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Monday, February 7, 2022

'Discussions' are about to begin.......


Over at there are a lot of 'discussions' about to begin , so become a patron and settle in to watch these strict ladies in action.

These ladies can make their men shudder at the mere mention of a 'discussion' and be assured that by the conclusion of the 'discussion' they have made their point.

It's so easy to have him see her point of view when he is bare-bottomed over her lap  receiving a dose of her hairbrush!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Enjoy the Best of Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories !


Become a patron at :

and enjoy the very best of Glenmore's favorite illustrated Adult Spanking stories, which I enjoyed writing as much as you will enjoy reading.

You will find stern Husbands , strict Wives , naughty Fiancees , misbehaving girlfriends  , romance , steamy situations and of course lots and lots of spanking and red bottoms !

I hope they inspire you with ideas to spice up your life with some good old fashioned spanking fun.....

Happy Spanking 


Monday, September 20, 2021

The Blackwell Spanking Chronicles !

Spanking has been a tradition in the Blackwell family for generations and these stories capture some of the most memorable spankings over the Years.

From Historic Spankings at the Stables , or in the Library at Blackwell Manor , to modern day paddlings carried out in the basement m study or office featuring antique hairbrushes , canes , paddles and straps and administered by strict Matriarchs , Wives or Husbands in the Blackwell tradition. 

You will see Handsome Stable Hands bending over for a thrashing from Lady Blackwell , pretty French Maids over his Lordship's lap for a bottom warming , and of course Lord and Lady Blackwell and their contemporaries giving and receiving their own doses of domestic discipline .

To enjoy the spanking adventures of the Blackwell family , become a patron at :





Monday, September 13, 2021

Wild West Spanking by Glenmore !

We all recall those classic spankings from the Wild West featured in movies ,television and comic books that gave us so much enjoyment.

It seems those stories of rowdy towns , bar fights , gunslingers , Cowboysand their feisty ladies needed to feature a darn good spanking , and many of them did !

Back then the storyline was predictable , A Cowboy hero meets a haughty City gal , they hate each other at first sight ....until he spanks her and she falls onto his arms with unbridled delight .

over at you will find spanking stories  , cartoons and comics from the Wild West which capture those Classic Wild West  spankings OF OLD , but in a different light.

While the spankings featured back then always had a pretty lady on the receiving end , Glenmore  balanceS the scales and has the ladies  doing some of the spanking. 

Don't worry , glenmoretales  still has still plenty of feisty ladies getting their bottoms warmed , but the ladies do their own share of bottom warming to their naughty cowboys !

While the six gun may have been the weapon of choice for our Cowboy heroes , these strict ladies prefer a hairbrush !

I hope you will visit my new site and become a patron to enjoy these spicy stories of romance and spanking in the Wild West !



Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Breaking News ! Glenmore has opened up a new location !


 I will be keeping this blog open for announcements on new posts but all my adult spanking cartoons , comics and stories can now be found at :

There are over 500 posts in the new site , some with new or improved artwork that was never featured on this blog so please head over there and check it out. 




The catch is , that the spanking material at the new site is  no longer be free and you will need to become a Patron of Glenmore Spanking to enjoy it. 

<a href="" data-patreon-widget-type="become-patron-button">Become a Patron!</a><script async src=""></script>

(I figured having spent so much time and effort creating all this work for others to enjoy , I might as well try to make a little profit from it by asking for a modest fee , but I think you will find it is worth it.)

There will be regular updates and I will be posting at least 2 adult spanking cartoons , comics or stories each month at the new site for you to enjoy .

Please spread the word to other spankos and I hope to hear from you at the new location. As usual , I will answer all posts and questions for you.

In the meantime , enjoy the attached 'teasers' with some samples of what you can find at

Enjoy the new site. 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

That's All Folks!


Hello All , 

It's been a blast , but I have been spending way too much time sharing my  Adult spanking stories and art with my fellow  spanking aficionados, so I've decided to take a hiatus so I can concentrate on more important things !

As some of you may know , I have been contemplating  my exit from blogging for a while , but now is the right time to move on. 

For those of you who took the time to show their appreciation and  comment , thank you and I hope my blog has entertained and added some fun to your spanking life.

As for the many more 'lurkers' ( or freeloaders as I affectionately call them) who stopped by , said nothing , and took my blog for granted , well I won't miss any of you ou one bit !   

Sorry , gotta go....Mrs G is calling .....bye all!