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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Darla the Switch - FM Spanking Story

It had been quite an adventure but Darla was pleased that she and Steve were finally a real couple.
Of course , part of the deal was that Darla would  go over Steve's lap for  a good , old-fashioned bottom warming on a regular basis , which she loved as much as Steve did.
The spankings were always well deserved , fun , and the sex afterwards was out of this world.
Steve was also happy , not only to have a beautiful woman in his life , but to be able to resume his spanking activities.

One day , as Darla stood in the grocery line she felt a tap on her shoulder and was surprised to see Steve’s ex-wife Donna smiling at her.
Darla and Donna had not met formally , but had exchanged pleasantries on the few social occasions when their paths had crossed.
Donna had always been friendly to Darla , and held no animosity so she had no issue  striking up a conversation with her.

Darla found out that they actually had a lot in common , and the pair continued to chat amiably even after they had made their purchases.
“I always make a point to stop at the Starbucks across the street after shopping ……..would you care to join me ?” Donna asked tentatively.
Steve was out playing squash with friends so Darla readily accepted the invitation.

Once they were sipping on their fancy lattes , the conversation soon turned to Steve.
Donna artfully steered the conversation , but Darla was happy to engage and find out more about her new boyfriend.
 If she was going to be really serious about Steve , who knew him better than the woman who was married to him for almost 10 years.

The women exchanged funny stories and some of Steve’s good -.and not so good- traits.
Donna offered Darla another latte but she waved her away.
“One of those is enough for me Donna…but I would love a nice glass of wine!”
“A woman after my own heart….I know just the place!” Donna responded.

Linking arms and giggling like schoolgirls the new friends made their way to the local wine bar.
After downing a carafe of the house red , their conversation was becoming more risqué and Donna insisted on a refill.
“Why not  Donna …..Steve can be so inconsiderate when he goes out with his friends .... God knows when he’ll be home !” Darla declared.

Donna raised an eyebrow and touched her new friend’s arm reassuringly.
“You mustn’t let him get away with that Darla….I certainly didn’t…” she said.
Darla laughed mockingly , “ Really? ….and exactly what do you suggest I do about it?”
Donna answered without the slightest hesitation,"Oh I would put him over my knee and gave him a darn good spanking my hairbrush !"

There was silence while Darla tried to process Donna’s comment.
“But I thought Steve was the one who liked to spank ?” she asked.
“Oh he does …..but it took me a while to figure out that Steve’s a switch! The truth is Darla,  that your sweet Steve needs  a strong woman to put him over her knee and paddle HIS backside when he needs it…and believe me , judging by the way he’s treating you , he really needs it  girlfriend !”

Darla’s  curiosity was at a peak now , and she listened while  Donna shared the stories of  how she would  spank  her ex-husband.
At first the idea seemed absurd to Darla  , but the more she listened the more excited and turned on she became.
After all , if it was what Steve wanted she was happy to give it to him.

That evening when Darla arrived home there was no still no sign of Steve.
She couldn't stop thinking about what Donna had told her and wondered if she would have  the courage to follow through.
Steve had certainly given her enough reasons to spank  his backside and she was genuinely excited about giving him what he deserved....and wanted.

She went upstairs , opened the top drawer of her dresser , rummaged through her collection of hairbrushes and let out a loud sigh.
They were all of the flimsy , plastic variety and hardly up to the task she had in mind
Then she remembered something.
A few weeks ago she had to wear her rarely used dark blue business suit to an important meeting and  Steve noticed the back was covered in lint.
He had just the thing to remove the lint and Darla remembered exactly where he kept it.
Opening  Steve’s  wardrobe she beamed when she saw it  hanging in full view!

It was a very large men’s clothes brush made of solid mahogany , about ½ thick with  a nice long handle.
She tapped the back against her palm  , "OUCHIE!" she giggled.
It felt so hard and heavy , and she winced at the very thought of it being applied to tender bare skin , but she remembered Donna’s words : “The harder you paddle him the more he'll love you for it….sure he’ll screech , yell and squirm but just ignore him until the job is done!”

Looking around the bedroom , Darla’s  focus shifted to  the sturdy antique armless chair which sat by in the corner.
She moved it to the centre of the room and then sat on it for a moment to test its location and comfort.
Making sure she had  lots of room on either side , she squeezed on the brush handle and raised her arm to shoulder height to measure her swing.
As she did so , her hand remained in the air , her grip on the brush tightening while she pictured Steve’s firm , muscular , lily-white backside being presented before her.
The very thought sent a charge of excitement pulsing through her veins.

