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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reminiscing about the Strap - Part 2

"OOW!" "YEOOW! "
Danny stepped back and examined Gina's bare behind.
"That's 25 hard ones Gina...I think that should be enough .... your butt is really red."he told his wife.

Gina grimaced and looked over her shoulder at him, "No way! Keep going!"she demanded.
Her husband made another attempt to reason with her,".....but your sisters will be here soon, and you're already gonna be awful sore at dinner....."

Gina took a deep breath,"That's exactly the point dear. I need to erase all that guilt before they start teasing me with those strapping stories. The fact that I'll be sitting on a well strapped behind will make me feel much better." she reasoned.
Danny tightened his grip on the strap and stepped back.
"OK Honey....if that's what you want"

This time he really wound up , snapping the leather full force against his wife's jiggling cheeks. 
The sheer force propelled her forward and up on her toes .
Danny continued whacking non stop ,  Gina's bottom started wiggling to avoid the blows and her cries turned into loud shrieks that the neighbours must have heard.

Her blazing red raw bottom now had visible raised welts from the strap and genuine tears were forming in her eyes but she gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on the edge of the bed she was bent over.
Danny delivered a volley of 3 powerful whacks which finally broke her.
"YEOOOUCH! OOOOW! OOOOH! OK!  OK!  ENOUGH ! That's Enough!  STOP !"she wailed earnestly.

The room was strangely silent apart from both of them breathing heavily.
"Aw Gawd!" Gina moaned , slowly rising and glancing back to inspect her derriere. , ".....that's gonna be sore for days.....thanks honey!"
Danny was already anxiously on standby with the aloe vera to sooth Gina's burning skin , but to his surprise and disappointment she waved him away, " No way....I want this bottom to stay just the way it is."

Her tiny panties offered no relief either as they left her entire bottom exposed as she wiggled her hips to squeeze into her tight skinny jeans.
Danny looked on with concern , "Having been on the receiving end of a good strapping , I'd advise you that's  not going to be the most comfortable attire for dinner sweetie." he advised.

Gina winced when the harsh denim brushed against her tender skin.
The scratchy irritation in her appendage worsened when she moved , forcing her to walk rather stiffly.
She put both hands back to massage her seat but it brought little relief.
"Now I can understand why you don't want  to sit after a spanking Danny!" she told him.

By the time Gina's sisters and their husbands arrived , Gina's bottom was just as very sore and tender and her ginger movements in the kitchen did not escape the notice of sister Maria.
"Gina , you're walking  like Steve does after I've thrashed his backside.Have you been a naughty girl?" Maria teased.

Gina proudly wore her well strapped bottom like a badge of honour .
"Very naughty.......would you like to see?"she replied.
The two sisters stepped into the nearby powder room where Gina carefully peeled down her Jeans and proudly displayed her red and we'll marked bottom.
"WOW! Danny really gave it to you good....Steve would never give it to me that hard!"her sister exclaimed.
Gina grinned , "Well maybe he should then! The strap is still laid out on the bed if you would care to try before dinner." she challenged.
Maria folded her arms boldly and grinned mischieviously , "Well I have been quite bitchy lately , and I think we sisters should show some solidarity with you!" she responded,  and called younger siblings Josie and Mary to join them in the kitchen.

After a brief huddle and a lot of giggling , Maria spoke , "OK it's agreed then .....we'll go by age .....oldest first, so I'm up," and Maria raised a hand to beckon her husband , "Steve! I need you to come with me to the bedroom please!"
Steve stiffened and his face flushed.
His face was even redder by the time he walked over to where the ladies were gathered.
"OK hun....I'm really sorry for swearing in the car but can't this wait until we get home?" he whispered to his smirking wife.
"Oh we certainly will be dealing with that when we get home honey .....but right now I need you to do something so follow me."
Taking her baffled husband by the hand , Maria turned on her heel and led him down the hall.
"Best go break the news to your hubbies girls....before the noise in that bedroom gets too loud!" Gina told her sisters.

Even with the bedroom closed , the sound of the strap cracking against Maria's bare bottom , accompanied by her loud shrieks and howls filled the house.
Josie was next in line and waited with a look of trepidation on her face , "You sure about this Jo? " her husband Mario asked her , and the two of them shuddered when a particularly hard whack produced a frenzied yelp from Maria in the bedroom.

Josie looked at her husband, "I've had it coming after drinking too much at your office party last night ...and it's too late to back off now anyway!" she replied .
Her response produced a broad smile from Mario which made her bristle , "Don't look so smug mister , don't think I didn't notice you flirting with that little blonde from accounting..."
 Mario's face flushed red , " .....but it was nothing honey....." he stammered.
Josie continued , ".......well let's have a little chat about it when we get home ....and on Monday you can explain to her why you can't sit down !" 

Moments later, the bedroom door opened and a red-faced Maria emerged , her pretty face contorted in a grimace and both hands behind her  rubbing the seat of her yoga pants. 
Steve had a comforting arm around her as they walked down the hall.and the two sisters exchanged sympathetic glances when they passed.

