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Friday, June 26, 2020

A Spanking Worth Waiting For - MF Spanking Story

Martha's transgressions had been accumulating all month and she was beginning to think her Husband Henry had forgotten , or perhaps was becoming more tolerant and lenient after his retirement.

However , after a particularly notable act of petulance at the market on Saturday morning , Henry finally whispered those familiar stern words into her ear , "I will be dealing with you as soon as we get home young lady!"
Martha felt her face flush and her plump bottom tingle upon hearing her Husband's threat.
Still Martha held out hope that her well deserved comeuppance would be delayed yet again , as their dinner guests would be arriving in under 2 hours and there was still so much to do.

During the car drive home she tried her best to trivialize her poor behaviour and remind Henry of the tight time constraints.
Henry listened but said nothing until the pair arrived home , "Get upstairs and get ready for your spanking Martha!" he announced tersely.

His wife was surprised her ploy did not work so tried again ,"....but Henry , we need to bring in the groceries and prepare for dinner...can't this wait?" she reasoned.
Her Husband's response was to spin her around and deliver a trio of sharp smacks to her rotund posterior to propel her towards the staircase.
"I said get upstairs....I'll take care of the groceries!" he scolded.
Her mouth opened to speak again but Martha knew better when she saw Henry's jaw tighten , so she scurried obediently upstairs.

For a full 10 minutes , Martha stood naked in the bedroom waiting for Henry , the hairbrush she had laid out on the bed catching her attention again and again as she contemplated the discomfort it would be delivering to her bottom.

Finally , she heard deliberate footsteps on the stairs and felt her heard pound and mouth dry.
Despite knowing what was coming , she was still strangely excited and positively tingling with anticipation .
Both palms dropped to caress her bottom cheeks as if to prepare them for what was to come.
She needed this spanking and had been yearning for it for weeks , and now the time had finally arrived.
Henry entered in businesslike fashion , rolling up his sleeve and barely giving his naked wife a glance as he scooped up the hairbrush and took his seat on the edge of the bed.

Then he started with a long lecture which Martha accepted with head bowed and nods of "Yes Sir!" and "No Sir!"
The lecture ended with a firm command for  Martha to take her place over her Husband's muscular lap.

Despite their time constraints , Henry took his time to administer a measured and sound spanking to his wife's jiggling cheeks leaving them a blazing red.
A contrite Martha struggled , teary eyed to her feet and rubbed her well roasted bottom.
"Thank you for the spanking Henry, I deserved it?" she sobbed as she rubbed.

Henry regarded her incredulously , "Don't thank me yet young Lady....your spanking is far from finished! Did you really believe that after the way you have behaved this month that you would get off that easy?" he scolded.
His wife's jaw dropped , "But Henry....our guests..." she pleaded with her well worn excuse.

Her Husband pointed to the dresser drawer where the dreaded 3 tail leather tawse was stored.
Henry rose and placed three pillows on the bed , "Bring me the tawse and then get that naughty bottom over the pillows young lady. A good dose of leather is what you need to remind you how to behave...and let me remind you that if you dare misbehave at dinner tonight , I will not hesitate to  give you another dose of leather no matter how sore your bottom is! Now over you go!" he bellowed , pointing to the pillows.

Martha virtually leapt over the pillows , avoiding irking her Husband further with more excuses.
She clung to the bed sheets , yelping and kicking her tiny feet as Henry administered a full 20 harsh strokes of the tawse to her already sore buttocks.

At the end she just lay there sobbing and apologizing before getting up to  offer her thanks for her chastisement.
This time her apology was sincere and acknowledgedr , "Get yourself cleaned up and dressed then...our guests will be here shortly." Henry said , pulling Martha close to him for a hug.
He smoothed his palms up and down his wife's cheeks , noting her skin was hot to the touch

After washing and reapplying her make up , Martha turned to inspect her red and well marked bottom in the mirror.
The oval imprints of the hairbrush were overlaid by the striped  welts from the strap , but in an odd way she felt very proud as if it were some sort of 
badge of honour.

Giving her ample bottom a quick rub , she stepped into her evening gown....there would be no panties this evening with this sore bottom ....and Henry knew it!

They were both already longing for their post dinner activities and Henry's soothing aftercare of his wife's adorable bottom.
Sitting on a sore bottom for dinner would be well worth it !

