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Friday, October 16, 2020

Setting the Tone - FM Spanking Cartoon


All of her friends told Sylvia she would never be able to tame the reckless and impetuous Simon. 

Many women had tried to convince Simon to marry him , but they all failed ....until he met Sylvia. 

There was something different about Sylvia that Simon felt irresistible , perhaps it was her confident , no nonsense attitude , or her firm but loving way of putting him in his place and teaching him manners and respect .

 Sylvia's girlfriends were impressed at the changes in Simon and wished to know how she was able to do it. Sylvia would just smile and reply , "Let's just say I have my ways...don't I Sweetheart ?" causing Simon to blush uncontrollably.  

When Simon dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him , she gladly did so , but only under her conditions. 

Before accepting his proposal , Sylvia gave him a taste of what to expect if she accepted , and , not for the first time , Sylvia applied her hairbrush to Simon's muscular backside leaving it red and raw. 

This time naked and red bottomed , Simon knelt again before her  and repeated his proposal. 

To confirm his commitment Sylvia held out the brush and had him kiss it. "I accept Simon!" she gushed , pulling him into her arms for a passionate kiss.



Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The New Method - FM Spanking Cartoon


Janice had tried everything to try and convince her new Husband John to be more respectful , but all the traditional methods failed her.

In desperation , she decided to try a new method , which turned out to be both entertaining and effective. 

John is now a loving and respectful husband , and Janice thoroughly enjoys using the new method at home to make sure he stays that way !

Monday, October 12, 2020

School Time ! - MF Spanking Cartoon


Shirley keeps the excitement in their marriage by surprising her Husband when he returns home from work. 

What man could resist being greeted by a beautiful woman in her School uniform requesting a spanking ?

 Looks like Shirley will be eating supper standing up again !

Friday, October 9, 2020

Your Turn - FM Spanking Cartoon


Will has just given his new Wife Sylvia her first spanking as man and wife , but Sylvia has surprise for appears the spanking in their marriage is not going to be a one way street !

Monday, October 5, 2020

A Noisy Spanking - FM Spanking Cartoon


Like most Husbands , despite his best efforts , Gary makes an awful lot of noise when he is over Sharon's lap receiving a  sound spanking.

His yelping , howling and profound 'OUCHES' and 'OW'S' are even louder than the cracking sound of his wife's hairbrush being applied to his bare backside, and leave no doubt to anyone within earshot that Gary is being spanked.

Of course , Sharon makes sure to leave the bedroom window open to allow the unmistakable sounds of a naughty husband entertain their neighbours and anyone else on the street....and perhaps inspire other Wives to do the same !

Friday, October 2, 2020

A Hair on Her Head - MF Spanking Comic


James knew Penny was a feisty , headstrong young lady and tolerated her tantrums and outbursts for a while , but if their relationship was to last , he knew he had to act.

So when James confronted her , Penny did not know what to expect , but was soon to find out.
Even the big hairbrush in her Boyfriend's hand , and his firm demeanour didn't give her an indication of what he had in mind.

No,  it was not her beautiful mane of hair that was under  threat , but another part of her anatomy was about to feel the sting of the brush.
It was only when her skin tight pants were unceremoniously lowered that she realized she was in for her first of many spankings.

Being a Gentleman , James permitted his naughty Girlfriend the dignity of keeping her undies intact , albeit that they offered scant protection from the sting of the brush.

However , he made it clear that her next trip over his lap would be bare-bottomed .....and Penny had no objection to that at all......