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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunnie and Marcel - MF Spanking Story

Sunnie raised her glass , “One more round of Bellini’s for everyone!” she gushed  to applause from her enthusiastic employees.
It was unlike the sensible and responsible businesswoman everyone knew , so everyone was surprised , none more so than her fiancee Marcel who was seated beside her.
The pair seemed to be a contrast , not just physically .
Sunnie was very petite yet athletic , with dark velvety skin ,and possessed  the stunning features typical of Ethiopian women , big almond eyes , high cheekbones , long neck and that wonderful hair that was her trademark.
 Marcel at 6’3” towered over Sunnie and  had all the charm , good looks and elegance of a typical French man.
Personality wise , they  appeared to be opposites Sunnie energetic , fun-loving  and relaxed and Marcel reserved , formal and always in control.

Sunnie escaped the turmoil of her native land and was able to start a new life  in America .
It had taken her years of hard work , with many ups and downs along the way , but 20 years later at the ripe age of 45 she now owned a chain of successful fashion stores which employed over 100 people.
Despite her success , Sunnie always remained loysl to her humble roots so treated her employees respectfully and very well.
Marcel admired Sunnie immensely and felt very fortunate to be in a relationship with her.
Not only was she a stunning beauty and a confident , shrewd businesswoman but she was a deeply good and caring person also.
The only child of French diplomats , his life could not have been any different from Sunnie's.
He went to the best schools , plying his trade with large multi-national companies before branching out into his own successful consulting business.
During their time together , Marcel came to know Sunnie well , especially  her big weakness which was her impulsiveness and wild temper which she sometimes fought to control.
Tonight was an example.
The dinner was to celebrate a recognition award for Sunnie's business , and  started out with some decorum but overindulgence of alcohol soon took it in a different direction.

The extent of Marcel’s drinking  was to sip a glass of fine wine , so he was able to see trouble arising where Sunnie did not.
More than once during the evening he had advised her  to tone it down but she ignored him teasing thst he was just being a ‘wet blanket’.
However , for Marcel this was getting serious.
He realised Sunnie’s generosity  could be placing some of the employees in danger should they drive home under the influence of alcohol  , risking liability for both her and her business as she was the one plying them with liquor.
Leaning close to his fisncee's ear , Marcel whispered her a final warning.
“I think everyone has had enough drinks for one evening’s getting late and you need to make sure everyone gets home safely….” He whispered , a hint of warning in his tone,
Sunnie’s response was indignation and denial .
Defiantly she stood up and encouraged more drinks.
“Nonsense Marcel….stop lecturing me ..can’t you see the night is young !” she giggled , raising her glass again.

A dark shadow surrounded her when Marcel stood up , and pried her glass from her tiny fingers.
Marcel gave her a serious glance which she recognized well.
“Time to say goodnight darling…” he warned her.
The feisty Sunnie  was not about to be bullied by anyone and held her ground , glaring up at Marcel defiantly.
Meanwhile her employees looked on with great interest at the standoff , some offering words of encouragement to their boss to extend the party.
Sunnie grabbed another glass and opened her mouth to speak , but the words morphed into a girlish squeal when Marcel delivered a hefty smack to the seat of her tight skirt.

The act stunned the room to silence and Sunnie  felt her face burning with embarrassment.
“Don’t make me take you across my knee right here in front of everybody young lady! Now are you going to wind this down sensibly or shall I?”  Marcel whispered in her ear.
Sunnie’s bottom burned from the smack and she put a palm back to rub it.
She knew Marcel was serious ,  and knew from experience he would do exactly as he had warned .

In fact , only last week he had done just that at  Sunnie’s family gathering when she started an argument at the table.
When Sunnie's mother tried to calm things  , Sunnie rudely blurted  "‘shut up mother!”
She immediately regretted her outburst , but before she could offer an apology , Marcel had hauled her from her chair , placed her over his knee and proceeded to administer a brief but stinging spanking .
Astonished,Sunnie’s’ mother and the entire family laughed and cheered Marcel on .
He added to his fianee's embarrassment by flipping her skirt up and delivering a final flurry of spanks to her scantily clad and mostly bare posterior to everyone’s delight.
Afterwards Sunnie apologized , and her mother thanked Marcel for doing what she was unable to do.
The impromptu spanking ignited something  deep inside Sunnie and when they left she kissed Marcel passionately.
“I deserved that spanking.” She told him.
Her jaw dropped when Marcel replied , “Good  because when I get you home you’re getting  a ‘real spanking’”.
Marcel told  Sunnie to never speak to her mother like that again and , true to his word , she went over his knee again , baring her bottom this time for a  long , fiery spanking which ignited passion in both of them.
That night they made love in a way neither had experienced before.

