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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Outlander - The lost episode - FM Spanking Story

 " I really must apologize for my Husband's behaviour Louise , his uncouth highland ways remain untamed ...." Claire said to her friend after Jamie's outburst stunned everyone.
Her friend nodded knowingly , "All of our Husband's come to us with flaws Claire , but we manage to cure them of them eventually." she assured her.

Nonetheless , Claire was embarrassed and disappointed with Jamie. 
She had worked so hard to impress their French aristocratic friends with this lavish evening and he had tarnished it all with that temper of his.

"I will make sure he apologizes personally to you, and to everyone, Madame, and it will not happen again." Claire offered.
The older Madame Delphine had been listening quietly and placed a comforting hand on Claire's , "Don't worry my Dear , his behaviour will improve dramatically after you have 'dealt' with him this evening." she said.

Claire raised a brow in puzzlement , "Deal with him ? In which way?" she asked , producing titters of laughter from the other ladies.
Louise moved closer to Claire , "You must chastise him of course. It is your wifely duty!" she began.
"....and you must do it the French way my Dear!" Madame Delphine added .

Claire paused to take in what she had heard.
Despite all her studies into French aristocratic traditions and practices , she really had no idea what they were talking about , but to win their support she needed to please them by complying.

"The French way? I'm afraid I've been away from France for so long you will need to remind me of my duty as a wife ..." Claire replied.
"You are not just Jamie's wife... .you are also his Martinet Claire ! Surely  you  keep the tools of the Martinet in your bed chamber like all French wives ?" , Madame Marillac asked.

Claire knew what a Martinet was , a disciplinarian who believed in strict adherence to the rules.
She had heard of them in the armed forces or schools , but not in the marital bed chamber.

She cast her mind back to their arrival at the chateau and the unusual instrument she had come across in the bed chamber closet. 
She had given it little thought at the time , but suddenly realized it's was her duty to use it to 'beat' her husband for his poor behaviour in order to settle the matter !

Taking a moment to compose herself , Claire looked at the ladies knowingly , "Of course I do Madame Marillac but I have so far had no need to use it since Jamie and I were married." she told them.
"Well in that case it will be all the more satisfying for you my Dear , it is always a pleasure to apply the martinet to virgin white cheeks! " Madame Delphine said to amusement from the women.

Meanwhile , across the room , Jamie was already offering his apologies to Louise's husband , Jules de Rohan.
"It's not me you have to apologize to Jamie. You have offended the Ladies and they will not be pleased until you have been properly chastised by Claire!" he informed him.

Jamie laughed , "I don't know about your marriage Jules , but Claire does not chastise me....more like the other way around!"
"That may be Jamie , but this is France and Claire is a Marchioness ....and a Martinet !" Jules informed him.

Jamie looked puzzled , "What difference does that make?"
Jules laughed , "This evening your wife will no doubt be introducing you to an old French tradition Jamie, so my advice is to enjoy sitting while you still can... because you will not wish to sit for the next few days after the martinet!"

Upstairs in the bed chamber , under Louise's supervision , Claire was examining the odd implement she had found in the bedroom closet.
It had a stout wooden handle and about a dozen , short leather thongs hanging from it.
Louise took it from her and slapped the thongs lightly against her palm , "Ah! This has been well used and maintained. It must have belonged to Countess Auclair!" she said.

"Do you have any advice Louise?" Claire asked.
Louise smiled , "If you are asking if I have used my martinet on Jules , the answer is yes....many times. I use it  less frequently now , but when we were first married his derrière carried my marks weekly. 
Jules knows the routine well now so needs little direction. He must strip naked and lie face down on the bed and wait for me to disrobe. I find all this clothing to be so cumbersome when beating his bottoml!" 

Claire grinned at the prospect , "So you are naked also ?" she asked.
Louise nodded ,"I find the power I have from thrashing Jules derrière to be erotically intoxicating and being naked adds to my experience. I mount his back and thrash his cheeks with the martinet.
It will sting terribly , so expect him to howl and scream loudly , but do not let this deter you.
His cheeks will be striped and welted but you must continue until you have delivered a full 300 strokes."she explained.
Claire took the martinet from Louise , "You know the more I hear about this old French tradition , the more I like it!" she giggled.

Back in the ballroom , Jamie was noticing the smiles and amused looks of the ladies .
"Don't worry Jamie ! You'll get used to it , and after a few days you might be able to sit down again!" Jules laughed sympathetically.
Jamie's jaw dropped , surely Claire had no intention of spanking him like a naughty boy?

