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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Driving Lesson - FM Spanking Story

“OMIGOSH!” Krista shrieked ,  pressing hard on the brakes.
The driver who cut abruptly in front of her flashed a wry smile , flipping her a cursory middle finger as he drove off .

“You #$$@@ing Asshole!” her husband Ben yelled , brandishing a fist at the offending car.
His wife glared at him , “There is no need for that language Ben... he can’t hear you anyway...but I can!” she scolded.
Ben was outraged , “But he cut you right off Krista...and gave you the finger! He could have killed us!”he raged back at her.

Krista shook her head and let out a sigh before glancing over at her still fuming hubbie .
“Yelling at him like that won’t solve anything ....and no harm was done anyway.” she reasoned.
His wife’s calmness about the incident only enraged Ben even more.
“How can you let him get away with that Krista? He’s a jerk!” he yelled , his tone rising.

His wife did not respond , instead beginning a three point turn in the middle of the street.
“What the hell are you doing?” Ben asked .
“Turning around.....what does it look like!” Krista replied , glancing over her shoulder to make sure the way was clear.

Ben laughed nervously , “Aren’t we going to visit your sister then ?” he asked.
Her attention focussed on the road now , Krista responded , “Of course we are....but I told you before I will not put up with that sort of behaviour from you we are going home to deal with it !” 

Her husband’s face flushed , his demeanour quickly changing.
“bb....but Honey...he cut you off and I was just......” he began to justify his actions , but was stopped by his wife’s voice interrupting  him.
“We both know what you did and we also know the consequences!” she explained , calmly bringing the car to a halt once they were in the driveway.

Krista turned to look earnestly at Ben after switching off the engine , “Off you go to the bedroom , fetch the hairbrush and get ready....this is going to hurt ......I’ll be there shortly..” she told him firmly.
For a moment Ben considered a protest , but his wife’s determined look convinced him to think better of it so he made his way into the house.

While her husband busied himself making the necessary preparations for his pending chastisement , Krista called her sister to inform her of the delay. “Sorry Sis....we’re going to be a bit late.....I need to take care of some with Ben which can't wait.” she gushed.
Her sister’s reply made her giggle.
“Yes...another little episode of road rage...I’ll tell you more over a glass of wine !” she added.
Returning the phone , she took off her coat and rolled up her right sleeve before striding confidently to the bedroom. 

About 15 minutes later , Krista was back behind the steering wheel.
Shaking her head , she grinned impishly when Ben let out a moan when he carefully lowered himself onto his seat beside her.
“I hope you've learned your lesson mister ?" she asked sternly.
"Yes Ma'am!" came the subdued reply.
"Looks like you're in for quite an uncomfortable ride......but if you dare behave like that it will mean an even more uncomfortable ride back!” she warned , placing her hairbrush on the dash in front of him as a reminder , just in case.

Ben shifted uneasily in a vain attempt at comfort .
His tender backside chafed uncomfortably against the unforgiving roughness of his jeans , and some of the numbness from his wife’s repeated application of the wooden paddle was beginning to wear off , replaced by a lingering burning.
"Well try not to hit any bumps at least!” he requested through a grimace.
Krista grinned impishly, "I told you this was going to be an uncomfortable ride and I meant it !" 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Helping Hand - MF Spanking Cartoon

What is a grown up daughter to do when she discovers her Dad administering a sound spanking to her Mom?
Well that depends how lenient Mom was when disciplining her daughter.
In this case its payback for daughter Debbie and time for Mom to feel the back of the hairbrush she applied to her daughter's bottom when she was younger.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

She's the Boss - Movie Spanking FM

In this sequel to the 1935 hit 'She Married her Boss' ,  Secretary Julia (played by Claudette Colbert) takes charge of her Boss's ( Melvyn Douglas ) household , and his spoilt brat of a daughter , but it's also time for Julia to take charge of her new husband .

Julia tells her new husband that she intends to discipline him in the same way she tamed his naughty daughter but adds , "I'll need a much harder brush for you darling!"

Richard soon discovers his new bride is true to her word , and in a hilarious scene Julia's brush is applied to her husband's behind !
In fact this happens with such frequency that he needs to conduct his business meetings standing up!

He may be a brash businessman by day , but at home Richard spends spends much of the movie over his pretty wife's lap or bent over a sofa or chair while she applies the brush where 'it does do him most good'.
The result is a hilarious comedy with Colbert 'warming' to her task and Douglas  as the stubborn but obedient husband.
Be careful if you bring your wife or girl to see this movie may give her some ideas!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Debbie's request - MF Spanking story

Despite his  45 years Ronald  was as nervous as a teenager.
He and Debbie had been dating for a couple of months now and he still couldn't believe what the stunning , petite blonde saw in him.