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Jack's Overdue Comeuppance - FM Spanking Story

"Come in here please Jack!"
Jack recognized his wife Linda's stern tone and knew what it meant.
He knew this was coming , but Linda enjoyed keeping him waiting , knowing she held the power to decide when and how his fate would be carried out.

Linda sat comfortably on the bed , browsing her ipad when Jack quietly entered the room.
He noticed the big chair had been moved from the corner to the middle of the room and upon it was placed his wife's paddle and hairbrush.
Jack gulped when he saw them , knowing very well their intended purpose.

"OK get ready then." Linda said without even looking up from the screen.
Slowly Jack began removing his clothes and stood before his wife stark naked.
Linda let him wait there , continuing to work on her ipad without even acknowledging his presence.

Finally she closed the iPad, placed it carefully on her night table and looked at Jack.
"You know why you're getting this spanking don't You Jack?" she asked firmly.
"Yes Ma'am!" he replied.
Linda stood up , "Good ! Let's hope this will be a lesson well learned for you then , because I'm not going to let you off easy this time !"
"No Ma'am." Jack replied.

Linda picked up the paddle , "Bend over the chair! I'm going to turn that naughty bottom of yours a nice bright shade of red !" she announced with a grin , "....and expect it to be red and sore for the rest of the day!"
Jack simply nodded , turned and assumed the position without dispute.

For the next 5 minutes , Linda  scolded and repeated Jack's various offences while  she cracked her paddle across her target.
There were many offences this time , so after she finished delivering the first 100 or so good swats , her husband's rear was indeed the bright red hue she desired.

"So how does your bottom feel now Jack?" Linda asked with a satisfied grin.
"It feels like it's on fire Ma'am! ",came the reply.
Linda was far from finished , "10 more 'scorchers' then ....and I want you to thank me for each one....understood?" she ordered.
"Yes Ma'am!" 
Jack braced himself , tightening his grip on the chair.
He knew what Linda meant when she referred to 'scorchers'....she would assume a wide stance , stand back and then really swing the paddle with a full follow through that almost lifted both of them off their feet.
She also took the time to make her aim precise , landing in that tender spot at the bottom of his cheeks.
"Thank goodness it was only 10...." he thought.

"Legs apart slightly and hold on!" Linda warned , assuming her stance.
This was repeated until the 10th and final whack landed , and with each one Jack's voice withered and stuttered until at the last one he was barely able to muster a croaking "TH...TH..THA...ANK...YOU....MMM...MMA'AM!"

Linda stepped back to admire her handiwork .
Her paddle produced two visible grey spots on each of Jack's cheeks that were sure to blister and bruise , causing him quite a lot of discomfort for a while.
Licking a finger , she placed it her husband's glowing red bottom "SSSSS! SSSSizzle! That's hot!" she teased with a giggle.

Putting the paddle down , Linda scooped up the hairbrush.
"Now that you're nicely warmed up , it's time for the grand finale!" she announced , taking her seat on the big chair and patting her lap.
"Over my lap you go mister!"she ordered briskly.

PJ paused from trying to rub the sting from his rear and draped himself over Lady PJ's awaiting lap.
She grinned and gave his red cheeks a playful slap.
Yes , she was thoroughly enjoying This! Jack not so much....

Then she went to work with her hairbrush , snapping the back against PJ's cheeks non-stop.
Unlike the paddle, Linda spanked in a fast and furious manner, peppering Jack's behind , alternating from cheek to cheek , occasionally moving to his upper thighs or raining down spank after spank in a particular sensitive area if Jack yelped . She made sure to concentrate on those 'sit spots of his , the tender area between his cheeks and thighs .
She was indeed encouraged by her husband's yelping and screeching , the many "ouches" and "ows" , and wildly kicking legs. He grabbed on tightly to her ankle with one hand and she could feel it tighten as she spanked away at a rapid-fire pace .
Jack was certainly feeling this , and would be every time he tried to sit for the next day or two!

Out of breath , she finally released him and he sprang up , dancing from foot to foot and rubbing his cheeks furiously.
Linda laughed, sat back and enjoyed the show. She loved it when Jack performed that silly , naked , spanking dance.
Jack always tried his best not to , but he never could!

