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Thursday, May 31, 2018

She never forgets - FM Spanking Story

Eric and Karen waved goodbye to their friends and closed the door.
"Where are you going?" Karen asked her husband when he headed in the direction of the television.
"I can catch still the last period of the game..." Eric replied , stopping in his tracks as if awaiting his wife's permission.

Eric knew he was already on thin ice after repeatedly interrupting his wife earlier in the evening as she was telling a story to their guests.
Karen pointed to the kitchen , "Right now I need you to take care of the dirty dishes!"
Eric's shoulders slumped , "Can't I do them in the morning Sweetie ?" he asked.
His wife's jaw tightened , "No !You'll do them now....the game can wait!"

Moments later a disgruntled Eric was standing at the sink washing the dishes as his wife busied herself tidying up.
Eric expressed his frustration by loudly banging each dish after he had washed it.
His less than subtle insubordination did not escape his wife's attention ,"Are you giving me attitude Eric?" she asked sternly
"Of course not!" Eric replied gruffly , with a hint of sarcasm. 

Karen paused and turned to look at him.
"Well it sure sounds to me like you are...which  reminds me , in case you think I'd forgotten , you were constantly interrupting me when I was speaking tonight.You know that is not allowed." 
Eric let out an exaggerated sigh.
He was hoping she had forgotten.

"Er...uhm...I'm sorry about that Sweetie....." he mumbled.
Karen folded her arms and leaned back on the counter , a smug smile playing on her face.
"You actually thought I'd forgotten about that didn't you?" she asked  , her pony tail bobbing as she shook her head.
"Well I said I was sorry!" Eric replied indignantly.
"Oh you're going to be sorry alright soon as you're done with those dishes I'll take care of that attitude of yours!" his wife warned.

Eric turned to face her ,"Aw no honey.....please.." he pleaded.
Karen waved a finger at him , "You know the rules lets have no excuses .You've got 5 minutes to finish those dishes and get your little tushie up to the bedroom.....and that little tushie is going to get a taste of my hairbrush that you'll remember for quite a while!" she announced ,  turning on her heel and leaving her husband alone with the dirty dishes.

The next morning , Karen' s correction of her husband's attitude had clearly worked , as he was up early and in the kitchen ,busily preparing breakfast when she awoke .
"Well , well....I think I'm going to blister your butt every night if this is the result!"she beamed proudly , planting a kiss on Eric's neck and snuggling close to him.

Eric flinched when she grasped his rear end , "Oh sorry about that sweetie...." she chirped  , "....I forgot your poor little tushie is going to be very , very sore for a while." she said with a chuckle.
Eric put a hand back to rub the seat of his boxers ,"I'll say! You really laid it on good last butt is still glowing!"he smiled.

His wife gave his cute bottom a playful smack , making him wince again and let out a little "ouch".
"....and so it should be dear! After breakfast I think I'd like to inspect my handiwork ......just to see for myself!" she teased , taking her seat on a stool at the counter.

Eric placed her breakfast plate in front of her , "You don't have to look so smug my dear..." he replied .
His wife grinned when Eric declined her offer to sit next to her , preferring to eat his breakfast standing at the counter.
"It's so nice to be able to sit down for breakfast.....too bad you can't !" she teased , wiggling her bottom on the seat for emphasis.
"Sitting is not an option when you have a backside as sore as mine! " heR husband replied with a sporting grin.

Just then , the phone rang and Karen promptly picked it up.
"Oh hi Jen! Yes we really enjoyed last night as well......ok ...great idea...I'm in , but let me ask Eric if he's up to it." she gushed.
Putting a hand over the receiver she leaned over to Eric , "Jen and Ron are going for a bike ride this morning and would like us to join in? ...that is....considering" she asked with a smirk.

Her husband's face contorted in a grimace and he instinctively rubbed his rear end again , " .....a bike ride? this morning?" he moaned.
Karen was enjoying watching her husband's discomfort ,"So are you going ...or shall I tell Jen you can't come because I spanked your naughty bottom so hard last night that you're too sore to sit?" she asked with a glint in her eye.

Eric's eyes widened , "You wouldn't ?" he whispered.
An impish grin spread over his wife's  face ,  "Oh wouldn't I?" she replied , returning the receiver to her lips.
"Hi Jen....Eric's not too keen on a bike ride this morning ....." she began before Eric's flailing arms paused her.
He could hear Jen speaking and Karen giggled girlishly ,"I thought so! OK then Jen , we'll meet you at the bike trail in an hour once we've finished breakfast and Eric has cleaned up!"