Lately , he noticed Debbie's mood had been more serious and when she invited him to dinner  because "there were some things we need to discuss" , it sounded ominous to Ronald .
Various scenarios flashed through his mind , all negative and centering around the premise he was about to be dumped.

He always thought the classy Debbie was out of his league anyway , so a part of him was actually relieved.

Debbie looked stunning as usual when she greeted him at the door .
Her long blonde mane flowed seductively over bare shoulders was and she wore a short summer dress which hugged the curves of her petite figure.
There was even a glimpse of cleavage when the towering Ronald looked down at her.

Ronald had hedged his bets by bringing Debbie an impressively expensive bouquet of flowers.
Debbie gushed when he handed them to her but disappointed him with a sisterly peck on his cheek.
Even so , Ronald loved the way she stretched up on her toes to deliver the kiss and her lips felt so soft.

The smell of cooking from the kitchen led them there and Debbie poured them both a glass of wine as Ronald perched on the stool beside the island.
Debbie had clearly made an effort to make the room as romantic as possible with the lights dimmed , scented candles and soft jazz playing in the background.
"Perhaps she wasn't dumping him  after all ?"Ron thought.

Debbie excused herself and  turned her attention to one of the pots simmering on the stove.
Ronald's heart quickened when Debbie bent over to open the oven , giving him a lusty view of her shapely bottom and milky white thighs.
For a moment he thought about reaching out and giving that delectable posterior a playful smack but he hesitated and the moment was lost.

The pair traded small talk while Debbie served dinner , but Ronald's stomach was still churning  nervously in anticipation of his girlfriend delivering bad news.

Finally Debbie broached the subject and Ronald listened carefully.
"Don't worry Ronald ...I'm not dumping you...." she began , that beautiful smile of hers playing on her face for the first time that evening.
Ronald sighed with relief.
"However , if we are going to have a serious relationship there is something I need to tell you ..." she continued.
That nervous feeling in the pit of Ronald's stomach quickly returned.

Debbie's brow furrowed and that serious tone returned.
"You are a sweet , adorable , fun guy Ronald , but like most men you  too easily accept my annoying little acts of inconsideration , like my sassy comments , keeping you waiting and my flirting with other  men in your presence have noticed that  Ronald?." She continued.

"Yes, I did notice but......" he agreed uncertainly.

Debbie's eyes widened and her nostrils flared , "So why do you let me get away with it then? Why don't you do something about it ?You men are all the same!"

Ron's discomfort was obvious.He was not certain what he did wrong but Debbie certainly appeared unhappy with  him.
"I don't know Debbie....what could I do?" he shrugged in confusion.
"Well, there are ways to deal with a naughty girlfriend Ron!" she told him.

Ronald was pleased that Debbie had referred to him as her boyfriend for the first time but was still puzzled where the conversation was going.

Debbie let out a deep sigh of frustration and continued , "Well ,you could take me over your knee and give me a darn good spanking that's what!" she announced.

There was a pause and Ronald felt his jaw drop.
"A s...spanking?" he babbled , barely coherent.

Debbie sat back  , looking relaxed , clearly relieved to have dropped the bombshell on her boyfriend.
"Yes a spanking ! A good old fashioned , over the knee spanking .....on my bare bottom!" she clarified.

Ronald was now rendered completely  speechless as he pictured his girlfriend's shapely bare bottom across his lap.

" So,  can we have an agreement on that ?" Debbie asked  impatiently.

"An agreement ? That I spank you when you misbehave?." Ronald smiled , not totally believing what Debbie had just proposed.

Debbie reached over to touch Ronald's hand affectionately.
"Exactly darling ! 
I believe we have a few issues to settle regarding my behaviour over the past few weeks? I have behaved quite horribly." she grinned playfully. 

Debbie surprised Ron by standing up.
"So let's take care of that right now then shall we ? " she declared confidently.

"Now?" Ronald asked .
Debbie took hold of his hand .
"Let's go to  the bedroom . We don't want the neighbours to pass by and see me over your  lap having my  bare bottom spanked do we?" she chuckled with a glint in her eye.

Settling into his new role now , and anxious  to see the lovely Debbie's shapely bare rear up close , he ushered his girlfriend into the nearby bedroom.

