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Friday, March 29, 2019

Late Again !- MF Spanking Comic

One of the most frustrating traits of this naughty wife is her knack of never being ready on time and keeping them late for important engagements.
It doesn't matter how much advance notice he gives her , she still insists on taking her time , almost taunting him with her tardiness.
HerHusband has found a way to encourage his inconsiderate wife to be ready in time....and it seems to work !

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Is it almost over ? - FM Spanking Cartoon

Five minutes doesn't seem like a long time .....unless you're a naughty husband enduring an excruciating 5 minute hairbrush spanking from your strict wife!

For this unfortunate husband , the sands of time are passing very slowly and his wife is not even half done.

His determined wife will deliver a lot of stinging spanks to his bare backside before all the sands have passed.

Of course this does not mean his spanking is over....far from it....

His wife will order him to turn over the timer and commence another 5 minutes of agony for him!

He cannot help asking her when his spanking will be over , even though he knows the answer.

His wife is in charge of this spanking..not he can only grit his teeth and bear it as best he can...

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Moms Knows Best - FM Spanking Story

"Are you really going to sit there and let him speak to you like that dear?" Sandra's Mom , Donna , peeked over the magazine she was reading and scowled at her daughter.
Sitting across from her , Sandra shrugged , "I dunno Mom....its just the way he is I guess?" she replied uncertainly.
Putting down the magazine , Donna leaned closer to Sandra , "Well it's about time you changed his ways and I believe I've already told you how to do that haven't I?" she scolded.

Sandra sighed , her shoulders slumping , "I know Mom , but I just don't know if I can bring myself to do sounds so weird.....Jack is not a child .....I'll have another talk with him when we get home." she said meekly.

"A lot of good talking to him has done so far Sandra's time for action !" Donna was indignant with rage now.
Standing up , she opened a drawer beside her and scooped out a large , antique hairbrush.
"Do you recognize this ?" she asked firmly.

Her daughter gulped , "I certainly do Mom.....I saw you use it enough times on the boys!"
"....not to mention your Father ! The mere sight of this is enough to keep him in line." Mom revealed.
Sandra paused to take in the information her Mother had just provided , "You mean you spanked Dad too?" she blurted.
Donna smiled , "I've been blistering your Father's backside with this since before we were married. That's why we've been married so keeps him on the straight and narrow. He still gets it once in a while if he needs it!"

Sandra smiled at the picture in her mind of her burly Father draped over her petite Mother's lap having his bare bottom spanked like a naughty boy.
The image and her Mother's confident advice suddenly inspired her and she sprang to her feet.
"Jack! Come here ! I need to talk to you for a minute!" she called out in the firmest tone she could muster.

"Later Hun! I'm watching the game right now....bring me another beer....and make me a snack !" came the reply from Sandra's Fiancee sprawled on the sofa in the next room.
Sandra's Mom cast her a reassuring look.
"I said NOW Jack! Get in here !" Sandra barked , her tone tightening.
"In your dreams gal....and hurry up with that beer !" Jack retorted.

Taking a deep breath , Sandra looked at her Mom , "Here goes Mom." she said before strutting purposefully to the next room.
Donna chuckled when she heard Jack shriek in pain and protest loudly to his newly inspired Fiancee.
Sandra was having none of it , launching into a lengthy lecture that silenced her man.
Moments later , with a firm grip on Jack's ear , she marched him into the living room.

Jack was too busy complaining about his sore ear to notice the implement in Donna's hand.
She handed the brush to her daughter , "You can use our bedroom dear.... there's a nice big straight back chair in the corner you can use." she grinned , handing the brush to her daughter.

Sandra strode confidently off with a yelping Jack in tow , closing the bedroom door after shoving him inside.
A grinning Donna shook her head , sat fown and began  leafing casually through the magazine pages.
The noises from down the hall brought a satisfied smile to the older woman's face , "I guess she's skipping the warm up!" she observed.

