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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Overheard Punishment - FM Spanking Story

"But Kate.....Alan and Jess are in the kitchen...they'll hear! I'm sorry....I should have listened to you but I...." Eric pleaded as his wife reached into her dresser and scooped out the big paddle.
Kate examined the paddle before turning to face her husband , "......but you didn't think I would paddle you with our friends still here? Well it appears you were wrong my dear! You behaved like a fool , disobeyed me and then defied me in front of them so they can listen to you getting your bare behind paddled. Now drop those pants and bend over the  chair!" she scolded.

Eric let out an exaggerated sigh , slumped his shoulders and began undoing his pants as his wife swung the paddle through the air making an ominous hissing sound as air escaped through the holes in it.
His pants at his knees , Eric draped himself over the big chair in a familiar position and waited for his wife to begin.
Out of her husband's view , Kate eyed his muscular backside with an impish grin before unceremoniously whisking his boxers down to join his pants .

She gave his lily white bottom a playful caress and slap which made him jolt before taking up her position to his left.
"Get that bottom right out!" she instructed , widening her stance and leaning forward slightly like a tennis player about to receive a serve.

In the kitchen , Alan and Jess sat nursing their coffees and listening for any noises from their hosts down the long hallway.
"Eric went a bit far this time didn't he.....I've never seen Kate that mad at him before. At least she's not giving him a talking to in front of us." Alan said.
His wife grinned and took a sip out of her cup , "I have a feeling he may be getting more than just a talking too Honey!"she replied.
Alan's face blanched , "You don't mean she's going she wouldn't...." he reasoned.
"I do believe she is!" Jess cackled.
Her husband visibly cringed as another three thunderous claps landed to howls from his fellow husband.

"Sounds like he's getting a grade A paddling like the one I gave you last weekend sweetie!" Jess teased.
Her husband blushed and his backside tingled at his wife's comment.
"For Eric's sake , I hope not , I've still got marks on my behind from that one!" he recalled with a forced smile.
Jess giggled , "I did enjoy watching you squirm on your seat all week dear....I do hope nobody else noticed? It wouldn't do if the ladies in your office knew I spanked your bare bottom when your bad !" she teased.


"Holy Cow! She is really swinging that thing!" Alan remarked.
"That's my gal!"his wife applauded.
There was a pause as Kate's voice could be heard scolding her husband , interspersed with the occasional muted response and the two witnesses strained their ears to listen.


Jess clapped her hands together in glee , "Sounds like our bad boy is getting a good old fashioned spanking now!" she chirped.
The crisp , rapid smacks continued for another minute or so before silence returned.
Both Jess and Alan were rendered momentarily silent until they heard the bedroom door open and the sound of Kate's heels clicking on the wood floor.

Alan noticed that Kate's appearance had changed slightly upon her return,
Her face was flushed slightly and her long , blonde mane was tied back in a pony tail .
A couple of extra buttons on her silk blouse were undone providing a glimpse of cleavage and the right sleeve was rolled up to the wrist.
A satisfied smile played on her face and when she spoke , she was slightly out of breath , "Sorry about that! Eric will join us shortly....he just needs a minute ....I'll make us some more coffee!" she said nonchalantly and busied herself in the kitchen.

Moments later the sound of the door creaking slowly open , followed by measured and stuttered steps could be heard.
A red-faced and slightly dishevelled Eric appeared , walking stiffly and wearing a forced smile.
"Er....sorry for being a bit of a pain earlier guys....sometimes I get a bit carried away and Kate needs to clip me back in line!" he blurted with some difficulty.

"Well judging from what we heard from here she certainly did a good job of that Eric!" Alan said in an attempt to lighten the mood.
Both ladies put a hand to their mouths smothering giggles watching Eric painfully  lower himself back onto his chair.

Alan tried to show compassion for his fellow hubby but had to grin with the ladies.
That is until Jess leaned closer to him , "What are you grinning about mister ?" she asked before turning to Kate enquired, "Is everything ready ?"
Her friend nodded , "Absolutely! The chair is still out and the paddle is hanging on the door.My hairbrush is on the dresser if you need it!"
Alan's jaw dropped and his head swiveled as the two women talked.
"I believe I will be needing it!" Jess announced standing up , "Let's go Alan!"
Her husband threw up his hands in frustration , "...but what did I do sweetie?" he asked.
Jess paused to respond , "Nothing yet...but let's call this a pre-emptive strike shall we?Just to make sure you do behave."