When Claire returned to the party she discretely took her Husband aside.
"That childish temper tantrum of yours almost cost us all our hard work Jamie , and it also leaves me no choice but to deal with you in the French tradition!" she scolded.

Jamie's head bowed , "I'm sorry Claire....but surely you're not serious about this 'french tradition' are you? Jules told me about it." he replied.
His wife regarded him sternly , "I am deadly serious about it Jamie , and if I fail to do my wifely duty we will not be accepted into the aristocracy. You need to take a thrashing for the cause Jamie and I aim to do my part to make sure it is heard by everyone!" she replied.

As the evening wound down , the men sipped on a brandy by the fire while , one by one ,their ladies retired for the evening.
All eyes were on Claire for any signs that she was prepared to carry out her wifely duty , and they were not disappointed.
Claire knew she had to put on a convincing show , and was secretly relishing her task while Jamie was not.

As the clock approached midnight , Claire produced the martinet and stood up while her lady friends looked on , "If you will excuse me ladies , I have business to take care of with my Husband while I still have the energy to do it. I bid you a good night and apologize in advance for any noise which may disturb you." she said graciously .

Gliding across the room , with the martinet in her hand , Claire placed a hand on Jamie's arm as he chatted with some men , " I have to excuse my Husband gentlemen as we have an urgent matter to attend to in the privacy of our bed chamber. Come along now Jamie!" she said , guiding him away.
The men chuckled and shook their heads as Jamie was led from the room by his wife to receive his chastisement.
Shortly after , Louise approached Jules , "It's time we retired also Cherie ....I do not want to miss this!" she said , taking his arm.

"Please Claire....can't we just put on a show for them? Women don't beat men where I come from!" he pleaded.
Claire slapped the leather thongs of the martinet against her palm , "Oh I intend give them a real show Jamie , and it's what you deserve , and yes women do beat men , and if a few more Scottish women did what I'm about to do it would be a better place for it! 
Now strip off ALL your clothes and lie face down on the bed !" she ordered.

Next door , Louise and Jules were settling into bed to listen to the heated exchange between Jamie and Claire. 
It was mostly Claire speaking   , her tone deep and firm , with only the occasional grunt of protest from Jamie.

Then , after a brief silence , the harsh sound of leather thongs dancing on bare skin filled the hallways.
Soon , the expected howling , wailing and protesting from Jamie accompanied the cracks of the martinet.
The sounds of a husband being soundly beaten on his bare backside echoed throughout the chateau , and Claire's resolve was not in question.

She sat naked , stradling Jamie's broad back , sweat beading on her brow ,  revelling at the red stripes and welts adorning her husband's rear quarters which would remain for days.

She had not been keeping count , but by the state of Jamie's derrière , she assumed she was close to the 300 strokes , so finished up with a flurry of 20 good hard snaps of the martinet which had Jamie screeching and begging for her to stop.

The de Rohan's found listening to the activities next door more than exhilarating themselves.
Jules raised  Louise's silky night shift and hoisted her on top of him.
Louise needed no encouragement and rode her man incessantly until he exploded inside her.

The happy couple paused for breath before kissing passionately , "You know Louise , it has been some time since you used your own martinet....." Jules began.
Louise smiled and gave his manly rump a slap , "That is true Jules , but there are other ways to discipline a Husband...." she replied , reaching for the antique hairbrush by the bedside , ".....lay Over my knee and I will show you!"

Next door , Claire lay back on the pillow , cooing in ecstasy as Jamie's tongue pleasured her.
She grinned when she heard the familiar sound of a hairbrush being applied to bare skin , accompanied by manly yelps and howls coming from the adjacent room.
"It appears Louise is enjoying an old English tradition!" she laughed.

The next morning , a contrite and humbled Jamie offered his apologies at the breakfast table , which he ate standing up to everyone's amusement.
Jules wished he could join him at the mantle , but instead squirmed uncomfortably on his well spanked derrière which  bore the marks of his wife's hairbrush.

Claire escorted Louise to the mantle where Jamie stood finishing his meal.
"Turn around and place both hands on the mantle!" Claire ordered firmly.
Jamie raised a brow in defiance , "Madame de Rohan would like to see that you have been properly chastised." she explained in a no nonsense tone.

With a loud sigh Jamie turned around while Louise raised his kilt to reveal muscular buttocks covered with angry red stripes and welts.
"C'est bonne Claire!" Louise remarked , moving away for all to see Jamie's well marked posterior.
"I would say Justice has been served in the tradition French way Claire!" she added , "although I must say your English tradition is also quite effective !"she smiled.

