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Friday, January 15, 2021

Feeling the Wood - FM Spanking Cartoon


Charlotte loves gold and diamonds but , when it comes to disciplining her Husband , wood is her favourite !

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Charlotte's Bargain ! - MF Spanking Cartoon

Sam had warned Charlotte what would happen if she acted up at his important dinner with clients but , once again , his flighty Fiancee did not listen. 

Sam bought the big paddle just for this occasion , hoping it would serve as a deterrent  , but Charlotte doubted he would actual use it on her tender little bottom. 

Well here she is , bent over , skirt raised and about to receive 20 licks with that paddle which will keep her from sitting comfortably for the rest of the weekend. 

In desperation she tries to make a bargain with Sam to receive the hairbrush instead......but is that a wise move Charlotte ?


Monday, January 11, 2021

An Ordinary Sunday on Oak Street - FM Spanking Story

 "Well , I guess he can have one more Wendy ....he was working in the yard all day today." Kate told their hostess when she offered her Husband Ernie another beer.
Ernie smiled nervously at Wendy trying his best to hide a very guilty expression.

"Really ?" Wendy asked , reaching into the beer tub , "I thought I saw you and Al biking on the trail near my house today..." she said.
Ernie's face reddened as he bashfully took the beer from Wendy , while his wife raised a concerned eyebrow.

"Those two were biking on the trail today you say Wendy? " Kate asked.
"It was just for a little while Honey ...honest....I just forgot to tell you!" Ernie said , raising both palms in an act of placation.

Kate placed both hands on her hips in a familiar pose , "It's not the time's being dishonest with me Ernie !" she scolded , "What else do you have to hide because I'm beginning to think you didn't do any work in the yard today at all did you ?" 
Ernie's eyes bulged , " Of course I did...." he replied unconvincingly.

"Don't lie to me Ernie , because its going to be very easy to check the back yard and see if you did what you were supposed to do!" his wife warned.
Wendy giggled at the exchange , "Sorry for getting you into trouble Ernie!" she said insincerely.
"Oh he's quite capable of getting himself into trouble all on his own Wendy !" Kate declared with an exasperated smile.

"Well guess what Ernie ? It looks like you're going to have to cancel your trail biking tomorrow because you'll be working in the yard all day!" Kate declared firmly.
"AW NO Honey!" Ernie pleaded , but Kate was in no mood for forgiving.
"By the time I'm through you won't want to be sitting on a bike anyway ! Now hurry up and finish that beer and I'll deal with you when I get you home ! I'll teach you to lie to me mister !"she fumed.

Wendy was intrigued by the exchange and feeling a little sorry for Ernie who  offered no defence and  looked genuinely concerned.
Clearly this was no idle threat from his wife. Whatever she had in mind terrified her tough Husband.

"Don't be too hard on him Kate ." Wendy offered sympathetically.
Kate chuckled and folded her arms determinedly , "Believe me , you've got to be hard on them Wendy or they'll walk all over you's the only way men learn , and boy is he going to learn a lesson tonight! " she replied , wagging a finger at a contrite looking Ernie.

"Hurry up and drink that mister....there's no sense putting this off any longer !" she scolded.
A few minutes later Wendy saw Kate , finger still wagging ,berating Ernie as she marched him down the driveway for the short walk home.

Nearby , their good friends Al and Carol were watching their hasty departure.
"I guess poor Ernie's in trouble.......Kate was really pissed at him !" Wendy observed.
"He's not the only one in trouble ! Kate told me the pair of them were biking ont he trail all day instead of doing their chores....isn't that so Al? "Carol prompted him.

An embarrassed Al paused to sip his beer before responding with a  muffled "Uh-Huh....".
"He's dragging out finishing that beer because he knows what in store for him  once I get him home !" Carol chuckled.
"Drag it out all you like mister , but my hairbrush will still be waiting for  you no matter how long you stall!" she added , glaring at her Husband who's face immediately flushed deep red.