Karen needed a moment to compose herself and stop giggling after she had hung up the phone .
"Don't worry least you won't be the only riding a bike on a sore bottom! It seems Jen's hairbrush was very busy last night as well , and made quite a lasting impression on Ron's rear end .We figure you guys can wear your cycling pants for some padding ......or you can always ride standing on the pedals!" she laughed.

Eric pouted , poking his fork at his food.
Karen scooped a forkful of her scrambled eggs into her mouth , "Don't start with that attitude of yours again mister because I have no problem to give you a repeat of what I gave you last night!"she warned.
"Sorry honey!" her husband replied promptly.
Karen raised a brow ,"Sorry who?" she challenged.
Her tone forced her sulking husband to look up from his plate , "I'm Sorry Ma'am." He corrected with a blush.

Karen shook her head in disbelief , "You guys just never learn do you? Pass me that spatula , drop your boxers and bend over the counter!" she ordered.
"Aw no honey....please!" Eric pleaded but still handed his wife  the big spatula .
With a sigh , he dropped his boxers and presented his already tenderized bottom for further correction.

Karen smiled and admired her husband's bottom which still bore the telltale marks of her hairbrush.
"I doubt if padded cycling pants are going to help you after this mister" she scolded , rolling up her sleeve.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Formality - FM Spanking Story

Alan smirked with disbelief when he entered the spare bedroom , " This is a little over the top Diane don't you think?" he declared , his eyes scanning the room.

His wife sat behind a large , antique desk positioned opposite a matching full wall bookcase.
In front of the desk were two sturdy wooden chairs , oddly one with a padded seat , the other without.

Diane herself was formally dressed in a smart business dress and heels.
Her long mane was neatly tied up in a bun on top of her head , emphasizing her classic high cheekbones and full lips.
A pair of oversized , horn rimmed glasses were perched on her nose.

She peered over the glasses to regard her husband ,who was somewhat under dressed by comparison.

In front of Diane was a formal looking document with a fountain pen beside it.
"Actually I think it's just right Alan.I told you I was going to take this seriously. Now have a seat and let's get started shall we?" she responded.

Her husband momentarily paused to decide which chair to use.
Noticing his confusion , his wife intervened, " You'll find this one more comfortable...for'll be sitting on the other one later." she explained , a faint smile playing on her pretty face as she directed him  to the padded seat.

Still surprised by his surroundings , Alan sat down.
His wife immediately got down to business by  pushing the document in front of him.
"So what is this?" he asked .

"It's the Domestic Discipline contract we discussed last week.I suggest you read it carefully before you sign." Diane advised earnestly.

Alan moved his gaze from the document to his wife's face, "Do we really need to be this formal sweetie?" he asked.
Diane returned his stare with an earnest one of her own , "Oh I believe we do Alan.Please read it carefully....and ,by the way, you will refer to me as 'Ma'am' until this session is complete."

Alan looked stunned by his wife's reply.
"Seriously? Ma'am?"
Diane pointed to the agreement , "It's all in the agreement Alan.Read!" She said,her tone tightening.

Alan lowered his eyes and began reading. 
As he read , his face flushed and he shifted uneasily in his chair.
The document was not lengthy but Alan found himself re-reading some sections in a state of disbelief.
Finally he looked up at Diane , "I know we agreed this would be a good idea but now that I see it in writing I'm not so sure Sweetie...." he babbled nervously.
Diane leaned closer , "Ma'am!" she corrected.
"Uhm'am." He added.

"Well I have no intention of forcing  you to sign anything under duress Alan , but I would remind you that this was your idea in the first place." Diane told him.
Alan fidgeted with the document , flipping the pages back and forth.
"I know I Ma'am ....but I...." he stammered.

Diane sighed impatiently , "...but what Alan ? Do you wish me to take care of your discipline or not ? If not then let's use the remainder of this meeting to discuss the alternatives shall we?"

Alan put up a palm to placate his wife.
"No Ma'am....I mean yes...that is...I don't have an alternative Ma'am.I guess seeing it in writing so formally is just a bit of a shock that's all..."

His wife grinned , " Well I am a lawyer Alan and I like formality.Unless you have any questions then I suggest you sign so we can get down to business!"

Alan's jaw dropped , "Get down to business?" he asked uneasily.
"Yes.To take care of a few 'issues' of yours we discussed previously.Do I need to remind you about them?" his wife responded.

Alan waved his hand , " No....No Ma'am! I know what they are...".
Picking up the pen , he quickly signed the document.
Diane reclined back in her plush leather chair ,looking very satisfied, and took the signed document from her husband.
"Let's make sure we keep this somewhere safe in case we need to refer to it!" she said ,opening the desk drawer and slipping the document inside.