"When you are quite finished with that sill dancing , I'm ready to hear your apology!" Linda said.
Jack finally stopped and after catching his own breath offered a brief but sufficiently contrite apology to his wife who stood up and gave him a hug.
"That was for your own good! Now get dressed and I'll get supper ready." she said as if she had just completed a routine household chore.

Jack could feel the scratchy warmth of his jeans against his stinging backside as he walked stiffly to the kitchen.
Linda was already seated at the table and offered him a seat beside her , "You may want a pillow to sit on...." she said , almost sympathetically.
Stubbornly Jack declined her offer , and immediately regretted it when he lowered himself onto his seat and sprang back up with another yelp.
"I warned You Jack!" Linda teased, "You should know by now what it feels like after one of my spankings!"

Even with a soft pillow beneath him now , Jack squirmed and fidgeted through dinner and was happy to stand up and do the dishes.
"You probably don't want to sit and watch tv tonight Honey , so after you've done that I want the upstairs vacuumed and the bathrooms cleaned !" Linda chuckled , "....and you can put the chair back in the corner of the bedroom....until next time!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Julie's Mom gets Skyped ! - MF Spanking Cartoon

"Mom!" Julie exclaimed , "What's gotten into you today? You've been getting on dad's case all through dinner!" 
Julie's Mom grinned impishly , "Oh he can take it! Can't a wife get a little sassy with her Husband now and then?'
Julie shook her head , "Maybe...but not at your age Mom!" she quipped.

Her Mom bristled , feigning indignation , "I take offence to that young lady!" she replied , hiding a smile.
"Don't worry Mom , I'll take care of her impudence when we get home !" David announced happily , making Julie blush.

Mom laughed , "Sounds like someone is in for a spanking!" she giggled excitedly.
"I wouldn't be so amused if I were you , because I WILL be dealing with you later!" Julie's Dad announced , turning Mom's face as red as her daughter's.

"Douglas ! wouldn't dare...." Mom said nervously.
Dad grinned , "Oh you know I would dare Dear , you've had this coming for weeks and now you are going to get it!" he scolded , "I think this spanking thing Julie told us about is going to come in quite handy around here from now on!" he beamed.

Julie and David sat silent and gobsmacked , "Was Dad really going to spank Mom?" They mused.
"Now, now Douglas ....don't be silly know I was just having some fun with you." Mom said in an attempt to placate her husband , who was quite enjoying her discomfort.

"In fact , as you misbehaved in front of Julie and David , I think they should get to see your comeuppance!"he added.
Then, then turning to Julie he asked , "Can you set up one of those skype calls like we had last week?"
"You're not serious Douglas !" Mom gasped in surprise.
Julie grinned and gave her bottom  a rub , recalling the recent spanking she had received from David which was shared with her parents via skype.

Julie giggled , "Sure I can! Mom knows how to set it up , don't you Mom? Shall we say 8pm?" 
Mom stood up and wagged a finger at her Husband , " You are NOT going to give me a spanking Douglas , and you are certainly not going to broadcast it on skype!"she declared defiantly , stomping a tiny foot and placing hands on hips for emphasis.

Julie and David eagerly looked at Dad for his reaction and did not have to wait long , "Throwing a tantrum isn't going to save you Dear , but if you prefer , I can take you across my knee and spank your bare bottom right now!" Dad warned , casting his wife a stern glare.
Mom's mouth opened and closed before she slowly and reluctantly sat back down while Dad smiled in satisfaction , "8pm  it is Julie!" he confirmed.

At 8pm sharp , Julie and David were huddled by their tablet awaiting Mom's call.
Clearly Mom had made a final attempt to abort the call as it was 8.07pm before the call eventually came and Mom's face appeared on the screen.
Behind her , Julie and David were able to see a very happy Dad smiling back at them , and could also see that Mom was already  lying over his lap !

"Hi're late!" Julie teased.
"Sorry about that Julie ,  she tried to talk me out of it but , as you can see , here she is! Excuse me while I unveil the target!" Dad cackled.
Then with aplomb , he  raised his wife's dress high over her waist and , without ceremony , yanked  down her panties to an embarrassed gasp from Mom.

When he adjusted Mom higher on his lap , their audience could see the tops of her bare creamy white globes .
"Are you ready? " Dad asked her.
"I suppose so !" Mom sighed , shutting her eyes tight and gritting her teeth.

