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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Charlotte's Revenge - FM Spanking Story

"B..bbb..but Charlotte it was just a joke....everybody loved it !" Henry reasoned , raising both palms in an effort to placate his irate Girlfriend.

Charlotte maintained her icy glare and moved closer to her boyfriend , "I warned you about telling stories like that Henry , especially with kids around and it's not everyone's idea of a joke ! Don't you know...or care...that it was very embarrassing for me?" she replied in a firm , deep tone.

With head bowed and fingers fidgeting,  Henry struggled with his response before offering , "Well guess I didn't think of it that way...I'm sorry Sweetie..." he babbled.

A mischievous smile played on Charlotte's pretty face , "Not as sorry as you're going to be mister....go fetch me the hairbrush!"
Henry's jaw dropped , "The Hairbrush? Surely you're  not thinking about.....", he replied unconvincingly.
"Yes that's exactly what I'm thinking...the Hairbrush  please Darling !" Charlotte confirmed .

While her boyfriend tried to to process what was about to transpire,  Charlotte busied herself placing the chair in the middle of the room , "If I can get a spanking then so can you! It's only fair Don't you think Henry ? she asked.

Henry stood frozen,  thoughts conflicting in his mind.
His stubborn male pride told him to resist , men do the spanking and women get spanked the little devil on one shoulder told him.
However , the contrite little angel on his other shoulder sent a different message , "He had screwed up and embarrassed Charlotte in front of her co-workers and it was only fair that his retribution should be the same as fact he deserved worse!

For her part , Charlotte had been planning this opportunity all weeks , after Henry had spanked her , and was looking forward to turning the tables on her new boyfriend.

It had been so long since she last had a man over her lap and she missed it so muchn.
She especially missed that intoxicating feeling of power and being able to control a much bigger and stronger man and have him submit to her will .
She longed to hear the snap of her hairbrush against his bare skin and turning Henry's cute butt red and hot .
Yes , this was going to be a spanking to remember , especially for Henry as he would be reminded of it each time he sat for the next few days.
Charlotte would take great pleasure from teasing him about his spanking and his lingering discomfort.

Henry  also felt something stir inside him upon seeing his girlfriend's inviting lap , her smooth ,milky skin and long dancer's legs  beckoning him.
Deep inside he longed for a woman who knew how to keep him in line and discipline him when he needed it.

Charlotte wagged a warning finger ,  jarring Henry out of his trance.
"I'll count to three Henry , and if you are not standing beside me with the brush ,you're going to get another dozen with your belt to go along with it !" she threatened.

Henry gasped at her threat , so excited that when he opened his mouth to speak he could find no words , only a loud loud sigh of resignation for Charlotte's benefit before  turning  to open the closet to retrieve the big clothes brush hanging inside.
It had been hanging there unused for years, waiting for this moment.

Even Charlotte was surprised at the size and density of this big brush which was much larger than the hairbrush Henry had used on her a week ago.
She wondered for a moment why an apparent spanking 'novice' like Henry would have not one but two serious spanking implements in his possession and readily available?

With head bowed , Henry stood by Charlotte's side holding the big clothes brush .
"You're quite right Charlotte. I have been rude , selfish and inconsiderate so I deserve to be spanked much harder than you were . Besides ,  I'm a mzn and my butt is way tougher than yours!" he told her , offering her the brush.

Charlotte happily took it from him , and was immediately surprised by its weight and shape.
This was an implement designed to inflict serious damage to a bare backside , no matter how tough Henry thought his hide was!

With brush in hand , Charlotte rolled up her sleeve , "You do know you're getting this spanking on the bare bottom Henry ?" She informed him.
Henry pretended to  look surprised,  "Bare? Can't I at least keep my underwear?" he asked.

"I believe it was you who told me that a proper spanking must be on the bare bottom , and you certainly did not care to spare my blushes!" Charlotte replied , Now kindly bare your bottom ."
She smiled when Henry nodded and began undoing his belt," Of course Ma' are's the proper way!"

Charlotte gushed when Henry lowered his pants to reveal a very conspicuous erection bulging in his briefs.
Placing her fingers inside the waistband of his  briefs , she slowly eased them down , looking forward to her first glimpse of her boyfriend's large member.

