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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Katie and the Fire Chief - FM Spanking Story

A beaming smile played on Janet Blackwell's face and she sat back with arms folded watching her younger sister skirt along the dance floor with her new beau Stu Munroe.
"You're quite pleased with yourself aren't you?" her husband Gerry commented.
Janet grinned ,  "Well you must admit they do make a fine couple darling....."

This was not the first time Janet had played match-maker for her feisty , strong-willed , and occasionally loopy younger sister.
Most ended horribly , but she had a feeling Stu was a 'real match'.

Janet and Stu had dated briefly in high school so she knew him well.
He was quite the catch back then and still was.
Now it was up to Katie to reel in the handsome bachelor.
The romantic sparks between Stu and Katie started the moment they met at Janet and Gerry's Christmas party.

Gerry chuckled , "Well if it does work out it'll be the first romance that started with a good old fashioned paddling!"
His wife's face glowed upon recalling the eventful Christmas meeting.
Stu and Kate had been getting on famously , and even slinked off for a romantic moonlit walk .
Apparently Stu had a little bit too much wine and offended Katie with some raunchy , vulgar stories more suited for the Firehall mess.

Katie literally led him back to the house by his ear.
It was quite the sight with the 5'2" Katie dragging the hulking 6' 3" frame of Stu , scolding him like a schoolboy .
Once inside , Katie marched Stu down to the basement for some well earned discipline,
Katie knew her sister kept a Jokari paddle hanging conveniently for such occasions.
Luckily for Stu , his blushes were somewhat saved as the rest of the guests had already departed.

Gerry and Janet knew quite well what Katie had in mind and stayed to listen , both cringing as the hard wooden paddle cracked against bare skin a good 40-50 times , interspersed with Katie's lecturing and Stu's howling and apologizing.

The sounds of a paddling were eventually replaced by the sounds of passion so Janet and Gerry went to bed , leaving the new lovers alone.
The next day , Janet waited for her sister to call her to fill her in on the details of her new relationship but by late afternoon had heard nothing.
Several text messages to her sister went unanswered so Janet decided to pay her sister a personal visit.

Janet began to understand why her usually talkative sister was incominicado when she saw the red Fire Chief SUV parked in Katie's driveway.
Katie took the key from underneath the stone in Katie's garden and let herself in.
"Katie? It's me...Janet!" she called out from the hallway.
"In here Jan!" Katie chirped back from the living room.

Janet put a palm to her mouth to supress a loud guffaw when she saw the scene.
Katie was sitting comfortably on the ottoman , hairbrush in hand wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy panties .
Standing beside her was a red-faced Stu , wearing his fireman's helmet and boots - and a pair of flaming red bikini briefs which barely constrained a burgeoning erection/

Katie smiled and welcomed her sister.
"I'm afraid Stewie's been a naughty boy again so I'm just about to give him his first hair-brushing.
Help yourself to some coffee and have a seat...,,,it may take a while..." she said nonchalantly with a glint in her eye.

Rendered silent , Stu's eyes darted from one sister to the other while his hands moved to cover his growing shaft.
Katie patted her bare lap, "Over you go Stewie!" she ordered tersely.
Stu's eyes drifted to Janet who had returned with her coffee.
"Best do as she say's Stewie or it will be way worse." she advised.

Slowly Stu lowered his muscular frame over his new girlfriend's lap.
His briefs tightened and exposed most of his bottom.
The two ladies enjoyed a moment to take in the glorious sight of the hunky man's taut behind before Katie tapped the back of the brush against his cheeks.

As Stu lay prone awaiting his fate , the two sisters conversed casually , treating him as if he were no more than a blanket.
Without skipping a beat , Katie continued to talk as she began to rythmically paddle Stu's backside with the brush.
"You really must...."
"....give me the recipe for that dip Jan..."
 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!'
" was absolutely delicious...."
".....wasn't it Stewie?"
"YEOOOW! ... OOOW!....YES!
"OOW!" "OW!" "OUCH!"

