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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meanwhile back at the Ranch.... - MF Wild West Spanking Story

George Cooper stood with hands on his hips and scowled at his wife Nora and daughter Sally when they entered the ranch house.
Standing beside George was his son-on-law Steve Curtis who was equally livid.
The two ladies smiled nervously at their angry husbands .
"Where the heck have you gals been ? I thought I told you this morning to be home before dark ….....Steve and I were about to round up a possee to go look for you !" George scolded.

Nora and Sally looked nervously at each other and began babbling apologies .
"Its mostly my fault Dear.....I wanted to stay in town a bit longer to shop and then we ........well we kinda got lost on the ride back through the west side of the ranch ." Lisa confessed.

George wagged a finger at his wife.
"How many times have I told you not to take that route back? Its just like you to be foolish like that Nora Cooper .........but I'm surprised at you Sally!" he said looking at his daughter.
Sally's husband Steve chipped in , "Sally's not so innocent Mr. Cooper , I'm sure she's just as much to blame , weren't you Sally? an exasperated Steve pointed out.
"I'm sorry Steve ." Sally said meekly.

George sighed , "What's left of supper is in the kitchen if you want it .......– but I'll be dealing with you later Nora Cooper !" George said firmly.
His usually outspoken wife simply blushed and said lowered her head while her angry husband glared at her.

Sally smirked when she heard her Father's familiar threat.
"That goes for you too Sally !" Steve declared in a firm tone that quickly erased Sally's silly smirk.
"AW Steve!" she pouted.

The atmosphere warmed somewhat once the two couples sat at the table while the two mischievious  ladies amused their husbands by giving them details on their misadventure.

Steve gave his pretty young wife a playful slap on the rump when she bent over to put away a pot.
The whack resounded around the room , producing a loud yelp from Sally.

Instinctively she put a hand to her rear to sooth the sting.
"Hey…! You hit hard Steve !" she complained, feigning outrage.
"That's just a sample of what's coming to you later Sally Curtis …!" he warned.
Sally blushed and whispered to her husband.
"Steve…! Not in front of my parents....….they might ……......" she began before Steve interrupted her .
"What's up Sally? 
Are you afraid your parents will find out that I give my wife a good old-fashioned spanking when she's been naughty ? I'm sure they've already heard those paddlings I've been giving you in the bedroom..... they are pretty noisy dear ! " he chuckled.
Sally's felt her face burn and vainly tried to shush her husband.

Steve had laid down the law with Sally very early in their relationship.
Sally was sassy , bossy and spoilt and required a strong man like Steve to keep her in line......and keep her in line he warming her cute little behind whenever needed it -  which was quite often!

George and Nora listened to the antics of the two younger lovebirds until George wagged a finger at his wife.

"That reminds me.....go fetch the hairbrush darling !" he grinned.
This time it was Nora's time to blush.
Reluctantly , Nora left and returned with  the sturdy implement.
George Cooper was bald as a coot so it was unlikely he intended to use it for grooming!

Steve kissed his embarrassed wife on the cheek and took her by the hand.
"It's a beautiful night dear , lets go for a walk and let your parents have some time alone together." he winked at George.
George looked at his wife before responding.
"That would be mighty kind of you son!" George replied , eying his wife.
The moment the newlyweds had left for their walk , George sprang into action .
Nora recognized that look on her husband's face .....and knew what it meant.
"Get in that study Nora Cooper , I am going to give it to you but good this time!" he ordered.
"AW George …......not the brush" Nora  whinged .
"Its too late for apologies now my dear , you've had this coming for some time and now you're gonna get it !" George scolded , pointing to the study.

George gave his wife's ample bottom a firm whack propelling  her into the study.
"Don't pretend you`ve forgotten the routine my dear!" George said.
Placing a chair in the middle of the room , he sat down,
"Aw George… do I have to take everything off ?" Nora  pleaded.

"You know fine well that spankings in this house are on the bare bottom so get going !" he replied.
Sensing her husband's displeasure  , Nora started to undo the buttons on her dress.

George loved his wife to be naked for her spankings as it also provided a nice feast for his eyes .
He felt his erection grow when Nora's ample breasts spilled from her opened bodice .

