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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Naughty French Maid.....Part 2- M/F Spanking Comic

It appears Lady Blackwell does not approve of Lord Blackwell's methods of disciplining the new French Maid.

I wonder what she intends to do????

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Naughty French Maid - MF Spanking Comic


Lord Blackwell cannot understand why the new French Maid is so clumsy.........

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Discipline at Blackwell Manor - MF / FM Spanking Story

Tobias had ben working as a groom at Blackwell Manor for over two months now .
It was hard work , with a strict regimen , but he had learned much , it paid well and allowed him time to ride some of his Lordship's cherished racehorses.

He had grown close to one particular young horse , Atlas , a feisty stallion and the two spent time together every day.

It was early morning and Tobias was enjoying the relative quietness of the stables as he cleaned out the stalls.
Atlas always made a bit of a fuss when Tobias arrived but this morning he sounded agitated , almost distressed.

Concerned , Tobias ran to his stall to find it empty!
Panic set in of Lord Blackwell's horses was loose and it was on his watch.
The bolt on the stable door was still open so Tobias sprinted for it  and , as he approached it , he could hear a commotion , a horse whinnying an...a female voice.

Outside the door , young Lady Cynthia Blackwell was struggling to ride a bucking and kicking Atlas.
Sensing danger , Tobias took hold of the stallion's bridle and began speaking to Atlas softly.
Atlas immediately calmed enough for Lady Cynthia to make a most unladylike dismount resulting in her landing on the seat of her tight jodspurs.

Tobias tried not to laugh as he helped the pretty young lady to her feet.
"Are you alright Miss?" he asked and then yelped loudly when he felt a sharp sting on his arm from Cynthia's riding crop.

"How dare you interfere with my morning ride you big oaf!" she squealed , raising her arm to give Tobias another lick with her crop.
Towering over Cynthia , Tobias seized her wrist and easily restrained her , but Cynthia responded by  giving him a swift kick on the shin.

Tobias howled and rubbed his shin but quickly recovered to grab Cynthia by both wrists .
He had always admired Cynthia from afar , her long flowing hair , pert breasts and magnificent round bottom encased in a pair of tight jodspurs ,  but now he was seeing a less attractive side of her.
At 22 years old she was the same age as Tobias.

"Remove your hands from me you brute! My Father will hear of this!" she yelled , struggling to free herself and remount Atlas.
Tobias pulled her tighter .
"Look Miss Cynthia , Atlas is not ready to be ridden please calm down and leave him." he reasoned.

Cynthia glared at him defiantly.
"Don't you tell me what to do Stableboy!" she fumed , aiming a slap at Tobias' face with a freed palm.
It connected with a loud 'SLAAPP!" stunning them both to silence.

"OK Miss asked for it !" Tobias said , plucking the young lady off her feet and tucking her under his arm.
Cynthia's feet kicked wildly and Tobias stole a moment to admire her shapely bottom.
Then he proceeded to deliver a flurry of stinging spanks to Cynthia's posterior which had her crying and swearing at the same time.

Tobias delivered a final trio of hard spanks before dumping Lady Cynthia on her feet before him.
Cynthia's face was as red as no doubt her bottom.
She put both palms to her cheeks and rubbed furiously, glaring at Tobias.
"How dare you strike me Sir! You will pay for this!" she fumed and stormed off .

Tobias told his superior , Mr. McKay , about the incident.
"You were right not to let Lady Cynthia ride Atlas boy , and yes she can be a spoilt brat and I dare say deserved what she got , but you cannot lay a hand on her like than son.
Lucky for you , Lord Blackwell is away today so I will talk to Lady Catherine and ask her to go easy on you..." he told him.

It was a long morning for Tobias , pondering his fate and his heart was pounding when Mr. McKay returned to the stables.
"I spoke with Lady Blackwell and convinced her you are too good a groom to lose your job over something like this. She also agreed not to dock your wages...." McKay explained.
Tobias heaved a sigh of relief.
'...but don't think you're off the hook Laddie...Lady Catherine wants to see you and be assured there will be retribution for striking young matter the reason." McKay continued.
Tobias scratched his head , "Retribution?" he asked nervously.

McKay smiled and slapped Tobias on the shoulder.
"Don't worry glad that your getting away with only a sound go take your medicine!" he chortled.