 Sunnie loved every minute of her spanking ….especially the mind blowing sex afterwards..
Marcel had hoisted her on top of him  , sitting on her well spanked bottom ‘cowgirl style’ , she slid  onto his shaft , as he cupped her hot cheeks in both hands
Tonight she knew she was in for another spanking , and was filled with anticipation.
Sunnie put down her glass and addressed the group.
“As you can see, for my own safety , or at least the safety of my butt, there will be no more drinks  tonight except coffee.. ….I want you all to have a safe journey home. Make sure you all take a cab home and send the bill to me .” she announced.
Marcel nodded his approval.
“Did you have to smack me so hard Marcel?” Sunnie pouted to a beaming Marcel.
“You were warned ….more than once ….and we will  be continuing this when we get home  !”he warned.
Sunnie felt her bottom tingle in anticipation.
The anticipation of a good spanking was almost as thrilling to her than the spanking itself , so by the  time the pair arrived home , her juices were flowing freely.
This did not escape the attention of Marcel , who teased Sunnie by avoiding any mention of her impending spanking as he made coffee for them both.
They sat down and held hands on the loveseat , casually chatting over the coffee until Marcel finally said , “You need to set a better example to your employees ...they are young , impressionable and really look up to you…”
Sunnie had to nodin agreement, “I know Marcel....I guess I need to be spanked….HARD!.”
“….and so you shall my dear….so you shall….” Marcel said , patting his lap.

Sunnie pouted , flashing her big eyes at Marcel before nestling her body over his muscular thighs.
An audible gasp escaped her lips when Marcel slowly lifted her dress to reveal her glistening , almost bare twin globes.
She wore the tiniest pair of yellow panties with blue polka dots which were so cute he decided to  leave them on.
They would offer no protection anyway.
Marcel spent a moment rearranging the skimpy garment to his satisfaction before commencing.
Slowly but firmly , Marcel spanked one round cheek and then the other.
Each one stung terribly and Sunnie  began squirming on Marcel’s lap .
He loved the way her pert  cheeks jiggled and how the  redness  would show through on  her dark , ebony skin until it became the predominate colour.

Sunnie's bottom was burning so she  gritted her teeth and took a firm grasp on Marcel’s leg.
She felt him adjust her on his lap , wrapping his right leg around both of hers , raising  her exposed  bottom even higher.
She knew the worst part was coming and felt so vulnerable….yet  so safe.

Marcel resumed the spanking ,this time briskly and much harder.
Sunnie yelped , bucking and squirming on Marcel's lap to avoid the onslaught which seemed never ending.
Her bottom felt like it was on fire now.
“Do you promise to set a good example to your employees ?” Marcel asked as he spanked away.
“Yessss….I do…..I dooooo…OOOW…I promise…..OW! YEOOW!”
Sunnie drew a breath when Marcel finally stopped spanking.
“Good! Because if you ever pull a stunt like that again this is what you will get!” Marcel declared.
Then he landed  hard spanks in volleys of  6 or 7 to each cheek which had Sunnie bawling like a baby .
When it was over he permitted her a minute to regain her composure before letting her up.
Marcel laughed  when Sunnie launched into a wild , frantic dance.

“Nice performance of  the Eskista Sara!” he cackled , referencing the traditional Ethiopian dance , involving a lot of shoulder movement he had seen Sunnie perform previously.
Sunnie   was certainly doing lots of that as she hopped around rubbing  her sore bottom furiously.
Marcel took her by the ear and led her to the corner.
“You can resume the Eskista later after your corner time!” he scolded.
Placing her nose in the corner , Sunnie held up her dress , exposing her blazing hot bottom for a full 5 minutes until he scooped her up into his arms and carried her upstairs.
All eyes were on Sunnie the next morning when she arrived at work , unusually later than usual.
She was positively glowing , especially her well spanked and still tender bottom.
There were smirks and grins at the table when she flinched and carefully sat herself down.
“ a dear and fetch me a cushion please.” She requested nonchalantly.
“OMIGAWD….HE REALLY DID SPANK YOU DIDN’T HE?” Wendy gushed putting a hand to cover her mouth.

Sunnie grimaced and squirmed in her seat.Then  she said in her most matronly tone , “ Yes Marcel gave me a spanking ….and a good spanking wouldn’t do all of you any harm either!”
Her comment produced bowed heads and flushed faces in the room.

