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Friday, February 26, 2021

The Lying Husbands - FM Spanking Comic


Gerry and Nigel thought they had fooled their wives about their visit to the local strip club , but they were wrong! 

Like most wives , Janet and Lorna easily saw through their deceit and planned a well deserved comeuppance for their men. 

They will think twice before lying to their wives again !

Friday, February 12, 2021

After the Spanking Comes _____________ - Fill in the blank

                   Let's have some fun with this one and fill in the blank........... 

Here's hoping for a good response as I am curious to note the differences between men vs women , and spankers vs spankees!

            After the spanking comes ________________

Monday, February 1, 2021

Room mates - FM Spanking Story

 Karen rubbed her chin,  "Hmmm.......I don't know Linda......our plan was to have this place 'girls only''.....once we start letting boyfriends in it can get complicated." she said.
Linda nodded , "I know Karen , but we could use the money ....and besides , Jared is an awesome cook and can do a lot of chores around the place that we can't do." she explained.

Her friend's face suddenly lit up , "You mean he would be ok to make all the meals for us ?   .....and clean up after us as well. ? He doesn't sound like any boyfriend I ever had , usually they're lazy slobs!"

A broad smile played on Linda's pretty face , "Well let's just say Jenna has a 'special arrangement ' with Jared to keep him in line......not to mention he is real easy on the eye!" she added.
"Easy on the eye ? Well why didn't you say that in the first place girl ! I don't know what their special arrangement is but as long as they pay the rent , and follow the rules I suppose we can give it a try! Karen laughed.
"Oh you needn't worry about that....Jared is used to following any rules Jenna sets for him !" Linda assured her.

Karen found their new roommates to be kind of cute. 
The hunky Jared towered over his petite blonde girlfriend , but it was clear enough that Jenna had an air of authority about her when it came to Jared. 
"Don't worry ....Jared will do that!" soon became the order of the day at the big house. 
For his part , Jared took on all tasks the ladies needed,  and it took only a  casual wave of Jenna's manicured hand to have him do it.

He dusted, vacuumed , cleaned the windows,  hauled out the garbage did the shopping,   and really was an awesome cook who dutifully set and cleared the table and took care of the dishes.
The girls appreciated all his efforts to maintain the pool , especially when he did in wearing only a skimpy speedo , which was also ordered by Jenna!

Meanwhile,  his pampered girlfriend did very little other than provide direction and supervision to her busy man's tasks.
Whatever this arrangement was between the pair it certainly worked for her ,  Karen mused.

A few weeks passed before the roommates had a  demonstration of the couple's special arrangement.
The weather that day had been unusually wet , and Karen came home to find the outdoor cushions soaking wet and quickly scooped them up to take to the garage to dry out.
A furious Jenna rushed outside to help her and was non too pleased with her boyfriend once they had scurried inside to dry themselves off.

"I specifically told Jared to put the cushions away before he left for football practice !" the diminiative blonde raged.
"It's ok Jenna , no real harm done,  the cushions will dry off by tomorrow. 
He probably forgot about the weather , you know how guys are !" Karen remarked in an attempt to calm the situation.

Jenna was having none of it , "It's not ok Karen ...and he's going to pay for it when he gets home  !" 
Karen shrugged it off as bluster , but Linda's face lit up when she told her about the incident.
"I'd say we're are going to get a first hand demonstration of Jenna's 'arrangement' with Jared....and it should be very entertaining....for us anyway....Jared not so much !" Linda grinned.

Jenna wasted no time in confronting Jared about his unfortunate ommission as soon as he stepped in the door.
Immediately she launched into a well rehearsed lecture , scolding him for being so careless while Jared could barely get a word in for his defence.

"Uh! I'm sorry Sweetie...I guess I just forgot....I didn't think it would rain before I got back....." he babbled.
Jenna was in full attack mode now , hands on hips , wagging an accusing finger at her cowering boyfriend as the rash scolding continued.
Linda and Karen could only look on in sheer amazement....and admiration at her performance!

