well shiver me timbers !" he exclaimed.

Inside the cabin , a full 5 minutes of non-stop whacking with Lizzie's hairbrush had broken the Captain's will.
Amazonian Lizzie was proving she could wield a hairbrush with the same venom as her cutlass.
The back of the brush cracked repeatedly against Jack's bare bottom while he squirmed and pleaded shamelessly on her lap.

Lizzie had his arms pinned back behind him , both legs locked by hers , so all Jack could do was wail and plead for mercy - both of which were ignored by Lizzie.
Lizzie paused to wipe beads of sweat from her brow and addressed Jack.
"So Captain Jack...are you ready to tell me what I need to know?"

"Dammit Lizzie....I was ready to tell you before you started blistering my behind with that thing! stop it and let me up woman!" Jack blurted foolishly.
Red Lizzie tightened her grip on the brush.
"I really don't like your tone Captain so I intend to show you that I am the one in charge of this spanking and only I will decide when it ends!"
With that she raised her arm and resumed spanking - HARDER!"

Thirty minutes after a proud and defiant Captain Jack had entered Red Lizzie's cabin , he emerged red-faced , ruffled and subdued , his pride battered as severely as his backside.
He walked stiffly with a constant grimace  , just ahead of a positively glowing Lizzie.

"Get a boat ready .....the captain is ready to take us to the treasure!" she beamed.
Sinbad scratched his head.
"I wish I knew what you did Lizzie?" he asked in awe.
Lizzie grinned and winked her one eye.
"I told's a ladies touch.....and boy did I touch him...didn't I Captain Jack ?" she laughed .
"GAAAAH!" Jack yelped when Lizzie delivered a hearty slap to the seat of his britches.
Jack seethed through gritted teeth , "I'll get you for this Red Lizzie....mark my words..."

Be a good boy now step away from the treasure Jack …”Lizzie taunted.

The famous adventurer slowly turned to face his arch enemy Red Lizzie.
“They are not ‘treasure’ or plunder Madam they are valuable artifacts which belong in the London museum.” Jack informed her.
Lizzie’s band of Pirates cackled along with her when she mocked Jack’s upper class accent.

“OOOUARTEEFACTS ARE THEY! Well to us they be gold that’s gonna be melted down and sold with the rest of the bootie from that merchant ship !” they laughed.

A furious Jack took a step forward but stopped when Red Lizzie raised her cutlass .
“What that cute little pirate booty of yours needs is a good dose of my strap!” Jack warned.
Instinctively , Lizzie felt her shapely bottom tingle.

Jack knew her well and that her weakness was her uncontrollable desire for a good hard spanking.
He had exploited that very weakness of hers many times before and Lizzie knew he would try again so was ready for him.

Jack advanced again , “You wouldn’t really use that cutlass on me Lizzie….it’s not your style!” Jack challenged.
Lizzie grinned broadly , “OH NO Jack ?  Then why  don’t you turn around , and drop those fancy britches of yours. I want to see if your backside is still bearing the marks from our last encounter!” she ordered.

Jack blushed , visibly wincing upon recalling the incident in Lizzie's cabin earlier.
Lizzie had applied her hairbrush to his backside unmercifully until he gave up the location of the artifacts , then to add insult to injury , she deviously tricked him into making love with her atop and his already battered backside rubbing on rough , wooden boards which left splinters in his behind  which required him to endure another humiliating session over Lizzie’s knee to remove them.
He would not be sitting comfortably for a while !

Steadfastly Jack refused to down his britches.
With a nod from Lizzie , two of her strongest men held Jack while she did the honours herself.
The Pirates chortled ,teasing Jack when his muscular bare buttocks were exposed.

Lizzie was pleased to see that her lover’s lily white cheeks still bore the marks of her hairbrush ...and  unhealed scratches and scrapes from the boards during their wild lovemaking.
Jack winced when Lizzie gave each of his tender cheeks a hearty slap.
"I see you’re still pretty tender back there Jackie boy !” she teased to the amusement of her crew.

Taking her weapon , she teasingly let the sharp blade tease Jack’s skin.
He flinched and clenched his buttocks.
“I think it’s about time I gave you something more permanent to remember me by Jack.” She announced , and using the razor sharp edge of her sword , expertly carved the letters L-I-Z-Z- I-E across both of his cheeks.

Jack gritted his teeth but remained stoic and silent.
Lizzie used her sleeve to wipe the trickles of blood and took a moment to admire her work.
Standing up , she pulled Jack's face to hers and planted a long , passionate kiss on his lips.
“You’re my property now Jack….until we meet again!” she pouted.
With that , Lizzie’s men picked up the artifacts and placed them in the big wooden chest and departed.

