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Monday, September 13, 2021

Wild West Spanking by Glenmore !

We all recall those classic spankings from the Wild West featured in movies ,television and comic books that gave us so much enjoyment.

It seems those stories of rowdy towns , bar fights , gunslingers , Cowboysand their feisty ladies needed to feature a darn good spanking , and many of them did !

Back then the storyline was predictable , A Cowboy hero meets a haughty City gal , they hate each other at first sight ....until he spanks her and she falls onto his arms with unbridled delight .

over at you will find spanking stories  , cartoons and comics from the Wild West which capture those Classic Wild West  spankings OF OLD , but in a different light.

While the spankings featured back then always had a pretty lady on the receiving end , Glenmore  balanceS the scales and has the ladies  doing some of the spanking. 

Don't worry , glenmoretales  still has still plenty of feisty ladies getting their bottoms warmed , but the ladies do their own share of bottom warming to their naughty cowboys !

While the six gun may have been the weapon of choice for our Cowboy heroes , these strict ladies prefer a hairbrush !

I hope you will visit my new site and become a patron to enjoy these spicy stories of romance and spanking in the Wild West !



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