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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Overheard spanking -Tribute to Underling - 'Sore Losers' - FM Spanking

One of my favorite spanking writers and artists is Underling .
I especially like his stories which deipict a spanking being carried out 'offscreen' but overheard by others.
My all-time favorite is his "Sore Losers" story which you can check out with the attached link:

With Undy's permission I have a couple of comics to share on the story

Monday, November 25, 2013


Some of you may recall my post during the Canadian Thanksgiving in October featuring the spanking adventures of a newlywed couple visting her parents for the holiday!
However , I did receive a few comments about the ending which left the situation somewhat in limbo , and upon re-reading it I can understand why.
Actually this is just an aspect of my story-writing approach so you should expect more of it unfortunately.
However , as we now have the US Thanksgiving upon us I decided to let the story continue and land where it may!
As you may recall , we left our Newlyweds in the basement of Nancy's parents' house with her parents listening at the top of the stairs to Nancy giving her husband Jeff a well deserved dose of her hairbrush............... 

Janet and Gerry stood at the top of the basement stairs listening to the shenanigans below.

Nancy delivered a series of really hard swats which even made Janet cringe.
“WOW she’s really giving it to him good!” Gerry exclaimed.
Janet grinned , “Well Nancy told me that Jeff’s had it coming for over a month….so it’s his own fault!”
Gerry looked at his wife incredulously.
“Well that’s fine for you to say  Janet….you’re not the one getting your bare butt roasted with that darn hairbrush…..have you any idea how much it hurts and how hard it is to sit afterwards?”
They  both cringed again before Janet responded.
 ”Oh my…Poor Jeff!.....Of course I know how much it hurts dear….I’ve blistered your bottom enough times to know that…..anyway,  the only way to get through  your  thick head is to tan your hide so you’ll remember it when you sit for a few days!”
Gerry put a hand to the seat of his pants and nodded “Well you certainly got through to me honey!”
Janet giggled “ I sure did ….and,  by the sound of it , our daughter is doing just as good a job on Jeff! You two are going to need pillows to sit for breakfast tomorrow!”

…..‘WHAP!’ ‘WHAP!’ ‘WHAP!’…..”Am I getting through to you yet Jeff?”
“Yes What Jeff?”
“Good boy! Now ….you have 10 more coming ….and I want you to count and thank me for each one!”
“That’s better. Let’s bring this to a conclusion shall we ? Hold on Jeff!”

‘CRAAACK!’“Please try to keep up with your count honey… would be a shame if I had to start over wouldn’t it?”
“Sssssss…..OH! Please honey…..not so hard!”
“Don’t you dare tell me how hard to spank ! Now did you hear what I said young man ? How many is that?”
“SSSorry Ma’am ! That would be 6 Ma’am!”
“Four more to go then dear….I suggest you hold on tight!”