It was then Sunnie noticed she was not the only one in the room squirming on a pillow!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Lesson in Manners- FM Spanking Story

Sunnie's eyes widened and glared at her Fiancee Marcel.
"Really Marcel!How dare you make another public scene....that was totally unnecessary?
Can't you see it was an honest mistake."she scolded.

The young female waitress stood red-faced and embarrassed by Marcel's loud outburst which had turned heads in the restaurant ,but he was relieved that Sunnie had come to her defence.
"I'm so sorry Sir...I..." the young girl began , her voice wavering a little until Sunnie put a comforting hand on hers arm.
"You have nothing to be sorry for my dear.....but my Fiancee is going to be very sorry when I get him home tonight!" she announced , an impish smile playing on her lips.
Marcel bristled , "A good wine has to breath France ....."he began but stopped  when the M'aitre arrived on the scene.

"I beg your pardon Monsieur is there a problem?" he asked Marcel.
As Marcel opened his mouth to respond , Sunnie intervened.
"Thank you for asking , but the only problem is my fiancee's poor manners , and that is something I need to deal with right now. Unfortunately we will need to leave for a short while , but would be most grateful if you could hold our reservation until we return won't take long." she asked politely ,casting Marcel a warning glance.

Marcel's face flushed , "Please Sunnie, let's order dinner and we can discuss this later..." he asked , almost pleading.
The young waitress was very amused and impressed by this strong-willed lady taking charge .
Sunnie leaned closer to Marcel, "I'm afraid this can't wait darling!"
The M'aitre smiled at the scene as if he had seen it before .
"Best to do as Madame says Monsieur , we would be pleased to reserve your table until you return." he suggested.

Sunnie nodded at him ,"This young lady has provided such wonderful service so we hope she can be our server when we return?" she asked , her tone sounding more like a demand than a request.
"Of course Madame." came the reply.
"WHAT?" Marcel blurted incredulously.
Sunnie responded with an icy stare and wagged her finger .
"Fetch the car Marcel. Obviously the sooner I deal with you the better." she seethed .

By the time he returned with the car , Marcel had become somewhat  contrite.
"Look Sunnie...I'm sorry ...I shouldn't have made a scene again but can't we talk about this over dinner?" he reasoned.
Sunnie motioned for her fiancee to  open the car door for her and she only spoke when they were both comfortably seated.
"I've warned you about  making a scene in public Marcel. I felt so bad for that  poor girl . She was so embarrassed . You will be apologizing to her when we get back ....that is once I t's time I've taught you some manners." she scolded.

It was a short and silent drive home and once inside , Sunnie wasted no time in leading her naughty boy to the bedroom.
"Strip off....every stitch!" she barked , scooping her hairbrush from the dresser.
By the time Marcel had disrobed , Sunnie was sitting in the spanking chair waiting for him.
She had slipped out of her dress to avoid getting it wrinkled  by Marcel squirming on her lap.

The sight of his delectable Fiancee sitting in her skimpy undies , patting her shapely thighs had an expected effect on Marcel.
Sunnie looked at his erection and sighed in disappointment , "I suppose I'll have to take care of that before we start. Hands on your head Marcel !"

Marcel groaned , "AW NO SUNNIE...PLEASE?" he begged .
Sunnie put a hand on his shaft and began pumping it.
As Marcel became more excited she frustrated him by stopping and squeezing the base of his penis hard.
Slowly she would  edge him towards an orgasm before denying him again and again.
For Marcel it was a torture more severe that his impending spanking.

His member twitched uncontrollably and Sunnie giggled , thoroughly enjoying the control she was asserting.
"GAAH! OOH! PLEASE SUNNIE! NOO!" Marcel gasped , trying his best  to keep both hands on his head.
Sunnie dropped to her knees , allowing her lips to tease the tip of Marcel's member.
She caressed it with her tongue , sending him into a frenzy before clamping her hand tight to deny him yet again.
She began pumping  again , quickly this time before letting go and watching with glee as Marcel's penis shook and exploded like an out of control garden hose .
His penis twitched sperm squirting out onto the floor.

Sunnie  resumed her position on the chair smiling that Marcel's shrunken  member hanging limply.

"Now you can get over my knee.I am going to blister your backside mister ." she ordered , patting her lap.
A thoroughly humbled Marcel , climbed over , placed both palms on the floor and braced for his ordeal.