The front door opened and Sandra's Father entered  , standing frozen for a moment , holding his coat and listening to the loud noises coming from their bedroom down the hall.
His brow furrowed , "Is Sandra .....?" he began.
Hi wife grinned impishly, her gaze still on her magazine , " she spanking Jack? Yes...finally!" she replied.

Her husband frowned at his beaming spouse , "You didn't by chance have anything to do with this Donna?" he asked warily.
"Mom's know best !" his wife replied .
"....and a wife knows even I suspect I'm about to find out!" he acknowledged.
Donna finally put down her magazine and rose to give her husband a passionate kiss.
"It has been a while since I blistered your butt I've asked Sandra to leave everything out when she's done!" she told him.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Mom Get's Spanked Too ! - MF Spanking Cartoon

These young ladies are finding out the hard way to get permission from Mom AND Dad before doing something.

Mom also found out the hard way to always check with her Husband before giving permission !

Friday, March 8, 2019

Defiance - FM Spanking Story

It's interesting that when my wife and I visit friends , I always feel like I am in a safe haven where I can behave ( or misbehave) as I please and challenge , or even outright defy, my wife's mutually agreed authority.
Despite this , she always manages discretely remind me I am out of line and better smarten up....or else.
She has a knack for doing this in a manner which spares me any embarrassment...but not always!

There was a typical example this weekend when we visited friends of ours.
She asked me ,very politely too I might add , to fetch something from the car .
We both knew it was her responsibility to bring it in , but she forgot , and hence she issued a request -rather than a command.

While I didn't tell her that I thought she was the one who should be trudging outside to fetch it,  she knew by my reaction that I was reluctant to comply .
In my stubbornness , I should have realized  that once she issued an order , and there was no doubt  this was now  a direct order ,she would never retract it - especially in front of others.

She asked me two more times , each time with more firmness,  yet I remained stubbornly on the sofa  with our host watching the hockey game ,even though I knew she would not relent ,  convincing myself to stand my ground as it was her oversight.

Within seconds of ignoring her third command to comply , I felt her presence standing behind me at the sofa.
"Perhaps you didn't hear me ask you to go fetch the appetizer from the car?" she asked , this time with that 'I mean business' tone in her voice.
My friend looked over at me awaiting my response and increasing the pressure on my stubborn male ego.
I was admittedly torn.
If I complied with her order she might overlook my previous defiance , but  I would look like a real wimp in front of my friend.

On the other hand , if I boldly told her to go fetch it herself , I would  be venturing into unchartered waters.
However , being in a 'safe harbour' with friends present , I  gambled she would take no action until we got home when  ,  no doubt there would be hell to pay !

What a dilemma! Neither of us wanted to lose face in front of our good friends.
She could not accept such an open display of defiance , and I did not wish to back down now.
It was complicated by the fact that now our host and hostess were curiously aawaiting the outcome of our standoff!

As it turned out , she acted before I had time to decide.
MovIng around the sofa to stand beside me  ,  she gripped my ear, hoisting  me to my feet and ,  to everyone's surprise ,stunned me by delivering 3 sharp smacks to the seat of my pants! 
They were hard , loud and stung like heck!

"There's lots more where that came from if you don't go fetch that appetizer right now!" she warned , showing me her open palm that must have stung as much as my rear.
This turn of events produced contrasting reactions from our host and hostess .
While he looked as shell-shocked and as stunned as I was , his wife cackled loudly and clapped her hands in approval.

At that point I just wanted to get out of the spotlight , so mumbling a brief " sorry" , I scurried out to the car.
Our hostess was still grinning like a Cheshire cat when I returned with the appetizer .
My wife stood  boldly beside her , hands on hips , giving me that 'boy are you gonna get it when we get home!" glare.
"Thank you! That wasn't so difficult was it ?" she said sarcastically. 
To appease her I offered another , but more sincere "Sorry,"
"Oh your going to be sorry alright !" she responded , producing another giggle from our hostess.

Retaking my seat on the sofa beside my male comrade in arms , he considerately welcomed me as if the incident had never happened.
However ,  my wife had no intention of letting me off the hook so easily.
By defying her so openly , I had forfeited any obligation for her to be discrete about what was in store for me later.

