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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Sorry Sunnie - MF Spanking Comic

Sunnie and Marcel have their  first fight and Sunnie discovers that going home to Mother was a bad choice.....then gets her Mother in trouble into the bargain....

Friday, December 23, 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

CONTRITION - MF Spanking Story

Amy Weston sat back in her chair and gazed over he antique desk at the telephone.
A profound sense of guilt had been consuming her all week long since the incident at the dinner party.
It hadn’t been easy for Amy to work her way up to be the COO of one of the biggest distribution companies in the country.
She was driven , aggressive and smart but it took a whole lot of hard work for a woman to make it this far.

Along the way , her husband Nigel had supported her 100%.
He had even parked his own promising career to become a house-husband and take care of their two small children while Amy worked incredibly long hours.
He gladly  assumed the role as the dutiful husband at the Company’s various events and dinners with customers without complaint.

Amy was born to lead and loved being in charge , not only at work , but also at home.
In fact , she ran their home with the same ruthless efficiency , laying out the rules and of course , enforcing them.

When the house rules were broken for whatever reason , it was Nigel who would pay the price in a very traditional manner by going over his wife’s lap for a good old fashioned spanking with her grandmother’s antique hairbrush.
The brush had been handed down to her by her Mother as a wedding present and had been used to tan errant male bottoms for generations and Amy gladly took up the torch.

Amy loved spanking the daylights out of her husband .
It allowed her to release the frustrations of her stressful job on his backside , and they both savoured the passionate lovemaking that always followed one of Nigel's bottom roastings.

Occasionally though , Amy had an overpowering urge to  be taken in hand and be the one who was led and controlled .
She had immediately regretted the insensitive  comments she made at Nigel’s expense to amuse some of her customers.
The remarks were rude and derogatory , but yet Nigel took them in his stride , laughing along instead of making a scene.

Afterwards he made no mention of it  and Amy , despite her contrition , made no attempt to apologize even though she knew she should.
She felt ashamed for deeply hurting the man she loved and not having the morale courage to apologize .

Amy cast her mind back to when she and Nigel were first married.
Despite regularly being on the receiving end of Amy's brush , there was no way Nigel would have let his wife get away with poor behaviour herself.

Amy’s brash , impetuous , rebellious nature often put her in hot water , and back then Nigel would not hesitate to keep her in line when needed.

Amy chuckled as she recalled one embarrassing evening when she relentlessly teased Nigel when they were visiting her Mother.
Finally an exasperated Nigel scooped her up , put her across his knee and gave her a sound spanking on the seat of her tight jeans while her Mother looked on and applauded.

Afterwards he warned her that spanking was just the appetizer and she received the 'main course' 'when they got home – his belt on her bare bottom… hurt like heck but Amy loved him for it!
How she longed for that Nigel to return and take her in hand when she needed it .
These days she needed him badly.

Her reflection was interrupted by the phone ringing and her heart pounded when she realized it was Nigel.
Taking a deep breath she picked up the phone .
“Sorry to disturb you honey ….I’m just calling to remind you that your Mother will be coming over for dinner tonight and it would be nice if….” He began but Amy could hold back no longer.
“….er….um ….Nigel…dear…I have something to say to you….” Amy’s mouth felt dry and her pulse raced.
“I know I should have said this long ago ….but its just that I can’t stop thinking about how badly I treated you last weekend. I was rude , insensitive and I owe you an apology…” she said , her voice trembling now.
There was a pause as Amy waited for her husband to respond.
"Contrition! Finally !" he announced .
His rage and fury  which followed took Amy by surprise.

Angry feelings had been festering inside Nigel as he waited for his wife’s contrition , now it had arrived he could not hold back and gladly released it.
Weeks of pent up anger exploded as he launched a verbal assault on his wife which had her ears burning.
It had been some time since anyone had addressed Amy in these tones , but deep inside she was delighted – the old Nigel had returned  !