Tobias had never seen the inside of Blackwell Manor and was in awe of the surroundings.
He was greeted by a footman who led him down a long corridor adorned with paintings to the huge wooden doors of the Library.
"Knock and enter.... Lady Catherine is expecting you." the Footman said and left.

Inside the Library , Lady Catherine sat behind a large antique desk with Lady Cynthia standing beside her.
Lady Blackwell was quite a stunning woman in her early 50's with an athletic , curvy figure and long hair pinned up to enhance her beautiful features.

She peered at Tobias over the eyeglasses perched on her nose.
"Well don't just stand there boy .....COME HERE!" she commanded in a deep , firm voice.
Tobias quickly took his place in front of the desk and Lady Catherine paused to fix her gaze on him.
He certainly was a handsome young man. It would be a pleasure dealing with him.
It was then that Tobias noticed the long thin cane sitting on the desk.
"So this is the young man who decided to give my daughter a good spanking!" she declared with a grin.
"MOTHER! It's not hurt!" Cynthia chimed , rubbing her bottom again.

Tobias felt his heart pounding and felt the need to explain.
"I'm sorry Milady but...." he began but was silenced by an imperious wag of Lady Blackwell's finger.
"There is no need young man...Mr. McKay gave me all the details so there is only the matter of your retribution.
Tobias gulped .
He could not take his eyes off that cane.

Lady Catherine rose and picked up the cane.
Tobias noticed how striking she looked in her white blouse , jodspurs and boots.
Taking the cane in both hands she flexed it and then swished it through the air menacingly.
She raised her chin and looked Tobias in the eye.
"You will receive a sound thrashing young man....20 strokes administered to the same part of your anatomy as you punished my daughter.
Bend over the desk and reach out !" she announced , pointing to the desk.

Tobias looked at Cynthia who was looking on with great amusement.
"Cynthia will remain to witness your punishment." Lady Blackwell confirmed.
Tobias assumed the position and felt the seat of his jodspurs tighten as he reached out across the desk.
Cynthia giggled , enjoying the sight of Tobias's muscular backside about to be thrashed.

Lady Catherine stood to his left and tapped the cane against his backside teasingly.
Her arm rose and she brought down the cane smartly against both his cheeks,
Tobias stifffened and gritted his teeth as the strokes were delivered.
He could feel the lines of the cane searing his skin as Lady Catherine slowly and deliberately administered stinging strokes.
After the first 6 he was crying out and continued to howl and squirm against the table until the  full 20  stokes were complete.
His backside felt like it was on fire.
Cynthia clapped her hands in glee  as her Mother thrashed Tobias thoroughly.

When it was offer he remained in the prone position , gasping , tears welling in his eyes.
Lady Catherine inspected her handiwork.
Her cane had left visible imprints on the seat of Tobias's britches.
"You may stand." she said almost sympathetically.

Tobias rose slowly and stiffly and stood with his hands by his sides , his fingers wiggling and fighting the urge to rub his backside.
He would not give Lady Cynthia that satisfaction.
Lady Catherine took her seat behind the desk.
"You took your punishment well Tobias , but be warned that should you return here I will put you over my knee and take my hairbrush to your bare backside!" she threatened with a wry grin.
"Yes Milady!"Tobias replied , his face flushing at the thought.

Cynthia was beaming with satisfaction , but her smugness faded when Lady Catherine turned her attention to her.
"Are you satisfied now that this young man has been thrashed for saving your life and one of your Father's most cherished horses?" she asked her.
Cynthia was rendered speechless and her jaw dropped.
Lady Catherine stood and pointed a finger at her daughter.
"How many times were you told to stay away from those horses? You could have killed yourself , the horse and this young man!" she raged.

To Tobias' surprise , Lady Catherine opened the desk drawer to produce a long , thick leather tawse.
Cynthia gasped , clearly recognizing the implement.
"NO ! Mother No! Not the strap.....please....and not with him here...." she pleaded.
Catherine handed the tawse to Tobias and smiled.
"I'm not going to thrash you....Tobias is going to finish what he started this morning....with my permission!
A good dozen strokes- with those pants down young lady!"

Cynthia was horrified.
Her Mother took hold of her , turned her around and proceeded to yank Cynthia's tight britches to her knees.
"Please Mother ! Noooo!" Cynthia pleaded.
Lady Catherine pushed Cynthia over the table.
"12 strokes Tobias....good and hard!" she demanded with glee.