Youngest sibling Mary stood bravely watching Josie being led down the hall .
Her husband Dan consoled her. "Don't worry Sweetie....I'll take it easy on you...." he began before his wife angrily interrupted him.
"You will do no such thing Dan . You will give it to me as hard - or harder - as my sisters got you understand?" she raged.
 "If you say so honey...", Dan dutifully replied .
 Mary smiled with satisfaction at her husband's prompt obedience , " ......but not as hard as you're going to get it you when we get home!" 
Both of them flinched at the sound of the strap connecting with Josie's bare bottom .

 Not long after  , the four sisters gathered giggling and laughing in the kitchen comparing notes about their well strapped behinds .
In contrast ,their husbands sat rather subdued at the table , perhaps contemplating what was in store for them later when there would be payback for sure. 

Gina called out to the men , "Grab a plate guys...we gals are too sore to sit so we've decided to eat buffet style!"
 This time there was no talk about those childhood strappings  during the meal -  but lots of talk about more recent strappings !
The three younger  sisters now agreed that Gina's debt was finally paid , so there would be no more  teasing her about the past. 

When the meal ended , Gina handed her phone to Danny , "I need you to take a pic of me and my sisters  dear." she asked with an impish grin. The four sisters lined up against the kitchen island while Danny aimed the camera , "Ready girls?" he asked. 
"Not quite!" , the sisters giggled in unison , turning around and collectively leaning over the counter top . Pants were duly lowered , skirts hoisted , and undies downed to reveal a quartet of shapely , freshly strapped female bottoms! 
A stunned Danny almost dropped the camera at the sight.
The ladies squealed , hooted , hollered and wiggled their bottoms as Danny clicked away.

Gina took the camera from Danny and the still bare bottomed sisters gathered around to look at the pics while their men looked on in bemusement.
"I think we're ready for the cold cream now sis!" Maria told Gina who turned to address the men.
"OK guys , take a seat ! Danny , fetch the big jar of cold cream from the bedroom , we're going to need lots of it!"  

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Reminiscing about the strap - Spanking story

Gina blushed a little as the usual conversation came up at the latest family reunion.
Her younger sisters loved reminiscing about their various naughty childhood exploits and how they had all received a dose of their Father's strap as punishment.

"How come Dad never gave you the strap Gina? You got into just as much trouble as the rest of us?" her sister Maria asked.
Sisters Mary and Josie  joined in , pressuring their big sister to answer.
"She was Dad's favorite that's why !" 
"Yea....Gina was little good two shoes!"

The teasing was incessant but Gina had heard it all before and simply smiled , refusing to be drawn in to the topic and leaving her sisters to share their childhood 'strapping' experiences.
If truth be told , Gina did harbour some guilt at escaping the punishment her sisters had received , but there was no way she was going to let it show.

Gina's husband Danny and the other husbands sat quietly listening .
Danny had heard all the childhood strapping tales before but was still intrigued ,  especially considering that a well used leather strap , oddly similar to the one used by Gina's Dad , hung on a hook in their bedroom closet.
However , this strap was never used on their children.
No , this well worn piece of supple leather was reserved exclusively for Danny ' s backside!

This strap had made its first appearance back when the two were dating.
He and Gina had a disagreement  about something and he recalls losing his temper and swearing at her.
He immediately apologized but that was not enough for his outraged girlfriend.
To this day he has no idea how it came to be there , but in a moment , the strap he would came to dread was in his future wife's hands.
When she calmly informed him that he was going to be punished for swearing at her , Danny thought she was joking.
However , this was when Danny learned that Gina did not joke about such matters.
So after a brief protest, he agreed to accept his punishment .

Danny was expecting a few playful whacks on the seat of his jeans , but had underestimated his girlfriend.
Gina had him stand with his hands against the wall and then began undoing his pants.

"Hey! What are you doing Gina?" he protested , flinging an arm back to secure his pants.
"OUCH !" he yelped when Gina slapped the back of his hand with the strap.
"That just earned you 6 extra swats mister. Keep those hands on the this house naughty boys get the strap on their bare bottoms!" she scolded.
Without skipping  A beat , she continued undoing Danny ' s jeans ,jerking them down to his ankles.
His shorts followed suit and then Gina hoisted his shirt tails to expose his lily white bare bottom.

Then Gina went to work with the strap on Danny's bare backside ,winding up and bringing it down with a full follow through ,producing a loud 'CRAACK!'when it connected.
It stung like crazy and Danny could not help letting out a loud yelp.
He struggled to stay on place as his first strapping continued with Gina occasionally pausing to order him back against the wall with his bottom out when he broke decorum.
"Please more...I'll never swear at you again honestly!" He pleaded.
Gina flung her head back indignantly , "You're darn right you'd better not mister!" she scolded , ignoring his wailing until a full 25 stinging licks had been administered and she had added  a further 6 for his initial resistance.

Danny remembered how had hopped around the room, pants still at his ankles , rubbing his backside while Gina laughed at him.
Gina took great satisfaction from  the fact her boyfriend had no desire to sit for the next day , and admired the marks her strap had left on his backside.
From then on ,that strap became an intricate part of their relationship and one of the reasons for 23 years of happy marriage.

After the family reunion  , as Gina and Danny  prepared for bed , Gina opened the closet and retrieved the strap.
She stood studying it for a moment before looking up at Danny.
His jaw dropped , "No! Not a strapping Gina...what did I do?" he whined.