So she gleefully spent the remainder of the evening openly  asserting her authority over me at every opportunity , issuing curt orders , scolding , and when I reacted with a sarcastic remark , warnedd"Do I need to smack your bottom again?" 
"Don't let me stop you!" our hostess laughed and my face flushed red.
My wife gloated in my discomfort , " It's best I wait until I get him home and smack it properly!" she replied.

I couldn't believe what she said in front of our hosts , even though I knew I would be paying dearly for my stubborn defiance.

I cringed when our Hostess asked the obvious question I hoped she would not 
"What do you mean properly?"
My jaw dropped as my wife pondered her response,  hoping her answer would spare me any further embarrassment.
"Well for one thing , I'll be using more than my hand to smack him!", she declared proudly.
Our Hostess , laughed and looked over at her husband "Maybe it's time I started giving you a few smacks baby?"she quipped and he blushed as much as I did.

I began to wonder if my wife had been giving our hostess some tips  as she began acting in a noticeably firmer manner with her husband
Interestingly , like me , this usually Alpha male raccepted his wife's new strict attitude without objection.

As we were getting ready to leave  , my wife told me to warm up the car for her and said it in a manner which left no doubt it was a command and not a request! 
This time I sensibly complied without question!
As I left our hostess remarked with a giggle , "You didn't have to ask him twice this time...I guess he doesn't want to get his bottom smacked again!" 
This time my wife , aided by a few glasses of Merlot , was more forthcoming , "Oh he's going to go over my knee for a darn fgood spanking......with my hairbrush and on his bare bottom!" she announced.

Upon my return from the cold  , I was on my best behaviour now, graciously helping her with her coat.
Our hostess playfully poked her husband in  the ribs "Do you see that?You never do that for me!" 
He just shrugged and grinned nervously.
"Perhaps you need a good spanking too!" she teased , as he looked on uncomfortably.

My wife grinned , "He's hoping I'll go easy on him if he's nice to me....", then giving  me a stern look added  ".....but he's wrong.....he is gonna get it but good!" .
This revelation produced more excited applause from our hostess , "I'll look forward to hearing the details tomorrow!" she chirped.

Once we had left the 'safe haven' of our friends' house  , I was immediately filled with dread .
Hoping for leniency ,  I dutifully opened the car door for my wife.
"That's more like it..." she remarked , settling into her seat ,"....but I'm afraid it's too little too late to save your ass !" she added with a determined smirk.
I was now the model husband , opening doors for her and helping her with her coat when we got home.
"Make us some coffee .We're going to be here for a while !" she demanded .
Under her close supervision , I made the coffee and  she roughly grabbed my ear.
"How dare you defy me like that in front of our friends ! It is not acceptable.Do you Understand?" she scolded , tugging harder on my ear.
Cringing I yelped avresponse , "Yes Ma'am! I'm sorry Ma'am!"
She pointed to the floor."Get down on your knees ! Now!"  she barked .

My knees hit the floor fast with a thud.
"Well?" she demanded putting a finger under my chin directing my gaze upwards.
I babbled out another apology , promising never to  defy her again.
Turning her back to me , she hoisted her dress and arched her back.
"Kiss my ass!" she ordered.

Her shapely bottom , encased in black panties, was a delectable sight so , without hesitation I planted a kiss on each cheek.
Then she spun around  to face me ,  kicking off her heels.
"Start grovelling!" she barked , pointing at her feet.
I bowed , affectionately kissing her feet and each of her meticulously painted toes.

Grabbing my hair she roughly hauled me to my feet.
"Now go to the bedroom , strip naked and wait for me ! I am going to give you a thrashing you will never forget!"she seethed through clenched teeth.
I'm sure she must have found my hasty little jog down the hallway quite amusing.