Charlotte was not disappointed when Henry's bigger than life erection sprang to attention before her.
She regarded it with sheer delight while Henry looked quite embarrassed.
"Hmmmm....It seems you are even more excited about this spanking than I am Henry !" she cooed , her full lips pouting.
Henry's face reddened with humiliation at  inability to control his excitement.

Charlotte could not resist wrapping her fingers around it , feeling it throb and pulse in her hand when she squeezed it.
She parted her shapely thighs slightly , "Why Don't you slide that in here until I'm finished blistering your bottom!" she ordered.

Leaning forward , Henry carefully placed himself over his girlfriend's lap and heard her gasp with delight when he guided his erection between the soft , silky skin of her thighs.
It was Henry's turn to gasp when Charlotte clamped those thighs shut , imprisoning his erection and securing him over her lap.

Charlotte surveyed the sight of Henry's muscular white cheeks , pale and covered with a peachy fuzz of hair.
It was even more delightful than she expected and could not resist giving each cheek a pinch and a playful slap.

Taking a moment to arrange her man on her lap , Charlotte teasingly tapped the back of the huge brush against Henry's bare and vulnerable rear quarters before raising it above her head.
She was going to enjoy this immensely!

Henry closed his eyes tightly and clamped one hand around the chair leg and the other around  Charlotte's ankle and awaited the first blow.
He knew this was going to be bad but at the same time he couldn't wait for it to start.
Finally he was lying over the lap of an attractive and determined woman who was about to roast his behind until he couldn't sit.
His heart pounded and his erection thronged at the very thought.

When the first spank came , it surprised both of them with it's sound and impact.
Henry gritted his teeth trying not to cry out despite the intense sting in his right cheek.
He flinched and let out a gasp when the brush landed on his left cheek.

Charlotte paused , in awe of the brush's power and obvious effect on her naughty man.
Large red ovals began to form on each cheek where the brush landed.
Henry could feel each oval searing into his skin.
"Perhaps giving Charlotte this brush wasn't such a good idea after all" , he thought to himself but it was too late now.

Again and again , Charlotte snapped that dreadful brush against Henry's cheeks , quickly turning the entire area a fiery red.
Trying his best to remain stoic and maintain his male pride , Henry did his best to remain in position , grunting , gasping and puffing after each blow , until Charlotte decided to aim her brush at that tender area between his cheeks and upper thighs and he was no longer able to suppress his reaction.

His howling produced a satisfied smile on his girlfriend's pretty face.
There was no doubt Hennry was really feeling this spanking , and was going to be feeling it a lot more each time he tried to sit for the next day or two.
Encouraged by her efforts , Charlotte spanked harder and faster , while her boyfriend yelped loudly  , bucking on her lap now to avoid the spanks .

Henry was moving so much now that he was sliding down her lap.
Charlotte noticed that the hard shaft between her thighs now felt like jelly.
Pausing she readjusted his position , raising his bottom higher on her lap so she could concentrate on those ever so tender sit spots.

Henry's bottom was a blazing red now , with white spots forming on the top of each cheek.
There was no doubt he was feeling this alright , but she was not finished with him yet.
Laying the brush on Henry's back she raised her arm and began briskly spanking his cheeks with her palm.

She enjoyed the feeling of her palm connecting with his hot skin , and , by Henry's reaction, her palm  was stinging his already tender behind quite badly.
Henry's loud howls in reaction to the brush turned to rather cute "Ouches!" and "Ows" as Charlotte's palm peppered  his cheeks.

Slowing the pace now , Charlotte applied measured,  hard spanks , alternating from cheek to cheek , eventually pausing to gently massage her boyfriend's firm , hot cheeks.
Her palm was stinging so she switched to the other one and smacked  her boyfriend's butt until that one stung just as much.

She felt Henry's rod  become hard again ,so Charlotte clamped her thighs together to caress it.
Keeping her legs tight , she stopped spanking and addressed her contrite boyfriend.
"OK That will do for now young man! You are going to have a very sore bottom for the next day or two but it's just what you deserve. Now you may thank me for your spanking!" she declared happily.

"Thank you for spanking me Ma'am!" Henry struggled to say the words .
Releasing her grip , Charlotte allowed him to rise and he immediately cupped both hands to his flaming cheeks and performed quite a vibrant spanking dance which his girlfriend enjoyed enormously.
"When you are quite finished with those silly antics Henry I wish to speak to you." she said , a smile playing on her face.