Claire looked over at the breakfast table and noticed that all the men were squirming and grimacing just as much as Jules , while all the ladies had an irrepressible look of satisfaction on their faces.
"It appears so !" Claire agreed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Stu reflects - FM Spanking Story

Stu hated apologizing , especially when he had to do it this way , stark naked , draped over his wife Darla's lap . 

Darla on the other hand , found it quite enjoyable. Her husband may be 100 lbs heavier and 8 inches taller , but she possessed the power to bring him down to size  when needed ,  and this was her preferred way of doing just giving him a good old fashioned spanking !

The irony of it all was  that domestic discipline was not even her idea , and when Stu suggested it to her she thought it was absurd,"A grown man having his bottom spanked by his wife? How Ridiculous ! "she thought. 

Despite her initial reaction ,  Stu was insistent and directed Darla's attention to the Disciplinary Wives Club website.

Darla was immediately intrigued by the concept ,  and titillated by the accounts of grown men being taken in hand and spanked by their wives. 

She took note of  the technical advice on spanking your man provided by the experienced Aunt Kay , and before she knew it , she was so engrossed in the subject that she gladly joined the ranks of the DWC wives.

If Stu wanted and needed a spanking she was more than willing to give it to him. In fact , she was looking forward to it !

Admittedly it had been a bit awkward the first time she took Stu over her lap to be punished for some offence that she can no longer remember, and neither of them knew what to expect , but Darla used the knowledge she acquired from Aunt Kay and the DWC site to deliver a textbook spanking to her Husband. 

While Stu was surprised at how much his wife's palm and hairbrush hurt , Darla was surprised at how powerful and in charge she felt and took sincere delight in watching her naughty Husband's bare bottom turn from a milky white ,to pink and then a fiery red.

Stu had hoped  to take that first spanking like a man , but as the stinging and burning in his cheeks intensified , soon found himself yelping and howling uncontrollably.  This gave Darla immense satisfaction and inspired her to spank Stu even harder! 

She loved the loud 'CRAACK' the brush made when she snapped it against Stu's cheeks and the way his cheeks clenched and legs kicked in response. Her only issue was to keep Stu's large frame from squirming and sliding off her lap. This was something she would later learn to correct , but for now she found it frustrating having to pause the spanking to haul Stu's backside back up to striking range.

Undeterred she continued to spank Stu with all her might , and let him pay the price for all his squirming when licks intended for his bottom cheeks landed in other  , more sensitive areas like his thighs or flanks. "It's your own fault for not staying in position Stu!" she scolded when he dared to complain , "You asked for a spanking so that's what you're going to get !" 

Soon the toll of the hairbrush had produced many colour and textures on Stu's virgin rear quarters. Grey areas had formed on the crests of each of his cheeks where the brush scorched his skin after landing repeatedly.

Darla felt quite proud of herself and decided to bring Stu's ordeal to a conclusion , but not before delivering a crescendo of rapid-fire spanks , alternating from cheek to cheek which had Stu howling and kicking wildly.

When she finally stopped , she did not know what to expect. Stu was breathing heavily , sweat beaded on his skin and she could feel his heart pounding rapidly. Stu's  bottom was almost glowing and he  flinched when Darla placed her palm on his skin to feel the heat radiating from it. He was going to be feeling the effects of this spanking for quite a while , she mused with a grin.

"OK Stu...I think that should be enough for now. Now I'd like you to thank me for spanking you before I let you up!" she announced firmly.
For a moment , Stu had to fight his male pride before responding , but he reminded himself that he was the one who had suggested Darla spank him , and she had done just that so he was obligated to thank her.
"Thank you for that spanking Ma'am ....I deserved it." he said meekly.
Darla was pleased that he had referred to her as 'Ma'am' without prompting , "OK you may get up now." she told him , with just a hint of sympathy.

Slowly Stu slid off her lap and teetered unsteadily to his feet. 
For a moment he was motionless , until the burning discomfort in his rear intensified , prompting him to involuntarily clutch both cheeks and perform  a ridiculous , foot to foot dance  while yelping , "OW! OW! OW! " and other incoherent sounds as he continued rubbing furiously .Darla found it all very amusing and teased her man mercilessly , "You're not such a big man now are you  Darling! If only you could see yourself dancing around like that !" she giggled .

That was 5 years ago and Stu had received many spankings since , which permitted Darla to hone her disciplinary skills.
"So here we are again Stu , with you over my knee about to get your bare bottom blistered." Darla began , through a satisfied smirk as she studied the polished wood side off the hairbrush in her hand.
Stu flinched when he felt the bristles of the brush against his skin , his cheeks clenching tight when his wife expertly turned the brush over to its 'business side' and tapped his cheeks .