Abruptly she stood up , straightened her tight skirt  and waved her hand imperiously at Alan,  "OK Alan.Get your clothes off then."she ordered.
"WHAT?" her husband gasped .
His wife let out a sigh and  stood with hands on hips addressing him sternly.
"It's all in the agreement you just read and signed Alan.Now hurry along and strip off all your clothes before you try my patience."

 Alan knew from his wife's tone it was best not to argue so slowly began removing his clothes. As he undressed , Diane opened the doors of the large cupboard behind her desk and scooped up a large wooden paddle with holes in it.

Alan's eyes widened at the sight of it."You're not going to use that on me are you?" he asked uncertainly.
"Of course I am!"Diane replied , swishing the implement through the air to make a menacing sound. 

Diane nodded her approval when her husband stood naked at attention before her.Pointing the paddle at the desk "Over the desk.Reach forward .Legs apart!" she ordered curtly.
Alan placed both palms on his buttocks and gave them a preparatory rub before assuming the position.
Gripping the edge of the table ,he gritted his teeth in anticipation, his cheeks clenching involuntarily .

He could hear his wife's heels tapping on the wooden floor as she paced behind him and the occasional 'WHOOSH!' of the paddle as she practiced her swing.
Finally she spoke."Now that you have formally agreed to accept discipline from me Alan I expect you to to respect all my decisions regarding your behaviour , do you understand?"

Alan coughed nervously before replying , "Yes I understand." he muttered.
His wife let out an exasperated sigh , "Yes I understand 'MA'AM' ! I'm still sensing some attitude Alan!"she warned. 
Despite having signed an agreement , Alan was clearly having trouble complying.
He turned his head to face her , "I have to call you Ma'am now? Why do I have to do that?" he challenged indignantly.
His wife gritted her teeth and made another loud 'whooshing' sound with the paddle , making Alan visibly wince.
"Formality my dear Alan , formality....I'm not try my patience!"she responded firmly.

Alan returned his gaze to the front to avoid his wife's glare , "Sorry 'MA'AM' ! ".
Diane smiled with satisfaction and lustily eyed her husband's smooth , lily white cheeks , laid out nicely for her paddle.
"By the time I'm done with you I can assure you that  you'll understand the meaning of formality Alan!" she warned as she stepped back and raised the paddle over her head.
Diane was going to enjoy this more than she thought....

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

More Injured Pride - FM Spanking Comic

Well it appears that even a double dose of his wife's hairbrush is not enough to break this stubborn husband featured in a previous post :

Injured Pride

However , a disciplinary wife always has a variety of weapons in her arsenal and there is always one which sends chills through his spine at the mere sight of it.
A sound application of leather to his backside after the harshness of the wood is just what he needs to get that attitude of his in line.
He will say anything to make her stop but she pays no attention to his howling and pleading fact it inspires her to strap him even harder and longer.
His stubborn male pride soon evaporates and he willingly kneels before her and follows her every command! 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

More Doctors Orders - FM Spanking Story

In this sequel to  Doctor's Orders , our spoilt playboy Lord Reginald Chumley is still trying to romance the stunning Doctor Florence Davenport......

Doctor Florence Davenport's assistant entered her office carrying a huge bouquet of roses.
"More flowers from Lord Chumley Doctor! Where shall I put them?" she asked.
The pretty Doctor shook her head , "He certainly is persistent!Send them off to the retirement home with the others Sally please."

"He's called four times already today asking to speak with you Doctor.What should I do?" Sally said.
Doctor Davenport sighed and looked up from her paperwork , "I see I must do something about our Lord Chumley...make an appointment for him at at 5pm today Sally please"
Sally looked puzzled , "But your last appointment is at 4pm Doctor...."
Florence smiled at her , "It's OK Sally , you can leave at the regular time.I can handle Lord Chumley on my own."

Back at the Manor , Lord Reginald Chumley burst with excitement when his Housekeeper Mona brought him the good news about his 5pm appointment with Doctor Davenport.
"I knew she couldn't resist much woman can!" he boasted.
Mona shook her head , "I wouldn't be so sure about that Reginald.Doctor Davenport is not like those women who swoon over you well know!" she smirked.

Reginald's pride momentarily sagged when he recalled how the good Doctor had humiliated him so much when she had paid him a house call a month ago.
"This time will be different Mona!" Reginald declared confidently.Mona wagged a finger at him , "OK but remember drinking and I want you home and in bed by 10!"Mona had been Reginald's Nanny since he was a baby and it was part of her job to keep the rambunctious young Lord out of trouble.