“Really dear! If you’re going to have this much trouble counting , perhaps I should have you bend over for a baker’s dozen with the strap after we’re done?”
“Now get that naughty bottom in the corner before I DO decide to get the strap!”
Janet supressed a grin when Jeff hobbled into the kitchen for breakfast.
Positively glowing , a cheery Nancy followed him in and gave her Mom a big hug.
“Good morning Mom!”
Raising a brow, Nancy stared at Jeff who , through a grimace, mumbled a greeting to his mother-in-law .
“JEFF?” Nancy scolded.
Her husband forced a smile “ Good morning Mrs. Blackwell .” he said with more clarity , avoiding eye contact.
“Mom!” Janet corrected .
Jeff looked at his wife before replying.
“ Good morning Mom!”
“Sit down and make yourself comfortable Jeff. Breakfast will be ready in a minute.” Janet smirked.
Jeff looked at the big soft pillow on his chair.
Janet grinned “…..well as comfortable as possible I hope…”
Her son-in-law’s face turned red with embarrassment upon realizing his mother-in-law knew he had been spanked.
Very carefully , Jeff lowered himself onto the pillow beside Nancy who was already comfortably seated.
“Don’t be such a big baby Jeff ! It can’t be that bad ?” she taunted.
Jeff shifted around on the pillow in a vain search for comfort before rising from his seat.
“Thanks for the pillow Mrs. Bla….I mean Mom….but if you don’t mind I’ll stand!” he asked meekly.
Just then he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t worry son….I’ll be doing the same! My back is killing me ….is yours sore too ?”
Nancy giggled and Janet shook her head in disbelief.
Folding her arms confidently, she addressed the two men.
“Let’s be open shall we guys ?
Both of you got a well-deserved spanking….. so it’s understandable that you’d prefer to stand …..
but you’re both going to be sitting for breakfast…am I clear ?”
Jeff looked to Gerry for guidance and the older man nodded.
“Yes Ma’am.” He replied. “Yes Ma’am.” Jeff repeated.
Despite  a lot of moving around and squirming , the two sore husbands were able to finish breakfast seated with their wives.
“How about a game of golf Jeff?” Gerry offered and Jeff readily agreed.
“Ahem !” Janet cleared her throat.
“Sorry to burst your bubble guys. I appreciate that the pair of you would like to spend the day doing something that doesn’t involve sitting but I’ve already booked the four of us on a winery tour!”
Gerry’s face looked like it was about to explode.
“Dammit woman! You know I hate those stupid tours….and all that sitting on a bus !”
Bouyed by his father-in-law’s bravado , Jeff piped out.
“I’d prefer golf over a wine tour ….perhaps we can do that another time?”
The two wives were momentarily shocked to silence , but quickly regained control.
“Jeff ! How dare you be so ungrateful! Mother has paid for and planned this tour weeks ago so you’re going !”
Putting both hands up in an act of defensiveness Jeff tried to respond.
“……but Nancy I was just being honest honey….” He babbled.
“Don’t you ‘honey’ me Jeff! After last night I……” Nancy replied before her Mother intervened.
“Let me handle this if I may honey?” Janet asked , her tone capturing the attention of the room.
She peered sternly over her  thick rimmed glasses at the two men.
“Here’s the deal guys. OK have it your way…go golfing …. Nancy and I will go shopping…..with your credit cards !......and I hope you enjoy your game because you may not enjoy dinner at the restaurant this evening ….once I’m done with the pair of you !”
Both men paled and their jaws dropped.
Janet continued.
“Both of you will receive 12 stokes of my cane before dinner gentlemen !”
With that , Janet boldly thrust her hand out.
The two men looked confused.
“Credit cards please gentlemen!” she barked.
Gerry and Jeff dug into their pockets and handed their cards to Janet who smiled broadly.
“Let’s go shopping Nancy!” she chirped triumphantly.
As they set to tee off at the 18th and final hole , Gerry and Jeff began feeling a little uneasy.
“Last hole before we have to go home and face the music son !” Gerry said in an upbeat tone.
His son-in-law shuffled his feet anxiously.
“Janet…I mean Mom…isn’t really going to…..” he began.
Gerry swung and watched his ball sail through the air .
“I’ve been married to Janet for 30 years Jeff and if there’s one thing I know about her its that when she says something she ALWAYS follows through!”