Janet chuckled at the sight of this powerful man , dressed rather ridiculously lying across her tiny sister's lap having his bare bottom spanked red.
After about 100 or so spanks , Katie took a break.
"Phew! I'd forgotten how much hard work this is.....I'm so hot!" she declared , wiping her brow.
Stu's behind was a nice shade of fire engine red and Katie took a moment to admire her handiwork.
She could feel her man stir when she caressed his punished cheeks with her palm.
"My your bottom is really hot Stewie!" she teased , "I wonder what the guys at the fire station would think if they knew you were such a naughty boy that I have to take you over my knee for a bare-bottom spanking?"

Janet knew by the way the pair were dressed that Katie had more than spanking in mind . In fact watching her sister spank her new boyfriend had made her hot also.
"Well I'll leave you two lovebirds to it then....I just remembered I need to have a little 'chat' with Gerry about his attitude these days...." she said , standing up.

Katie giggled and winked at her sister.
"Say goodbye to Janet Stewie before I finish you off." she prompted.
Stu's face was as red as his bottom.
"Bye Janet." he forced out through a grimace.
Janet chuckled as she made her way out.
She couldn't wait to get home to give Gerry the same treatment.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Take note Wives and Girlfriends......those Valentine boxers with hearts are for you - not him!



Take note Husbands and Boyfriends.....sometimes flowers , chocolates , perfume and an expensive dinner are not enough to show your love for her


Sunday, February 7, 2016

The New Foreman - A Spanking tale from the Old West

"Throw out your pistols and get those hands up !"Sally called out.
Ranch foreman Russ McDade froze and looked up at Sally in surprise.
Tossing his guns on the ground , he slowly raised his hands.
"Now Sally… , its not what it seems I….....….." Russ began , but was interrupted by a sharp poke in his gut from Sally Cooper's shotgun.
"Shut up McDade , and when you talk you will refer to me as Miss Cooper .I'd suspected you were the one cutting into our herd and selling them to line your pockets .....and now I've caught you red handed." She spat angrily.
Walking to the steer Sally inspected it before cutting it loose to rejoin the herd.
"No brand Mr. McDade ? – who were you planning on selling this one to ?"
McDade's eyes revealed his guilt , darting around to avoid Sally's gaze.

Sally had taken over running the large cattle ranch when her Father fell ill  a year ago.
She was not awed by the male dominated country , learning the business fast and quickly turning a profit.
Her father , George Cooper , was a trusting man who hired McDade as ranch foreman years ago and never attributed the stock loses to his `trusted' employee.
Sally was not so trusting and  not as soft-hearted as her father.
McDade had betrayed their trust and stole from them and she wasn't about to show him any mercy.

"Don't take me to the Sheriff Miss Cooper , they'll lynch me for sure.....I'll pay you back somehow." He pleaded , beads of sweat dripping from his brow.
Sally cocked the shotgun and McDade flinched.
"I have no intention of handing you to the Sheriff Mr. McDade , I intend to hand out my own brand of justice !" Sally told him.
McDade backed away , " Don't shoot me out here like a dog Miss….......please …" he begged , his eyes glaring at the twin barrels of the shotgun.

Sally chuckled , thoroughly enjoying her control.
She went to her saddlebag and tossed a branding iron on the ground in front of McDade.
"You were paid to use our brand McDade so put this on the fire ." she ordered.
McDade seemed relieved that Sally was not going to shoot him so eagerly stuffed the big ' C ' branding iron in the blazing campfire .
As it heated he waited nervously under Sally's threatening gaze.
"I appreciate this Miss Cooper.You don't have to pay me wages owed –..... I'll just pack up and go and you won't see me again." He said.

Sally looked at the fire when the iron had turned red hot.
With her shotgun and eyes firmly pointed at McDade she carefully stepped over and picked the iron out of the fire.
"Turn around and drop your pants McDade !" she ordered.
McDade's jaw dropped " WHAT? Now Miss ….you can't…" he pleaded.
"Do as I say or I'll let you have both barrels McDade !" she warned.
Quickly weighing up his options , McDade slowly turned around and undid his pants , dropping them to his ankles.
"The underpants too!" Sally added.
"AW Ma'am" groaned McDade before reluctantly whisking down his long johns.
"Hoist up your shirttails McDade.
McDade did so and unveiled his bare , muscular buttocks.