"So young man ? What do you have to say for yourself before I begin?"She prompted placing  the back of the brush on her intended target.
"I'm sorry Ma'am!" Stu mumbled after a short pause.
"That's it ?" Darla prompted.
"I'll never be disrespectful to you in front of our friends..."Stu added followed by a loud "OUCH!" when Darla's palm smacked his right cheek hard , leaving a visible red handprint his lily white cheek.

"You will not be disrespectful to me PERIOD , especially in front of others , understood ?" she scolded.
"YES MA'AM!" came Stu's prompt reply.
Darla paused to let her point sink in , a satisfied grin playing on her face as she watched the red palm print appear on Stu's right cheek.

During the brief pause , Stu reflected upon the incident which placed him in this humbling position. 
It was his own fault for starting a discussion on politics which became so heated , their Hostess insisted it end.
As usual he didn't apologize , and when Darla intervened he angrily snapped angrily at her  and immediately regretted it.

Darla did not respond , but gave her Husband an icy glare that he was very familiar with.
He knew what it meant and immediately shifted into apology mode , hoping it might save him from his wife's wrath , but he was wrong yet again.
His wife's silent glare continued , leaving no doubt to Stu and the other guests just how angry she was.

Turning to their Hostess she said , "I'm so sorry about that Valerie , Stu was way out of line....weren't you Stu ?" her gaze changing to her husband and her voice rising.
"Stuffs face turned bright red as all eyes were on him now , "Er...uhm....Yes it was Honey....I apologize Valerie !"he blurted.

Satisfied , Darla's gaze returned to Valerie , "I'll be dealing with him when we get home Valerie ...." then turning to Stu , "You can go wait for me in the car while I finish my drink mister and you had better get ready for a long discussion once we get home!"
Darla'a remark produced some smiles and chuckles from the onlookers , while a red- faced Stu made a hasty retreat to the car.
"Boy is Stu's face red !" Valerie chuckled .
"It won't be the only thing that's going to be red !" Darla grinned to more laughter.

As expected , it was a silent drive home and Stu knew that any attempt to apologize or explain his behaviour would only make his bad situation much worse.
Darla for her part , preferred to let her hairbrush do the talking once they were home!

As the scene had been rehearsed many times before , Stu required no instructions from his wife so silently made his way upstairs
 , disrobed and waited for Darla to join him.
As usual she was in no rush , leaving her man alone upstairs  to reflect on his behaviour , knowing his gaze would be unavoidably drifting to the antique hairbrush sitting on Darla's dresser and the discomfort it would soon inflict on his backside.

Stu's heart pounded when he heard the sound of Darla's heels on the wooden stairs , counting out every step until the bedroom door slowly opened.
He stood humbly before her , head bowed as she took her seat on the edge of the bed , rolled up her sleeve and scooped up the hairbrush.

Still silent , she patted her lap and Stu placed himself in that familiar position , face down across it.
He felt the warm and silky skin of her bare thighs which opened slightly to allow his stiffening manhood to slip in between before she clamped them against it.
they both knew it would not be there long , once the sting of her brush erased any erotic thoughts he had , reminding him that this was a real spanking that he would be feeling for days.

Darla permitted her man another moment of reflection , before raising the brush and beginning his chastisement......

Monday, October 19, 2020

A Picture Tells a story - FM Spanking Story


".....and where do you think you're going mister ?" 
James froze , hopping with one leg in his pants when he heard Sarah's voice.

Struggling to balance,  he turned to see his wide awake fiancee had raised herself to sit up in the bed.
"It's Sunday Sweetheart....I always go golfing on Sundays..." James replied innocently.

"Well that's one of the things that are going to change around here James..." Sarah began , flicking her head back to tie up her long mane in a pony , "Today you will be staying home so we can have a long overdue 'discussion' on our marriage." she added , raising  two fingers of each hand to signal quotation marks that emphasized the word 'discussion'.

Her Fiancee's jaw dropped , "Discussion ? What sort of discussion? I thought the wedding details were all arranged?" he asked.
Sarah giggled , "I'm not referring to the marriage ceremony silly....I'm talking about how things are going to work between us once we are Husband and Wife!"

James was starting to look worried now , "What do you mean?" he asked curiously.
Sarah sat back and folded her arms before responding , "Well for starters , there are number of aspects of your behaviour and attitude that will need to change!" she informed him firmly.