Tobias gripped the tawse , drinking in the sight of Cynthia's mostly bare , jiggling twin globes encased in only the tiniest pair of black lace panties.
"Get on with it Tobias ....or do you need another dose of my cane?" Lady Blackwell warned.
Tobias raised the tawse and snapped it against Cynthia's buttocks until the full dozen strokes were complete .
The strap left red , angry welts on her silky , tender skin and she was sobbing uncontrollably.

Suddenly the twin doors to the Library swung unexpectedly open.
A male voice bellowed out from behind the trio.
"What the hell is going on here Catherine?"
Lady Blackwell looked like she had seen a ghost.
"Why are back early." her voice suddenly morphing from that of a school mistress to a schoolgirl.

Lord Blackwell glared at his wife.
"I take it there is a reason why the groom is strapping our daughter's backside Madam?"
Cynthia had been pre-occupied soothing her sore bottom pointed at her Mother.
"She made him do it Poppa!" she bawled.
Lady Catherine smiled nervously and shrugged her shoulders.

Lord Blackwell pointed at the door.
"LEAVE! I require some private time with Lady Blackwell!" he yelled .
Wasting no time he picked up the cane and turned to his wife.
Cynthia put a hand to her mouth in astonishment.
"Come on Tobias...lets go." she said , pushing Tobias out the door.

Cynthia closed the door and surprised Tobias by planting a passionate kiss on his lips.
Tobias responded , pulling her closer and they kissed again.
Lady Catherine's britches were still at half-mast and she took Tobias' hand and placed it on her hot bottom.
All that spanking had clearly made both of them hot and inspired.
"I've been waiting for a man like you for a long time Tobias....we have much to discuss. I know a quiet place we can go..."she purred.

Inside the Library , Lady Blackwell opened her mouth to speak but thought better of it.
Her husband was furious at her and clearly meant business.
"Let's have you woman....get those britches down and bend over the table!" he ordered.
He looked on with great interest at the sight of his wife wiggling her ample hips to peel down her jodspurs.
Unlike her daughter , Lady Catherine wore no underwear.
She bent over the desk , presenting her curvy , lilly white bottom to her husband.
"A dozen strokes Madam!" he announced.
Catherine gasped and clenched her cheeks.

Lord Blackwell was a true master  of the cane and laid stripe after stripe on his wife's beautiful posterior.
To her credit , she remained stoic throughout although she was sobbing and moaning afterwards.
Her punishment over , Lady Catherine was despatched to a corner while Lord Blackwell took his seat behind the desk to work.

It was a brief stay in the corner for Catherine , although it seemed much longer.
Finally Lord Blackwell closed the ledger and returned his attention to his wife.
Her bottom had turned a most beautiful crimson hue and had raised welts where the cane had landed.
She flinched when he caressed the roasted flesh of her bottom with both hands.
"I fear you will not be resuming any riding for the next day or two my lovely!" he chuckled , his mood lightening.

Placing his hands on his shoulders her turned her to face him.
Her tears had dried and stained her face making her look even more beautiful.
Pulling her to him they kissed passionately.
"I missed you darling!" she purred.

Lord Blackwell downed his own britches , letting them fall to the floor.
"Now it's time for my wife to show how much she missed me..." he said , and Catherine dropped to her knees before him.

Meanwhile , Lady Cynthia and Tobias lay in each others arms amongst the bales of hay after making love.
As Tobias lay on his stomach , Cynthia admired the uniform red stripes her Mother had expertly painted on his firm buttocks.
He winced as she squeezed his cheeks with her hand.
"If you are going to court me Tobias , there is something you need to know about us Blackwell ladies..." she began.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A lesson for Lord Blackwell- FM Illustrated Spanking Story

"Well Ellie? I 'm waiting for your explanation..", Lord Blackwell  fumed , "Where is my antique snuff box?
Ellie Thomson , the Parlor Maid , charged with cleaning his Lordship's library trembled , looking down at  her shoes and fidgeting nervously.
"I'm sorry your Lordship but I don't know how it happened to it ...."
Tears were welling in the wretched girls eyes when Lady Catherine Blackwell  entered the dining room.
She looked sympathetically at Ellie and gave her arm a reassuring pat.
"Whatever is the matter Ellie dear?" she asked.

"My antique snuff box has disappeared ...and I'm trying to find out who is responsible. Apart from Henderson and myself , Ellie is the only one who has access to the Library. Come on girl! Spit it out....I  demand you answer me honestly!" the Lord bellowed.
Poor Ellie shivered and quaked in her boots.