"Don't you dare 'Sweetie ' me mister...... it's Ma'am to fact all I want to hear from you for the rest of the night is 'Yes Ma'am' or ' No Ma'am ', understood ?"
"Yes Ma'am!" Jared replied meekly , his head bowing.
The roommates looked at each other in disbelief at how expertly this tiny woman was controlling this hunk of a man.

"That's better ! Oh you're going to be sorry alright mister ! I'm going to be giving you something to remember for the next few days - every time you sit down! Now get that sorry butt of yours upstairs to the shower and get everything ready !" Jenna scolded.

Jared replied with Another "Yes Ma'am" before scurrying upstairs like a frightened schoolboy.
Jenna  sighed , wiping her brow from her efforts , before turning to the two bemused witnesses with mouths agape ,and nonchamonthly asking ,"Who's up for Margaritas ladies ?"

For the next 30 minutes the trio enjoyed their drinks outside by the pool  , Jenna still  annoyed at having to place her cute derriere on  the cushionless chairs. 
" It's a bit uncomfortable sitting without the cushions!" Linda remarked , producing a smirk on Jenna's face , "Not as uncomfortable as Jared is going to be once I'm done with him , cushions or no cushions ! 
I suppose I had better go up there take care of business now...." she said , putting down her drink and standing up , "I'm afraid this is going to be quite noisy ." she added , smoothing out her sun dress and turning on her heel to stride purposefully inside.

Upstairs , Jared's heart pounded faster when he heard Jenna's measured steps ascending the stairs.
He performed one final check on the implements his girlfriend required him to have available to roast his bare backside.
Sometimes she would use all of them, other times she would select only one.
Whichever her choices or combination , the result would be the same.
A very sound and painful spanking which would leave his backside a mosaic of coloured and textures both the next few days and render him unable to sit comfortably , if at all.

He would have to be careful in the locker room for games and practices to hide his sore and well marked backside from his team mates.
If they were to catch a glimpse , there would be little doubt as to the cause and he had no desire to explain them away , knowing the truth was that his pretty girlfriend gave him a good spanking !

He took one last look at his girlfriend's collection of wood and leather implements .
He would not be seeing them again until he was putting them away after Jenna had finished scorching his behind.
In fact ,the only thing he would be seeing for the next 20 minutes or so would be the bland textures of the  floor and walls in front of him!

He placed himself with his nose in the corner , his heart beating faster at the sound of the door slowly creaking open and his girlfriend slowly pacing behind him , no doubt inspecting that the room was set up as she desired.
The big chair placed in the middle of the room in easy reach of the table lined with the implements.
At the foot of the chair was a small step for Jenna to elevate her petite feet to acccomodate her boyfriend's hefty frame over her lap.

Jared breathed heavily upon sensing Jenna's presence behind him and the faint smell of her perfume.
"OUCH! OW!" he yelped when Jenna's palm heartily slapped each of his muscular buttock cheeks in turn.
She smiled as she watched a red hand imprint slowly appear on each red cheek.

"Turn around !" she barked , and slowly Jared removed his nose from the corner to face Jenna's stern glare.
Her eyes dropped to take in the sight of Jared's quivering erection and a smile played on her face.
Jared could not help himself , the sight of his tiny but voluptuous girlfriend standing before him in a simple summer dress that hugged her curves. 
Her shapely sun kissed thighs and calfs, her pretty painted toes , which he  no doubt would kneeling to kiss and suck once his backside was sufficiently reddened.

His gaze was drawn to the teasing glimpse of cleavage allowed by her strapless dress as she leaned closer to him.
"You have embarrassed me in front of our friends Jared , and You know what that means Don't You?"
Jared straightened , his head flicking back and arms clamping to his sides . 
Jenna smiled as her boyfriend's erection stood to attention also , wobbling in front of her .

 "Yes Ma'am ! I'm sorry Ma'am .....I screwed up!" he blurted.
"You certainly did screw up young man and your backside is going to pay for it....I am going to blister your butt!" she announced with just a hint of glee.
While her boyfriend stood silently at attention , beads of sweat forming on his forehead  , Jenna paced up and down ,  examining the display of implements in front of her. 
She casually hummed a tune to herself before pausing to pick up the long school cane.