Jeff swung wildly at his ball ,  slicing it into the nearby woods.
“WOW! You really are worried about this aren’t you?” Gerry asked.
He put a fatherly arm around Jeff.
“You may as well get used to it son. You’ve married into a family where the wives have been tanning their husband’s backsides for generations !
I’m sure you’ve realised that after being married to Nancy for a year?”
Jeff nodded “ I guess so ….Nancy made it clear when we first started dating that she would tan my butt if I stepped out of line. I thought she was joking until she actually did it one day! It’s pretty embarrassing going over her lap like that but I have to admit I deserved it every time !”
Gerry patted Jeff’s back .
“You  have to admit that it was pretty poor play for us to put the kibosh on Janet’s plans after all the trouble she went to , so we deserve whatever we have coming…..but at least we got a great day of golf out of it !”
“We’re home honey !” Gerry called out.
“We’re waiting for you down here Gerry!” a female voice called out from the basement.
The two men looked at each other , sighed and made their way downstairs.
Janet and Nancy stood silently with arms folded as their men entered the room.
They were already dressed for dinner.
Both wearing heels and pearls , Janet in her classic low-cut , little black dress and Nancy in a shorter more figure hugging version.
With a nod of her head , Janet beckoned them to stand in front of her.
“How was your day honey?” Gerry asked in an attempt to break the icy silence.
Janet smiled wryly , “Well , let’s just say that your game of golf is going to cost you boys … more ways than one!”
She turned and picked up the long thin cane sitting on the table.
Before speaking she swished it menacingly through the air and began bending it to test its flexibility.
“Considering you both got a solid licking yesterday , and we don’t want you ruining our dinner this evening with your whining and squirming , I’ve decided to use the Junior cane…..”
Pointing to an area to her right she added “ Both of you , clothes off and facing the wall. Hurry now!”
Gerry began disrobing but Jeff looked at Nancy with eyes as wide as saucers.
“You heard Mother dear….clothes off….ALL OF THEM!”
For a brief moment Jeff thought about refusing but quickly recanted and began undressing.
Completely naked , the two men covered their private area as best they could with their hands and shuffled over to the designated area.
“Bend over, touch your toes and present those naughty bottoms for punishment Gentlemen!”Janet ordered loudly.
Gerry immediately complied and Jeff reluctantly followed suit.
Janet paced up and down behind the two men , swishing the cane while Nancy looked on.

Both the bottoms before her still showed some of the marks from the hairbrush but had actually recovered quite well.
Finally she took a wide stance to the left of the two men and began tapping their bottoms with the cane.
Instinctively their buttocks tensed in anticipation.
She then addressed them in a very imperious tone.
“For your unacceptable behaviour this morning you will each receive a full dozen strokes.
For your benefit Jeff , as this is your first caning , I will briefly explain the symbolic significance.
This caning will leave my “brand” on your rump in the form of red stripes symbolizing my authority to chastise you and your acceptance of the same.
Are you ready to accept your chastisement?”
“Yes Ma’am” came the reply from the two men.
Methodically , almost artistically , Janet proceeded to paint fiery red stripes on the two male backsides presented to here.
The cane seared into the skin of Jeff and Gerry leaving painful , raised welts which would remain for days afterwards.
Nancy looked on in awe as her Mother expertly carried out the canings .
Upon delivering the final strokes , Janet examined each male rump by running her palms over the welts left by the cane.
Satisfied , she gave them permission to rise.
Gerry was wincing and tears were welling in Jeff’s eyes when they turned around.
Their male pride disappeared as they used their hands to rub the sting from their buttocks instead of covering their manhood.
Janet paced in front of them , still wielding the instrument of their chastisement.
“You’re not so brave now are you gentlemen? Standing their sniffling with a sore backside….
Get upstairs and get dressed for dinner ….we’re leaving in 15 minutes.
“Yes Ma’am!” the two men chimed and scurried up stairs.
The following day the winery tour went ahead this time and Gerry and Jeff actually had a good time.
Afterwards the plan was to relax by the pool and enjoy a farewell BBQ before Nancy and Jeff departed the next morning.
Jeff took in the breathtaking sight of Nancy in her new , skimpy red bikini she had purchased with his credit card.
“I don’t know how much that cost me but it was worth it….you look amazing !” he blurted.
Nancy giggled and tossed him a bag.
“Here! I bought one for you ……it’s time you threw away those shorts you’ve been wearing since high school!”
Jeff’s jaw dropped when he saw the bag contained a tiny red Speedo !
“A Speedo Nancy? You’ve got to be kidding? I can’t……” Jeff began but Nancy stopped.
“You’ll put it on Jeff….or else !” Nancy scolded , assuming a familiar hands on hips pose.
Out at the pool Jeff didn’t feel quite so bad when he saw Gerry was wearing a similar Speedo in black.
It was only then that he noticed the tiny suit revealed the glowing red stripes Janet had painted on her husband’s backside for all to see!
“Turn around you two! I’ve got to get a picture of this!” Janet cackled .
“Yea …try explaining that when you go to the gym Jeff !” Nancy teased.
Janet opened another bottle of wine and filled up hers and Nancy’s glasses again.
This time it was Gerry’s turn to stand hand on hips.
“I think you two have had more than enough to drink!” he warned.
In response Janet raised her glass at her husband “Be careful or I’ll freshen up those stripes on your butt mister !”
“That goes for you too Jeff !” Nancy echoed.
Gerry looked at Jeff “ Excuse me for a minute Jeff . I need a private moment with my wife!”
He marched over to Janet , took one of her flip-flops from her foot and proceeded to toss her , kicking and screaming , fireman style over his shoulder.
“STOPPIT! …Put me down you big brute !...YEOW!...”Janet howled when Gerry gave her scantily clad bottom a hearty slap.
Nancy could only gape as her Father carried her Mother into the pool room.
For a moment there was silence and then a series of loud whacks accompanied by Janet’s hoarse cries.
The smacking and howling continued for a good two or three minutes until the pool room door opened and a very red-faced and humbled Janet was marched out by Gerry.
She stumbled along with both hands furiously rubbing her rear end.
A victorious Gerry looked at Jeff and tossed him the flip-flop.
“Your turn son!” he announced.
Meanwhile a subdued Nancy attempted a getaway which Jeff easily stopped.
Nancy had never seen Jeff look at her that way.
“Now Jeff….listen to me…let’s talk this over …”she babbled but quickly found herself being hauled off to the privacy of the pool room.
“He learns fast !” Gerry chuckled to a sulking Janet.
As he and Gerry flipped the burgers , Jeff was feeling very pleased with himself.
“I can’t believe Nancy let me spank her like that! Boy is her bottom red!” he gushed.
Gerry cracked open another beer.
“Once in a while you’ve got to balance the scales Jeff!
The girls overstepped their authority and they knew it ….so when that happens you have to act.
I haven’t spanked Janet for months but she asked for this one alright!” he explained.
Nancy took a break from packing to examine her still red bottom in the mirror.
“You spanked me HARD!” she pouted.
Jeff moved close to her and massaged her curvy globes with his hands.
“Mmmmm….your butt is hot! Did I spank you too hard ?” he asked.
“Not hard enough silly !” Nancy replied , handing Jeff her hairbrush .
Meanwhile in the master bedroom , Janet lay sprawled over her husband’s lap , her firm , round bottom elevated in the air.
“Now make sure you do a thorough job Gerry. I’ve behaved atrociously today and I deserve this!”
Gerry gently patted his wife’s bottom with the back of the brush and his wife’s cheeks clenched in anticipation.
“Well I’d hate to disappoint you Janet !” he cackled loudly.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paddled at the Lake - MF Spanking Comic

