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Friday, August 28, 2020

Spanking at the Stables - Part 2 - MF Spanking Comic


Taking his lead from Jasper's handling of his two headstrong daughters , Lord Blackwell decides to take his equally headstrong wife out to the stables for the same treatment.
It turns out to be a very effective visit which results in Lady Blackwell's afternoon ride being very uncomfortable!
Lord Blackwell may be very pleased with himself , but he should take his wife's warning of revenge very seriously.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Discipline at Blackwell Academy - FM Spanking Comic


                                               A 1st offence for Jenkins....or is it ? 


                Jenkins forgets it's his 2nd offence ...but the young ladies don't!

Soon ALL the young gentlemen are paraded in front of the class for a 'trousers down' caning..........


On their date that night Jenkins; girlfriend Mary takes a page from Miss Blackwell's book to keep her boyfriend in line......

The Blackwell Academy for young Ladies and Gentlemen was no ordinary college.
Students were aged between 19 and 21 and were required to agree to the College's strict discipline.
Until 10 years ago , the Academy was exclusively for Young Ladies and the introduction of mature young gentlemen to the classes required a modification to the Discipline regime.
Corporal punishment was introduced for the gentlemen , consisting of strokes of the cane applied to their backsides.
Caning of young men on the 'seat of their trousers' became commonplace in the classroom , and were thoroughly enjoyed by both the female Teachers and the observing young ladies!