The hairbrush rose and Sunnie began spanking her Fiancee's bare bottom with vigour.
Sunnie snapped the back of the brush against his cheeks turning them a blazing red.
She picked up the pace , alternating  thunderous whacks on one cheek and then the other.
Marcel began howling incoherently when Sunnie's brush began dancing on the tender area between his cheeks and upper thighs.
He bucked wildly on his Fiancee's lap , frantically pleading with her to stop but his torture continued .

Finally Sunnie paused to rest her arm.
"Are you going to behave properly when we go back to the restaurant?" she asked boldly.
"YES MA'AM!" Marcel hollered.
'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!' '

Another pause and another question from Sunnie
"Are you going to apologize to that young waitress?"
"YES MA'AM!" Marcel bawled.
This time Sunnie used her left hand to expose the virgin skin between Marcel's cheeks and aimed exclusively for that area.
'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!' ''WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!'
Marcel  shuddered and squealed like a banshee.
"OMIGOD THAT HURT!" he exclaimed breathlessly after the final volley.

Sunnie leaned back in her chair.
"You may get up and get dressed now!" she announced imperiously.
Marcel staggered unsteadily to his feet , immediately cupping both of his battered cheeks with his hands.
Sunnie smiled with satisfaction as she stepped back into her dress and watched Marcel wince and grimace as he dressed.

As they stepped outside , Sunnie snatched the car keys from Marcel.
"Best I drive. You won't be able to concentrate on the road sitting on the sore backside I just gave you!" she teased.

Marcel endured a most uncomfortable drive back to the restaurant but his  humiliation was far from complete .
He dreaded having to face the young waitress he had insulted ,never mind apologizing.
As promised , their table awaited them , just as they had left it with their waitress already standing beside it.

The two women shared a grin.
"As you requested Madame , we have provided a nice soft pillow for Monsieur!" the waitress said , trying not to giggle.

Sunnie went ahead and giggled anyway.
"I'm can assure you ,  Monsieur appreciates that....don't you darling?" she teased.

"Yes Ma'am." a red-faced Marcel replied before  agonizingly lowering  himself onto the pillow.
Amused , Sunnie looked at him , "You can stop calling me Ma'am? now."
Marcel blushed an looked seriously at the waitress.
"I'd like to apologize for yelling at you. I'm very sorry." he told her earnestly.
The young waitress nodded , smiled broadly and launched into her well rehearsed menu introduction "Today's special is the roasted  rump roast ...." she began .
Sunnie laughed , "Monsieur has already had that!...tenderized and well done! "

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

DWC Implement Testing - FM Spanking Cartoon

These disciplinary wives know that  being a proficient spanker requires practice so they get together once a month to try out implements on each other .

Monday, April 10, 2017

For a Good Cause - A Spanking Story

Valerie and Muriel took a moment to enjoy a drink and celebrate another successful Charity Ball at the prestigious Eldon Country Club.
It was the social event of the year and the room was full of wealthy donors , dignitaries and even a few local celebrities.
Even their reluctant husbands George and Henry seemed to be enjoying themselves , actively working the floor for donations.
It had been a mighty task but the two women were pleased that their efforts had yielded such generous results.

At that moment , Lady Bingham approached them to offer her congratulations.
"You ladies really outdid yourselves this year..." she beamed , ".....and I must say you are very lucky to have such wonderful husbands....such a great idea to auction off such 'unique' chairs !" the snobbish lady cackled.
Her comment produced raised eyebrows from Valerie and Muriel , making them both wonder exactly their husbands were up to.
"What Chairs?" Valerie asked , " What Auction?" Muriel chimed.

Lady Bingham continued , " Oh Yes , they are planning to auction off two matching green chairs....they are quite hideous , but apparently they have a special , mysterious use which they will reveal only to the person with the highest bid. I may just be tempted to acquire them myself just to satisfy my curiousity....I love secrets don't you?"

Valerie and Muriel were aghast .
"They wouldn't?" Muriel pondered, "Would they?"
"OMIGOSH! Apparently they would !" Valerie gasped pointing at a crowd gathering at the stage.
Trying to remain calm , they weaved their way over to where the slightly intoxicated tandem of George and Henry were already up on stage standing beside the two green chairs owned by she and Muriel.

The chairs certainly had a purpose the two ladies shared. They were spanking chairs!
The two wives would be seated on those very chairs quite regularly with a misbehaving husband draped over their lap to receive a bare bottom punishment.
However , in recent weeks it was their husbands' turn to sit on the chair to administer spankings to their naughty wives.
Valerie and Muriel quite enjoyed being  on the receiving end of a good spanking almost as much as spanking their hubbies and did not want to lose the chairs.
Clearly George and Henry had other ideas.