"Wait Dad! Where's the hairbrush?" Julie asked urgently.
Dad reached down and waved the brush at the screen , "Right here Dear , close at hand ....but I think I need to do a warm up first , right?" he asked.
Mom opened her eyes briefly and let out a sigh , "Oh just get on with it will you Douglas!" she said before bracing herself again.

Soon crisp spanks from Dad's hard palm were raining down hard and fast on Mom's jiggling cheeks ,  contorting her face into a grimace and generating lots of yelps and ouches.
"How red is her butt Dad ?" Julie asked curiously when her Dad paused after about 30 or so firm spanks.
Reaching over , he took  the phone from his wife and waved it around her bare derrierre.
"There !Can you see how red it is?" he asked . 
"It feels very red!" Mom chirped , almost happily.
"It looks nice and red to me Doug....I'd say she's ready for the brush now!" David advised.
"David!" Mom gasped indignantly .

Dad picked up the brush , "OK Here goes !" he announced , raising it high above his head.
"Don't forget the inside of Mom's thighs Dad !" Julie quipped.
"Julie ! No!Not there !" Mom protested, reaching an arm back to protect herself , only to have it brushed away .

"The camera is staying right here Dear so Julie and David can see the How red that your little bum becomes!"Dad announced.
Mom wriggled and struggled on his lap , "No Douglas ! I don't want them to see my bare bottom ...." she protested but her Husband had already placed the camera in just the right place for a close up of her soon to be hairbrushed cheeks.

The brush made a loud noise as Dad snapped it against his wife's bare bottom , alternating from cheek to cheek , deepening the red hue.
Her cheeks clenched and jiggled while she bucked and  squirmed on his lap.

Dad and his audience were quite enjoying the show....Mom not so much!
"Open those legs!" Dad demanded after delivering a dozen or so good spanks to each cheek .
"OH NOOO! NOT THERE PLEASE !" Mom protested but nonetheless , reluctantly complied while her Husband used his other hand to pull her cheeks open for the brush.
"Give it to her just like she gave me Daddy!" Julie cheered.

Dad  proceeded to give Mom  10  stinging whacks on the inside of each cheek which had Mom shrieking loudly  , followed by a full dozen on the tops of her thighs to complete the spanking.

"There! That oughta do it! " Dad declared , sitting back to admire his handiwork.
Putting down the brush , he affectionately massaged his wife's glowing red rear end.
"My my your bum is hot!" he declared.
"Of course it is! You had better be ready to cool it down Douglas! "Mom moaned , albeit with a smile playing on her lips as if she was as pleased with the result as he was.

It had indeed been a vigorous , but not too severe spanking , just enough to leave  Mom's bottom hot and tingling with a warm glow for a while.
Dad helped her up , ploppingbher down on his lap , "Now I think you owe all of us an apology young lady!" he prompted.

Mom's face was as red as her bottom , but she had an aura of satisfaction and sereneness about her , "I guess I deserved that!" she admitted  , planting a big kiss on her husband's bald forehead , "Too bad you didn't do that years ago! I apologize  for being sassy and rude at dinner . It was very naughty of me.Please forgive me . " she said with a cute pout.
"I like it when your naughty !" Dad replied with a big grin.

"I think Mom enjoyed that as much as dad did!" Julie whispered to David.
David nodded before announcing  , "I believe we also have some business to attend to young lady!" he said with a glint in his eye.
Julie's eyes bulged and she tried moving away from David , but he easily pulled her back and casually guided her over his lap.

"But I have the hairbrush David !" Dad reminded him with a laugh.
David smiled and had already whisked Julie's panties to half mast , "You can keep it Doug , you might need it again before Sunday ! Anyway , leather has a much better effect on Julie's naughty bottom!" he replied , reaching for the
 tawse he had hidden beneath the sofa cushion .

Taking the tablet from Julie he positioned the camera for a close up look of his wife's delectable bare bottom.
"That's ok David......we'll let you two have your fun in private.....besides , Douglas needs to take care of my sore bottom don't you Dear?" Mom said.
"With pleasure !" Dad agreed , placing a sloppy kiss on his wife's lips.
 "Oh! Get a  room you two!" Julie sighed.
"Goodnight !" David added , closing the camera to end the call.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Julie's Unexpected Call - MF Spanking Cartoon

It's always  great to receive an unexpected call from your Mom....although Julie may not agree!