When Nigel paused to catch his breath , Amy spoke , “I’m sooo sorry honey…..really I am….” She cooed in a girlish voice.
“Oh you’re gonna be sorry alright young lady!” her husband continued .
Referring to her as a naughty young lady made Amy's  bottom tingle.

“….I don’t give a damn what you’re doing but I want you home by 3pm sharp do you understand?” he hollered.
Amy looked at the clock. It was 2.30pm.
“3 ?” she asked meekly,
“Yes 3 SHARP!  I need time to deal with you properly before your Mom and the kids arrive!” he added.
“YESSIR!” Amy replied .

“Cancel all my appointments for the day Susan…” she called out to her assistant as she rushed out of the building 

“SHIT!” Amy cursed as she pushed her company Mercedes to the limit on the highway.
It was 3.10 when she arrived at the door  , out of breath and clutching a $200 speeding ticket.

Nigel was waiting for his wife with arms folded.
“You’re late Amy! I said 3pm SHARP!”  he scolded.
“Yes…I know…the traffic was hell..” she babbled .
Nigel remained stoic , “No excuses young lady …..your tardiness earned you 20 strokes of the strap after the kids are in bed!”
“AWWW!” Amy sighed , instinctively rubbing her bottom.

It had been years since she had seen Nigel act like this - and she loved it!

Widening his eyes , he saw the document in her hands and wrenched it from her fingers.
“Another speeding ticket!”  he raged.

Any waved a hand in an attempt to placate her man.
"Don't worry honey....the company will pay for it...." she stammered.
Nigel shook his head , "You'll pay for it in the morning with another dose of the hairbrush before you go to work !” he told her.
“YESSIR!” Amy sighed , her shoulders sagging.

With that , Nigel seized his naughty wife by the wrist and propelled her to the stairs with a firm swat to the seat of her tight pencil skirt.
Amy yelped and balanced precariously on her 4" heels as she ascended the stairs with her husband in close pursuit.

In the bedroom the straight back chair stood in its familiar place in the middle of the room with Grandma’s hairbrush sitting on it.
The only difference this time was that it would be Nigel sitting comfortably on it  to deliver a sound spanking to her .

Nigel scooped up the brush and sat on the chair.
He only had to raise a finger for Amy to react.
She knew the routine well , and that this time she would be the one disrobing.

Amy peeled off her expensive business suit and silk blouse  , standing before her husband clad only in bra , panties garter belt and stockings .
Nigel felt an erection build at the sight of his beautifully  voluptuous , yet vulnerable , about to be spanked wife.
“Contrition Amy. Let me hear real contrition.” He said.

Amy could feel the heat in her cheeks build and her palms sweated
“I sincerely apologize for my behaviour. I was rude and inconsiderate and also should not have waited this long to apologize. I deserve to be punished.” She said with a sense of relief.

Nigel nodded approvingly, “.........and punished you shall be young lady - SEVERELY!”
“He patted his lap , “Over you go !”
“YESSIR!” Amy replied and placed herself over his lap.

Amy let out an involuntary gasp when she felt her husband's fingers slowly peel down her skimpy , silk panties.
She clamped her eyes shut , clenched her cheeks and took a firm hold on the leg of the chair .
She had wielded Grandma's hairbrush but had never felt its sting before.
When she did she had a new respect for its power.
She screamed and bucked on her husband's lap as he released his fury on her bare backside.
He whaled away with the brush and Amy kicked her legs so hard , both of her red heels flew across the room.
By the time her punishment was finished she knew the meaning of contrition.

Later at dinner , Amy’s knew her ginger movements and squirming on her seat would not  escape her Mother’s attention , so she made no attempt to conceal the fact that she had been soundly spanked.
In fact , her contrition seemed to compel her to confess , so she made a dramatic scene of trying to sit although her bottom was so genuinely sore it was not play acting.