Despite the restrictions of her tight cocktail dress , Valerie hoisted herself onto the stage and grabbed the microphone from her husband before he could speak.
The crowd groaned in disappointment.
"Excuse me folks...Muriel and I just need a quick word with our husbands....." she told them .

"What are you two doing? This is not part of the program , and may I remind you , that those chairs belong to Muriel and I?" Valerie scolded.
George shrugged his shoulders , "Come on ladies its for a great cause !" he reasoned.
Muriel was fuming , " It's not just the chairs .....I believe the winner will getsto hear about some of our'family secrets' which quite frankly I would rather not share!"
Henry made an attempt to placate his wife , " Don't worry Muriel we'll only tell them its a spanking chair.....not who gets spanked."
Valerie blushed , "It ought to be fairly obvious to them who gets spanked!"

The crowd were becoming impatient now , so Muriel turned to Valerie.
"Then there is only one solution Valerie.....we will be the winning bid.....whatever it takes.....and these two will be paying the bill!"
Valerie wagged a finger at the two men , "Oh they'll be paying alright - and with more than just cash! These chairs will be coming home with us tonight - and be assured Muriel and I will  be sitting on them with you two jokers over our laps!"

The two men were stunned to silence .
"Start the auction two deserve a good spanking right here on stage!" Valerie seethed.
Muriel grinned , "Mmmmmm....people would pay a lot more money to watch that Valerie." she mused.
A befuddled George took the microphone and began .
"Not only will the highest bidder receive these two beautiful , antique chairs , donated by our lovely wives, but we will reveal the secrets behind them....confidentially of course!"he declared .

Muriel and Valerie took their places with the other bidders .
They were silent at first and the bids quickly rose to $1,000.
Then Muriel bid $1,500 hoping to bring it to an end and teach their hubbies a lesson.
However , instead of silence , the distinctive voice of Lady Bingham rang out , "$2,000!"

Muriel looked at Valerie who quickly raised her hand to bid $3,000.
George and Henry stood with jaws agape , as if they were watching a tennis rally , their  heads swivelling back and forth between Lady Bingham and their wives.
It appeared their stunt would cost them a lot of money and those darn chairs would be coming home anyway - unless Lady Bingham saved their bacon!

The ladies duelled stubbornly back and forth until finally Lady Bingham balked at Muriel's bid of $8,000!
"Clearly you ladies do not wish to part with the chairs so it would be wrong of me to take them from you." she told them to loud applause.

Excited by their victory , Valerie and Muriel took to the stage again .
They gave their humbled husbands stern glares before addressing the audience.
They thanked everyone for making the evening such a success , even Henry and George , before soon surprising everyone.

"Muriel and I are very pleased that we be bringing our chairs home this evening , but we would be amiss by not letting you all in as to their primary purpose ."
George and Henry looked at each other  in confusion and with real concern when  their ladies seated themselves comfortably in their chairs.
"These are spanking chairs and we challenge all of you to donate $100 to see these two very naughty boys get the spanking they deserve right here on stage?" Muriel yelled into the microphone.
Many hands , all female , shot into the air and everyone cheered loudly.

"Come on you just told us .....its for a good cause. Now get your pants down and get over our laps!" Valerie ordered .
There were loud cheers when the two wives hoisted their cocktail dresses to reveal shapely thighs and stocking tops , and patted their laps.
Reluctantly the two men downed their slacks and crawled into position.
More cheers and laughter arose when the unfortunate husbands' shirts were hoisted to reveal colourful boxers.

"For the sake of decorum we will allow them to keep their underwear on , and as our hairbrushes are at home they will get a hand spanking!" Valerie announced gleefully.
"But keep in mind ladies that a proper spanking must be on the bare bottom using a stout hairbrush or paddle....which is exactly what these two will receive once we get them home!" Muriel added.

Then they began.
The spanks the ladies administered with the palms of their hands were firm and crisp but largely symbolic.
Even so , it would be enough to render their husbands backsides red and stinging .
Their embarrassing comeuppance was richly deserved and showing everyone in the room how useful those green chairs were .

After about 100 or so good wallops , the red-faced men were allowed to rise and restore their pants while Valerie took to the microphone again.
"The party isn't over ladies , so please stay and enjoy yourselves everyone. Please excuse us however as we need to take these two gentlemen home for a 'real' spanking !"
George and Henry picked up the green chairs and could not get off the stage quickly enough .