Well it seems Julie's Mom may indeed have picked an inopportune time to have a Skype call with her daughter .....or did she?
Mom already knew that Julie was in for a good spanking once David got her home , so they arranged the call so Julie's Mom and Dad could view the proceedings !
Naughty Julie's parents were treated to quite a show indeed and are already looking forward to teasing their daughter about it at her next visit....

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ron's Reformation - FM Spanking Story

Norma snuggled into Ron's chest , breathless after leaving the dance floor with him , "Oh're such an amazing dancer!" she cooed through pouted lips.

Ron grinned , knowing the desirable Norma was soon going to be the latest notch in his belt.
His motto was ' love 'em and leave 'em' and the women he dated fell for his routine every time.

Now in his mid-thirties , his well rehearsed routine worked even better on women overly anxious for a committed relationship or coming off a recent break up .
He was happy to take advantage of their naivety , and loved telling the stories of his many questions to his envious male buddies afterwards.

His case was certainly aided by his chiseled good looks , intoxicating charm and extravagant tastes which combined to make him irresistible to women.
Yes in Ron's warped mind , he was indeed a gift to women,  and had no cares or regrets about their feelings after he unceremoniously dumped them.

What Ron didn't know was that scorned women tell tales and will seek their revenge.
Three of Norma's girlfriend's had fallen into Ron's trap , and when she did some checking into his reputation she found there were many more.

She decided that it was time for Ron to receive the comeuppance he deserved.
It wasn't particularly hard for Norma to bait her prey , her own stunning good looks , and curvy feminine assets were hard for any man to overlook....especially Ron.

He simply could not take his eyes off her as she sat securely in the corner of the bar with two of her girlfriend's.
The fact that one of them had been a victim of his charms did not deter Ron one bit.

The inevitable complimentary drink arrived at the table , and soon the handsome stud was sitting next to her , using his well worn pick up lines which Norma found both amusing and pathetic.

So , knowing his weaknesses ,  she teased him mercilessly,  pouting her full red lips and speaking in her best 'Marilyn Munroe ' voice and giving him a tempting gift of cleavage and stocking top when she leaned closer to him.

As expected , his invitation to dinner the following evening soon arrived , and Norma remained coy , forcing Ron to almost beg before finally accepting.
The trap was set .

Ron knew Norma would be a challenge so he pulled out all the stops , picking her up in a chauffeured limo , dining at the finest restaurant in town followed by music and dancing at the exclusive Flamingo club.

Norma made a point of making maximum impact on Ron's wallet , ordering expensive wines , appetizers and dishes .
She could see that this bothered Ron , especially since she barely partook of any of it , but he was too focussed on his ego and conquering her to complain.

During dinner , Norma hid her boredom as Ron spoke incessantly about himself  , but she did take every opportunity to tease  her date at will .
When he complimented her on her dress , she replied , "If you like the dress then you would really like what I'm wearing underneath it?" she purred , enjoying Ron's unintended gulp and jaw drop.
Slowly raising the hem of her dress , she gave him a brief glimpse of stocking top and silky thigh.
"I really love wearing a garter and suspenders..." she cooed through pouted lips.
Ron's excitement was obvious and he could not wait to take his date home for his next move.

Making his best attempt at being a gentleman , Ron scurried to open the car door for Norma when they arrived back at her house.
She made sure to give him a view of her long , stockinged legs and black undies as he helped her out of the car.
The bulge in Ron's pants told Norma she had him just where she wanted him , his eyes lighting up when she invited him inside for a coffee.

Making sure to wiggle her shapely bottom as she leaned over to fetch the coffee , she could almost feel Ron's glare.
Minutes later she was cuddling in his arms , their lips lingering in a passionate kiss as Ron's lecherous hands slid her skirt up over her waist .
"Uh uh....naughty boy...behave yourself !" Norma scolded in her best Schoolmarm voice , slapping Ron's wandering hands and pushing him away.
Ron looked stunned , "What's the matter Sweetiepie?" he asked.

Norma retrieved her phone from her purse and began scrolling through it before seating herself at the kitchen island.
Patting the chair beside her she gestured to a speechless Ron , "Why don't you sit down .....while you still can!" she told him.
His bravado fading , he quickly complied , oblivious to her hint on what was coming to him.