His own face contorted in a grimace , Henry composed himself as best he could and turned to face his smirking girlfriend.
Charlotte knew the spanking had been a successful one  by the discomfort showing on Henry's pained expression , face red and eyes watering .
With both hands clamped stiffly to his sides , his fingers wiggled as he tried not to give his girlfriend the satisfaction of knowing how much his swollen cheeks hurt.

In fact the heat in his rear quarters was intensifying now and the burning was becoming unbearable.
Laying the brush on her lap , Charlotte folded her arms and leaned back in the chair.
"Does your poor bottom feel as sore as it looks Henry ?" she teased .
"Yes it is Ma''s very sore..." he replied , his voice quivering.

Charlotte regarded him , pretending to ignore the burgeoning erection pointing at her , "You're not such a big , bold man now are you Henry ? What would your friends think if they knew I had to take you over my lap and spank your bare bottom like a naughty boy ? Tsk Tsk!" she teased with an impish grin.

Henry looked worried , "Charlotte ! You wouldn't....please don't tell anybody?" he whined.
"Don't worry Henry Darling , I won't inform any of your boorish , selfish friends that I spanked you....well at least not yet!" Charlotte mused , stroking her chin .
 "....However  they all certainly deserve to spanked just like you did , and I do intend to advise each of their girlfriends to give them what they deserve . So it won't be long before your sore backside has company !" she chuckled.

Henry wasn't sure whether to be relieved about this or not , but his girlfriend was far from finished with him.
"So the score is even now Henry ! she declared triumphantly.
"What do you mean Charlotte ? I think I deserve that dozen with the belt as you,,,uhm,,,I mean threatened." Henry said.

Her boyfriends response momentarily distracted Charlotte's attention from Henry's awaiting shaft as it seemed to gravitate towards her.
"Why Henry sounds like you enjoy getting spanked a bit too much!" she giggled.
"I guess I do Charlotte !" Henry replied handing her his belt,

Taking it from him , she returned her gaze to the unavoidable erection before her.
"But first I NEED to take care of this !" she said with glee.
Leaning forward she brushed her lips against it's tip , making Henry flinch.
He gasped as her tongue caressed it and her full lips parted and slid seductively down his shaft.
Instinctively his hands gripped into fists as Charlotte's teased his member with her lips and tongue.
Soon she had him in an uncontrollable frenzy , grunting and moaning as his member throbbed inside her mouth.

Charlotte dug her nails into both of her man's punished cheeks as she frantically gobbled away at him.
Then , pulling her head she watched Henry's erection throb and wobble before wrapping a hand around it and pumping away .
He could not hold on much longer and they both knew it!
Removing her hand at just the right moment , Henry's penis shuddered before exploding like a volcano, spurting all over the floor .

Charlotte rose from her seat , "I'll have you clean up that mess later , but first it's  belt and buttocks time....a dozen I believe ? BEND OVER!" she announced , snapping her boyfriend's leather belt noisily.
"Maybe you should make it two dozen Ma'am!" Henry replied with a smirk , before leaning over the chair and presenting his bottom for punishment.
As he did so , Charlotte could not help but notice another erection beginning to grow.

It certainly was a stubborn one , as the 24 stinging licks of the leather belt she delivered did not deter it one bit.
"Ah well....if you can't beat 'em!" she said before dropping to her knees again and enveloping her boyfriend's shaft with her lips.
This time , when she knew the time was right , she hoisted her dress , downed her panties and bent over the chair.
Henry needed no further instruction and eagerly slid inside her to coos of joy from his girlfriend.
Charlotte held on tightly to the chair , pushing back at each of Henry's thrusts until he exploded again , this time inside her.

Later that evening as they lay in bed together , Charlotte inspected her boyfriend's well marked buttocks.
"So Henry ...." she began , "You do know that from know on I do the spanking ....and there will be a lot of it !" she declared.
Henry smiled , enjoying the glowing heat in his rear , "I wouldn't" have it any other way Ma'am!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Charlotte's Comeuppance - MF Spanking Story

Charlotte snuggled closer to Henry on the couch , taking his wine glass from his hand and placing it on the coffee table beside hers.
Wrapping one arm around his shoulders and placing a silky thigh over his, she opened her full lips to meet his , only to be surprised when he suddenly pulled away.