His wife raised her head , flicking back her long mane of hair.
"Don't worry sweetie , your cute little tush is safe....for now .Actually I was wondering if you would do me a favour ....." she began.
Danny raised a brow in puzzlement.
" know, after all these years,  I really do feel guilty about being exempt  from Dad's I was wondering if you would be good enough to help me erase some of that guilt?"she asked.

Then handing her confused husband  the strap , she turned around placed both elbows on the bed ,and raised her glorious bottom high in the air.
Gina  wore only a skimpy pair of black lace pantieswhich would offer no protection from the nasty strap.
Danny ran his fingers over the soft ,silky skin of his wife's shapely twin globes and slowly eased her panties over her hips .

With his wife's beautiful bare bottom at his disposal for the first time , Danny was unsure how to proceed.
Being on the receiving end of many strappings had not prepared him at all for administering one , so he started of tentatively delivering moderate slaps to Gina ' s expectant cheeks.

After the 5th blow , Gina s head swung angrily to look at him, "Really Danny? That's the best you can do? Put your heart into it and swing that strap  like you mean it .....or so help me we'll be changing places!", she warned him.
Danny took a step back , "OK Honey.....if that's what you want...... hold on." he replied raising the strap over his shoulder.
"GAAAAAH ! That's more like it!" his wife gasped.
Encouraged and turned on ,  Danny delivered 3 more licks at the same weight , producing loud shrieks from his wife.
"OOOW! OMIGOSH That was a beauty! MORE!" she hollered.

Danny stuck to his task and found himself getting into a rythym as he thoroughly thrashed Gina ' s jiggling bottom. He was beginning to understand why his wife derived so much pleasure from strapping his bare bottom. It was a real turn on.

For Gina , the strapping was not only turning her on , but starting to expel her feelings of guilt with every lick. Her bottom was bright red snd felt like it was on fire but she loved it!
After delivering a full dozen good hard l licks , Danny examined the welts forming on his wife's globes and decided that was enough.
"Your bottom is very red honey...I think that should do for now." he told her.

Gina looked at him in disbelief , "Are you kidding ? Give me another dozen.....hard as you can!"she demanded.
Her husband shrugged his shoulders ,"OK hun...if you say so...." he declared.
This time he really wound  up ,bringing the strap down on full swing onto his target.

Danny grinned in satisfaction , "Did you just swear young lady?That just earned you 3 more licks!" he declared .
"YESSIR!"Gina yelped.

As her strapping intensified , Danny noticed that his wife was s tugging to remain in position, feet hopping and her bottom wiggling to avoid the strap.
She let out a guttural scream when the strap wrapped around her right flank on one of the final four stinging licks but managed to stay in place.
Afterwards Gina remained bent over ,  breathing heavily ,  before carefully raising her weight from her elbows to her palms.

She let out a groan when her husband lovingly applied  some cold , cooling cream to her roasted behind , just as she did to him after a hard strapping.
It felt so good.
Danny allowed his fingers to venture inside her as he continued to rub in the soothing cream.
"OOOOOOOH!" Gina cooed with pleasure.

Gina began to rise , but Danny held her in place  with a strong hand on her shoulder.
"You're going nowhere girl!" he told her , fumbling with his shorts to release his erection.

Gina parted her legs in anticipation and leaned further forward , thrusting her bottom out toward him.
"Give it to me...HARD!"she moaned.

Danny's shaft  slid deep inside her and the room was soon filled with  loud slapping sounds as he thrusted against Gina ' s hot jiggling cheeks until they both exploded in fierce orgasms.

The following morning , Gina's virgin bottom was still red and sore as she lay face down on the bed with Danny tenderly caressing her tender skin.
"Well now you've finally got that strapping you can tell your sisters to stop teasing you about it ....problem is , how are they going to know?" he posed.

Feeling relieved and satisfied , Gina turned her head and grinned.
"That's easy honey ! Fetch the strap and lay it on my back sweetie....."she asked.
Her husband raised a brow quizzically.
"....then you can use my phone to take a picture of the strap and my bottom while it's still nice and red so I can send it to my sisters!" she added.

Gina ' s sister Maria chuckled when she  read Gina's text message and the accompanying photo of her red , sore behind.
'Finally got that strapping I deserve!'
Maria shifted uncomfortably on the pillow she was sitting on and replied to the text , attaching a pic of her own red hinie ' Me too!' .
Gina laughed when she saw the pic of Maria's bare behind which looked just as red and sore as hers.
Within seconds , younger siblings Mary and Josie were sharing similar pics to giggles from their big sister.

Danny looked curiously at his amused wife.
"So do you think that will shut them up Gina?" he asked.
"I don't know about that honey , but any discussions we have in the future about the strap will have a very different perspective....." she grinned.

Danny shook his head in disbelief, reaching out  to retrieve the strap from Gina's back.
"What do you think you're doing mister?" she asked firmly.
"Why I'm putting it back in the closet of course...the kids will be up soon." Danny explained.

Gina grimaced when she raised herself gingerly onto her tender bottom and picked up the strap.
"It's your turn mister....get those shorts down and bend sisters and I have a few more pictures we would like to share! " she smirked.