"Your Hairbrush? " a puzzled Wendy asked , looking at Al's shiny bald crown.
Carol giggled , "Ooops ! I guess I've let the cat out of the bag haven't I ?  Heavens No , the Hairbrush is not for Al's head....obviously...." she added with a giggle , " fact I haven't used that Hairbrush on my own  hair for years  ! No , it's the back of the brush he'll be feeling....on a part of his anatomy where it will do him the most good!" before nonchalantly adding , "When All 'misbehaves' I put him over my knee for a good old fashioned spanking with my Hairbrush !" she announced proudly.

Wendy's jaw dropped in amazement at the mere thought of the diminutive blonde putting her muscular husband over her lap for a spanking !
"Seriously?" Wendy asked incredulously.
Carol nodded , taking undisguised delight at her Husband's obvious discomfort .

 "Of course I'm serious .....and you would be amazed how a trip over my knee improves his attitude!" she said , moving closer to whisper in her friend's ear ,"Not to mention I thoroughly enjoy giving him a good spanking .....and the sex afterwards is you get to tease him mercilessly for a day or two about why he can't sit down !" Carol whispered.

"Don't tell me you two are leaving too ?" Wendy's Fiancee , David said placing a strong arm around Wendy.
"OH They have some 'unfinished business' to take care of at home that can't wait." Wendy replied , flashing a wink at Carol.

"That's one way to put it I suppose...."Carol smirked before scowling at her Husband , "....OK Mister ...MARCH !" she said firmly , removing the still unfinished beer from Al's hand and leading him away.
"Maybe we could go for a bike ride on the trail tomorrow Al ?" David asked his flustered friend.
"Oh I don't think Al is going to want to be sitting on a bike for the next day or two!" Wendy giggled .

David was visibly puzzled , " Did we do something to upset them Honey ? Ernie and Kate left early too." he asked.
"Of course not Sweetie , but I'm afraid Al and Ernie have been less than honest with their wives so they're going home early to face the music 
"Face the music ? What do you mean...OUCH!" David yelped when his Fiancee's palm smacked heartily against the seat of his tight jeans with enough noise to turn nearby heads.

"What was that for ?" Alan asked indignantly , rubbing his seat briskly.
Wendy folded her arms and smiled , "Oh I think you know very well what it was for David McCabe.....but just in case you don't , it's just a sample of what me and my hairbrush will be giving you later when everyone has left!" she announced ,leaving a red-faced David to ponder his fate.

The remainder of the evening was uncomfortable for David , as his Fiancee's threat swirled around his mind , distracting him in every conversation.
Wendy , for her part , looked radiant and inspired as she mingled freely , occasionally casting a stern glance when she caught her Fiancee's eye.

"You weren't serious about that were you Wendy ? " David finally blurted as the pair put away the dishes later.
"About what Sweetheart ?" Wendy replied , pretending not to understand.
She had never seen her strong , confident man look so  vulnerable  and was enjoying every minute of it.
"You know....about the hairbrush? " David asked nervously,

Wendy put down the dishtowel and pulled her man closer , taking his face in both hands and placing a long passionate kiss on his lips , "you mean me and the Hairbrush ?" she asked.
David nodded.
"I'd almost forgotten about that , but since you reminded me , we had best get on with it . I'll finish off here while you go upstairs and get everything ready for me !" she told him happily.

"G...get everything ready ?" David stammered.
Wendy sighed  , "Do I have to explain everything to you Sweetheart. Go upstairs , take off all your clothes , bring the big chair out of the corner ,and place my hairbrush on it. Then all you have to do is wait for me to come up and I'll take care of the rest....OK?" she told him before returning to the dishes.
For a moment David stood silently behind her , his lips opening but then clamping shut before turning to make his way upstairs.

