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Monday, November 9, 2020

Endart- MF Spanking Comic


I used to look forward to Endart's weekly updates featuring mostly MF , but also some FM spanking art.

Unfortunately his site closed abruptly a number of years ago , although much of his work can still be found at various sites , it is too bad that the entire Endart 'collection' appears to have been lost to us.

This is one of my favourites , not just for the story line , but because it features an older couple .....and of course because Janice does have a very spankable bottom and really deserves it .....a bit like McLintock! 

My favourite frame is the final one where Janice's spanking 'conversion'  is complete . 

Too bad Endart didn't do a sequel .....


  1. Endart certainly did some great comics as well as standalone art.
    I have most of his work apart from some from the very end, so check out the Endart label on my blog or feel free to ask if you're missing anything :)

    1. A lot of the Endart work on your site seem to be manips of his originals?

    2. Yes but I also use the originals to illustrate posts quite a bit.

  2. always enjoyed endart, but never paid for it, like many others. I only joined one spanking site so many years ago, and only for about three months. This posting was enjoyable to read.
    bottoms up

    1. Endart's work was so impressive it was worth the monthly fee. Such a huge collection also.

  3. I like how she turned into a ravenous erotic spanko :)

    Here's a collection of 1210 Endart drawings:
    (free site, login to see images full size)

    1. Janice has such a delectible bottom made for spanking so I'm not surprised, although Martin apparently was !

  4. It was a few years and a lot of attitude after we got married but my mild mannered husband had enough.
    He sent me to the living room with a swat and told me he was going to spank me. And believe it or not, l went quietly!
    Shorts and panties came down and over his lap I went! He wasn't playing around. I got my first serious spanking and realized how bratty and obstinate I'd been. I apologized and showed my submission or approval by giving my husband oral sex.
    I was a kitten in his arms. Until the next time! Its been 17 years and I'm still learning and when I really get out of line I still go over my husband's lap.
    The last time was almost 2 years ago and it may have been one of the soundest ever. I won't be repeating that behavior any time soon!