"Aw Mona! Can't we forget about that just for this evening ?" he pleaded in his best 'good boy' voice.
Mona was having none of it, "Absolutely not Reginald! A punishment is a punishment and your curfew is not over until this weekend.You know my rules .....and if you defy me you'll be having a rather unpleasant meeting with Betty Blister!"she warned.
Reginald gulped , instinctively rubbing the seat of his expensive silk trousers.

Betty Blister was the pet name for the big hardwood hairbrush Mona spanked his bare bottom with when he misbehaved.
It had been almost a week since his last session with Mona had him over her lap for a 'discussion' with Betty Blister ...and added a curfew after Reginald had tried to sneak a young lady back to his room after another wild party.
He had no appetite for a repeat of that!

The smartly dressed Reginald sat in Doctor Davenport's office for over an hour , clutching the flowers he had brought her , as patients trundled in and out of her office.
Tapping his foot , Reginald  looked nervously at the wall clock in Doctor Davenport's  waiting room .
It was 5.30pm , and the last patient and the Doctor's assistant had left 45 minutes ago.He thought about just knocking on her surgery door but he did not wish to look too anxious .

The clock showed 6pm when the surgery door finally opened.
"Ah Lord Chumley...follow me please." she told him curtly.
Giddy with excitement Reginald held out the flowers.
Florence looked at them , "More flowers! What a surprise." she said sarcastically , taking the big bouquet and dramatically dropping it in the garbage can.
Flinging her head back confidently , she strode into her surgery with Reginald following close behind.

Once inside , Reginald stood while Doctor Davenport settled into the big chair , crossing her long legs seductively giving him a glimpse of stocking top and milky white thigh.
"So Lord Chumley...what is so important that you feel you must call my office  5 times every day? Have you had a recurrence of your mysterious 'tropical' disease? Because if you have , I would be glad to administer another treatment....but I recall you did not find that  very pleasant did you?"she teased.
Reginald smiled nervously and shook his head , "Oh no....that has all cleared up now.Actually my calls were personal not professional....I was ....hoping I could take you to dinner to make up for all that trouble I caused you." he stammered.

There was an uncomfortable pause before the good Doctor responded.
He was encouraged when a smile appeared on her pretty lips.
"Yes you were quite a naughty boy Lord Chumley ....and now you know very well how I deal with naughty boys like you. Pestering my assistant the way you have lately was very naughty too!" 
Reginald nodded , "Yes it was...and I do apologize but I...." he began but he stopped when the Doctor sprang to her feet and straightened the hem of her white gown."Well Lord Chumley , you came here for a medical appointment so we had best get on with it!" she declared.

Reginald looked shocked at the change in the conversation.Florence looked sternly at him , "Well don't stand there dawdling ....take your clothes off...all of them! I'll return momentarily." she said before leaving the room.
Reginald removed his clothes and stood shivering in the cool room for a full 20 minutes before the door re-opened.

When the Doctor entered his jaw dropped.Florence had removed her tight skirt and wore only her  short white lab coat.
Reginald could see her breasts straining against the undone buttons.The coat only came to the tops of her thighs and her black stocking tops and bare thighs were fully exposed.He could feel his erection growing at the mere sight of her.

It was only then that he noticed a familiar object in her hand...Betty Blister!
Holding the door open , Florence smiled broadly when Mona stepped into the room."Mona! What the..." Reginald exclaimed covering his erection with both hands and stepping back."Hello Reginald." the petite older woman smiled back.Reginald gasped when from behind her back , Mona produced a very formidable leather strap!
Doctor Davenport was doing her best not to laugh and looked at her surprised patient earnestly."I invited Mona to help me with your 'treatment' your Lordship , and she readily agreed."

Reginald's jaw was open so wide he could not speak.
The Doctor walked behind him and he winced when her soft palm caressed his round cheeks."I see you still have the marks from your last session with Betty Blister your Lordship.Nice job Mona. But I think think the marks both of us are going to leave will last a lot longer !" she warned.

Mona giggled and snapped the big leather strap giving Reginald a jolt , "I'm afraid this strap is going to be very nasty Reginald. Doctor Davenport prescribed it just for you!" Mona said.Doctor Davenport waved her index finger in a circle "Assume the position over the bench Reginald !" she ordered.

Reginald turned and bent over leaving his bare rear end at the disposal of the two ladies.
Doctor Davenport opened the cabinet and retrieved the biggest rectal thermometer Reginald had ever seen.His eyes widened.