Alan was too busy squirming around in a vain search for comfort to offer any support for his friend ,and Kate sat back in amusement as the other couple made their way down the long hall to the bedroom.
Jess glanced over her shoulder and winked at her friend before she entered the bedroom to join her husband.
She was going to enjoy this as much as Kate did!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Hotel Spanking - FM Spanking Cartoon

Sometimes a naughty husband tests his strict wife while on vacation but he soon learns the same rules that apply at home will apply on vacation!

How embarrassing to be yanked from the hotel pool by your ear by an angry wife brandishing a hairbrush and be marched through the resort to pointing and giggles from the other guests.

The elevator ride was made even more uncomfortable by the presence of amused ladies who teased him about his impending spanking.

He is actually thankful when they finally reach the sanctuary of their hotel room even  though he knows what awaits him once the door closes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Helen fibs again- MF Spanking Cartoon

It looks like our naughty Mom , Helen has gotten herself in trouble again with similar results.
Her husband Andy took his belt to her naughty bottom but now the worst part is explaining her poor behaviour to their daughter.
As usual , Helen tries to cover up the situation with lies again ....and Andy knows it is not time to put away the belt just yet.....

Monday, September 10, 2018

Tan Lines...Helen gets some more ! MF Spanking Cartoon

There was a lot of speculation on the last post regarding the older Mom who got a spanking at the beach and had the added embarrassment of having to remove her conservative , one piece swimsuit to give the spanker full access to her plump derrierre.
Well , if she thought she could hide the tell-tale results of her spanking from her husband Andy she was mistaken.....and he is not buying her lame excuse that it was a sunburn.
There is no doubt that Andy will be making those ample cheeks even redder very shortly !

Poor Helen......

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tan Lines - MF Spanking Cartoon

When this gaggle of lovely bathing beauties saw the hunky Lifeguard at the beach they concocted a plan for each of them to be scooped up into his arms.

Unfortunately for them , the Lifeguard sees this type of scheme every day - and knows just what to do with the naughty ladies.

In fact he keeps a special big hairbrush in the Lifeguard Hut for just that purpose which is used daily.

Now the naughty quartet will be sporting very red bottoms which their tiny suits will not be able to hide.

Everyone will know those red bottoms are not because of a sunburn !

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Waiting for Her Brush - FM Spanking Cartoon

Most Strict Wives have heard this one before , as soon as her naughty Husband sees her smacking that dreaded Hairbrush against her palm.
Does he really think that , because the hairbrush does so much damage to his backside ,  informing her of this fact will convince  her to use another implement?
A good spanking is supposed to hurt and the hairbrush will guarantee his bottom remains sore for the next few days!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Just what the Doctor Ordered - FM Spanking Story

Lord Reginald Chumley looked warily across the room at the delectable Doctor Florence Davenport.
She looked even more stunning than usual in her long fuscia evening gown which hugged her curves and had a teasing split at the back to give a glimpse of her shapely legs when she moved in her usual elegant manner.

The young Lord Chumley was hosting his first Charity Gala at Chumley hall with all the important people  in the County attending.
He knew the desirable Doctor Davenport had received an invitation , but given the way she had spurned his previous romantic attempts, he was not expecting to see her.

He was still reeling from his previous meeting with her which had ended in the most embarrassing fashion :

More Doctors Orders

For once in his life , the brash Playboy lacked the confidence to ask Florence for a dance so he spent the evening wallowing in jealously as other men spun the beautiful Doctor around the dance floor and she flirted openly with all of them.
As she danced , she would cast Reginald a glance , almost challenging him to approach her , but he could not summon the courage.

Even liquid courage didn't help and when he downed his 3rd whiskey in a row he felt a hand on his shoulder and a female voice , "As your Doctor I really must advise you not to drink like that Lord Chumley."
Doctor Davenport's deep , seductive voice had Reginald spitting out his expensive single malt.
Florence regarded him with a devious smile.
"I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful event Lord Chumley. The fundraiser will really help at the hospital......but I must say I am a tad disappointed that you haven't ask me to dance." she told him.

