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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bathbrush Encounter - Illustrated FM Spanking Story

Sylvia and Scott had been dating for over two months now and Sylvia had made plans to have dinner with her good friends , the Clarks.
Scott knew about the arrangements ,but disliked Sylvia's snooty friends , and was reluctant to let his new girlfriend dictate his schedule , so deliberately booked two additional clients , in full knowledge it would provide him with an escape route from an evening with the clarks.

Sylvia was fuming when Scott strolled in more than a hour past the dinner date time and demanded an explanation.
Instead of being apologetic , Scott was annoyed at being questioned.
He flipped a finger at her , waving her away.
"Just relax will you....I'm taking a shower." he told her.

Sylvia stood stunned for a moment , seething at Scott's inconsideration and rudeness.
She barged into the bathroom to continue the discussion but Scott was already in the shower.
For some reason , the big wooden bath-brush hanging on the bathroom wall caught her attention.
Unhooking it , she tapped the back against her palm.
Talking to Scott was useless , it was time for action !

When Scott emerged from the shower he was surprised to see his girlfriend waiting for him , still in her little black cocktail dress and heels.
Grabbing the towel he noticed the big bath-brush in Sylvia's hand and it was clear her fury had increased.
She snatched the towel from him leaving him standing there soaking wet.

"Hey! Gimme that ....can't you see I'm soaking wet and cold?" he snapped angrily.
Sylvia smirked at him and waved the brush,  "This little baby will hurt even more on a bare , wet don't worry , you won't be cold for fact a certain part of your anatomy will be hot for quite a while!"
Scott was looking very scared and guilty now and expecting-perhaps hoping- for some retribution.
He was secretly pleased that Sylvia was not the type of woman who would allow him to treat her like a doormat.
Sylvia was clearing revelling in her new sense of power and fully intended to give him what he deserved- and desired.

"Stand up straight, hands by your sides and listen to me!" she commanded and her naked boyfriend snapped his heels together , puffing out his chest.
Sylvia took note that Scott's penis was also standing at attention!
He was as turned on as she was.
"How dare you speak to me like that and keep our guests waiting......this rude and inconsiderate behaviour of yours stops now .....from now on you will do as I say and put me needs before yours." she barked in his you understand?" she barked in his face.

"YES!" Scott replied.
His girlfriend raised a brow and grabbed his ear.
"Yes what?"
"YES MAAM" Scott quickly corrected himself.
Sylvia released her grip and nodded in satisfaction.

"Both hands on the sink , up on your toes , arch your back and present your bottom for punishment." she ordered.
Scott gulped , realizing that 2 months of pent up frustration was about to be unleashed on his bare , wet behind.
Nonetheless , he obediently assumed the position requested by his girlfriend.
Sylvia took up her position behind him and teasingly tapped the back of the brush against his flinching cheeks.

The bath-brush had a nice long handle which allowed Sylvia to really swing it with gusto.
"Forty swats....and if you dare move or put those hands back there will be bonus get that
bottom out and keep it out!" she warned.
Scott tensed and felt his body shaking.
Sylvia took aim , swung and snapped the brush sweetly against Scott's cheeks with a 'SPLAATTT!'
"OOOW!" "GEEZ THAT HURT!" Scott cried out.
The pain was excruciating but Sylvia swung again , connecting with a rapid trio of stinging swats which had him howling.
"GAAAH! "SHIT SYLVIA ...TAKE IT EASY WILL YA!" he protested , struggling to stay in position.

Sylvia delivered an even harder swat. 'WHAAAAPPP!" "YEEEOW!"
"You will refer to me as Ma'am until your punishment is over!"
"YES...YES MA'AM..." came the hoarse reply.
Satisfied , Sylvia set about her task with aplomb , delivering swat after stinging swat to her boyfriend's buttocks and thighs until he was blubbering like a 6 year old.

