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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Poldark - FM Spanking Tale

As Ross tried to enter the cottage , Prudie’s round but formidable figure stood in the doorway .
“Miss Poldark says she doesn’t want to see you yet Sir. She says you have to wait here..” she explained.
Ross was aghast , “Wait here? Unable to enter my own house?” he questioned .
Prudie  shrugged but stood her ground.
For a second , Ross considered bowling the maid to the side but thought otherwise.
Composing himself , he instead turned to take a seat on the garden bench.

A good hour passed , giving Ross time to consider his actions and formulate his apology to Demelza.
It was one of his more foolish and reckless adventures and he knew his wife’s anger and disappointment in him was justified.
He looked up with optimism when Prudie approached him , “Miss Poldark is ready to see you now Captain Ross....” she began.
As Ross rose , the rotund lady grinned and added more details , “ the library Sir!”

Ross felt that rage inside him rise again  “MY library? My wife is in MY library?” he asked in amazement.
Prudie tried to hide her amusement , “Yes Captain....the library....and best to knock before you enter....Miss Poldark is not in the best of moods...”
His jaw agape , Ross shook his head in disbelief and strode into the house.
Prudie looked mischieviously at manservant Jud and scurried inside .
“Where are you goin’ woman? We got work to do...” Jud asked  , looking up from his work.
“I ain’t going to miss this for anything...” Prudie shot back as he large behind disappeared inside.

Inside , Ross paused at the library door and , given his situation and Demelza’s likely demeanor , decided to take Prudie’s advice and knocked on the door.
“It’s Ross Demelza...” he shouted.
After a pause Demelza’s calm but stern voice replied , “You may enter.”

When Ross entered the room , he was surprised to see his wife seated behind the large desk , to be occupied only by he.
Her jaw taut , Demelza motioned he husband to approach her.
“Surprised to see me sitting here in your place husband ?” Demelza asked with a provocative tilt of her head.
“I must admit I am.” Ross replied , clearly uncomfortable with his wife’s position.
“ I felt it appropriate considering , for purposes of the conversation , I am the person in authority and you clearly are not!” she explained tersely.
Ross paused before moviing to sit in the low wooden bench positioned on the other side of the desk.
Demelza raised a hand to stop him.
“I do not recall giving you permission to sit for this Ross. You know as well as I do that the ‘accused’ must always stand!”

Ross was stunned , “Accused? Is this some sort of trial Demelza?” he asked.
“Only if you deny that you behaved badly and irresponsibly Ross....well do you?” Demelza scolded.
Her husband hung his head , “Of course I don’t deny what I did Demelza. It was very wrong and I’m here to apologize and ask your forgiveness.” he sighed.

Demelza nodded , “Good....and I am here to make sure you receive the penance you deserve!”
Her husband’s head rose sharply at her comment , “Penance? What do you mean?” he babbled.
His wife leaned back in the big chair and her eyes widened .
“Surely you don’t think that behaviour such as yours should go unpunished Ross?” she asked confidently.

Her husband’s shoulders slumped.
“I suppose not....” he had to agree.
A confident Demelza  reached into the desk drawer and produced a large wooden hairbrush.
“Well then , it’s time for me to carry out your sentence. Would you be good enough to fetch that big chair from in front of the fire and place it in the middle of the room please Ross?” she said , rising from her seat.

Her husband’s gaze was fixed on the brush she was teasingly rolling in her hand.
“What are you planning on doing with THAT Demelza?” he asked nervously.
Demelza puffed out her chest and gazed into his eyes.
“I plan on exercising my wifely duty Ross. A duty , had I exercised long ago , all this would never have happened! Now do as I say and fetch the chair.”

Ross had no argument to offer so dutifully placed the chair where his wife wished it to be.
Demelza sat on the chair , placing the brush on her lap , “I suggest you lock the door Ross in case Prudie and Jud are near!” she said .
“If I know them well I expect they are!” Ross replied , walking to the door and closing the latch.

His eyes lit up with surprise when he returned to Demelza.
She had hoisted her dress up to reveal her shapely , milky smooth thighs.
It was certainly an inviting feast for his eyes.
His lusty glance did not escape his wife’s attention.
“Lower your britches and lay over my lap husband....hurry up now!” she demanded with just a hint of glee.
“Lower my britches ? Surely not are going too far!” he protested.

Demelza leaned towards him , wagging the brush in his face.
“Going too far am I Ross? Some would say not far enough ! The sooner you do as I say , the sooner this will be over and it will all be forgotten.....” , a smile played on her pretty face as she considered her statement , “.....well for me it will be on the other hand are going to be reminded for the next few days.....each time you try to sit!” she chuckled.

Ross felt his face flush, but realized his wife was right yet again , so he resigned himself to unbuckling his britches while Demelza looked on with satisfaction.
When his britches were undone , she took hold of them and yanked them down until they met her husband’s leather riding boots.
For a proud -and stubborn- man like Ross Poldark , placing himself in such a humiliating position across his wife’s lap was not an easy task.
He lay there in a semi-state of disbelief and astonishment as reality set in - his wife Demelza was going to give him a good old fashioned spanking on his bare behind-and he thoroughly deserved it!

