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Sunday, November 19, 2017


I must admit I completely forgot about this , but would like to give an opportunity to the many minions out there that come to this blog but never comment or leave as much as a trace they were here.
If you enjoy this blog and would like it to keep going then please take a moment to leave a comment , suggestion or just a hello.
So , if you are out there , don't be afraid to let us know you exist.
We really appreciate feedback.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ready for Her Paddle - FM Spanking Cartoon

When a husband is naked , bent over the couch , and at the whim of a strict wife wielding a stout wooden paddle , will he ever be ready for what is coming ?

Maybe they are about to leave for a party and his wife wishes to give him a lasting reminder to behave himself before they leave ?

Or perhaps he misbehaved at the party and she is going to deal with him now that they are home?

Either way , his strict wife has decided he is in need of some serious discipline and has ordered him to bend over the couch and present his bare bottom to her for paddle.

His vulnerable position will allow her to have a good swing and full follow through for each lick - and it appears he'll be receiving many, many licks!

Just to show him she means business , and to tease him a bit , she informs him how much this is going to hurt - a lot- and how red and sore his backside will be for the next day or two.

Now each time he sees that couch , he'll be reminded about being bent over it and being soundly paddled by his wife.
It should give him an incentive to behave himself in future.

When friends stop by the next day and ask why he isn't sitting she will joke that he spends more time bent over the couch than sitting on it. How embarrassing!

One thing is for certain....he won't wish to be sitting on that couch- or anything-any time soon!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Spanking Reaction - FM Spanking Cartoon

This wife has just finished spanking her naughty husband for the first time and is a bit surprised at his reaction.

Although he would like her to think otherwise , physically he is unable to hide the fact that the spanking has made him more excited than contrite. Clearly not the result she wanted.

This leaves her with no choice but to continue his spanking until it has had the desired effect - for her anyway!

Isn't it interesting how nature has a way of exposing the truth?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Brides in India presented with Paddles to Discipline their Husbands - News Article

It appears that 700 new husbands in India will spend their wedding night with very sore backsides after their brides were presented at the wedding ceremony with brand new paddles to discipline their husbands should they become drunk or abusive.

 This Brides Mother appears to be giving her some last minute advice on how to paddle her new husband
 These wives look like they mean business , especially the little one in the middle who looks like she can't wait to use her paddle . Her new husband looks absolutely terrified.
                This new bride has that ' just wait until I get you home look' on her face.

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, 700 brides at a mass wedding were presented with wooden paddles and told to use them as should their husbands become drunk or abusive.The paddles are normally used for getting dirt out of clothes in traditional laundries, but those given out to the brides were stamped with pink and blue messages saying "a gift to keep drunks in check" and "police won't say anything".At the ceremony in central India over the weekend, Gopal Bhargava, the minister of social justice and rural development, presented women with the paddles and urged them to put them to use if necessary.He said: “If your husband or any other member of family comes home drunk, treat him with it.” Mr Bhargava has ordered nearly 10,000 bats for distribution to newlywed women.Mr Bhargava said he got the idea for the wedding presents when a woman asked him whether she should get her husband to stop drinking by beating him with a wooden paddle. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Naughty Wives Punished - MF Spanking Cartoon

Here are some wives who are finding out the hard way , not to get too big for their boots!

It wasn't so long ago that they had their husbands , pants down and over the sofa for a sound thrashing just to show their men who really wears the pants.

While it is usually their errant husbands who are on the receiving end of a good spanking , the ladies should know that they are not exempt from similar treatment.

Perhaps the ladies got a little carried away on a girls night out , sassed their menfolk too much , or just needed a reminder that they can't always have everything their way.
Whatever they did , they will no doubt be very sore and sorry wives afterwards,  and will find out first hand what it feels like to sit on a freshly spanked bottom-  and endure the teasing of their amused spouses regarding their reluctance to sit!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Lady in Red- FM Spanking Cartoon

A different take on one of my favourite songs....

The lady in red is spanking me, cheek to cheek

There's nobody here, it's just you and me 

It's where I want to be

But I hardly know this beauty by my side

I'll never forget the way you spanked me tonight

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Grandpa Spanks !- MF Spanking Comic

Shelley and her boyfriend Dan are a tad embarrassed when her Grandparents pay them an unexpected visit and walk in just time to see Shelly sprawled over his lap having her bare bottom well spanked.

The young couple hurriedly bring their activity to an end and try their best to act  naturally but ,  as they are about to find out , Grandpa and Grandma are no strangers to spanking .

The only difference is that Grandpa really doesn't care who sees him spanking Grandma's bottom , proving that you really are never too old for a spanking !