Her Ladyship looked sternly at her husband .
"Really Harold! There is no need to shout like that...can't you see you're frightening the poor girl?. Anyway , I'm quite sure poor Ellie is not responsible for your precious snuff box." she reasoned.
Lord Blackwell's eyes bulged in uncontrollable rage.
"Be quiet Woman ! There is no need for you to interfere . I am the Head of Blackwell Manor and I intend to get to the bottom of this matter !" he raged.

Meanwhile , 20 year old Lady Cynthia took her place at the table and watched the proceedings.
Over the years , she had witnessed many similar scenes between her parents and admired how her Mother always seemed to end up the winner.
Her Father was the Head of the powerful Blackwell dynasty by name , but  Mother was  the one in charge when it came to domestic and household matters.
A satisfied grin played on young Lady Cynthia's pretty face as she observed  her Mother go into action.

As usual , Lady Catherine cast her husband a stern look which he recognized very well,  and deliberately paused before addressing him.
"How dare you Sir ! Let me remind you that when you speak to a lady , whether it be myself or a member of the household  staff , in such a rude and disrespectful tone , it will have consequences." she said,  her tone containing just the right amount of warning .
The remark silenced her husband and he flushed visibly.
Cynthia put a hand up to hide the girlish giggle coming from her mouth.

The lady of the house then reached deeply into her skirt pocket and produced a shiny object.
"Is this what you are looking for 'your Lordship'?" she asked with a hint of sarcasm.
Lord Blackwell gulped in astonishment.
"Why yes it is....but where?" he stammered , his bluster quickly fading.

"Henderson found it in your smoking jacket !" she informed him curtly.
"" her husband babbled.
Lady Catherine looked at Ellie who was watching the proceedings anxiously.
"I believe you owe Ellie an apology Sir....." she proposed , glaring at her husband.
 Lord Blackwell bristled.
"Apologise? To a servant girl? I'll do no such thing!" he retorted , his eyes  bulging.

The lady of the house rolled her own eyes.
"You will apologize to Ellie so she can return to her  duties , and after dinner  we will be having a lengthy  'discussion' of your boorish behavior?"she warned.

 Lady Cynthia supressed another giggle and waited for her Father to respond.
For a moment , his Lordship's eyes darted back and forth between his wife and Ellie ,conflicting emotions warring inside him.
Hid pride bade him to  stand firm  , but another part of him knew well that he dare not.

Realizing he was clearly in the wrong, he wisely chose to save face in front of the staff.
"My wife is quite right Ellie. I was wrong to accuse you and for that I apologize..." he mouthed reluctantly.
 Ellie curtsied and looked at Lady Catherine ,"May I leave now Madam?"
Lady Catherine beckoned her to remain.
"Not  yet Ellie....Lord Blackwell  is not finished with his apology yet." she said , deepening her icy glare .
Her husband cleared his throat , "...and......I....I spoke disrespectfully to you Ellie was rude and uncalled for. I apologize for that too." he blurted.

His wife responded sarcastically by putting her palms together in mock applause.
"Thank you Ellie, you may return to your duties ....and would you be kind enough to put this precious object back in his Lordship's library? We will be going there shortly , and it will serve as a reminder to Lord Blackwell during our 'discussion' " she added with a wry smile  , handing Ellie the snuff box.
"Yes Madam." Ellie curtsied and made a hasty exit.

There was a brief  pause as Lord and Lady Blackwell settled into their places at the dining  table and waited for the Servants to serve dinner.
Then Lady Catherine placed her napkin on her lap and nonchalantly remarked, " It's time for me to give you another lesson in respect and manners my husband...."
Cynthia's listened closely ,looking at the table and  pretending to rearrange her utensils.
She was in awe of the way her Mother  had transformed a proud  raging lion into a squeaking mouse.
"Please dear....I did apologize ..." Lord Blackwell pleaded in a subdued tone.
His wife stared icily at him, "Stop making excuses .You know very well that there will be retribution when you behave in such a way my dear." she replied as if speaking to a small child

Cynthia had a good idea why her Father was so concerned.
She had witnessed this scenario play out many times before.-Father does  something to upset Mother - Mother summons Father to the library  for a 'discussion' .
After such an exchange , Cynthia would walk down the long hallway which connected the library to the rest of the house and linger there to listen to the proceedings.
The huge wooden door to the Library was very thick , as were the walls so she had to listen carefully Cynthia would hear her Mother's voice , lecturing in that stern tone  ,  accompanied by the occasional muted response from Father.
This sometimes would carry on for a good 10 minutes or more.