About 10 minutes later , Danny remained bent over the bed while Gina was focussed her camera lens on his well strapped behind.
"Hurry up butt is really sore.....did you have to strap me that hard?" he whined.
Gina giggled , she loved the sight of the little dimples on her husband's cute red bottom.
"Smile dear.....this one's for the family album!" she teased.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Mission Accomplished - part 2 -FM Spanking story

To celebrate her successful mission of reconciling her parents , Debbie and her Mom , Sharon ,decided to do something they hadn't done since she was a kid , settle down on the big sofa together for a movie and share a big bowl of popcorn.

It was a simple activity but warmed both their hearts with pleasant memories. Of course a certain part of Sharon's anatomy was still warm from the spanking Frederick had given her so she carefully settled onto a soft pillow while Debbie placed the DVD in the player.

"McLintock! With John Wayne? You've got to be kidding Mom. I thought you said we were watching a 'girlie' movie?" Debbie whined.

Her Mom contorted her face in an exaggerated grimace and wiggled her bottom carefully onto the pillow , " Oh my poor's still so sore from that spanking your Dad gave me...too bad he isn't here to rub some more aloe vera on it....and by the way young lady this is a 'girlie' movie.....Every woman should watch'll see."

As the movie progressed , Debbie realized why her Mom liked the movie so much , and as the plot unfolded she was actually enjoying watching Maureen O'Hara and Stephanie Powers overact themselves to inevitable spankings.

The two of them cackled loudly when Beckie received her well deserved comeuppance , and later when the young couple were discovered together necking in a bale of hay.
"That's gotta be the first engagement that started off with a spanking!" GW announces and Debbie poked her Mom.
"......and you and Dad must be the first reconciliation that started with a spanking!" she teased.
Sharon laughed and rubbed her bottom . "Maybe a good spanking would work for you and Dexter!" she said.
Debbie scowled , "You just had to go and ruin the evening by bringing Dexter up didn't you Mom.
I told you before ...Dexter  and I are finished. I've tried talking and reasoning with him but it's no use!" she said with genuine regret.

Debbie and Dexter had been best friends all through high school and started dating seriously when they began college.
Admittedly they were an odd couple , she the flirty , bubbly tomboy and Dexter the conservative , churchgoing nerd , but they were truly in love.

In fact when Debbie started getting in with the party crowd and was getting herself into trouble it was Dexter who had the courage to bring her to her senses , straightening her out and propelling her on what turned out to be the right path on life with the Marines.

Dexter came from a strict Baptist family where discipline was common and he applied the same approach to his spoilt and stubborn girlfriend by putting her over his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!

The discipline was just what Debbie needed and she longed for those spankings and dearly missed them when she left for the Marines .

She and Dexter kept in contact for a while during her training ,but gradually lost touch as theu both became busy , as he started  up his successful software company which made him a very wealthy at a young age.
When they eventually had a chance to get together , they both had changed so much they had a huge disagreement.Despite Debbie's best efforts to mend their relationship , things had become worse.

Freed from their relationship for the first time , it was Dexter who strayed this time , becoming a spoilt playboy ,going to parties and generally neglecting his business.
He was not interested in any advice Debbie had to give him .

Just then , another scene in the movie seemed to tie into the topic of the mother daughter conversation.
Exasperated with his wife's stubbornness  , GW was being urged to do something.
"I'll talk to her again." he sighs and is told:
"The time for talking is over's time for action!"

The words struck a chord within Debbie .
"That is so true Debbie...talking to Dex didn't work did it?" her Mom prompted.

Debbie and her Mom laughed  and cheered on the Duke as he chased his naughty wife around town in her underwear before giving her a sound spanking in front of the whole town.
Then she melted into GW's arms.

The two women looked at each other.
"You are so right mission here is not finished! I'm going to pay a visit to Dexter right now!" she declared determinedly.
Sharon looked at her daughter  ,"....but Debbie it's almost midnight!" , but Debbie was already stepping out of her pyjamas and donned a tight t-shirt ' fatigues and army boots.
"I'm going to need to suit up for this part of the mission!" she told her Mom , scooping up the car keys.
"Here'll be needing this!" Sharon called out and handed Debbie the hairbrush

When Debbie arrived at Dexter's huge house, it was lit up  as he entertained guests at another lavish party.
Debbie parked her Mom's beat up Chevrolet amongst the expensive cars and stealthily made her way to the front door.

"Private party Ma'am. You can't go in there!" the burly security guard warned.
Ignoring him , Debbie forged forward and when he reached out to stop her he quickly found himself pinned against the door with his muscular arm twisted behind him.

"I need to talk to Dexter . I won't be long so I suggest you stand down Private Collins!" she whispered in the man's ear.
He recognized her voice, "Debbie?
The two knew each other from marine training camp and he had left to pursue private security.
"I need 5 minutes Private!" she reasoned , in full military mode.
The man nodded and nursed his arm when Debbie released her grip.
"Thanks!" Debbie nodded , her eyes scanning the room to locate her target.

It was not difficult to identify Dexter.
He loved to dress extravagantly and there he was dressed in a lime green shirt , surrounded by admirers.

Gritting her teeth, the marine Sergeant surged through the throng of party goers.
She soon caught Dexter's eye as she approached.
He stood looking at his ex girlfriend in disbelief , an attractive blonde on one arm and a willowy brunette on the other.
"Debbie!" he exclaimed.