When the couples returned home , those awful green chairs were promptly returned to their proper place in the household to remain there as a reminder to errant husbands of the consequences of poor behaviour.
While their men were busy stripping for their spanking , the two ladies removed their evening gowns and sat on the chairs .
In fact they were seated in those chairs , for quite some time that evening and made sure their husband would not be sitting comfortably for the next day or two.

For George and Henry , their humiliation was worsened by the fact that the two couples attended the charity golf tournament the next morning.
Valerie and Muriel were positively glowing with satisfaction , their husbands were glowing with  faces as red as their backsides.
Both men walked walked stiffly, grimacing with each painful step , and enduring amused smiles from the ladies and incessant teasing from the men .
Valerie and Muriel chuckled when they watched George and Henry painfully take their seats in the golf cart.
"Poor boys......your little bottoms must be very sore !" Valerie teased , "How about we make a little side bet on the game ? Losers get spanked ........and don't worry , Muriel and I will let you win!" she giggled.
The two men looked at each other and smiled.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunnie takes Charge- FM Spanking Story

Sunnie yawned and picked up the phone.
She was surprised to hear the voice of her Fiancee Marcel’s boss Sonia.
“I’m so sorry to bother you Sunnie but I really need your help  in finding a really important document.
Marcel was working on it at home last week and I can’t reach him as he’s in transit , so I was wondering if you could have a look in his office and see if you can find it for me?” Sonia asked.

“I could …” Sunnie replied , shaking the sleep from her head , “….but I don’t have the code for his document safe I’m afraid Sonia.”
“Don’t worry Sunnie , I have the code , we keep them all at the office just for this type of situation….sorry to be a pest but it’s really important.” Sonia replied.

After memorizing the code provided to her , Sunnie dashed off to Marcel’s home office and unlocked the safe.
Sure enough , the document Sonia described was there , sitting on top of a rather odd looking wooden box.
Sunnie took the document but squinted to take a closer look at the box.
“Could that be what I think it is?” she asked herself , her temper stirring.

Pulling the box out ,  she shook her head in exasperation.
It was a box of Cuban cigars which Marcel  had publicly promised Sunnie  hat he would give them up.
“You deceitful bastard Marcel!” Sunnie seethed through gritted teeth.

Her voice was till trembling with anger when she returned to speak with Sonia.
“I found it Sonia. I'll bring it over to your office once I get dressed …” she told her.
“GREAT! Everything OK Sunnie?” Sonia asked curiously , sensing her friend was upset.

Sonia was married to Marcel’s friend and fellow French compatriot , Francois , so the two couples socialized often.
“Why don’t I buy you lunch Sunnie , it’s the least I can do for saving our bacon , and you can tell me what's bothering you?” Sonia offered.

Sunnie had calmed down by the time she reached the office but was still smouldering .
“I can’t thank you enough for bringing that file Sonia….we could have lost the account. I’m afraid your Fiancee’s been a very naughty boy….he knows better than to take home important documents!” Sonia said with a smirk.

Sunnie rolled her eyes , “Oh he’s been naughtier than you think Sonia  ….look what else I found in the safe!” she said ,revealing the expensive box of cigars.
Sonia’s eyes widened.
“Gosh ! But  he swore to give those up months ago….Francois and I were there and heard him!”

Sunnie’s shoulders slumped.
“Oh it’s not just the cigars Sonia , lying and cheating about that is bad enough , but Marcel’s arrogant , smug French attitude has been driving me crazy lately!” she confessed.
Sonia leaned closer.
“You don't have to tell me  Sunnie , remember I married one of those smug , arrogant Frenchmen 2 years ago ....but I can tell you he knows better than give me that attitude anymore!” she said with a hint of pride.

Sunnie perked up , “Really?” , and signalled Sonia to continue.

“Just like you I just put up with that crap from Francois  at first , but  I finally had to take charge to nip it in the bud. before it ruined our marriage.He does still act that way with me on occasion , he’s French after all , it’s in his blood …..but now he knows there will be consequences.” Sonia revealed.

Sunnie raised a brow , “Consequences?” she asked curiously.
Sonia took a sip of her wine , “Let’s skip dessert and we can stop by my place on the way back . I’ll show you something ?” Sonia suggested.
It was only a short drive to Sonia’s home , but Sunnie could barely contain herself with anticipation.

Sonia led Sonnie  down a long hallway to her home  office  and opened the desk drawer , producing two items.
She placed both of hem on the desk and stood proudly with arms folded awaiting for Sunnie’s reaction.