"What's wrong Henry ...I thought..." a disappointed Charlotte stuttered,
Removing her hands and thigh from his , Henry shuffled away from her , "There is something we need to discuss first Charlotte!" he scolded.
His new Girlfriend's cute nose wrinkled in disappointment , "I don't understand...did I do something to upset you Henry ?" she asked innocently .

Henry bristled , his hands clenching into fists , "Have you forgotten the little incident at the restaurant with the waitress already ?" he asked her .
Charlotte blushed upon recalling the incident , " Oh that...well I said I was sorry didn't I ?" she whined.

Henry regarded her sternly , " ....and there was also that little tantrum at the party last week , not to mention your bullying of that poor young cashier at the supermarket!" he raged.
Charlotte had no intention of defending herself .
She had been hoping for a reaction like this from her new boyfriend for weeks and she hoped it may  have finally arrived.
 "It's just the way I am I suppose....." she offered , hoping to ignite Henry even further.

Henry was an almost perfect boyfriend , good looking , considerate , generous and caring but he lacked one ingredient Charlotte needed in a man. She needed a man to take her in hand and out her in her place when she needed it....dammit she needed a good spanking but was doubting Henry would ever give her what she desired.

Her heart was beating fast and furiously as she waited for a reaction from him.
Would it be the reaction she was hoping for.
Abruptly , Henry stood up , marched purposefully to the front door and locked it .
"What are you closing the door for Henry?"Charlotte asked hopefully .

Henry turned to face her with hands on hips . She had never seen him look so forceful and commanding and she loved it.
"I'm locking the door for your benefit Charlotte. I'd hate to see anyone come in and see you lying over my lap getting a well deserved spanking !" he declared boldly.

A part of Charlotte thought he was joking but his  demeanour indicated he certainly was not!
She could feel her bottom tingling in anticipation. Had the momentous moment finally arrived?

"What are you taking about Henry ? A spanking ? Don't be silly ...." she babbled excitedly .
Henry took her wrist and hauled her unceremoniously to her feet.
"Henry ! How dare you threaten me like that!" she declared feigning indignation as she pretended to  tug  her arm free from his grip.

"Henry ! Where are you taking me ? " Charlotte asked as he marched her along.
"To the bedroom of course.....unless you prefer I spank you right here in the living room in front of that big picture window so everyone passing by can get a good look at your red bare bottom!" he replied.

"B...BB..Bare bottom? You wouldn't dare...." Charlotte gasped , barely believing her ears.
She was going to get her first real spanking in months ....and she could barely contain herself , but needed to play along.

Henry scolded her as he continued to drag his struggling girlfriend to their destination , "Yes I would dare young lady ! Don't you know that for a spanking to be effective it must be applied to the bare bottom!"
Charlotte's heart pounded with excitement and that tingling in her bottom intensified.

"But I've never been spanked before...ever !" Charlotte pretended.
Henry grinned , "That doesn't surprise me! Then the hairbrush will be a surprise to you also I expect!"he grinned.

"A hairbrush ? You're going to spank me with a hairbrush ? No will hurt to much...just your hand ...and not too many spanks!" Charlotte pleaded.
Deep inside she longed for that hard brush to be stinging her cheeks . It had been so long!

Her boyfriend shook his head  , " I'm in charge of this spanking young lady , not you , so you'll be getting the brush and you'll be getting it hard !" he declared , helping her into the bedroom with a gentle shove.
Those were the words Charlotte wanted to hear , but Henry wasn't going to spank her before she put up a spirited fight.

Opening the top dresser drawer , Henry picked up the big antique hairbrush and slapped the back across his palm.
Charlotte visibly winced at the sound.
"I keep this especially to deal with naughty girls like you Charlotte !" he announced , advancing towards her.

"Don't  you dare Henry or I'll  never speak to you again!" Charlotte said , backing away before hopping over the bed to take refuge at the opposite side .
"Ah ! A chase! I love a good chase before a spanking!" Henry declared gleefully.
"So do I!" Charlotte said to herself.
So a tense game of cat and mouse ensued , Henry feigning and prowling while Charlotte tried to anticipate his next move.

Henry circled around the bed , lunging at Charlotte who scampered across it on hands and knees.
She almost made it , except for her dragging foot which allowed Henry to get a grip on her ankle.

Charlotte kicked her foot frantically while Henry pulled , reeling her in like a feisty trout on his line.
An unexpectedly sharp tug , had Charlotte flopping on the bed on her belly allowing Henry to secure a grip on her other foot.
As she desperately tried to scramble away , Charlotte found herself slowly being dragged in the opposite direction.