After closing the door , Debbie took  a straight backed chair and  placed it in the middle of the room.
Then she took a hairbrush from her dresser and handed it to Ron .

Ron took the hairbrush from Debbie and sat on the chair.
However, if Debbie thought Ron was a spanking novice she was very wrong!
He loved nothing better than to smack a shapely bare female bottom and Debbie would not be the first pretty lady he had over his lap.

This time it was Debbie's turn to be surprised when , to her delight , Ronald took charge of her spanking.
He began with a long lecture , "You have been a very naughty girl and I will not stand for it young lady. I'm going to give you a spanking you won't soon forget!"

Debbie was loving it and tingling with anticipation now .She ventured tentatively towards Ron , allowing him to guide her  across his lap.
Ronald felt an arousal when he felt Debbie's weight over his thighs.

Sternly , he reminded Debbie of why she was there and warned her to improve his behaviour.
Debbie knew he was right.
Her  behavior had been selfish ,  rude and inconsiderate and she knew it.
She felt guilty and accepted that she deserved what was coming.

What was to follow did not disappoint her. 
Her heart fluttered when she felt her dress being hoisted up to reveal her scantily clad posterior.

For Ron the sight of Debbie's shapely thighs , her silky skin and jiggling twin globes was glorious.
Debbie wore only a skimpy pair of black lace boy short panties which left both her cheeks exposed.
Ronald thought they were cute and decided to leave them intact - for now.

Debbie heard the crisp sound of  Ronald's hard  palm connecting with her bare bottom and was shocked at how much it stung. 
Debbie was thrilled at the power her new boyfriend was exercising over her .
She had been longing for this for some time. 

Ronald knew how to spank properly and soon had Debbie wriggling and yelping on his  lap.
He smacked one cheek and then the other and then a seriescof rapidfire spanks to the same tender spot.
He loved the wobbly wave of Debbie's cheeks accompanied by girlish squeals when his palm landed .

Debbie's bottom was getting redder by the minute and both her shapely legs were kicking.
She had no idea how long the spanking would go on , so just did her best to stay in place and cope with the mounting burn. 

There was a brief pause followed by a loud shriek from Debbie when Ronald continued her spanking with firm wallops with the hairbrush.
The hairbrush was harsher and soon earnest apologies were spilling out of Debbie's lips.
"STOPPIT! PLEASE I'M SORRY! " she wailed.

The brush quickly took its toll on Debbie's tender bottom and it was splotched with pink and red hues all over.
Debbie let out a gasp when Ronald's fingers grasped her tiny undies and whisked them all the way down to her ankles.
He began spanking her now completely bare bottom with slow , firm spanks , pausing to massage Debbie's hot skin , his fingers exploring her most intimate areas before spanking again.

Debbie was moaning now and she did not want the spanking to stop.
Finally satisfied, Ronald stopped and let them both catch their breath for a bit.

"OK Debbie, I think that about does it. I hope you’ve learned your lesson , but before I let you up  you should thank me for taking time to spank you like this." He told her.

Debbie turned her head , pouted her full lips , and her big brown eyes , tinged with real tears making her mascara run , looked up at Ronald , "Thank you for spanking me Ronald.I needed that.I promise to be good." she purred.

Ronald scooped up his petite girlfriend and sat her on his lap , pulling her close.
Debbie's hand slid down to grasp the bulge in his pants but was surprised when Ronald guided it away.
"Uh oh...not yet...I'm not finished with you yet young lady.Up you get and go stand in the corner!" he scolded.

"Aw Honey.Do I have to?" She pouted.
Ron wagged a finger at her , "Get that cute little  nose of yours in the corner right now and keep that dress up so I can see that nice red bottom!
Debbie grinned , "You're the boss Ronald!" she purred and scurried into the corner.

Ron sat back and eyed the glorious sight of Debbie's curvy red bottom as she stood in the corner.
After a full 10 minute wait she purred when she felt his soothing palm caress her bottom.

Ron was pleased that even after her corner time , Debbie's bottom was still hot to the touch.
"You can come out of the corner now." he told her.
Slowly ,she turned , looked into Ronald's eyes and melted into his arms.
Their lips locked in a lingering kiss.

"Shall we go downstairs and  have dessert now Darling?" Debbie purred.
"I'm afraid I'll have to eat mine standing up!" she giggled , giving her still red, bare bottom a rub.

Ron grinned and pulled her closer , "On one condition keep those panties down and skirt up!"
Debbie grinned , I wouldn't have it any other way considering how naughty I've been!" she replied.