A few hours later Jack was still seething as he lay face down on the bed while Doc Winchester tended to the carving Lizzie made on his backside.
“You’ll be a bit tender for a day or two Jack but those marks should  heal in a few days.” the Doc told him.

“Look's like I’ll be bearing her mark on my behind for a while!” Jack scowled.
“At least she didn’t carve it into a more prominent part of your anatomy Jack like your back , chest or even your face. Down there it will be hidden…..well from most..” Doc consoled.

Jack realized the marks would be difficult to conceal from his Fiancee , Lady Beatrice and he knew how she would react if and when she saw it.
In less than two days he would be home and required to explain the marks to her.

Lady Beatrice, would not be pleased and would undoubtedly subject his poor backside to even more  severe discipline of her own to teach him a lesson.
Not only would he face the wrath of the public , having returned without the artifacts , but  also the wrath of his formidable fiancée !

Friday, October 12, 2018

Mclintock Remake! - The FM spanking -Beckie & Dev

GW paused from pouring his evening brandy when his daughter Beckie stormed angrily into the house.
Boldly she strode toward her father followed by young ranch hand Dev .
"Shoot him Daddy!" Beckie raged , pointing at Dev.

GW tried to placate his daughter , "Shoot him!but why?" he asked.
Beckie tossed her head back haughtily , " I've never been so humiliated Daddy .....he Impuned my honour!" she pouted.

Dev stepped forward to defend himself ," I said what I said and I'll stick by it to the death!" he declared boldly. 

"What exactly did you say?" a frustrated GW asked Dev.
"I said any girl who kissed a man before they were formally engaged was...a...a trollope!" Dev replied.

Beckie ' s eyes widened , "He said it again ! Daddy if I'm your daughter and you love me you'll shoot him!"

There was a pause while GW considered his daughter's request and Dev looked on anxiously.

GW turned and opened the door to his gun cabinet .
"Well I am your Father, and I sure love you so...."
Then he took a gun and pointed it at the astonished young man.

Just at that moment ,the sound of slippers pounding on the staircase broke the silence.
"What are you doing GW? Put that thing  away this minute. Now what is going on here ?" GW's wife Katherine demanded in her usual imperious fashion.

"He called me a ....a ...trollope Mother!" Beckie replied indignantly  ,pointing that accusing finger  at Dev again.

Katherine spun to glare at Dev, "Is this true young man?You insulted our daughter?" she asked him firmly.
Dev looked to GW for support, but he was silent in his wife's presence and busied himself putting the gun back in the case.

"Well...uhm...ah...yes..I suppose it's true Ma'am but it wasn't exactly like that....." Dev stammered.
Katherine leaned closer to glare into Dev's frightened eyes and wagged a finger at him , "You will not dare speak  that way to a lady young man ! What you need is a good  lesson in manners and respect ." she scolded.

GW came to Dev's defence by attempting to reason with his furious spouse, "The kid meant no harm Katherine...I won't  fire him for this!" he told her boldly.

A wry smile played on Katherine ' s lips , " Oh I don't want you to fire him fact I don't want you to do anything.Beckie will take care of this . She is the one who was insulted and she knows very well what this scoundrel deserves!" 

Beckie folded her arms and smiled arrogantly at a worried looking Dev .
Katherine turned to the maid who was looking on in awe "Go upstairs and fetch my hairbrush Minnie....the big one!"she ordered.

Minnie looked up at her Mistress , "Yes Mrs. mean the one you use to give Mr. McLintock a lickin' when he's in trouble?" she clarified.

GW blushed while Katherine gloated at his embarrassment, "Yes Minnie that's the one!"

Beckie's confidence grew while Dev's bluster faded.
She looked up at him , "You are going to pay for that remark!" she seethed.

Moments later Minnie returned with the big hairbrush and offered it to Katherine , "Give it to Beckie please!" Katherine directed.
Beckie ' s face lit up as she took the brush from the maid.

Stepping close to Dev she took hold of his arm , "Come with me mister." She told him firmly.
Dev's eyes widened , "Wh....what are you going to do?" he stammered.

"I'm going to give you a good spanking of course!" Beckie told him with glee.
"A spanking !" Dev exclaimed incredulously "You're not serious....Mr McLintock?" he looked over at GW For clemency but received only a shrug in reply.

Confidently, Beckie marched a stunned Dev over to the sofa and sat down.
"What are you doing!" Dev protested when Beckie began undoing his belt.
"Taking your pants down of course. Spankings in this house are always on the bare bottom ! Isn't that so Mother?" she informed him.
"That is the way it's done Rebecca...your Father  will vouch for that!" Katherine teased while her husband shrunk.

Dev did his best to cover his modesty when Beckie unceremoniously yanked his jeans and long underwear down to his ankles.
"Mmmmmm....nice!" Beckie cooed when she eyed the bulge hiding in Dev's shirt.
She looked up at him , "Get over my lap!" she ordered.