Sunnie’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

On the desk was an old-fashioned wooden hairbrush and a male chastity device , complete with lock and key.
Sonia picked up the brush and tapped the back against her palm.
“Francois is terrified at the very sight of this little baby. If he acts up he knows he’ll be having a trip over my knee for a long dose of this on his bare backside.!” , she announced excitedly , "By the time I'm done he won't be able to sit comfortably for days......its very humbling for a proud Frenchman to be put over his wife's lap for a good spanking I can tell you !"

Using her free hand Sonia picked up the other item.
“This little item puts us in complete control. After I’ve finished blistered his bottom with my brush I,  put this on him and keep it locked until I decide he’s learned his lesson. I like to wear the key on a nice chain around my neck so he sees it and knows I have the power…” she added.

Sunnie was rendered speechless.
“I know it’s a lot to take in Sunnie , but believe me it works. Evan an arrogant Frenchman respects a strong woman who will stand up to him and discipline him. You have a full two weeks to prepare before Marcel gets back from his trip , so why don’t we use that time so I can show you the ropes…” Sonia suggested.

When Marcel returned from his trip , Sunnie decided to give him a couple of days to recover  before confronting him about the cigars and his poor attitude.
During his absence , Sonia had schooled Sunnie well , and she was well prepared and anxious to carry out her plan.

Finally , when the time was right , Sunnie sat at Marcel’s desk and carefully placed the cigars , her hairbrush and the chastity device before her.
Hanging conspicuously on the closet door was a large Jokari paddle Sunnie had picked up at a yard sale.
Sonia advised her to obtain such an implement for more serious offences - such as lying and breaking a sincere promise! The paddle was truly a weapon to be feared and ideal for driving home her point.
As Sonia had advised her , 'sometimes the hairbrush is just not enough...'.

Taking a deep breath , Sunnie summoned her man in the authoritative tone she had been practicing.
Not surprisingly it worked very well and Marcel  promptly arrived without an argument or excuse.
However , his jaw dropped and his face flushed when he saw  the various implements  Sunnie had placed before him - especially the tell-tale cigar box!
His silence confirmed his guilt.

Sunnie permitted a pause to allow Marcel to absorb the situation before she spoke.
“Remember the promise you made to give up that awful cigar habit Marcel ,? How do you explain these hidden in your safe?”  she demanded.
Marcel swallowed and fidgeted like a schoolboy.

Sunnie raised a brow. “Well Marcel? I’m waiting for a response!” she said .

Marcel’s shoulders slumped in defeat and he had no option but to confess his guilt and apologize profusely.
He even offered up  the cigars he has brought home from his trip which he had not yet hidden. Sunnie tutted and shook her head in disappointment.

“It’s not just the cigars , your lying and deceit Marcel….it’s that uppity , arrogant , smug French attitude of yours that also needs to be corrected. So there are going to be some big changes around here  starting right now ….do you understand?” she scolded.

Just as Sonia had told her , Marcel’s response was a bowed head and a “YES MA’AM!”
A tingling of satisfaction pulsed through Sunnie’s veins. 
She was in complete control now and was enjoying every second of it.
While her man stood before her squirming , Sunnie picked up the hairbrush.
“I think you know what this is for Marcel . This time its your backside that will be on the receiving end. , and your bare backside is going to be feeling its sting a lot more often from now on!” she warned , receiving another “YES MA’AM” from Marcel.

Raising her chin proudly , Sunnie ordered Marcel to undress -which he did without  resistance.
She sat back in the chair ad surveyed her naughty , naked man.
Her finger pointed to the Jokari paddle hanging on the door. “That is for serious offences where I really need to emphasize my message -that includes lying and broken promises. Do you understand?”
The response was another dutiful “YES MA’AM”.

Sunnie was pleased how well Sonia’s suggestion to end each sentence with a ‘do you understand’ was working.

Now it was time for the really interesting part.
Marcel visibly flinched when his Fiancee picked up the chastity device and approached him.
“Oh my….this won’t do! I’m afraid we’ll have to take care of that first… ” Sunnie declared  with a smirk ,when she observed Marcel’s large erection.

“Put both hands on your head Marcel and stay still.” She ordered,
Then she began caressing the end of his shaft and pumping it  quickly.
Marcel groaned in agony.
“Please Sunnie…STOP! ” he pleaded.
Sunnie continued , sending her man into a frustrated frenzy.
“Please Sunnie….I’m going to come!” Marcel yelled frantically .
Sunnie moved her face close to his , “If you dare to come over my outfit you’ll be wearing this device for a month!” she warned him , taking a firm grip on the base of his shaft and squeeezing hard.
Marcel's penis shook uncontrollably and seconds later an explosion of semen barely missed her dress.
“You will clean that up later do you hear me !” she scolded , staring at the mess on the floor.
"Yes Ma'am!" Marcel replied , watching his erection wobble and slowly shrink until it was limp and flaccid .