Debbie stood , nipples pressing against her tight t-shirt, legs apart and her blonde hair tied in a pony tail and stuffed into a  ball cap. Tucked into her belt was her Mom's hairbrush.

"We need to talk Dexter." she said ominously.
The two ladies on his arm looked anxiously at him and he smiled defiantly at her.
"This is not a good time Debbie....and you are hardly dressed for this occasion ." he smirked to giggled from his two girlfriend's.
Debbie looked at each of the ladies , "Time for you to go ladies!" she told them.

The tall brunette suddenly sprang forward and lunged at Debbie, "I'll take care of this bitch Dexter! " she seethed.
Making a cat like move , Debbie easily subdued her assailant sob, unable to move , she resorted to spitting in Debbie's face.

Almost pleased at the reaction , Debbie tightened her hold , "Naughty, naughty!". she scolded.
Then , tucking the young lady under her arm , she hoisted the brunette's expensive , glittering dress up to her waist ,revealing a boyish ,thong clad bottom.

Dexter stood frozen while Debbie kept spanking the young lady's bare bottom until it was bright red.
Releasing her assailant , Debbie stared at the stunned blonde clinging to Dexter.
"I suggest you leave or you'll get the same!"
The blonde watched the brunette dancing around , rubbing her sore , red bottom and slipped away .

Debbie's gaze was now fixed firmly on Dexter .
Putting both hands up to placate his determined ex , Dexter decided to retreat.
What followed next was a scene which was strangely familiar to John Wayne ' s pursuit of Maureen O'Hara in McLintock.

Debbie closed down her prey as he dodged frantically around tables , around the bar , even onto the stage with the band still playing.
Along the way , Debbie was followed by an enthusiastic mob of young ladies who cheered and urged her on all the way.

Tiring , Dexter took cover behind a huge pillar and began a game of cat and mouse with his pursuer.
Debbie had a glint in her eye.
She knew Dexter had run out of places to hide.

Panicking , he foolishly tried to run past her for the safety of the men's washroom.
Undaunted Debbie followed along as Dexter pushed the bathroom door closed and snapped  the lock shut.
Leaning against the door , he breathed a sigh of relief.

Without missing a beat , Debbie launched a leg smashing an army boot against the lock sending the door...and Dexter flying.
When Debbie reached Dexter he sat helplessly on the bathroom floor trying to regain his senses.
Reaching down , she hauled him to his feet and stared at him.
Dexter cringed when Debbie pulled the hairbrush from her belt.
"Please wouldn't? Not here...please!" he pleaded , his gaze directed at the implement.

Ignoring him ,Debbie dragged Dexter along behind her until she located a convenient place to sit.
As Dexter stood frozen , Debbie began undoing his pants.
A throng of curious ladies had gathered now
"I don't know what he did but you give it to him girl!" one of them called out.

There was a boisterous cheer when Debbie unceremoniously yanked a humiliated Dexter's pants to his ankles and tipped him over her awaiting lap.

Adjusting his position to her liking, Debbie pinned Dexter's arm behind his back and threw a leg over both of his to lock him down.
Then she  hoisted his shirt revealing a pair of elegant , silk  boxers.
"Nice undies Dex!" a lady called out to more cheers.

Tightening her grip on the brush , Debbie considered whether downing Dexter's shorts.  He certainly deserved to be spanked bare did Maureen O'Hara !
"Take 'em down!" the crowd chanted.
Debbie took a moment to enjoy the sight of Dexter's cute tushie. She was quite enjoying herself now.

She gave his seat a playful slap.
"For now I'll let you keep your boxers on Dexter....but you"ll be getting a proper bare bottom spanking once we're alone!"
A collective sigh of disappointment  filled the room .

Debbie raised the brush high over her head and snapped it crisply against her boyfriend's scantily clad rear.
The crowd cheered as Debbie spanked away and Dexter kicked and howled in protest.

The spanking was not a lengthy one , but thorough enough to have Dexter wailing and begging for mercy.
Satisfied forvnow , Debbie tossed him off his lap and Dexter knelt before her, grimacing and rubbing his rear.
"Show is over folks!" she announced , and then turning to Dexter , "Lets go somewhere private  to talk Dexter shall we?"
Dexter winced , " Yes Ma'am!"

The next morning , Sharon gasped when she looked at the headline in the local paper , 'Local Entrepreneur gets his comeuppance!'
Underneath the headline was a photo of her daughter with Dexter sprawled , pants down over her lap.
"OMIGOSH! She really did it !" she gushed proudly.

Frederick had arrived early to move back in with his wife and looked over her shoulder, "She did what sweetie?" he asked.
"WOW! I guess he had that coming ! " he commented.

Sharon took another look at the picture and then at her husband.
"You've had it coming for quite a while !", she warned him.
The usually confident Frederick cowered and busied himself unpacking a box.
"Whatever do you mean dear?" he replied clearing his throat nervously.

Sharon hungrily eyed her husband's muscular rear as he leaned over the moving boxes.
She rose , wound up and gave it a hearty slap , taking Fred by surprise.
"OUCH! What was that for?" he asked indignantly ,straightening up , arching his back  and grabbing his butt with both hands.

Sharon's eyes narrowed and she placed both hands on her hips , " You know perfectly well what for mister!" she scolded with a wagging finger.