Reginald was intoxicated by her mere presence and struggled to speak.
Sensing his embarrassment , Florence took his hand  , "Why don't we dance while we talk your Lordship." she said and lead him onto the dance floor.

It felt wonderful for Reginald to finally take this strong willed woman in his arms , smell her perfume , put his arm around her tiny waist and spin her around the floor.
"Oh My! You are quite the dancer your Lordship. You are making me quite giddy!" Florence gushed.
Regaining confidence , Reginald dipped her and then pulled her closer , "Please call me Reginald....may I call you Florence ?" he asked.

The confident Doctor allowed her breasts to brush against him , "You may call me Florence for this evening but I insist on Doctor Davenport at my surgery......" she began.
"Of course." Reginald concurred.
".....and you will call me Ma'am when I am disciplining you!" she added firmly , her smile fading momentarily.
Reginald blushed and swallowed heavily.

When their dance ended , the couple finally seemed to have some romantic spark between them.
Florence stunned Reginald by reaching up and planting a brief but teasing kiss on his lips.
"This is a wonderful old building. I'd love to see more of it..." Florence cooed.
Reginald smiled , "Let me give you a private tour Florence !" he replied , taking her arm .

As they approached the big staircase , Reginald's housekeeper Mona greeted them.
"How are you Mona? Still busy keeping our naughty boy in line are you ?"Florence asked , producing a deep blush from Reginald.
Mona grinned from ear to ear.
"I certainly am , isn't that so Reginald? The poor boy simply hates that leather strap. Can't sit down for days after a dose of that can you Reggie? " she teased.
Florence laughed along , "....but what about Betty Blister?"she asked.
Mona cackled , "Don't worry Doctor , it still sits in Reginald's bedroom just in case!"

Reginald anxiously guided his guest up the stairs to avoid any further embarrassing comments from Mona.
They both stood for a moment at the top of the stairs to admire a portrait of Reginald's parents.
"What a beautiful couple they make!" Florence observed.
Reginald nodded agreement , "Yes. They were a good team. Father ran the business but Mother was the one in charge of all the domestic matters!" he explained.
"She looks like a strong willed woman!" Florence observed.
"She certainly was Florence . In fact I must confess that 'Betty Blister' belonged to her!" he confessed with a smile.
"Really ?" Florence replied.
"Curiously , she never used it on me or my brothers , it was reserved exclusively for Father!
She gave it the name Betty Blister thinking we kids wouldn't know what she was referring to but we figured it out.
If he did something to displease her , which was often , she would say things like, "Betty Blister is waiting for us in the study" , or "I've invited Betty Blister over for a visit later".
Father would turn bright red and begin apologizing but it never worked.
Once Mona had put us to bed , we would sneak downstairs and listen to Father howling and apologizing while Mother blistered his behind with that brush!
The next morning at breakfast he could barely sit and would remark that his old war wound was playing up again! Mother would giggle and say 'I didn't know you were wounded on that part of your anatomy darling!' . We kids would giggle at that one!"

The two strolled along the long halls while Florence took in what Reginald just told him about his parents.
"This is my bedroom.....of course you've been here before...for my" Reginald said.
"....and there is Betty Blister , just where Mona said it would be !" Florence observed ,picking up the big brush and rolling it over her hand.
Reginald blushed again.

Florence sat on the big leather ottoman at the foot of her bed and hoisted up her gown to reveal her long , shapely legs.
Reginald's eyes widened at the sight.
Looking up at Reginald , Florence said , "It's a very expensive dress and I don't want to crease it while you are kicking and squirming on my lap Reginald." she declared.

Reaching out , she nonchalantly began to undo Reginald's trousers and yanked them down to his knees.
"Over you go Reggie darling!" she announced , patting her bare lap.
Reginald shrugged his shoulders , "But what for ? I didn't do anything Florence ..." he protested.
Florence cast him an angry glare and waved the brush at him.
"This is when you call me Ma'am Reginald . Let's start this relationship off in the right way shall we?" she scolded.
"Yes Ma'am." he replied and crawled over her inviting lap.