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Monday, November 16, 2020

Warming Wonder Woman - MF Spanking Cartoon

 When two Superhero's marry , there are sure to be some conflicts regarding the household chores.

After a long day fighting crime , Batman expects his new wife to have supper on the table , but Wonder Woman is too busy saving the world to accommodate him.

So Batman decides to lay down the law and gives Wonder Woman a choice , a warm supper on the table or over his knee for a warm bottom ? 

 Batman may think he has won this one , but the power struggle will continue and Wonder 

Woman has a plan to win it ! Stay tuned for the next episode.....

Friday, November 13, 2020

Off To A Good Start ! - FM Spanking Cartoon


It's the first month of Kate's DD agreement with Frank , and he is regretting not inserting a clause capping the number of spankings he can receive. 

He just did not realize how hard Kate's rules would be to follow !

While he did get off to a good start , he is now facing his 6th spanking in 7 days and he is not sure how much longer his tender bottom can hold out.

For her part , Kate is enjoying the practice and knows Franks rear will wear out before her trusty Hairbrush will !

Monday, November 9, 2020

Endart- MF Spanking Comic


I used to look forward to Endart's weekly updates featuring mostly MF , but also some FM spanking art.

Unfortunately his site closed abruptly a number of years ago , although much of his work can still be found at various sites , it is too bad that the entire Endart 'collection' appears to have been lost to us.

This is one of my favourites , not just for the story line , but because it features an older couple .....and of course because Janice does have a very spankable bottom and really deserves it .....a bit like McLintock! 

My favourite frame is the final one where Janice's spanking 'conversion'  is complete . 

Too bad Endart didn't do a sequel .....

Friday, November 6, 2020

Feeling the Heat - FM Spanking Cartoon


As promised , Mary has set her Husband's rear end on fire with her hairbrush and he is really feeling  the heat......unfortunately for him , Mary is just getting started !

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Bare Bottom in the Park !- MF Spanking Cartoon


It started out as a romantic walk in the park , but when your Girlfriend becomes sassy and rude , what is a man to do? 

Well , Dave knows exactly what to do to correct his naughty Girlfriend , and Michelle is finding out that Dave is serious about discipline wherever they may be !

Monday, November 2, 2020

Debbie's 3 Rules ! - FM Spanking Cartoon


Debbie does't mind Bill having a night out with the boys , provided he complies with the simple rules she has given him and he has agreed to . 

No excess drinking , take a cab home , and be home by midnight. Failure to comply with the rules results in a spanking and a one week grounding .

Simple and sensible rules , but Bill still has trouble complying with them . 

The fact that he complied with two of the three rules does not excuse him from punishment and when he returns home , 3 hours after his curfew , Debbie is waiting for him with the hairbrush! 

There can be no excuses , his pants are coming down and he is going over her lap for a long , hard spanking that he is going to remember each time he sits for the next few days !