With summer long gone and the reality of winter slowly approaching , its a good time to reflect on those hot summer days up at the lake.
One of my favourite activities is to sit on the dock and watch people tip out of the canoe!
Sometimes it was purely accidental but , in the case of today's comic , premeditated ....and of course it leads to another of my favourite lakeside activities - a good spanking !

An unsuspecting Jeff casually paddles away from the dock , but his
girlfriend Tania plans on giving him a helping hand..........

Tanya finds this very amusing but is also anticipating Jeff's reaction......

Jeff hoists his naughty girlfriend over his shoulder and carries her onto
dry land to administer some well deserved discipline !

Tanya finds out that wearing a thong was the wrong choice of swimwear,
She will have to explain that red bottom as a nasty case of sunburn

There's nothing worse than having to sit on those hard canoe benches
with a sore , red bottom !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well its that time of the year when the people who "ghost visit" blogs like this but never leave a comment good or bad.
I've had lots of visitors since I started this blog but very few who take the time to comment.

I'd love to have your feed back , positive or negative and input for future posts.

Don't be shy and let  me and other bloggers know you're out there by taking the time to comment !

Friday, November 8, 2013

Desperate Housewives SPANK ! - FM Spanking parody

When this show was first aired I was sure it would break new ground and be filled with spankings but unfortunately I was long again.
Rex did ask Bree to spank him in one episode but she showed as little enthusiasm as the writers.
It would have been wonderful to see each and every one of them get their little tushies warmed but alas this will remain a fantasy.
Most of the housewives looked like they could give out a spanking so here are some scenes that never happened , except in my imagination....