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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Update - A Favourite Lost Spanking from DWC - posted March 2021


I was able to come across another pic from the DWC picture story I featured here in my post in March 2021.

As I recall there were at least 6 pics of the spanking in the original post on DWC , before the site was stolen by someone and all the pics wiped .
I'm sure the rest are out there somewhere , and may resurface at some point as this one apparently did.

In this pic , our lovely Spanker has ordered her naughty Hubby to lower his pants and underwear before going over her lap.
She has placed the paddle on her lap so he can get a good look at it as he bares his bottom for her .
It appears he is forcing his gaze down to avoid looking at the implement that will be roasting his bottom very soon.
He looks like he has a very red face also , and I'm surprised she gives us such a good look at it , considering her face is not visible at all.

The paddle is not visible in the other pic but we can see that it is pretty thick and hard and must pack a punch!

To her left , on the floor you can see her spanking log book where she records his spankings , open to the list of rules so he can look at it while she paddles him.

It's also interesting to observe the colour contrast in his bare cheeks , lily white in the first pic and a nice rosy red in the second.

I know that the pic prior to this one is of her spanking chair with the book and paddle on it before she calls him in the room.

If any of you spanking scouts out there come across any of the other pics , let me know .

Friday, March 25, 2022

A Happy Spanking Marriage

 When I first saw this pic , it didn't strike me as anything special until I noticed that there is. a picture of the happy couple , perhaps on their wedding day , sitting beside them.

Such a nice touch to have a photo like that displayed in the same place where she spanks him.

If you look closer where the photo is , there is  a paddle hanging beside the curtain which will no doubt soon be applied to his bottom to really spice things up.

They certainly has found the secret to a happy marriage!

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Monday, March 7, 2022

How to Have a Proper 'Discussion' with your Husband


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Monday, February 7, 2022

'Discussions' are about to begin.......


Over at there are a lot of 'discussions' about to begin , so become a patron and settle in to watch these strict ladies in action.

These ladies can make their men shudder at the mere mention of a 'discussion' and be assured that by the conclusion of the 'discussion' they have made their point.

It's so easy to have him see her point of view when he is bare-bottomed over her lap  receiving a dose of her hairbrush!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Enjoy the Best of Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories !


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Happy Spanking 


Monday, September 20, 2021

The Blackwell Spanking Chronicles !

Spanking has been a tradition in the Blackwell family for generations and these stories capture some of the most memorable spankings over the Years.

From Historic Spankings at the Stables , or in the Library at Blackwell Manor , to modern day paddlings carried out in the basement m study or office featuring antique hairbrushes , canes , paddles and straps and administered by strict Matriarchs , Wives or Husbands in the Blackwell tradition. 

You will see Handsome Stable Hands bending over for a thrashing from Lady Blackwell , pretty French Maids over his Lordship's lap for a bottom warming , and of course Lord and Lady Blackwell and their contemporaries giving and receiving their own doses of domestic discipline .

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