Charlotte put up a fuss and  squealed when she felt her dress being hoisted up over her hips,  and she flung a hand back to restore it , Henry had already fully exposed her shapely  bottom , framed by a black garter belt and stockings .
Henry paused to drink in the delectable sight.
It was almost as if his naughty girlfriend had dressed for a spanking!
Little did he know she had !

Scooping her up in his arms , he deposited her on her feet and settled into the chair he had already prepared.
Charlotte tried pouting and pleading , "Please don't spank me Henry. I'm sorry and I promise I'll be good!"
Henry looked up at her , "I'm afraid it's a little too late for that Sweetheart. You've earned this and now you're going to get It!" he declared , and with a yank of her arm sent her sprawling over his lap.

Henry hoisted her dress all the way up to her back to completely expose his target.
It was indeed a magnificent one , two round twin globes with milky white sheen  , jiggling ever so slightly as he arranged them on his lap.

Charlotte kicked her legs and pounded her little fists against Henry's muscular thighs,  knowing her attempts were mere dramatics.
She was going to get a good old fashioned , bare bottom spanking , and there was nothing she could do about it!

Laying the hairbrush nearby , Henry raised his arm and began Charlotte's 'warm up'.
"OOOW!" "OUCH!" "YEOOW! ""OW!"
Her tender ,  bottom soon turned a nice shade of pink as Henry's hard hand descended on it again and again.
Charlotte loved the feel of her boyfriend's palm stinging her cheeks but protested loudly anyway.

When her brisk warm up was over , Henry adjusted Charlotte's position on his lap and picked up the brush.
Charlotte's spanking was about to get serious and her entire body tensed with anticipation .
It had been a long time since anyone had used a hairbrush on her bottom and she wondered how it would feel.

The first swat of the brush brought an unexpected and frenzied reaction from Charlotte.
"YEOOW! SHIT THAT HURTS HENRY!"she howled because it really did!

Henry paused momentarily to watch a red oval slowly form on his girlfriend's delicate cheek before delivering the same to her other cheek.
But the burning also brought a sense of excitement and joy to Charlotte and she loved the way her boyfriend was taking charge.

Henry was enjoying himself just as much and set to work turning Charlotte's pale , jiggling cheeks a fiery red .
Charlotte screamed , squirming and kicking wildly on his lap as the punishing smacks kept raining down on her shapely tush.
Charlotte spread her legs a little , giving Henry an unexpected glimpse of the glistening charms within and she was raising her bottom to meet every spank.

It wasn't long before her wails of defiance began to fade , replaced with moans of ecstacy as she grounded into Henry's knee.
"OUCH!" "OW!" " OK I'M SORRY ....I'M SORRY....PLEASE STOP HENRY....I'LL BE GOOD!"she begged as she writhed.

Pleased with his girlfriend's reaction , Henry continued Charlotte's spanking to it's conclusion , finishing with a rapid-fire flurry of spanks which surprised her and had her bucking and  wailing like a banshee.

Afterwards , a relieved  Charlotte lay still on Henry's lap , gasping , moaning and breathing  heavily.
"OMIGOD! My butt is on fire Henry!" she declared as the burning in her rear intensified.
The whole experience was almost spiritual for her.
She had needed that spanking for so long and when it arrived it released so many emotions in her.

Henry released his grip ,  allowing Charlotte to spring to her feet , she clutched both cheeks and rubbed them furiously as she hopped around the room.
"That will do for your first lesson Charlotte!" a satisfied Henry grinned .
Charlotte turned to regard him determinedly , "I'll get you for this Henry!" she declared through gritted teeth.
Henry had no reason to doubt his girlfriend's resolve he was soon to find out ....
There was only one thing Charlotte loved more than getting a good spanking.....and that was giving a spanking to a naughty man!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Spanking Story at Oaksandpines - Art by Glenmore

For a well written spanking story about two naughty adult schoolgirls , head over to Oaksandpines blog :

Artwork is by yours truly .
There are lots of other great naughty schoolgirl adventures there so it is worth a visit .
They also have a spanking roleplaying game and are looking for participants if you are interested.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Larry's French Lesson - FM Spanking Story

Larry cackled loudly along with his good friends Paul and Mark , who always enjoyed his bawdy sense of humour.

