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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Green Chair - A Spanking Story

George checked his watch as he waited for the bus to stop.
It was 7.15pm. "Dammit!" he seethed to himself.
He knew his wife Valerie had planned a dinner with her clients , the Boswell's at 7pm so had scheduled his last appointment for 5.00pm to allow time to get home and help Valerie with the preparations.

His clients were an older couple who needed a standard agreement so he was sure he would be done in 30 minutes to catch the last express bus at 6.00pm to take him home in 10 minutes.
However , the couple were unprepared and unsure of the legal steps involved , so despite George's best efforts to hurry them along they dawdled and pondered every item.

By 5.45pm George suggested they finish with another appointment , but they were insistent on finishing matters that evening.
George finally made it to the bus stop in time to see the express bus drive away , leaving him no option but to take the ' milk route' number 77.
With a bit of luck he could still get home not long after 6.30pm , just enough time to save him from his wife's wrath.
But as it happened , luck was not with George as the # 77 was stuck in traffic.
His cell phone started ringing at 6.20pm and rang three more times but he didn't answer - the calls were from Valerie.

The Boswell's Mercedes was parked in the driveway when George finally made it home.
Her hurriedly discarded his hat , coat and briefcase , examined himself in the hall mirror and strode boldly to the dining room.

Valerie was sitting at the head of the table dressed in a little black , shimmering evening dress which hugged her voluptuous curves. Her  long red mane was pinned up , accentuating her cheekbones.
Despite looking so lovely , George knew his wife was fuming underneath.
"Ah nice to see you ." Gloria Bosley said curtly.
George nodded politely , his mouth going dry as he eyed his wife's icy glare.

Then his face flushed and his heart pounded when he saw it.
Sitting just behind Valerie , in its usual position just  front of the fireplace was the 'green chair'.
It was a sturdy straight- backed chair with a comfortably upholstered plush seat upon which his wife would sit very comfortably.
For George , on the other hand , it meant that he would not be sitting comfortably for the next few days!

Valerie had purchased it at a yard sale a few years ago , along with a classic hairbrush made of polished mahogany .
She enjoyed telling the older lady who was selling the items , exactly what their purpose would be as George paid for the purchases.

After that , when George displeased his wife , the green chair would be relocated from  Valerie's office and placed in it's prominent position in the drawing room -with that awful brush sitting on it ,
sending George the clear message that he was in for a sound bottom blistering!

Most times George  would be draped over his wife's inviting lap as she sat comfortably on the chair On some occasions Valerie would have him kneel on it and present his bare bottom for a dose of the leather tawse , or  he was required to bend over the back and hold the seat for a dozen or more strokes of her cane.

Valerie enjoyed watching her husband's reaction when he saw the green chair .
She would make no mention of her husband's pending discipline , acting normally and nonchalantly.
George hated this waiting even more than the spanking itself.
Then , when Valerie was good and ready she would take her place in the chair , rolling the brush teasingly in her hand as she scolded and lectured her errant husband who stood naked and humbled before her.
The sense of power was intoxicating to Valerie and George knew the punishment to come would be severe and lasting.

Throughout dinner , George's gaze  continually went to the the dreaded brush placed on the green chair .
It's presence in the room was very odd. and he hoped the Bosely's would not  be curious enough to question its purpose.
However , that is exactly why Valerie had placed it there !

After dinner the two couples retired to the drawing room .
As George prepared the drinks , he noticed Muriel Boswell look curiously at the green chair and make a comment to her husband which seemed to make him blush.

Valerie took two glasses from George and handed one to Muriel who was still gazing at the green chair.
"That's uncanny! I was just saying to Henry that we have the exact same chair at home." Muriel gushed.
While Henry made his way to the apparent safety of George , the two women positively beamed at the antique chair.
"I only bring it out here for special occasions actually." Valerie said.
Muriel grinned , "Oh you didn't have to do that for us Valerie."
"Oh I didn't bring it out for you dear , it's for George's benefit later ....isn't it dear?" Valerie said .
George's face was now as red as Henry's!

"Do you find it comfortable George?" Muriel asked , sensing the discomfort of both men.
George opened his lips to reply but Valerie responded for him.
"Actually George never sits on it Muriel - I do. In fact sitting is the last thing George wants to do after I'm finished with him .....isn't that so dear?"
The two women clearly had a common bond and were teasing their men mercilessly now.

"Yes dear." George replied mildly.
"I used to sit on our chair , but these days I prefer to have Henry bend over it for the cane.
I rather enjoy a good old fashioned caning ....although Henry would disagree wouldn't you dear?" Muriel cackled.

Instead of responding , Henry's eyes bilged , his face seemed to turn purple with rage and his jaw tightened visibly.
Carefully he put down his drink , took off his coat and took a few deliberate strides in his wife's direction.
Muriel's imperious demeanour evaporated almost immediately and she backed away , putting up both palms in an act of placation.
She began apologizing but Henry's silent advance continued.
"N..NOW Henry....darling.....please.....I'm sorry....I shouldn't have....." she squealed when Henry clamped onto both her wrists.

With ease he dragged her over to the green chair.
"May I ?" Henry asked Valerie , pointing to the brush.
Dumbfounded by the turn of events , Valerie could only nod.
George chuckled and looked on with glee as Henry sat down on the green chair and tipped his struggling wife over his lap.