Sally admired them for a moment.
He was a fine figure of a man – and it had been some time since she had eyed a man's bare backside !
Then with a forceful thrust she pressed the `C' brand against McDade's right buttock.
He squealed at the intense pain.

Pulling away the iron , Sally could see that the thief would be wearing the Cooper brand on his hide for a long time.
"That should amuse your lady friends McDade !" she teased him.

"You'll pay for that you little bitch !" McDade seethed looking over his shoulder at her.
Sally laughed.
"I'm not done with you yet McDade ." she responded.
There was a loud crack as the barrels of Sally's shotgun exploded.
"Arrrgh ….you shot me you bitch !" a shocked McDade howled and then grinned in relief when he realized he was still alive.
Then he felt a fierce burning in his backside in addition to the searing pain left by the branding iron.
"What did you do bitch ?" he screamed.
Sally cackled.
"I Shot you where it will do you most good ....but don't worry McDade , its only a mixture of rock salt and peppercorn , but its gonna keep you riding high in the saddle for a long , long time !" she laughed.
McDade reached back and examined the stinging mixture imbedded in his rear-quarters .

Sally was really enjoying the view now.
McDade's manly behind adorned with a huge `C' and peppered with blazing red marks where the shot had impacted.
He hollered as the burning mixture had immediate effect and began hopping around uncontrollably in a frantic effort to cool his burning tail.
Sally laughed and gave him a moment to settle down.
"Get your pants up and get on your horse and get off my land McDade!" she ordered.
McDade glared at her angrily but realized his injuries needed quick attention so he painfully restored his clothing , mounted his horse and galloped off taking care to keep his seat well off the saddle.

Sally looked very satisfied as she watched him disappear from view.
"Nice work !" a male voice rang out from behind a tree.
Sally spun around and pointed her shotgun at the tall shadow emerging in front of her.
"Easy Miss Cooper , its only me , and I believe you're out of ammunition" the man said.
Sally sighed in relief.
It was Steve Curtis ,the young ranch-hand abut her age she had just hired a few weeks ago.
Sally tried to hide that she had a real crush on the good-looking newcomer but blushed anyway.

"Do you handle all your disputes with your employees that way ?" Steve teased.
Sally bristled and felt the need to defend her actions.
"He deserved it .......he's a thief !" she responded.
Steve made Sally's legs weak with his smile.
"I agree with you , but we do have a justice system and besides , its kind of dangerous for a lady to take a risk by confronting a character like McDade all alone at night." Steve lectured.
"I can handle myself and people like McDade !" an indignant Sally replied.
"All the same I'd feel better if I ride with you back to the Ranch Miss Cooper." Steve said.
Sally nodded in agreement and felt a thrill in her veins to be able to get closer to Steve.

"Goodnight Miss Cooper." Steve said tipping his hat.
There was an uncomfortable pause .

Romantic sparks between the pair during the ride home ignited passions within them and Sally longed for Steve to take her in his arms and kiss her.
Steve felt the same way but felt constrained by their impending employer-employee relationship.
"Mr. Curtis…..I really do need a new foreman.....would you be interested in the job?" Sally blurted.
Steve paused to ponder the question.
"Not if you intend to brand and pepper my backside like you did with McDade ?" he replied with a smile.
"I'll take that as a yes Mr. Curtis……..." Sally blushed as her mind entertained visions of Steve's masculine bare buttocks .
"……......but as you're boss , I WILL punish  you – if you displease me!" she added , flashing an impish grin.
"I'll bet you would too ? I  accept ." Steve replied.
"We'll discuss details tomorrow then." Sally told him .

Sally finished her coffee when there was a knock on the door and Steve popped his head in.
He had been in charge as the ranch foreman for a few days now and had been summoned by Sally for an impromptu meeting.
"Have a seat Mr. Curtis ." Sally said in a formal tone ,  her heart pounding in excitement.
She poured them both coffees and got right down to business of going through the contract she had drawn up.
"We don't have to go through this Sally , I trust you." Steve said , clearly bored and uninterested.
"Don't be silly Mr. curtis , this is important....... and I went to a lot of trouble to draft this after the problems we had with your predecessor so please pay attention." She scolded.