James sighed, "Can't this wait Sarah? I have an 8am tee time with the guys..." he reasoned , but his Fiancee remained resolute .
"Rule number one James. When I issue you an order you must obey it without question , or face the consequences. Didn't I just tell you that there was no golf this morning?" she scolded.

"Yes you did ... but I thought" James began to babble until  Sarah raised a  finger to stop him.
"Uh-uh James....Rule number two . You will refer to me as' Ma'am' when we are having a ' discussion ' , but before we get ahead of ourselves , why don't you go fetch me a coffee,  and when you return we can begin our 'discussion' formally." she said in a firm tone , once again using her fingers to emphasize 'discussion.

A speechless James stood frozen for a moment and when he opened his mouth to speak,  Sarah issued him a warning with a wagging finger , "Be careful James....remember Rule number one! ? I believe I just issued you an order?" She reminded him.

With that , James'mouth clamped shut ,  and he made his way into the kitchen , returning after a few minutes to hand Sarah a cup of coffee .
Sarah ignored him , apparently engrossed in reading her book , forcing James to wait uncomfortably with the hot coffee in his hand. 

As he stood , he could not avoid noticing the title of her book , "How to Discipline Your New Husband - A Guide for New Wives"
James gulped , suddenly realizing the significance of the artwork Sarah had hung over their bed just a week ago! 
At the time he had not given it much thought , thinking it was just a humorous  , erotic piece  featuring a nude man and a fully clothed woman , and he had paid little attention to it.

Now , as his Fiancee studied her book , he had lots of time to study the artwor, his stomach churned.
The woman in the picture was about to give her man a spanking !
Clearly , it must have some meaning to  Sarah to have displayed it so prominently in what was soon to be their marital bedroom.
James found himself instinctively rubbing the seat of his golf pants.
Was she really planning on spanking him ? , he thought.

Finally , Sarah looked up , carefully placing the  book beside her on the bed .
 "Good boy !" she smiled , planting a kiss on his forehead as he leaned forward to hand her coffee to her. 
"Now be a Dear and fetch me something from my dresser ." she asked.

James approached the dresser , turning his head awaiting her direction , "Open the top drawer and bring me the Hairbrush please....the big ebony one." Sarah instructed .
James picked up the brush , nestled on top of her skimpy undies and handed it to her.
Putting down her coffee to free up both hands , Sarah looked almost gleefully at the shiny back of the brush and smacked it against her open palm , "Say hello to Betty Blister Darling , you're going to be seeing a lot of her from now on!" she teased.

Then , sitting up straight in the bed , she lifted the covers and patted her shapely , bare thighs.
"It's time for you to assume the position so we can begin our 'discussion' .
Over you go then!" she ordered brusqely said , patting her lap again.

Her Fiancee's face coloured and his eyes bulged upon realizing her intention.
"What? You can't be serious Sweetie?" he asked somewhat nervously.
Sarah raised a brow , "I'm deadly serious James....and I believe that was another order I just gave you ? This defiance and insubordination is just not acceptable, and you will come to regret it I assure you !" She warned,  patting her lap a final time , this time harder.

This time James received her message loud and clear and leaned forward to comply , but was halted by his Fiancee's outstretched arm. 
"Undress first ! You must be completly naked for our 'discussions'....." she informed him , "...just like in the picture ," she grinned , bringing his attention back to the artwork above her head. 

Then with a dismissive wave of her hand , she waited while James stepped out of his golf clothes and stood before her completely naked.
Then , leaning back , she motioned him over her lap , adjusting his rear so it was high on her lap and in perfect position to receive her brush .

"Let's begin our first of many 'discussions'  we will be having , shall we Sweetheart ?" she announced , raising the brush over her head.
"Yes Ma'am!" came the obedient reply from James , his muscular , pale cheeks tightening in anticipation.
Then their 'discussion began......

Friday, October 2, 2020

A Hair on Her Head - MF Spanking Comic


James knew Penny was a feisty , headstrong young lady and tolerated her tantrums and outbursts for a while , but if their relationship was to last , he knew he had to act.

So when James confronted her , Penny did not know what to expect , but was soon to find out.
Even the big hairbrush in her Boyfriend's hand , and his firm demeanour didn't give her an indication of what he had in mind.

No,  it was not her beautiful mane of hair that was under  threat , but another part of her anatomy was about to feel the sting of the brush.
It was only when her skin tight pants were unceremoniously lowered that she realized she was in for her first of many spankings.

Being a Gentleman , James permitted his naughty Girlfriend the dignity of keeping her undies intact , albeit that they offered scant protection from the sting of the brush.

However , he made it clear that her next trip over his lap would be bare-bottomed .....and Penny had no objection to that at all......