Meanwhile Steve and Sally sat down together on the porch swing to enjoy the sound of chirping crickets and  the view of the full moon.
The ambiance was soon interrupted by the noises coming from the nearby study window  .
"OW!" "YEOOW!" "OUCH!" "Stoppit George …please… !  I'm sorry…!  I'm really sorry!"
"You're going to be a lot sorrier missie !"
"AAAAH" " OOOOW" "George …..please … burns !" "YEOOOW!"

Sally giggled.
"Dad's been threatening Mom with that for weeks… so he's taking care of a multitude of sins !" she said.
Steve cringed at the rythmic sound of the hairbrush cracking against his Mother-in-law's bare rear end .
Sally looked at Steve sheepishly.
" I guess I'm next ?" she asked .
"I told you I was going to deal with you later Sally and you know I meant it . The past few weeks you've been back to your old ways..... being sassy , bossy and inconsiderate and I won't stand for it ." He told her.

Sally made an unconvincing attempt to argue her case " But darling …..... I know I've been kind of rude and bossy lately  but I'll make it up to you......" She said seductively putting a hand on Steve's crotch.
Steve moved her hand and shaking his head defiantly.
"Good try my dear , but that will have to wait until after your spanking!
As your Dad is through with your Mom ,  it will be you're turn for a visit to the study!" he warned her.

"B....….but honey… parents...…..they'll hear… ! Can't we go up to the bedroom?" Sally pleaded.
"Oh they'll hear alright – I plan to make a lot of noise.....there will be a lot more spankings to come in that study so you may as well get used to it .
Just be grateful I'm taking you into the study instead of spanking your bare bottom in front of the fire where everyone can have a good look – ......its no less than you deserve !" he threatened.
"You wouldn't dare ?" Sally gulped.
His confident look told Sally he certainly would !

The spanking in the study continued and Steve noticed the loud gun-shot whacks of the brush had been replaced with a different sound.
Sally cocked a curious eyebrow and stood up.
"What are you doing Sally!" Steve asked incredulously when his wife peered through the study window.
"OH MY!" Sally exclaimed.
Steve joined his wife at the window to take in the show.
His mother -in-laws round bottom was a blazing red and jiggled with each smack from her husband's hand.
Her husband's palm stung more than the brush on poor Nora's tender bottom.

After delivering a  flurry of spanks which had his wife bouncing frantically on his lap , George helped her unsteadily to her feet and guided her into the corner.

"Stay right there and think about your behaviour until I return Nora !" George ordered.
Nora shifted uncomfortably in the corner ,  hands on head and her plump red bottom on display.
George laid the hairbrush on the chair , inspected his handiwork from afar.
He had turned His wife's bottom from lily white to a blazing shade of crimson.
The shade of red was particularly deep on her sit spot where he had made sure to pay particular attention.
Nora would certainly be reminded of her lack of consideration each time she sat down for the next little while !

George was feeling quite proud of himself for finally taking his feisty wife to task and admittedly enjoyed every minute of Nora's bottom warming.
He loved the way her cheeks jiggled with every spank and the way she shrieked and kicked and squirmed on his lap.
It had been quite a while since she had given his wife a good spanking and he was pleased he had not lost his touch.

The hairbrush he had used was a wedding gift from Nora's Mother 30 years ago and it was still going strong.
He often recalled the advice his Mother-in-law's gave him on their wedding day:
`This will make a good happy marriage dear. ......Nora will make a you wonderful wife , but she is headstrong and will need a good strong man to put her over his knee and spank her behind when she gets too big for her britches' so
don't hesitate to spank her when she needs it – and believe me dear , she will need it!'
Being the headstrong , impetuous young woman that she was , Nora had felt the sting of that hairbrush on her bare bottom many times during their marriage.

George fondly recalled the first time he had used the brush,only a few weeks into their marriage.
Nora had been her usual sassy and rude self at the Thanksgiving dinner table and was annoying to everyone.
"Are you going to give her a dose of that hairbrush or shall I ?" her  Mother finally challenged George in front of everyone.
The young George felt excitement flow through his veins as he eyed his naughty wife.
Excusing them both from the table he marched Nora upstairs where her first appointment with the hairbrush awaited her.