Resigned to his fate , Dev placed himself over Beckie ' s awaiting lap.
His face reddened even more when she flipped up his shirt tail to expose his well muscled bare bottom.

Katherine raised a brow in approval and glanced at GW.
"How quaint !It reminds me of your behind when you were his age GW!" she teased her husband.

Beckie was warming to her task now , tapping the back of the brush  against Dev's quivering pale cheeks.

Katherine nodded an approval and glanced at her husband.
"Is this bringing back memories GW?" she grinned.

Beckie found the dimples on Dev's bottom so cute she had a compelling urge to pinch them .

"You're going to be sorry for insulting me. Are you ready to apologize?" she prompted.
"Never! " Dev replied defiantly.
"We'll soon see about that!" Beckie replied.

She raised the brush and brought it down smartly ,with a loud 'SMACK!' ,producing a supressed grunt from Dev.
He was shocked at how much it stung.

This was not the first spanking that Beckie had administered to a young man and her Mother's tutoring  had prepared her well.
She knew the precise areas of Dev's backside to focus her attention on and how to bring down the brush on his skin to maximum effect.

Dev gritted his teeth and gripped the sofa as the burning in his rear intensified. He was surprised how hard  the petite Beckie could spank!

Despite his best efforts not to give Beckie the satisfaction of hearing him cry out , involuntary "OUCH's! " and OW's! " started to escape from his lips when the brush found a particularly tender spot.

His backside was turning very red now ,as Beckie spanked harder and faster before pausing to catch her breath.
"Are you ready to apologize now?" , she asked.
"No Way! " Dev proudly responded stubbornly , and immediately regretted it.
Beckie gritted her teeth , "OH you will!" 
Katherine looked at GW , "He's just as stubborn as you GW!" she sighed.

It took only a few more minutes of furious , non stop whacking to convince Dev to abandon his pride.
"OK! OK! STOP! I'm Sorry!  I'm Sorry! " he wailed frantically.
Beckie ignored his pleas and kept on spanking. She was enjoying this too much to stop now.

Dev was kicking and bucking wildly and Beckie struggled to hold him in place while she delivered a final flurry of stinging spanks.

Beckie stood up , spilling Dev onto the floor.
He leapt to his feet clutching both scorched cheeks and hopped around the room as Beckie and Katherine looked on in amusement. GW was not at all amused.He had performed that dance many times himself.

Beckie stood with hands on her hips and flung her head back.
"I want to hear a sincere apology from you now!" she demanded.
Suddenly realizing his pants and underwear were still at his ankles , Dev reached to quickly haul them up until Beckie stopped him.
"Leave those right there until I'm satisfied you are truly sorry Dev." she said firmly.
Dev fought his male pride ,but the determined look on the young lady's face convinced him further resistance would not be in his best interest.

Feeling ridiculous and humiliated , Dev managed to offer an apology to Beckie.
"I'm sorry for calling you that name Beckie. It was rude and uncalled for. I am truly sorry for my behaviour..."
Beckie paused to consider his effort and received an approving nod from her Mother.
"Apology accepted. You may pull up your pants!" she informed him.

Dev painfully restored his pants and took a moment to rub the seat of his jeans.
"You may leave now young man and I hope you have learned an important lesson!" Katherine said.
"I certainly have Ma'am.....Goodnight." he said softly walking stiffly to the door.

A glowing Beckie watched the humiliated young ranch hand leave and walked confidently over to her parents.
"Thank you Mother." she said handing Katherine the brush.
GW shifted nervously avoiding his wife's gaze as their daughter ascended the stairs.

The following morning Beckie saw , Dev working at the barn .
From afar , she admired his chiseled , bare torso , bronzed from the sun.
After contemplation she decided to ride over to him.
"Good morning Dev! How are you? I mean how is your?" she asked with a smirk.

Pausing momentarily from his work , Dev put a palm to the seat of his jeans , "Mr. McLintock was nice enough to give me chores I could do standing up!" he replied with a hint of a smile.
"Sorry I had to be so hard on you last night Dev but...."Beckie began.
Dev looked up at her,  "I got what I deserved Mom said I had it coming and you should do it again if I need it!"
Beckie grinned , "Well I would be glad to do that Dev!"

Dev laughed , "I was going to ask you to go riding together but riding a horse will be pretty uncomfortable for me for the next few days!"
Beckie felt very proud of herself and admired Dave's honesty.
"Well we could still go for a nice long walk together...." she replied.

It was indeed a long walk and by it's conclusion , Beckie and Dev were officially courting , and not much later , they announced their engagement.
"That's the first engagement that started out with a spanking!" GW quipped.
Katherine shook her head and chuckled , " Aren't you forgetting our engagement GW?"  she asked.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

McLintock! Remake - The Spanking FM- GW & Katherine

Drago recognized the look on Katherine ' s face.
He had seen it many times before and knew she meant business.
Looking up at the upstairs window he considered calling out a warning to GW but realized it was too late.