“Best hold on Ross....this is going to be bad!” Demelza warned , raising the brush over her shoulder.
She smiled when she noticed her husband’s muscular buttocks tense , as Ross gripped the foot of the chair with one hand and gritted his teeth.

Meanwhile , Prudie pretended to busy herself in the kitchen , straining her ears to listen to the events in the library as Demelza continued to scold her errant husband.
Jud stormed in carrying some firewood , “ Sounds like the Mistress is givin’ the Captain a right old ear roastin!” he remarked.
Just then , a loud ‘CRACK!’ exploded from within the Library doors , followed by two more in quick succession , ‘CRACK!’‘CRACK!’.
Prudie grinned mischieviously and a startled Jud dropped the wood on the floor.
The older lady knew the whacks were not at all the muffled kind applied to britches.
Captain Poldark was getting it good on his bare behind!
“I’d say it’s not just his ears she’s roastin’ “ she giggled.

The older pair lingered to listen to the resounding whacks of the brush accompanied by lots of ‘ouches’ and ‘ows’ from their Master.
“You’d think her arm would be worn out by now!” Judd remarked , wincing upon hearing a particularly sharp whack landing in a tender spot.
Prudie cackled , “His behind will wear out before her arm does Jud!”

Inside the Library , Demelza was expunging years of frustration and anger at her husband’s stubborn and reckless ways on his bare backside.
Ross had given up trying to take his punishment bravely and was now pleading and apologizing profusely.
It was all music to Demelza’s ears and she continued to whale away at her husband’s bare buttocks.
His skin had transformed from a milky white , to a flaming red and a hue of other colours where the brush had landed repeatedly.
The skin had turned white , with mild blisters forming on his ‘sit spots’ which his wife had paid particular attention to.
No doubt the Captain would be feeling the effects of this session for days to come.

Prudie and Jud cringed when a final flurry of sharp spanks landed to end the unfortunate Captain’s ordeal.
In the Library , Poldark lay prone over his wife’s lap , waiting to see if she was finished or just resting.
Demelza caught her breath and wiped  beads of sweat from her brow.
She was feeling confident , satisfied and content , feelings she had not experienced in a long time.
Ross winced when her palm gently caressed his sore and tender cheeks.
For a moment there was silence and a kind of bonding intimacy had been ignited between the two of them.

“I’m sorry I had to be so hard on you Ross but this needed to be done...” Demelza said softly.
“It’s just what I deserved Demelza’s a pity you have not done it sooner.....and I expect that it won’t be the last time.” Ross replied smiling through a grimace.
Demelza’s face lit up , “I can assure you it won’t be the last time husband. Now get up ....we’re due at Dwight and Caroline’s for supper at 8!” she announced ,giving her husband’s rump a final playful smack which produced a satisfying “OUCH!”

Ross rose to his feet and took hold of his wife’s wrist .
“Captain Poldark! “ Demelza cried out in mock outrage.
She let out a shriek when Ross scooped her up , sat her on the desk and pressed his lips against hers.
The burning in his rear was momentarily forgotten as their bodies melted together.

Outside , Prudie and Jud looked at each other lustily.
“I don’t know about you Jud....but listening to all that shenanigans stirred something in me!” the older woman gushed.
Jud took her hand and yanked her closer.
“Let’s take a little walk to the hay barn!” he chuckled , giving her ample rump a firm smack.

An impish smile played on Caroline’s lips when she welcomed Captain Poldark and his wife .
“Demelza ! Ross! I’m afraid we didn’t hear your carriage arrive.It’s such a wonderful day I thoroughly expected you to enjoy a horse ride here by the beach.” she gushed.
Demelza’s face displayed a similar smile while Ross looked flustered.
“Ross decided the carriage would be more comfortable....didn’t you Ross?” she replied.
Her husband’s right palm was grasping the seat of his britches in an attempt at comfort , “Yes my dear !” he babbled back absently.
Caroline raised a palm to her lips to hide her amusement.
“If it makes you feel better Ross , Dwight has a similar....affliction so he may be able to recommend treatment!”
Ross glared at Caroline and then at his wife , “You know what happened between Demelza and I today?” he asked incredulously.

The two women tittered girlishly as Caroline linked arms with Demelza and ushered the couple inside.
“Of course she does was Caroline who gave me the idea in the first place.” Demelza replied as Ross followed behind.
The two ladies each took a chair beside the fire and Caroline motioned Ross to join them.
“Thank you Caroline but I’d prefer to stand .” Ross responded to more giggles from the ladies.
“I’d expect nothing less if Demelza followed my instructions ....and it appears she did!” Caroline exclaimed.

Captain Poldark’s blushes were saved when his good friend Dwight entered the room.
“Ah Ross , Demelza ! Let me get us all some drinks?” he announced boisterously.
Caroline leaned forward , allowing her new husband to place a kiss on her full lips , before Dwight greeted Demelza with a hug.