A short while later , a red-faced , repentant Nora returned to the dining room and promptly apologized to everyone.
Her Mother had already placed a large pillow on her daughter's chair , and everyone at the table roared with laughter when Nora whined and eased her well spanked bottom carefully onto it.
George watched , grinning proudly .
"Don't worry Nora, you aren't the first and you won't be the last person at this table to have your backside tanned with that brush !" Her Mother cackled.

Leaving his wife in the study , George Cooper strolled out onto the porch where the newlyweds were still sitting.
Steve was smiling confidently , but Sally looked quite pensive and nervous.
"You and Sally can have the study in 5 minutes ...... Mother  needs a few minutes to cool off!" he winked before departing.

Steve made good used of the five minute pause  to remind Sally of her pending fate.
"I am going to warm that pretty little bustle of yours but good Sally Curtis .....and when I say warm I mean warm !
Those spankings I gave you in the bedroom are going to feel like paddy-whackings compared to what you're going to get with the hairbrush !" he told her.
Sally listened nervously , sweat beading on her brow  but her bottom tingled in anticipation.

George was sitting  by the fire reading his newspaper when Steve marched Sally into the house.
Nora was leaning on the mantle , both palms rubbing the seat of her skirts.
Underneath those petticoats there was a glow much warmer than the flames coming from the fireplace.

Steve steered Sally  towards the study , the sleeves of his plaid shirt rolled up well above his elbows in preparation of the exertion to come.
"OW…LEGGO .....THAT HURTS ..STOPPIT !" Sally complained as he tugged on her wrist.
"Not as much as your rear end is going to hurt young lady ….!" Steve replied unsympathetically.
He delivered a resounding slap to the seat of her skirt with his free hand.
"YEOW!" Sally yelped.
Steve opened the study door and shoved an embarrassed Sally inside without reproach.
"Get in there !" he growled.

Sally gulped and eyed the hairbrush sitting on the chair.
Her bottom tingled in the anticipation that it would soon be the instrument of her chastisement.
Steve sat on the straight backed chair and patted his lap.
"Over you go young lady!" he ordered firmly.
Sally's mouth went dry and her heart pounded with excitement as she leaned over Steve's strong thighs.
She felt a thrill pulse through her veins as Steve slowly raised her long dress and petticoats above her tiny waist.

Her flimsy silk pantaloons had a convenient rear hatch.
Steve undid the lace and stretched the garment to reveal Sally's glorious , lily white , twin globes.

Picking up the brush he rubbed it seductively over her bare skin , delivering a few playful taps which made Sally jerk on his lap.
Steve adjusted his wife on his lap and Sally placed both palms on the floor for balance.
She felt thoroughly exposed with her bare bottom high in the air and her feet well off the floor.
Steve raised the hairbrush high over his head and eyed the delectable target before him.

George looked up from his paper and peered over his eyeglasses at Nora when they heard  familiar sounds from the study.
Even Nora was able to smile through her obvious discomfort.
"That sure looks like one marriage that's off to a good start !" she remarked painfully.

George put down his paper and stood up.
All that spanking had  fed his sexual appetite.
"Why don't we go upstairs and I'll put some cold crème on that pretty hot bottom of yours dear ." he offered.
".......and I'd best take care of that shouldn't I George ? Nora purred placing a hand on George's growing erection.
"YIPPEE !" George yelled ,tossing his squealing wife over his shoulder and carrying her upstairs.

The older couple were like newlyweds ,  voraciously peeling off each other's clothing , leaving a tell-tale trail of garments up the stairs and into their room.
A once again naked Nora  slumped to her knees and hungrily eyed her husband's huge erection.
"It's my turn to give you something you've wanted for a long time George !" she cooed hoarsely.

Meanwhile down in the study Sally's spanking had stirred the flames of passion in the newlyweds.
Sally's bottom was bright red and Steve had abandoned the harshness of the brush to the firm seductiveness of his palm.
He let his palm linger and explore his wife's hot skin after every spank and Sally moaned , squirmed , bucked and ground her pelvis into Steve's groin.
Her bottom was rising up to meet the spanking rythym of Steve's palm and she could not get enough.
Steve delivered a final trio of stinging slaps that had Sally howling before allowing her to slide off his lap.
They were both out of breath as she melted into his arms.
There was only one thing they wanted now , so Steve scooped Sally up and carried her upstairs , their lips locked in a long kiss as he climbed the stairs.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Spanked Sisters - MF Wild West Spanking

"Bad news darling ?" Beth asked .
John frowned and shook He shook his head , continuing to read the letter he had received from his older sister Lynn.