However , the same could not be said for the ladies around the table , and Larry's girlfriend Cecile glared icily at him , "Really Larry ! We  have talked about those rude jokes of yours so many times , and you know very well there is a time and a place for them ....and now is neither the time OR the place !" she scolded.

Larry's jovial face flushed red and his smile faded ,"Er...uhm....I know Cecile....I'm sorry ladies...I should have kept that one  for the locker room." he apologized awkwardly , looking at Cecile for absolution , but her expression confirmed  that none would be forthcoming.

"It's about  time I gave you another 'Français leçon ' Larry....and I can assure you this one will be a long and difficult one !" she warned , turning her boyfriend's face even redder.

"Why didn't tell us you were taking French Lessons Larry !" Paul asked , trying to avoid the stern gaze from his own Wife Beth.
Larry paused before opening his mouth to reply , "Well....I...actually...umm. " he babbled clumsily before Beth answered her husband's question for him.

 "Actually Paul , Larry's 'Français leçons' are similar to the 'cours de danse' I give to you .....and you'll be getting quite an intense dancing lesson tonight  !" Beth chuckled to giggles from the other ladies , her comment instantly turning her man's face as red as Larry's.

".....and they're the same as the cooking lessons I give you Mark !" Susan chirped , "The lesson  you'll be getting tonight is about  wooden spoons and spatulas !"
Now there were three red-faced and speechless men sitting across from their ladies!

Enjoying theit mens' discomfort  , the ladies sat back in their chairs and sipped on their wine before continuing their conversation.
"A few French Lessons would be very beneficial for you as well  Paul ." Beth teased.
Cecile laughed , "I would be very happy to have Paul join Larry for tonight's lesson on French culture!" she offered.

Susan looked at Mark who was trying desperately to avoid her gaze , "What a great idea Cecile ! An introduction to French culture is just what Mark needs!" she declared.
The three terrified men babbled incoherently in unison , attempting to convince their ladies that lessons of any kind were not needed.

"Do you think you could give Larry some 'cours culinaires' Susan ? I really get fed up having to do all the cooking for him ." Cecile asked.
Susan cackled while Larry squirmed , " Of course Cecile , I'd be pleased to have Larry join Mark at our next culinary  lesson!"

"Make that three Susan....Paul needs to be pulling his weight in the kitchen too!" Beth declared, "....and in return Mark and Larry can join Paul at his next dancing lesson.

Cecile stood up and clapped her hands excitedly , "Voila ! Your education plan is all agreed Messieurs !" she announced to approvals from Susan and Beth.

The three men looked at each other , heads shaking in unison , "Now can't be serious..." Larry blurted , electing himself to speak for his dumbfounded friends .

Ignoring Larry's protests , his girlfriend remained resolute , "In fact I believe we should commence your lessons without further delay. Larry please take Mark and Paul to my office and show them how to  prepare for the lesson." she ordered in a typical strict School Mistress tone.

Her boyfriend's brow furrowed , "Prepare ? You mean...." he stammered.
"You know very well what I mean Larry ! All your clothes off...not a you go Gentlemen!" she replied.

Still stunned , Paul and Mark looked anxiously at their ladies for   a reprieve but none was forthcoming.
Beth nodded at her Husband , "You heard Cecile you go!"
"You too Mark !" Susan said firmly  , and after a short pause ,the men rose and  Larry escorted his bemused buddies down the hall.

"I would say that went precisely as we planned Cecile." Beth chuckled.
"I'll say it did! Those three are so juvenile ! Now let's make sure we give them the lesson they deserve !" Susan added excitedly.

A broad smile played on the French lady's pretty face , "Oh we will give them a lesson they will remember  Ladies." she said , spinning on her heel and striding purposefully down the hallway.

A smile played on Cecile's pretty face when she boldly entered the room to find Larry , Mark and Paul in various stages of undress.
"Every stitch Gentlemen.....then you may take your seats for the lesson! "she ordered , pointing at the chairs placed in front of her desk .

If the three men weren't embarrassed enough being nude in front of thevcomely Cecile , they were even more embarrassed when Beth and Susan entered the room!

Struggling to hide their nakedness they stood together against the wall.
Cecile curled a finger at Larry , "Viens ici et plie-toi sur le bureau !" she ordered.
Larry stood frozen for a moment , utilizing his limited French skills to comprehend Cecile's command.
The Martinet she held in one hand with the other pointing at the desk gave him a hint.