Jared winced when she swished it through the air menacingly , "Let's begin with a good old fashioned 12 of the best to give you some nice red stripes on that delectable tushie of yours shall we ? Bend over ! " she ordered , pointing to the chair.

Giving his cheeks a preparatory rub , Jared leaned over the chair and gripped the seat tightly while his girlfriend paced behind him.
His cheeks clenched involuntarily when she tapped the cane against them , "On your toes , arch your back and butt out!" she ordered and Jared quickly complied.

Jared clenched his teeth and grunted when the initial stroke landed.
As the cane strokes mounted , he did his best to remain silent and remain in position , but by the sixth stroke he released a loud and embarrassing "OW !" which pleased his girlfriend immensely.

"Feet on the floor and stay in position !" she commanded when the 8th stroke wrapped around Jared's right cheek causing him to kick a leg back with a loud "GAAAH!"
He could only gasp with relief when the 12th and final stroke lashed across his cheeks.

Jenna paused to inspect her handiwork which had produced a dozen , angry red weals on Jared's cheeks that would remain for days. 
She could not resist smoothing her palm over them to  examine the texture and chuckled when Jared winced at her slightest touch.

Taking her naughty man by the ear , she marched him into the corner of the room , "Hands by your side and stay there!" she ordered.
Jared complied, fighting the urge to sooth his stinging buttocks and hopping involuntarily from foot to foot.

Jenna scooped up the hairbrush , smoothed the back of her dress and took her place seated on the chair Jared had been bent over.
Jared could hear the sound of her tapping the brush repeatedly against her palm ,and knew what was coming next.
"Get Over here and get over my lap !" she ordered brusquely.

Almost comically , Jared scurried over to her , both hands strategically placed in front of his privates in an attempt to retain some dignity.
Jenna , hoisted her dress to reveal her bare and bronzed thighs , "Over you go then!" she quipped , patting her lap.

Jared removed his hands to reveal a rather obvious erection which reddened his face even more.
"Well , well....I see you are quite excited about being spanked Sweetie!" she teased , giving his shaft a derisory tap to make it quiver.
Her legs parted slightly and Jared's shaft slid between them as he leaned over  , before she squeezed them shut , pinning her man in place.

Placing the brush on the small of his back , Jenna took a moment to adjust his position to her satisfaction.
Her cane had striped her man's cute cheeks nicely , but now it was time for her hairbrush to 'fill in ' the spaces between those stripes.

As Jared braced himself for the first of many stinging spanks , Linda and Karen were at the bottom of the stairs , straining their ears to hear the proceedings.
The resounding cracks of the brush against bare skin and Jared's accompanying yelps made it clear what was going on , but Karen still shook her head in disbelief , "You weren't kidding.....she really is giving him a spanking !" she gasped.
"Yep ...and he's getting it on his naughty bare bottom!" Linda giggled.
"Poor Jared! His must be so sore !" Karen mused sympathetically.
"That's the whole point Karen !" Linda grinned. 

As usual , Jenna finished Jared's hair-brushing with a rapid-fire flurry of spanks to one cheek which sent her boyfriends legs flailing and kicking.
After giving him a moment to settle , she issued her permission for him to get up from her lap.
"You may get up now !" she said in a formal tone.
Jared immediately leapt to his feet , commencing a rather frantic dance around the room , hopping from foot to foot while furiously rubbing his cheeks , to the great  amusement of his girlfriend as she put away the brush , and picked up the leather strap.
She was far from finished with him!

Standing up , she slapped the strap against her thigh to get her boyfriend's attention.
"Face down on the bed for 25 with the strap ....and you will count and thank me for each one!" She announced , pointing to the bed.

"Please Ma' ass is on fire ....not the strap......I've learned my lesson .....honest!" Jared pleaded , but Jenna remained resolute , "If you're not lying face down on the bed with your ass up in 5 seconds it'll be 50 with the strap!" she warned , prompting Jared to hurriedly get in position.