"Depends how you look at it ." he declared when he finished John shared the news that Lynn had separated from her third husband Jack ,and wished to come and stay with them for a while.
"Of course she can John….we have lots of room , and she is your sister." Beth said.
John was not so sure.
"You don't know Lynn Beth!
Jack was her third husband .....she always ends up dumping them after a few months.
Jacks seemed like a great guy , but I suspected he wouldn't las t long.." John told her.
Beth scolded her husband " John Dillon ! That's no way to speak about your family.
Now go into town and send Lynn a telegram that she is welcome to stay with us!!"

Beth curiously peered over John's shoulder , beamed with excitement when the Stagecoach ground  to a halt.
A tall , striking woman in a smart green suit and matching hat gracefully emerged from inside .
"Fetch my bags " she ordered haughtily waving her hand at the coach driver.
John rolled his eyes "That's my sister !" he declared with a hint of sarcasm.
Taking Beth by the arm he guided her over to his Lynn and introduced her.
Lynn peered down at Beth with a look that made Beth feel like she was meeting the Queen herself.
"Enchante" Lynn said with a forced smile.
Beth looked puzzled and Lynn laughed mockingly.
"It's a quaint French greeting ….....we use it in Boston all the time dear ." Lynn explained.
John rolled his eyes again .
"I'll get the bags ." he sighed.

Beth soon realized why John was so reluctant to have his sister stay with him.
Upon arriving she immediately tried to take charge of the household.
Domineering , with her bossy and snobbish attitude , she criticized and controlled everything .
Beth soon became frustrated ,complaining to John who simply gave her an ` I told you so' shrug.
After an intolerable week things came to a head one morning when Beth was scrubbing  the kitchen floors.
Making no attempt to help , Lynn sipped on her tea and lectured Beth that she should hire servants to do such work.
Biting her tongue , Beth tried to ignore the comments but exploded when Lynn deliberately walked on the area she had just finished cleaning.
"So sorry dear…..I thought it was dry ......just wash it again." Lynn said with an uncaring smirk.
Beth slammed down her scrub brush in anger.
"You did that on purpose !" she yelled.
Lynn smirked again " Temper , temper dear ." she replied.
In an instant , Beth could feel the pent up anger surge through her veins .
Picking up the bucket of dirty water , Beth dumped it over her sister-in-law's head , leaving the bucket on top.
Beth laughed loudly at the sight of an outraged Lynn staggering around with a bucket on her head , her fancy Boston dress soaked in dirty water.

Lynn dislodged the bucket from her head.
"Oh my hair....and my dress !
Do you know how much this cost ?
How dare you.....…you……......uncouth scullery maid !" she howled.

The comment angered Beth even more,"Scullery maid is it? Why you pompous little....." and she lunged forward to grab  a handful of her sister-in-law's hair.
Lynn screamed loudly and thankfully John heard the commotion , running inside  to find his wife holding his sister by the hair while   aiming wild kicks and punches at her.

Luckily most of his wife's frantic blows  didn't connect and  John was able to pry Beth away from Lynn.
"That wildcat...….she dumped water on me and attacked me for no reason John.
Look at my dress its ruined .
You need to control your wife John......I hope … you're not going to let her get away with such behaviour ?" Lynn raged.

John looked down at Beth in disappointment.
He knew how aggravating his sister could be but Beth had gone too far.
Beth did defended her actions ,but only succeeded in making matters worse.
"She's been going out of her way to irritate us since she arrived John , no wonder she's gone through all those husbands , its about time somebody said something !"
Lynn bristled with outrage at the comment.

"How dare you say such a thing!"
"That's enough now Beth... …get upstairs …....I'll deal with you after I've spoken with my sister" John seethed.
Beth gulped "But John I'm sorry…....but...
!…." she pleaded ,  realizing her husband's intentions.
"Sorry Beth but it's too late for that now !" John told her.