The wait long wait was unbearable ,   standing there naked and knowing what was to come .
My heart pounded when I heard her heels click on the wood floor , the doorknob slowly turn and the bedroom door slowly squeak  open.
Entering the room imperiously , she completely disregarded my presence .
Taking her time , she undid her dress , allowing it to drop to the floor and stepping out of it before carefully hanging it up.
She looked amazing , cleavage spilling from her low cut bra , and twin globes encased in those black bikini panties .

For the first time she acknowledged my presence.
Noticing my erection , she chuckled derisively and slapped it with her hand.
Reaching into her dresser drawer , she produced the dreaded hairbrush she used to  blister my behind more times than I wished to recall.

This time she looked me in the eye , clearing enjoying my terrified expression.
Menacingly tapping the back of the brush against her palm , she strutted before me, heels clicking and her eyes regarding my vulnerable nakedness.

"Fetch me your belt.The big wide defiance like that deserves a thorough leathering! " she announced.
My jaw dropped and heart pounded.
This was going to be bad!

Taking the belt from me she doubled it over and snapped it with a loud crack that made me visibly wince and began pacing again .
Eyeing me silently she stopped in front of me moving her face close to mine.
"So you think you're a big man openly defying me like that in front of our friends do you?" she challenged.

My head instinctively coiled back in defensive mode, "No Ma'am!" I quivered.
"Well you won't be such a big man once I'm finished tanning your backside mister! I'm going to leave marks on you that will last all week ... you'll still be feeling it when you sit down this time next week!"she warned.

She pointed to the bed , "Put those pillows in the centre of the bed and get your sorry ass nice and high for the belt" she ordered.
Within seconds , I was in place as she demanded , feeling very vulnerable with my bare ass high in the air.
Standing to my left , she lined up the leather across my bare cheeks.
"Let's see if you can take these like a real man!" she challenged.
Despite my best efforts to take it bravely , I howled through the  25 hard licks.
The leather was clearly favouring my right cheek so instinctively , I raised my left cheek , offering it as an alternative , but she ignored it , continuing to thrash away at my belaboured right cheek.

I was actually thankful when she stopped and walked around to the other side of the bed to commence the same treatment to my left cheek.
I didn't realize how loud I was howling until she paused after the first dozen to scold me,"If you keep up that noise the whole street is going  hear you....take your punishment like a man!" 

Gritting my teeth I tried my best to suppress my wailing as she continued to wallop my behind  venomously with the strap.
A short pause permitted me to calm down somewhat , but  I soon let out a blood curdling shriek.
She was now snapping the strap against the he tender skin of my upper thighs!
Instinctively I kicked my legs and was rewarded with some stinging licks on my lower legs .
"I suggest you stay still ....before there is collateral damage !" she warned ,a hint of glee in her voice.

When the thrashing finally stopped after a full 100 licks of the leather , I could do nothing but lay there breathing heavily .
She was also out of breath from all her efforts and took a needed a break before the next phase.
I could only pray for it to be over soon and was deeply regretting my stupid  defiance.

Climbing on the bed , she sat on the small of my back and I felt her fingers spread my cheeks apart.
'She wouldn't!'I thought to myself.
'Yes she would!'
She snapped the leather against the virgin territory of my inner cheeks.

The pain was excruciating and I tried to stay as still as possible  in case the belt might connect with my privates.
It was rapid-fire and coming from all directions .
I  don't know how many licks she gave me , but my cheeks were throbbing and felt like they were twice their normal size when she was done.

I gasped a sigh of relief when I felt her slide off my back .
"Get up!" she barked , and when I rose she already had the spanking chair in place.
She placed the hairbrush on the chair and retrieved  a pair of skimpy lace panties from her dresser.
To my surprise she handed them to me , "Put these on! I bought them special for you." she barked.
My jaw dropped , "WHAAT! " I gasped.
She leaned forward , eyeing me earnestly , "Are you defying me again? Because if you are I can keep this up all night if I have to!"

I knew she wasn't reluctantly squeezed  into the tiny  panties.
They were darn uncomfortable.... being  a few sizes too small and over a well thrashed and swollen backside.