Over the next 20 minutes or so , Norma showed Ron the evidence she had gathered of his 'exploits' , the many women he had hurt , hearts and promises broken , not to mention his public boasting to his friends.

"I'm sure if this went public a lot of people would not be very happy with you Ron , including your employer!" she told him.
Ron's eyes bulged , "No! Please ! You wouldn't!" he babbled.
Waving the phone at him Norma replied , "Oh yes I would Ron ....and this is just  some of the juice I have on you! You have been a very naughty boy who needs to be punished!"

Then calmly putting the phone away , she looked earnestly into Ron's eyes.
They were no longer the eyes of a confident , manipulative man ready to add her to her list ....Ron was genuinely scared.

"It's payback time Ron!" she announced rising from her chair.
"Payback ? Whatcha mean?" his reaction ended abruptly when Norma took a firm grip on his ear to haul him to his feet .
"Come with me !" she ordered , leading him along the hallway to the bedroom.

Ron rubbed his ear when Norma released him and his gaze was drawn to the big ottoman in the middle of the room.
On it , Norma had placed a martinet and a huge wooden clothes brush.
"Take off your clothes....all of them and lay across that ottoman....ass up!" she ordered.
Her date looked like a frightened schoolboy , "Wh..what are you going to do Norma?"he stammered .

Norma picked up the martinet and placed the hairbrush on her dresser , "I'll reserve that for later!" she grinned , slapping the leather thongs of the martinet against her palm.
"On behalf of all those poor women you hurt , you are hereby sentenced tto a thrashing on your bare backside that will rend you unable to sit for a week!" she announced.

Ron's jaw dropped and he smiled nervously , " A spanking ? Like a kid ? Seriously?" he asked in disbelief.
Pacing before him Norma replied , "Oh this is going to be a much more serious spanking than any kid would get Ron , believe me! Now you can either strip and get into position and take your punishment like a man , or you can leave and wait for the 'shit' to hit the fan....your choice."

Ron was torn and his face showed it .
For a moment Norma thought he would choose the option to leave, until finally his hands dropped to start unbuckling his belt.
Slowly Ron shed his clothes , including a racy pair of yellow briefs he had worn for Norma'a benefit.
Norma giggled as he wiggled out of them to stand naked before her.
"You're not such a big man now are you Ron ?" she teased , turning to adjust the camera beside her.
Ron's face flushed , "You're not going to film this...." he protested.
"Oh yes I am Ron....think of it as insurance!" she replied.

Norma was in complete control now and Ron knew it.
Turning her back to him Norma asked ,"Be a dear and undo me Ron , this is going to be quite exerting I expect so I need to loosen up a bit!"she demanded.
A confused Ron slid down the zipper of her red dress and Norma eased it over her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor before stepping out of it.
She stood before him in only a black bustier , garter belt , stockings , heels and a dainty pearl necklace.

Ron was obviously impressed as his erection showed.
"Oh my! Are you excited about me giving you a spanking Ron?" she teased before giving his shaft a slap.
"You can get rid of that before we start!" she ordered curtly.
"WHAAT?" Ron gasped incredulously.
"I said make that go away...JERK OFF !" Norma bellowed.

A hugely embarrassed Ron did as he was told while an amused Norma looked on until he exploded with a loud moan , spattering all over the floor.
"That's better ! Now get over that ottoman with your ass up!"Norma commanded.
Ron found himself somehow under this beautiful woman's spell and he could not resist or understand why.
Perhaps it was his guilt , her beauty , or was it her commanding attitude , but somehow he knew he had to be punished and accepted it now without question.

He felt so vulnerable sprawled naked over the ottoman, his muscular backside perfectly presented to this beautiful , scantily clad woman to chastise.....and chastise it she did!
Norma released all her venom on Ron's backside , lashing the leather thongs of the martinet against his skin , producing red , raised welts all over it.
Ron gritted his teeth and attempted to accept his punishment in silence , but he could not.
Soon howls and screeches were spilling uncontrollably from his lips as Norma gave him the thrashing of his life.
By the time it ended , he lay limply , no longer able to resist , moaning and sobbing loudly.