Beth clenched her fists and glared at Lynn's smiling , gloating face.
"I said get upstairs Beth …or would you prefer I deal with you right here in the kitchen ? John warned.
"NO SIR!" Beth replied,  stamping her foot before storming upstairs.

John looked at Lynn who was looking very pleased with yourself.
"If I thought you started this Lynn so help me  I'll...." John said.
Lynn just smiled and picked up her teacup.
"Don't be too hard on the poor girl  John dear !" she replied sarcastically .
Lynn chuckled and poured herself another cup of tea when John strode purposefully upstairs.
"Bottoms up....if you'll pardon the pun!" Lynn giggled , aking a long sip of tea when John left to deal with Beth. 

By the time John entered their bedroom, Beth was fully prepared for her punishment , wearing only her bodice and pantaloons ,  the hairbrush was placed on the straight back chair.
"Let's get this over with Beth." John said , taking his seat and patting his lap.
Resigned to her fate , Beth draped herself over her husband.
Conveniently , Beth had even undone the buttons on the back of her drawers so both of her shapely bare globes were easily available to her husband for chastisement.

The hairbrush rose , Beth's cheeks clenched and she took a firm hold on John's ankle.
Downstairs Lynn smiled upon hearing a  loud crack upstairs ,quickly followed by another and another , accompanied by her sister-in-law's frenzied howls.
The cracks continued ,increasing in pace , number and volume.
'WHAAAP!' "OOOOOW!" , Lynn feigned a grimace when a particularly loud spank found a tender spot.

"That had to sting !" she declared in amusement.

Upstairs in the bedroom , Beth was bucking and squirming on John's strong lap .
Both palms were on the floor , her pretty little nose almost touching  the floor and her raised , bare bottom feeling the wrath of the sturdy wooden hairbrush.
John raised his arm high ,and swung the brush ,  bringing it down smartly on Beth's jiggling twin globes.

Beth clenched her teeth , trying her best not to give her sister-in-law the satisfaction of hearing her cries.
Although her attempt was valiant , it was relatively short-lived and futile.
As usual , John was making sure her bottom was well and truly roasted !
She soon found herself yelping instinctively between pleading and apologizing.

Downstairs , Lynn listened intently as her teacup slowly emptied.
Downing a final sip of tea , she listened until the noises from upstairs finally stopped  .
"I guess the entertainment is over." She quipped to herself, and made her way upstairs  to her room to change from her wet clothes.

Upon passing John and Beth's room she was drawn to the unmistakable sounds of deep breathing and groans of passion coming from within.
Inside , the room was littered with John's and Beth's discarded clothing .
Beth was on all fours on the bed now,with John behind her thrusting inside her.
They both moaned loudly and Beth was screaming out encouragement to John.

John responded by pounding harder inside her before hoisting Beth up , rolling over on his back and placing her on top of him like placing a fairy on a Christmas tree.
Beth gasped , hungrily impaling herself on his huge shaft.
This time it was John's voice calling out , "RIDE ME GIRL! RIDE ME!"
Beth bounced on her husband , wincing when her tender , hot cheeks brushed against him.
Outside , Lynn listened intently , her legs weakening and her heart pounding as she her brother made wild love  to his wife - western style.
She was intrigued that all that passion stemmed from a good hard spanking and longed for that type of passion in her life.

Wisely, Lynn decided to remain in her room  for the remainder of the day while John went into town to pick up some provisions and Beth resumed her household chores.
Guilt consumed her , so she made her way downstairs to apologize.
It was going to be uncomfortable and difficult for and she hoped Beth's anger had faded.

Upon entering the kitchen , Lynn gasped when she saw Beth's standing at the sink , her skirt hoisted and her well spanked bottom in full view.
Lynn had never saw such a blazing red bottom before!
In fact Beth felt invigorating , and she was positively glowing from the spanking and  lovemaking session with John.
"OMIGOSH Beth !  John really paddled you good ?" Lynn said meekly.
Beth looked over her shoulder to gaze at her bottom and smiled .