Muriel kicked her legs wildly and pummelled her fists against her husband's thighs.
"That's quite enough Henry! Let me up this instant!" she squealed , but it sounded more like a plea than an order.
Henry fixed his gaze at the hem of his wife's elegant green evening gown and began easing it up over her chubby , milky thighs , over her ample hips to the small of her back to reveal two large , jiggling globes of flesh , framed by a pair of sheer black panties.
"OOOOOH! NOOOOO! HENRY!" Muriel screamed protesting her public exposure.
Henry's response was to roughly yank the flimsy garment down to her thighs to reveal his wife's bare bottom in all its glory.

George noted that it was a wonderfully spankable bottom. Two full round , but firm cheeks which were already jiggling frantically.
Then Henry went to work on his naughty wife's bare backside with the brush.
Muriel bawled , kicked and bucked on his lap as the crack of the brush against bare skin filled the room.
Her bottom rapidly turned from pink to a glowing , deepening red and real tears made her mascara streak down her cheeks.
Muriel was a babbling mess but Henry kept on spanking.
He was like a man possessed taking out weeks , or months of pent up fury on his naughty wife's backside.

George felt like cheering him on and he observed his own wife's reaction to the fiery spanking being carried out before their eyes.
She looked excited and intrigued by it all.
George moved closer to her and she gasped when he placed a palm on one of her butt cheeks and gave it a playful squeeze.
Instead of protesting , she looked passionately into his eyes.
"You're next've been needing this for a long time and now you're going to get it!" he declared.
"Yes dear ...." his wife pouted seductively.

Henry helped Muriel stagger to her feet .
Her face was as red as her bottom , streaked with tears and mascara , and her previously coiffed hair draped over her face.
She had lost one shoe and was tripping over her undies which were still banded around her knees.
When she reached back to restore them , her reward was a stinging smack to her already sore bottom from her husband's palm.
"Keep those right there!" he told her and led her by the arm into a corner of the room.
"Hands on your head and stay there until I say you can come out!" he ordered , folding her dress to make sure he glowing red bottom was on full display.

Valerie shuddered at the thought that very soon her poor bottom would be in the same condition.
A very satisfied Henry grinned and handed the hairbrush to George .
"Do your worst old chap!" he said,

George took a firm hold of Valerie's arm and looked into her eyes.
Her heart was pounding and she felt an instinctive tingling in her backside.
She had never been spanked before so this moment was a long time coming for her.
Interestingly she welcomed it instead of dreading it.

Her husband wasted no time springing into action.
Being on the receiving end of many spankings, had educated him on the nuances of spanking a naughty bottom.
The fact that it was Valerie's delectable posterior he was about to paddle just made it more exciting.

He flipped Valerie face first over his lap ,taking a moment to adjust her position so her head was close to the floor ,  her long legs raised placing her delectable bottom in the perfect position for a lenthy spanking.
Gleefully George hiked her dress up over the ample curves of her hips , to reveal a most enticing bottom elegantly framed with a black garter belt and stockings .
His wife's tiny lace panties offered little coverage but George peeled them down anyway.

Valerie let out a frustrated gasp when she felt the cold air on her exposed bottom.
She had never felt so vulnerable and helpless and it  sent a charge pulsing through her veins.
The moistness between her legs compelled her to grind her hips against her husband's crotch.
This momentarily distracted George but he quickly returned his attention to the task in hand.
He took a firm grip on the brush , raised his arm above his shoulder and brought it down smartly on his wife's lily white cheeks.
"OOOW!" Valerie shrieked.
George loved how his wife's cheeks jiggled each time the brush landed,

It was not long before those cheeks had turned a bright red and his wife was bucking and kicking her legs frantically.
In fact , Valerie kicked so hard one of her heels flew across the room at great speed.

Fed up with his wife's squirming , George adopted one of her own techniques , raising one leg over both of hers and taking hold of her right wrist and pinning it against the small of her back rendering her completely immobile.

With his wife's bottom in perfect position , he ignored her wailing , pleading and apologizing and proceeded to really roast her backside until she lay limply on his lap , sobbing and sniffling uncontrollably.

With genuine tenderness , George laid down the brush and assisted Valerie unsteadily to her feet.
She looked a real mess , balancing on one heel , panties around her ankles and her face tearstained and smudged mascara.
Her long hair which had been meticulously pinned up , now spilled ruefully over her face and shoulders.
George pulled her close and gave her a hug.
Valerie winced and moaned when his palms pressed against her tender red globes.
Her skin was hot to the touch and George loved it - so did Valerie.

George accepted a nod of approval from Henry who was sitting comfortably on a chair , brandy in hand and puffing on a cigar.
Beside him , Muriel had her nose in the corner , both hands holding up her dress so her bright red bottom was on full display.
Taking Valerie by the elbow , he guided her over to the other woman to take her place beside her.

As the two chastised wives stood silently in the corner , their two men chatted while they finished their brandy and cigars.
"You ladies may retire to the bathroom and tidy yourselves up now." George said , to the great relief of Muriel and Valerie.

In the privacy of the bathroom there was a sisterly bonding of the two women as they inspected their sore bottoms in the mirror.
They seemed to wear their blistered behinds like a badge of honour.
"Well I guess we had that coming Valerie..." Muriel mused and Valerie agreed.

When they returned to join their men , the green chair was still standing in its place in the middle of the room.
"I think we're going to keep that chair right there from now on as a reminder of what happens to naughty wives!" George teased.
"We will be doing the same , won't we dear?" Henry added,
The two ladies blushed and rubbed their well spanked bottoms in unison.
"Yes Dear." they replied.