Then after a brief pause , she would hear loud ,rhythmic , cracks .
Slow  and methodical at first , the noise interspersed with her Mother's lecturing voice until the pace quickened and they became even louder .
She hear her Father's voice crying out in some distress with  loud "OW's" "OUCH's" and  "YEOOWs" .
Soon Father's would begin  apologizing and pleading frantically.
The noise went on and on  before it would finally stop and Mother's voice could be heard again.
 The sounds now coming from the room appeared to be sounds of passion .

The next morning at breakfast  Cynthia would observe her Father carefully.
Mother always had that aura of confident satisfaction about her and Henderson the Butler placed a big soft pillow was  placed on his Lordship's seat.
Father would enter the room walking stiffly and discretely rubbed the seat of his tight jodspurs  as if to prepare himself for sitting.
He then began to slowly and carefully  lower  his backside onto the pillow , his face contorting in a grimace when he did.
Mother would be quite amused by this .

Cynthia was curious to see for herself , exactly what really happened inside the library when her parents held those very discrete discussions.
The fact that she was not permitted to go near the Library made this very difficult.

Given that the 'discussions' were always initiated by her Mother , as a result of some indiscretion by  her Father,  she knew Mother was administering some type of retribution to Father  which sounded very like a beating  to his backside which made it difficult to sit for days.
"Mother spanking Father? Surely not!" she thought.

Her curiosity intensified ,  until a visit from her cousin Wilbert , one year her senior ,  unexpectedly enlightened her.
Cousin Wilbert and Cynthia had always been great friends , but he had an adventurous nature and Cynthia would sometimes be reluctant to  follow him.
One day Wilbert wanted  to explore  the wooded area at the rear of  Blackwell Manor .

Cynthia rarely went to the rear of the Manor as it  housed the entrance to the servants' quarters .
It was bland and bricked with few windows  ,except for one large one which seemed to jut out from the rest.
Wilbert decided to toss rocks at the big window thinking it was not occupied.
Cynthia warned him not to , but he left her in the woods and  ran off anyway leaving her far behind.

From the woods , Cynthia could see Wilbert toss the rocks  and she gasped when she saw her Father appear in the window to admonish his nephew.
It was then she realized it was the window of the Library !

Luckily for Cynthia , her Father saw only Wilbert , and her cousin , being the young gentleman that he was, confessed that he committed the offence alone.
It earned poor Wilbert a dozen strokes of Lord Blackwell's cane for his troubles , and Cynthia was able to witness her cousin's caning from the adjoining room where the door was ajar.
Cynthia was thrilled at the sight of  the cane whipping against Wilfred 's tight britches.
To his credit , Wilfred took his punishment without a whimper as Cynthia watched in awe  , longing for the day she could to do the same to some well deserving male bottom .

Later , with Wilbert's help , the pair constructed a makeshift ladder allow them to peer inside the library ,this most secret of rooms.
Wilfred was less than impressed , but Cynthia was enthralled to finally see the room she had only pictured in her mind.
Her eyes scanned it carefully , the big mahogany desk ,an  Italian leather chair flanked by two sturdy straight backed chairs ,the walls filled with books of every description and the display of various Blackwell  family heirlooms.
Sitting prominently on the credenza was a large, antique , lady's hairbrush.
It seemed so out of place , and she cast her mind back to the sounds she had heard during her parent's discussions and wondered. "Surely not?" She thought to herself , tapping the back of the brush against her palm.

Since discovering the window , Cynthia waited for the opportunity to spy on her parents' 'discussion' in the library until one day it finally arrived.
Head Butler Henderson removed the final plates from the dinner table.
"Your smoking jacket , brandy and cigar are laid out in the drawing room as usual your Lordship."
"Thank you Henderson." Lord Blackwell said , rising from his chair.

Lady Catherine raised her hand imperiously.
"Thank you Henderson , but his Lordship and I will be having a 'discussion' in the library .. "
Henderson bowed "Yes of course Milady".
"Can't this wait?" Lord Blackwell complained.
Her Ladyship cast that look at her husband.
"No it cannot wait!" She said firmly with a glint in her eye.
Her husband sat frozen for a moment , his mouth opening for a response that he thought better of.