Steve hadn't heard that tone from a female for many years and immediately nodded agreement.

Sally read while Steve looked into her pretty brown eyes and watched the words spill from her full , red lips but not hearing a word.
Sally read the final clause to Steve :
`In the event of any neglect of duties, insubordination or theft by the employee , the employer may take corrective action including termination of employment and / or corporal punishment as the situation may require.'
Sally looked at Steve for a response .
"Where do I sign?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Do you even know what corporal punishment is mr. Curtis?" Sally asked .
Steve scratched his head ,"Something to do with the army I expect?" he replied hopefully.
Sally rolled her eyes , "Just so we're clear before you sign Mr. Curtis , corporal punishment means I'll tan your bare backside if you mess up you understand?"
Steve raised a brow and smiled , "I'd expect you'd do that even without an agreement Miss Cooper!", and added his signatures to seal the deal.

Two days later Sally called Steve into her office again
" I need to talk to you about the provisions you bought in town yesterday Steve." Sally said , looking very serious.
Steve looked surprised.
He hated buying supplies and preferred being out on his horse on the range but it was part of the job.
"Mr. Coldwater from the General Store came by last night with some provisions you left at the store." Sally explained.
"Darn… it.....I must have forgotten to load them when I stopped to talk with Wendy Dale.…" Steve recalled feeling foolish.
Sally bristled at the mere mention of Wendy's name , a rival for Steve's affections.
She was very jealous of Wendy and was determined to teach them both a lesson.

"As my foreman I need you to pay more attention to my supplies than to Wendy Dale !" Sally chided.
Steve offered some defence but it only made matters worse.
"This is not acceptable Mr. Curtis , I'm afraid I have no choice but to invoke section 8 of our agreement " Sally declared.

"Section 8?" Steve asked.
Sally stood up and rolled up her sleeve.
"This is where I tan your backside Mr. Curtis."
"WHAAAT?" Steve gasped.

Steve began to babble an excuse but Sally reminded him of their  agreement.
"Now lower your pants and get over my lap and take your punishment like a man Mr. Curtis.
I'm going to give you a well deserved spanking so lets get on with it !" Sally announced.
"A Sp..spanking ? Like a kid ?You...… can't be serious…" Steve gasped in disbelief putting both hands on the seat of his tight jeans.
Sally remained adamant .
"That is correct Mr. Curtis - an old fashioned , over the knee , bare-bottomed spanking....." Sally confirmed , " drop your pants while I fetch my hairbrush" she added.
"Yes Ma'am." Steve sighed ,resigned to his fate. He undid his belt

Sally smiled , trying to conceal her excitement when she returned to the study with her big brush.

 Reluctantly ,Steve lowered his pants and stared at his new boss's inviting lap.

Sally had made sure to wear a short , leather riding skirt that hugged her curves and showed off the silky skin of her calfs and to leave an extra button or so of her shirt to give Steve just a glimpse of cleavage.
Steve turned to face her and Sally gasped.

He wore no undergarments so his rising erection pressed against the front of his shirt.

Sally pretended not to notice but had difficulty taking  her eyes of the sight and waved the brush at him ,"This will make sure I don't hurt my delicate little hand on that rough cowboy hide of yours Mr.Curtis?" She told him , returning her gaze to the bulge between Steve's legs.

Attempting  to hide his embarrassment, Steve leapt over Sally's lap.
Sally gasped when his erection made contact with her thighs.
Hoisting Steve's shirt to reveal his bare bottom in all its glory , she drank in the glorious sight , fighting the urge to dig her fingers deep into his skin and to wrap her lips around his huge shaft.
Steve had similar feelings of arousal and longed to have Sally in his arms.

Sally raised the brush  high and brought it down with a loud WHACK  on Steve's right buttock.
The loudness of the sound surprised them both .
Steve flinched and an angry  red oval appeared on his skin.
Raising the brush  again , Sally delivered another hard spank to Steve's other cheek.
He gasped and flinched again.
Gritting her teeth Sally picked up the pace , briskly spanking one of Steve's bare cheeks , then the other without pausing.
After a dozen or so good licks she was pleased to hear some genuine `OW's' and `OUCH'S' from Steve .