"Please Ma' more....I'm sorry...please butt feels like it's on fire.." he begged.
Sylvia was unrelenting.
"Stop that whining and take your punishment like a man.....nine more swats to get on your toes and stick out that bottom or I'll add another ten!" she warned.

Somehow Scott was able to hang on and stay in position  until a full 40 swats were applied.
He sprang up , hopping around the bathroom , frantically rubbing his sore backside.
Sylvia permitted him a few moments to compose himself before taking him by the ear to stand before her again.
Tears stained his face and he stood rubbing his blazing red behind.
"Because of you , our dinner reservations were cancelled , but the Clarks invited us to their place for dessert so get dressed quickly." Sylvia informed him.
"Yes Ma'am." Scott replied , dreading the thought of sitting on his sore behind.

It was then that Sylvia noticed Scott's erection had amazingly risen from the ashes.
She looked at it scornfully.
"So that was a turn on for you ?" she scolded.
Scott looked down ashamedly .
"No....I mean....yes....yes Ma'am..." he babbled.
Sylvia stared into his eyes.
"Lose it." she barked.
"W..WHAT??" Scott asked.
"I said lose it mister....start jerking off right now....and when you're done you're getting another paddling with the brush!"

Scott's face flushed and he took hold of his shaft and began masturbating under Sylvia's supervision.
In fact he was so worked up it took only a few minutes before he shot his load onto the bathroom floor.
Sylvia insisted he continue to yank on his shrivelled member until it hang limply.
Then she picked up the bath-brush.
"Now bend over again." she ordered.

The second series of 40 whacks were just as hard and hurt twice as much.
The pain level was almost unbearable for Scott and when Sylvia had finished his behind was a red , blistered and bruised mess.

Sylvia placed him nose first in the corner and waited in the bedroom.
After what seemed like an eternity , Sylvia called him to her.
Scott's eyes grew a big as saucers when he saw his girlfriend , naked on the bed , he legs spread wide.
"It's time for you to take care of MY NEEDS before we leave mister." she purred.
With both hands on Scott's head , his red ass high in the air , she steered his face into her crotch.
She moaned and squealed wildly as his tongue pleasured her to an explosive orgasm.

It was a thankfully short but still uncomfortable ride to the Clarks' for Scott.
Sylvia denied him the right to drive .....and his request for a pillow.
"I want you to be reminded of your behaviour every time you sit for the next day or two." she told him.

Admittedly she found his discomfort to be a source of amusement and teased him throughout the journey.
She dropped comments like "You only have yourself to blame!" or "If you think that hurt just wait until the next time!"

As agreed in advance , Scott apologized to the Clarks and took full responsibility for spoiling the evening.
His pride made it difficult enough to apologize but it was made worse having to do it squirming on the sorest backside in town.
When he finished , Sylvia added , "I can assure you Scott's apology is very contrite....and that appropriate retribution has been administered....isn't that so darling?"

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Katie's Comeuppance - MF Spanking Story

The wailing sirens of the emergency vehicles startled Janet and Gerry pulled over to let them pass.
“Looks like they’re heading out towards Katie’s place Gerry….” She said with a hint of concern.

Sure enough , as neared her younger sister’s house a host of flashing lights lit up the area.
As they progressed further , an emergency team were busy closing off Katie’s street.
“I’m sorry Sir….you can’t go any further …..we have a fire at number 47….” The burley fireman told Gerry.

“47! That’s my sister’s house……please let us through….” Janet wailed in distress.
“Please calm down Ma’am….your sister is fine…..the Chief has just downgraded it from a code 3 to code 1……the guys will just need to finish off to make things safe then you can proceed…” the Fireman reassured her.

Even so , the short wait seemed to take forever before the emergency truck manouevered to leave.
“No injuries Ma’am…your sister’s fine ….but I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes once the Chief arrives!”the Fireman said with a chuckle.
Just then the red SUV driven by Fire Chief Stu Munroe pulled up beside them.
“I’ll escort you over …..follow me Gerry.” Stu said looking very serious.