Sunnie smiled at him and proceeded to install the chastity device per Sonia's instructions.
A red-faced and thoroughly humbled Marcel winced and viewed his penis now trapped in the cage and under his fiancee's full control.
"There! Now lets get on with your punishment shall we?" Sunnie announced .
"Bend over and grab your ankles!" she ordered curtly , picking up the Jokari paddle.
"I was told this is quickly becoming a wife's best friend...... stings like the dickens I hear..." she mused.

Marcel eyed the big paddle warily.
"Please Sunnie....take it easy with that thing will you?" he reasoned.
Sunnie rose on her toes and glared into her man's eyes.
"Let's be clear Marcel. I'm the one who is in charge of this paddling- not you- and I have no intention of going easy on you given your behaviour!
I intend to teach you a lesson you won't forget so bend over , grab those ankles and get that naughty backside out!"

Marcel let out an exaggerated sigh and assumed the position.
"Legs apart please.!" Sunnie  said , tapping the inside of Marcel's thighs with the paddle to expose the tender area between his cheeks.
"You will remain in position until I give you permission to get up or I will add extra strokes....understand?" she asked.
Marcel gulped , "Yes Ma'am!"

Planting both feet on the ground , Sunnie raised the paddle high and then swung it with full force toward her target.
Marcel wobbled but was able to maintain his position.
Without hesitation , Sunnie raised the paddle again.
Sunnie watched as Marcel's cheeks wobbled with the force of the paddle.
They were already  turning red and she knew his howls of distress were genuine.
It appeared she was truly getting through to him at last.

By the 10th stroke Marcel was pleading for her to stop but it just encouraged her even more.
There were genuine tears in his eyes by the time the 20th venomous stroke landed.
His entire backside and upper thighs felt like they were on fire but Sunnie was far from finished.
Ignoring Marcel's sobbing , apologizing and whining she continued until a full 40 whacks had been administered.
Pausing to catching her breath , she put a palm to her fiancee's glowing red behind.
It was hot to the touch and definitely showing all the signs of a good paddling that Sonia had described.
The skin on his sit spots was a dusky white with blisters forming and the remainder of his behind right down to his thighs was bright red.
He would not be sitting comfortably for quite some time.

"You may rise." Sunnie declared imperiously and Marcel wasted no time in rising up to dance around the room , hopping from foot to foot trying in vain to rub the sting from his hindquarters with both hands.
Sunnie chortled in amusement at his hilarious antics.
When he had settled down , Sunnie took a firm hold of his ear and led him over to the desk.
Taking a seat in the chair , she guided him over her lap.
"AW NO SUNNIE! Please no more..." Marcel pleaded but was rewarded with a resounding smack to his already battered behind.
"I told you I was in charge of this spanking didn't I?" Sunnie warned him.
"Yes Ma'am!"
"The paddling was for the cigars....this spanking is for lying to me!" she clarified.

Marcel howled and kicked on her lap while Sunnie delivered crisp , non-stop spanks to his bottom.
After a few minutes she paused to wrap a leg around both of his to restrain his bucking.
"Give me your right hand !" she demanded , and Marcel reluctantly complied.
Then she really went to town punishing her man's backside.
Marcel could not believe that his petite fiancee was capable of administering such a thorough chastisement.
For the second time , she brought him to tears and continued spanking until he was bawling and sobbing like a child.

This time when he  rose , Sunnie did not permit him to rub his bottom and promptly steered him into the corner , hands on his head with his gloriously chastened bottom on full display.
As he stood there , fidgeting and shifting his feet , Sunnie took a few photos of the memorable scene with her phone.
Seconds later , Sonia cackled loudly when she received the pics from Sunnie along with the text message , 
''One arrogant Frenchman''s attitude adjustment complete...thanks for the advice girlfriend!'
Francois turned from doing the dishes to look at his wife.
"What's so funny Darling ?" he asked.
Sonia grinned and began tapping a response to Sunnie , 
"Another arrogant Frenchman's about to receive to follow!'

Sonia rose from the sofa to address her husband.
"Never mind...finish those dishes and meet me in the bedroom, we need to have a discussion...." she told him.
Francois' face flushed , "S’il vous plaît Sonia , pas une autre fessée !"
Sonia smiled and replied , "Oui son temps pour une autre fessée mon chérie!"