As David stood naked and quivering in the bedroom awaiting his Fiancee's arrival  , further down at # 47  Oak street  , Ernie stood in the corner of the bedroom , also stark naked , hands held stiffly at his side and fingers wiggling , fighting the urge to rub his backside,  which was a myriad of colours and textures made by Kate's hairbrush.
Kate paced behind him , hairbrush still in hand , positively glowing with satisfaction as she studied her handiwork .

Next door , Al was thankfully reaching the end of his ordeal , bent over the chair awaiting the final couple of strokes of his 50 swat paddling , which Carol reserved for serious offences .....and this was a serious offence! 
He had already endured a lengthy session with the hairbrush over his petite wife's lap which left his sit spots blistered , but Carol still insisted on using her paddle to give him blisters on his blisters.

The next morning the quiet of Oak street was interrupted by the sound of lawnmowers as Ernie , Al and David dutifully pushed them around their respective lawns.
Occasionally they would wince or grimace as the harsh denim of their jeans chaffed against their tender , well spanked backsides.

The men nodded to each other in passing , perhaps an acknowledgement of what they had in common.
There would be no golf or biking for these gentlemen today , and certainly nothing that remotely involved sitting !

Inside , their wives were relaxing in bed , next to them lay the breakfast trays their Husbands had served to them earlier , and also close at hand , the hairbrushes they had used to blister their Husbands' naughty bottoms the night before.
Yes it was just another ordinary Sunday on Oak Street.......

Friday, January 8, 2021

Her Cure for Arrogance - FM Spanking Cartoon


Stella has just endured another uncomfortable evening with Wilfred and his snobbish friends at the country club,  and is in no mood  for any more of his arrogant and overbearing behaviour.

She intends to humble him , and bring his ego down a notch or two,  in the time honoured way for wives with husbands like Wilfred....with a good , old-fashioned , bare bottom spanking !

She keeps two , very nasty brushes in her dresser drawer for exactly that purpose , and this evening they will be getting a lot of use !

But first her Husband must show his respect for her by dropping to his knees to pay homage to his wife by kissing her bottom and her feet.

If only Wilfred's snobbish friends could see him now......perhaps they will ?

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Working Remotely - FM Spanking Cartoon


When Martin was told to work remotely he was delighted .
Sleeping in , not shaving , no commute , and working when he felt like it.
He especially enjoyed not having his Boss , Mary , hovering around and checking on him all day long.

On the other hand , Martin's wife Lisa was less than pleased to have her lazy Husband hanging around the house all day , so she proceeded to give Martin a schedule , and enforced it with the kind of discipline Martin knew only too well , a lengthy trip over her lap for a dose of her hairbrush on his bare backside.

Martin was soon yearning to get back to the office where he preferred Mary's supervision to Lisa's !
Especially embarrassing were the weekly Zoom calls , which Lisa made sure Martin was sitting on a well spanked bottom for !

Monday, January 4, 2021

Home Remedy - MF Spanking Cartoon


Apparently Jill had no time before her spanking to call her Mother for advice on how to sooth her sore bottom .
So her Husband Ed , permits her a few minutes to get the information she needs before moving to phase 2 of her spanking !
Mom knows best , she should , having spent more time over her Husband's lap than Jill has over Ed's lap !
It won't be long before Jill has that remedy memorized ...

Friday, January 1, 2021

Jokari Surprise ! - FM Spanking Cartoon


When Grace warned her new boyfriend Jeremy that she would paddle his bare bottom if he acted up , he didn't think she was serious.

So , after being late for 3 dates in a row , Grace decides that a good hard paddling is not only deserved , but will be the perfect cure for Jeremy's chronic tardiness.

To ensure his first paddling is a memorable one  , Grace intends to begin Jeremy's initial lesson with the fearsome Jokari paddle !

It is only after he has stripped naked and assumed the position , that Jeremy catches his first glance of the Jokari and it immediately strikes fear into his heart !

When Grace announces 50 strokes ,Jeremy is already regretting his tardiness !