Darla undressed,  treating herself to a long , soothing soak in the tub while she waited for her man’s return.
It was well past midnight when she heard the front door open and Steve’s restrained footsteps on the stairs.
Taking a deep breath , she sank deeper into the tub basking in the dim candle-lights.
Surprisingly her preparation had left her feeling very relaxed and confident.

The bedroom door slowly creaked open….”Darla?” Steve said softly  after a short pause.
All the bedroom lights were on , and the chair sat prominently in the sitting area with  the clothes-brush on the seat.
While her boyfriend took in the scene , Darla rose  out of the tub ,wrapping her moist body in her favourite silk bathrobe.
Tucking her feet into her matching low-heeled bedroom slippers she tied up the robe in front and glanced at herself in the mirror.
The robe was short , showing off her , shapely , dancer legs and as it was held together loosely by the tie leaving it open almost to her naval and barely containing her firm breasts.

She strode confidently into the bedroom rendering Steve dumbstruck.
Without even acknowledging his presence she walked purposefully to the chair and picked up the brush.
Her eyes peered into Steve’s and he gulped when she tapped the back of the brush against her palm.
“Well…well… finally decided to come home did you  ?” she said sarcastically taking her seat on the chair.
Crossing her shapely legs seductively she allowed her robe to ride even higher up her thighs.

“Er…uh…I was playing squash……we had a few beers after.....I didn’t think you’d mind……” Steve began eying his girlfriend's inviting lap .
“…...that’s the problem Steve… don’t think about anybody but yourself  do you?” Darla scolded.
Steve opened his mouth to reply,  but Darla was on a roll.
“I don’t want to hear any more of your silly excuses Steve ,  and I’m not prepared to tolerate your inconsideration any longer… things are going to change around here ….starting now!”

She began tapping the brush again and noticed Steve’s reaction was a combination of guilt and excitement.
“I’m sure you’ve figured out what I’m planning to do with this brush haven’t you ?” she chided.
Steve blushed “….er….um…you’re going to give me spanking?” he offered timidly.
Darla wanted to giggle at his squeamish response but managed to retain her stoic demeanour.

“Yes I’m going to give you a long overdue spanking.. and I intend to really blister your bottom mister!” she said through gritted teeth.
With that , she parted her legs slightly to give Steve a teasing glimpse of her glistening jewels , and patted her lap.“OK , bare that bottom and over you go then!” she ordered pointing to her lap.

Steve needed no further instruction, promptly whisking down his jeans and shorts and draping himself obediently over his girlfriend’s awaiting lap.
Darla moistened when she felt Steve's erection nestle against her thighs.
She had never felt so empowered  , and paused to savour the moment , teasing her man’s taut white buttocks with the back of the brush as he lay there completely vulnerable and under her command for the first time.

She began tapping the brush lightly against his skin and watched his cheeks tense in anticipation of the punishment to come.
Steve's erection grew even larger and Darla parted her legs further , before closing them , trapping his shaft between her thighs.

She remembered Donna’s advice : ‘ Once he’s bare-assed over your knee don’t hold back!"
Raising the brush to shoulder height she brought it down smartly on Steve’s right buttock.
The loud crack surprised them both and Steve shuddered and let out an audible gasp.
Darla delivered another hard  spank to the opposite cheek which produced a similar result.
The next spank was a good deal harder and she surprised him by delivering it to the same cheek instead of alternating.
This time it produced a satisfying “OW!”
Immediately she followed up with another spank to the same favourite spot and he let out a loud “OUCH!”

The first four spanks completed , Darla paused to examine the target.
Steve’s left cheek was turning a bright pink where 3 of the swats had landed and a less visible pink oval had formed on the other cheek.
Putting her left palm on the small of his back , Steve recognized the signal that his spanking was about to start for real!

He gritted his teeth , clenched his cheeks , tightened his grip on the chair leg and then stretched his legs out , crossing one over the other.
Darla smiled to herself , once again recalling Donna’s useful instructions.
“I know what you’re doing Steve , so bend those knees and get that butt right out where I can tan it properly. Just for that you’re going to be bending  over for a  dozen with the belt!”
Steve groaned but reluctantly complied.