"Where is he Drago?" Katherine seethed .
Meanwhile a curious crowd of onlookers who had followed the striking woman's walk through town in search of her errant husband , had gathered behind her.

Drago put up both palms to placate the angry woman.
"Now settle down Katherine.This is neither the time or place for this.Why don't I take you home and I'll let GW know you were here."he offered.

Katherine had no intention of backing down.
"On the contrary Drago , it's high time my husband and I had this out and I will not delay any longer.Now tell me where he is or so help me......."she replied firmly.

Drago sighed loudly , "OK, He's upstairs.... but now is not the time to disturb him Katherine...." Drago reasoned but Katherine had already brushed past him.

Hoisting her long skirt , she boldly strode up the stairs where she was met by Saloon Owner Camille.
"Why Mrs.McLintock!  What are you doing here?This is a private area." Camille said.

Katherine placed both hands on her hips to confront Camille.
"I'll bet it is! I had a feeling you would be here Camille! Now get out of my way! I happen to have private business with my husband." she seethed.

Camille's eyes glanced to the room beside her , unknowingly revealing GW'S location to the wily Katherine.
"Really Mrs.'re wasting your time...your husband is not here!" Camille warned.

Katherine pushed forward but found her way blocked by Camille.
"Out of my way Camille.This is a private matter between GW and I." Katherine warned.

When Camille refused to move , Katherine shoved  her aside and Camille aimed a slap at
Katherine ' s face , which she blocked, and reciprocated with a sharp right hand uppercut to Camille ' s chin which  sent the busty blonde reeling.

Determinedly , Katherine stepped over the dazed woman ,  forcefully pushing the door in front of her , almost sending it off its hinges when it flung open.

Inside , her husband the powerful Cattle Baron , GW McLintock lounged in a tin bathtub smoking a large cigar.
"Katherine! What the...." he gasped , clearly taken by surprise despite all the commotion .

His wife regarded him confidently ,assuming that intimidating hands on hips stance that GW was very familiar with.
"I've had enough of your carousing and shenanigans GW , and I won't put up with it any longer. Get out of that bathtub this minute !" she demanded.

GW reached for a towel to cover himself while he rose from the tub.
"Now Katherine.....take it easy.Why don't we talk this over at home..." he stammered.

Katherine shook her head , "The time for talking is over GW!" she replied , scooping up a large wooden bath brush from its hook on the wall.
A playful smirk played on her face when she tapped the back of the brush against her palm , "This will do quite nicely...." she mused.

With his angry wife advancing toward him brandishing the bug bath brush , GW realized her intentions and backed away , still clutching the towel close to his still dripping torso.

"I wasn't doing anything Katherine...just enjoying a relaxing bath...honest!" GW reasoned.
But Katherine had heard it all before.
She shook her head , "...and I suppose Camille was just washing your back? I've no time  your excuses and stories's about time you get what you deserve!"

GW'S eyes widened when he felt his bare buttocks pressing against the wooden balcony rail.
He could go no further and stood frozen as Katherine advanced nearer.

Outside the crowd of onlookers had grown in size.
Mostly comprised of amused women and curious children ,they yelled out support to Katherine and cackled at the sight of GW'S exposed bare behind.
"Give him a good paddling Mrs. Mclintock!?" one of them called out.

Suddenly realizing his exposure , GW swivelled to cover himself but his weight proved too much for the balcony railing which gave way , sending him tumbling over.
"OMIGOSH! GW!" Katherine gasped with concern , putting a palm to her mouth.

She peered over the balcony just in time to see her husband scamper off the hay wagon below which had broken his fall.
Restoring his towel and using a small wooden plank to cover his bare behind , GW ran to escape his wife's wrath.

For a moment Katherine thought her opportunity had been lost.
By the time she ran  downstairs  , GW would be long gone.
So instinctively , she hoisted her skirt and leapt ,feet first into the hay wagon.

The women cheered and helped Katherine get off the wagon while others blocked GW'S retreat , slowing him down.

GW pushed through the  gaggle of females ,barging  his way to the big wooden gate of the livery stable as it was about to be closed.
With a bit of luck it would be closed and latched before his wife reached it and his escape would be complete.

However , the older man closing the door was not moving very fast and , to make matters worse, GW's towel had snagged on the door latch.
As the man closed the door , GW fidgeted furiously to release his only means of covering his nakedness.

He stood petrified when the moving door whisked  his towel off.
The ladies pushed open the gate and cheered upon seeing GW in his birthday suit .
They held the door open allowing Katherine to move through.

