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Thursday, October 31, 2013

After the spanking .....- MF Spanking

One of my favorite aspects of spanking is AFTER the spanking itself. It's so much fun to witness the spankee doing that little spanking jig, rubbing her bottom , standing in the corner with a red bottom on display and wincing and squirming as they sit on a well spanked bottom!

Nice drawing of the post spanking jig and rub !

Wilma Flintstone is feeling the effects of a good paddling !

Thanking him for her spanking...."next time it'll be bare bottom!"


The descrete rub...Looks like someone got a pre-dinner spanking....
Sam from 'Bewitched' does some serious rubbing after receiving a hefty whack from Darren
Mom is delighted to find out her son-in-law spanked her daughter

Nose in the corner and rubbing her sore bottom


  1. The drawing of the woman rubbing her spanked bottom is reminicient of my experience as a teenager with a lover old enough to have been my mother. One day, after we undressed to have sex, I told her to get over my knee. It wasn't the first time. I'd spanked her before. But that day was different. She'd been a real bitch. I was determined to teach her a lesson.

    After the spanking, she stood in front of me rubbing her bottom and trying hard not to cry. Later, she confessed that I was more of a man than she realized. At my age, it was the compliment of a lifetime!

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  3. I am delighted when the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, is spanked on her bare bottom, by the father-in-law, or son-in-law. Yes, down comes their panties, knickers, or bloomers, and a good walloping on their derriere's, are painfully felt by them.

    1. I like pictures and stories about women who have been spanked and want their daughters to get spanked as well,probably because they think that a good spanking from their husbands is the best way of securing a happy marriage. The mothers want the best for their daughters, and that evidently includes a loving and spanking husband to keep them in line.

    2. Dating a college friend found myself knowing this spoiled girl needed a spanking. It was a visit to her mother's that I finally did it. In the bedroom, knowing her mother could hear I spanked her soundly on her bare bottom. She ran to her mother complaining, only to be told should have happen long ago. She went that afternoon to visit a friend and her mother and I talked. I said you should have spanked her along time ago, she smiled, stood up and said you wish to spank me. I did and that evening at dinner the two squirmed in their chairs, I smiled, and said not the last time.

  4. Yes, those painful bottom wiggles of a naughty woman that has just had her knickers down bare bottom spanked blushingly red, is a pure joy to see.

  5. If the woman still curses and threatens her husband efter the spanking, she must go over the knees again for another dose, nd harder this time, because that means that she has not learned her lesson. And after that when she is sobbing and promising to be a good girl it is time to cuddle and make up. But it is a serious mistake to end the spanking before the girl is suitably submissive and contrite - and almost begging to be comforted and forgiven.

  6. My wife was a spoiled child, never spanked, got what every she wanted. A couple months after our marriage I had enough. A Sunday morning I waited until she stepped out of the shower and pulled her to the bedroom, she fought me all the way and once over my lap I told her spoiled wives will get a spanking and really spanked her good until she was pleading and promising to be good. I waited until Sunday since we go to church, she tried not to squirm, but was hard not to. Leaving church a couple of women smiled at us and one said long overdue, my wife made a comment, she regreted, once back home her sore spanked bottom was spanked again, and she stood facing the wall for along time displaying a very well spanked bottom. Now when told she is getting a spanking she goes to the bedroom, stands naked, I make her wait, scold her and then enjoy as she turns into a little naughty girl as I warm her cute bare bottom. Frank

  7. Especially the first picture of the spanked wife dancing in front of her husband is a good one. I'm sure she'll remember it the next time she accuses him of cheating - a spanking is often the best way of persuading your wife that you love her and would never cheat on her. Soafter her spank dance I hope he'll give her some aftercare, and she'll apologize for doubting him and agree that she deserved the bare-bottomed spanking. - Next time, it'll be the hairbrush, he promises her, and she'll look contrite and promise that won't be necessary, she'll never doubt him again.

  8. Love the post, with delightful commentary
    Bottoms up

  9. A spanking should be the warm up to a good dose of the cane