She twirled it in her fingers and turned to Mona , "First I'm going to take our naughty boy's temperature Mona.Then you and I are going to make sure the temperature of his naughty bottom rises to 400 degrees!"
Striding behind him she produced a gasp from Reginald when she inserted the object into his rear.He let out a girlish squeal when she roughly moved it around and yanked it out before giving his ass a hefty smack!"Why don't you start him off  with the leather Mona....and then you can leave Lord Chumley and I alone  with Betty Blister .......and I can give him the special treatment!"

Monday, May 7, 2018

Injured Pride - FM Spanking Comic

One of the biggest challenges for the Strict Wife is to overcome their Husband's stubborn male pride.
This husband has already endured a severe bottom roasting and only has to respond to his wife's question with a simple " Yes Ma'am!" to end his ordeal.
Unfortunately his male pride , or his bottom , has not been injured enough so instead he responds in a quite inappropriate way.
Predictably , he finds himself back over his wife's lap and this time she will really lay the wood to his backside until he is ready to swallow that male pride .
It shouldn't take her too long.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Shopping Cure - FM Spanking Story

Shopping is not one of my favourite activities and nobody knows that better than my wife.
She is the one who must endure my sulking , surliness,  whining and constant complaining during the event.
Even knowing that I will be in for a sound paddling afterwards fails to inspire me to smarten up.

Last week my wife tried a different approach which she believes has solved the problem.
It was Saturday morning and my grumpyness at the prospect of grocery shopping was already apparent.
I rattled the car keys impatiently at my wife who was working at the kitchen counter.
"Let's go!" I said curtly.

She looked over her shoulder at me , a mischievous smile playing on her lips.
"Just a minute.There's something I need to do before we go." 
Curious , I strolled over and gazed over her shoulder to see she was chopping up pieces of ginger root.
"New recipe? " I asked naively .
She giggled , "You might say that!".

She examined the various shapes of ginger root she had laid out before her and gleefully selected one.
"This should do nicely!" she announced triumphantly. 
"Drop your pants and bend over the counter!" she ordered.
My shoulders slumped , "AW no! Not a paddling...I promise I'll be in a good mood this time" I pleaded.
Leaning her face closer to mine she pointed to the counter.
"Do as I say!" she seethed.

Recognizing that look , I promptly dropped my pants and leaned over the counter.
I was facing the kitchen window which looks onto the street and luckily the blinds were still closed.
"Pull your cheeks apart and I suggest you take a deep breath!" she ordered.
Peering over my shoulder I saw the big piece of ginger in her hand.
"NO! YOU WOULDN'T ?? PLEASE!" I pleaded and then gasped when she inserted the ginger in my anus.
"GAAAAH! "I moaned and it wasn't long before the ginger was having an effect.
It burned like heck and my eyes were watering.

"Don't you dare move!" she warned and went to the bedroom , returning with the big Jokari paddle.
Rearing back she brought it down with a deafening 'SPLATT!" across my cheeks.
"OOOOW!" I hollered.
She delivered a full 20 licks as hard as she could , adding the sting of the paddle to the burning from the ginger.
"If you behave while we're out I'll remove the ginger when we get back.....if you don't it stays in longer and you'll get the paddling of your life ....understood? " she warned.

"OOOOH! Yes Ma'am! Please can you take it out Ma'am? I promise I'll be good...." I wailed .
She gave my bare bottom a hefty swat and then made sure the ginger was still in place.
"You heard me! It stays to remind you to behave!" she scolded.

Well my wife has likely never seen a better behaved husband than the one she spent that morning shopping with.
I opened doors for her , helped her find items and did not utter one complaint ....even though that ginger burned away for most of the trip.
She was clearly enjoying herself and teased me by ordering me to buy more ginger root at the store , "Make sure you get the right should know!" she chuckled.

Despite my obvious desperation , when we returned home she took the time to put the groceries away and make a  cup of tea before she smiled at me and said , "I guess I should remove that nasty ginger root from your ass now!"
Taking my hand , she led me to the bedroom and I gratefully lay on the bed as she removed the annoying obstruction.
"AAAAAH!" I gasped , sinking into the bed in relief.

She flopped down beside me and caressed my face.
"Poor baby...that must have been awfully uncomfortable for you?" she purred.
"It certainly was...." I concurred.
An impish grin spread over her face , "Actually I was kind of looking forward to blistering your butt again....I was sure you were going to cave...." she confessed  , "....but you didn't , so I suppose I should reward you instead!"
Turning me over , she smiled at my erection and opened her mouth.
In the end it was a good day for shopping!