An unsympathetic Norma , roughly took hold of his ear and hauled him to his feet.
"Get you nose in that corner and stay there until I'm ready to give you the brush!" she ordered.
Looking down at the huge brush Ron whimpered , "Please ! No more! Not that brush ...I can't take it!" he pleaded .
Norma laughed at him , "Oh you're getting the brush alright mister....and you are going to get it good and hard believe me ....but for now get in that corner and think about why you are being punished like this!" she seethed.

So in the corner Ron stood for a full 10 minutes , although to him it seemed a lot longer as the myriad of welts left on his rear by the martinet smarted and seared his skin.
There was almost relief when he heard Norma's voice telling him he could turn around.

It was certainly a delectible sight his eyes were treated to.
Norma sat cross-legged on the ottoman looking absolutely stunning in her corset and stocking.
Not so attractive was the large clothes brush she was brandishing.
"Get Over my knee . It's time to blister your butt good!" She declared curling a finger at him.

Despite his fear and dread , Ron found himself complying without question.
Norma smiled , pleased with the power she held over this phsically powerful man.
She admired her handiwork , the patchwork lines adorning his otherwise white cheeks .
His bottom would undoubtedly be sore for days.....but she intended to make it even sorer.
Once Norma began snapping that awful brush against Ron's cheeks he soon found himself preferring the Martinet.
The pain from the brush was deeper and more intense and he found himself howling and kicking incesssantly to avoid it visiting the same spots over and over again.

Adding to his humiliation was being in such a vulnerable position ,  over the lap of this beautiful women like a naughty boy , the camera recording his unmanly wailing and squirming.
Norma was unrelenting , holding him in place over her knee until his cheeks were indeed blistered and his entire rear a palette colours and textures that would remain for days.

Ron was a very contrite and sorry man now , and slid off Norma's lap onto the floor , clutching his cheeks with both palms.
Norma rose and shut off the camera , "The ladies are going to enjoy watching this over a glass of wine tomorrow!" she chuckled.
Ron was too sore to offer a protest , his guilt telling him it was no more than he deserved.

Slipping back into her dress , Norma put away her implements and turned to Ron.
"Be a dear and zip me back up Ron!" she asked , confirming that she was not going to be another of his conquests.

Two full weeks past , with Norma ignoring Ron's call until she finally agreed to go on a second date with him...but only after he had fulfilled certain conditions of course.
He was required to first reach out to all the women he had treated badly and apologize to them.
This task was made even more difficult for Ron knowing that they had all seen the video of him receiving his well deserved comeuppance from Norma , and of course the women made a point of teasing him about it.

Not that he needed a reminder of his humiliating  spanking , this was provided each time he attemoted to sit down. Two weeks had passed and his backside was still tender....this woman knew how to spank alright!  
He even needed a pillow to sit at work and had to deflect questions about it with various excuses.
Despite his discomfort he was so anxious to see the delectible Norma again he agreed to all of her conditions , including signing of a DD Agreement placing her solely in charge of his discipline.
Life for Ron was about to drastically change !

Friday, June 5, 2020

Belt Incentive - MF Spanking Cartoon

It seems a good hairbrush spanking wasn't enough to curb Gina's naughty ways , but a touch of 'belt and buttocks' may do the trick......

Monday, June 1, 2020

A Late Surprise - FM Spanking Story

Steve carefully put the key in the front door , turned it ever so gently and eased it open , carefully closing it after him.
The front hall light was off , but , despite his tipsyness , he could see clearly enough to drape his coat on the hook , then he leaned forward to slip off his shoes before tackling the staircase.

He and his new wife Jenny had only moved into the house a few weeks ago , but Steve was aware of the creaks in each step.
Carefully placing his tip toes on each one he slowly navigated himself through the darkness up to the hallway.

He gasped with relief when he did not see a light coming from under the master bedroom door.
It was almost 2am and Jenny must be asleep , so thankfully his feeble  excuses could wait until morning .

His plan was to tell his new wife he had to pull an 'all nighter' at the office to meet a deadline  Jenny would understand....she always did.
There was no need for her to know that in reality , he had been drinking and partying with his single friends until the wee hours.

Placing a hand on the doorknob , he paused before slowly turning it to open the door just enough for him to slide inside .
So far , so good.

In the darkness he could just about make out Jenny'shis body curled up at the far side of the bed.
His mission was almost complete.
All that was left was to remove his shirt and pants and then slide into bed beside Jenny without waking her.