"Est-ce que tu comprends Larry? Préparez vos fesses nues pour la punition!" Cecile added impatiently , loudly slapping the leather thongs of  the martinet on the desk.

Reluctantly , Larry glanced at his two friends before making his way to the desk and slowly bending  over it.
Cecile smiled and hungrily eyed her man's pale , muscular bare buttocks.
Then turning her attention to Paul and Mark she pointed to the chairs , "S' asseoir!" she snapped angrily and the pair hurried to take their seats.
"Observer et apprendre messieurs." she said to them.

Then she raised the martinet high above her shoulder , "20 Coups...garder vos fesses en place !" she announced.
"Oui Madame !" Larry replied , his buttocks visibly clinching.

 Cecile whipped the leather thongs of the martinet against Larry's bare skin .
Paul and Mark winced from their close quarters vantage point , as the martinet painted angry red lines on their vulnerable cheeks.
Even Beth and Susan flinched , impressed at the martinet's power.

Larry moaned , gasping and puffing loudly when 20th stroke finally landed.
He could not restrain a loud shriek "OOOW!" at It's sting.

Cecile took a moment to admire her handiwork , smoothing a palm over the angry red welts criss-crossing Larry's bare behind.
"Avez-vous quelque chose à me dire Larry?" she asked , almost sympathetically.
"Je suis désolé Madame." Larry replied obediently , his eyes tearing.

Cecile smiled and turned to write something on the board behind her.
'Leçon 1  Une Fessée'
"Lesson 1 ...a spanking....that is what rude behaviour gets you Messieurs!" she announced.

Beth strode confidently over,  taking the martinet from a beaming Cecile , "Your turn Paul!" she announced , curling a finger at him.
"Asseyez-vous Larry!" Cecile barked and Larry painfully rose from his position  , glancing back to observe his sore and raw behind , " Oui Madame." he responded.

"GAAAAH! Larry moaned when he lowered his tenderized bottom onto the harsh chair , to giggles from the ladies.
"Se pencher!" Beth ordered , "Bend over!"
20 stinging strokes later , a contrite Paul was squirming beside Larry , and Beth passed the martinet to a visibly  excited Susan , who pointed a finger at her Fiancée , "Venir son jeune homme!"

Taking her cue from the other ladies , Susan delivered a full 20 strokes of the martinet , striping her man's behind.
The three ladies looked on in satisfaction at their contrite  men squirming and wincing before them , struggling to sit still on their well chastised backsides .

"Qui conclut la leçon 1Messieurs!" Cecile announced , pointing her ruler at the board.
"Une Fessée'" the men repeated in unison.
"Très bons garçons!" Cecile gushed , "Now you need to prove to us you are truly sorry..." she added.

The three men looked at each other quizzically when the ladies sat on the desk , crossed their legs and removed their heels.
Seductively , they eased up their dresses , undo  stocking from their suspenders and slowly easeing them  off.
Three male jaws dropped in unison as they looked on in awe.
Beth addressed them , shaking them out of their trance "On your knees Gentlemen and pay homage to your Queen !" she ordered curtly.

Without further hesitation , each man knelt before his woman , eagerly worshipping , sucking , kissing and caressing their bare feet and toes.
The women closed their eyes , cooed and sat back to enjoy the pampering , occasionally giggling at their man's well  striped and reddened backside .

The men seemed to be enjoying themselves too much , so Susan brought the foot worshipping session to an end with an abrupt "That will do Boys!"

Thee men remained kneeling , slightly confused , while their ladies slowly and teasingly reattached their stockings to their suspenders , straightened their dresses and slipped back
into their heels.

In rehearsed unison , they turned around , flipped up their skirts and leaned over the desk , jiggling their shapely derrierres and  thrusting them out.
"It's butt kissing time Gentlemen!" Beth announced , and the men enthusiastically complied , smothering the smooth female globes with kisses.

Three pairs of female hands reached back slowly ease their skimpy , panties down  to mid thigh.
Their men needed no further direction and dove into their next task enthusiatically!

Shortly after , three very satisfied ladies sat at the table , enjoying a coffee as their , still naked , men buried themselves in the kitchen doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

"Our place next week for their dancing lesson !" Beth announced to excited giggles from her friends.