With his hands  covering  his front , and the plank  covering his rear , GW ran for the cover of the General store.
He was relieved to find the door unlocked and crouched beside the door hoping Katherine and her female mob would not see him.

"Why Mr McLintock! You're going to catch your death of cold !" Louise Warren called out.
GW looked up to see Louise and her new boyfriend , Sheriff Jeff Lord,  looking down him .

Grabbing a tablecloth to cover himself GW pleaded with the amused couple to be quiet.
"Sssssh! My wife is coming....PLEASE!" he whispered.
Just then , the figure of Katherine Gilhooley McLintock strode by, closely followed by her gaggle of supporters .

Louise smiled at Katherine as she passed the store window while GW cringed and held his breath waiting for the crowd to pass.

He sighed with relief when the crowd's footsteps faded , but his eyed widened in shock when Louise called out , " Mrs. McLintock! He's in here !"
GW glared at her in disbelief.
"Sorry Mr. McLintock but we ladies need to stick together!" Louise shrugged.

The footsteps returned , and GW wrapped himself in a tablecloth and searched for a way out onto the street outside.
Katherine barged into the store in pursuit,  grinning at the sight of her husband leaning against the counter trying to cover his nakedness with the cloth.

They both knew he was cornered  ,and GW stared at the big bath brush still in his wife's hand.
His buttocks tensed involuntarily , sensing the pain it would soon inflict on that part of his anatomy.

In a last ditch attempt to escape , GW vaulted the counter  ,launching himself through the open window.
The spill stunned him momentarily , and when he came to his senses , his wife was towering over him.

Reaching down to seize her husband's arm , Katherine hauled  him to his feet.
She was surprised at her own strength and used it to push her naked husband to the nearby  Blacksmith shop.

It was a short but humiliating walk for GW , with his wife delivering sharp smacks to his bare cheeks with the wooden slat he had been using to cover himself , to hurry him along.
 The swelling crowd cheered and whooped loudly at each WHACK.

Even Drago , Beckie and her new boyfriend Dev had joined the throng , all anxious to witness GW's well deserved comeuppance.

Katherine hoisted her skirts, took  a seat on a wooden bench  , and spilled her husband head first over her lap.
Crossing one of her legs over both of his to keep him in place , she adjusted the position of his bare backside on her lap to her satisfaction.

"So help me you'll pay for this Katherine Gilhooley!"GW threatened and struggled.
His wife grasped his hair and turned his gaze to meet hers.
"Oh shut up GW! We both know you deserve this after what you've put me through all these years..So now you're gonna get it! Take it like a man ....if you can !" she scolded.
GW knew his wife was right and his protests faded.

Katherine raised her hand to commence spanking , and daughter Becky placed the bath brush in her Mother's hand.
"Don't forget this Mother!"
"Thank you!" Katherine grinned and swung the back of the brush hard down on her husband's bare buttocks .
Most in the crowd flinched at the loud sound of the brush connecting with bare skin.

Katherine delivered a flurry of hard whacks with such force  GW howled and almost bucked off her lap.
"My Mother would be proud of you Katherine!" Louise hollered with applause, casting Sheriff Lord a stern glance.
"Better watch out Sheriff !" Katherine replied , pausing from her task.

'WHAAAP!' 'WHOP !' 'WHAP !' 'WHOP! '
"OOW!" "OUCH! " "YEOOW !"
Katherine paused to acknowledge the enthusiastic applause from the audience.
Her husband's bare backside was now a bright red mosaic from the brush landing again and again.

This public spanking was more symbolic than real punishment  , it's purpose to let the whole town know that women folk would no longer be bullied , and the playing field was now balanced....or perhaps even leaning toward the women?
GW would get the 'proper' thrashing he deserved once she got him home.

She concluded GW'S punishment with a series of rapid-fire whacks which had him wailing  loudly to the amusement of the crowd.
Turning to Beckie , Katherine handed her the bath brush advising , "Keep it! You're going to need it!"

Becky smiled and glared at a blushing Dev.
"I certainly will Mother!"she beamed.

Without ceremony , Katherine stood up, dumping  GW onto the dusty floor.
A woman in the crowd handed her a garment , "Mr McLintock can wear this to cover up for his trip home Mrs McLintock." she said.

Katherine held up the garment to cackles from the crowd .
It was a large pair of lady's pantaloons!
She tossed them at her husband.
" You can wear these for the trip home...and we are going to continue this when I get you home!"
 GW eyed the frilly garment with distain  , "I can't wear this!" he moaned.
His wife leaned closer to him , "Then you can walk home naked and give everyone a nice view of your red spanked bottom!"

Turning on her heel she waved at Drago , "Bring the buggy around ." she ordered.
"Yes Ma'am!" Drago replied tipping his hat and helping Katherine onto the buggy.

As the buggy left , GW pulled on the pantaloons and ran after the buggy as it as it hurtled down the street to cheers from the crowd.