Frederick grinned impishly at her , "Too bad Debbie borrowed the big hairbrush!" he teased.
His wife flashed him a smirk.
"I don't need the hairbrush dear....I just unpacked your belts and laid a nice thick one on out the bed...just for you!"
She pointed to the staircase , "Upstairs Frederick.Its your turn for a good licking!"
Frederick offered no resistance , "Yes Ma'am."

Back at Dexter's mansion , he lay face down on the bed ,a naked Debbie perched on his back applying cooling lotion to his soundly paddled rear end.

The previous night's public spanking was only the beginning for Dexter and he was soon back over his girlfriend's formidable lap again , bare bottom this time , for the spanking of his life.
Debbie had almost worn out the brush on his behind and he was thoroughly repentant.

"OUCH! " Dexter yelped when Debbie playfully slapped his tender bottom.
Sliding  off his back , she flipped him over onto his back , "OOOOW! " he moaned when his tender skin rubbed against the bed.
Debbie just laughed and climbed onto him.
"I'm going to ride you one more time before we visit my parents!" she announced.

"Can't I be on top hun?" Dexter pleaded anxiously .
Debbie shook her head ,spilling her blonde mane over her shoulders , "No way mister! I want you to be reminded that I'm the one responsible for giving you that sore bottom!" she purred.

By the time Dexter and Debbie arrived at her parent's house , Frederick lay spreadeagled , face down on the bed ,while Sharon cracked the leather belt enthusiastically against his bare rump.

Unashamedly , she released  all the anger and frustration which had built up since their separation on her husband's bare backside.... and was relishing every minute.
Her husband's wrists and ankles were firmly tied to the bed so there was little he could do to stop the thrashing aside from pleading and apologizing.
As she spanked,  she scolded Frederick , emphasizing each point with a hefty whack with the strap.

Sharon was no novice at disciplining her husband's backside and her technique was well honed.
She delivered 10 whacks at a time before moving to the other side to make sure both cheeks received equal treatment.

Debbie stood at the foot of the stairs and listened to the commotion from upstairs.
She was not surprised in the least.
Her Mom had told her about some of the mean and childish things her Dad did during the separation and she intended to confront him .

She also confided to Debbie that she often spanked her Dad.
Unlike her relatively public chastisements , Frederick's punishments were more severe and always carried out when the kids were out of the house.
Debbie had always suspected this was the case as she noticed her Dad sitting gingerly at the dinner table on occasion.

"Sounds like Mom is giving  it to Dad pretty good up there. Best give them a minute." Debbie chuckled.
Dexter stood wincing at the sound of the other man's strapping whilev Debbie hummed and busied herself , smiling when the strap found a tender spot producing a loud yelp.

Satisfied that her husband was truly sorry , Sharon ended his thrashing in the usual way.
Seating herself on his broad back she delivered a final flurry of spanks to the most tender areas of his year.
By the time she was done , she had painted a painful mosaic of flaming welts and blisters on Fred's behind.

As she released Frederick's bindings, his head turned and smiled upon seeing she was also naked.
Fred winced and moaned when his wife  flipped him on his back and mounted him.
"I'm on top for this one Frederick....hold on!" she grinned , lowering herself onto his growing erection.

A very satisfied , reconciled couple emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later.
"Debbie ! Dexter! What are you doing her?" Sharon gushed with surprise.

Excitedly she ushered the young couple to the kitchen table. While the two ladies settled quickly into their seats, the two men continued to stand.
Mother and daughter chatted excitedly for a few moments before noticing  their reluctance to sit.

Sharon raised a brow , "Sit down you two!" she said more as an order than a request.
Fred grimaced and rubbed his rear , "You know very well I can't sit down Sharon !" he whined.
Sharon's eyes narrowed and she pointed a finger at the chair , " Are you defying me Frederick? I SAID SIT!"
Debbie turned to Dexter , "That goes for you two mister!"
"Really ...I'd rather stand if that's Ok honey." Dexter replied meekly.
Debbie reached for the hairbrush now sitting prominently on the table and he quickly complied.

The two women made no effort to hide their amusement as they watched the  two men agonizingly sit down beside them.

Then Debbie continued , "We have a couple of announcements to make.  Firstly , yesterday my team leader called to confirm my new posting- right here in town!  Secondly , Dexter and I are getting married!"
The dual announcement was met with squeals of glee and lots of hugging and kissing.

Debbie handed her Mom the hairbrush, "You'll be needing this back Mom!" she grinned.
Dexter blushed upon viewing the implement responsible for making his bottom so sore but was pleased that it was returning to its rightful owner .

Sharon looked at her husband who was also looking very contrite, "Well I certainly could have used it half an hour ago dear, but luckily I do have other means of dealing with my naughty boy...don't I sweetie?" She grinned.

Frederick took the implement from his wife , "Don't get too big for your boots missie, you have a lot of cleaning up to do in the house today and this is just the incentive you need !" he warned her.

Turning to Dexter , he offered the brush to him.
"You're going to have your hands full with this young lady Dexter so you're going to need this as much as I do."
Dexter rolled the brush in his hand and looked at Debbie who smiled unevenly.

