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Friday, February 23, 2018

Welcome to the Family ! - FM Spanking Cartoon

It had started off as a nice dinner where Audrey could introduce her new boyfriend Charles to her parents , but when the two men had too much to drink and started with the lewd jokes and comics the dinner was cut short before dessert arrived.

It was indeed a quiet ride home for the two men apart from their ladies warning them of their fate when they arrived home.

If Charles thought his new girlfriend and her Mother were joking , he received a reality check when Audrey's Mom promptly downed her husband's pants , tossed him over her lap and gave him the hardest spanking he had ever seen with the biggest hairbrush he had ever seen.

In case he had any ideas of escaping , Audrey held him by the ear , occasionally wagging her very own hairbrush at him and warning him he was going to get it worse.
"Welcome to the Family Charles.." she said , "...better get used to this!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Julie's Family Spanking - Ripple Effect

You can read all about Julie's spanking in front of her entire family at her site here :

Julie spanked in front of the family

When I made the original depiction of the spanking scene , you may notice that some of the onlookers had expressions on their faces which indicated they might enjoy a little bit of spanking fun themselves , while others did not.
As Julie's own description will attest , the spanking had quite an impact on those present to witness it , and I wondered if it would have enough influence on them to create a 'ripple effect' of more spankings after the family dinner ended.
Julie's Dad and Brother-in-law certainly seemed inspired , while Julie's Mom looked interested , amused and embarrassed,  while her little sister was disgusted by the display.
We all know what happened at Julie's house afterwards but was there a spanking 'ripple effect' at her Mom's and her younger sister's house afterwards?
I think there was ......and here are my illustrations of what may have happened......



Saturday, February 17, 2018

Wait Until I Get You Home !- MF Spanking Cartoon

Well he did warn her what would happen if she behaved inappropriately at the party , but she chose to ignore him.
As a result , this naughty wife will be leaving the party early and you can be sure that her bottom will be as red as her dress by the end of the evening.
To make matters worse , her friends know exactly what awaits her ay home and will tease her incessantly about it for months.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day !

Be warned gentlemen that if you buy your wife a paddle for Valentines Day she will use it !

(.....and yes.....she will enjoy it !)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Taking Turns - FM Spanking Cartoon

This tandem of Disciplinary Wives are putting their naughty husbands through their paces.

After dinner and drinks , the two men are sent to disrobe while the ladies prepare the room for the main event.

It starts with a long lecture , made even more embarrassing when the men must stand naked before their wives hands by their sides as their ears are thoroughly roasted.

Then , while one of them watches , the other man must kneel on the couch , bend forward and present his bare backside for punishment.
The mere sight of her large Jokari paddle is enough to strike fear into the hearts of both men.

Taking her time , the first wife swings the paddle with venom.
Her husband tries his best to be stoic and take his paddling like a man , but by the 4th or 5th whack he is howling like a banshee and begging for mercy.
Meanwhile , the other husband must look on in terror , knowing his turn is next and his cheeks clench in anticipation.

After the first round , both men are sent to the corner while their wives take in the view of their red , blistered backsides while enjoying a cocktail.

For the wives it is as an enjoyable experience for them as it is painful for their husbands , and they love teasing their men incessantly about the state of their backsides.
The men can only cringe and shake in their corners knowing their ordeal is just beginning!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Taking them Down - FM Spanking Cartoon

When she told him she was going to put him over her lap and give him a good spanking he thought she was kidding.
Her lap was indeed a delectable sight , and worth a few playful slaps on the seat of his shorts .
He had endured way worse .....and how hard could she hit anyway?

However , his attitude changed very quickly when he saw the big hairbrush and she was going to spank him with !
It was big , thick and hard and he knew it would hurt.

He was genuinely worried now and tried hard to show he was not.

He blushed when her fingers slid inside his shorts and began lowering them....he was getting a spanking on his BARE bottom!

A determined , upset girlfriend , a big sturdy hairbrush and a bared bottom made a recipe for one heck of a spanking that he would remember for a long time.
He could no longer hide the fact he was scared....he was terrified .....and she knew it!