“And how is the patient this evening Doctor? Are you still feeling the effects of last night's treatment?” Caroline asked , her impish grin returning.
Without as much as a blush , Dwight gave the seat of his britches an exaggerated rub with his free hand as he poured the drinks , “Still adorned with the red stripes you so expertly applied  my I'm sure you might expect.” he said nonchalantly while Ross looked on in amazement.

The two ladies took their glasses from Dwight and clinked them together in a symbolic act of triumph.

“As Dwight clearly made no attempt to dissuade Ross from his rash actions , or to inform Demelza or I, and then knowingly aided and abetted him , it was only fair that he suffer a similar fate.” Caroline explained.

Ross looked curiously at his friend , "WHAT? So you were ....." he began.
Demelza could not resist helping her husband, "Spanked? Is that the word you are looking for Ross?" she tittered.
Caroline giggled and out a hand on Demelza's , "I wouldn't call what Dwight received a spanking....more like corporal punishment....isn't that so darling?" she declared proudly.
Blushing slightly , Dwight nodded , "To be precise , I received 12 strokes of the cane ....on my bare buttocks!" Dwight revealed in typical Doctor fashion.

Caroline looked rather pleased with herself , and was anxious to elaborate , "I believe in adding a more formal element to Dwight's chastisement , so he must lower his trousers and bend over my desk . I love the sound of the cane whistling and the nice red stripes it leaves on his bottom.... "she declared proudly , producing a boyish blush to her husband's cheeks.

Demelza nodded her approval , "Perhaps you can show me your cane after supper Caroline. Either way ,hairbrush or cane , our gentlemen are truly sorry for their behaviour and will not wish a repeat anytime soon I would say."

Friday, February 23, 2018

Welcome to the Family ! - FM Spanking Cartoon

It had started off as a nice dinner where Audrey could introduce her new boyfriend Charles to her parents , but when the two men had too much to drink and started with the lewd jokes and comics the dinner was cut short before dessert arrived.

It was indeed a quiet ride home for the two men apart from their ladies warning them of their fate when they arrived home.

If Charles thought his new girlfriend and her Mother were joking , he received a reality check when Audrey's Mom promptly downed her husband's pants , tossed him over her lap and gave him the hardest spanking he had ever seen with the biggest hairbrush he had ever seen.

In case he had any ideas of escaping , Audrey held him by the ear , occasionally wagging her very own hairbrush at him and warning him he was going to get it worse.
"Welcome to the Family Charles.." she said , "...better get used to this!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Julie's Family Spanking - Ripple Effect

You can read all about Julie's spanking in front of her entire family at her site here :

Julie spanked in front of the family

When I made the original depiction of the spanking scene , you may notice that some of the onlookers had expressions on their faces which indicated they might enjoy a little bit of spanking fun themselves , while others did not.
As Julie's own description will attest , the spanking had quite an impact on those present to witness it , and I wondered if it would have enough influence on them to create a 'ripple effect' of more spankings after the family dinner ended.
Julie's Dad and Brother-in-law certainly seemed inspired , while Julie's Mom looked interested , amused and embarrassed,  while her little sister was disgusted by the display.
We all know what happened at Julie's house afterwards but was there a spanking 'ripple effect' at her Mom's and her younger sister's house afterwards?
I think there was ......and here are my illustrations of what may have happened......



Saturday, February 17, 2018

Wait Until I Get You Home !- MF Spanking Cartoon

Well he did warn her what would happen if she behaved inappropriately at the party , but she chose to ignore him.
As a result , this naughty wife will be leaving the party early and you can be sure that her bottom will be as red as her dress by the end of the evening.
To make matters worse , her friends know exactly what awaits her ay home and will tease her incessantly about it for months.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day !

Be warned gentlemen that if you buy your wife a paddle for Valentines Day she will use it !

(.....and yes.....she will enjoy it !)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Taking Turns - FM Spanking Cartoon

This tandem of Disciplinary Wives are putting their naughty husbands through their paces.

After dinner and drinks , the two men are sent to disrobe while the ladies prepare the room for the main event.

It starts with a long lecture , made even more embarrassing when the men must stand naked before their wives hands by their sides as their ears are thoroughly roasted.

Then , while one of them watches , the other man must kneel on the couch , bend forward and present his bare backside for punishment.
The mere sight of her large Jokari paddle is enough to strike fear into the hearts of both men.

Taking her time , the first wife swings the paddle with venom.
Her husband tries his best to be stoic and take his paddling like a man , but by the 4th or 5th whack he is howling like a banshee and begging for mercy.
Meanwhile , the other husband must look on in terror , knowing his turn is next and his cheeks clench in anticipation.

After the first round , both men are sent to the corner while their wives take in the view of their red , blistered backsides while enjoying a cocktail.

For the wives it is as an enjoyable experience for them as it is painful for their husbands , and they love teasing their men incessantly about the state of their backsides.
The men can only cringe and shake in their corners knowing their ordeal is just beginning!