Sally was excited to see  Steve's skin turned pink , then red as she heartily walloped his firm backside.
She loved way the brush  connected with his firm cheeks and was thoroughly enjoying herself.
She began spanking harder , delivering flurries of solid whacks to her target .
Steve groaned and squirming on her lap as the blows rained down.
Sally paused to inspect Steve's rear.His bottom was blazing red and hot to the touch.
With one resounding final whack she brought his chastisement to an end.
"YEOOOW !" he howled.

"Let that be a lesson to you to pay attention next time Mr Curtis !" Sally lectured.

Steve rose to his feet and found himself performing an embarrassing jig , hopping from foot to foot and rubbing his behind. Quickly he restored his pants in an attempt to hide his modesty.
They were both out of breath and eyed each other hungrily for a moment , until  Sally took charge again.
"Get out on the range and do the work I pay you for Mr. Curtis ." she ordered , breaking the silence.
Steve nodded and donned his hat.
"Yes Ma'am " he replied , rubbing his behind before striding red-faced and red-bottomed out of the ranch house.

Out on the range , Steve shifted in his saddle .
'That Cooper gal sure can spank!' he mused.

 His backside was hotter than the unrelenting sun and made it uncomfortable for him in the saddle.
"Taking another break Mr. Curtis ?" a female voice chirped out from behind him.
Steve didn't notice Sally ride up to him.
Steve blushed and tipped his hat to greet her.
"Afternoon Ma'am" he said.
Sally was positively beaming with confidence after the morning's exploits in her office.
"If I thought you were slacking off I would take you behind those trees and take a switch to your bare backside !" she teased.

Steve smiled , "I don't doubt that you would  Miss Cooper, but I learned my lesson this morning so there will be no slacking."
Sally grinned ,"Yes I expect you'll be sore for a while ,especially sitting on that hard  saddle." She teased playfully.

Steve's nostrils flared and he hopped off his horse. He could hold his feelings no longer.
Reaching up he hauled Sally out of her saddle and stood her on the ground in front of him .
"What the…......" Sally began until Steve pulled her close to him and pressed his lips hard against hers.
At first Sally struggled and tried to resist his kiss but her legs felt weak and she melted into Steve's arms and made the kiss linger as long as possible.
Afterwards Sally snuggled her head into the comfort of Steve's strong chest.
"Will you come to dinner tonight Steve ?" she asked.

"I've heard a lot about you Steve –..... welcome to the Cooper Ranch." George Cooper said extending a hand to Steve.
The two men exchanged a firm handshake before sitting at the table.
"Nora's cooking her famous casserole , so you must be something special !" George chuckled.
"Your embarrassing me George , Steve will think I never cook!" George's wife replied indignantly.
The Coopers had been married for over 30 years and were an engaging couple.
Susan sat contently , glad that her parents approved of her new beau.

Over dinner they all chatted amiably about the ranch and other subjects.
However , the tone changed when Steve off-handedly mentioned the employment contract Sally had him sign.
George looked angrily at his daughter.
"I don't recall seeing any contract Sally ?" he questioned.
Sally tried to make light of her Father's comment , patronizingly telling him it was a standard agreement which she didn't think she needed to mention.
Nora looked worried " Now don''t you two start arguing about the business at the dinner table in front of our guest." She lectured.

Steve tried changing the subject.
"I'm awfully sorry about that mix-up with the supplies Mr. Cooper , it won't happen again." Steve added .
George's face reddened as he tried to control his fury.
"What mix-up , doesn't anybody tell me anything around here." He yelled.
Nora calmed her husband and  Steve went on to explain how he had been distracted by Wendy Dale and forgot to load some supplies .
"Don't worry Dad , I've already handled it …with Steve." Sally said.
"I'll say!…"Steve added , putting a hand to his seat with a grimace.
Sally grinned at him proudly.