 Curious 6 year old Vera helped break the ice.
“How come Mommy has a sore bottom Daddy?” she asked to great amusement of all.
Nigel leaned closer to his daughter.
“Mommy was a very naughty girl , so Daddy had to give her a spanking so her bottom will be sore for a while!”
Amy feigned outrage , “REALLY NIGEL!”
Her husband waved a finger at her.
“Be careful dear … still have your bedtime strapping and another spanking in the morning as I recall!” he reminded her.
 Amy chuckled  contently.
The old Nigel was back – and she loved it!


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Retribution - FM Spanking Story

Almost 6 months into their marriage , Sonia and Charles were having their first genuinely earnest discussion on their relationship.

Sonia felt Charles was not 'pulling his weight' by shirking his share of the household chores , spending too much time with his single buddies and generally taking his wife for granted.
Initially , Charles was unaware and insensitive regarding the impact of his poor behaviour on their marriage , but as their discussion continued , he began to acknowledge that he did indeed need to make some serious changes.

However , Sonia was still not satisfied with this , and continued the discussion , whilst her new hubby was clearly no longer interested.
"Are we done now?" Charles asked , clearly trying to end a discussion which had become very uncomfortable for him.
His attitude only served to irk his wife even more.

Sonia let out an exasperated sigh.
"This discussion is done - for now Charles...." she began.
Charles smirked and rose from his seat.
".....but there is still the issue of your retribution!" she added calmly.
Her husband's brow furrowed in confusion.
"Retribution?" he asked.

Now it was Sonia's turn to stand and confront her husband.
"Yes Charles - retribution . If you check your dictionary you will find it means  'punishment for doing something wrong' " Sonia replied in her well rehearsed Schoolteacher tone.
"I'n not entirely satisfied that you are contrite regarding your behaviour Charles , and did you really think there would not be consequences?" she asked earnestly.

Her husband's face flushed and he replied in an involuntary , high-pitched tone , "Consequences?"
Sonia did not elaborate but simply took her chair , placed it in the middle of the room and sat down.
"In the top drawer of my dresser you'll find a nice big wooden hairbrush which I purchased for exactly this occasion. Be a good boy and fetch it for me please." she said in an imperious tone.

For a moment Charles stood frozen.
"A Hairbrush? What for?" he asked genuinely.
His wife shook her head , giggling mockingly.
"For your retribution of course silly....I'm going to give you a good , sound spanking on your bare bottom.....then we'll be done....for now!" she announced.

Her words spun her husband into a state of shock and disbelief.
"A spanking! Come on Sonia . you can't be serious?" he stammered.
Sonia raised a brow and wagged her finger at him.
"I am deadly serious Charles. You deserve a good spanking and I'm going to give it to you.
Now , do as I say and fetch my hairbrush !" she scolded impatiently.

Her husband was clearly battling between his male pride and his own guilt , but something inside told him he needed to obey his wife's command this time.
So he did, and moments later Sonia was rolling the brush in her hand , admiring the shiny varnish on the wood while Charles disrobed.

With her thoroughly humbled husband now naked before her , she patted her lap.
"Over you go." she ordered , and Charles obediently draped himself over her awaiting lap.
Sonia was clearly enjoying the control she was asserting over her errant husband.
"How ironic." she thought to herself. Here was the man she had vowed to love , honour and obey lying submissively over her lap waiting for her to administer his punishment.

While still lecturing her husband , she adjusted his position on her lap to her satisfaction.
She observed his lily white , muscular buttocks clenching in anticipation when she teased them with taps of the brush.
"I am going to blister your bottom mister, and you can expect the same from now on if you don't smarten you understand?" she asked him.
"YES!" came the terse reply.
She snapped the back of the brush against her husband's right cheek.
"You will refer to me as Ma'am until your retribution is complete!" she corrected , producing a frantic "YES MA'AM!" from Charles.

It was time to begin the retribution and they both knew that their marriage was about to take a turn for the better.