Darla lifted the hairbrush and went about her business , walloping Steve’s bare behind fast and furiously with the brush.
It wasn’t long before he was bucking and squirming on her lap to avoid the seemingly endless barrage.
His  entire bottom was a blazing red now but Darla continued to snap the brush against her target with vigour.
After delivering a good 100 or more swats  non-stop she paused to catch her breath.

Thinking that  signalled the end of his ordeal , Steve let out a gasp of relief ”AAWW….PLEASE STOP SWEETIE …MY ASS IS ON FIRE…..”
Darla cackled mockingly.
“Is it really ? Then just think what it will feel like once I’m finished!” and with that she raised the brush again , bringing it down extra hard this time , producing loud shrieks from her wiggling boyfriend.

Her energy restored she began spanking harder and faster.
Steve lost  any remaining composure , wailing , bawling and frantically kicking his legs.
Darla surprised him by delivering a series of stinging swats to the back of his thighs.
“OW!” “YEOOW!” “STOPPIT!” “NOT THERE …. PLEEEEASE!” he howled.
“I told you to keep those legs bent didn’t I?” she scolded delivering another  series of swats to the back of  Steve's thighs.
“OW! YEOOW! YES MA’AM!” Steve replied and  pulled his legs back into position.
“That’s a good boy......20 more nice hard ones and we'll be almost done.” She said sympathetically.

Targeting his sensitive sit-spots , Darla began delivering hard , measured swats , as hard as she could muster alternating from cheek to cheek.
Steve howled and pleaded after each one but she persevered until she had counted out a full 20.
“I haven’t forgotten that dozen I promised you for trying to cheat!” she reminded him.
“AW DARLA…NOOOO!” hee begged.

Releasing her grip , she allowed him to rise unsteadily to his feet and whacked his hands with the brush when he tried to rub his sore backside.
“Did I say you could rub mister ? Bend over and grab your ankles…let’s get this over with!” she said.

Anxious to end his ordeal , Steve obediently assumed the position , presenting his already blistered backside for further chastisement .His legs were spread apart and slightly bent giving Darla's  access to the ultra sensitive area between his cheeks.
Darla retrieved a wide , leather belt from Steve's wardrobe , the one Donna suggested would be there , and  took up a position behind him which gave her lots of room to really swing the belt.

With all the commotion , her robe had become completely undone so she  removed it and delivered the final phase of his punishment completely naked.
She felt like an Amazon warrior.
Planting her left foot for balance , Darla leaned forward and placed the belt against Steve’s rump to measure her aim.

Leaning back and raising the belt high , she swung it as hard as she could , the impact almost sending him reeling.
“AAAARHHMPHH!” he gasped hysterically.
“Please Darla…enough…I can’t take anymore…” he sobbed.
For a moment Darla felt enough sympathy to consider his plea , but again remembered Donna’s advice to ignore his pleading and apologizing .
“It’s please Ma’am!” she corrected.
“PLEASE STOP MA’AM” he repeated.

The leather fell 3 more times in rapid succession and Steve wailed .
‘WHAP!’ “OW!”

Slowly and methodically , Darla completed the remaining licks , making sure the final two were extra hard.
Afterwards she stood proudly naked behind her man , beads of sweat forming on her body from the exertion.
Steve by contrast , looked and felt like 5 miles of bad road.

His backside was battered and blistered and it was all he could do to remain in position , legs parted ,  ass high in the air ,  hands still gripping his ankles.
“You may get up now.” Darla said in a commanding but softer tone.
Slowly he rose up , his hands immediately going back to comfort his roasted rear-quarters.
This time Darla permitted him permission to rub.

It took a few moments for him to regain his composure and turn around to face Darla.
His jaw dropped at the sight of her naked body .
Without saying a word , she sat on the bed , spreading her legs wide.
"Pleasure me!" She purred.
Steve instinctively dropped to his knees , hungrily burying his face between his  girlfriend’s legs.

Leaning back , Darla moaned and ground her hips while  Steve pleasured her with his tongue and lips.
Steve paused to look up at Darla with pleading eyes.
“Not yet mister…..” she said, boldly putting a hand on his head and plunging it back between her legs.
Steve continued until Darla's screams of joy filled the room with an intense orgasm which seemed  repeated itself over and over.

Breathless and gasping she supported herself with her hands.
Steve looked up at her again , this time rising to his feet so that his erection was inches from her face.
Darla stood up , brushing her nakedness against him.
“UUURGH!” he let out a guttural grunt when Darla roughly took hold of his erection with one hand and grasped his balls with the other.
“Hands on your head!” she commanded and he reluctantly replied.