“What happened Stu?” Janet asked.
Stu rolled his eyes.“Your crazy sister was cooking lunch for us and started a grease fire in an old pot…..I guess it’s been a while since she’s tried her hand at cooking!” 
Janet sighed with relief, “Cooking is not one of my sister’s strong points Stu…” 

Gerry parked behind Stu and spied  an embarrassed Katie peeking out the window.
“I’m going to have to give Katie a good talking to about fire safety and I expect she won't like it !” Stu warned.
Janet grinned impishly , “I suggest you emphasize your point ........with the hairbrush.......she deserves it for causing such a fuss!" she offered enthusiastically.

Putting a hand to his square chin , Stu pondered Janet's suggested.
Katie had blistered his behind for much less , and the picture in his mind of Katie's shapely bare bottom lying over his lap was indeed enticing.

His decision was made  easier when a sheepish Katie appeared.
Stu and Katie had made arrangements for a romantic rendezvous so she was dressed appropriately in an outfit that resembled a naughty schoolgirl.
A tight-fitting white blouse , green mini skirt and white bobby socks.
Stu felt his erection stir at the mere sight of her but managed to stick to business- for the moment.

Katie shrugged sheepishly at Stu.
"I guess i ruined our little fantasy rendezvouz?"
Janet elbowed Gerry , "The schoolgirl and the Fireman! We need to try that one Gerry....", she tittered.
"Well by the look on Stu's face it certainly looks like things are going to heat up!" Gerry quipped back.

It had ben ages since Janet had witnessed her strong-willed sister being taken in hand , but she knew Katie well enough that she would try to weasel her way out of the situation as she had done so many times before.
Stu's resolve was about to be tested.
Would he be man enough to give her sister the comeuppance she so dearly deserved.

She was not disappointed.
Stu did not tolerate carelessness when it came to fire safety and his body language made it clear he meant business.
Purposefully , he marched over to to Katie and stood menacingly with hands on hips.
Taking full advantage of her feminine charms and schoolgirl garb , Katie pouted and bit her lip seductively.
"If you forgive me I'll make it up yo you honey...." she purred in a little girl voice.
Janet rolled her eyes at her sister's tired routine.

However , Stu's response was to take hold of Katie's waist and abruptly hoist her , fireman style , over his shoulder.
"What are you doing? Put me down this instant you big oaf!" Katie shrieked , kicking her legs and pounding her fists against the Fire chief's broad back.
This time , Stu's response was to deliver a hard , stinging whack to Katie's scantily clad posterior.
All her kicking had hoisted her short skirt up to her waist to expose a very brief pair of white panties.

Turning to Janet and Gerry , he winked , "If you don't mind , I need a private moment upstairs with Katie. You can help clean up the mess until we get back...."
Katie's protests , kicking , and screaming continued all the way upstairs.
"You'll pay for this help me you'll pay!" she threatened hollowly.

The bedroom door closed and Janet stood mesmerized at the foot of the stairs.
'SMACK!' "OUCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" Janet yelled when her husband's palm connected with the seat of her tight jeans.
"There's lots more where that came from if you don't help me clean this place up..."he warned.
"Promises , promises...." Janet purred , rubbing her bottom.

From the commotion upstairs , it was clear that the feisty Katie was not about to accept her fate without a fight.
The sound of a vase smashing against the wall was soon followed by the crash of another projectile .
"Sounds like Stu has his hands full!" Janet quipped.

Upstairs , Katie had retreated behind her dressing table as Stu pondered his next move.
Truculent Katie wagged a finger at her pursuer.
"Now you listen to me mister....that fire was a complete was not my fault..." she reasoned.
Her flippant attitude only served to fuel Stu's rage.

