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Friday, March 25, 2022

A Happy Spanking Marriage

 When I first saw this pic , it didn't strike me as anything special until I noticed that there is. a picture of the happy couple , perhaps on their wedding day , sitting beside them.

Such a nice touch to have a photo like that displayed in the same place where she spanks him.

If you look closer where the photo is , there is  a paddle hanging beside the curtain which will no doubt soon be applied to his bottom to really spice things up.

They certainly has found the secret to a happy marriage!

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  1. He's lucky she is using her hand, my wife uses a bath brush from the start. Jack

  2. No doubt she will be using those paddles hanging on the wall on his backside very soon !

  3. Love the domestic feel of this photo. I imagine that she took a husband a few years younger and has taught him his place. Also, love the hint of her breasts. I imagine that he will be given a tit to nurse after she finishes reminding him of his place.

    1. Yes there is something very 'real' about it , as obviously they are a very happy couple , and the fact that she is quite voluptuous and curvy doesn't hurt.
      the fact that she spanks him with a photo of them nearby resonates with me somehow.

  4. Lovely photo. I like to think that she soon will be on the receiving end as well....

  5. Nice thought but I doubt it.
    She looks like she's the only one who does the spanking in that household.