The crowd saw GW finally catch up with it and haul himself aboard for a very uncomfortable ride home.

Later at the McLintock house, the light remained  on in the upstairs bedroom , and the sounds of the reconciling couple were audible through the open window .

"From now on you will treat me with respect!"

"...and there will be no more of your carousing with that floosie Camille!"
"OUCH! Yes Ma'am....I mean NO Ma' more carousing!"

Katherine paced behind her husband with the razor strap in her hand .
GW was bent obediently over the bed with his bare backside at her disposable.
She had successfully overlapped the earlier markings left by the bath brush with red angry stripes from her husband's own razor strap.

"There are going to be a lot of changes in this house ....and this entire town you'd best get used to it George Washington McLintock!" Katherine announced.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Mom gets another Spanking - MF Spanking Story

Nigel raised a brow and regarded his girlfriend Debbie.
"You're really going to wear that Deb?" he asked.
Debbie  sighed loudly , " You're just like my Dad Nigel.....I can wear what I like!" she replied cheekily.
Her boyfriend shook his head .
He knew his headstrong girlfriend would not change her mind easily.
"Well it is a christening a church?.....and you're the Godmother ...that outfit is a bit revealing for that role , don't you think?" he reasoned.

Debbie twirled  around in font of the mirror to admire her outfit - and herself.
The little black dress certainly emphasized Debbie's assets, cut low enough to offer a generous view of her ample  cleavage , short enough to show off  her shapely ,tanned legs and tight enough to emphasize the curves of her round bottom , as she teetered on a pair of daring 6" heels.
"I think it looks just fine Nigel....If you have it , flaunt it is what I say!" she giggled.

Nigel let out a sigh of frustration.
"You do look amazing honey,  and if we were going out to dinner or the club I would be proud to have you clinging onto my arm in that.....but for this occasion we should look ....respectable." he deliberately chose his word carefully .

Debbie  pushed him away and stood defiantly with hands on hips , "Respectable?Are you saying I'm not 'respectable'? Anyway , you can't tell me what to wear! I'm not changing my outfit no matter what you say or do!" You're just an old fashioned Prude!"she raged.

Debbie's attitude and response sounded very much like her impetuous Mother , and she knew very well what would happen to her Mother if she spoke to her Father that way and waited to see if her Fiancee would react similarly to her defiant challenge.

Nigel looked sternly at her , "Debbie, you are not going to church dressed like that....and that's final! Now be a good girl and go upstairs and change into something more appropriate while we still have some time!" he said firmly , with just enough warning in his tone.

Debbie bristled , "I will do no such thing Nigel!" then stood with hands on hips awaiting a reaction from Nigel.
This was a test - and Nigel knew it!

Reaching out he  firmly grasped Debbie by the wrist , tugging her to him.
"Well let's see if a good old fashioned spanking will change your mind shall we?" he announced through a wry grin.

Debbie struggled to free herself from his grip , "You wouldn't dare spank me Nigel!" she squealed  , but Nigel scooped his girlfriend up in his arms before placing her face down over his lap.
Those long legs kicked and flailed wildly , her short skirt hiking up to expose her scantily clad bottom.

Nigel took a moment to hoist her dress up even further , allowing  him to savour the sight of his wiggling girlfriend's delectable , wiggling bottom.
"Let me up this minute Nigel! I mean it !" Debbie commanded , to the amusement of her boyfriend.

Then she heard a loud 'SMACK!',  and felt a sharp sting on her right cheek which forced a substantial "OUCH! " from her lips.
Before she could react, a trio of rapid sharp smacks landed on target.
"OW!"  "OUCH! " "OOOOW! "

Debbie could feel her bottom slowly burning as the stinging spanks rained down incessantly.
Her tiny undies offered no protection , so her cheeks quickly turned from a deep pink to a glowing red as Nigel spanked hard and fast.
Nigel paused and asked , "So are you ready to go and change that outfit  now?"
Despite the intense burning in her derriere , Debbie shook her head and replied "NEVER!"

She let out a squeal when she felt Nigel's fingers slip inside the waistband of her undies.
"OK have it your way Debbie!" Nigel told her , skinning the tiny fabric over her hips to her knees.
Debbie pounded her fists on her Fiancee's shins , "No Nigel! Not on the bare! I forbid you!"

Nigel grinned. He had heard it all before so raised his hand before bringing it down crisply on his girlfriend's bare cheeks.
"OOOW! STOPPIT! THAT HURTS!" Debbie wailed , kicking her feet so wildly that one of her heels flew across the room.

His girlfriend's frantic use of the word 'please' told Nigel he was making progress , so he spanked faster and harder.
"Do you want to spend the next 10 minutes changing your outfit or over my knee getting spanked? It's your choice Debbie!" he told her.
The flaming fire in her rear end convinced Debbie to relent.