Beth rubbed her bare bottom.
"John always does a good job of warming my behind .....but I've had worse.I deserved every lick though!" she said nonchalantly.
"Sitting down is uncomfortable right now so I'm letting the fresh air cool me down while I prepare  tonight's supper to help Lynn?" Beth added

Lynn was still looking curiously at Beth's well spanked bottom.
"WOW! That is really red !" Lynn exclaimed.
"Its good for a marriage when a man spanks his wife when she has behaved badly….......and even more fun after the spanking !" Beth giggled.
Lynn agreed.....if only one of her husband's had the courage to do the same to her perhaps she would be a better person and still happily married like John and Beth.

Beth passed Lynn a bowl of potatoes and a peeler .
For once Lynn did not complain and decided to help.

"Hey John……! John Dillon ?" a voice with a strong English accent called out as John loaded up his wagon at the general store.
John pondered as he studied the handsome features of the distinguished older gentleman , dressed in a smart suit and bowler hat.
The man thrust out a hand.
"Jack Wilson…… , Lynn's husband……....or ex-husband , depending on how you look at it old chap " he said.
John didn't know Jack , but was happy to see him if he was here to take back his annoying sister.
John took Jack to the saloon for a drink but was disappointed to hear that Jack was not in town to woo back his wife.
"Just want to clear up some loose ends with Lynn before I go back to England." He told Jack.
Nonetheless the two men shared stories and the same opinion of Lynn.
She was spoilt , rude and arrogant to name a few , so Jack felt a divorce was the best thing.

John ordered more whiskey and chastised Jack.
"you're giving up too soon Jack.
If you married Lynn you must love her but you've got to fight for her.
She's like a horse , she needs taming and to be told whose boss.!" John explained.
Jack was sceptical but looked interested .
"Never looked at it that way Johnnie old chap.
By golly its worth a try…......where is the little spitfire anyway?"
The local whiskey was clearly giving Jack courage he did not possess when he arrived.
"Drink up and I'll take you there !" John bellowed giving Jack a hearty slap on the back.

Lynn wrapped a soft towel around the wet curves of her body as she stepped out of the tub in her room.
She admired her beauty in the mirror as she tucked her long , dark hair into a towel and dried it.
Sitting down at her vanity she crossed her long , shapely legs and opened a jar of white cream.
She tutted impatiently when she heard some loud noises from downstairs.
"Be quiet down there John !" she yelled angrily.

Downstairs John took Jack's suitcase and pointed up stairs.
"I'm sure you must recognize that tone ?" he asked.
The muscles in Jack's face tightened in determination .
He took off his jacket and began rolling up his sleeves as he glared up stairs.
"Good luck !" John said as Jack took  the stairs two at a time.
"WHAT THE ….....! WHAAT? JACK…......WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ?" Lynn yelled when  Jack burst into the room almost knocking the door off its hinges.
"I'm here to take back my wife !" Jack announced boldly.

The usually confident Lynn looked uneasy and stood up , pulling the towel closer to her skin.
"You can't just come here unannounced Jack…......and I'm not even dressed… must leave immediately !" she told him indignantly.
Jack laughed.
"Still the same old girl I married I see !" Jack replied and advanced toward her.
As Lynn backed away , Jack paused at her dresser and picked up an antique hairbrush.
Lynn's jaw dropped.
"Jack ! Don't you dare !" she protested .

The wall had stopped Lynn from back tracking, so Jack moved closer , menacingly tapping the back of the brush against his palm.
In a lightening fast movement Jack was able to whisk Lynn's towel away leaving her naked before him.
She frantically tried to hide her nakedness with her arms as Jack took hold of her wrist.
"I'm your husband for goodness sake !" he lectured her , pulling her to him.
He noticed something in her eyes and body language he had never seen before.
It was a vulnerability , a submission as he towered over her.
"I'm going to give you something you've been needing for a long , long time Lynn!" he told her firmly but tenderly.

Downstairs , John sat comfortably on the armchair , nursing his freshly poured brandy , his gaze directed up stairs.
He smiled when he heard the glorious sound of brush meeting bare bottom coming from upstairs.
Jack spanked his wife soundly  and briskly and she squealed , howled and protested loudly.
Soon the intense burning in Lynn's jiggling cheeks brought on real tears and genuine apologies but Jack kept right on spanking.