,Cynthia could barely contain her excitement.
This discussion was quite unexpected but she was not about to miss it.
"May I be excused Mother?" She asked and received an affirmative nod from her Mother.
Immediately , she made her way to the rear of the Manor to he new found viewing spot for the proceedings.

The Library curtains were drawn but open enough to give Cynthia a nice view and still conceal her presence .
By the time she settled in , Lord Blackwell was already waiting in front of the desk , standing straight with hands behind his back.
One of the big straight backed chairs had been placed in the middle of the room and the antique hairbrush placed upon it.
The cane with which his Lordship had disciplined Wilbert sat on the desk before him.

Cynthia felt her heart pound when the door opened and her Mother entered the room.
Lady Catherine took her place behind  the desk , clasped her hands and looked earnestly at her husband who stood with his head bowed.

Cynthia could not hear dicipher all her Mother's words , but from she was severely admonishing and scolding her husband.
Lord Blackwell remained largely silent throughout , occasionally nodding or uttering a brief word .

Then Lady Catherine rose  , picked up the hairbrush and sat down in the straight back chair .
Lord Blackwell removed his dinner jacket and with one finger she beckoned him to her.
Cynthia gasped when  her Mother unfastened his Lordship's britches and allowed them to drop  unceremoniously to the floor.

A broad smile consumed Lady Catherine's face when she gazed between her husband's legs , closing her hand around his Lordship's very prominent erection..
Cynthia felt a thrill pulse through her veins  watching her Mother take complete charge over this powerful man , making him bend to her will .

Without prompting , his Lordship placed himself across Lady Catherine's lap and she hoisted his shirt tails to expose his muscular bare backside.
Taking the brush in her right hand she raised it high above her head and brought it down full-force on her target
Again and again the brush rose and fell while Lord Blackwell jerked and squirmed on his wife's lap .
She was really roasting his behind with that brush.

Cynthia watched the skin on his rump turn a blazing red and his struggles become more and more frantic.
Undeterred , Lady Catherine continued the brush torture.
Cynthia tried to count the blows  , but gave up as they were landing so rapidly.
By the time the punishment  was complete, Mother must have delivered in excess of 500 blows.

Slowly his Lordship clambered off Lady Catherine's lap , rising unsteadily to his feet.
Cynthia and her Mother laughed at the sight of Lord Blackwell dancing around the room , hopping from foot to foot , rubbing his red , blistered backside.

Lady Catherine permitted him a moment or two,  before taking him by the ear and leading him to the desk.
Lord Blackwell protested , his face as red as his backside when her Ladyship  picked up the cane and spoke to him again.
She was pacing the room, flexing and swishing the cane , admonishing her husband as he stood there with his pants still around his ankles.

Cynthia's eyes bulged when her Father bent over the desk.
"Goodness me....the hairbrush AND the cane....poor Poppa!" she thought.
Her Father's face contorted grotesquely as Lady Catherine methodically delivered a full dozen strokes , pausing between each one for effect.

Her Mother had given his Lordship the soundest of thrashings , but Cynthia was astounded to see what happened next.
Lady Catherine sat in the big leather chair , hoisted up her skirts and spread her legs. She wore nothing but knee length silk stockings underneath!

Lord Blackwell crawled on his knees to her and ,placing her hand on his head guided him between her legs.
She writhed on the chair , moaning  in pure ecstasy , jerking her husband's head to her when he came up for breath.
Finally,  Lord Blackwell rose up , took hold of his wife , bending her face down over the desk.

Cynthia gasped at the mere sight of her Father's huge , throbbing member.
Without hesitation he drove it inside his wife, thrusting so lustily that the huge desk shuddered.
Cynthia felt like she was trapped in a dream she did not wish to end

The following morning , Lady Catherine entered the dining room glowing with contentment.
"I trust you slept well Cynthia." she greeted warmly.
Moments later Lord Blackwell arrived , walking stiffly , his smile fighting a grimace.
Lady Catherine grinned impishly at her husband and he smiled back before lowering himself onto the pillow placed on his chair.

Ellie happened to be serving breakfast that day.
"I'm so glad you found your snuff box your Lordship." she said with a glint in her eye.
"Thank you Ellie you are so kind!" Lord Blackwell replied politely.
Lady Catherine smiled at Ellie, "It seems your lesson in manners was very effective M'Lord. We will need to do it more often!" she teased .
Cynthia giggled.
She couldn't wait for the day she would be married and did the same to her husband