Friday, November 8, 2013

Desperate Housewives SPANK ! - FM Spanking parody

When this show was first aired I was sure it would break new ground and be filled with spankings but unfortunately I was long again.
Rex did ask Bree to spank him in one episode but she showed as little enthusiasm as the writers.
It would have been wonderful to see each and every one of them get their little tushies warmed but alas this will remain a fantasy.
Most of the housewives looked like they could give out a spanking so here are some scenes that never happened , except in my imagination....


  1. Bree Van de Camp has been one of my fantasy spankers for a long time. Especially since she had her otk scene on the show.

  2. It's way too easy for husbands who do not want to get spanked to turn the tables on their wives and spank them instead. That's what I'd do anyway, and it would take a lonng time and a lot of careful sitting before she tried that again.