John listened and grinned broadly .
The door opened and Beth returned from doing her chores at the barn.
The loud cacophony from upstairs soon caught her attention and her jaw dropped.
"Lynn ? But who?" she asked.
John laughed and poured Beth a brandy.
"Jack… , her latest husband….....finally someone's giving her what she deserves !" he cackled.
Beth smiled in approval .

Upstairs Lynn's first spanking was coming to a conclusion.
Her virgin globes were hot and roasted but there was even hotter passion within her.
She began grinding into Jack's groin and wiggling her red bottom seductively as he spanked.
Jack soon got the message and paused to let his fingers explore Lynn's cheeks and the wetness between her legs.
Jack discarded the brush and used his hand so the spanks were erotic and rhythmic now with Lynn's bottom rising  to meet each spank.
When Jack finished ,Lynn slowly slid off his lap onto her knees and immediately began fumbling with his pants to release the growing erection inside.
Climbing onto his torso , she wrapped her arms and shapely legs around him , guiding his shaft inside her.

Downstairs John and Beth looked at each other seductively .
Listening to the antics upstairs had certainly ignited a flame in both of them.
John pulled Beth close to him and she put her arms around him.
He responded by cupping his hands around both of her round , denim clad cheeks .
Beth felt her bottom tingle with anticipation.
"You know John.....…I've been pretty neglectful with my chores lately…..I'm a couple of days behind." She purred.
John feigned displeasure and raised an eyebrow.
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you out to the barn and give you another spanking then Mrs. Dillon!" he announced.
"My bottom does need a warm up !" Beth teased giving John a peck on the lips.
Beth shrieked as John hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her outside.

Once inside the privacy of the barn , John and Beth locked lips and hungrily tore at each other's clothing.
Beth's back arched as John's tongue explored her firm nipples and his hands fumbled to undo her tight jeans.
Beth moaned in ecstacy and wiggled her curvy hips to help John peel off her denims.
His beautiful wife finally naked in his arms John decided it was time for her `warm-up'.
Beth urged him on.
"Spank me John…..spank me hard…..I've been so BAAAAD !" Beth pouted passionately.
She leaned forward , resting her elbows on the large hay bale in front of her and thrust out her delectable bottom.

John's mouth watered at the spectacular feast to his eyes.
Beth's lovely rear was still red and bore the marks from the hairbrushing earlier in the day.
Placing a hand on the small of her back he seductively rubbed the soft skin of her shapely buttocks and legs.
Beth began girating her hips as her husband's fingers explored her nether regions.
Beth grunted when John delivered a firm spank to her right buttock which made her shudder.
"OH!" "AAAH!" "YESSS!" Beth gasped as the tempo increased.

As the spanking progressed Beth climbed up and knelt on the bale placing both palms on the ground to raise her backside even higher.
Her bottom writhed and swayed to the rythym of the spanking.
It wasn't long before her bottom was a bright glowing red again.
Opening her legs slightly she gave John a glimpse of the glistening jewel beneath.
The pace of the spanking slowed as John took in the glorious sight.
Feeling himself about to explode he took hold of Beth's tiny waist and lifted her up onto her feet to face him.
Eyes closed she pulled John's lips to hers and grasped his erection with both hands.
Like a woman possessed Beth pushed her husband on his back and straddled him.
With a loud howl she lowered herself onto his shaft and grimaced as she tender cheeks made contact .
As John moaned loudly , Beth drove him into a frenzy by riding him like a wild mustang until he exploded violently inside her.
Beth climaxed noisily before collapsing onto John's strong chest.
They both lay there breathless for a few moments , savoring every second together.
"We had best get back and check on the happy couple ?" John suggested to his pouting wife.

Back at the house, Lynn was proudly inspecting the aftermath of her first spanking in the mirror.
"My poor bottom is so red ……did you have to use that brush Jack?" she whined.
Jack laughed .
"It obviously made quite an impression on you my dear….too bad I didn't think of doing that on our wedding night !" he declared.
He delivered a playful swat to Lynn's bottom which made her shriek.
"Get dressed young lady , you have some apologizing to do." He told her firmly.