George looked puzzled and paused to think.
"I know you well Sally Cooper , you're just as devious as your Mother so don't try to fool me. I want to see that agreement Steve signed right now !" he said firmly.
Sally protested and Nora tried to calm them both again.
"I said now Sally Cooper!" George raised his voice.
Exasperated , Sally put the document in front of her Father and he ripped it to pieces.
"Daddy!" Sally gasped.
"There'll be no fancy agreements while I own this ranch young lady.
Steve and I will rely on a handshake between two honest men.
And as far as the supplies issue goes ..... you were out of line to haul Steve over the coals for that ! Admit it young lady ,  you were just jealous because Steve was talking to another girl and you wanted to get back at him weren''t you ?" George ranted.

Sally looked uncomfortable under her Father's gaze.
"Really Sally …that's very childish and spiteful of you ." her Mother scolded
George looked seriously at Steve.
"If you're even thinking of courting my daughter Mr. Curtis you'd best know that she can be very jealous , conniving and childish at times. She needs a man who will put her across his knee and give her a good paddling to keep her in line !" George told him.
Steve smiled and looked at an indignant Sally.
"Really Daddy!" she fumed.

George rose from the table and shook Steve's hand again.
"That's our contract sealed Mr. Curtis."
George scowled at Sally and returned his gaze to Steve.
"You're welcome to use my study right now Steve ..... my daughter is long overdue for a spanking!" George said to giggles from his wife.

"I do believe you're right Mr. Cooper!"

Steve rolled up his shirt sleeves and Sally looked worried.
"Now Steve , don't you dare ….." she babbled as Steve approached her.
Sally turned to run but Steve caught her by the wrist .
While George and Nora looked on in amusement Steve walked to the study , dragging a reluctant Sally behind him.
"Lets go to bed dear and leave the young folks alone ." Nora smiled.

Holding Sally firmly by the wrist , Steve sat down in the same straight backed chair Sally had used  for his spanking.
"You can't do this Steve…......I'll fire you …" Sally threatened.
Steve's response was to  spill her head first over his lap.
"Stop wailing and take what you have coming you little wildcat " Steve told her.
Eyeing his target Steve took hold of the hem of Sally's light gingham dress and hauled it up above her waist.
"OOOOOH....How dare you !" she protested.
Flipping up the single petticoat she wore revealed a pair of pink , lace trimmed pantaloons .
Steve admired the curves of Sally's figure encased in the fancy drawers.
For a moment he thought about exposing her as she had done to him but reminded himself he was a gentleman and they were not even officially courting yet.
"Don't you lay a hand on me Steve Curtis, you'll be sorry ." a defiant Sally called out in desperation.

George and Nora sat up in bed and grinned at each other as they listened to the satisfying sound of a good old fashioned spanking being administered to their feisty daughter in the study directly below .
The loud spanks were landing fast and furious , and Sally's squeals and protests were even louder.
"He's really giving it to her but good!' George declared proudly.
"Sure is !" Nora agreed.
George looked lustily at his wife.
"George Cooper…......don't you dare…." Nora warned as George hauled her over his lap.
"This is for talking back to your husband in front of guests Nora Cooper!" he said , flipping up her nightdress.

Meanwhile , downstairs Sally squirmed and bucked on Steve's lap but his strong hand on the small of her back held her firmly in place.
Soon her screams turns to groans of passion when she felt Steve's burgeoning erection beneath her.
She was able to position herself with her pelvis grinding into it in rhythm with the spanks landing on her bottom.
Her bottom was burning now but stoking the fire in her loins so instead of begging Steve to stop her bottom was actually rising to meet each stinging spank.

With a final rapid flurry of spanks , Sally yelped and lay moaning on Steve's lap as his palm caressed the mounds of her bottom.
Even through the flimsy material of her undergarment he could feel the heat emanating from her skin underneath.
"AAAAH" Sally exhaled loudly when Steve's palms caressed and lingered on her globes.
Steve longed to down those drawers and feast on Sally's soft bare skin  but  allowed Sally to retain some dignity.
After restoring Sally's petticoat and dress he helped her off his lap and took her into his arms.
They clung tightly to each other for a few moments until Sally looked longingly into Steve's eyes.
"I guess I needed that ?'" she pouted.
Steve agreed and added "Next time it'll be on your bare bottom Missie !" he warned her.
Sally's heart pounded at the mere mention and put her lips softly on Steve's.