Downstairs , their roommates were wincing with every loud whack of the strap applied to Jared's bare cheeks , each one followed by loud shrieks from Jared.
"WOW! He's really howling ....Jenna  doesn't mess around does she ?" Karen remarked!"
By now , Jared had given up trying to maintain any decorum , knowing his spanking was heard by his pretty female room mates , but he didn't care any more , he just wanted this to end.

When it mercyfully did end , there was silence apart from Jared's heavy breathing , moans  and sobs.
 Jenna sat on the edge of the bed beside Jared and gently caressed his sore , swollen cheeks .
"I'm sorry I had to do that Sweetie , but you deserved it didn't you ?" she asked.
"Yes I deserved it. Thank you Ma'am." Jared gasped.

Gently , Jenna rolled her man over onto his back , and he flinched and gasped when his tender cheeks touched the bed.
Kneeling beside him , Jenna lowered her head , allowing her full lips to envelope Jared's growing member.
Jared moaned again , this time with pleasure,  as Jenna's lips expertly slid up and down  his shaft  while 
she hoisted her tiny denim skirt above her waist .
She wore no panties so lowered herself onto his  awaiting stiffened shaft , sending them both into ecstatic groans of pleasure.

A short while later , the lovers descended the stairs , arm in arm , Jenna with a satisfied grin and Jared still red faced and grimacing at each step.
"Why don't you slip into your Speedo and serve us some drinks by the pool Sweetie?" Jenna suggested, in a tone suggesting it was an order and not a request , giving her boyfriend a playful swat on his tender rear to help him along.
"Yes Ma'am !" Jared replied .
"You don't have to call me Ma'am  , not for now anyway!" Jenna told him.
As he left , the ladies took in the sight of Jared's manly backside , barely covered by his brief Speedo , displaying the tell-tale marks of a darn good spanking .

"So how long have you been spanking Jared ?" a curious Karen asked , once the ladies were comfortably seated by the pool.
"Pretty much from our first date. He was pretty arrogant and selfish when we first met , but it didn't take me long to spank that out of him !" Jenna replied proudly , "I think most men just crave a woman who will take charge and give them a good spanking when they need it!" she added.

"I'll second that !" Linda chirped producing a startled look from Karen.
"You mean you too ? Steve ? You don't spank Steve do you ?" she asked in disbelief.
Linda grinned , "I certainly do!" she replied proudly , " In fact I gave him a good ass blistering last night for giving me attitude!" she added.
Karen's jaw dropped , "OMIGOSH ! YOU DIDN'T  ?" she gasped excitedly.

Linda nodded proudly , "I sure did ! Keep an eye on him tonight at dinner and you'll notice him doing  lot of squirming on his seat.....he was so sore he ate breakfast standing this morning! He treats me like a Queen after I spank him....or at least as long as his ass is sore .....and the sex is amazing!"
"Linda !" Karen said , feigning indignation. 

"It's true  know you really need to sit Jason down and have a serious talk with him." Jenna suggested.
".....and make sure you bring your hairbrush !" Linda added with a cackle.

Right on cue , Jared arrived with their drinks , "I'd like to apologize again about the cushions ladies , I hope there is no permanent damage ...." he asked , leaning across the table to give the ladies a good close up look at his cute and well spanked rear quarters .

"I hope there is no permanent damage to your poor bottom Jared !" Karen quipped to girlish giggles .
"Don't worry Karen , his butt will be back to its cute , little lily white state in few days....just in time for me to redden it again! Isn't that so Sweetie ? Although he'll need a pillow to sit on a dinner tonight , poor thing !" Jenna laughed , giving her man's bare cheeks another  playful slap which he actually seemed to enjoy this time.

Karen took a sip of her drink and tapped on her phone , " Oh hi I'm just having a few drinks by the pool with the girls.....I'm just reminding you not to be late for dinner fact I'd like you to come over now because we need to have a serious chat about a few things .....Oh....and bring your speedo !" she said to her surprised boyfriend Steve.
"Never mind why'll find out when you get here....bye!" she ended with a chuckle.
The ladies smiled and clinked glasses together , "Two you go !Here's a toast to spanked boyfriends! " Karen chirped.