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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Look What You Did ! - MF Spanking Comic

Well it seems Jennie was taking a little too long getting ready to go to Clint's Rodeo BBQ , so he  decided to hurry her up the old fashioned way that Cowboys giving her a good spanking!
However , he has left his pretty girlfriend with a dilemma as to how to cover up those nice red cheeks!
She already has revenge on her mind , and Clint should beware of that big hairbrush on her dresser !

Friday, July 13, 2018

Prelude to a Spanking - FM Spanking Comic

'Prelude' : an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.

When a naughty Husband sees that hairbrush in his Strict Wife's hand , he knows he has done something wrong and that an important act or event will soon occur.All Strict Wives have their own way of enacting the prelude to a good spanking and here are some of them :

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Rita's Revenge - FM Spanking Comic

When Jeb started dating Rita he just couldn't wait to find a reason to take her over his lap and spank her delicious bare bottom.
Finally , the feisty Rita gave him an opportunity to do just that , but afterwards his new girlfriend was intent on revenge.
If Jeb was ok with spanking her , then surely he could have no objection if she did the same to him ?
What Jeb did not know , and soon found out , was that Rita's idea of discipline was a lot more intense than the hand spanking he gave her!
For starters , she insisted he be stark naked for his punishment , which initially excited him ....until Rita brought out her well-used leather tawse and proceeded to thrash his bare backside with it until he was hollering for mercy.
Of course , he also learned that Rita had no ear for mercy....she , and only she , decided when his punishment was over .
When Rita had finished blistering Jeb's rear quarters , she had him hold out the hand which had spanked her bottom to punish it also. Just to be sure , she gave the same treatment to his ' non-spanking' hand.
One thing was for sure , Jeb's stinging palms would not spank her shapely globes ever again.
From now on , she was the only one doing the spanking .....and Jeb was just fine with that !

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Stay in Position! - FM Spanking Cartoon

Naughty husband's should know there is a reason their strict wife ordered them to bend over that chair.
He needs to hold on to it and avoid moving out of position while she is paddling his backside.

However , as his paddling progresses ,most husband's find staying in place to be very difficult.

This displeases his wife who will only paddle harder  and will consider any swats landing 'off target' to be collateral damage