George and Nora Cooper were looking very bright and happy the next morning when Sally came downstairs to join him for breakfast.
Nora snuggled close to George .
She could still feel the tingle in her bottom from the spanking she had received at bedtime.
"OH!" Sally moaned and grimaced when she sat down at the table.
Her Mother chuckled and Sally pouted. .
"You've only yourself to blame girl just missed Steve. He came to ask my permission to court you.…" Her father told her matter of factly.
Sally looked at him in anxious anticipation.
"Of course I said yes !" George replied after a teasing delay.
Sally leapt up and gave her Father a hug.

That Saturday Sally and Steve made their first trip into town as a courting couple,
They accepted congratulations from friends and neighbours as they strolled through town , hand in hand.
Everyone agreed they made a fine couple.
Steve waited outside the dress shop as Sally went in to browse.
"Hi Steve ." Wendy cooed.
"Good afternoon Miss Dale " Steve replied , looking uncomfortable.
Wendy moved closer and openly flirted with the handsome cowboy.
"Miss Dale ?… you're very formal Steve…..we know each other better than that ...or have you forgotten our little romp in the haystack a while back?" she teased.

Steve looked around nervously hoping Sally was not in earshot.
"Sally and I are courting now was fun but its over now." He told her.
"Really Steve , you're being quite rude. Perhaps I should give you another spanking!" Wendy said loudly.
Steve blushed " Keep you voice down Wendy !" he whispered , recalling Wendy's strong penchant for spanking his bare bottom during their encounters.

"What is this I heard about you two and a haystack ?" Sally asked in a firm tone.
Steve flinched as he wondered how long Sally had been there.
The two rivals for his affections came face to face.
He could feel the tension.
"I leave you outside for 5 minutes Steve Curtis and I find you with….HER !"Sally spat.

Steve tried to calm things down but tempers were frayed , especially Sally's.
Before he could react he heard a loud `SPLAAT' when Sally connected a hard slap to Wendy's face.
Wendy immediately retaliated with a wild slap of her own , sending Sally reeling backwards landing on her backside. Sally struggled to stand and Wendy jumped on top of her .

Both women took handfuls of each other's hair .
Steve contemplated his next move as he watched the two women grappling on the ground.
Stepping forward he was able to pry them apart and took a firm grip on their arms.

"What's going on here…… Sally?…..Wendy?…."Mrs. Driscoll from the dress store exclaimed as Steve dragged the pair into her store.
"I apologize Mrs. Driscoll , but do you have a room I could use to `attend' to these two in private ?" he asked.
Tutting her disapproval she pointed Steve to her office in the back of the store.
Steve plopped Sally down on a chair outside the office and pushed a protesting Wendy inside the small room.
"You wait right here young lady. I'll deal with you when we get back to the ranch!" he said firmly.
Sally thought about responding but had never seen Steve so angry so decided to do as she was told for a change.
Steve went into the office and closed the door.

It wasn't long before she could hear frantic protests and squeals from Wendy.
"Put me down Steve…..nooooo…..stopppit…….stoppit I said…..let me go …"
Sally could hear quite a struggle going on followed by more loud screams from Wendy.
"How dare you….nooooooo…"
After a brief pause she recognized the familiar sounds of a spanking being administered.
It was also clear that the spanks  were being applied to bare skin.
Sally chuckled to herself as she pictured her rival having her bare bottom warmed.
"yeoow….ouch….stoppit… burns !"
Sally winced as she heard one particularly hard spank land.
"That's gotta sting !" she thought to herself.

After a good 10 minutes or so the spanking subsided and Wendy's screams turned to sobs.
Sally could hear Steve's voice speak to Wendy in a low tone with occasional tearful replies from Wendy.
After a brief silence the door opened and Wendy slowly stepped out.
Her eyes were red and watery and her face flushed.
She was vigorously rubbing the seat of her dress .
Wendy looked at Sally and began sobbing again.
"I'll never get over this humiliation …" she bawled before hobbling back into the store.