She held back a laugh when she saw me in the ridiculous garment.
"How cute!" she grinned , playfully patting my red cheeks.
Then , placing her thumbs in the waistband of her own panties she wiggled out of them.
"Open wide Sweetie!" she teased , waving the panties at my face.
I complied and she happily stuffed them deep inside my mouth until I gagged.
"That will keep the noise down from all your squealing!" she teased.

She proceeded to seat herself comfortably on the chair.
"Over you go!" she ordered with a smirk , patting her tanned thighs.
Roughly she yanked down my new panties to expose my bare behind.
"Oh my...your poor bottom is already a big mess.I can just imagine what it will look like after my hairbrush! Poor you." she teased with a pout , clearly in her element now.

The panty gag turned out to be a great idea , as my frenzied cries were muffled nicely.
She heartily cracked the business end of that nasty hairbrush against my already severely battered rear quarters.
Despite my tenderness she held nothing back , genuinely blistering my poor behind .

I was sobbing and wailing now , a truly sorry husband who would never think of openly defying  his wife again.
Mercifully , she stopped spanking and I winced when she roughly hoisted  the panties back up over my tender , swollen cheeks!
I slid off her lap , kneeling on the floor , my head tilting back to inspect the damage she had inflicted .
Her satisfied expression had just a hint of empathy.

"That ought to do you.....for now!" she declared , leaning forward to extract the panties from my agape jaw.
Despite this release I  had no words , only groans and moans.
She rose from the chair ,  let out a loud sigh and  lay on her back on the bed.
Parting her legs , she curled a finger to beckon me to her.
"You have one more thing to do for me before your forgiven!" she pouted , raising her hips.

For the first time my thoughts strayed from my well punished behind.
"You can take off the panties now!" she grinned .
I smiled and gratefully obliged , handing them  to her.
"Oh you can keep them'll be wearing them to work all week!" she announced with a chuckle.

She was feeling very pleased with herself the following morning and insisted on inspecting her handiwork .
My backside had recovered somewhat from the beating she had laid on , but was still well marked, bruised and swollen . It would be incredibly sore for days....especially when sitting.

As we dressed for church , she glanced over at me as she stepped into her Sunday dress.
"Aren't you forgetting something dear?" she asked as I reached for my pants.
"Uh?" I gave her a confused look.
She smiled broadly , " Your panties...I wasn't kidding! Put them on."she said firmly.

My shoulders slumped , "AW Honey?" I whined.
Her eyes widened and a hand moved to the hairbrush sitting on her dresser , "Do you need another lesson on defiance?" she asked.
"No Dear." I babbled and began guiding my feet into the tiny undies.

I knew the worst was not over yet.
Having to sit ....or I should say squirm ....through a long church service sitting on those hard wooden pews was bad enough , but when I saw our friends approach us outside afterwards I just wanted the ground to swallow me up.
An impish smile played on my wife's face. "Please don't tell them about my spanking Honey..." I pleaded.

Tossing her head back confidently she looked me in the eye and I grimaced when she squeezed my tender cheeks with her hand. "Don't worry lips are sealed...but I believe all that squirming you were doing will be enough to let them know what happened.I'll let you explain why your bottom is too sore to sit!"

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Spanked Curlers - MF Spanking Cartoon

It seems these Ladies partied a bit too much on the eve of an important Curling Bonspiel and paid the price with a darn good bottom roasting from their Husbands .
Their earlier decision to wear 'mini-kilts' with matching thongs to tease their men added to their embarrassment.
I'm sure the Television Colour Commentators noticed a bit more red than usual?

Friday, March 1, 2019

Flip-Flop Walloping - FM Spanking Cartoon

It's not a good idea to take your new Girlfriend to the beach and then start flirting with other girls.
It's so hard not too look at those pretty girls in those tiny bikini's,  but if he thought his girlfriend wouldn't notice he was very wrong!
This young man is about to find out the hard way , the price to be paid for such an indiscretion.
He will also discover that his new Girlfriend believes in 'on the spot' discipline ....and that a flip -flop is a perfect spanking implement !