Nigel stopped , restored her panties , plopped her on his lap and gave her a hug.
"If only you weren't so stubborn you wouldn't get spanked so often..." he whispered to her.
Debbie giggled and gave her hot cheeks a soothing rub , "That's what Dad keeps telling Mom ....but he still has to warm her fanny !" she chirped , enjoying the smouldering glow in her rear now.

A short while later , a more appropriately dressed Debbie stood proudly with Nigel at the front of the church holding her new Godchild.
"I hope she doesn't grow up to be as stubborn as her Godmother!" Nigel joked.
Karen , the baby's mother and Debbie's best friend , agreed with a chuckle , "As long as she meets a guy like you who knows how to keep her in line Nigel! You certainly  have  a way of  keeping Debbie's 'craziness' under control. She's actually quite conservative today....I was worried she would show wearing something she bought at a stripper shop!"

Debbie blushed at her friend's off the cuff comment , and cast a concerned glance at a grinning Nigel.
"Aaactually...." Nigel began , teasing his fiancee , "....she had planned on wearing another outfit but she finally saw it my way and changed ." he replied.
"In the end it it was my decision to change my outfit! Debbie chipped in indignantly.
Nigel grinned , "But I did need to 'motivate' you into making that decision didn't I Sweetie?"

Karen laughed , "I'll tell you what , if Steve caught me trying to wear a racy outfit to church he'd motivate me alright - with a darn good spanking!"
Debbie and Nigel were taken aback by their friend's unexpected revelation.
It seemed like such a natural thing for her to say even in such a public setting.

Karen gave her friend a playful nudge , "Who are you trying to kid Debbie? I saw you wincing and squirming on those awfully hard church pews through the service.Nigel gave you a good spanking didn't he?" she asked.
Debbie was actually relieved to let the proverbial 'spanking cat' out of the bag.

She nodded to her friend , "I never could fool you Karen could I?"
Karen clapped her hands excitedly , "Now we have something else in common! I was doing my own share of squirming during the service after that bottom roasting Steve gave me this morning . I needed it to relieve all the stress building up from the Christening and I've been a real bitch all week! You wouldn't believe how many weddings and christenings I've attended with a red bottom under my outfit!"
Debbie laughed along with her friend , trying not to disturb the baby in her arms , "Well I can tell you mine is pretty red right now!"

Debbie was still grinning when the pair were driving to have lunch at Debbie's parents after the Christening.
"Imagine that...all these years and  it turns out Karen and are both spankos!" she said.

Nigel grinned, "That makes three of you then !" he observed.
"Oh yeah....I Mom makes's becoming quite a spanking network isn't it Sweetie?" his Fiancee gushed.

Minutes away over at Debbie's parents , trouble was brewing.
"Don't tell me what to do Frederick , you know I have better taste than you when it comes to these things!" Debbie's Mom argued.
Her husband let out an exasperated sigh.
"That's not the point Susan , you're getting carried away with all this online shopping ....buying things we don't need , and we agreed you would consult me for any purchase over $200." he reasoned.

His attempt to calm his wife enough to have a reasonable discussion only seemed to fuel her fury.
"How the hell would you know what we need or don't need for the house?....and I have no intention of crawling to you every time I want to buy something.You have to strike when the iron is a hot to get a bargain!" she fumed , assuming her defiant hands on hips posture.

Frederick folded his arms to regard his wife seriously , "I'm going to be striking something of yours and making it very hot if you don't listen to me!" he warned.
Her husband's warning was just what Susan was looking for.
"Well I have no intention of listening to any orders from you mister!" she replied , cheekily poking her tongue out for emphasis....and sealing her fate.

His patience exhausted , Fred took a firm grip on his wife's wrist.
"OK Missie , you asked for it....get that little tushie of yours upstairs!" he ordered.
Susan struggled to free herself , aiming a kick at her husband's shin which forced him to release his grip and hop around the room clutching his leg.
"This little tushie is going nowhere ...and if you try to make me you'll get another a much more sensitive spot mister!" Susan warned , but still backing away from her advancing husband.

Within seconds his grip on her was re-secured , "Just for that you're going to get the strap young lady......good and hard !" he told her , this time taking a defensive posture from another of his wife's kicks.
"......and if you try another kick you'll get the hairbrush as well!" he warned her.

His wife looked genuinely worried now , "Please Fred no.....not the hurts so much...the kids will be here soon..."she pleaded.
Just then , the doorbell rang.
"I told you so.......Saved by the bell! " Susan chirped triumphantly.

Releasing his grip , he permitted Susan to answer the door to greet her daughter and her fiancee in her usual bubbly way , hugging , kissing and talking non-stop.