Sally gulped and her heart pounded as a still angry Steve came out .
His sleeves were rolled up and he rolled them back down as he glared at her.
Taking her wrist he hauled her to your feet.
"That was nothing compared to what you're going to get when I get you home Sally. You won't be able to sit for a week when I'm finished with you.!" He warned.
Mrs. Driscoll laughed as Steve dragged an embarrassed Sally through the store.
"Ahhh….Young love ." she remarked.

The study door was closed and locked when Steve arrived home with Sally in tow.
"That's strange ? " Sally thought.
The mystery was quickly solved when they heard the distinctive sound of a spanking coming from the room.
Steve was shocked but Sally , interestingly seemed unmoved.
The squeals and pleading coming from the female voice was certainly those of Nora Cooper.
"George is spanking your Mother ?" Steve asked.
Sally smiled weakly and nodded.

Although she had never actually seen her Mother spanked , she knew about it from picking up the tell-tale signs.
Her Father would often announce something like "I'm going to take you over my knee" or something like that.
Not long after , she would watch her Mother's look of apprehension knowing she was in for a spanking , and noticing how her Mother would not sit down comfortably the next day.
After a spanking , her Father would always let her Mother stay in the study for a while to compose herself before returning to her day , so Sally sometimes saw her leave the study with the expression of someone who had been soundly spanked.

Steve and Sally waited silently and listened to the proceedings , occasionally wincing when a particularly hard whack landed.
The older couple were really making quite a racket.
Finally the door opened and George appeared.
He was not the slightest bit embarrassed when he saw them.
"Hurry up Sweetheart......….Sally and Steve are here !" he called out nonchalantly.

"I'm sorry Mr. Cooper but I need to borrow your study again…......I'll explain later." Steve said.
George could tell by his daughter's demeanour that she was in for a `real' spanking this time.
George chuckled and beckoned Steve closer to him.
"Have a look in the top , right drawer Steve.
You'll find a nice big wooden hairbrush there.
It's a family heirloom you know….I've used it quite often to tan Sally's Mother's bottom over the years.In fact I've already warmed it up for you son.Sally's just like her Mother so make sure you give it to her good." George whispered.

At that moment a grimacing Nora emerged from the study , her face flushed.
" Mother made a few unauthorized purchases again... …." George explained to Sally.
"Oh dear…" Nora gasped , rubbing her bottom , "I don't think I'll ever be able to sit again!"

Steve laughed before resuming his stern expression and ushered Sally into the study.
To his surprise Sally immediately began removing her dress and placed the chair in its usual position.
She knew exactly where to find the antique hairbrush George had referred to and she placed it on the chair.
Looking ravishing in only a camisole and pantaloons , Sally turned around and undid the drawstring on her silk drawers , letting them fall to her knees.
The sight of her firm , round bare bottom was even more glorious than Steve had envisioned.

He picked up the brush and sat down.
Sally draped herself over Steve's lap and teasingly wiggled her bare bottom.
Steve's erection was not hard for her to find and she placed herself strategically over it and Steve adjusted her position.
"I've been very naughty Steve so make sure you spank my poor bottom really good" she cooed wiggling her cheeks again.
Steve agreed and for the next 10 minutes that hairbrush danced all over Sally's jiggling bare cheeks.

Outside , George and Nora Cooper smiled at each other and listened in on their daughter's spanking.
"Steve is sure laying it on good with that hairbrush !" George remarked.
His wife smiled "Well you sure haven't lost your touch George...... you still know how to spank a lady!
Here , put some of this on will you – my bottom's on fire!" Nora said  handing her husband a jar of cold cream.

George sat on the big chair in front of the fire and Nora hoisted her dress and lay over his lap.
George lovingly applied the cream to his wife's plump , crimson bottom.
The sound of the spanking in the study escalated.
"Best save some of that for Sally !" Nora declared.
They both knew Sally needed a firm hand and were content that she had found a man like Steve who would give her what she needed.

It sure had been a long time since the hairbrush had seen this much action at the Cooper ranch but they were all glad it was back !