He struggled with the top buttons on his shirt and in frustration pulled it over his head and tossed it on the  floor.
Due to the combination of darkness and intoxication , the buckle in his pants belt proved more of a challenge than he expected ,but he finally was able to undo it and was  stepping out of his pants when the room suddenly lit up.

"Good evening Sweetie....or should I say Good Morning ?" a female voice called out from across the room.
Startled , Steve stumbled and tripped on his pants , his eyes squinting to focus on the figure of  Jenny standing with arms folded by the door .
"JENNY!" he blurted in surprise , forcing a goofy smile.
The stern expression on his wife's face made it clear she was in no mood for niceties!

Not knowing what else to do , Steve finished kicking off his pants and stood before Jenny in only his boxers.
"I was late again....I'm bushed....I was going to call but..." he began until his wife stopped him with a loud "ENOUGH!"
For a moment there was silence until Jenny added , "Don't even start with your lousy excuses Steve....I know where you've been. Phil's girlfriend called me hours ago!"

Steve had not bothered with a back up excuse, so just stood there speechless.
"You can take those off too!" Jenny ordered , pointing to his boxers.
As Jenny moved closer to him into the light , Steve noticed the big wooden clothes brush in her hand.
"W...ww..what's that for Honey?' He asked nervously , his eyes bulging and voice trembling.

Jenny tapped the back of the brush against her palm , "Oh this ?" she smiled looking at the implement with a smirk , "I'm going to blister your bare ass with it of course get those shorts off and get over here !" she ordered , taking a seat in the big chai she had moved to the middle of the room.

Steve was dumbfounded , "WHAT?" he asked , his jaw dropping.
His wife patted her lap , "Come on then , let's have you! Over my knee you go. I'm going to give you a darn good spanking!" she declared with obvious glee now.
"A spanking ? With that thing? That's gonna hurt like hell!" Steve protested.

"Don't make me come and get you Steve! You know you deserve a spanking so get over here and take your punishment like a man!"his wife ordered.
Steve hesitated , but he realized Jenny was right , and slowly ambled over to stand by her side.

Leaning back , Jenny nudged her man over her shapely lap and adjusted his position to suit her.
Taking a moment to admire the sight of her husband's muscular , virgin buttocks she raised the brush above her head.
"Don't you dare ever lie to me again Steve!" she scolded , raising the brush high.

Jenny awoke the next morning feeling fresh and invigorated , while Steve lay groggily beside her on his tummy , his backside too sore to even place the sheets over it.
As he slept , Jenny admired her handiwork.
6 hours after his first spanking , Steve's entire rear quarters were a collage of colours and textures  , compared to their lily white smoothness beforehand .
He was going to be feeling this spanking for the next day or two !

The smell of breakfast cooking stirred Steve and he yelped when he rolled over onto his back.
"OMIGOSH!" he gasped examining his battered rear .
He also had a throbbing pain in his head so downed a couple of aspirins in the hope it might dull the pain in both.

He slipped  into his boxers and made his way to the kitchen where Jenny was happily humming as she cooked breakfast.
Even the short walk to the kitchen hurt as his shorts brushed against his tender skin with each step.

"Good morning!" Jenny gushed , planting a kiss on Steve's lips.
"You may want to fetch a pillow Honey." she advised as Steve made his way to the table.
"A pillow?" he asked through bleary eyes , "What for?"
"To sit on....your poor bottom must be very sore..." she said with a satisfied grin.
"Oh I'll be fine!" Steve replied bravely,  trying to maintain some of his proud  male dignity.
Unfortunately his dignity disappeared when he leapt to his feet once his rear rested on the hard wooden seat.
"OUCH!" he yelped clutching his swollen cheeks.

Jenny laughed , proud of the fact that she had rendered her husband unable to sit.
With a giggle , she tossed him a cushion which he caught gratefully .
"Serves you right for being stubborn!" she scolded with a playful grin.

After carefully lowering himself onto the softness of the pillow , Jenny poured him a coffee and placed a document in front of him.
"What's this ?" he asked .
"A DD Agreement!" Jenny chirped as she continued to serve breakfast.
"DD ? What's that?' her still groggy hubby replied.

"DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE ! DD!" Jenny emphasized .
Steve's brow furrowed in confusion while Jenny pushed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him and sat beside him.
"I'll explain while we have breakfast Sweetie." she told him.....