Seizing his opportunity , he reached forward and grabbed both of Katie's wrists.
"You bastard!" Katie spat , frantically trying to free herself.
Stu pulled until his stubborn girlfriend was spreadeagled on the table , her skimpy undies riding up to reveal more of her glorious twin globes.
Stu thought about keeping the spirited Katie conveniently bent over the table for her imminent bottom warming  but reconsidered.
What this little minx needed was to be tamed with a good , old-fashioned , over the knee , bare-bottom spanking.
She sure knew how to dish it out - but now she was going to get it!

Gerry sighed and snapped his fingers at his distracted wife who was still straining to listen to the proceedings upstairs.
His wife waved him away haughtily , "BE QUITE WILL YOU!" she snapped.
As soon as the words had left her mouth she regretted it.
The familiar look on her husband's face and the wooden spatula in his hand confirmed her fate.
"Now wait just a minute Gerry....I didn't mean that....I take it back...", she stammered , backing away from her advancing husband.

Upstairs , Katie , finally tiring from all her struggling , lay face down over her new boyfriend's lap for the first time.
Stu's confidence was growing by the minute as he prepared for the exertions to come.
Despite her indignant protests , Katie was trembling with anticipation for her first spanking in years.
Her entire body tensed when Stu's rough hands slid inside the waistband of her panties and he slowly edged them down .
They both felt the moisture between her legs as she wiggled her bottom seductively.
Stu's erection was apparent even through his thick fireproof pants.

He took a moment to drink in the sight of his new girlfriend's voluptuous bare bottom.
It looked even more amazing as she lay in this position and a feeling of power surged through his veins.
Katie cocked her head at him , "Well are you gonna spank me or not?" she challenged.
Stu grinned and gently patted the silky , lily-white skin of her twin globes.
"Oh I'm gonna spank you so good that cute little tush of yours will be redder than my truck.....but first I need to explain WHY you are getting a spanking...."
Katie let out an exaggerated sigh , "Aw Stu baby....not a lecture.....OW! OOOW!"
She was silenced by a flurry of sharp spanks to her jiggling cheeks.
"Did you know that careless home cooking is the main cause of fires in the home?" he began.

Downstairs in the kitchen , things were heating up also.
Janet was draped over Gerry's lap and he was struggling to peel her skin tight jeans over the curves of her hips.
"Ouch! Careful honey....that pinches...." she complained , disguising a grin.
Gerry delivered a hearty slap to the seat of her jeans.
"I don't know how you squeezed into these things , but it will be a lot harder squeezing back into them again after I've blistered your behind missie!"
With a final tug he was able to yank the jeans down to Janet's knees , exposing her quite magnificent rear quarters framed in a pair of black lace panties.
They offered little protection but Gerry downed them as well revealing his wife's bare bottom in all its glory.

Janet's cheeks clenched when Gerry tapped the wooden spatula against them.
Just as he raised his arm to begin , the sound of Stu's palm soundly spanking Katie's bare bottom resounded from upstairs.
Gerry smiled and began snapping the spatula against his wife's cheeks to create the "Two Sister Symphony"

Later , Katie chuckled ,watching her big sister wriggle her hips in an attempt to ease her sore and swollen bottom back into her jeans.
"Dammit! These jeans feel like they're two sizes smaller after a spanking!" she grimaced.
Stu nodded approvingly at Gerry, "Make sure you keep that spatula handy ....I've a feeling I'll need it quite a lot if I'm to keep this little filly in line!" he said , enveloping Katie in a big bear hug.
Katie flipped up her short skirt to display a flaming red bottom with visible prints of big Stu's punishing palm.
"I doubt if you'll need it dear....your palm is a deadly weapon in itself." she cooed , giving her cheeks a rub.

Gerry surveyed the kitchen , "Well the kitchen looks better but there's no way we can cook in here about we go to O'Reilly's for lunch? treat?"
Janet let out a groan when she was finally able to zip up her jeans.
"As long as Katie and I can bring pillows." she laughed.