Sharon chuckled at her daughter's sudden embarrassment.
"You can use our room you two ,  first room on the right. There's a nice straight backed chair that will come in handy" Sharon said , rubbing her own bottom for emphasis.
Dexter rose and took hold of Debbie's wrist., "Lets go Sergeant's time for me to debrief you!"he smirked.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mission Accomplished - MF Spanking Story

Debbie could barely contain her excitement as she pulled into her Mom's driveway.
It felt good to be home again after a long absence while she accelerated her career in the US Marines during the past 5 years.
Along the way , her Mom and Dad had supported and encouraged her to succeed.
And succeed she did!
Debbie was now a Sergeant in charge of her own squad and she was a very different person from the shy , petite teenager she was when she left.
She was tougher , physically and mentally , specializing in martial arts and hand to hand combat and she was a match for men twice her size. 
Debbie's parents were very proud of her.

Now it was her Mom , Sharon who needed her support.
After over 30 years of marriage Debbie's Mom and Dad had surprisingly decided to separate about a year ago.
The separation was especially hard on Debbie's spontaneous , flighty Mother.
She really needed a man in her life so desperately that , rather than attempting to reconcile with her estranged husband Frederick , she experimented with numerous brief relationships over the past year , some of them disasterous. 

Sharon was a handful , but Debbie's Dad knew how to handle his feisty wife ,and secretly Sharon really missed his firm hand and discipline to keep her focused. 
It was no secret to Debbie and her siblings that their Dad spanked their Mom when she needed it.
When Dad marched Mom off to the bedroom the tell-tale smacks and yelling were there for all to hear.
Mom made no attempt to hide her predicament and would make a big scene of rubbing her bottom and complaining about how hard it was for her to sit.
She would amuse everyone with her post spanking comments and antics.

Debbie had always attributed those spankings to the success of her parent's marriage and was surprised when they split.
So a determines Debbie considered this visit a mission to reconcile her parents.

Sitting in the passenger seat beside her , Debbie's Dad Fred shifted nervously.
"Are you sure this is a good idea Debbie. Your Mom may have one of her tantrums when she sees me!"
Debbie reassured him with a hug and a grin.
"Don't worry Dad. It wouldn't be the first time Mom threw a tantrum , and as I recall , you always knew what to do when she did?"
Fred sighed , "I know honey .....but things have changed...."

Debbie rang the doorbell and was enthusiastically greeted by her bubbly, effervesant Mom and immediately noted dramatic changes.
Sharon's new hairstyle was  punkish and dyed a an odd pinkish purple .
She noticed her Mom had certainly put on a few pounds. 
Sharon's choice in clothes had always been risqué  , but the outfit her Mom wore surprised even Debbie.

Mom's ample cleavage strained against a skimpy tank top , and loud skin tight leggings left little to the imagination.
To top it off , she teetered on the 6 inch heels of her knee high boots and was wearing way too much make up.

Debbie realized her task was going to be more challenging than she planned.

Her Dad was ultra conservative and had often objected to his wife's racy taste in revealing clothing resulting in some fiery disputes between them over the years.
However , she was encouraged by the fact that eventually , her Mom would tone down her dress to atone her husband , albeit usually after he had warmed her bottom with a good spanking!

As expected Frederick's eyes widened when he set eyes on Sharon but he made no comment.
"Frederick! What are you doing here?" Mom bristled.
Debbie cast her Dad a pleading glance when she noticed the rage building up inside him.

"Look I haven't seen you guys for ages and I'm taking you out for a nice dinner,so let's get along " Debbie explained.
She could tell from her Dad's expression exactly what  he was thinking.'there is no way that woman is going out to dinner dressed like that!'
But to placate Debbie ,  Fred bit his tongue and forced a smile , "Hello Sharon , it's so nice to see look....", he bit his tongue , "...nice?" he added sarcastically.
Sharon actually looked disappointed that he had not lectured her about her dress , and cheekily stuck her tongue out at him.
"Behave Mom!" Debbie asked .
Sharon flung her head back dramatically , invited them inside and turned on her heels.

Debbie whispered in Fred's ear , "Work with me on this Dad....please ?" she pleaded 
Fred's shook his head in disgust when he watched Sharon's plump, spandex encased bottom wiggle across the room 
"I'll do it for you Debbie....but that bottom of hers is in dire need of a good hairbrushing!" he seethed.

Debbie's Mom had always been meticulously house proud , but the house was frankly a mess.
Clothing and articles were spilled over the floor , dirty dishes filled the sink , dust bunnies scurried  about and every windows was clouded with grim.
She and her Dad were shocked at the spectacle, especially since Sharon seemed oblivious to the mess and offered no apology.

Despite the messy surroundings , the trio settled in the living room for drinks and caught up with all the news from their daughter.
They laughed , joked and reminisced sharing fond memories.
Even Fred looked his old self and Debbie noticed her estranged parents slowly warming to each other again.

Debbie looked at her watch, "OMIGOSH! It's after 8 we've missed our reservation !" she gasped.
Sharon put a hand on her daughter's shoulder , "We're having such a good time dear....why don't we stay here and I can whip up something for us all to eat...".
Then , casting her eyes on the filthy kitchen and recalling her fridge was empty she quickly added ,"...or we could order in?"
Fred was actually relieved not having to be seen in public with Sharon dressed like a hooker so quickly agreed.