When she had finished fussing over their guests  , her husband clamped his grip onto her wrist again .
"Let me go Frederick.....I need to get lunch ready.Whatever you have in mind will just have to wait until later."she told him haughtily.

Debbie giggled at the sight , "Has Mom been a naughty girl again Dad?" she joked.
"DEBBIE!" her Mother gasped indignantly.
"She has been very , very naughty...she even kicked me!" her father replied ,"In fact I was just about to take her upstairs for a good dose of my belt!"
Debbie looked pleased , "Well don't let us get in the way of a little domestic discipline. I'll can get lunch ready while you deal with Mom!" she offered matter of factly.

"Oh Debbie!You traitor!" her Mother raged as Fred hauled her toward the staircase.
"OUCH!" Susan let out a yelp when her husband spun delivered a resounding smack to her ample bottom.
"Upstairs young lady!" Frederick ordered and his naughty wife quickly scurried ahead of him.

Nigel watched it all with disbelief.
"Your Dad looks really mad. I wonder what she did this time ?" he asked.
Debbie tied on an apron and started to prepare lunch, "Dunno sweetie but I'd say it was bad if she's getting  the belt !" She replied.

As soon as the bedroom door closed , Susan began pleading for clemency while Frederick undid his belt, "Get your pants down and bend over!" he ordered curtly.
Realizing further protesting was futile she placed her fingers into the waistband of her slacks and  eased them over the curve of her hips.

Meanwhile Fredrick doubled over the belt and slapped it menacingly against his palm.
"Bend over young lady....get that naughty bottom out!" he said firmly.
He had to admit his wife looked very cute standing there pouting , her pants at her knees and her shapely bottom cheeks framed in  tiny cheeky panties.

When she bent over most of her cheeks were exposed and her bottom looked so delectable in those little undies that Frederick decided to keep them in place....for now.
Tilting her head to look up at her husband Susan pouted , " Aren't you going to take my panties down Sir?"
Frederick gave his wife's bottom a playful pat , "Not until later." he replied with a smirk.

Nigel cringed when he heard the sound of the leather belt connecting with bare skin, and the  blood curdling howls from Susan.
Debbie found it amusing, "Told you it was going to be the belt."she grinned .

Despite the noises from upstairs , Debbie hummed to herself as she laid out lunch while a distracted Nigel assisted.
"WOW! He really is giving it to her good!" he announced as a particularly loud 'WHACK' landed.
"Don't worry Sweetie...I expect it's nothing more than she deserves !" his Fiancee replied.

By the time the spanking was concluding , Frederick had convinced Susan to agree to be more responsible with her online shopping habit.
The leather applied to her bottom certainly put her in a more compromising mood.
Frederick made sure the final three licks were real 'stingers' ,and , judging by his wife's howling and squirming they certainly were.

Susan rose tentatively , grimacing and with both hands at her side , almost afraid to touch the heat coming from her bottom.
She turned to examine the damage in the full length mirror while her husband  restored his belt.
"OMIGOSH ! My poor am I going to sit on it for lunch? Or for tomorrow's lunch for that matter!" she whined.

Her husband chuckled , "On a pillow! It's not like you haven't sat on a well spanked bottom before Susan." he teased.
Susan pouted , "Not after the strap.....look at those big welts on my poor bottom." she whined , wiggling her two red cheeks seductively at her husband.
Frederick could not resist cupping those globes in his big hands and pulling his wife closer.
"Oooh! Careful dear I'm very tender back there!" she teased , snuggling closer to him.

Finally, Debbie and Nigel heard the bedroom door open and footsteps on the stairs.
A Red-faced Susan realized there was no point in hiding the fact that her husband had soundly thrashed her bare bottom , so made quite the scene of it in her usual fashion.

Contorting her face in a grimace , she vigorously rubbed her bottom , "My bottom is on fire! I'll need a nice soft pillow to sit on for lunch .... be a dear and fetch me one Nigel." she announced dramatically.
When the pillow arrived , she then made another dramatic act of lowering herself onto it.

"I think I HAVE 'Levis' imprinted on my butt!" she quipped , making everyone laugh.
"I could use one of those pillows too Nigel." Debbie asked.
Her Mother's face lit up with delight as her daughter carefully sat on the provided pillow, "You got spanked too?" she squealed excitedly.
"Did I? Nigel put me over his lap and really roasted my bottom !" Debbie confessed candidly.
"I had to do something....You should have seen the outfit she was going to wear to the Christening! " Nigel elaborated.
"Hmmm....sounds like something you would do Susan ..." Fred quipped and received a look of indignation from his wife.

"Guesss what Mom?.
 Karen got a good spanking today as well !" Debbie revealed , "She says it relieves her stress...."
Her Mother nonchalantly sipped on her tea and rubbed her bottom , "Well in that case I must be one of the least stressed ladies on the planet!" she declared .