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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lazy Husbands Get Spanked! - FM Spanking

This scene will look very familiar to you guys who don't pay attention to their "Honeydo list".
That's a good sized brush by the way....and a very nice the stockings and the way she taps the brush against her palm for effect !


  1. I am sure not a lazy husband--but i get one or two paddlings in a yr---When my bad conduct with my male friends just really offends her sensibilities big time--I get my bare butt paddled----and it sure hurts i totally have it coming as she is a great wife---but when i am going to get it i really want it done asap---I shower quick and naked as the day i was born--I bend over two small steps and get it and my butt hurts--- for a small women her paddlings remind me of my football coach!