John coughed loudly as he and Beth entered the house.
Jack and Lynn were in the middle of a lingering kiss which they ended abruptly.
"Ur…em….where did you two go to ?" a red-faced Lynn asked .
John and Beth smiled and continued picking pieces of straw from their hair and clothes.
Beth wrinkled her nose in a grimace , rubbed the seat of her jeans and shrugged her shoulders.
"John took me out to the barn to ….um….help me catch up on my chores" Beth babbled.
Judging by the satisfied smirks on their faces , Lynn had a pretty good idea what they had been up to.

"I'd like to introduce my husband Jack." Lynn said proudly.
Jack bowed politely and kissed Beth's outstretched hand.
He was smiling like a Cheshire cat.
"Husband ? So you're ….?" Beth asked excitedly .
Lynn looked lovingly at Jack and kissed him.
"Yes..Jack was able to….er…..convince me to go back to Boston with him in the morning.
I've been such a fool…" She confessed , wincing as she put a palm on her tender rear.
Lynn gave John a hug.
"I want to thank you little brother for convincing Jack to come here and bring me to my senses." She said.
"Then you both have time for one last dinner ….sit down everyone " Beth declared.
Gentleman Jack pulled out a chair for his wife but she looked up at him and hesitated.
John tossed a pillow at his sister " Try this Sis !" he laughed.
Lynn laughed along with him and put the pillow on her chair before gingerly lowering herself onto it with an exaggerated grimace.
Beth wrinkled her nose and rubbed the seat of her jeans .
"I'll need one of those too darling !"

John and Beth were amazed at the miraculous changes in Lynn as the two couples enjoyed their dinner together.
She was even able to laugh along as Beth told Jack the story of her dumping the wash bucket on her head.
However, Jack was not amused when he heard that Lynn's role in the melee had been unpunished.
"Really Lynn!
I'm afraid you're not going to get away with such behavior while I'm your husband my dear." He told Lynn while wagging a finger at her.
Lynn looked like a naughty schoolgirl "Yes dear" she replied.

"You two have a long journey tomorrow so you'd best get some sleep.
John and I will clean up down here." Beth told Lynn .
The happily reunited couple accepted the offer and scampered upstairs like newlyweds.
"I have a feeling there won't be much sleeping going on with those two !" Beth guessed.
She was right .
When Beth and John went upstairs there was still quite a lot of noise coming from the guest room.
Inside , Lynn lay over her husband's lap again as he enthusiastically renewed the red glow to her bottom.
"OW!" "OUCH!" "YEOW!" "Take it easy darling ….my bottom is still sore from the last spanking!"
"If you had behaved properly I wouldn't have to do this!"

"I'm far from finished with you young lady !" Jack announced and hoisted Lynn onto her feet.
With a pained expression , she began frantically rubbing the sting from her bottom.
Jack pointed to the chair.
"Kneel on the chair and stick that bottom out!" he ordered.
"Aw Jack….not more….my poor bottom can't take it…….OOOOW!"
Jack's reply was a resounding whack to his wife's round cheeks which took her by surprise.
A pouting Lynn clambered onto the chair and thrust out her shapely rear. Tantalizingly she wiggled her curvy hips.
She gazed over and gulped as Jack took the leather belt from his pants and doubled it over.
Her fingers dug into the chair and her eyes clamped shut as she prepared herself for her first taste of the strap.
Her cheeks tensed as she felt the leather softly rub against her tingling skin and her eyes opened wide when she heard it drop to the floor.
"You deserve a good dose of the strap woman but I believe I'll save it for when I get you back home ." he told her.
Lynn's eyes ogled her husband's throbbing erection and she gasped thankfully when he positioned himself behind her.
"AAAAAARRRGH!" Lynn gasped as Jack guided himself deep inside her and began thrusting.

Outside John and Beth could hear their frenzied moans and the chair noisily dancing on the floor.
John grinned at Beth.
"Two spankings in one day …. my sister is going to have one real uncomfortable ride home tomorrow!" he joked pulling Beth closer to him.
John slowly unbuttoned his wife's tight jeans and eased them down over the curves of her hips.
He cupped her round cheeks with his hands and squeezed playfully.
Her cheeks were bare and still warm to the touch.
"OOOOOOOEEE John Dillon !" Are you going to spank me again ?" Beth yelled in mock outrage and anticipation.
John's eyes twinkled with delight.
"What do you think ? " he answered