A mischievious grin played on Darla’s face as she began pumping Steve’s shaft up and down.
“Please…no Darla…not that…STOP !” he begged.
Completely in control now,  Darla squeezed his balls tighter  and began pumping his  raw shaft harder and faster.
“Slow down…please Honey….” Steve pleaded.
She looked him in the eye and continued until he exploded in a violent eruption.
Darla was amazed at the force and quantity of the fluid spurting out , and continued to squeeze and yank on his member until every last drop had fallen.

Her man’s final act of submission complete , Darla took him in her arms and hugged him hard.
“Darla  I…..” Steve began but Darla stopped him with a finger on his lips.
“We’ll talk about it in the morning sweetie…” she whispered.

The following morning was somewhat uncomfortable for Steve after the events of the previous evening .
Darla was up early as usual and the smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon drew him to the kitchen.
Snuggling up to her , he planted a kiss on the nape of her neck where she loved it and he was rewarded with the usual girlish giggle.
“Steve….can’t you see I’m cooking bacon here?” she scolded mockingly.

He put a hand back to sooth his aching backside.
“My ass is hotter than that pan after last night!” he said with a grimace.
Darla laughed. “It all your own fault, now sit down… breakfast will be ready soon.!”

Warily studying the hard kitchen chair Steve jokingly suggested Darla fetch a pillow for him.
"The only thing I'm going to fetch for you is the brush if you don't sit down!" she warned. 
Steve winced and groaned when his backside touched the unforgiving wooden seat while Darla laughed mockingly at his squirming  as she carried two plates to the table to join him.

As he ate , Darla leaned her elbows on the table and looked seriously at him.
“Let’s talk about last night shall we?” she asked.
Steve blushed but managed a nod as he chewed on his toast.
“What’s to talk about….I screwed up , you blistered my butt and I deserved it.” He said.

Darla smiled . Donna told her it would be easy and she was right again.
“Good! I’m glad we have an understanding because from now on your backside will be getting a regular taste of that brush . I said there were going to be some changes around here and I was serious.” She declared boldly.

Darla then proceeded to lay out the ground rules of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour for Steve and the consequences for violations.
Steve listened like an entranced schoolboy and was obviously very happy to hear his girlfriend’s bold declaration.
“You’re the boss Ma’am.” he acknowledged rising from his chair as he took a final gulp of his coffee.
“Gotta go Honey….duty calls!” he said happily.

As he turned to go , Darla took hold of his arm and pulled him close to her.
“You know , this doesn't mean you should stop spanking me Steve.....actually I did something yesterday that deserves an epic bottom warming.” She purred.
“…..and just what might that have been ?” Steve asked curiously.
Darla leaned into his ear to whisper a reply which inspired him to deliver a hearty slap to her rear which made her cheeks jiggle.
“That's just a sample of what you'll get tonight young lady!" He warned with a smirk.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Janet's Winter Warning - MF Spanking Cartoon

With the early dumping of snow we have had up here ,  it's my civic duty to remind all of you to make sure you install snow tires on your vehicle.
Don't be like Sandra who ignored her Husband's Winter warning and is now receiving a richly deserved Winter 'WARMING' for risking the safety of her and her family.
I certainly hope Sandra didn't ignore her husband's warning on purpose just to earn herself a trip across his knee?
If she did , she is in for a surprise as this time she will be spanked with the dreaded hairbrush.
Sandra will not be wishing to do any driving in the near future once he's done with her , and she will be very embarrassed when her Mechanic asks her what prompted her to make an appointment to have the tires changed......

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy US Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US Friends!

A little advice for all you guys out there :

....and I would be amiss if I didn't offer a little advice for all you ladies out there :

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sorry ! - FM Spanking Cartoon

Sorry : 'A feeling of regret or penitence'

This strict wife is going to make sure her naughty husband will be feeling  true regret -
Every time he tries to sit down for the next day or two !

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Professor Spankem's School for Wives - MF Spanking Cartoon

Professor Spankem can understand why so many Husbands are sending their Wives to his exclusive school.
Not only are his students spoilt , rude and lazy but they simply do not seem to learn anything easily.
The Professor's palm is almost worn out by the end of each day from administering so many spankings.
He has never seen so many bottoms squirming on their seats at every class.
"If I didn't know better , I would think you ladies enjoy being spanked!" he tells them.
Could he be correct????