Jyst then Debbie's phone rang and she saw it was from her team leader , "Excuse me...I really have to take this.How about you order us some Chinese food Dad? " she asked.
Fred pulled out his cell phone , "Sure you go and take your call.Your Mom and I will ...while you're gone...won't we Sharon?"
Debbie bristled again , "I suppose your going to lecture me on my outfit!"she growled.
Fred leaned closer to her , "I certainly am!"

Debbie had no time to referee and left to take her call.
Deep down she felt it was good that her parents needed some time to talk as they had done little of that since the break up.
In fact she considered it real progress that they were actually interacting , but she knew she still had an important role to play to reconcile them.
Moments later when Debbie shut off her phone ,  she heard a commotion from down the hall.
Her Mom screamed loudly....very loudly...and the screams were interspersed with other sounds....very familiar sounds!
"Don't you dare Frederick!" 
"Put me down this minute or I'll call the police..."
"What are you doing ?..STOPPIT YOU BIG BRUTE!"
Debbie knew exactly what was transpiring in the other room...Dad was giving Mom a good spanking!

Moving closer to the commotion Debbie peeked into the living room.
Sharon was draped over Fred's lap , her spandex leggings were now banded around her knees.
Perhaps to permit his ex some dignity, Fred allowed her tiny yellow thong to remain in place.
 It offered no protection to her jiggling bottom which was already a bright red.

"Dressing like a hooker,  letting this house go to hell, being lazy....there are going to be some changes around here young lady!"Fred scolded.
As usual , despite her predicament and increasingly sore bottom , Sharon remained unrepentant .
"Like hell! You can't tell me what to do! Let me go you bastard!" She spat.

Of course this only incited Fred to spank her harder...much harder and it was exactly what Sharon wanted!
After a furious flurry of spanks Fred paused for breath.
"Bring me the hairbrush Debbie!" he yelled , aware his daughter was listening in.
Digressing to her teenage years ,Debbie rushed to the bedroom to retrieve the antique hairbrush from its usual place on her Mom's dresser.
Sharon's eyes widened when she saw her daughter return with the dreaded implement.

"No Debbie don't ! Frederick!  Don't you dare use that monstrous thing on me know how much it hurts!"
Fred gleefully took the brush from his daughter.
He was clearly enjoying this.

"Now you're really going to get it good missie!" he replied with a determined grin.
With all her squirming and bucking , Sharon had almost fallen off Fred's lap , so he took a moment to adjust her position.
Taking her right arm he pinned it behind her back and placed one of his powerful legs over hers.
"No Fred! Please ....not the brush!" she pleaded with a pout.
Fred was having none of it.
He had heard it all before.
The sound of the hairbrush cracking against Sharon's bare skin was much louder than the hand spanks.
So was Sharon's howling!

It had been well over a year since Sharon's bottom had felt the sting of that hairbrush yet she found it strangely theraputic. 
All the anger , frustration and stress which had built up inside her since the separation was released with each burning blow of the brush.

Soon she was very repentant.
"PLEASE STOP FRED .....I'M SO SORRY! "she wailed.
Frédéric paused , noting her contrition.
"As soon as I finish spanking your naughty bottom , you'll go upstairs and change into some respectable clothes!" he demanded , emphasizing with two stinging whacks .
'WHAP! ' WHAP! ' 
"You will get rid of that clownish hairdo!"
'WHOP! ' ' WHOP! ' 
"You will get to work cleaning this house!"
'WHAP! " 'WHOP ! ' 

Frederick paused to catch his breath before helping a sobbing Sharon up onto his lap and hugging her.
"I've missed you so much Sharon..." he told her earnestly , planting a kiss on her full lips.
Sharon snuggled closer to him.
"I missed you too Frederick....especially those spankings!" she purred.

Just then the doorbell rang.
"That will be the food.I'll get it!"Debbie chirped.
"Take your time honey...your Dad and I will be upstairs for and little while..." Sharon said , smiling seductively at Fred.
Fred scooped his wife up in his arms and slung her over his shoulder .
Debbie giggled when her Mom let out a girlish squeal and Fred patted her still bared, red bottom to dispatch her upstairs.
"Thanks Debbie!" Fred winked at his daughter.
"Mission accomplished!"Debbie mused to herself.

It was about 30 minutes or so later before Debbie had confirmation that her mission was indeed successful.
The door to her parents' room opened quietly and they giggled like teenagers as they descended the stairs.
As usual Sharon made an exaggerated scene about how sore her bottom was , rubbing it vigorously and contorting her pretty face into a grimace.
"How am I supposed to sit down for dinner?" she pouted at Fred.
"With this of course..." he replied , tossing a pillow on her chair.
Debbie had seen it all before but still chuckled at her Mom's antics as she wiggled her bottom and carefully sat on the pillow.
"Your Father and I have an announcement to make Debbie." Sharon beamed.
Debbie tried her best to look surprised as she served the fried rice , "Really? "
Sharon looked lovingly at Frederick , " We've agreed to get back together. He's moving back in tomorrow!"
"......and if this place isn't ship shape by the time I arrive you'll find yourself over my knee again missie!" Fred warned.
Debbie shook her head and smiled , "Well in that case best leave the hairbrush out to save time!"
They all laughed together.